Entertainment Industry Acting Emperor

Chapter 1 takes the group

"Tvial, you get it, this vase is 5 yuan a pair of bodies on the stall?! Which Wang Yifa will put such a vase, do you be a civilian owner or a vast house?" The director is full of the heart of the brain, and the face is displaced by a vase in the corner of the photography. "This color, this pattern, said it is a vase, it is simply insulting a vase."

Hearing in the side of the Tmill, I heard the director's temper, and I was busy explaining the directors before the directors. "Zhang Gui, our group is not enough, I have no way, I have a group in the group. The salary is too low, there are several groups of us often go to the next drama group to play the devil. "After that, he secretly glared in the vase that he brought back, the big red cock painted on the top is indeed slightly grounded. It's no wonder that the director who came to a good temper is like this.

Zhang Guarded his face, looked around, seeing other people who are old and old, should not see what they will say, then lower the voice: "Yesterday, Yao No, if you come to the trial. "Their crew is also unlucky, first make a good male, a car accident, the result is less than a month, the male three is arrested, and he can't Don't find someone to replace the male three, this waste is more than just time, and there are money in investors.

When the props are suddenly collar, although they have no big red artists, men and women are also a bit famous. Some people bring the group to the group. It is also normal.

But thinking about the son of a coal mine boss, but also in the play of the romance, it seems like Pan'an's male three, he feels some toothache, and I don't know the original fan of this play. Will you smash them into a dog?

The dragon film base where the crew is located is one of the famous film and television base. Every year, the number of dramas filmed in the population of the population is not a winning number, which not only raises a bunch of group performance, but also supports a large and small hotel hotel. Snack stalls are also some resorts than those who have a star dream.

Principle Joe opened his own father's new car to bought a new car through the antique street, and finally found the "closed moon princess" crew, and got off the car, he saw the scene of the world, he hoped in the crowd At a glance, the corner of his mouth is just a good smile, going towards a young girl wearing a young girl.

"Hello, is this this is the" Closed Princess "film and television crew?"

Lin Shu never thought that some people would read the names of their dramas so Lei people, she looked up at the young people in front of me, nodded: "Yes."

"Thank you."

Until the other party took the mobile phone to open, she didn't consciously hold her face, just so much, her face is there? I thought that a man who saw such a woman saw her makeup, she was inexplicably shameless.

I am so hot, she is curious about the back of the young people, is this company come to the class? Shuai Xi, there is no trace of the knife on his face, is this a good face in the last life to save the whole universe?

In the second studio, Yao film is sitting on the stool, hiding the most popular position in the crew. He is preparing to talk to the lightser, suddenly heard the quietness of the shed, although soon recover Normal, he is still aware of this seemingly normal atmosphere. It is not hoped by the autonomous Dynasty, just seeing a young man in the age of 20 to come to himself, and Rao is mixed in the entertainment industry. I can't help but admire.

"Xiao Qiao is coming," Yao Feng smiled and stood up, and several staff members around him. "This is my friend's son, the young people are somewhat interest in the entertainment industry, and the brothers are the seniors in the circle, Multi-teach him, and let him have a long time. "He is also a friend on the dinner table, and now people want to play in the circle, how he also gives a few faces.

The public wishes near Yao film, just heard the other party, so the courtesy of Yao Yao laughed: "Yao Shu, I am sorry, traffic jam, there is late."

"We are about 10:30, now it is ten o'clock, it is not too late, the young people can stay very good," Yao Feng is happy, turning to others: "I took him to see the director." You are busy first. "

Everyone smiled and said that waiting for Yao's film with a studio, and responsible for the two deputy departments of the small-rooted drama exchanged his eyes. It seems that this is the male three that is brought into the group. The shape is quite in line with the original novel. As long as the acting is not more than the robot, the crew can also be less than the original powder.

Principality took the Yao film, watching the drama staff who came around, as if they didn't pay attention to it, so that the smile on the face became more natural.

On the way, Yao production is simple to introduce him the main members in the crew, and then turn to him: "I heard that you are a student at the History of Emperor University, how suddenly I want to enter this line? "The Emperor University is the most famous school of the whole flower country. It is not enough to be able to go in. All his public wishes from the university graduated from the Emperor University.

Principles Qiao Shen said: "The family thinks that the archaeological work is too hard, plus my own is very interested in the play, all I want to try it."

At the last life, he was in the chaos, although I read a few years, but there was no surprise talents in the abdomen. Finally, I will invest in the most prestigious main public. Later, although I am not the most popular perspective, it is also very popular. trust. This is what he knows when it is laughing, when should be anger, when it is silent.

Later, the Lord established a hegemony, many people were disturbed by the Lord, and only his rich and half-life, and the death was also deeply trust.

Sometimes talents are important, but things outside the talented are equally important, or how do he laugh at the beginning from starting?

The acting is almost in his instinct, and even in his bones, what else is more suitable for him than actors this life?

"Yao film," The props were out of the studio, I saw Yao Feng, I took a young man, and when I was, "this is the young man you introduced?"

"Yes, this is the new male three from our crew. He is still a newcomer, you have to take care of it." Yao Feng can't hear two attitude towards the props, but since he gave the old male A commitment, then you will do it.

The prop mission is observed that the tough attitude of Yao has a strong attitude, which is vague, and it is not much to say, anyway, one of him can't do anything. He politely looked at the public, this is almost scared, this is totally unable to meet the people of the coal mine boss son?

First, the main is not a good habit, the ancients are not bullying.

After seeing Qinggong Xiqiao, the prop master is not worried about the director. It will follow the production piece to make a contradiction because of the things of the elevation. It is enough to let the female spectators have called.

The other party is Yao film introduced, there is a lot of money in the family. The prop mission is happy to take a horse in front of Yao film. The praise in the eyes is almost overflow: "Handsome guy, Yao Feng, Yao The eyes are really good, the shape can be such excellent young people, we can't find a whole whole circle. "

Yao Feng film is very satisfied with the propidist, but also consciously in the publicous of the public, laughing, laughing, the public to the public: "Xiao Qiao, this is Chen Teacher Chen, the props of our crew, a lot of circles The famous film and television works have his credit, but also say hello to Mr. Chen. "

"Teacher Chen is good." The public said with Chen Daoji, as if he can't hear the words between the two people, a sunny day is really pure and harmless.

Chen Daoti laughed and praised him two sentences, then said: "This will have time to have time, Yao Feng, do you want to take this ..."

"Call me Xiao Joe is good."

"Then I will be polite," Chen Duata laughed two times, "That Xiaoyao met Zhang Gui, communicating with the director, and it is easy to enter when you shoot."

Although the words say, Chen Du is very clear, this young man is not born, and is a rich second generation, there is a Yao production piece to support him, his play is afraid not to shoot.

After these three people entered the studio, some people around him quietly looked up, and they showed very curious about the background of this new actor.

"Ten eight nine is a son." A small-rooted actor said such a sentence.

Others did not accept the words. This circle didn't have anything weird. They didn't have any contradictions with the other side. They didn't have any contradictions, and they couldn't talk to the sin. Who knows will not be Do you care about yourself?

This actor saw no one to talk around and smoked his nose. He didn't open it. He also understood his own heart. This person is really worth more, at least the face is good, it is the old man.

"Director, Yao film is coming with new actors." Chen Dui walked into the studio, seeing Zhang Gui to sit in front of the monitor, and then reminded a sentence, the focus is that "accompanying "word.

When Zhang Guardouned, he fell on the face of the public to the public, and his face took a little warm smile: "It turned out that our male three arrived, Yao brand good eyes, this young man is simply live Xu Ruiheng, who is going to play this role, absolutely can't. "

"Where, he is a foreign party, it is a newcomer, I also hope that Zhang Guide you have cultivated, this child's parents have a thousand pets, you hone him, just."

"Oh." Zhang Guard wiped a face, your old man said on this, he dare not take care of it? As for the discourse, he is not mentioned, anyway, trying to try it, it is better to sell a friend.

Forget it, seeing his shape is not bad, as for acting ...

If the acting is not good, it will change the script. When the back clip moves the hands and feet, it will not be a drama. Anyway, it is a male three, and it is not a male and male.