"Ugh! Why can't you do something so simple!"

The royal castle of Berkaim.

Leticia's rage echoed.

"I can't help it!" If you switch on this cleaning magic device, it will move on its own!? That's why.... "

“No excuses!”

With that in mind, Leticia took the cleaning magic tool from Claude.

In front of them, there was a curtain that looked miserable. It is worn out.

It seemed that Claude had inhaled the curtain with a cleaning magic tool by mistake.

(This was my favorite!)

Leticia was already dumbfounded by her anger.

"Really... I think you could do this with such dexterity, Sir Nigel." And yet, why can't my prince do such an easy thing..... "

"Na, it's against the rules compared to Nigel!" I can't beat such a masterpiece! "

That's what Claude argues.

It was a bit of a pathetic excuse.

"Or Leticia... after all, do you like Nigel better?" It's more like a pimp like me..... "

Claude looked at Leticia in tears.

Leticia sighed heavily.

"I'm really talking about it. You've got something better for you. I really like you. So be more confident."

and stroked Claude's head gently.

It's like owning a cute puppy.

Oh, really?


"Some kind of throwing spear... Then look me in the eye and say 'I love you'!" Otherwise, I won't be able to feel safe! "


As expected of Leticia, this is full of words.

(Well, that's... that's embarrassing, isn't it?)

That said, Claude is pathetic as it is.

Thinking so, Leticia coughs herself up once.

"Ah, I love you... I'm..."

"Why are you looking away?" Look me in the eye..... "

"Oh! I love you! I love you!" Is this enough!? "

Leticia squeezed Claude's cheeks together and said so.

Her face is bright red.

"Leticia,── I love you too! I'm sorry I doubted your love!"

I just need to know.

Leticia was always there.

These two were── kind of lovebirds.

(Even though I used to be able to say as much as I wanted... if I took off the mask, I wouldn't be able to say such simple things...)

and Leticia astonished.

"Well, even so, what's the good thing about me?" Honestly, I don't think there's any part of me that can beat Nigel..... "


"Why, why are you shutting up!?"

I'm just kidding.

Leticia's tongue is adorable.

"I see... I wonder if── that's your goodness."

"What do you mean?"

"For example,── what if the Kingdom of Berkhaim and I were to be put on the balance? If I die and you tell me that I can save Belkhaim──,

"That's not true! You've decided to choose Leticia!"

Claude says it tastes good.

However, Leticia sighed again in amazement.

"You can't say that, can you?" You are the next king of Berkaim. I'm in a position where I have to take care of my people more than one woman I love. "

"Oh, that makes sense... but I can't stand Leticia being gone!"

Claude and I barely spread our arms.

Those cloudless eyes were turned toward Leticia.

(Really... he's an idiot.)

However, it was Leticia who was── happy and unconsciously burning her face.

"Your choice is wrong."── But that's how strong you are. "

"Do you like Leticia more than anyone else!? Sure... if I were in love with Leticia, I would definitely not lose to Nigel..."

"I'm not saying that."


Leticia touched Claude's head lightly.

"... I'm sure Nigel can't answer this question." Because── he is the ideal prince for everyone. So if you put one on the scale, you're── bound to get lost. "

That's never a bad thing.

And with Nigel, we'll be ready before that happens.

(But what if you're put in such a situation?)

Maybe you think too much.

However, Claude was strong because he didn't── get lost and the shaft didn't shake.

I thought so, Leticia.

“Be confident. You have a lot of other good things to do."

"I see? By the way, what do you mean..."

I'll get back to it.

Claude still seemed to have heard, but Leticia forcibly changed the subject.

"I can't help but ruin the curtains." Resume cleaning up,── eh? "

At that time, Leticia woke up to a stuffed animal on the bookshelf.

Claude said, "It's over!" I just rushed over there and cherished the stuffed animal.

"Hey, what the hell is that!?" Why is there a stuffed animal like me in such a place!? "

"Oh, no!"

What's the difference!

"Li, a merchant came from Lynchgiham and gave me this as a prototype." Isn't it a bad idea to come all the way from Lynchgi ham and pay at the gate? That's why I can't help it... "

Claude shrinks his body, looking bad.

Apparently, I understand that Leticia would be angry if she had something like this.

(──I wonder if Lynch Giham is with the merchant Elliane was talking about? The soul is too tough! trying to expand the sales channel to Berkaim.....)




When Leticia took the stuffed animal from Claude, he stretched out his hands like a pigeon.

"Give me back something!" My Mini Leticia! "

"You don't need this because you can always see me!"

Once again, I saw the stuffed animal, but it was── definitely well done. However, it is extra embarrassing to know that it is well done.

"For now, this will be confiscated!" I'm scared that you're going to hate me for throwing it away... I'll keep it for now. "

"Oh, that's not life-threatening!" Even though you can sleep a lot when you wake up while holding that mini-leticia.... "

"Haaaaa! Isn't the real thing here!? If you say that, I'll sleep next to you every day! If you complain any more, I'll really beat you!?"

"What do you mean," "defeat often!" "

Their voices leaked out of the room.

Neither of them thought that the── castle people thought they were "dead again".