On that day, the Adventurers' Association was a fuss from the early morning.

"First, separate the branches of the dolphins from the leaves and put them together, and the branches peel off the skin. And the stems of Aege and the leaves of the dolphins were scratched fine, and rinsed until they were like this. There's a percentage, so make sure you mix it up, even if you're wrong. All you need is the root of the asprin, and the stem of the aege, otherwise dispose of it properly."

Spring vegetables and staff gathered during yesterday in accordance with the instructions of Hoang and facing the mountains and the ingredients piled up. For your information, there are several pharmacists who have shared the ingredients.

"Except for the root of the asprin, you're no different than a normally made first-aid poison cleaner."

"Sora, do it. Originally, that poisoning is only weak, and can interfere with most of the poisons in terms of ingredients."

"So what's this Athleen root?

"It has a strong effect on the poison of the Qi system, but I want to weaken the area that is a drama drug due to the normal poisoning ingredients. However, it only mixes and simmers normally and even weakens its effectiveness against poisons in the core qi system, so you need to work on it a little bit with alchemy guidelines."

Handily handle the roots of the asprin while answering the questions of a magnificent pharmacist. Even though there are only the key materials and the most portions, the difference in proficiency seems to be a lot greater as the treatment progresses faster than any other material on this scene.

"I'm processing something I've never seen before, is that it?

"Yes, I can tell you. Well, if you have the knowledge of initial alchemy and enchants, it's not a difficult way to do it. If you get a chance, please want to study that too. I can teach you what you need to do. Yeah, but biology is under injury, and if you do it, I suggest you learn it from the right people. If you study properly, you'll have a wider range of applications."


A magnificent pharmacist who bitterly agrees with the theory of the Horn.

"Dong-kun, what do you do with this skin?

"Leave it when you're done with the calf. He and his roots are a little special."

"Copy that. All you have to do is squash the leaves and stems, okay?

Spring vegetables that are instructed by the Macro and go to mix with the task of shredding. Finish treating all the roots to the side with it and work on tons of skin. Use magic to dry, chop, rinse, and powder to measure the amount. Exclamation comes from the crowd during the flow of a series of tasks.

"What about distilled water?

"I have it ready"

"Here, I'll work on that one instead, so please prepare a large pot with Kamado."


Give Ann instructions and even crush the finely chopped leaves. Even though other non-pharmacists say they are taking breaks for about fifteen minutes at best, Hiroshi continues to do so without taking any further breaks. Besides, in the same time, it's multiple times the amount of work. This is true in any field, but there is a desperate disparity between skilled people and amateurs.

"Well, you're done, and then just simmer it all at once."

Weighing carefully, the material is placed in distilled water that has begun to boil. Firstly add two cups of both hand pans of the first shredded Aege stem, stirring for about ten seconds to make the whole thing even. Then mix what powdered the skin of the Dork branches, stirring for another fifteen seconds or so. When you confirm that the overall color has changed, dry the dried dried leaves and the asprin roots at the same time and put them into a low heat to loosen, about forty minutes, stirring even with magic. The color gradually changes and the pan is lowered from the fire around becoming clear blue.

"After that, we'll split it it into bottles and it's over."

Magically take the rough heat and divide it into unused or washed one-handed pans for bottling, declaring it almost finished.

"I'll help. How much should I put in?

"Down to about under my neck. Even if it's that clear. Yeah."

Copy that.

Follow the instructions of the Macro and use the balls and funnel to continue bottling. Even in this task, all the macros and pharmacists say that they put it directly from the one-handed pan they took away, but they pour it in without any signs of spilling it accurately into a small bottle. Alliance staff should also cover the bottle with a lid and seal it quite handily. Three hours after the start of the work, around eleven o'clock, more than three hundred poisonings were completed.

"I think about this would be enough. How about that?

"Right. From the number of Knights in service, this would be a good place."

"Well, material and equipment, make it feel a little tougher than this, and if you don't have enough, give it up"

"Okay. I'll tell him."

When you say something to Ann, go to the Association's Purchasing Corner. The aim is to use it for mining and collecting, much more than a hand axe.

"In the meantime, this and this. Yeah?

Anyway, it's a connection until you make your own, so you can choose one that can be classified qualitatively and normally. Let's also see if we can get a sturdy bag with lots of ore.

"With that said, is there anywhere you can lend me a blacksmith tool or something?

"What would you do if you didn't?

"Sora well, I'll have to make my own in time and step up a little bit..."

"Another long story..."

"Shiatsu Yan. Either way, yeah, if you need equipment, don't eventually have proper equipment and tools."

Sigh at the words of the Macho. In this case, having proper equipment means having a workshop to build your own equipment. In other words, we have to finish living in the lodge early and go somewhere to secure a building large enough. Or buy that much land, gather materials, and build your own.

"Sorry ~"


To the call of the Macro, a woman and musel in charge of purchasing rushes to the counter.

"I just want this."

"Okay. Wait a minute, please."

Start calculating on the blackboard somehow. It's not like buying, so it should just be a addition, but what does it mean to have a mixed multiplication?

"It's 65 kroner with two handaxes and two bags."

"Are you okay?

"I asked for a sudden job, so it's a little service. Please come back later as we are in the process of negotiating a reward with your country."

"Copy that. Thanks for the discount."

It's not like there's no back at all, but it doesn't seem like it's enough to be vigilant. Yesterday and today have made me stand out in extra directions, so it would be natural to be able to keep an eye on them. Then you shouldn't mind at least getting the benefits.

"So, here's the question."

"Yes, go ahead"

"Is there a place near here where you can pick iron or something?


For spring vegetable questions, a musel to think about a little.

"Right. There was a story about a cliff in the north around the middle of Mount Lehne that I could take a little bit of ~"

"A little, is it?

"Yes, they can pick them, but they don't have a lot of quality or quantity, and they didn't end up using them as mines ~"

To the words of Musel, two people who think a little.

"So, how come the ore?

"Well, it's not a big deal, but I thought if we brought in the ingredients, we wouldn't get cheap and good gear. Later, Toshi told me that there are things that use ore in alchemy and enchanted materials, so if you collect them, you might be able to handle the initial stuff on your own."

"Oh, I see. I thought I'd make my own armor."

Two people who couldn't pierce Musel's words with total unresponsiveness. I saw a subtle change in the type of grin in that way, and I think it's gone, but the later festival. Even if it looks relaxing, is that just something like an employee of the Adventurers Association?

"Well, as a matter of fact, even though it's rare to have as much power as Mr. Azma, it's not so rare for adventurers who make their own medications and armaments to some extent. Some pharmacists are also learning to blacksmith to collect their own ingredients and to pursue their own easy-to-use tools."

"What do you mean?

"Some of the equipment in the association is forge related, so speak up if you need it"

"... ok"

The mindset is still two young high school students. Combat ability is not even good enough to deal with adults in these exchanges, even if they are more than good enough. The adventurers' association was a big deal and a spring vegetable that they decided to give up just to hide.

"Around here."

I just got around to being taught, and the macro crumbles like tired as I look up at the cliff. It's basically a mountain where only humans come in looking for ingredients for hunters or medicines, so there's hardly anything you can call a path, and the two of them have been feathers walking down the beast path for a long time. Since they both have endurance values significantly higher than the average of ordinary people, they were not injured by branches or tsu, but the spring vegetable clothes are flaky here and there, and they are still desperate to pull the branches involved in the tip of the hair.

In the game, there was just no such fine trouble, so I was reminded that the current situation was real, even if it was such a shame, and I snapped. Even for clothes, there was an element of dirt, but the sleeves and hem never flaked like this. Of course, it was torn in battle, but it was not caught in a branch of a tree, etc. It's a troublesome story to make.

"Exactly, isn't there a proper path in a place where no promising minerals are judged..."

"Well, let's do it."

"With that said, I was paying a lot with that hand axe, but what I was collecting was medication ingredients?

"Something like that. Well, it's just medicine, and it can be used for alchemy, or it can be used as a catalyst to process it into clothes."

That's what I said, a macro staring over a cliff. Quickly, they're in mining mode. To be clear, I don't know which part of spring vegetables there is ore around, but I guess there's a difference in the artisan's eyes.

"There was?

"I can't expect that, but if you refine it exactly, you can use it."

Interestingly, when I get confirmation from a macro who started digging cliffs, I get such a heartless reply. Nevertheless, the look on the face of a macro digging a cliff is a really good smile, which surprises me from the bottom of my heart to see if I can do this look on this heckle.

"So, while you work on it, I want you to listen..."


"Apologize first, until now, I've only been lying a little bit. I'm sorry."

"What kind of lies?

"First of all, you said you were almost out of land exploration around here, right?

"If you say so, you say so."

On the third day, on the move towards Ursus, Spring Vegetables did say something that felt like saying so.

"Well, half of it's true, but half of it was a lie"

"And say?

"It's not that easy to forget where I went once or what I saw and heard once. So I remember most of Farlane's geography in the game. It's not a lie to say that I walked around that area more than four years ago, or that it's been about two years since I've been to Urs, so it's true that I don't know if there's a building or something that's been implemented later."

"I see. So, half true, to say, what about the buildings implemented later, it's weak to say. Besides, he didn't really know how to do it."

"You're looking very closely."

"Sora, observe it properly and keep it in the corner of your head where it makes you uncomfortable, but with tricks to protect yourself from natural enemies."

"Natural enemies..."

Spring vegetables are more shocking than I thought, to say too much about Hong, that you don't like to act so much with yourself.

"Don't say that about Fujido. I basically don't want to get involved with girls."

"... I felt that way about Anne and Musel."

At first and earlier, when Anne and Musel were at close range, the face of the Macro was clearly blue, and if you look closely, he had goosebumps. The lack of response was about the time when the majority of consciousness was on its way to the immediate task. Regardless of Anne, who hasn't had a conversation anywhere near the first day, except when it's not strange to mistake her for nervousness, Musel probably realizes that Hiroshi suffers from interpersonal phobia, a level that doesn't get quite as fashionable with women in particular.

"I'm the one watching you."

"It's a community of destiny. If you don't see what they like, what they don't like, what they're burdened with, the extra trouble is the first step to ruin."

"Oh well. I'm sorry, this is the fate community."

"That's not true! I'm glad East is your partner!

Show Hiroshi, crushed by self-derision, in denial in advance. In fact, I can tell you that we were very fortunate to say that Hiroshi is our partner in this land that we don't know right or left. Bad for him for his feminine phobia, but he doesn't have to remember the crisis of chastity, and even without it, he has a personality who can place a minimum of trust in these situations, and above all, he can make most of his own things. It's a punitive imitation to complain about so many partners, I can't do very much for spring vegetables.

"I can't. Yeah. Honestly, I'm conscious of natural enemies and all that."

"I don't want to hear more about it, but there's been a lot going on, right? Then I can't help it."


"This way, I'm sorry. I don't want to burden you as unnecessarily as possible, but I just don't care about gender..."

"No, I don't think Fujido is going to apologize or care, say, or rather, if a man does it, I think it would be better to say something like..."

"I can't tell you..."

From the eyes of Spring Vegetables, that's obviously the level to be taken by a counselor or a psychotherapist. Honestly, I feel the kind of danger that if I make a mistake, I will be pulled or isolated in a psychiatric ward. Even though I said I was in the same class last year, I still haven't had the one about being so close to me and not realizing at all about it, my observational eyes and compassion.

"So, let's get back to it. I remember, I didn't know the way to tell you. Why did you do it?

"VR and reality looked different, but the biggest part was that the terrain was different from what I remember."

"Hmm. For example?"

Think about where it would be easier to understand the macro question.

"On the way to Urs, there was a hill, wasn't there?


"That wasn't VR."


Nodding with a serious face at the suspicious words of the Macho. At that time, he acted squeamishly in appearance and deceived, but inside he was quite shocked and confused by a terrain that was distinctly different from his memory.

"Yeah. I had to see the castle gate when I got out on the street, but I was sure the terrain was different because there was that hill and I couldn't see it"

"That means I tried to go to the other side of the street before that..."

"Out that way, I should have been able to shortcut to the north gate of Urs. But if I'd gone over there then, I'd be lost for sure."

"Come on."

It didn't matter now, so let's just flush it down and continue mining the macro. Spring vegetables that saw it sigh one and cut to the point.

"So, East, how long do you remember the initial setup of the game?

"I almost don't remember, I don't know what to say"

"Well, I knew I didn't remember the word" guest "from an unknown continent.

"Even in the game, did you set up to say that?

"Yeah. If we're right, we're supposed to grow faster in terms of abilities and skills than the average person in this world."

To the Spring Vegetable word, I admire the ambition to say so. It should be noted that, in order to facilitate the story in the past, I do not remember the fine status, needless to say, I remember all the spring vegetables as much as their own status, up to the decimal point of proficiency. Most importantly, it doesn't help me at all now.

"Well, if you think about it, no matter how many years you've had in the game, that's how much skill you'll develop."

"Yeah. I think so, too. So, the question is, is the ability to work out in the game is good, and the ability and skills are growing fast, is the setting alive or not?"

"Oh dear. There's just a question of how to make sure he's alive. The game and the basket, they see the status."

"That's right. Once in a while, training doesn't make any difference without objective differences."

"In the first place, it didn't affect me enough to see, even if my talent went up one or two times originally."

Spring vegetables sneering bitterly at the words of a macro as he digs a cliff. At the foot of the macro, at some point, there are tons of rocks rolling around. They're sorting it out while digging, and if you look closely, two piles of rock are made.

"By and large, even if you train, when your original talent is higher, the amount of time it takes to stretch a point, or the rate of growth in a single training, becomes worse."

"Yeah. That's a problem, too, isn't it? Maybe we're a lot higher than the average person, even with the lowest parameters."

In a game called Fairy Tail Chronicle, there are three primary means to increase talent without gear correction. Increases character level, increases skill proficiency, and performs and builds on the talents you want to develop. Exceptionally, some Rare Drop consumables will permanently increase certain Talent Points when used, etc., but even during the game, they will not need to be included in the number in this case, as they are rare in only four appearances in five years. Because the item, the macro, can be produced, but the ingredients have not been sprinkled, so I have not yet made it. In addition, there are some cases where the Quest Bonus extends, but this is also a small number, and because of the high hurdles after the two chapters of the Grand Quest, it falls off the primary means.

Of these, the only way you can only grow the targeted abilities is by working with the last talent you want to grow. Low abilities remain low at all times, as leveling assigns an automatically rising talent value due to skill and previous training trends. Then, the Talent Bonus gained by increasing the proficiency of the skill is, for the most part, increased by two or more abilities. Moreover, since the task of building skills itself also leads to the training of proficiency, it is not uncommon that proficiency is increased at some point, regardless of when proficiency bonuses are obtained.

In this way, in games that are easier to control than in reality, even though it is something that cannot be controlled as if it were perfect to adjust while looking at the status display, even though there are no comparison criteria, there is no way to train the dark cloud to see if it is easy to stretch.

"In the first place, Faircloth's talent can't be affected until it's subjective, but the larger the number from elsewhere, the more desperate the difference of one point was."


"Yeah. For example, if you have about a hundred and fifty muscles, when you get one hundred and fifty-first, you gain about fifteen basic attacks. It's only fifteen if it's subjective, but if you say it with a weapon, it's about as aggressive as an early knife, right? Does this increase your base attack power by thirty when your muscle strength reaches 300? Thirty at three hundred muscle strength doesn't look like a big number, but it's just as much of an attack as it did when I was about twenty-five muscle strength, so from the average person's point of view, it makes a desperate difference, right?

"I don't know. Still, Fujido, I'm familiar with fine numbers."

"I've worked with acquaintances to calculate the correlation between talent and derived parameters. As a result, at the start of the service, the volume zone of the starting group has a character level between one hundred and twenty and one hundred and eighty, and a talent value that is not the highest value between one hundred and fifty and two hundred."

So you took the talent level of 150 as an example.

That's what I'm saying.

Spring vegetables that stop digging and admire Hiroshi, answering with a little pride with a strained chest. As a result, if you look at character levels, Spring Vegetables themselves enter the volume zone. Talent itself is about two hundred and fifty for the highest, except for those with extra skill influences. For mastering the tough assistive magic and cooking of training and the extra skills you master, albeit in your lifestyle, your talent level is a category that goes beyond the volume zone to the top and bottom. The number of skills you are acquiring is high, as is the number of skills you will gain in a single battle.

The increase in talent value is rapidly worse from around thirty without skill correction, and beyond fifty, it first ceases to grow outside of the level increase and skill bonus. Then, when a level rises by about seventy years, the talent level will not increase, and when the value of the vegetables exceeds one hundred, the level will hardly rise. Skills are also mastered at the top of the list, with only about fifteen corrections in total at best, so most human abilities fit in at about two hundred.

This bonus is for production skills and advanced auxiliary magic, as well as various extra skills that are exceptionally larger than others. They all have non-sprinkling talent correction based on difficulty in obtaining and training. Among other things, the amount of extra skill correction is huge, and if you master it, that's all you get, a bonus for about four ordinary offensive advanced skills. Most importantly, just because the correction amount is the highest talent value, the auxiliary increase is not significantly different from the normal skill. In the first place, I rarely call it a skill with only one talent increase.

Of course, when you become an abolitionist with a level of five hundred or eight hundred, you have the ability to knock out a number of five hundred and six hundred. Because it's normal that you're collecting all of your quest bonuses on top of the fact that the number and density of training itself are different.

"I don't care. Yeah, but how much is the most talented so far?

"From what I've heard, seven hundred and sixty-five seems to be the top. I don't even know what the numbers are."

"... I don't know..."

Spring vegetables with a subtle expression of a macro, apparently with a talent value of eight hundred or not working there, around. I am not particularly surprised when people say that I have a lot of extra skills in production, so I have more than a thousand endurances and spirits, etc.

"Well, leave it around there, ya."


"Now that we know about it, how does it affect the future?

"Influence, or consultation?

Spring vegetables speaks to the macro who has begun to dig the ore again, thinking about how to take the story.

"If my memory is certain, at the start of the game, I think it started where players were placed in random places, where soldiers in that place spoke up and were taken to the castle."

"I remember a little around there, but I do remember getting chores in this tutorial way, whether it's a castle or not, and getting paid to start as a reward."

"That's where I say consultation"


"Now, I'd like to talk to you about whether or not to get into the beginning flow of that game."

To talk too much now, the bitterness leaks unexpectedly. First, spring vegetables are the first thing I said that maybe I should stop going to the castle in a detour because it smells frigid. Well, regarding this, I would have taken it from the Macho, even if Spring Vegetables didn't say so.

"Seriously, not now."

"Right. Besides, I don't think I need to get a commission or anything."

"In the meantime, I figured, as originally planned, we'd start with weapons ready."

"Dong, if that's okay with you, there's no difference between you and me, but I'm a little sorry that it feels like you're pushing some kind of risk and hugging me in the balls..."

"Not at the moment. Maybe if I did a normal combat character, I could rely on Fujido from the cost of living."

Life based skills that tend to be negligible in games, but if you are actually flown into the game world, it is much more useful to be able to cook delicious dishes than you can use great magic. It would naturally be better to make a sword that can defeat a dragon than a sword move that defeats a dragon with a single blow to earn many times more eating.

We all happened to be the type of people who had plenty of life system skills in one way or another, but if this was a combination of bee combat systems, etc., it must have been tragic in many ways. Spring vegetables are still lightly handed so that they can have some delicious bread and dried meat brought for lunch, but if they don't have the skills, they can't do this either.

"So, what do we do with the weapons?

"What do we do, what?

"Fujido, metal armor, no type. Yan?

"Before that, can you make metal armor as much as dig it today and take it home?

"I probably can't do it in one go. Don't even make my tools, Akashi."


I listen to Hiroshi's reply and often think about it.

"Well, if metal armor doesn't do it, don't hesitate. But yeah. I don't have enough ingredients to use for other things anyway, so I'm going to dig it once or twice."

"Oh well. Well, I hope you don't mind me saying," Whole body of metal armor, but I was wondering if it might be better that way around the chest. "

"Breast plate? I have plans for you, too, and I'll do something about it."

"Are you sure?

"I said no. Anyway, a few times I came over here to dig. Better than that, the breast plate or whatever, it gets that light when you give it strength with the material you can take out here, and it's pretty chattering, but yeah?

"I can't help that. I just want you to make it, thank you."

Copy that.

When I get back to you, last-minute, I continue the mining work. Along the way, spring vegetables also teach the point for the future to start digging cliffs, and start descending mountains with quantities of ore there in their bags. It was fresh that the spring vegetables I punished for going were putting my hair together and putting it up in a pretty complicated way, which changed my impression a lot compared to normal, but this is the only story that made little sense for me to bother to change my hairstyle because Hethale's macro was so focused on the task of paying even for it, with very little attention to that one.

"I'd like you to use a melting furnace and a blacksmith."

The next day. After completing the forgotten resident registration, Ann told me that yesterday's crusade had gone well, and finally received six thousand kroner as a reward, and Hiroshi, who came to the production facility manager on his feet, cut out an errand to go straight in. Since they are magnificent men, they have a grand attitude without being discouraged. As a result, the sales value settled in the form of one bottle of fifty kroner, the breakdown of which was ten kroner as the cost of materials and remuneration to collaborators, and the rest in half with the Association and Hongda. The money for more than a few hundred is turned to reward the collaborators. The intensity of the instant effect worked and the product was sold at a higher price than normal venom removal.

"Melting furnaces cost twenty kroner in two hours, blacksmith tools ten kroner in heat."

"... it's worth it."

"When we raise the ore to a temperature sufficient to refine it, we have a good amount of firewood. Finally, because the temperature has to be raised to that point in a short time, firewood also uses specially made products that have been specially treated. If you're going to do something about the heat source on your own, you can pair it with the blacksmith and eight kroner."

In the words of a magnificent official, a lot goes on in his head. In the end, we will consider reducing the number of times we use this place as much as possible, and we will use the most laborious means.

"... I don't know. Can you buy regular firewood here?

"Well, there it is. If it's regular firewood, yeah. Fifty tyrols for that amount."

"Then I'll pay a clone for both the stopping fee and the people, so I'll start with firewood."

"Copy that. I'll take my seat off when I bring it, so call me when you use the melting furnace"


A macro that begins to carve some pattern into every single piece of firewood that you have prepared. While I'm working on a good amount of it, I finally lack the cheap knife I've had since the beginning. It wasn't of good quality enough to be taken care of originally, so I left it in pretty good shape.

"Fujido, lend me your knife"


With the knife received from Spring Vegetables, continue working. In the end, her knife also lacks a blade around the finish line, but still seems to have done the necessary work somehow. It would be the natural end of the line if we tailored and dismantled crude products that can be bought at fifty tyrols without a discount, picked up all sorts of things, scraped them off, etc.

Apart from the firewood that finished carving the pattern, I draw a magic formation on the ground using a little powder that was placed in the blacksmith (probably the extinguishing agent when it caught fire) and start the ritual with some mess. After enough rituals, for a moment, a blue light dwells on the firewood and the engraved pattern disappears on the surface. Make sure of that, one big exhaling macro. About thirty minutes after the official leaves, he finally finishes preparing under where Hiroshi says he is.

"Hey, I'll get the old man."

"Yeah. In the meantime, I'll clean up."


That's what I said, and I drop off the macro leaving the blacksmith, and I gather scraps of wood scattered at my feet. The magic team has disappeared at the end of the ritual, so if you dispose of this garbage later, the evidence will be destroyed.

"... at this hour, did you handle it all on your own?

"No big deal."

"Well, Anne and Musel have told me that you can use Enchant."

"That's what I'm saying. Well, I'd like you to use a melting furnace and a blacksmith tool now."

That said, I give ten krone to the staff. When I look at the gold I receive and nod one, I throw firewood into the melting furnace and set it on fire. Obviously, the firepower is greater than the firewood we normally use, but officials don't look particularly surprised because they were expecting it.

"Not too surprised."

"If you're a guest from an unknown continent, it's not surprising that you're somewhat off average."

"Are you sure?"

He smiles back at the old man's reaction and throws in one ore after another. I have just finished throwing in what Spring Vegetables carried, and the knife that is missing the blade and is no longer useful, as well as the two hand axes and tsuruhashi that I was using today, take off the pattern and throw it in.

"... Whatever the knife is, it looks like the axe and the tsuruhashi were still new, okay?

"I'm going to make it all today because I did it. Yeah, I guess. Oh, yeah, yeah. I'll pay for it later, because it might hurt a lot of Yasuri and Tagane."

"What kind of use are you going to use..."

Do not answer the old man's blurry words and draw a magic formation in the air with your fingertips. Its pattern, painted with magical light, is sucked into the furnace. Keep your palms pointed at the furnace, a macro that concentrates your consciousness. Old man and spring vegetables staring at that subtly cold sweat. As it is, the macro continues the normal purification procedure while pouring magic into the furnace. Continue refining as you take some steps you don't know about the old man, with only a good amount of time, pull the molten metal out of the furnace, put it in some size moulds to solidify, and make ingots. At times like this, it's strange that the usual dull and hectic air disappears somewhere.

"Well, where are we going from?

"First, maybe we should make tools?

"I don't know. Let's just go with the knife and the hammer."


"First you make a knife, and then you make a hammer pattern."

Impressed by a convincing dialogue, he creates two knives to flow with so little time to snap his mouth. If the beholder sees it, he can see it in one shot, but every time he hammers the material, magic pours into his body. Apparently, they do the enchantment not only at the refining stage, but also at the forging stage.

"The knife is like this. Yeah, is it a hammer next?

Quickly finish baking the blade tip back in and clean the shape of the blade with the grinding wheel. Originally, iron, steel, and two types of metal are made, and the stiffness and elasticity are raised by hitting them with forging, but this time, they omitted it by saying that they are enchanting on the material and that they are in time for what they are saying.

"If you're making it, you'll be in time, so the pattern will divert the axe one this time..."

With that being said, I will extend my time twice along the way to create tools one after the other. Because the other material was stiff, as declared, Yasuri lost two bottles and one pair of glasses, but because they were making substitutes out of end materials, we got nothing this time. The old man's face remained pulled all the time.

"Really, let's go. How long is it? Yeah?


After finishing making the hand axe and tsuruhashi, listen to a lot of spring vegetable orders and start working out the last remaining ingots. Proceed with the work more carefully until earlier and create yourself with prayerful sincerity. The amount of magic that can be used when tapping is also different from what you've seen before. Beautiful silhouette fullness is complete as it is seen in its serious expression and stunning hands. The pattern and sheath were quickly created with the rest of the ingredients as they were, and a fine sword with a sharp impression appeared more visible than any other sword placed in the Adventurers' Association.

"Shake it for a second. Hmm?

"Mmm. Copy that."

Receive the handed Rapier in horror, carefully pull him out of his sheath, distance him enough, and then go through a single mould. After a little wrinkling between the eyebrows and staring at the body...

"Is the center of gravity a little too far ahead? After that, it might be helpful to have the little finger around the grip a little thinner."

"Copy that. Give me a sec."

Responding to spring vegetable requests, fine-tuning a lot of things, and around the time remaining to extend, I will somehow finish the fixing work.

"Not like this?

"... yeah, perfect!

When I say that, I gently wave a brand new blade like a martial arts act. Finally activate the magic sword of the light attribute to see how it goes and whisk your eyebrows in a different way than earlier.

"Doesn't it? Something wrong?

"It wasn't a bad idea, it just wasn't a bit of a nuisance"

"Excuse me. Heh, what?

Think about how you will answer the Macro question and start with the question.

"This is a weapon in time, isn't it?

"Don't be. I've done a lot of small work, but there wasn't much material in the big book in the first place."

"... I knew it would not be interpreted..."

"Saya, what?

"Obviously, something better than the one I used before is a little unintelligible," he said... "

A macro who silences himself in difficulty in commenting after being told something that can't be helped.

"... well, I hear you complaining about the stupidity around there as you go back to the inn"

"Right. It's not like we're talking here."

"In the meantime, please spare me the substitutes for Yasuri and Tagane for what I broke. If possible, keep this a secret."

"... I know. I told you nobody believed me."

To the words of the Macho, the old man snorts with a bitter smile. In fact, Spring Vegetable Rapier performs better than any other weapon in the association, but it's not like there's no top. A weapon made of rare metals by a dwarf known as a masterpiece, enchanted with bees, doesn't make it easy to say anything more than mutual, but it can be made normally. but it can be picked around here, made of ore that is not good for quality, except for the story. Above all, what I made with so much skill just sounds like a mere euphemism even if I tell someone about a man who talks in time or something.

"Hey, excuse me for today."

One sigh, dropping off a bowing macro, was to enter the task of extracting ash from the heat source part of the melting furnace, where the firewood had burned out completely and had finally cooled down.

"Damn, I want to complain about what my struggles have been"

On the way home. Spring vegetables use the features of the Adventurer Card to get into the secrecy mode, the so-called party chat where you say it in the game, and start to hit your unintelligible thoughts with all your might.

"I don't care if they say..."

"How shocked it was to do the quest and get the hard-earned bandit Alvan's Rapier, working hard to save money and refine it up to +6 and then get this enchanted and forged delicacy lightly surpassed by a weapon made with just the ingredients you can take around such an early placement city"

"Just hang in there."

Now that we have a conversation that should not be ignored, we decide to wait and get confirmation for now.


"You did a unique, people-shaped boss, didn't you, Alvan?

"I think it was, but that's it?

"NPC said you got caught, Fujido put you up to it?

"Will that happen?

When I laugh bitterly at Spring Vegetable's reply, I ask him how that happened for now. To sum up the story of spring vegetables answered as they were asked, in short, a quest occurred in the form of a letter of warning flying in the middle of performing a song in the square and collecting twists while asking if anything had changed recently, according to normal behavior in the game. It would be the one called Unique Quest, which only occurs once in the entire game.

This was another strange quest, and before I knew what it was, Dar's nobility laid eyes on me, and I knocked him down and stuck him out to the government constitution, if that nobleman and Alvan competed over the spring vegetables and were to be daughter-in-law because it was the right of the winner at the end of the sentence. Alvan himself was very strong with only a unique boss, but he was fortunate enough to show almost all of his attack patterns and bills in the fight against Dar's nobility, and he was able to push and push through hard by taking a counter to his opponent's attack, and so on. It was also a plus for spring vegetables that their endurance and magic resistance were low for the boss.

"Fujido, I knew you were strong."

"I just won because my opponent was thin. Maybe if you're as tough as Dong, it's easier to do it than I fight because I think you can beat them down without question where their stamina runs out?

"It's not a very beautiful way to win, even though it's a word I don't have any ties to."

"If you win, the government forces, yes!

Spring vegetables that are forced to comfort you with words you are not really following, as opposed to a macro that crushed you with self-derision.

"But I still can't interpret how those hard-earned starlights can beat this rapier in time, even with special effects..."

"Well, be patient there. As far as I can go without a catalyst to apologize, I'll hang as many enchants as I want."

"I don't know if that makes any more sense..."

Again, I decided to speak up for Spring Vegetables that I bumped into for now.

"As it were, well, with that"


"If I took a full enchanted Rapier made of Shinto steel or something when I interacted with Alvan, I wouldn't have thanked him at all for the rare drop..."

"Do you have one of those? I mean, can you make it?

Return a horrible reply, drawing as much distance as you want, to a serious face for a spring vegetable yakitori. As a result, we have not approached more than a certain distance in conversations so far, even in situations like the one we are stuck with.

"Don't be angry when you ask..."

"What now?"

"If I did Rapier, I would have made about three bottles for training and rolled them into the warehouse because I needed less ore..."

"I feel the hardships of most players are meaningless with you alone in the East..."

"Simply put, why is it so easy to make a Rapier that is made of Shinko steel and fully enchanted from the material stage?

Spring vegetables with deep sighs in the unconvincing remarks of the Hong. If it's not so easy to make, why do you say that all three are rolling into the warehouse?

"Besides, I can tell you how proud I am of it, but when I say it in terms of its rapier and difficulty, I'm doing it inside."

"It's really not convincing for you to say that after you're done, is it?

"But the truth is, without advanced blacksmiths and advanced enchants and advanced refining, you can't make that out of that material, and you need about fifteen years of training in the game?

"Maybe it is, but maybe it is..."

It's tough there for those who make it. But by the side, it just looks like I made it pretty light. I guess that's the part where spring vegetables really don't go unprovoked.

Truth is, the average player Hiroshi is friend-registered with, depending on the difficulty of collecting Shinko steel and the quantity required, barely places any orders, such as full enchanted equipment. Sometimes the rare parts from the monsters that make up the material have been quite troublesome, except when we happen to go hunting for the material together and get it, I don't ask for it first.

Moreover, because it is easy to be noticeably eyed in vain, it can only be used within the body and when going hunting, and few people even know that they have such equipment. This is because this area has a reputation for having a warehouse of 24 people with some advanced production, not just a macro, that makes it a demon that upsets the game balance. Most importantly, when I gathered all their warehouses, even if I narrowed them down to one point at a time, it was only a matter of whether or not the Shinko gear would go to 5% of all players.

It should be noted that these two do not know that the drop gear of a boss whose race is classified as human or subhuman varies depending on the number and quality of weapons traded in an outdoor store or auction system and the number of players with high quality equipment. For this reason, in the present situation, where the average only comes out to the extent that hairs have grown in the highest quality items sold by NPC, even though the famous sword starlight of the prostitute Alvan, there are subtle results that say that the equipment made of Shinto steel is no better than that of a weapon made in time by the master of God using low-grade materials and made with full enchantment.

"Well, leave it there"

"... yeah"

"There's something I'd like to do after this, so after dinner somewhere, I'd like you to hang out for a while."

"Fine, but what do you want to do?

"Find a base large enough to have a workshop and check ingredients and condiments."

I perceive what Hiroshi is trying to say and nod with a serious face.

"The budget is 20,000 kroner barely due to something. If I do a normal house, I can secure about five for a cheap guy, but I'm a little uncomfortable when it comes to the workshop."

"Even in the game, if I wanted to have a big store or something, I would have needed another digit."

"Even if I make money, I don't know the target amount, so I'll start by checking there."

"Depends on the amount, but my song is also unlocked, right?

"Don't be. After that, I'll take the request tomorrow and go around."

Aside from the grump of spring vegetables today, I took too much time to make them and because it was a delicate time to get my hands on the request, I didn't get my hands on my activities as an adventurer.

"So, check ingredients and seasonings, what?

"There's nothing unsavory about it, so there's no way I'm dissatisfied with the rice in the inn right now, but overall the flavoring is a big mess, or should we do a one-pattern?

"Right. If it's going to be a long walk, you want to do something about it."

"To do this, I want to see what ingredients and seasonings I have, and I want to make my own."

"Can you make it?

"Mr. Fujido will be able to help you quite a bit, but I'm sure you can handle the seasoning."

Listen to the comforting dialogue of the Macho and nod with the most serious face ever. Honestly, I haven't starved enough to miss Japanese food yet, but I don't think I'll ever be able to stand the variation in flavoring on the level that sugar, salt and spices predominate over my great-grandmother's homeland. The cooking method is basically boiled or cooked, and dishes such as fried or steamed are not yet in sight. Fermented foods are also salted, cooked, cheeses and liquor, and then about tea, and fruit vinegar that can be produced by fruit liquor is also disposed of as rotten.

As for fermented foods, because fermentation is really a piece of rot and paper, without the challenge of eating what has been made, it is not helpful not to develop much. Perhaps there is no need to force them to make preserved foods, beyond the rather generalized number of convenient enchants that say anti-corruption, etc. So it is still convincing that fermented foods are subtle.

However, regardless of the method of cooking, which requires specialized appliances and some knowledge to steam, it seems that there are quite a few dishes that are rarely fried, even though edible oils have been produced and are no longer so valuable. Nevertheless, the conversation does not proceed even when it is said that it does not fall to the heart. There's nothing there, so I have to do something about it myself.

Fortunately, from today's meal yesterday, we know that sugar and spices are also distributed at a price that is normally available to ordinary people. We can also expect a wide variety of ingredients because we have clean enough water to drink as it is throughout Farlane, we have all kinds of weather conditions outside of the desert in the country, and we have a large port in the city. The harder it is to say, the more creative it will be, the more satisfactory it will be.

"For the sake of a rich diet, we must first secure a base with a cooking area."

"Right. Good luck!"

Two people forgetting their original purpose as soon as possible for a matter of proportion and certainty. In the end, it was only a week later that they had free time in the middle of the night to complete the curry powder and mayonnaise.