Demon Chapter 1

Evildoer Author: Hui pig children

In the middle of a cudgel, in the middle of a cudgel's legs, an evildoer is rampant in the sky and the ground...Desecrate Nuwa, take Niu's wife, peep at sister Guanyin, molested Chang'e, fornicate the queen mother...There is no the most evil, only more evil...

Chapter 1 Rebirth of the Stone


On the shore of the Bohai Sea, there is a stubborn stone, which absorbs the essence of the sky, the sun and the moon day and night...

He was born between heaven and earth with heaven as his father and earth as his mother...

He... was supposed to defend justice and uphold the order of the world...

However, he did not do so, but despised the laws of heaven and earth, harmed the East China Sea, rushed to the underworld, rioted in the heaven, and trampled the heaven and earth under his feet ruthlessly...

Finally, his arrogance aroused the wrath of the gods and Buddhas, and was suppressed at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain, only to escort a monk to Xitian to retrieve the scriptures and redeem all his faults five hundred years later...


Of course, the above was supposed to be a legend that happened to this rock. It’s hard to say now, because before this rock had no spiritual wisdom, a soul from outside the sky and the outside world entered this piece In the stubborn stone, became the wisdom of this stubborn stone!

"Fuck, what is going on with this?"

"How could Lao Tzu become a stubborn stone?"

Sun Yao's soul cursed unrestrainedly in this stubborn stone, causing the whole stubborn stone to tremble.

No wonder Sun Yao was so angry. When he woke up, he found himself inexplicably a stubborn rock that couldn't walk. The people on earth would be angry!

"I just got the fairy sister Liu Yifei. Maybe I will take her down after we have a meal together. Mahler compares it. You have to wait a few days to cross you!"

Sun Yao is even more depressed when he thinks that he and the beauty star Liu Yifei still have a dinner with him. What happened to this bird, why did the crossing happen to him?

"I don't have to worry about food and clothes, my sister has a lot of paper, and the days are so cool, you should pass this kind of good thing to someone else, hurry up and get me back!"

"What the hell is going on here? Why does Lao Tzu appear here?"

"If I know which tortoise son did a good deed, I must burst your wife's chrysanthemum..."

Sun Yao didn't know what to do in the stubborn stone, he could only vent his anger by cursing, causing the stubborn stone to tremble constantly, and no demon monkey dared to approach within a hundred meters!

I don't know how long it took, anyway, Sun Yao was tired of scolding, and his soul fell asleep in the rock, and the rock itself began to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon between heaven and earth!

When Sun Yao woke up from his deep sleep, he immediately realized this point, and he was shocked beyond words!

At this time, the moon was already in the sky, and I saw a ray of bright and clean moonlight being absorbed by the stubborn stone, and the speed was a little too fast. The stubborn stone used to absorb the essence of the heavens, the sun, and the moon slowly, and there would be no such sighting at all. See the sun and moon essence beam!

Sun Yao, bathed in the essence of the sun and the moon, experienced the beauty of absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon for the first time. His soul is like flying, ethereal and refreshing. Sun Yao only feels more enjoyable than knocking down a few beauties overnight. !

"Cool, is this absorbing the essence of heaven, earth, sun and moon? So here is to say that this is a world where gods and monsters fly all over the sky?"

Sun Yao was bathed in the essence of the moon, snarling in his heart. Seeing the situation in front of him, he naturally thought that he was not casually possessing his soul on a stone, but was traveling through a world of gods and demons. !

Of course, Sun Yao didn't guess this point based on this point. When he woke up, he found that he had more memories of the stubborn stone he was in. Although the stubborn stone hadn't activated his spiritual wisdom, he still had the memory. , This is cheaper Sun Yao!

In the memory of Hard Rock, Sun Yao discovered that there were gods passing by, so he concluded that this place is no longer the earth!

"That is to say, as long as Lao Tzu absorbs enough essence of heaven, earth, sun and moon, it will soon be transformed into form?"

Sun Yao thought excitedly, with a goal, Sun Yao immediately took the initiative to absorb the essence of the stars and moon in the night sky with full of expectation and excitement!

Not to mention, Sun Yao thought this way, the speed of absorbing the essence of stars and moon really accelerated a lot, of course Sun Yao, who was inspired, doubled his efforts, sucking and sucking desperately!

I don't know how many days and nights have passed, Sun Yao finally felt that he could break through the rock in the stubborn rock, felt the existence of his limbs, and immediately jumped up!


The huge stubborn rock shattered, and a figure suddenly leapt out of the stubborn rock, and jumped to the ground 100 meters high, really scaring Sun Yao!

"Fuck, this is too exaggerated, I don't want to be thrown to death!"

Sun Yao cursed, only to realize that the place where he landed was actually the sea, he was relieved, as long as he did not hit the reef, he would not die if he fell hundreds of meters in the sea!

Sun Yao didn't know if he was still a human being!


Then Sun Yao's whole body fell into the sea. Sun Yao, who hadn't breathed for a long time, had forgotten that he couldn't breathe in the sea. He was filled with several mouthfuls of sea water in a row, and he was choked!

After floating up from the sea in embarrassment, Sun Yao saw the direction of the shore and hurriedly swam over. At the same time, he felt that his body was too strong and powerful, and he swam ashore in twos or twos. No breathlessness!

"Special, I finally have a body to walk around again!"

After landing on the shore, Sun Yao cursed, but his face and heart were full of excitement. Anyone who has been trapped in a rock for so long will be like this. If he hasn't gone crazy, he is already a strong-minded generation!

"You...who are you? How come you are here?"

However, just as Sun Yao went ashore in the sea and was lying on the beach enjoying the sun, a timid voice suddenly rang in Sun Yao's ears. Hearing the voice, he knew that it was the voice of a woman, and listened softly!

When Sun Yao heard the voice of someone, he could not help but straighten his head and look behind him, his eyes trembled!

"Monster... Monster?"

Rao was already mentally prepared, knowing that this is a world of immortals and monsters, but when he saw a monster appear in front of his own eyes, Sun Yao couldn't help feeling a bit of fear!

I saw the monster in Sun Yao's eyes, with a graceful body standing upright, bare with a pair of white and lovely feet, and a pair of slender jade legs, smooth and clean, and the lower body was tied with animal skins. What surprised Sun Yao was animal skins. A tail wafted under the skirt. As for the upper body, Sun Yao couldn't see it temporarily, but with this, Sun Yao could know that the other party was a fairy!

Can't fairies have a tail?

At this time, Sun Yao didn't know that he actually had a tail on his butt, a monkey's tail!

"Who are you? Why can't I appear here!"

After jumping up from the beach, Sun Yao also calmed down, realizing what kind of world this is, and immediately asked the female fairy!

Only then did Sun Yao see the complete picture of the female fairy, a pure and lovely female fairy with a petite body, and the waist and chest are covered with animal skins. Only then did Sun Yao realize that the animal skins are still overgrown. With brown hair, the female fairy's hands and feet wear the same leather bracelet and foot ring!She looks like a girl who is only fifteen or sixteen years old!

"The female monkey spirit?" After seeing the female demon's appearance, Sun Yao couldn't help but secretly said in his heart. He looked at the other person with surprise. Seeing the female fairy so beautiful and pure, harmless to humans and animals, the trace of fear was just moments away. It's nine days away!

I don't know how long I haven't seen women, especially such a pure and beautiful female fairy with fine white skin. It is shameful that Sun Yao's male symbol can not be controlled in the crotch!


Seeing the thing between Sun Yao's crotch, the banshee stood upright, and she blushed and screamed, and she turned around and cursed at Sun Yao, "You monkey, you have become a fine spirit, and you still don't know the shame. Isn't it possible to cultivate demons to humans?"


Seeing the performance of female fairies, Sun Yao couldn't help being stunned. So are female fairies so cute?There is also the latter sentence, is it that people in this world don't wear clothes like him?