"Good morning......?

"Good morning, sir."

Aeris and the others woke up early the next morning. The time is still about right after sunrise. Aeris, who woke up earlier than usual because he had been asleep for a long time, greeted him with a nagging farewell, surprised by the appearance of a magnificent man who was already awake and doing some work.

"Dear Hiroshi, is your body okay?

"I think that's a question I ask myself."

A macro that laughs bitterly at Aeris' words but doesn't stop him from working. The situation was so painful last night that Aeris was worried about whether he could treat me honestly or not, but as far as the state of the Macro is concerned, it seems that what happened last night has already been sorted out as a thing of the past. Honestly, it's an amazingly tough spirit.

"I'm really sorry about yesterday"

"I don't care. But yeah. I don't know why Mr. Aerys is so bad, but yesterday's situation may be objectively misunderstood."


"Honestly, I want to forget the early part, so I'm sorry. If you do, will you stop steaming back any more?

Nod with a face that looks sorry for the words of the Macho, and for now be careful not to look at their wounds any further.

"Um, what about Master Harna?

Change your mind and ask the next thing you care about. Spring vegetables should have been sleeping here last night, but I can't see them anywhere.

"I go to the morning market to buy it. Basically, I buy quite a lot, so I usually go with the two of us, but I have a little something to make today. I thought it was bad, but I'm gonna have to ask you to go alone."

"Really? Is that what you have to make?

"Oh, yeah."

"What is it like?

Something I must deliberately make now until I entrust my hard work to Spring Vegetables. I wonder what the hell it is, and the question leaks out of my mouth unexpectedly.

"A tool that deceives the appearance. All three of them, they're selling faces there, right?

"... right. Anyway, those two will be."

"For once, the association will tell you to hide the whole time you're looking after yourself, so let's just delude ourselves about appearance."

"... I'm sorry for the inconvenience"

"I don't care about the boat. Yeah. I feel bad about leaving you alone because you're awake."

Hiroshi returns a thoughtful reply saying that happened yesterday. I'm sorry for rejecting that attitude. I don't know, I'm really sorry about what I'm up to when I talk to myself. Honestly, I think about how much easier it would be to kick me out, and so on and so on.

"With that said, I don't even see Sir Doga and Raina, do you know where they are?

"Doga's grandmother will contact someone in the room she rented yesterday. Mr. Raina is in the same room, and he takes something like punishment for yesterday."

"Oh, really..."

Aeris nods as he wonders what the hell he's doing to the subtle, pulled-off, feel-good words. The plethora of macros is clearly not the same as that of feminism. While we're talking about that, the entrance door opens and someone comes in.

"I'm home."

"Welcome home. Good luck."

"I've been buying unscheduled items because of all the ingredients."

"Copy that. I have corner soy sauce and bonito, and I'll think of a Japanese menu with you later."

Nodding at the words of the Macro, he takes out only what is needed to plant the stall from the bag. A macro that sees it and cleans it up on the table.

"Did Acce do it?

"Let's detain him, I think we can still get him. Well, don't worry about the look of it, because it's not Ammon, so it's nothing. Worst case scenario, I'm also making medicine."

That's what I said, an ambition to show you the work as it stands. It is certainly clueless when compared to what Hiroshi makes on a daily basis, but it can be done to such an extent that it is normally fine to treat it as a finished product. Later, it's not how far you get, but it's not as if you need to walk where you can see it, and you need to finish it that well.

"Breakfast, what do we do?

"While you're at it, you're at the stall. Yeah? Everybody seems to care."

Copy that.

So I finish the conversation, clear the top of the sakuri table, take out the cooking equipment, and start making it handy. That said, curry bread curries are added as they simmer every day, and the dough is in sufficient stock to be planted yesterday morning. Blah, when it comes to purchasing this morning, it's like insurance after considering the possibility that I won't be able to take time for purchasing in the future. Anti-corruption enchants are useful when this is the case.

Aeris, worried about yesterday that if there had been a crack between the Hong and the Spring Vegetables, would naturally distance himself from the pressure of the Hong while relieving the two of them of a very normal conversation. Though about a month old, the track record of saying he lived with a woman phobic man and didn't cause trouble seemed to bond to the extent that he could bounce off about yesterday.

"I'm sorry, but I'd like you to have yesterday's breakout, so I'm asking you to do me a favor, but are you sure you want to prepare your meal later?

I was just about to go in to prepare breakfast, and Doga, who came out of the room with Raina, interrupts. The look on Rayna's face following behind him is colored with sorrow and regret, and I can't see yesterday's swine warrior gesture anywhere.

"If I can, I want you to keep steaming back..."

"Well, I honestly don't want to talk about it making the rice taste bad..."

"But if we finish breakfast like this, we'll probably end up somewhere else, right? I punished him once, but for all, the problem was too big yesterday."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables were spotted trying to do what they dared to do and accidentally sighed. To be honest, it's heavy on us both to plead guilty to each and every one of us, to the extent that we think we are Japanese. I've done it thoroughly with temporary emotion, and I'd like to beg you not to drag a lot later. If we punish ourselves too harshly at our own request, and vice versa, even if we buy grudges and win eight, we can't even get eyes on them. They may insult you as a warm punishment, but this one is a mild adventurer's body anyway. We just have to cut it off relentlessly then if we get him on track next time.

From a blasted story, a macro, Raina, who at least sees the color of reflection and genuinely regrets it, falls into a considerable category when compared to the guys in middle school. There is still salvation in the world, although sanctioned by Doga, while it is not uncommon for people to go after them after just softening them, only to admit their non without resentment. It's not uncommon in the world, such as a person who runs out of reverse in these circumstances.

And if you're Spring Vegetables, you don't have the hobby to go out of your way to dress back what the victim's macro doesn't already care about and chase after you just because of your emotions. Victims only have the right to say something while they're still emotional. Though the parties involved, when a third party pinches his mouth with emotional theory, it doesn't make him busy. It's not like I don't have the uncomfortable part, but it's against my own rules to steam back from me more than I got the spear once there's no next.

"We should just get the ruling done, and maybe not until then, but it's not a problem when people think we've covered our bodies and had a rough end to it. Besides, I'm sure there's always something extra to smoke about turning in the victim. I know it's a selfish argument, but I need you to hang out with me for a while."

"... if you don't put on the bullshit, can't we get on with it,"

"That's not what this is about."

Sounds sorry, but I'm not going to give in. Two people nod in sigh to see how Doga is doing.

"Now, even though I tend to have blood on my head easily from day to day, I'm usually not incompetent enough to hear the princess's life. Why did you run all the way out there, repeatedly violating orders, just speculating?

"It's caused entirely by personal feelings. Instead of disqualifying as a knight, I am fully aware that even being a person sucks."

"Personal affair, I say, but I'm not going to be in a cheaper position to say knight than to appoint someone who just says he doesn't like men. Hard to say, but tell me more."

Raina bows one head to Doga's words and one more head toward Hong and Spring Vegetables. And then I sort out the reasons within me, squeezing my head and choosing words that I don't want to tell you as accurately as possible.

"It's a simple and very pitiful story as a matter of fact. Shortly before the example incident, I had a crappy problem with the Mazrac private soldiers, and that incident was where I was dragging that thing. When I woke up, I felt helpless and lacked calm, and because I was shown there the princess was crying, I was no longer able to contain her at all."

Remembering that time, blood was about to come up on my head, and as a result of desperate and calm, I had an excessively pale tone against my expression.

"Hmm. Well, let's put aside what the trouble with the private soldiers is, because it's largely predictable. But it's weak enough to say why."

"I'm sorry to say this again, but the man who binds Mazrak's private soldiers, the..."

I feel like I can't say anything, but I can't even delude myself, so I open my mouth thoughtfully. It should be noted that the private soldiers of Mazrac, in short, refer to the private knighthood of the person referred to as the Earl of Mazrac. Access to the Royal Castle is also granted because of its officially recognized presence, albeit privately owned. A group with quite a long history, but the last two generations or so have been corrupt on sets with lords, not to mention treated as private soldiers.

"I'm really sorry to say this, but the man was very similar to Lord Hiroshi..."

"... Hmm. If you ask me, it is true that there is something somewhat close to the face and atmosphere, regardless of personality or anything else. Normally, I don't see it wrong, but in a situation where there's blood on my head, can I tell it's the same face?"

Douga admits, to a certain extent, what Raina said. The man Raina is talking about is in fact a race that could make her feel fine and flattered about things like she says. If you mistake that for something, you can't force yourself to run in character either. Besides, he was the one who messed with Rayna all sorts of things, a man who could be described as more apt than this in terms of saying she would turn her nerves upside down. By the way, Aeris doesn't know anything about the man because the Doga guys were well isolated.

In short, there was no luck for both sides.

"I wondered if that inferior man made the princess cry, blood all at once on her head..."

"Already yes."

With a difficult expression of remorse and sorrow, he tells that much in a bloody tone. I whisper that word, and I don't need to hear any more, a macro shaking my neck from left to right.

"But if you look at it up close, you'll soon realize it's someone else altogether... but to a person with blood on his head, it's useless to just say"

Sadly, Raina shrinks herself even further into the words.

"Well, humans, some of them are really incompatible, and they have narrow horizons, and I don't care how I wake them up when I wake them up."

"Follow up is fine. Even though it won't take long for me to grow up, there's a lot of harm and no profit, such as a knight who drives the situation decision crazy about that extent"

Rayna nods naturally and only naturally to Doga's harsh words. From what I've heard, maybe she's too jealous of the hog rushing habit. So once you decide to do this, you can't really fix the track.

"Hey, listen to one thing. Yeah?

"What is it?

"It's not long since I've grown up, all the time, but how many Mr. Raina?

"I just turned fifteen about four months ago. I will finally tell you how old the princess is. The princess is ten years old."

I'm surprised to hear about Aeris and Raina's real age, as well as being convinced in a way. I had the impression that I was going to say someone who couldn't help because I thought it was over twenty, but apart from talking about being younger than ourselves. Fifteen years old and so on, in Japanese terms, junior high school students. It is true that it is considerably firmer than the Japanese, but it still cannot be said to be even an adult. In this sense, I guess the scattered defiance of Aeris' instructions was also helped by his youth and his swine aggressive personality, who just couldn't pull it off. I don't have to wonder what it's like to be a knight of a country, but there's no other way but to leave it to Aeris and Doga.

Even for Aeris, I was looking pretty much up there with a solid answer and an impression of appearance, but if you ask me about my real age and observe it closely, it could certainly be about that age. I didn't care that much yesterday, but my back length is also pretty small compared to the impression I had when I helped. Still, I have about mid fifty centimeters, so it doesn't change if I think of it in terms of age, it's good development.

"Well, I got the whole story. I don't know how it felt to happen yesterday."

"Yeah. Whether you're convinced or not, I know you couldn't avoid it."

Two Japanese who finish listening and conclude so. There seems to be a part of Spring Vegetables that really doesn't come close, but I'm not willing to say it strongly because I have the burden of saying that I subtly sun my judgment for selfish reasons that I don't want to be the cause of the pressure.

"Well, if I'm not going to get it done, I don't think that's how it works"

"There we are, no touches. You can talk about human resources on your own."

One nod to the words of the Macro, Douga looking more at Aeris.

"Unfortunately, I have no discretion whatsoever. As much as I'm allowed to say hope, Sir Doga should judge me rather than pinch my mouth."

"Okay. But unfortunately, as things stand, there's no point in laying off. Let me say that, for the time being, as a continuation of today's punishment, the formal shanty would be if we could safely return to our original position. I have the consciousness to say something unsolicited, but unfortunately, in the current situation, where it is not strange to be treated as a rebel, it is not possible to carry out an effective disposition. Besides, even in terms of personnel, it's opaque whether or not you can get cover, so you just have to do something about the bills that you can cut with your personal handouts. In that circumstance, it's hard to let go of a dude with enough fighting power, albeit foolishness. Be sure to dispose of it, now convince me."

"Well, let's do it."

"In the meantime, I just need the two of you to hold the reins properly from now on and try not to run wild in person either"

Three main obedients nodding with a serious face to the words of spring vegetables. Yet another apology for Rayna just rubbing her head against the ground ended this story.

"Well, leave it around there. Why did you get caught in the first place, you have to explain the circumstances. Yeah?

Finally, at the end of yesterday, the subtly relaxed air tightens again, with a single stiff, albeit minimal, line. Apparently, Higashi also decided to be prepared to get involved in the troubles. A month and a little while flew by different worlds. For the first time, the two high school students were set to try a massive quest.

"... I'm sorry, but I just haven't been able to decide if I can tell you everything yet. I should have told you everything more than I could have been helped, but there are things that I can do lightly. I'm willing to ask you to cooperate around the corner, but will you give me some more time?

"Let's do it, I think."

"I say no, but you don't think the lords are enemies, do you?

"That makes me a little too silly and alarmed?

"It's been three days. If you were an enemy, you could have done anything about it.

To Doga's words, I accidentally laugh at the Macro and Spring Vegetables. Sure, I can do anything with three days. And there's nothing I can do after what's been done.

"And I don't know what to say. It seems the Lord has deceived you and betrayed you."

"Wow, what's so convincing about that"

Spring vegetables of a race that are fully open to Hetaleola and walked in clothes by people with sufficient vigilance. Looks like these guys will betray you, it will certainly be over. Anyway, thanks to my experience over the past month or so, I can hardly tell you how vigilant I am in terms of my life, but other than that, I am terribly peaceful. I don't understand the part where they say how alarmed they are when they unlock the magic of Aeris. If we knew what it meant to say that we made our own furniture and tools rolling in this dining room, we wouldn't be making magic items in front of ourselves.

Douga's total inability to trust the two is rather due to the defenselessness there. Differences in values, I guess, until then, but there are also so many problems that can be done with that. I don't seem to imitate the paradox of saying that I somehow make a living selling this hand, etc., but I don't feel much different when I'm doing a stall with my own tools.

"Well, then, let's get ahead of the future policy."

"Right. First of all, Mr. Aerys and the others have to hide who they are for once, right?

"You will be."

"Well, you should have a pseudonym."

Doga and Aeris nodding at the words of spring vegetables. Only Rayna seems somewhere unhappy.

"Well, what kind of name would you like?

"If you're not too far from your real name, you can react when you're called... Oh, no, Mr. Aerys, Elle, isn't he?

"That's a pretty name. So let's go."

"Really, so. I wonder what Grandma's gonna do?

"If it's a name I used to use, I'd say Dodgson?

"I wouldn't dare ask you what you have prepared such a pseudonym for."

Doga erupts unintentionally into the kind of penetration that the macro somehow pulls. Sometimes when he's as powerful as he is, he can push a strange job. At that time, it was necessary to use such a rare pseudonym because it was so bad to do it by its real name.

"Well, I don't know where to find out, and I'm not reusing it, dollar, around the corner."

"Right. Then I'll be in dollars now."

"Somehow, you sound similar to my name"

"Did you not like it?

"No. It's like being your grandson and that's fun"

Raina unexpectedly frowns at the two people who delight in naming her pseudonyms. Even though I realize how it is, I dare ignore it and proceed with the conversation.

"So, Rayna later, what's your plan?

"If it sounds close, why don't you just Leena?

"You don't?

"... to name a false name in itself, I don't feel comfortable..."

"The situation is the situation. Give it up."

To the words of the Macho, Rayna nods unacceptably. You don't have to worry about the way it looks. With her reaction, only one thing solidifies policy.

"Look, about what's going to happen, Elle is basically going to act with Grandma or Fujido. Essentially, Leena is definitely with Elle."

It's also a flash of frowning at a macro that you call and throw away under a pseudonym. She said something even more absurd and she accidentally bled on her head.


"'Cause I'm definitely gonna call myself a princess about Elle in public, okay?

To Macho's point, Raina unwittingly gets stuck in a response. I don't know what to say myself, but I'm definitely confident I'll make a mistake of saying that.

"What's going to happen today?"

"Today, I'm going to work. We have quite a lot to negotiate."

With a subtle glance at the gritto about leaving Hiroshi here, Spring Vegetables nevertheless decides to leave for work as originally planned. Worried, but it doesn't make sense for us both to be in this small room. I also thought it would be better to put the macro outside, but if there is a mix of races like yesterday among the unspecified, that's what I can't even see. If we were to compare risks, it would still have been better to leave a macro here with a brake role to say Doga.

"Please. I'll have everything I can make here. Call me with your card if you need anything."

"I know."

"What do you do in the morning and noon?

"Eat appropriately on the go because it will be late when you have it ready"

When I reply to the Macho question, I take Rapier and his luggage and just leave the room. After I drop that off, I'll start prepping this for breakfast. When you finish your meal at Curry Bread, which was quite popular, you begin to prepare for making a lot to fill the waiting list.

"What are we going to start with?

"Well, a lot."

That's good, but I'm not sure. I keep working on it. From the feel of it, it seems like a daily necessity.

"Ever since you came here, you've been researching all that stuff you say?

"There are some things I really want to give more priority to, but it's a matter of securing the equipment, securing the location, and materials, so I'm waiting a little while on that side. So, whether you're wasting your time or not, the priority Akan matter is going to be a long story anyway, so in a way, I'm researching a lot of things around a real meal and skin problems."

"Hmm. Can I hear the one that says we have to make it a priority?

"Don't look for a way back to the country, Akane. Anyway, it's time for us to figure out where we stand?

"Guests from an unknown continent, right?

To the words of Aeris, one nodding macro. This is just the right opportunity to ask what you wanted to hear.

"You two have been here about a month, haven't you?


"How come you don't get state protection?

"Fujido agrees, but it smells like trouble."

Do you want me to tell you? Aeris is undeniably annoyed by the words of the Macro. With a bitter smile at how it goes, we go into preparing curry bread for now.

"In the meantime, let's just say okay about this one. We were free, so we succeeded in rescuing ourselves."

"Right. However, there are some parts that are subtly unintelligible to say that the trigger in the first place was that there was a problem cooking this curry bread..."

"What do you mean?

"Hmm? Oh. This curry bread is easy to stain your clothes during the process of making it. Again, this is a very stubborn stain, and even if I wash it, it falls off so easily, I'm talking about collecting yarn and making stain-resistant clothes, and I'm going to collect the easy to get spider yarn."

Doga and Raina make an unexpectedly subtle face for that reason no matter how many times they ask. Normally, it sounds like all you have to do is buy work clothes, but it's about this heck of a guy anyway. I guess I thought about making something cheaper and better, or something extra. It's not just Farlane, but mostly homemade is basic, and it's expensive to buy clothes. But when it comes to spider yarn, it's silk, so if you sell the yarn you made and buy the work clothes, you can usually buy ten clothes?

"Well, if you think about it, it's a tremendous luxury to wear it when you plant it or when you fry it bread in a stall, and you go out of your way to make clothes with spider silk on them."

"... So, you got your clothes ready?

"Ainya. I don't want to build a loom, but it's a little small here, so it still stops at the loom's material collection."

Did you collect the ingredients, and I almost penetrated them, and when I penetrated them, I felt like I had lost and Doga whispered. Aeris and the others felt uneasy ahead of time about these two people with a strong flair that was wasting diverse abilities.

Things are often the subject of intense momentum as we begin to move forward. Spring vegetables, who were at work outside, brought in even more separate troubles when they said they were in the middle of trouble right now.

Dong-kun, can you hear me?

"I don't know."

"We have a problem at Mr. Melissa's. Maybe I can't help myself, so I'd like to borrow your hand. Does it look okay?

"I'll talk to Grandma for a second."

I feel something nasty in the tone of spring vegetables and tighten my expression. Stop the work that was baking the chikuwa, get rid of the baked one, and then turn back to Douga. It should be noted that Melissa is a merchant whom I have known at the request, mostly on miscellaneous assignments, but she has been given a lot of things lately.

"Grandma, hey. Yeah?

"What is it?

"Hey Fujido, I hear you got in trouble on the go. Probably out of hand by myself, I'd like to go out for a little while, but yeah?

"I don't give a shit about Nona, but yeah. They let me eat, and I'm not as busy as I can leave a message."

"Look, I'm sorry, but take it easy here. Eat your own fruit. Yeah."

That's right. Put it down, a big man popping out of the room with a bag and a hand axe with all sorts of tools. Because lunch doesn't know how things work, it's finished with a Kansai-style hot dog with curry-flavored cabbage. Needless to say, homemade sausage and ketchup were very popular.

"Where do we rendezvous?

"Please at the East Gate. 'Cause I have to go out the gate once.'

Copy that.

Follow Spring Vegetable's guidance, crush large quantities of disposable amplified items made of alchemy, and rush through to the East Gate at once. In the tone of spring vegetables, there doesn't seem to be much room for deception, and using a canal or a ride carriage doesn't necessarily mean you have just the right one. Moreover, it is not Japan, and the vehicle of that hand does not operate on time. The transfer gate cannot be used until it leaves Central Square, so it is subtle which is faster. It is, then, fundamental as an adventurer that we do not incur extra costs.

Run using the back road to get around as fast as you can. Besides the easy reason to say that running on the back road is a shorter distance to travel to the diagonal, there are many people on the boulevard and they say it's dangerous to run at such a speed.


"Higashi-kun, that was fast."

"Sora well, because I came at full speed"

That said, the type of moving speed amplification item that the overlay works with is taken out and shown. Seeing that, one nod of spring vegetables as convinced. A stamina of a macro would normally allow you to maintain top speed to the end, even at a distance that takes twenty minutes using a canal. As a neck adventurer, a slow leg can be fully followed with amplified items. Finally, as an adventurer, my legs are just slow, more than double faster than the average person.

"So, what happened?

"I went to get some herbs, Lumina said she wasn't back."

"When did you leave?

"Earlier this morning, because. She went out with the adventurers and the other kids, had trouble, ran away, and when she came back, there were no more."

"That's awkward. How many of them are not here?

"There are three of us who know. All girls."

Exchange the necessary information while proceeding outside. Because of this, it is not so uncommon in Farlane for shopkeepers to pick up herbs, nuts, etc. Unless the Adventurers Association is constantly making requests to collect medicines and sunny ingredients, but you can't get them if you're in a hurry or you don't go away, they're basically expensive for quality when you buy them from the Association, so you're usually going to pick them with the adventurers who do that. Unless it's also a chamber of commerce that strands more than one city, even a fairly large store kid goes out to collect quite normally.

It should be noted that at this time, most adventurers who make collection requests have more experience than rushing out. Rather than that, a total rush doesn't get you to turn around too many requests to go outside until you pass the staff test. I mean, when you say adventurers who go with you at times like this, you're basically a person with a lot of combat skills and some attention. This time too, they were adventurers with quite a track record in collecting relationships.

In other words, even adventurers at that level have encountered problems beyond their control.

"Cause, what trouble?

"I'm a little bit more in the mountains, a little stronger monster came out."

"Stinky story again."

"Yeah. I've heard some rumors lately that aren't very nice."

"There's more kids missing, Anne's telling me. This time, it could be a tangle."

Spring vegetables are ahead of the curve to hear, go ahead and exchange a lot of opinions as the adventurer heads to the feathery spot where he punches the monster. There are several other adventurers in search for Melissa. It's not uncommon for a request like this to be unpaid or the same, but not many adventurers say they don't like it. Instead, in the case of the emergency of the opponent you are getting hitched to, there are more adventurers moving forward and without reward.

For this reason, Higashi has also collected with Lumina several times, and Melissa has made it quite straightforward for the reason that she is going to get quality materials. Recently, since wholesale to Melissa is more expensive than the purchase value of the association, the materials collected in crusade work are sold here. There are quite a few requests received by direct nominee in that relationship, and they are more than that close opponents.

It should be noted that the work that these two receive the most is a miscellaneous system with the technology that I said repairs and modifications to tools and repairs to stores, and not much has been done because of the equipment when it comes to fighting ability. This time, he was told the story for about a reason because he was more eye-catching than a normal adventurer. At any rate, I want one or more manpower in the situation.

"... Fujido"

Half way to the location of the fighting, he says, the abruptly stopped Hiroshi calls for spring vegetables.

"What's going on?

"There, unnaturally disturbed"

Spring vegetables that observe the tip pointed by Hiroshi, whispering his eyebrows. Sure, the bushes are a little messy, but if you ask me, I don't even feel that way. If you say it's because of your mind, you may get along with it.

"Unnatural, is it?

"At least that's what I see in my eyes."

The difference between skill structure and talent value, or the prospect of this kind of thing, is greatly superior to the Macro. That said, it's not a good idea for us to act alone. I decide to call some adventurers.

"Is this where you care?

"Yeah. It looks a little unnatural."

"... hit, maybe"

A young man who is not involved in combat, such as tracking, discovering and disarming traps, or opening keys, of a type known as a sheaf or scout in his classification, but focuses on building his ability to be important in playing adventurer, answers with a rugged face.

"Are you serious?

"I have footprints left. That's a new guy, too. Finally, I'm faking it on purpose."

That makes rejection unnatural, but the same expression becomes hard on Sheaf's words.

"Maybe it sucks pretty bad, huh?

"Oh. But even if we all go poorly, they could take a missing child hostage. Plus, it could be empty. I'm gonna do a little research on this one with me and these guys, just in case you guys need to look elsewhere."

"Are you okay with those guys?

"Oh. Sure, Harna can use auxiliary magic, and these guys are pretty good at putting out the signs because they're mainly collecting. And in some cases, there will be an ambush. Light attire is harder to understand than wearing bad armor."

To the words of the sheaf, the unwittingly bitter horns and spring vegetables. To avoid a waste of battle, the two of them, who often move behind belligerent monsters without making a sound, are so good at putting out the signs that they wonder that they can't open the key or release the trap. Besides, we both remember the soundproofing junction because the Fairy Tail Chronicle player characters are mostly needed on the quest. These types of covert activities can be highly appropriate in addition to things.

"We'll move around with sound insulation junctions for now, but I'm sure a small number would be more grateful because more people will be easier to find. When something happens, you can keep in touch, right?

"Oh. We also have the means to communicate where we are"

"Then let's go for the three of us. Because fire and defense can do something for now. I have a bad feeling about it, and it's probably not a good idea to be too clumsy."

Other adventurers nodding with a serious face at the words of spring vegetables that just put their hair together. Once the policy has been decided, it is the iron rule that moves, and all the divisions are allocated and scattered.

"There's 'transparency', but what do you want?

"Does that look like each other?

"I can only make myself visible to the person I want to show. It's just that Mon's extra material is stuck, so you can guess the effect time."

"Then let's keep it until it was what we expected"

Copy that.

"Anything else?

"I'll bring every bag, so there are many kinds of things, no matter how many. I'll explain it to you as you move."

Spring vegetables and seafood nodding at the words of the Macro. It's not like I've only studied cooking and seasoning in the past month. It's available near Urs, and we know exactly what we can make, and we have quite an inventory of what we can make. Anyway, I only have a bad feeling about the status quo, it's probably awkward to take so long to check what's available. The three partied provisionally and quickly followed in their footsteps as they met to make as little noise as possible.

Tatsuya Kazuki and Mio Mizuhashi were not attached. Somehow, when I was playing Fairy Tail Chronicle, all of a sudden the screen was covered with errors, and when I realized it, I was tied up.

"Oh, my God."


The two men, who were put on a handkerchief and thrown into the barn with people they thought had been taken from them, were discussing the current state of affairs on the throw with a good degree of voice to say that they had barely answered. I haven't been given water for a long time, so my voice is blurred.

"Brother Da, is this what you promised?

"I guess that's what you promised me."

"When that happens, are you rather lucky that our brother didn't have to be killed?

"Don't say anything unpleasant, you..."

Tatsuya doesn't even try to hide her cheeky expression in Mio's words. It makes me speak clearly what I think I am, and it makes me quite snap.

Both Tatsuya and Mio perceive that they are coming to a world that is very similar to the Fairy Tail Chronicle. There are many reasons why I came to think of it, but the biggest part is that Tatsuya was able to use magic when I was doing this.

"So. Is there anything you can do about this situation?

"I think I can use my skills, but not with my bare hands. Where's our brother?

"I could use magic, but I don't feel comfortable hitting them directly."


To Tatsuya's words, Mio only gives a sigh. In the first place, if you use attack magic in a place like this, you don't know what happens to the people around you.

"Still, a lot of complicated moods"


"The woman who was just taken, maybe..."

"Oh, I guess so."

The more I think about it, the worse my chest shit gets, the more I have to painfully lean over my helplessness, the two of them. Earlier, the bad-looking people who threw themselves in here took a girl with a relatively rich limb, not a very cute translation or a beautiful one, thought to be a late teenager. Seeing that she is not the cutest or prettiest woman in all this, she is judged to be treated that way and not reduce the value of the product.

"I wasn't chosen because I didn't have meat on me, was I?

"I guess."

With that said, I observe this cousin again. No matter how many times I look at it, it's the same look as when I was getting an infusion in bed. If you help me, I can see a slightly feminine swelling on my chest because I was able to use my mouth to eat things, but I fell asleep because I was half uncomfortable, so I have little muscle or fat on my body. She has a normally neat, cute face, but with this much weight, there is something quite difficult to say that is just fascinating. Her hair is not so well cared for as she falls asleep, and she is blurred to stretch.

Though the roster is the only story, given the year that I just went to secondary school this year, if my body heals and eats properly, there's still plenty of potential for me to grow when it comes to back length and chest. I do, but I also know that the person in question has given up for it. If you give the boulder a double punch of accident and difficulty, you can't help but tell him to rest.

"If it was healthy, what would have happened?

"Don't think too much about it. I've been thinking about it, and it's not going to be a busy conclusion."

"Yeah. But you're hungry..."

"I haven't eaten anything in two days..."

Apparently, the people who caught themselves don't have the idea of saying they're going to feed them. I don't have to think about starving the product, but it's about these guys anyway. It would be a bothersome idea to clean it because I would serve it if I ate it, or it would be a waste of food because I would sell it right away, or something like that. The idea of replenishing a new product soon after it dies is likely.

The two of them are only two days old, but some of them have been trapped since before. To be clear, other humans feel that instead of noisy energies, they are even depleting the energy to move their bodies. Normally, given the fact that humans can stand without drinking at all and eating for about seventy-two hours, it is natural that they are so worn out that they cannot move. I'm fine, they just brought me in and locked me in here, about three girls.

"Apparently you're still alive, Uzi bugs"

When I felt hungry and shut my mouth, thinking about the noisy things that I could at least rob just food, an old man with a strong face like his best balls called out to me in the barn with a sad expression. No matter, no one reacts. Long human beings are full of life support and there's no way they can return a decent response or anything. The newly brought girls are drank by this unusual atmosphere and the vicious signs of the old man, shrinking in fright and trembling.

"I'm going to call on you new owners. but I can't keep everyone on the boulder, so I'll dispose of the rest of the sale. If you don't want to die, do your best to be liked."

That's what I said, a man who seems to be my best friend taking some of his men out. As he leaves the store, the last one deliberately leaves a line shattering his hopes.

"Yes, yes. Even if I'm wrong, I'm not thinking about escaping. This place is in the woods, so there are monsters around. Besides, I'm going to leave a few handlers behind, so I don't see how those round-handed bovine worms can do that. You won't be well anyway."

When I hear those words, I realize the last reason these guys didn't feed me. Assuming we had combat capability here, if we didn't drink and ate and were left alone for two or three days, we wouldn't be able to fight or anything.

"Holy shit..."


The two whisper to each other powerlessly, staring at where the men left off. To be honest, I'm not going to tell you the first thing, but we're going to turn to the side where we're going to be disposed of. If you eat at least a little, your strength and energy to reward a single arrow is also frightening, but in this situation, you can't do it on a boulder. Humans, I never thought it would cut my mental strength so far to say I didn't drink or eat.

"Such a twisted dream is a wish, but I can only hope for the fall that this was later a dream..."

"... hmm?

"What's up?

Tatsuya looks surprised and hits the question at Mio's reaction, who seems to have sensed something. But before Mio replied to that question, a voice familiar to both of them spoke in a tone that made them angry as if they were angry.

"Totally, I hope you don't give me a break, like I expected so far."

Obviously the voice I've heard over and over again. We both have a lot to look after in the Lord of that voice. Most importantly, in Tatsuya's case, Mio takes care of all kinds of things just as much, so it's kind of a give-and-take thing. Given the position where the voice has been heard, there is no one there, no matter how you look, even though you must no longer see him.

"... Could it be Hiro?

"... Master?

"Hmm? You know what that's called, a player?

Along with that dialogue, the appearance of a seemingly hectic youth emerges. Hair and eyes may be of different colors or slightly taller than remembered, but not infrequently the figure is the hero of the production abolitionist. Next door, a very beautiful, glamorous woman with blue eyes on her blonde hair stands at a considerable distance.

(Maybe it'll help)

I know Hiro very well. I'm not wearing protective equipment, but I'm not so weak in flesh that I get injured about a bandit. In the first place, even with Tatsuya, this just happened because it was the worst condition that they were tied up from the beginning, and I don't feel any threat from them. If you cut off attacking a human opponent without a hostage, you're confident you can afford to win even the first knife that you seem to have.

"Dong-kun, we'll talk about that later. Let's figure out what to do with these people first."

Hiro nods at the voice of a woman who is quite and looks around. Apparently, women have quite a bit more levels than that. It was Tatsuya and Mio who decided to remain silent for now so as not to disturb the two of them, feeling that it might help, but it would help.

"Dong-kun, we'll talk about that later. Let's figure out what to do with these people first."

Spring vegetables that hold the nail back for now, with someone in the hostage and the ambience of an atmosphere that is likely to exchange information of a kind in time later. Rescue this number of people from a group of that size should require considerable preparation. If you don't prioritize that step first, you'll regret it later.

"That said, taking them all away is obviously impossible with the number of people over here right now. Even the number of people who can carry a single transfer stone, and even if a few people handle their baggage because there are only three, only about half of them will be taken out."

"Looks like Mr. Jade called for help, so I think we'll just have to buy some time over here until then"

"Then get ready to cage."

That's what I said, I look around and start fishing my bag. When I say prep, etc, I don't have the ability to set a trap. It should be noted that Jade is another party bandit who was acting together. We are currently going around looking at whether there are any other hostages, what the power of the war is, etc.

"Master, if you let me out of here, I'll set the trap"

"I don't know. Look, we have to open this place for now."

I can't unlock it, but I'm blurring, and I'm observing if I can't do something about the door of the cell, and Spring Vegetables calls out to me.

"Just in case you put up a silence junction while maintaining the sound insulation junction, I'll cut the key off."

"Copy that. I'll take care of it."

Hoang nods at Spring Vegetable's suggestion and puts up a silencing junction as he was told. Spring vegetables that flash in temper and precisely cut off the key when you make sure you're ready for the junction from the magic stream. It should be noted that the sound insulating junction prevents sound from leaking out of a particular range, whereas the sound dampening junction erases sound within a certain range. Both depend on the magnitude of the sound that can be manipulated, so I strained both on top of each other just in case this time.

"Just sit tight."

Open the jail and axe down the handcuffs and footprints of the two player-like Fairy Tail Chronicle. If you are a player, you have a good chance of having the ability of a player character. Even if it's not a skill configuration for adventurers, you always have basic attack skills, and the parameters are definitely higher than the average person. If it works, it'll be a force of war, and even if it doesn't, we should be able to defend ourselves. In the first place, I don't recognize this one, but I know this one over there. Definitely more skill structure than adventurers, so they should defend themselves.

That's what I expected, but that expectation is subtly betrayed.

"Ugh... I can't stand up..."

"Your belly's coming to your feet, dude..."

To the words, re-observe the surroundings. If you ask me, the smell of the effluent that is common in these stores doesn't do much here. Maybe they're given little water or food. More to the point, some humans can see signs of assault. I don't have the tools to do that.

"I haven't been fed anything since I got caught..."

"Sorry, Master...... Seriously, I can't stand on my ankles..."

Sigh at the two of you who can't stand up properly due to the anemia caused by hunger, and take the water and bread out of the bag for now and give it away. For this reason, the main reason for not being able to stand up is certainly hunger and dehydration, but it is only here that muscle stiffness and leg paralysis caused by being in the same position for a long time also account for a significant proportion of the causes of inability to move the body.

"Other people's rice, wait a little longer. For what I have now, and turn to everyone."

"Instead, work more than you ate."

With that said, for now, only the water is the two of us who take it out. Because few humans felt like they saw it and were severely dehydrated. The hostages who look at the barrels and cups coming out of the bag and round their eyes. Not that many people carry this stuff in their bags in boulders.

"Well, what can you two do?

"Right. If you're Hiro, if I name you Obaba, you know the whole place, don't you?

"I'm Mick."

"... Mick on Obaba, seriously"

An ambitious man who listens to his introduction and groans unexpectedly. I knew that one of the three disciples, including myself, would have been Nenabe because I called the girl a master master better, but more importantly, it was unexpected that the biggest and most handsome looking character was Nenabe. Conversely, Obaba thought it was Necama from the beginning. Thought so, but I couldn't imagine someone inside being such a colored man. Anyway, because in the game, as you call yourself, it's the look of an old wizard woman, and she was playing a pretty temperamental role.

"Well, yeah. Mick, if you say so, sure you can handle the trap. Looks like it's time to move?

In the meantime, think about the situation and change your mood.

"... sorry, still a little tight"

"Sure, there's got to have been a lot of potions I made on the request, but can you do that?

"I don't know. Minutes, it's my first time in a lot of situations."

To Tatsuya's words, I nod that too, and give him the potions of much stuff that I kept for now. Two people who take it and drink it up all at once and check their body condition.

"I think I can move somehow."

"I'm not sure, but I'll just try..."

When I nod to that word, I prepare traps and barricades in the alternative for now. In the middle of the work, people's footsteps are heard from the entrance and from the back. Most of all, it only sounds like Hiroshi and Mio, whose sensory abilities are quite high.

"Someone's here. Mick and Obaba go inside and wait. From the number of footsteps, it seems there are more humans coming from the entrance, Mr. Fujido, please go back."

Copy that.

Sakuri decided to share roles and prepare the two for their first interpersonal match. The walls behind the cave collapse with a tremendous noise as they both set up. At the end of the collapse is a mass of skinhead muscle, so physique that you should call it an orga or a troll. I have this stick in my hand and Jade who is blurring and fainting. The skinhead, who threw Jade around there, grinned furiously as he saw the spring vegetables, waving this stick to intimidate him. In the wake of that intimidation, the two men, who were flabbergasted by the unexpected appearance of saying they would emerge from the wall, not the aisle, re-establish their minds and enter a combat posture.


"It's okay, I got it!

Spring vegetables that control the hong trying to suppress them as avant-garde, as usual, seeing who they think is clearly the boss class. Honestly, this type is the easiest opponent for spring vegetables.

"Let it go. First of all, I don't want to leave you alone."

Seeing the number of people who have come down the aisle, they whine at each other's tongues, trembling as usual and relative to a taste of banditry. Thus, in an unexpected start, the two first interpersonal matches opened the curtain.

Flush down this shaken stick and dare cut it shallow at the counter. For a skinhead with steel-like muscles, it is honestly only a scratch to the extent of damage, but it was established that the damage would normally go through without at least using a magic sword or something. If you're going to say another thing, it doesn't seem resilient enough to say that the wound heals right in front of you looking like a macro. Based on that information, Spring Vegetables puts two attacks into sharpening health against an opponent's attack blow.

Along with the roaring like a beast, this stick, which is roared and wielded, would mince in a single blow if ordinary humans ate it. But it's just quite a shake, it's not that hard to spot. Because there are jades who are fainting, we have to be careful in the direction of avoiding them, but on the contrary, that's all we're talking about.

"Ha! Ha!

Double-cut the arm with this stick shallow. Cut too deep, it could be fixed by muscles. Therefore, it is fundamental to make sure that the poking also blurs the surface. Besides, I honestly want to avoid making a bad attack and killing you. It is also NG to use great moves poorly because it is likely to be a protracted war.

Swing down from the right. Avoid in light steps. Chop chest plate and straw belly. Tickle the swing in the horizontal direction and cut again, exactly where you just cut it. Left arm punch. Make sure to cut off your arm and deviate. Slash him three times and get out of the opponent's pocket. Gorgeously, pitifully, flirting with them like they dance, causing them to accumulate damage one by one.

For skinheads, it seems the resistance of a little girl to fly is less interesting than expected if she blows it. Barking as a beast, he waves down his stick full of strength and roars in remorse with light spring vegetables. If you hit it, Rapier, who should instantly snap and break, is flushed out of hand no matter how many meetings he has had. The attack of a power fool and an unspeakably sharp blow do not even blur the body of spring vegetables.

Without the skill of spring vegetables, they would have been broken at best by a third recipe, even though they were specially made by Hiroshi Rapier. Even with the skill of spring vegetables, there is no question that the same weapon would have broken a long time ago. The skinheads have a combined strength to that extent. Even though they are knights, if they don't have a lot of strength, this big man is strong enough to normally be in return.

It's just that in this case, they were bad.

(Looks like it's time to adjust)

After several hit-and-away attempts, dare to take a large distance and double-check the overall positional relationship. Calmly determine the positional relationship and quickly decide where to direct it. Due to the attack while fleeing, he is being pushed into a plain subtle position. but for now i no longer have to worry about stray bullets flying to jade. All you have to do is direct the scaffolding from its current engagement position, which is getting worse, to the front of the hut, and you can continue the fight without worrying about the details. No matter, it's not a good idea to turn your back on the barn. The rubble that splashes when the opponent's attack is empty and hits the ground is powerful enough to take damage at close range.

On several occasions at the entrance, I feel a unique flow of magic when magic is activated, but I trust the macro to force my head to cool down. Worst of all, there are readings that Obaba and Mick will give some support, and if this one hits badly, that's what puts an extra burden on the macro. Not in a hurry at a time like this, and doing your part well will be the biggest support for the whole party.



Beautifully flushes one of the fool's memorable swings and directs them to lose sight of themselves. Turn your back to keep flowing and unleash a Special Attack Skill Break Hit. A skinhead that is attacked by what can be termed a smash subspecies with the aim of greatly disintegrating the opponent's posture. Slap the smash in from the side and blow it away on your head, which dropped to just the right position as planned.

It's a breaking hit that looks convenient at first sight, but unlike Smash, who can almost certainly take the down if he's not even his oversized opponent, where he put it in place, he only has the performance to the point of being good and stopping the movement for a moment. If you're going to definitely break their posture, after doing quite a bit of damage, it won't work unless you knock them in at the right time. This timing is surprisingly difficult to say, and sometimes you can take down normally with a smash or its development skills, and there are not so many users.

However, because it is a move that is faster than a smash and can be effective even in motions that seem to be barely moving, it is an extremely effective move if used, it is a move that produces a lot of player skill and is one of the moves that spring vegetables like to use when dealing with human and beast shapes. What I didn't use in the Pieranok battle was the lack of experience in fighting insect systems and crustaceans. Effective use is difficult, even for spring vegetables, especially for opponents with low spider-like centers of gravity and stable foot circumference, because they don't know how to put it in and break it. Sometimes it was said that there was no need to bother imitating things like being forced to do solo, rather than having an avant-garde to say "hong," and they normally narrowed it down to attack skills.


Cut the stamina and MP with a magic sword of dark attributes that scrapes them larger than HP. This is an advanced magic sword for the type that attacks from the hand, which is awarded four types of state anomalies: Stan, Confusion, Fear, and Bind as special effects. Needless to say, insect based boss attributes have little use for anything but binds, and binds are also ineffective.

"In the meantime, just one more shot"

Spring vegetables pounding another round of a similar type of special attack on a skinhead that fell off with a white eye, just in case. Bikun, and after cramping, the skinhead stops moving completely. Once the survival is confirmed, tie it up with the wire in the bag. Why are you carrying such a thing, because there are many plain uses in miscellaneous assignments, such as fixing wood to a carrier, using it to apply the principle of exaggeration to get things together, and temporarily fixing it when you work as a carpenter. As a result, it was made by Spring Vegetables under the guidance of Hiroshi and even applied to Enchant.

"That's it," he said.

Confirm that you are absolutely unable to move, and notice a strong smell of blood drifting through the entrance in an attempt to reach the support of the Macro.


"It's okay, it's my blood!

Reply to Spring Vegetables with a trembling voice as you wave your axe shaking by example. Looking at the body of a bandit-like man pierced with an arrow through his chest near the entrance and a massive amount of blood pouring out of his chest.

Other than that, the foot of the macro is in quite a mess. Either way, the knife or the arrow. The stone is rolling in large quantities, the cut tip of the broken sword is scattered, and a large number of arrows are stabbed in the back, and the whole body is burned and burned (this is five satisfied bodies) is down. Seeing the back of the aisle where the macro is passing through, one of them is blown away and peeling his white eyes, and three of them seem to have been caught up in it when it was blown up, falling in a way that stops them altogether, one of them pointing in a direction without his neck open.

(... Could it be!?

From the circumstances, except maybe the corpse with the arrow stabbed in it, the hong killed it. To be precise, did you break your neck bone on the clap you bounced off, or did you die from a bad hit? I am not shocked to say that the situation is the only one, that Hiroshi killed people, but it was yesterday today. It is worrying to say whether the matter will not resonate later. At any rate, if you don't reduce his burden a little, when you try to move around thinking, the macro controls it.

"Come on. Yes!


"It's okay! Reinforcements are here!


A strange woman's voice sounds, and at the same time, two extinct screams rise. Multiply that confusion by smashing and sweeping the boss, the man who seems to think he's a slaver and the fat man who thinks he's a slaver, beating the tip of his jaw with a big sword pattern to stun him.

"Yes, tired"

"Sorry I'm late."

A woman in a smooth shape in many ways, reasonably normal looking, who has captured all of her survivors, calls out a nebulous voice. Apparently, he's Japanese to see his face and the color of his hair and eyes. Maybe she's a player, too. From behind, Rayna also comes out who, surprisingly, has changed her appearance.

"Thank you for your time."

"Nothing, even if I don't come, if I have five more minutes, you and your girlfriend over there and you just took control?

"Really, I'm sorry I'm late"

"No, I'm so glad you came. Thanks to you, Fujido avoided the risk of killing people."

Two people nodding with a strange face, to the words of a magnificent. Apparently, they don't really want Spring Vegetables to kill people either. From Rayna's point of view, it was yesterday's today, so I just didn't want Macro to kill people or anything, and I can't regret just that.

"But how dare you..."

With a blue face, a macro who managed to hold back the tremor spits out words with complex emotions.


"Maybe it's the same reason I don't have the hesitation to monster or dismantle it, but to be honest, it's a huge shock that I'm not at all shocked that I killed someone..."

"Ah, it's not just me, it..."

"Your sister, too, yeah. What?

"Yeah, well, it's not Japan, and nobody's gonna blame you for being attacked and resisting by the bad guys."

One nod lightly, a woman approaching the Macho with words like rest. A macro that takes a reflexive distance. I look at that and frown in a grumpy way.

"Hey, what?

"Ah, I'm sorry. It's me, to be honest, I'm terribly scared of women."

To that word, a woman sighing with an indescribable face.

"I was asking Leena, but it's not quite. Air, it wasn't, Elle's escort makes me very anxious from the point of view, thanks for the answer."

"What? You mean that name comes up...?

"I'm Makoto Mizoguchi. Seventh level adventurer and one of Uncle Dollar's bills. Nice to meet you."

It was the Macro and Spring Vegetables that subtly bothered me about how I would react to the true harp that made me chuckle. It should be noted that after Spring Vegetables returned to Ursus after this finished bathing, they started a curry bread stall as if nothing had happened in the remaining time, while with a face with a true harp on it.

"You were only worried about that heck on the road, and you're not selling curry bread flat!

And it is another story that went into it.