"Practise and mix, whole bun. Mix it, mix it, all of it."

Snack time. It was a frigid old woman dressed as a witch, in some dubious powder and water, who came out before Aeris, who was excited to see what she would serve today.

"If all is well, all is well"

In front of the pompous Aeris, the old woman handily melts the powder in water and mixes it together while singing a strange song and refines it. Something gel-shaped subtle can be done as we work out. Where there are strange sound effects in it, by the way, it is suspicious to the point.

"It tastes good if you mix it, all the way!

Along with a strangely temperamental proclamation, it carries it into your mouth, mixed together into something completely gel-shaped. To be honest, there's too much doubt or penetration to know where to start. In the first place, who is this old woman in front of you? Does the current dimension make any sense? First, is it really okay to eat something of that dubious shade?

There are mountains of questions, as many things as I want to penetrate, but I couldn't tell if I could penetrate Aeris, a well-raised and basically dear personality.

"What are you doing..."

It was Makoto who came back from the outing that saved Aeris, who was baffled less frozen. When I heard that I had a snack for you, I came in to play with your companion at the corner, and Obaba was just on his way to work it out. Because of this, Raina, who has been acting with Makoto since last night, has been unable to decide to react to an indescribable sight.

"What, a whole lot of burns?

A macro who was putting in a mysterious sound effect replies like that all the time. By the way, the whole thing is the most popular of all the suspicious treats in their world that utilize chemical reactions called educational treats. Its texture is close to a moose, not as suspicious as it seems, but it is also a substitute that tends to be distrustful from its system of mixing mysterious powders.

"I know that. Why the hell not? And let Tatsuya dress like that on purpose."

"I don't know, it's decided by traditional Japanese educational confectionery. I knew I knew about Japan, but I saw this story once."

"It's not the answer..."

A macro answer that makes me want to ask what I thought that would be the answer for about an hour. Listen to that, a true harp sitting in a chair like you're unwittingly tired. Before its true harp, a magnificent array of equally suspicious powders. Needless to say, what Tatsuya was doing was costuming a whole lot of BM. The old woman he was dressed as had the name of a whore woman, and there exists a not sure setting that it is a hobby to mix and refine powder.

"... what makes you so sad that you have to eat a whole bunch of meat with a urchin..."

"Mr. Mizoguchi, is it time to do this when you miss the Japanese eating mon?

"Makoto said it was fine. I mean, if you call it a ditch mouth, call it a full name, or say tiger cannon, I'll really shrug it up."

When she was in adolescence, she had the experience of having her name made fun of by the release of a reprint of a certain fighting game. From the trauma of that time, I may not like my last name and full name.

"And I don't miss the whole thing. I mean, I'm not trying to feed Elle, something that looks bad to her."

"There seems to be a misunderstanding, but there's nothing wrong with you."

Makoto and the old woman Tatsuya concentrating their gaze as surprised by the words of Hiroshi, who disputed the penetration of Makoto. With a bitter smile at that attitude, Macro explains the tease.

"This, I'm using a milk clotting reaction. So, this time it was annoying, but the color changing version, in short, is holding on to the reaction of the litmus paper. It's not unusual for some natural dyes to react to acidity or alkalinity and change color like litmus paper."


"Yeah. Typical of purple cabbage dyes. Something like this, the more major it comes out of a textbook. And sure enough, the rhinoceros color. Whether the soil is acidic or alkaline changes the colour of the flowers, the cubes, and the scabs. Otherwise, I forgot what I did, but I took jelly with some kind of fruit juice, and I mixed it with lemon juice to change the color, and I ate it all the time. In the first place, the ingredients themselves are not necessarily neutral."

"Even so, you don't have to bother to struggle to reproduce something so subtle..."

"Yeah, no. This much playfulness is necessary to travel through life."

True harp with a bitter face, to the words of the Macho. In the case of Macro, or in the case of Macro and Spring Vegetables, the problem is that there is an atmosphere that seems to derail with its playfulness and indefiniteness. In particular, Hiroshi is a Kansai deceased or a different type of person from women's conversations. Besides, the troublesome thing is this guy, he's also a finger wrestler in the world, and he's totally bullied by this guy in terms of supplies. Though somewhat inferior, Mio also has top-notch production capacity, but unfortunately I don't think he'll stop me when this guy runs wild, beyond being this hectic apprentice.

"... wow, wow"

Aeris' voice reaches the ear of Makoto, who was troubled by the words he disputed, somewhat oddly touched.

"... El, honesty is a virtue, but be a little more vigilant"

Makoto puts a penetration like tired into Aeris, who is gleaming and refining the powder. Honestly, I don't have enough penetrating hands. In other words, Tatsuya turned to Bogus, which was unexpected. When we had the discussion yesterday, I was honestly alarmed because I was turning to the side of fixing it by putting a penetration into the highs that would soon be derailed. Aeris on the penetrating side, usually one way or the other, also tends to turn boggly when the food that Hongdae makes is involved, is where his head aches.

"Tatsuya, don't bother riding around with me."

"No, if I were Obaba, I'd do this," he said.

In response to Tatsuya, Makoto leaks a sigh of uncertainty several times. This man, if you ask me, is a race that played a temperamental role in the game days. If the boulder grabs this kind of stuff, I guess I can't help but eat it.

"Oh, my God, I don't think I meant it."

"You guys were making money because you wanted a workshop, right?


"Yet in the workshop I got at the corner, the first thing I built was the whole thing, so what do you think..."

"Life, that's what happens."

Because of the distance between the true harp and the lazy, slightly more leisurely horse. Though I think I'm going to pack the distance, to this extent, I don't have a hobby of deliberately going over the deadly weaknesses of my opponents. In the first place, it hasn't been that long since Rayna made it look good. If you make it to yourself, it's not something I know what you took on Rayna's bunk for.

Should I say I can afford it for you or should I say that what I do is hectic around seeing through such places and making a joke? Anyway, he is a difficult man.

"That's enough...... For today, I'm going to put up with this..."

That said, the true harp goes into the task of mixing the powder together. Rayna roars at the fabric that follows a bewildered but taught working procedure and shows a hectic reaction. Spring vegetables and Mio came back in the middle of practicing,

"Wow, I miss you!

I've never done this before.

When I did it like this, I started working out the powder with pleasure, which strangely amplifies fatigue. For the first time in years, the flavour of the whole bun was honestly subtle.

It was the large residential workshop that Melissa had that earned Honda the reward of capturing the slave traders. I didn't exactly get it, I got it loaned without rent. It should be noted that in most countries, including Farlane, the possession and trafficking of slaves are currently illegal, so they also receive a reward.

Originally, he had no borrower for about three years and was considering demolishing the property and making it into another building, on the condition that he would occasionally make a lot for free and in response to the order, and lent it to Hongda as a reward for the request. Occasionally, the condition of working free of charge is that I said it from the side of the Macros, and it is decided once and for all how often to work up to.

It should be noted that the first order that came out was to have two hundred out-of-rate healing potions, which you will know Spring Vegetables is in the process of practicing potion formulation. Blah, blah, blah. A workshop this size, even if that's all, it's only about a month's worth of land, about that amount of tax.

Nevertheless, in the case of the Macros, who do not have a sales route for medicines, it does not hurt at all to have the out-of-rate potion made by Spring Vegetables in practice taken instead of taxes. Drugs cannot be bought or sold in any country without special permission. In addition to selling in stalls, the average person, including adventurers, basically cannot buy anything other than from a licensed store or the Adventurers Association. Exceptionally, it is acquiesced to transfer and use at their own risk between individuals, such as in cases where the Macros have poisoned Kurt or when using medicines they have made themselves.

Assuming Melissa gives you ownership, you need to earn your own taxes, but in the case of out-of-rate potions that the Adventurers Association hasn't made a purchase, you will end up having Melissa buy it, so two hundred bottles won't be enough. Besides, we'll do the renovation ourselves this time, but some maintenance is supposed to be done by Melissa for free, so the Horns are getting enough considering that. There is nothing wrong with Melissa's side about the fact that the rent doesn't come in, as she can use some of her non-standard manufacturing capabilities.

It goes without saying that behind the scenes there was a kind of rush that should not be normal between merchants and adventurers: trying to make each other's interests greater.

"I only have one body, but which one of you wants me to get first?

The move work, the buyout of the minimum needed stuff, etc. is over, and the ambition is to cut the story out where everyone has settled down. For this reason, the table now enclosed is a large one that can be eaten by a large number of people, originally remaining in the dining room of this workshop.

"From where?

"Do we give priority to equipment around the equipment, specifically a melting furnace or loom or work bench, or do we improve the living environment, including around the kitchen?"

Spring vegetables to contemplate, in the words of the Macro. Other members, too, look troubled.

"How much can Mio do?

"Furniture can be made on a sufficient level, but it should have been a little harsh to say about buildings of this size or additions or alterations. Even if it's a device, it can't be very unscrupulous."

"The carpenter just entered the intermediate. Somehow it's better than a dug cabin, enough to design and build a house to the extent. Tool creation is not possible to modify the furnace or anything."

In reply to Hon and Mio, Hmm nodding spring vegetables.

"Probably the best person to use the kitchen is Fujido, but shouldn't there be someone who feels like a system kitchen?

"I don't even need a system kitchen, but compared to what I've been using for boulders, it's certainly inconvenient"

"Look, let's start with that. And if you mess around with the water, maybe you should renovate the bath?

To the questions of the Macro, the women look serious at the same time. In Farlane, where bathing culture is quite developed, it is quite an important issue to say bathing facilities.

"I think you should mess with that face. After all, enough for all the girls to get in at once. Yeah?

"It's good to have a big bath."

"Well, I'd rather have some facilities to boil the water right away."

That said, I wake up the drawings all the time. In a rather large tub that puts about ten people in at the same time, about ten sets of faucets and showers. I'm not saying that the bath I have today is poor, but it shouldn't have been large enough to make such a large bath.

"What are you going to do with this? Now the bath, it's not this big, is it?

"Replace the boiler with a demonic prop, so think we can do something about it if we incorporate that space as well. Well, the stripper is expanding, so the removal changes somewhat in between."

"It's going to be a big construction, but are you okay?

"Well, I'll do something in about three days."

I can handle it in three days, a big smile at the twinkling of spring vegetables. Keep talking.

"After that, it's like furniture, but this is a round throw at Mio. For the time being, Mr. Makoto and his grandfather, brother, and Leena alternately bought out building materials while escorting Elle. Fujido helped me or Mio. Give me an opinion if you can."

"Copy that. That's it."


"Why am I the only one who remains Fujido when Makoto and Mio both call him names?

"I'm used to being a bad name caller, and when I get that call when I get back over there, I have a lot of feelings about it first."

Spring vegetables that inadvertently leak a sigh into the words of a macro. I have a lot on my mind. but I also think it's too late, in a way, to smash it. I don't know how many years it will take to get back over there, or what position you are in when you leave, but assuming I just rolled back my time right after I was flown over here, and if I have this memory, it is visible that I would treat myself in a familiar manner.

A lot of clever and patient spring vegetables, but in matters and relationships, even though we are not fighting with people we have become friends with, our self-control is not strong enough to be able to distance and approximate each other. It's a type of spring vegetable that doesn't step in more than necessary and doesn't stick too much physically or mentally, but the truth is, it's pretty lonely. I don't like to twist TPOs, but I honestly don't like to imitate that my classmates are hanging out behind me. It's bad for Macho, who doesn't like to stand out because of her phobia of women, but it's not like she's doing anything wrong, it's not like she's dating a man or a woman, so as a spring vegetable, I want to make a grand friendship.

For this reason, the way Mio is called is to call out his name because both parties could not stand the subtlety of calling his disciple by his last name, which only happened naturally, without any particular objection. Unlike during the game in the first place, now that I know I'm a woman even though I'm a disciple, I rarely come close to the distance that Hong can physically come into contact with Mio.

I call Tatsuya my brother only because after talking to each other overnight yesterday, I somehow became a relationship that I call my brother. Needless to say, Hiroshi is sexually normal, so it feels like he is connecting by calling his neighbor's brother.

"I think it's too late in many ways, and I'm not in a very good mood to be the only one getting distanced, so give it up and call me Spring Vegetables. I'll call you Hiroshi, too."

"I think that's what Harna called Hiroshi the other day..."

"Momentum then."

Hiroshi is listening to the exchange between spring vegetables and aeris, with a strange face. As a matter of fact, I'm just screaming in front of you, but my memory is flying because I was totally glocky.

"So, is that okay, Hiroshi?

"... well, yeah"

To that reply, okay, Spring Vegetables clenching their fists.

"So, the strawberry story is over?

"If it's a mess, could you do it elsewhere?

"Getting naughty and all that bravery."

It was a conversation like, "Where's the freshman couple now?"

"Fujido, you didn't, tell Haruna."

Together, we somehow turn a raw glance at the words of a sincerely disgusting macro. A woman who fell in love with this man by mistake is likely to carry a lot of hardship that she doesn't need. In addition to the characteristic of female phobia and the personality of the person, there are also things that are not scrupulous, but not the appearance that women receive, and it is probably the least I can do to save them from cheating.

"Well, let's get back to it."

"How are you going to move after this today?

"I am temporarily remodeling the kitchen with the equipment I have been using, so I bought the right ingredients from Haruna and Makoto or my brother. Granny and Leena, Mio is as far as we can get building materials and other procurements. I'm sorry, but Elle stays here. And then when I have time, I'll even do the bath removal, so go to the public bathroom today."

"Copy that. I'll go buy out, so Tatsuya stays."


Decide on sharing and just get into action. Dinner this day was a steamer full of meat and vegetables, made from a large earthen pot.

"Well, here's the problem."


"There's spider thread, there's no such thing as a ginger."

Spring vegetables that detect what you want to say to Hon's words and leak sighs.

"What's wrong with that?

"I got clothes, I got five sets up and down, and like that, they only made six."

So, what's wrong with that?

"Yeah. All members are made. Whatever Makoto-san was originally free, she told Elle to let Leena wander around in time with her clothes."

Together, to the words of the Macro, I almost roar unexpectedly. Originally, I only thought about it for two. There were five more people at once where I was going to say that I could wear them three times at a time, with variations so that I could wear them around to some extent, so I couldn't help but worry about the madness of my plans.

"In the meantime, I also have camouflage, so I don't know what else to do, as originally planned, to let me and Fujido make a pair of Spring Vegetable work clothes"

"If so, will you turn one to Elle, as the two clothes give way to you?

"That's right. Yeah?

"Nong et al are also accustomed to getting there. Besides the Lord, you can wear only good things."

"Give it to your men. Turn the gear, you got a way of saying it?

To the words of the Macro, Doga waves her neck to the side with a bitter smile. Good equipment, etc. is clothing. Sure, with multiple enchantments, you'd be stronger than bad leather armor, but still not as effective as metal armor is expected. Then it would be muscular to turn to Aeris, who can only wear clothes originally.

"Can't you go and get the ingredients again?

"Do it. It just takes about three days to get there and collect it and come back."

"Then why don't we split up the members? I've got plenty of people around the corner."

Think a little into the point of True Harp and ask for the reaction of the members. Apparently, no one has a problem at the moment with the fact that the Macro will be absent for about three days.

"So no problem. If I do, I'll be there when the bath is renovated. Whatever it is, Piranok's still back. We don't need that much combat power this time."

Together nodding at the words of the Macho. It should be noted that the boss of this hand is basically a mutated individual with a massive inhalation of temper, so no matter how much he defeats, he will be resurrected one of these days. That said, unlike a game on a boulder, it doesn't revive in a month or two. Also, for some reason, there is only one species mutating from one range to another, so if we go now, there will still be only normal bugs that are just enormous.

"So who's going?

"If you think about watching, you should at least go in pairs."

"Sorry, I'm a little pass. That doesn't really feel like I want to touch it."

"Manpower and fire, if you think about it, why don't me and Makoto go?

"That's the place."

That's how the division of roles was decided, and I was supposed to leave the day after the bath was finished, but I'm back, Makoto.

"I didn't like spring vegetables, I understand very well..."

I don't know.


When you take a wide bath where you can stretch out your hands and feet, your sighs go out with fatigue. Makoto feels a lot of relaxation in an incredible luxury when he was in Japan. As soon as Honda finished renovating, she went out to collect yarn, which is actually the first time this bath has ever been used. Everyone was reluctant to wait for the bath the most.

"I knew a big bath would be nice"

"It feels good to come in like this."

After washing his body, Mio and Aeris grab a hot tub and start talking. From what I hear, Mio is now twelve years old, but looking at him this way, he also helps with his low back and poor flesh, and he looks the opposite of two younger Aeris. That said, compared to True Harp, who was born without a bra and has never had any problems, it can be said that Mio, who at least has breast-like objects, is in a sufficiently feminine shape. Because of this, fifteen-year-old Rayna has a body that says more about her chest muscles than about her bust, and it's subtle to say which is more feminine than true harp.

Mio is small in many ways, but even that kind of self is only one hundred and fifty-eight centimeters tall. Since Farlane women are about an average height of one hundred and seventy centimeters, True Harp will be treated fairly low. At the moment, we are somehow beating Aeris by height, but it would be only a matter of time before we are outrun. To the extent that it has now barely reached the middle of a hundred and forty centimetres platform, it is not surprising to be mistaken by eight or nine years old.

Most importantly, Farlane men have an average of one hundred and eighty centimeters, so the macro usually enters the rather small one. Most of all, men have more variation than women, and the most people actually are about one hundred and seventy-five centimeters. Therefore, unlike women, the chicks are treated from about half a hundred and sixty centimetres down, so the Hongchan is not as noticeable as the true harp or the Mio. Well, in the case of a macro, it tends to look smaller than it actually is, thanks to the atmosphere it has.

As a result, when I helped out, Hongkong and Spring Vegetables mistook Aeris's height in a larger direction, due to impressions such as clothing and hair. In fact, I just got on a hundred and fifty centimeters platform, so the illusion of my eyes will make me mistake about ten centimeters.

"No, Mio. You're unscrupulous, skinny, but you were eating right over there?

"It was bedtime, not at all"

"Why are you sleeping?

"I was half uncomfortable in an accident. Besides, I couldn't eat so much originally because I had difficulty. I've been in a hospital for over half the year before the accident."

I wonder if I've heard something bad, a true harp that reflects in an unspeakable atmosphere. I don't know what kind of difficulty it is, but from the mouthfeel of Mio, I guess it's not the kind of thing that makes you unable to walk.

"But you had that life, and you have beautiful hair. I'm so jealous of this kind of hair because it's creepy and it's a bad color"

"When I was in the hospital, it was so ugly because I barely took care of it. Besides, I haven't been able to turn myself around, so I had a lot of weird habits."

I can't get away from the topic of the hospital anywhere because I started out waving weird stories. That said, in fact, Mio's dark hair is very beautiful. A little more, yes, five more centimeters, ten centimeters taller if possible, and meat enough to make you look a little fatter and healthier, you must be able to be the attractive woman everyone turns to, coupled with their poor looks.

I mean, not only Mio, but Spring Vegetables and Aeris are just different directions, and they boast a beauty that is hard to follow. Purely beautiful, it's spring vegetables, but Aeris has some mystical atmosphere. If Aerys were five or six years from now, these two, I'm sure, would show you the beauty of a pair of artworks. A naturally bogged suspicion that offers a passion for one or more foods without darkness, a cannibalistic dog attribute that delights in eating one or anything served, but that doesn't come out that way in appearance.

Seeing it this way, it hurts the fact that there is nothing to be particularly proud of in terms of appearance, just one person. Finally, in the game and in reality, cooking can only be about egg-grilled, and sewing and that hand's domestic skills are devastating. If Doga hadn't picked me up right after I was flown here, it would have been a pinch by now, in a different way from Tatsuya and the others.

Unexpectedly, I hear a nose song. Apparently, spring vegetables are singing as they wash their bodies. Three people who are attractive enough to even snort and unwittingly fall in love.

"Sister Chun's song, isn't it amazing?"

"Well, I guess it's natural, because I have skills,"

"That, according to my master, didn't change so much in real life."

True harp and Mio talking about hissing and such where the nose song was interrupted. I don't understand what the conversation is about and it's decent Aeris. In the first place, there's no way they can understand the conversation between the two of them without the concept of skill or the existence of these types of games. As I did that, I put my hair together so that it wouldn't stick to the water, and the spring vegetables that hid the front with a towel walked towards the hot tub. Apparently, he finished washing his body at almost the same time, and Rayna's with him.


Spring vegetables stretching out on the hot tub and voicing such a carefree voice. I look at the trick, then at her chest, together with two splendid mountains in splendid shape floating puffy in hot water. Being so overwhelming that adding up to all the other four people on this scene doesn't reach them at all, it can't even keep an eye out for them who are same-sex.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables"

"Hmm? What?

"May I?

"... suddenly I think they said something noisy, something?

With that said, I would cover my chest with both arms, which I was instinctively feeling gaze at. but sometimes the arm was poorly positioned, the thin arm of spring vegetables could not be completely hidden, and the unspeakable shaped breast meat instead results in an exaggeration of its size. Plus, it's something you hide poorly and try to escape, so it exudes weird colors and, conversely, stimulates something about the people around you.

"... Spring Sister"

"Something, I'm so scared of my gaze, what is it?

"May I? Or rather, I think we should."

"So why?

"'Cause if that's all there is, there's definitely someone out there to follow and empower"

"... personally, I would never want to get close to someone like that..."

Spring vegetables put in the best penetration, but it just doesn't make sense to a person who's just baking a yakimochi into the blue of a fair amount of lawn, just how much he's penetrated in an argument. Spring vegetables rarely stick around, but unfortunately, there are no allies on this occasion.

"I knew I had to."

"Yeah. Without it, I could beam it out and energize someone"

"I think it's obviously no longer mankind..."

Stick it in like that, retreat tightly. Turn your blue eyes and ask Aeris for help with your gaze, but also Aeris, who is usually on your side.

"Fair enough, Master Harna. I just gave it a little bit of a lift and it will stay big enough."

"Elle turned to the enemy!?

The size of spring vegetables on boulders seems to have something to think about. Laughing and saying such a scary thing. Furthermore, Rayna, who looked delicately bewildered when True Harp and Aeris sent a glimpse to Rayna, comes to the conversation feeling somewhere ready.

"In the first place, that size would definitely get in the way of waving a sword, wouldn't it? So why don't we still follow the princess's words here and snuff off that intrusive fat?

"Expressions are increasingly noisy!? Or Leena, calling me a princess is NG!?

You don't like being treated like a woman, Rayna, she actually cared exactly. Maybe I don't like being treated like a woman because I care, but I'm just going to get the story twisted where I went in, so I'll just get through it for now. It should be noted that Spring Vegetables does not realize that Raina is acting in an eye contact from True Harp or Aeris.

"Nobody else is listening, so nothing's wrong with that."

"Sister Chun, I'm not trying to distract you"

"I mean, I'm not so disturbed because it's fixed properly, and Mogu is rejected because it looks painful!

"Can't you see the change that fell at your feet, or around your belt? Let's just say."

Apparently, the tension went up while I was saying it. Spring vegetables that seriously start to frighten me, as well as bringing it to the conclusion that whatever happens.

"Don't think it's probably more constructive to think of a means of getting bigger before you try to hold people's, me"

"You're right."

"Isn't it about the princess and Mio who are still growing?

"You're still fifteen, aren't you? I'm over twenty, so it's not going to be that easy..."

"Or maybe the master can make some good medicine or something"

"I had that hand!

Somehow, Makoto and Raina get out of the hot tub, drawing troubling conclusions about where to go in. In the meantime, a sigh of relief that the immediate crisis has left, spring vegetables enjoying a little more bath. And because of that, it sounded like all the exchanges were going on at this time.

"I'm sorry I came out brave, but whatever the drugs and systemic plastic surgery are, I can get you drugs and tools that mess with you locally just for bust size."

Wiping a wet body is also there, unusually quickly clothed and stormed, where he is struck first by a macro and truncated.

"You were listening!?

"I mean, you were eavesdropping!?

"I renovated it with piercing work, so it looks like it was badly constructed. If you make all that noise, you can hear the noise echoing all the way over here. Maybe some gap just leads this way, so check it out tomorrow and block it."

And I'll tell you the truth, Hiroshi. When I hear that word and see Doga and Tatsuya, I find it hard to say, a raw glance.

"Master, what's a full body plastic surgery?

Apparently, he was concerned about the conclusion. Not as big a mess as the true harps, Mio, who came out with a bath treatment for the sake of cluelessness, floats a massive questioning mark and asks questions.

"Was it a billing item? The one who can reset his appearance."

"Ah, I wish you'd told me, you know what? I didn't want to mess with the exterior, so I didn't give a shit about the exterior items in that hand. Can you make it?

"I can't make it. I can make all the billing items just because the ingredients are weak."

Other people who leave two people ashed with raw warm gazes from the men and say that. Apparently Mio made no noise. To be precise, it wasn't that loud and noisy, so he applied it around to ask if he didn't hear. Of course, it all sounds in the ears of a macro.

Because of this, Fairy Tail Chronicle billing items are mostly hobby, with hurdles being expensive but all self-available in the game. Moreover, although somewhat limited in terms of exterior changes, it may be possible once a year for free if applied for. In short, it's for gutless hobbyists who are unsatisfied with it and deliberately try to get over the high hurdles and get in the game. You can say it's the way to do it because it's a monthly billing game where you want steady revenue.

"Then I said, maybe get out of the editor screen or something, so I can also recommend you act with the idea of just covering your chest with a systemic plastic surgery screen."

"Yeah, I thought so"

Spring vegetables snorted bitterly as they listened to Hiroshi's words as she went up from the bath and lowered the blonde hair she was bundling. Maybe it changes the look the way I imagined it, or something like that. If you use it without an example, it will definitely not be a busy thing first.

"With that said, Hiroshi. What's it like to be a drug or an accessory messing with the look of the Els?

"That's the guy I set the appearance on my own. Based on their appearance, they tease facial parts and color schemes to such an extent that they become unnatural, and they hallucinate the outside so that they look so, I don't know what to say. Because of this, the physique, body shape, hair length, and hairstyle are the same as the contents. Same goes for medication."

"I see."

In other words, it is a completely useless substitute for humans who have a complex in their shape.

"The world is boring, isn't it?"

"Not at all, you're right."

It was spring vegetables that spoke to Hiroshi and relaxation with one hand of milk, looking at the two chastened by commentary.

"Well. Come on, I've got a bunch of information, all right? I haven't heard what happened to Makoto before we joined."

"Right. Honestly, Mio and I don't know what's going on, so we don't pinch each other."

"I've registered my brothers as adventurers, and the renovation of the base is at least over, and, uh, I think I've settled down enough to talk about that hand. Yeah, right?

Before bed that day. I asked the Doga and the others to go to bed first, and the Japanese alone decided to sort out the situation.

"Before you do, do you have a minute?


"One of the baths earlier, Mr. Leena and Elle were subtly unnatural, but Sister True Harp is biting one?

"Oh, that? I mean about half of it, but it felt like I wouldn't look at half of it, you know?

I couldn't see it, maybe it's about Rayna. In a way I still don't know how to deal with her, she obeyed what she was told, but she felt terrible about her requests and things.

"It's good to reflect on what we've done, but the only reason we care too much about what we don't care about anymore is because the air on the team is going to be bad, so let me bake you a little bit of a break."

"Oh, I'll take care of you"

"You can say it. That's what third-party seniors do. I just did it because Tatsuya can't seem to move, right?

Because you're a penetrator, or a true harp that's often seen and moved in a different way than spring vegetables, together with nature and head loss. For this case, in one party, spring vegetables, it is the part where we could not move.

"Hmm? If I do, I'll turn up the milk I just had, like, a state of affairs to say?

"That's both of us, 100 percent serious"

"Do you..."

Apparently, I would like to have spring vegetable milk, for what it's worth. Spring vegetables in the mood for subtle gratitude and loss.

"Well, leave it around there. Where do you want to start, as a good source of information? I'm probably the most familiar with this country, but overall, maybe you're more familiar with it.

"Mm-hmm. Let's start by checking when you got flown over here.

"Copy that. I was about three months ago. The spring vegetables were about a month and a half ago, right?

"Forty-seven days, to be exact?

"We're probably on our tenth day today."

The timing is pretty fragmented.

"With that said, I was curious."



"Ever since I was gone, there's been a noise over there or something?

"Nothing in particular."

"It's official, clients are forced to terminate with typed emails, there was just an announcement to say"

True harp, somewhat discouraged but convinced by the answers of Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, I guess so. But Tatsuya drops a bomb there.

"That said, the day I was flown in, Hiro was connected at the login stage."


"Wait a minute. Mr. Makoto, do you remember the date of the flying day over there?

"Sure, I think it was April 27th..."

"We were also flown on April 27th. I wasn't connected, and I didn't see the real clock, so I don't know, but the in-game time was 13: 31, 51: 52."

If I do, I'll raise the fine numbers. Together with Spring Vegetables, I'll turn my gaze unwittingly.

"Good, you remember that fine time..."

"I, for once, almost never forget what I saw and heard. Besides, you were in a little trouble that day, and you were going to be late for rendezvous time, so you looked at the clock a lot. Well, I don't know the exact time I was flown because it was just before I went through the transfer gate."

Macro snorts at the words of spring vegetables. I don't remember until I said a few seconds, but in my memory I just remembered, it was certainly about 13: 32.

I just don't remember.

"We sure don't feel like we've been around forty minutes."

"I see. If so, it must be the condition of someone who got a typed email on April 27th to say that he crooked the gate without processing it, or used transfer magic or transfer stones. So, the error of a few minutes, or seconds, became a time difference of several months?

I have no choice but to agree to the speculation of spring vegetables.

"Then Spring Nanaka and I happened to try to transfer to the last digit at the same time, don't tell me."

"Yeah. I think I've had a lot of luck on that one. If I had been flown alone, I could have died in the first bear."

Bear, the three of you who look surprised by the word. I'll see how it goes and explain what happened right after I was flown here.

"Even if it wasn't like us, we were both in a pretty rough situation."

"Well, to put it the other way, if it weren't for that, I might have joined Mr. Spring Vegetables. Heh, so that could have been lucky."

"I was protected by Uncle Dollar as soon as I was flown, so I had less difficulty with the part called life."

Instead, he said he was being used in battle.

"There's nothing else I can do, and I don't care around there. I think it's healthier than pulling it off like real life."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables think of the True Harp, which I have clearly said out, in a different way than the combat-capable one, as strong. Regardless of the range of spiders you can accidentally hit, fighting a decent monster opponent is still scary for both of us. No matter how much it is backed by combat ability, Makoto, who can overcome it and take an active crusade mission, is still a strong woman. He says it's a drawstring, but he seems to have overcome it in his life from his attitude and response at some point in time. Even Spring Vegetable opponents who have lived together for a month and a half are still very different from those who normally feel scared when they approach within a certain distance other than when they are focused on an emergency, a necessary situation, or something.

"In the meantime, I haven't had anything to say in my three months. In the form of a request for a nomination, you help Uncle Dollar and Rayna on all sorts of assignments, or you escort and talk to Elle, right? In short, the adventurer of the game, that's not very different from the specific NPC stuff either. The tutorial feels a lot worse too. Thanks to you, it's a good rehab to get out of here."

"I see. We were already caught when we woke up, and then, as you know, we'd better hear what Hiro and Spring Vegetables did in a month and a half."

Tatsuya is pointing the water at me and for now I speak as accurately as I can. Even so, what can be called a major event is the first poison cleanup production to go into the virus and the rescue of Pieranok crusades and Aeris and others about two weeks ago. I do curry bread and American dog stalls, and that's why I went to collect spider yarns, and as a result I'm feathers crusading Piaranoke, and miso noodles for soy sauce, but at the end of the day I even make takoyaki sauce and okonomiyaki sauce, there's only a ton of them in the penetration, but if I tell you, it was just working on a behavioral principle close to everyday players.

"Hey, one thing, okay?


"Hiro, spring vegetables. Did you guys really want to go home?

"Seriously, seriously."

"Does securing a base and eating well seem like I'm willing to sit here?

"Conversely, where do you want me to start?

Because I don't know what Hiroshi is saying, I subtly disagree with Tatsuya, which is hard. But still, that's all I can say.

"We don't need to focus so much on condiments and food development yet!

"Sweet, brother. Say that after a week of regular meals here."

"Hon, I think you're doing too much with the boulder."

"Well, only Makoto-san sourced the rice."

"Sorry, it was my fault"

Humans, when they grab their stomachs, they're weak. To the dialogue of the Horn, a true harp that surrenders instantly.

"Well, whatever, with Hiro and Mio, we don't have trouble sourcing food or medicine, and if we have spring vegetables, we don't have to worry about getting a bad meal. It's not Hiro's point, but things are going to be a long fight for sure, so if you think about it, it does matter around here."

"Then the next important thing. How far are you guys on the Grand Quest?

"Me and Spring Vegetables are stopping at the end of the chapter."

"Same with me."

"I'm, like, the second half of chapter two."

Together with confirming your combat abilities, True Harp confirms the progress of the Grand Quest. The answer returned was the average player in the general hunting entity or something slightly below that. Well, Honda was a style that prioritized production and life, so it's not an impossible story. Even in Tatsuya, it would have been the way role-play subjects play, and chapter two is a little harsh for the magic system to complete solo in the first place. In the first place, the reality is that middle boss fights and event fights are tough out of step with one chapter, and there is a wide range of travel, with less than half of the players at the end of chapter two.

"I see. For one thing, I'm stopping about the middle of four chapters. I didn't get a drop of weapon material."

True harp cumming out that he was quite a combat abolitionist. A macro that responds to the blur of a true harp and turns a serious face. There's no reason why this man should keep quiet when he hears the word "weapon material."

"Because of that, what can't you get?

"Nemesis Blood and Shinto Steel. Shinko gathered a few of them there, but not the Nemesis Blood."

"What. Does Shinko even drop? I thought there was no other way to get it than to dig and refine it."

"Wait a minute! Can you refine it?

"God damn it, make it rotten."

Hiroshi replies back with a face that says what now, to the true harp that comes stuck with enough distance. If the abolitionists of the world listen to this dialogue, there is no doubt that there will be a riot.

"That's why the scenario hasn't progressed, if you say so, before you complain to us, can you resent the people who created the cause of the artisans' pull?

"Even if we don't have this problem, there's enough resentment for them. In the first place, if it hadn't been for that incident, level 6 potions would have come out at a price you could normally buy..."

"Rather than level six, level eight went out normally. Let's do it. Anyway, my warehouse alone piled up about 20,000 copies of all kinds."

"... I knew they really had to kill each other..."

Hiroshi watches Zhenqin crush with his sitting eyes when he hears unwanted information, smiling bitterly. As a result, the price in the game for level 6 potion is one bottle of KRO 500,000. Otherwise, they'll buy it for a second kill. Shinto steel is worse, with one head at least three million. A quest to make weapons and protective equipment, which can be described as broken as something you need in dozens of units per hit. If the craftsman digs and refines it, it is this price for all the required quantities in the game in less than two days. The killers, who obstructed adhesion, including MPK, to surround the craftsmen, streamed the demma to keep the game going and making it hard, and how to get to the address and even stalk the case, won't be able to complain no matter what they do.

It should be noted that the case itself is simple if written in letters. It's just a story of some badly mannered abolitionist guilds, eyeing the artisans who began to make puffy high level potions and gear, of which they were turned down and angry trying to surround a particularly high level group, and began to stick and obstruct in a rather irreversible way, gray, mannerly close to unlimited black. The reason why this happened was that the potion maker, who was at the highest level at the time, sold the level 5 potion when it was still only out to level 4 potion.

The incident flew all over the place, and the artisans who protested after all were tailored to villains, and so on, so the case quickly expanded, and for a time it was a bulky air to even engage in production activities in the game. Sometimes the air was intolerable, the obstruction was too intense to be a game, and many players stopped craftsmanship despite coming to the point of being advanced soon, which is the direct cause of the current low number of craftsmen. There is only one player who quit because of direct damage, but a few have left the game unmotivated. It is about fishing and enchanting, cooking, and shipbuilding, civil engineering, and agriculture that were not very well known to exist, such as production skills that were not exposed to this air.

Until the stalking incident, the harassment to which the craftsmen had been subjected was sometimes at a level that could not be said to be decisive for the operation to move, and the fact that the operation side had taken the trouble to hold down the evidence that prompted it to deal with it had also played a part in aggravating the situation. In the meantime, the operational side was such that production skill users made an announcement that there was no indication of any use of external violation tools, or any indication that server data or programs had been wrongly rewritten.

Though he had given his total strength to calm things down, even though it was ungrateful to the operation, such as fewer players due to a reduced image, the situation had progressed surprisingly fast in addition to a lack of manpower, holding back evidence that the abolitionist guild in the matter was shed and slandered repeatedly, and stalking damage had already occurred when he had broken through simultaneous account deletions. The case is also said to be the single biggest stain on his operating company.

For this reason, with regard to the stalker case, I will simply state that the address of the first one is a kind of suicide bombing, and the address of the others has not been compromised from the operation. After the second one, it was leaked from the home page of the worm and play diary that was planted on the posting information site, and as a result of the incident, all the information held by the artisans would have to be kept secret.

As a result of these series of incidents, players who say they want to start production anew are the wings of training without any basic follow-up, at best with information up to about whether to plug into intermediate or not. It also hurts that this incident occurred before information about the making mastery was included. This has also contributed to the fact that the number of artisan players has not increased significantly.

"I mean, you're probably a service starter, but were you okay?

"When the incident happened, the exams were good, so I didn't want to imitate it too conspicuously. At best, the extent to which NPC took a castle or fleet manufacturing quest and left it, but the progress of the quest in that hand is basically due to the flow to other players."

The first incident occurred just around the summer of junior high school. In the case of Macro, he was just beginning to get desperate to escape from the locality and barely touched the game or anything else. At that time, there were long interruptions, except for the collection system, the carpenter who mastered the advanced at this time, and the shipbuilding, which was in the middle of abandonment at that time, as an artisan, he had only about the ability to be below average. It should be noted that the skills since primary production, first mastered by Hongkong, are carpentry, and the second is shipbuilding.

Needless to say, the reason why Spring Vegetables did not know in detail the circumstances of the sharp decrease in the number of craftsmen was also due to the fact that students had been suspended for a long time. Since it was around October of the same year that the incident saw a definite end, by the time it resumed, it had not weathered, but it was also a long air to talk about. I knew that something had happened, but I didn't dare to look into it because it was over, thinking that I would just feel bad if I knew from the attitude of an acquaintance friend.

"Oh well. So, you still hear that story?

"In a new place, one kid just got into advanced last month was taken adhesive. From the feel of it, the killer did it like an ancient ginseng who believed in the urban legend of production. I ended up with a GM call, but I changed my name and face and pulled it off beautifully. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, so Plus, assholes don't know the limits these days, so if it turns out to be a real homicide, it sucks."

Listen to your reply, Makoto. The reason they are still pulling is simply because there are no elements that can be judged safe. Make it police, make it operational, because if things don't happen, you can't move. To the extent that it was simply sticky in the game, the operation is also difficult to intervene, as long as it is not so bad. At that time, the futilely convincing lies of the group of culprits were scattered. Sometimes they were not completely unaffected, and it is premature to act with extra dignity that is the perception of the current group of artisans.

There was no reason to talk about protecting the top players, but at the time of the incident, the average was intermediate, and because the number of people to protect was small enough to be easy to target, the craftsmen came to the conclusion that self-defense was faster and more certain. Few of the top players danced to lies and acted hostile to the craftsmen.

Since the people prosecuted by the police and exposed by the operation were originally where everyone knew about poor manners, the majority of humans no longer believed in the lies they had told or anything else, and the negative air against production skills and craftsmen has just disappeared on the surface. Still, even though I say it's been three years, there aren't many ancient geishas who recognize it like artisan players = con artists,. A few relatively new players have been taught that kind of perception from there and believe it. It is ironic that, as a result of Ancient Sen's self-defense against the deep-rooted problems he said so, if a newbie reaches advanced on his own without any follow-up, he becomes extra noticeably more likely to be targeted.

"Well, I don't care around there. Yeah. It's completely irrelevant now. In the meantime, once you've checked around your skills, you should decide how to move after this. Yeah, let's do that."

"Right. Even so, in order to gather information, let's start by solving the problem El has."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables redirect what seemed like a bad story for chest feces. Spring vegetables that do not yet know the details, but there is still no need to get deeply involved, so I decided not to ask for details.

"Mr. Makoto probably knows all the circumstances, but I want to hear this from him. Tomorrow, I'll just ask you one more question."

"Copy that. I'll take care of that area. And is Tatsuya and the others equipped?

"My brother's share will be properly made by the end of the week with a melting furnace and a gold bed. It's easier to make it in time anyway, and Mio should be practicing making his own. Yeah?

"Yeah, I will"

In this way, we finally decide on a policy that is likely to go in a decent direction. The next day, I look at the wand, bow, and dagger created by Hiroshi and Mio in a single word in time, and the true harp makes me think of its irrationality, but that is a different story.