Fairy Tale Chronicles

Number two.

"That's Urs, the capital of Farlane."

Around two hours down the road from the rendezvous point with the adventurers, a large castle gate was seen. According to the story, it looks like the East Gate. It's two hours on the adventurer's feet, so at least one more hour would be extra, no matter how healthy the average person is. A straight distance doesn't seem like a big deal, but there was a hill along the way, so the route is in the shape of a detour. In terms of distance, if there were no hill, the gates of the castle would have been seen from the first position.

"I don't know if it's close or far away, but it's a hard distance to judge."

Given the pace so far and the distance to the castle gate, it will take about thirty minutes to get into the Ursus.

"Two and a half hours each way."

Spring vegetables, which were measuring travel time with light auxiliary magic, respond with a subtle expression. Most importantly, both of us have decided that if we put our health, etc. into account, it would be possible to shorten it by about thirty minutes even if it was packed, but honestly we don't want to walk long distances at that pace.

"Due to this, what is the distance to the other towns?

"Right...... Eight hours on the feet of an adventurer, from Urus to the nearest village? In a big city, Carzas and Marriage are the closest, about five days on foot? It's faster with horses and carriages."

The more Randy says, the more he snorts. The distance to Carzas and Marriage was about two days on foot from Urs during the game. Thank you. The map in the game seems to be slightly different in scale and location. It should be noted that pocket watches are popular in Farlane for a good price, making them a necessity for intermediate and higher adventurers. The reason it's a necessity is simple, and there are quite a few time-specified deliveries.

"So that's what I was most concerned about..."

"Basically, if you register as a resident, it doesn't cost you any money to get in and out. Exceptions are some privileged classes and adventurers. As for the caravan, we have a luggage inspection anyway, so we'll probably get it done together then."

"Which means we'll be taken this time."

"Oh. Well, it's not a big deal, so we'll pay for it this time"

"Yes, yes. You owe me your life, and I let you sing."

Randy and Kurt answer carelessly. He then teaches a lot of basic common sense and fills in the differences between representations and perceptions in the game. The most important thing for a macro was how to call potions. They call it a level, not a number of levels. For example, a level 2 potion would be a level 7 potion. The lowest level is Grade 8, but they call the ones that have a healing effect but are weak in bulk as out of grade. The out-of-grade potion was made in practice by a rushing pharmacist and is also sold cheaply to rushing adventurers, as well as a bottle or two in the first aid kit of every home with a bond cream feel.

With regard to the way the potion was called, he called the highest performance object that the founding king of Farlane, his fellow demon conductor, was able to make, the oldest country in existence, a first-degree one, taking into account the ease and effect of making it by reference there. In response to the opinion that there are things above the first level, even the most powerful hero of all time, the Founding King, decided that there was no need for waste because it would have the effect of reviving from before instant death and making a change. Given the difficulty of manufacturing, there will never be enough to require grading, which seems to be one reason.

Other differences between the game and reality are the existence of a currency unit called Tyrol under the currency called Krone, which was used in the game. With regard to this, both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables are lightly convinced because the unit of purchase of ingredients was oddly large as a hundred units depending on the one, the overnight price of the inn was weirdly low, and the price of the drops was about five kroner unless it was as good. As a result, one krone is one hundred tyrols, and roughly one krone silver coin is used in the same sense as a thousand yen bill. It's quite fancy to say that the lowest currency in the game is a thousand yen bill, but that's what games are for.

"With that said, how far can you usually buy potions?

"Right...... If you don't mind the price, I usually sell it at the Adventurers Association until about the seventh grade potion. Nevertheless, the average pharmacist only puts it up to Grade Eight because it's not an easy price for ordinary people to buy. Grade 6 and above can only be formulated by the doctors the country has, so they don't go out to the public first."

"Ho. When that happens, it's like a first-degree potion or some horrible sum."

"They say that there are no pharmacists who can combine the first level at the moment, so it could be a huge disturbance between countries just to have it before we can buy it for gold."

"There's a big layer of wound pills..."

I laugh bitterly at stories that are too exaggerated. But come to think of it, potions above level 5 always start to bite the drop material. Yeah, levels 7 and 8 don't get the material itself unless you knock down a pretty big guy. And the one who says drop based material can't be taken away as a material unless the body is dismantled by a person who knows it will function as a material, unless there are too many coincidences, so when a person with intermediate or advanced pharmaceutical skills is protected in the country, there is likely to be very little more than Level 5 and more than Level 4 potions here.

Besides, I don't know about Macro, but what is the ability to cure site defects in Level 6 and above, that is, in Grade 3 and above potions here. Why, if the Macro doesn't know, the Fairy Tail Chronicle is a real piece of shit in the extra place, because for some reason the player doesn't have a system of site defects (monsters usually get site defects). For this reason, even if you are slashed in the arm with an attack that causes your HP to be zero with a single blow, your arm will not be ripped off just because it becomes incapable of combat. It should be noted that the primary potion is important because it has the ability to recover more than three site defects, even those that have been cut or crushed for years.

Although this feature is the only healing potion, manaposition has the effect of bringing down magic and maximum MP fallen due to aging, recoil, etc., to peak season, and stamina potion has the effect of treating the after-effects of diseases and accidents that do not involve site defects. This, too, can be treated so severely that the higher the grade, the more dangerous the primary potion can cause wars between nations.

"That's all that matters."

"I know, but..."

Unexpectedly a macro with a head inside to an unexpectedly low production capacity. In the meantime, Spring Vegetables, however, are unlikely to do anything bad with the Macro. I'm also afraid to think about what happens to weapons and protective equipment when it comes to drugs. Although not a big deal, such as what players can make out of blacksmiths (and artisanal players, including the Macro, think), if they are still advanced, they can manufacture anything that is more than double the performance of a typical NPC sale, without drop materials or enchants, and just low-grade materials that can be taken in a less dangerous place.

And as far as the protective equipment that Randy and Kurt wear, it can be determined that the performance of the equipment that is out in the public is not significantly different from the NPC sales in the game. Exactly. You wouldn't know that far from just seeing the spring vegetables, but the hong is the craftsman of God. That degree of appraisal is affordable. If this is normal equipment, the manufacturing equipment that was rolling like garbage inside a hong warehouse could be fine and upset the balance between nations on the day it all rolled in here.

"Okay, I'm gonna go through the process for a second, just give me a minute"


Copy that.

While we were talking about that, if we spoke a little louder, we were close enough to have a conversation with the gatekeeper. Sneak up with Spring Vegetables to discuss what bothered them while Randy and Kurt processed and paid for the two of them. My goosebumps are subtly standing and my feet are trembling because of the closer distance, but I just have to put up with it this time.

"Hey, Fujido. It might be a little awkward for you to buy out the potion you made."

"You look like that. But honestly, regardless of the special potion at level 3, the various potions at level 2 can only be luggage, even if they are, right?

"Seya Nen. That's the problem."

If this is just a level 2 potion, I have no problem selling it, but it is the macro that made it, which is the problem. Items made with production skills are confirmed to be corrected for effectiveness depending on the proficiency of the production skills at the time they are made. If this is made with intermediate skill, it doesn't make a big difference, but Hiroshi is the peak craftsman who even has divine medicine manufacturing in the production of kamikaze. Exactly the same effect as a potion on one, even if it doesn't go as far, it will definitely work better than a regular potion on the market. It is a battle to see how well the tools made in time have cancelled the positive correction, but it didn't feel as user-friendly as it was made, so expectations are thin around here.

"... turning belly, selling it?

"... let's do it..."

Around the time I thought of other ways to fight gold, I thought the risk would not change after all, and the two of them decided to get hungry. Anyway, I decided to think sweetly that there would be no nomination arrangements so soon, and that I could spare you if I wanted to. If I may be more precise, I am right to say that I have eaten and lodged tomorrow rather than the risk of being caught up in troubles at national level.

"Both of you, come here for a second"

Kurt calls me and runs over to the gatekeeper. Apparently, it was my first interview with a visitor and I was asked a lot of questions. There were quite a few things that I didn't know how to answer, but I decided to follow both of their advice and answer them all honestly.

"A guest from an unknown continent."

"An unknown continent?

"Very rarely do they fly, and that's what they call it in the royal palace, where unknown people like you come from."

"Is that known to the public?

"Isn't that a very famous story? At best, it must be in the form of an urban legend among adventurers."

That would be the case too, two gatekeepers looking out for the two convinced. It's really sweet.

"Um, isn't that, like, cheating or something?

"I've never seen anyone like that before."

"If that's what you said, is there a way to tell?

"That's what I asked you earlier. Guests from unknown continents know very little about our common sense. You had some unanswerable questions, didn't you?

Soldiers watching Nico in the face, nodding as he was convinced, to that question. With a smile on his face, he tells the Hongdas one thing.

"Guests from unknown continents can get a lot of backups from the Royal Palace. I've got a reference for you right now, so you can go tomorrow. After that, with this ticket, adventurers can stay for free."

"I'm also sorry for the inconvenience"

"This is my job, too."

Unlike the image, when he receives a permit and a letter of introduction from the loving soldiers, he waves off to the drop off and walks away from the spot.

"Also, a loving gatekeeper."

"It's the face of the country in a way."

"Farlane is also a country of commerce, and you don't have to do it in vain and intimidate and discredit it," he said.

When they were satisfied with the explanation, they decided to introduce them to the recommended accommodation.

"Buying potions and stuff, where do you think you're going? Yeah?

Recommended Inn for Randy and Kurt, Black Cat Eye Pavilion. Confirm immediately what is most necessary for the future of the Inn.

"Then the Adventurers' Association is the best."

"What about that heart?

"I basically don't see my feet against amateurs like you. Some things can be negotiated, and at least they won't buy it cheaper than they need to."

"The Adventurers Association also supports runaway adventurers. Regardless of the lack of strength, if you work properly but don't get paid to grow new rice, it's the association that's in trouble."

Macro and spring vegetables convinced by the words of a middle-aged adventurer.

"Right. At this point, why don't you sign up as an adventurer?

"We can both fight quite a bit, right?

"Well, I could do something about a bursark bear..."

"Enough if you can do something about the Bar Circle Bear with that gear. We have business too, and I'll show you when we eat, so sign up."

"If you sign up, you can also color the purchase negotiation or something"

I nod at Randy and Kurt's explanation and decide to sign up if that's what I'm saying. It is refreshing to see what purpose the one who says the Adventurers Association is founded and operates for, but from what I hear, it seems that it is an organization that operates once and for all with the smugness of the state. Even during the game, I was wondering. It wouldn't make sense to go all the way over here and go deep about the setup there.

"Registration costs money?

"It's five kroner as a commission."

"And I have a brief review, but for people with jobs in their hands, because it's not that hard"

"I see, Roger. If we do that, should we negotiate a buyout after we sign up for Bar Circ Bear skins or something? Yeah?

"Don't be. I can pay the fee later, but I'll hold it here this time. Although, as with the toll tax, you may be exempt from fees if you are dealing with guests from an unknown continent."

Apparently, this country attaches more importance to "guests from an unknown continent" than I thought. It seems like there's one or two of them in the back, which makes me very anxious.

"Well, first of all, I usually finish my adventurer registration and then, yah."

"Right. A treat."

Indulge in cooking with decent condiments for the first time in two days and start acting according to the policy you have just decided. Urs' streets are a mixture of stone and brick buildings and wooden buildings that create a unique atmosphere, like mixed European and Asian children. From what I hear, the big city of Farlane, with some regionality, basically seems to have this kind of vibe. Not so much waste has fallen on the side of the road, which is a clean impression. The water and sewer are complete and the treatment of dirt is systematized, so there is no odor caused by effluent, etc.

Ursus is the capital of Farlane, the great power, and only a port city that is long to the north and south (even though it is longer than the north and south of the main state of the Japanese archipelago), almost halfway through the national territory, and is quite a huge city. Urs Castle built on the back of the northern mountain. The castle and the city, stretched multiple times around a thick central boulevard reminiscent of the streets, reach as far as the bay in the southwest. It is one of the few major cities in this world with a population of millions. Given that the population of Farlane, the world's three-finger power, cannot reach 100 million people at best on the household registry, I would say we know how huge a city Ursus is.

Originally two towns called the castle fort city Urus and the port city Agrina, by the time of the seventh generation king, both sides had grown from the exit of Urus to the entrance of Agrina on foot for three hours, thus carrying out large-scale public works, including zoning, to make it one city. It was quite painful for the national treasury, but thanks to it, a large number of workers came from inside and outside the country, dropped a large amount of money on the city due to high consumption, and the population grew with tremendous momentum, resulting in the amortization of the costs assumed for about a hundred years, which took about fifteen years.

Its vast city, which takes more than a day on the feet of ordinary people, from the East Gate to the West Gate, or from the castle to the canal, has many canals running vertically and horizontally, with ships being used as people's feet. There is also a waiting area for carriages that ride here and there by road, apart from which small carriages and horses are seen everywhere carrying people and things instead of taxis and couriers. Other means of mobility include a little bit of value for everyday use, but there are several transfer gates in place, which citizens use separately if necessary. Regardless of the traffic connecting the city to the city, transportation in the city is not so bad.

The black cat eye pavilion they use is about fifteen minutes away from the East Gate on the canal. Still far from the sea around here, it smells like tide, not far enough to say. But if you travel by canal or carriage to the south for an hour, you can't even see the sea. In addition, you can see Ursu Castle on the high ground, its sights and teases, and see the bay without having to say this. Around here, it still makes me wonder that Urs is a port town.

"Mm-hmm, adventurer, huh?"

"For the time being, safety comes first"

"I know. I mean, there's no way you can do such a difficult job all of a sudden."

"I mean, for the time being, we'll start somewhere with dressing and gear..."

Spring vegetables with a sinister face that remind me that I am a stranger to the words that give me the water of a macro. Honestly, dressing is a lot of truth, so I'd like to do something about it by the end of the day if I can. The salvation is that Farlane is a country rich in water and will have no trouble bathing. There are public baths all over the city, and it is not uncommon for accommodations, rentals, and things that have baths individually depending on the price.

"After all, when you're an adventurer, you can't wear different clothes every day..."

"Let's do it. In the first place, I know how many clothes I can carry."

I'm convinced by what they say. Basically, I would carry my luggage all the time, more than I have a house. Clothes are bulky and heavy. Besides, no matter what type of stuff you procure, it doesn't make sense to focus too much on the clothes you wear down there, considering you're wearing armor. Anyway, what a luxurious imitation of armor designs into something different every day is impossible, both financially and materially.

"With that said, what about weapons and protective equipment?

"In the meantime, when I get my money, I'm going to buy it to see that it looks appropriately cheap and sturdy. With that said, what was the main thing you used?

"I'm not saying this. In the meantime, I used an axe, a sickle, a knife, but sometimes I was shaking a hammer."

"... could it be"

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell me. If you think about it, you'll never buy the least."

On the road to the Adventurers' Association, Randy and Kurt, who had never heard the conversation between Spring Vegetables and the Horn, put their necks on the word "far off".

"What do pharmacists use it for?

"Use a lot. There are a lot of them, but they need to make quartz to make potion bottles, and some things need to make specially processed bottles, so there's a lot more to digging for stones that contain that material."

"You make it out of a bottle..."

"Rather, if I could make a bottle, I'd talk about it. There are a lot of small pieces of medicine from a certain line to the top in the bottle from the making stage."

I laughed bitterly at the adventurers who said that they had never even heard of it, and said that they had done it the way I had been taught, deceptively. While we were talking about that, Spring Vegetables peeking into the left and right stores and checking the price of all sorts of things leaks a sigh. Because in Farlane, glass is not so rare, few stores make the side facing the street a glass show window, like modern Japan. It's not cheap, but it's not expensive enough to be used in shops and general houses.

"Clothes are a pretty good price..."

"Like what?

"Combined up and down, about fifteen krone on average. If you stay longer, you can stay at the Black Cat's Eye Pavilion for two days."

"... what's troubling you..."

As for the inn bill, I can just stay overnight today, and Randy and the others have already paid me six days from there in advance. Over a week there is a discount for a long stay, seven kroner a night. Eighty-four krone for both of us because they are distracting us and taking separate rooms. In addition to that, I have received about twenty krone as cash for the time being. It's a good amount of money, so I can feel free to scare off any more of this as a drug bill. From the two of us, it's not only the cost of medicine, but also the amount of money that includes a twist on the song.

With regard to meals, morning and evening meals are included in the accommodation bill, but the menu for dinner is not significantly different from the lunch I had earlier, to the extent that the salad and soup are covered with bread and dried meat or sausage, or baked fish. Sometimes, depending on the day, stews appear instead of soup and meat, but it's not that big of a difference. If you want to eat good food, you need to hold onto the ingredients or pay an extra fee. For breakfast, only bread and soup are simpler. Furthermore, considering that lunch needs to be prepared on its own, clothes cost fifteen kroner is quite tight.

"Do you want to make your own...? But it's a little rough without a loom for that..."

"That's where it comes from..."

Hear the twinkling words so Randy and the others can't hear you, and put in a bitter burst of laughter from where the spring vegetables are a little away.

"I just need to do what I can. But if I think about it, regardless of my share, Fujido's share is a little rough."


"No matter how many classmates you say, you teach a guy who didn't have that much contact with his body shape or something, don't you?

"... I do have a bit of resistance..."

"Not yet, if I did about a jacket, yeah, but underwear and all that..."

Unexpectedly let the blurry words of the macro draw your face, just ask in case.

"... can you make it?

"I've never made it, but I had a recipe in my hand, so maybe if I wanted to do it"

"... sorry, I'm so gripped between profit and shame right now..."

"No, regardless of the jacket, I have more trouble with underwear and skin wear even if they tell me to make it..."

"... I hadn't thought that far..."

While we were talking about that, we finally arrived at the Adventurers Association of Destinations.

"Better than I thought..."

"Well, it's not like we need a building like that."

About forty minutes walk from the Black Cat's Eye Pavilion. Randy enters the building in a self-righteous manner, grinning bitterly at the thoughts of the Hong. Tight, but nevertheless due to the presence of several facilities, including the purchasing department, there is considerable area and hierarchy. Not as big as a castle or a fort, but a regular house or apartment is about the size of a few that can be set up. It should be noted that this is considerably larger than other association facilities, as this is also the facility that oversees Farlane's Adventurers' Association. In addition, there are about three more outposts of the association in Urs.

"Oh, Mr. Randy, Mr. Kurt. Weren't you escorted to Marriage?

"Things have changed a little bit. We were the only ones who came back with the employer."

"A large group of Poison Wolves are sitting near the village of Leyte. Honestly, it wasn't the kind of situation that allowed me to break through with the escort, so I asked my client to wait in the village and we broke through the herd again."

"... is that a fact?

"Oh. It's being processed as a formal request. This is the ticket."

Check the requisition that Randy offered, one nodding receptionist.

"So, what's the damage?

"Two of us were hit when we brought our client into the laite, three of us when we broke through. The village is fine because it has demonic boundaries, but it's not a good idea to isolate it for too long because of food problems. That's why they're working with the other village chief and the people who are eating the stalls to request the extermination or elimination of Poison Wolf."

"I'll pay you later, including the deposit, because the situation is the situation, but I'm keeping the request form from the village chief, so I'm sorry, but it's good to see you through the process"


Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables have a great view of that exchange. The demon, called Poison Wolf, is a creature whose wolves have become poisoned by exasperation, and the strength of the single product is considerably weaker than the Bar Circle Bear. But these guys are formerly only wolves, and they flock anyway. On top of that, it is known in the game as a beginner killer demon in a different way than the Bar Circ Bear because it has a lethal poison, albeit fairly slow, to turn around. The poison is infected from both nails and fangs, and it is troublesome to be sure that lethal doses are infused, especially when bitten.

However, the one that says slow acting poison like Poison Wolf is actually just right to gain resistance, so the only way to be a threat is really at the beginning, because it's a way to hunt down to the point of poisoning one hand, and when it gets worse, say drink the poison and turn it off, and the general player becomes resistant early on in the utility line.

This is why Spring Vegetables didn't remember the detoxification magic that corresponded to the Poison Wolf lineage. Moreover, if you have endurance values that have stopped humans for about a macro, even an intolerable state anomaly is hardly affected. Conversely, when this class of players becomes an unprotected poison, it is so poisonous that if you are an intolerant rusher or ordinary person, you may die instantly simply inhaling it from a distance instead of touching it.

"Hey, Mr. Randy, Mr. Kurt"


"It sounds like it's going to be a big deal, but, of course, are you glad you ate dinner?

"Not that I didn't think about it, but when I thought about the time to take Kurt to the doctor and treat him, it was like an error."

"Besides, when I thought about the rest of this, I decided it wasn't a good idea to break your mood."

Pin on Kurt's words. Do something about a large group of Poison Wolves, and you'll need a good number of poisons to wipe out. That, too, would want a highly instant poisoning as effective as a Macro has, magically wiping it out, as much as a hand can get out of your throat.

"What about you two?

"Oh. I'm the benefactor of Kurt's life. He's been flown over here with some strange magic."

"Oh, are you a guest from an unknown continent? The benefactor of life, what do you mean?

"It gave me a poison that worked terribly well. If it hadn't been for that poisoning, I'm also suspicious if Kurt would have had it so far. Anyway, when I got it, I went around to the point where I couldn't walk. Is that still there?

"Nine more. You can make as many ingredients as you want, but it'll take a lot of time."

To the answer of the Macro, a receptionist who looks frigid. It's not a story that can be easily believed, such as how a child who has reached adult age at best can create a poisoning that is highly effective enough to restore the poison Wolf poison that has turned enough to make him unable to walk around normally in less than a day.

"Well, don't stare. It doesn't matter if this guy really made it. More important is the fact that you have all that poison and you have spared no effort to behave with us."

"... I'm sorry, can you show me the real thing?

"Yeah. I was going to have it bought out originally. What do you want me to do, give you a recipe?

"If you tell me, I can't verify it with the people in this guild right now."

While I grin bitterly at the attitude of the alertness bursting receptionist, I offer a poisoning of a shade that feels like reddish greens for now. Your hands will be shaking when you give them away because it matters. I bring that to the buying counter, put it on some strange equipment and do the mess. A receptionist and a woman in charge of buying when she sees the results, with a startling look on her face.

"I'm sorry. Allow me to apologize for my earlier attitude. Can you really make as much of this medicine as you want?

"If you have ingredients. Oh, yeah, yeah. I want you to buy this out too."

"... is this a Grade VII potion?

"The guy who finally made it. I don't know if it's going to make a scene, but I'm worried that you're going to buy it out, but it's going to be a big deal with the poisoning over there.

That said, I'll have about thirty bottles lined up on the counter. If you are a rushing adventurer, that is the only number you can call a fortune.

"I know you didn't know the price of the seventh grade potion, but isn't that too much?

"Fujido told me he wanted to see me make a bottle or something, and I was on track. If I just made it, I could make a hundred or two, but I'm lucky enough to make fun of it."

"Because I wanted to see..."

I laugh bitterly at the spring vegetables that make the bats look bad, and for now, I'm going to end this story. Together. I can't help what I've made, and throwing it away is a waste.

"Nevertheless, the seventh grade potion is expensive."

"Well, if you're an adventurer per ninth grade, you'd be a substitute for a complete recovery from a single serious death injury."

"Even we, if we have three good spots, will heal until we are intact, unless we die instantly. It's worth the price."

I thought it was 500,000 yen a bottle or something, but if you ask me, I can only convince you. Anyway, if you say it game wise, there are about fifty hit points for characters who don't have any skills other than basic offense at one level. Because the basic level 1 potion healing amount is 100, and the level 2 healing amount is 500, and there is a correction due to endurance, craftsmanship, and blending arrangements, Randy and Kurt's words are truthful that they don't want to mix. In the game, given that most NPCs other than adventurers and soldiers, or so-called ordinary people, were at high levels and at best five, it is natural that they would only need up to level one potion in the general household, and that level one potion fifty krone is not expensive if they think they can treat serious injuries that are dying for 50,000 yen.

Note that it is a potion that is unlikely to be strong resilient in real life, but does not grant magic until level 2. Primary potion blending is a technique that amplifies the magic and vitality of a material beyond its limits by blending. There are also many medicines to drink because it can be used efficiently by acting from within.

"Most likely, when you're a level 5 or higher adventurer, you won't be able to recover without this much."

"So you're selling these potions normally?"

"As an association, I'd just like to distribute it a little cheaper..."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables face each other unexpectedly to the buyer who has pinched his mouth sighing with a sinister face. Somehow I have something to pin on, and spring vegetables ask me why. Because of this, it seems that this woman is not only responsible for buying, but also for selling various items.

"What's the reason?

"There's a demand problem, but there aren't so many pharmacists who can formulate Grade Seven more than that, and they need special materials, and they seem to know how many they can make in a day."

"Ah, I know somehow..."

For the reasons I expected, all I can say is sigh. Macro said that the level 2 potion formula would not wear an arm that could be made for sure without almost mastering the elementary. How hard that is, from the spring vegetables you stain yourself and know in the game, you know better that there is no choice but to have more overwhelming human beings who don't get there.

"Speaking of which, Dong-kun, you mean around here, you were making it out of grass around Bursark Bear, right?

"Yeah. Applied recipes or even grade eight potion ingredients."

"If I tell you that recipe..."

"It's hard to do."

He puts his neck on the words of the Macho and immediately recalls yesterday's topic.

"Oh, maybe?

"Yeah. Besides pharmaceuticals, I have the knowledge of alchemy and some enchanting skill. Even so, the easiest thing for an enchant is to be able to do it without fail. Yeah."

"It sounds tough to talk to you..."

"If I did it without any knowledge, it would take at least a month before I could do it."


Together, I am disappointed to be crushed by the ambition to tell you based on my experience.

"Then could you sign with the Adventurers' Association and help provide a stable supply?

"I'd like to avoid that if I could."

"Why not?

"If I do it amazingly, yeah, but the potion I make may be more effective than normal. If it worked, it might oppress the lives of the people who make it normal."

Purchasing rep who is told and silent. As Macho pointed out, the potion he brings is about twice as potent as the normal one. Once this has become standard, potions made by other pharmacists will not be sold.

"Put aside the hard story, it is. Ann, please register these two."

"... ok. Please fill out this document."

Write and go as far as you can to the documents provided. For some reason, I can write this letter normally, but I have decided to break it off if I can't help but care about it.

"With that said, I'm thinking now..."

"What's up?

"How many people over here can read and write?

"Right. In the case of Farlane, almost 90% of those living in the city can read and write, but in rural areas, the majority will be to the point where the numbers can be read painfully. More recently, schools have been developed in rural areas, but the reality is that the country as a whole is still less than half as good."

Two people nodding so much that it would explain the lady/Ann at the reception. Whether you see it as surprisingly high or lower than you thought it would be is a subtle thing, but at least not at a level where it's not unnatural to be able or unable to write letters.

"What do you do if someone who can't read or write comes to register?

"The paperwork itself will be proxyed here and the minimum reading and writing will be remembered during training. Until you can read and write, we will also read the contents of the request form here."

"Well, I see..."

"If you do that, a reckless boy who jumps out of the countryside will never get lost in the streets without being able to register and have no room for effort."

"Absolutely not, though. In the first place, people who work in combat training and reading and writing classes are mostly frustrated along the way."

Receive many blank documents while politely returning your answers. Do something like an interview all the time, write something down on the paperwork and go. I know the majority of people in previous exchanges, but once the rules are the rules, and most importantly, these two shouldn't know Farlane's laws well. If it is a minor crime to such an extent that it is missed by implicit understanding, it is not yet possible to commit a major crime that is not absurd because of the differences in legal systems and cultures in the area in which it lived. We need to make sure in the interview that those parts are okay.

"Now let's move on to the practical exam. Permission to explore the dungeon will be granted at least level VIII or by accompanying the authorized person, so we will only confirm your combat capability this time."

Complete a thorough identification, for practical exams. As I wrap my tongue around two people who show more strength than I expected, there is a surprisingly impressive voice from both sides.

"Mr. Ann, strong"

"Can you dive into a dungeon?

"All Alliance staff have minimal combat training. More importantly, isn't the address registered?

'Cause I just got here today.'

"I see. Then if you're going to be working in Urs for over a month, go to the bureau tomorrow and register. If you show your adventurer card, you won't be able to check your history."

"So you're okay?

"Our Adventurers' Association is an organization that says so."

He nods unexpectedly at a somewhat convincing explanation and receives a card marked Grade 10 as a sign that he has registered. Afterwards, he will be given a full explanation on how to use the facility, how to accept the request, and the conditions for promotion, and will be asked to buy the material that had been stripped from the Berthark Bear and finish what he wanted to do that day. Randy and Kurt are not already on the spot because they have gone to Royal Castle to make an emergency request for assistance around the beginning of the registration.

"Fifteen thousand, including potions..."

Look at the amount given to you by Spring Vegetables who have concluded their negotiations, a difficult looking macro. Suddenly, I think I made too much money. On the other hand, when it comes to buying everything I need, it's a subtle amount of money. In the meantime, it will be folded once and for all as future costs of action.

"It was all handled very carefully, so I colored the assessment a little"

"Seems like an amazing amount of money, but it's pretty troubling..."

"It's a hard place..."

Look at the gear we deal with at the Adventurers Association and whisper at each other with a sinister face. The cheaper ones are about fifty tyrols, but the higher ones even have more than 10,000 kroner. Exactly the price isn't just bad for the price......

"In the meantime, shall we go back to the inn and rest today"

"I don't know. I'm tired of all this..."

"Good luck. If you don't mind, could you make a poison cleanup for this Poison Wolf run out, starting tomorrow morning?

"... I don't know. I feel worse about my acquaintance than I heard. It's just that I still have the energy to go collect the ingredients, so will you collect them instead?

Subtly distancing herself from Ann, she makes such a suggestion.

"Okay. We will mobilize the staff and gather them wherever possible."

"Well, if Poison Wolf poison is done, I don't need any special ingredients, so I'm sure we'll get quite a few."

With that said, I take note of the recipe told to me by Horn and turn to the clerks in the back office and other facilities. When I see it and sigh, I stare at the association's sales again. Few adventurers wear initial pharmacy or alchemy, and some equipment for conditioning is sold for those people.

"I think I should buy a breast bowl and a pan..."

"I'll take care of that."

After thinking about it a little bit, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't use it today anyway, and it was the Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables that would go straight back to the Inn.

"... tired..."

Inn private room. I lay on my bed rolling my almost empty bag under the table, except for the underwear I bought in another action I took on my way home. Hiroshi had bought cloth, yarn and sewing tools, so apparently she sews them herself. If this is the case, even though I thought I might have been able to kanst the elementary school about sewing, I gave up just now at a later festival, at least I decided to have it made everyday in the future.

"Something like this, complicated..."

On the third day after I was flown here, I finally got what I safely called one time. During the two days in Nojuku, I didn't sleep very well. Still, he was recovering too much strength, so this body is pretty out of standard.

Complicated is the result of not being able to sleep very well and wanting to see how the macro looked while subtly pretending to sleep. It wasn't his word, but honestly, by graduation, it was someone he thought would never get a chance to talk to except in an administrative conversation, and even if he knew about being an approximate person, he wasn't someone he could trust enough to affirm that he wasn't acting strange in this environment. The reason I didn't sleep very well was that my anxiety on that side was bigger than the fear of being attacked by a monster.

But the behavior of the Macro was very different from that expected, and he took quite a distance from Spring Vegetables and continued to do some work all the way up to the time of his shift. Except when I woke him up at alternate times, he didn't even show signs of trying to glance at his sleeping face, which even seamed his bag carelessly anymore, shredded his breast bowl, polished the bear's bare bones, and didn't try to show any interest in spring vegetables. I like the way you keep doing the trick of troublesome and tiring work to a somewhat foolish degree, but that's just how much it hurts when people ignore cancer so far, even though they're out-of-the-eye as heterosexuals.

Besides, this man, he's going to take a water bath and wash along the way, and he didn't move from the spot at all, and he was muscled to keep working all the time even after he finished it and came back, and his pride as a woman he had for a little while was completely crushed without leaving any pieces in just two days. The only time I was turned to say that was when I talked about my outfit, and until Randy and Kurt looked at me quite reluctantly, I was completely unsure if I was so attracted as a woman.

"In this situation, it's better than attacking me without sight..."

I care a little bit. I want you to show me how it works. It's not why I want to be attacked or cross the line, but it's pretty shocking when they show me that they don't want to be actively involved with each other, rather than unconscious in that direction at all.

(Nothing, it doesn't seem like it's because it's me...)

Reminds me of what happened at the Adventurers Association and concludes so. Hi, he doesn't want to get involved with what he calls a woman in general. By way of exception, when I look at what I normally talked about with the general of this inn, I wonder if someone over a certain age, other than a business-like relationship, would be okay.

To say that far in this year, something quite serious may have happened. At least it's not that I'm willing to be male, it's clear from the conversation I hear a leak when I go through nearby in the classroom about what a gal says and the gaze I see when I talk about clothing. Yet the thought of not wanting to be close to a woman, not wanting to get along, leaked in vain, and when I was dealing with the receptionist and purchasing manager of the Adventurers Association, my face was obviously blue. The other two weren't aware that the situation was just the situation, but the feet and the like were obviously sifting.

If you become so severely feminine phobic, you have to be careful how you stick with them from now on. At first, I was so hurt by the pale reaction that I accidentally tried to do a "guess what," but when I instinctively did it, I realized it would all end in the true sense, and I thought of it at the inch. Now that I think about it, I feel like praising myself for being so thoughtful.

"Tomorrow, I want to talk to you about getting in a little bit, but are you okay?

I would like to tell him that I will remain silent without any certainty and ask him for his opinion, but I don't know if he is in a mental state that he can do well with it until tomorrow. To put it further, we have to make the conversation an unpopular and unlikely place to be heard by someone if we can. If you're thinking about the Macro himself, I'd prefer a place where you can do some work after a long enough distance. Regardless of whether there is such a convenient place, it is clear that we need to get more detailed information and opinions together as soon as possible.

At any rate, the unified view between the two of us is that we should not receive support from the Royal Palace with the title of guest from an unknown continent, and this time, anyway, we should behave as flashly as we can after this.

"Either way, first after tomorrow morning's poison cleanup, right?"

I just met Randy on the way home, and he said that the exchange had already been completed through the use of the demon of the court demon mentor. If it weren't for the creature that the user demon could fly, he needed to do it again to contact me, he was bitterly laughing.

With all the other preparations, the decision on the extermination operation seems to start at noon tomorrow. Because of the relative distance to the village of Leyte, a horse can be used to move out from noon to extermination while the sun is high. Nevertheless, the most necessary preparation still seems to be poisoning, and once the work on the macro is done, they are staging it so that we can leave immediately.

"For tomorrow, we'll have dinner soon."

Not that I can do much for spring vegetables anyway, but some help would be possible. Spring vegetables that go and call for a hong to finish a meal in order to restore some strength and strength for now. The next day's work, the opposite of what Hiroshi wanted, would be one of the triggers for the deepest and deepest involvement in the royal palace in its most troublesome form, but at this time the two of them did not know in what way the feathers would be involved.