"It's time for a lot of explanations, yeah?

The day after the Japanese decided on the policy. At the end of the breakfast with everyone together, Hiroshi cuts out the story on behalf of all of us.

"Right. Come on, maybe it's time to talk about this situation."

"Sir Doga!?

"Leena, call me Dollar now. And Sir doesn't need it."

Doga to finish the promised exchange and face the Honda. Most importantly, it doesn't look like Raina tried to control Doga because she was against telling the story.

"Before we talk, I want to confirm one thing"


"About a month and a half ago, when the Poison Wolf mass outbreak occurred, was it Lord Hiroshi who made the poison?

"... I'll ask you a question with certainty anyway. To be honest, I did make the medicine then. The number I made is a little over three hundred."

Answer Doga's question honestly, Macro. To that word, Aeris and Doga, whose attitudes change visibly. Especially when Aerys said something, and yet he didn't hesitate to say that all sorts of things, including Rayna's crude phase, were hooked or even more dramatic. Spring vegetables that I don't think I can go on like this ask the question that went into them.

"What does Hiroshi have to do with your ability to make drugs and your grabbing by Piaranok?

"It doesn't matter directly. But in terms of opening things up in the future, it's likely to matter a lot."

"Trouble stories?


I had expected it, but if they say so clearly, I'll have trouble reacting to it, Hong and Spring Vegetables. With a bitter smile at how it goes, Doga organizes the information she needs in her head for now. If we think about what we're going to talk about, and we don't talk about our qualities accurately in the first place, we find it difficult to ask for help.

To observe from the attitude of the two of us so far, we may have some idea of this trait, but we won't hold it until we know for sure. From the feeling, it's not the atmosphere in which True Harp told us about ourselves. In the meantime, I can assure you that from what's been going on here for a while, at least you won't be willing to go ahead and be hostile to this one. Finally, regardless of Makoto and Tatsuya, the rest of the three clearly lack the talent to fool their opponents with animosity. Even if we leave Mio, who has a relatively small mouth count, because we still don't know it well, the rest of us are both quite more driven than that, smart and alert to the extent that we think about the possibility of ourselves being deceived or betrayed, but we don't seem to have the idea of saying that the roots are good or peaceful, or that if we're going to be betrayed, we should betray them first.

personality, you can trust it in terms of Stiffness of the mouth, in terms of speaking, seems quite trustworthy. but there are parts of me that I don't really trust in terms of acting ability because my personality seems good. It's not easy to get caught up in a guided questioning, but it's subtle when asked if it can be stuck without being attentive at all. And that brings me to the fact that I just thought about it and still won't be as stupid and honest as Raina.

Rayna's straight spot is a beauty, but it's also a drawback and one-set trait that says she doesn't like to read the back intensely thoughtfully and poorly hidden. Because there is something serious and difficult to accommodate, it is not so easy to be induced, but conversely, it is difficult to fix it if it is thought of. Therefore, they are vulnerable to sudden events other than combat. That said, Rayna doesn't mean otherwise at all incompetent. It is much more useful than the average of three boys and such who, because of their youth and personality, are not suitable for belly readings, negotiations, etc., but at least do not succeed the housekeeper.

The fact that we caught up with the Macro was a bad idea for people who could hold the reins, both of whom were dysfunctional. I'm a little girl who's only just grown up, so with all the experience, it would be a little better, and our people are so aware of the shortcomings that we work hard to improve them, we can look at it a little longer. First, even though the victim, Hiroshi, doesn't like severe punishment, it can upset the relationship by giving him extra punishment without looking at this one. Exactly, although not for the second time for mistakes on the same level.

draw conclusions in comparison to the mental characteristics of such a subordinate. He is more accommodating than Raina, too courteous enough, and skilled enough for both of us to finish Piaranok. In addition to that, Tatsuya is likely to have enough experience in life to do enough abdominal arts, and Mio probably won't say anything extra if Tatsuya or Hiroshi stop talking. Above all, Hiroshi has high strength, at least in terms of pharmaceuticals, blacksmiths and demonic prop making. Even in view of the risk that this information might leak from strange places, isn't it highly beneficial to be honest about everything and hug it to your side? We will come to a conclusion and tell them everything that depends on our identity.

"Have you decided what we're talking about?

"Mm-hmm. I'd like to ask for what I'm going to talk about without saying anything else if I can"

"Sir Doga! I'm not opposed to talking! But in a room like this, are you going to tell me everything!?

"So I'm telling you to call it a dollar."

"I don't care about that! I don't know where you have ears like this. Please wait for me to tell you everything in my room!

"Don't worry, we're doing everything right."

To the words of the Macho, Aerys closes his eyes to make sure of something.

"... you have a pretty high level of sound insulation, anti-eavesdropping, and anti-fluoroscopic junctions throughout the workshop. Plus, in this room. Which one of you did this?

"The entire workshop is a tool made by Hiroshi. At first, I put it up, but it's a hassle to put it back up every day, so I need you to build me a tool along the way."

"As a result, Mio and I shared this room. It's a pain in the ass if it's a long story. Finally, it would be okay to say that since we only dispel this room beforehand, we have set it up internally from the start."

In the conversation between Aeris and Spring Vegetables, add a supplementary description to Tatsuya. Doga and Raina hear that and have a look that impresses them. It's all essential magic for some of the quests in the game because otherwise it can be almost useless. To the extent that the acoustically insulating junction helps crush curses and sonic attacks such as Harpy and Seylane, the junction that prevents eavesdropping and clairvoyance is usually not used first except on quests. Some quests demand high proficiency, and few users are highly proficient in vain.

It goes without saying why I use it on purpose to protect my personal information. Especially the information on the macro sucks a lot. Without joking, the balance of power between nations could be pulled back. The person thinks it's an exaggeration, but it's not good to say that there are still many things that can be done.

"If you can't afford it, you'll never get ripped off by eavesdropping, so spit it out."

"Hong-kun, let's think of a way to put it."

With a bitter smile at the comic talented exchange between Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, Doga began, in turn, to talk about who they were and the basics of the royal family of this country. Aeris doesn't pinch a single incision because he left it up to Doga about what he was going to say. Rayna doesn't say anything about herself, either, because she was convinced by an earlier exchange.

Aeris, who was called a princess by Raina, is the fifth princess and youngest son of this country. She is by blood the second daughter of a regular room. Exceptionally in the Farlane royal family, which has basically been inherited by men all along, they have inheritance rights, albeit in a very low order. This is due to the role she was given. For this reason, in Farlane, they have surnames ranging from common people to orphans, but exceptionally, royalty does not have surnames. This is because his clan is the only one that needs to be distinguished from the rest. As far as Farlane is concerned, and not just Farlane, a country older than a certain one, is more likely to have no last name in the royal family because it covers Farlane, which is the oldest and most formatted at the moment.

Farlane has inherited the throne in the male for a reason. For some reason, the blood magic transmitted to the royal family is not expressed in the princess's children. To express it to a prince's children who can use pedigree magic regardless of sex. For this reason, sideroom boys may be taken care of more than regular girls. Finally, blood magic, not just Farlane, does not appear first to children born in another country. It is a general view to say that the reason is not clear, but because the God who is granting protection is different. If I were to add further, pedigree magic would not be handed down to children of boys who had broken off with the royal family, such as son-in-law into another country, etc. This point is also common to the royal family of all nations.

So why is Aeris the only one given inheritance rights? This is heavily intertwined with the position she is currently attached to, calling herself a princess witch. A princess witch in Farlane is a sherman of that name who hears the divine divinity of the goddess Alfemina, the patron saint of this country, and is also able to use the power of the goddess by mediating her own body and magic. Only a girl in this position can have children who have inherited blood magic for some reason. Whether they are or not, pedigree magic does not manifest itself in children born outside Farlane in dowry.

"When you just listen to me, it sounds like you're in a very important position, but it's unnatural to say that Mr. Doga and Mr. Raina are the only sidekicks for it, right?

"There's something about it. From what I'm saying, there's only one person in a generation who can do it with that princess, and it doesn't seem like it."

"A lot, inheritance rights don't belong to individuals either, I guess."

Hiroshi and Tatsuya express their thoughts on the question of spring vegetables, which have been explained to the system all along.

"Um, you're right. The princess does have so much power that there is nothing lined up in contemporary times even as far back as five generations, but from the point of view of being able to act as a princess witch, there are two princesses on top who are not yet daughter-in-law"

"Besides, a princess in the role of a princess is not allowed to have any political authority. The candidate princess learns a certain degree of imperialism for a time of need, but she won't have to live with it."

In short, it's not to say that it's important because it's politically worthless and it's Aeris. On top of that, we are stuck in the Temple of Alfemina, where we are more vigilant than that for much of the day, and we spend the rest of our time in the royal castle, which boasts once again the best security system in the country, so we don't need that much dedicated service. Besides, both Doga and Raina are some of the best in this country, if only in terms of combat capability. To Doga, he is also a person of considerable political influence.

More than that, her samurai assigned before assuming the position of princess witch was a person with a lot of major problems, and she was only good at fixing the outer surface of the beard, so all the behavior of the samurai has become a bad reputation for Aeris, which is why there are no people around Aeris. Because of her, she has a very bad reputation from other than the royal family and some dignitaries, and she doesn't like to serve the sides except for talent who has been nearby for a long time like Raina, so she can't place people.

"Something stinks."

"Whatever it takes, the king of this country isn't such a festive hole as putting such a weird samurai on his own daughter, is it?

Judging from the security, governance and rumours of Urs, the statue of the king leads in no way to the situation of Aeris. The discomfort in that part makes the spring vegetables look unplugged.

"Mm-hmm. There are a lot of problems there. I'm going to be involved in this, but honestly, it's kind of like the country's dirt, so let me lay low for the details. Just about five years ago, a big monster broke out when I said I should wear a dedicated samurai, and there was a time when I couldn't keep an eye on those personnel. If I tell you, it's like they put me in there."

Big Monster Occurrence, and oddly convinced by the word. Even when I was in the game, there were several incidents where I said that as a so-called operational event. Especially since the large-onset system may not finish sweeping for at least a month in the game, or three months in the long run, it was a substitute that made me want to say that it was a lot too elaborate, saying that the more tricky it was, the more it affected a lot of places.

Not to mention Farlane over here doesn't have as many as games, such as high level adventurers who help sweep. Inevitably, things will prolong, the damage will expand, and even after cleaning up to the number of safety areas, there will be more items that are not in a hurry.

"... I see. Whatever, it doesn't seem like much better to ask, what's the profound situation around here? Now he's out of a relationship, right?

"He's already been executed, so unless he's resurrected as an undead, he'll never be involved again."

Hiroshi and spring vegetables with indescribable expressions on Doga's dialogue. Asked, he committed an attempted poisoning when the princess was appointed. Apparently, she was set up by someone herself, but by then, she had told the upper management that it was only a matter of time before she had attempted to poison the princess to serve. Though it is a country with high hurdles to carry out executions legally, that's not the story if you imitate close to abuse to a royal opponent, a young princess who also has no power to resist it.

Finally, a number of educators and others who tried to find out and directly sue those circumstances have been dismissed without authorization, and those who were squeezing the report have already been eliminated. He said that he was a man in a position with that degree of discretion but not enough to devour into the country's centre, and that he had been subjected to something brilliantly brainwashing.

"I wish I had held the reins properly, no matter what kind of person I was..."

"No, no, no. I don't know how long it's been going on, but it's possible that a person who says that will let a single-digit child of age hold the reins."

"I mean, at first, I thought Elle was older, me"

"Me, too, or are you firmer than us?

"Decently educated aristocratic children are much firmer than I am in the same year, right?

"If only we were properly educated,"

Rayna focuses her gaze on what you say or what you say.

"Well, let's get back to it"

Doga is urged by Tatsuya to nod one and move on with the story.

"It's a little off the record, but at the moment the two qualifying princess witches are Her Royal Highness the Second Princess of the immediate line, except for Dear Aeris, and Her Royal Highness the Fourth Princess of the Side. In time, Her Royal Highness the Second Princess and Her Royal Highness the Aeris are very close, and Her Royal Highness the Second Princess and Her Royal Highness the Fourth Princess are also close..."

"Elle and her fourth princess are so unfriendly."

"To be precise, Her Highness the Fourth Princess hates you unilaterally."

Douga supplements True Harp's dialogue. When I look at Aeris to confirm that word, with a mixed look of sadness and loneliness, I nod one.

"What a mess."

"Me, I always thought, you know, I could rub it, so why make a lot of kids? Make it all the way to the side chamber."

To Mio's simple question, we can only laugh bitterly together. In fact, if you're talking about the ideal, only one child with inheritance rights and, in the case of Farlane, one who qualifies as a princess witch would be the best situation not to cause extra shit. But then, when something happens to one of them, it doesn't work at all. Especially since the technology of medicine is not so advanced in this world, a certain number is inevitably necessary when blood muscles become uninterrupted.

In fact, even in Japan, where medical technology is more developed than in this world, given that the Imperial Family has a red light on the maintenance of the male system due to the reduction of children, it is really necessary to have a certain number of children, even at the risk of inheritance disputes. Moreover, there are some political elements to say side chambers. It's also hard to say that when you're as big as Farlane, you don't have it at all.

That said, it is not an unacceptable or unclear story to say that Mio, even the rooted Japanese, but also of many sentimental ages, and with some kind of fantasy of dating a man and a woman, will have lots of children with side chambers.

"This country is rare, the queen and all of you in the side room are better friends, except between Aerys and Her Royal Highness the Fourth Princess, the princes and princesses are good friends, therefore..."

"The difference between Elle and the Fourth Princess stands out, is that why? That sounds like a deep root."

"It will be. In the first place, I didn't care that Aerys was born, so I couldn't help it."

"That's just disturbing, isn't it? So, how many of those Fourth Princesses?

"I can turn sixteen this year. It's time to decide where to marry."

What a hard age difference.

"Something's bothering me."

"Mm-hmm. It's no trouble. Besides, His Highness the Fourth Princess brought a dubious man from somewhere on hand at some point."

"Could that be him?

"Oops, that's not the one who flew them to Piranok."

It was the Japanese who had their heads in their hearts that the dollar had become extremely troublesome for that dialogue, which they had clearly said out of the blue.

"To organize the information, it's a corner, so can you tell me what the royal family of this country is made up of?

After a lot of silence, spring vegetables are cut into doughnuts.

"Mm-hmm. First, at the top is the son of the First Lady of the Side Room, Your Highness Avin. You are twenty-two years old, but this time you will be greeted by your fraternal country, Faldania, as your king. Therefore, there is no right to inherit this country."

"Is that okay?

"Faldania was originally divided from this country. His Royal Highness, the king's brother of the third generation, who hated the struggle for inheritance rights, drew a party who tried to take charge of himself and founded his country on the other continent across the Lidona Sea. Therefore, when a boy is not blessed, he may be adopted as the king's wife from here on out. Besides, the First Lady is the cousin of the current king of Faldania, the younger brother of his predecessors, your daughter. Bloodline is just the right way to go over there."

"I'm curious, is that convinced in person?

"I would rather wish. Her Royal Highness Avin and the first heir to the throne of the country, Princess Presea, are in love because it's a famous story."

To Reina's supplement to Tatsuya's question, the Japanese can say congratulations. It would be nice if we were to be happy even if there were a political problem involved.

"Let's get back to it. Next, His Highness Magdalena, son of the Second Queen and former First Princess. Your age can turn twenty this year. He was married two years ago as the Crown Princess of Dar. She recently gave birth to a princess, and she's going to have an unveiling meeting next year."

"Below them is Her Royal Highness's son, Elaine the Second Princess. Your age is nineteen this year. When she is also the daughter of Farlane's full-room on the boulder, she also has to choose carefully where to marry her and is still single. Because you are a princess, you are most likely to be bequeathed to a leading nobleman in the country."

"Then Princess Maria, the son of the First Lady. Eighteen. Shortly before the arrival of Zhenqin, His Royal Highness Brother Wang, also the Chancellor of Markt, asked him to go with his wife."

"Then Catalina, son of the Second Queen and fourth princess, sixteen years old, has been the subject of discussion since earlier. His Royal Highness Prince Rayot, fifteen years old, is His Royal Highness the King. His Royal Highness Mark, son of the Second Queen and third prince, thirteen years old. And continue with Master Aeris."

"From the point of view of inheritance rights, I also have the son of His Royal Highness the King, but I'm only three years old, and I'm not very fit for lineage magic. There's no nobility in the boulder who doesn't know the importance of blood magic, so there's no force to take charge of him."

Finish listening to the Doga's and organize them in your head together. Spring vegetables summarizing the relationship diagram for now open their mouths to take confirmation.

"In the meantime, is it okay that Elaine and Catalina, His Royal Highness Prince Rayot, His Royal Highness Mark and Elle, are likely to be involved in domestic political harassment?

"It will be."

"Of which, Master Catalina and Elle are likely to develop into a force feud, okay?

"As far as relationships are concerned, then, I guess it's not going to be a power fight. Unfortunately, Aerys has no hope."

Not so many people can know firsthand the face and personality of royalty until the year they originally went out into the social world. And in the case of Aeris, he was chosen as a princess witch before he was old enough to attend a leading noble tea party, also known as an outpost in the social world, and was drawn to the temple, so he knows no exact information except the upper levels of the temple and figures like the royal family and later Doga, who had sidelined him since he was a young man.

On top of that, there are still more overwhelming human beings who say that the influence of doing whatever the samurai wants is still there, and why they are not convinced that she was chosen as a princess witch. It is true to say that Princess Elaine and her predecessor, princess witches, are more Catalina and Princess Elaine humans, simply because they have said that there is no one among the modern candidates beyond Aeris, both capably and personably.

Certainly speaking of a princess witch has no authority whatsoever politically. But there will be no choice but to say that there are many people who are opposed to putting a child in such a position who only hears bad rumors, than there are records that it is a pillar of protecting the country alongside the king and that in the past the country was greatly disturbed because a woman with personality problems became a princess witch.

Because of all the circumstances that I said, Doga, who is powerful and has a good face for all royalty, often acts with me from a young age, and I can't add to the detour except for Rayna, who is impeccable in terms of combat ability and who won't at least have anything to betray. Because it is not known when more people will be scratched in the neck of their sleep, or when they will be allowed to use the princess's glory all they want. Unfortunately, if you have a bad reputation so far, people with common sense and good sense won't pull you through so easily.

"I'm starting to think that the Catalina princess is a problem child."

"I can't say anything about that from our mouths. Because I don't want to give you forecasts."

"At least behave like a wise woman in an official setting."

To Tatsuya's words, Doga and Raina clouding their replies. Aerys himself can't say anything far-fetched because of one party. The circumstances of the troublesome people seem to be troublesome all the time.

"So, I just remembered, how do you connect what I made to poison and how do you open up future situations?

"To say that you can make poison is to say that you are familiar with poisons, okay?

"Well, to some extent,"

"Then I want to ask. Can you make a poison like that that that is tasteless, odorless, and that only breaks your life's health without killing the poisonous viewer?

"The poison itself is not difficult. I don't care what you do with a single meal or drink. The only way to get a neck is to adjust the amount."

Doga keeps asking questions with a twinkle of an eyebrow in the light returned answer.

"So, what about getting rid of that poison?

"According to the stuff, unless it's as good as it sounds, there's no disinfectant poison. I just don't say never because it could be too late. Versatile pills, lots of means, but I don't have all the ingredients if I can't go away for a bit, I'm a little anxious about the equipment, and if it's too late in the first place, I don't care how much the poison is turned off."

"Hmm. So on the contrary, what if it was a disease?

"Same thing. Look directly at the container after hearing the symptoms. I don't know, but I can mostly treat it. But the poison has the same burn, and as for the sequelae, it depends on the container, so don't say anything in this place."


After a lot of thinking, Doga takes a seat and prepares to go somewhere.


"A little, I'll show my face to the association."

With that said, Doga uses demonic props to change her appearance and puts Aeris and Rayna aside to just go out.

"So, just now, you know what?

"... Sister Elaine has been sick all this time."

"Did the court doctor or court magician understand anything?

"Yes, an unexplained disease is being treated..."

"After hearing the symptoms, I can't tell you anything about not seeing the person directly."

Nod one at the words of the Macro and explain the symptoms as far as you can remember. Most of them are common to most diseases...

"Shivering hands and feet in phantom pain, huh? Princess Elaine and the others, do you eat together?

"About a week before the symptoms started appearing, there were times when everyone in the royal family didn't have plans, and you were all alone except for lunch."

"What about Elle?

"I'm basically a meal in the temple, because what I eat is no different from other clerics..."

"I see. The poison looker, a different person every time?

"Yes, there will be physical and physical problems, as well as accuracy issues, so every time in a different combination, about four poisonous viewers do poisonous viewing"

"The others don't have any symptoms, do they?

"It's not out"

Listen that far and be sure of one thing.

"Definitely, poison."

"Can you assure me?

"Well, I have a disease with close symptoms. It's definitely an infection caught in a margin rat, and if it gets infected and develops in the most people, it spreads to the surrounding area with great momentum, so there's a lot more symptoms. It's crazy. Only the first one with a long latency, especially nothing, will heal in two weeks. Saya, first of all, definitely, poison or"

"Can you make an antidote?

"Problem ahem. It's just that it's a little tough to make right away because it has sunshine ingredients."

No matter how much anti-corrosion you say, not all materials are stored in sufficient quantities. In particular, minor materials such as pharmaceutical systems are not readily available, even in Ursus, a trading hub in the west.

"How many days has it taken since the onset?

"Right. Maybe it's about a month. Because at least two weeks had passed by the time we got caught by Piaranok."

"Maybe I did Sturaka here, was it pretty bad?

"What a..."

"Well, let's do it."

In fact, where we had a track record of delivering tons of antidotes to the castle, there's no way we're going to talk to any horsebone unknown adventurer in a single flight. It takes two weeks or so for all the people who have more track record and credibility than that to be, and even if there's nothing about Piaranok, either way, it took about the time between waking up and today to interview Hiroshi, so I'll have to say the extent of the error.

"In the meantime, I can't move until Uncle Dollar gets back, but what do we do?

"It's almost noon in Kanya, and we should prepare a bit of a new Japanese flavor"

To the words of the Macho, Aeris, who had sunk until then, shines his face.

"What do you make?

"You can tell by squid, shrimp, beef suzi, cabbage, flour and yam on a pig?

To Tatsuya's question, Hiroshi said that while lining up the ingredients. When Osakans use the ingredients in their hands, there is only one dish to make. Needless to say, neither pigs nor cows are exactly the same, just to say that they are creatures with a similar taste. Animals that are generally kept as pigs, especially in Farlane, are better creatures who think that lard can barely be removed, pork bone soup can't be made or there are no parasites, and that the same is rather about the look and flesh, and the taste of meat.

"I see. Modern is ok too?

"Naturally. However, personally, I concede until Hiroshima grill, but don't bother with the monja grill. It's just a personal preference."

"I'm fine. I don't like monja grill that much either."

Put the black iron plate on the dining room table in conversation with others. It's a large dining room table, huge enough to cover a third of it, a so-called business size iron plate, and if you care about it, you'll be able to cook more than ten at the same time. After precisely polishing up the surface, the surface treatment for rust control and other uses is finely crafted. Moreover, it takes a lot of effort because it is applied to this grant so that it can be used firmly as a magic prop.

"When the hell did you get something like this..."

"When I checked the melting furnace, After doing this, I don't need as much ingredients as I look."

As a result, the materials were reused by collecting hardware for tools that were no longer in use.

"Come on, let's do it."

Handily stir the cabbage as declared and work out the dough quickly. I don't know what your obsession is, I'll finish all the groceries by myself, and I won't even let you touch the spring vegetables.

"What's your order?

"Pork balls ~"

"Mixed modern, with two eggs"

"Uh, I'll take care of it"

"Master, some cheese toppings in the mix or something?

Copy that.

Take the order and bake up the number of people at once. Bake her portion in a personally recommended beef suzi mix, grinning bitterly at Aeris, who reluctantly looks at her face. I usually work with spring vegetables and Mio, but this time I do it all by myself from start to finish. Take about fifteen minutes to cook, sauce and mayonnaise according to each person's taste, cover with blue ribs and bonito and distribute to everyone. Everyone starts eating the okonomiyaki behaved that way with chopsticks, not cots, including Aeris and Raina, who have recently become accustomed to handling chopsticks. Raina was slightly drawn to bonito, which dances in hot air, but Aeris is perfectly fine.

In this way, Aeris once again became infected with Japanese food culture.

"I've been waiting for you"

"You took care of this one."

Adventurers Association Urs Headquarters. Doga was meeting with the head of the association.

"Is he safe?

"I'm staying healthy. Because they eat something much more delicious and rare these days, or their complexion is unprecedented."

"That's more than anything."

Hear Doga's report and sigh of relief from the bottom of your heart long. She is one of the few outside people who has direct knowledge of Aeris and is heartbroken by her very bad reputation.

"So, what's going on with the court?

"I'll explain."

The voice of a young man, still a boy, interrupts Doga's question. He's a tall, skinny, silver-haired man with a shadow somewhat similar to Aeris. However, he is only a young man who has just reached the age of fifteen, but the atmosphere that surrounds him is pitiful, and he will not insult him as a young man unless he behaves in a standing position with no gaps and is not dull enough.

Seeing where there had been no signs so far, he flew in with metastatic magic or something. Due to the good timing of this, someone must have put in contact. I can be an adventurer myself, and there is a close relationship between Rayot and the Adventurers Association.

"Your Highness..."

"I have heard the report. Looks like you put in a hard time, Ernst."

"It's a bad word."

Doga kneels to the words of Rayot, Prince Wang, and bows his head deeply.

"This is not an official place. Take it easy, Grandpa."


Take a seat with Rayot's permission and as prompted.

"So, Your Highness..."

"Elaine, my sister's body is getting worse."

"Oh no..."

"I still have no obstacle to my life, but I can no longer stand on my feet."

Unexpectedly teethbiting doga to a more serious situation than expected. Keep talking to him like that, Rayot.

"So what's the example adventurer?

"I don't know if I can see the symptoms directly, but most of them can be treated. But whether it's poison or disease, if it's too late, there's nothing we can do."

"Can you trust that word?

"At least I can assure you it's not the skill of being in Ichii."

When I nod at Doga's words, I take out the cards and get in touch somewhere.

"I called Julius. I told him to come on foot because I'll be on a transfer soon from here. It'll take a lot of time for now, so let's check the situation until he gets here. Did you eat?

"No, because I was going to go back as soon as I had checked the situation and contacted you"

"Then let's get it done here. Something light, please."


When I make sure the length leaves, I sigh deeply.

"Not at all, it's what's behind it..."


"No. He's the kind of opponent who uses long-range transfer magic that involves a wide range, without even being understood by his mentor or clergyman. Originally, you guys are too incompatible. Instead, you know you're going to set something up, but you failed to take proper measures."

"But if I had at least let him bathe a machete, I think Master Aerys might have bought me some time to activate the surgery..."

To Doga's words, Rayot shakes his neck to the left and right. As for the act of saying he will fight, his sister has no idea. Even if Doga had bought time, she wouldn't have been able to say something like activate the surgery in an emergency. Rather, it is a miracle that you activated a technique to protect yourself against your Pieranok opponent. What's more, I just think it's through the miracle that some kind of force is working to say it was saved by a good adventurer, etc.

"What did that man say?

"That man, he doesn't want his sister Elaine or Aerys to be a princess witch for long. Instead of Sister Elaine, whose ankles no longer stood, or Aeris, who threw out her role irresponsibly, she gave up her princess's position to Sister Catalina, and said, So far, the temple is poking at the word, but it's not as subtle as how long it will last."

"I guess."

"But without needing to borrow the words of our predecessors, we can destroy the country on Catalina's sister. In the first place, no matter how much they bark, it's impossible for anyone but Aerys to be a princess, than Alfemina won't accept a change of princess."

Doga snorts deeply into Rayot's words. There, the chief with the snack comes in. It is a truly simple dish, called a warm soup that is still rising in hot air and smoked meat simply caught in fire and pinched in black bread.

"I can only prepare such a crude one and I'm very afraid..."

"I don't mind. I'd rather eat these simple, but warm things that are ready than eat something cold, frightened of poison."

"Your Highness, look at the poison..."

"It's not necessary. Are the adventurers eating at this hour, too? If the menus are mixed with poison and the like, it's making a scene."

Doga and the long we get our hands on first, just in case, snorting at Rayot's words. They both have a long history as adventurers and are quite resistant to poisons. Finally, as long as it is so simple and easy to imagine the flavor, unless it is extra special, I have experience to the extent that I can tell in one shot even if the poison is mixed.



"Aeris seems to be eating something quite rare, but can he stand the temple's tasteless meal?

Douga accidentally stops moving to Rayot, who drinks down a meal that can only be described as really crude and who for some reason tells of concerns that two of his sidekicks never even thought of.

"… we should also talk to the person in charge of the temple's meals and consult them once. It's not unusual, but it's not like it's a fancy meal."

"I see. So, is the meal they make delicious?

"There are quite a few things that I like and like, but at least me and Aerys like it"

"I see."

That's what I said, Rayot, with a certain evil grin. The moment I saw it, Doga regretted that it might have been a failure to report meal tears. Aeris is not the only one complaining about a castle or temple meal.

"Right. I'm heading out across the corner, so could you ask me to feed you something unusual?

"... just ask, let's ask"

Again, Douga regretted that the meal-related report was a failure, etc., but he still doesn't know at this time that he was trying to report it but it didn't matter. If you finish your meal, have a future meeting, and honestly answer the question about what the hell you ate in the time you waited for, a brunette, twenty year old man there comes in. If Rayot is a good guy, did he just say a cool second one?

"Julius Fernoch, I'm here now."

"Are you here? That was faster than I thought. Dinner?"

"On the move, it was done with military food."



Doga prompted by Rayot to start the transfer stone. Things progressed all at once to the point where the court was involved.

Aerys had his thoughts on the next thing to come out, watching as he ate a different iron plate than the earlier one, placed in front of the macro.

"Not at all...... If you think you're doing something..."

"Yeah, about that."

"Well, that's fine..."

Makoto gives a heartfelt voice to the equipment prepared by Hiroshi during snack time. The iron plate placed in front of the macro was a real strange substitute for the eyes of Aeris and the others, whose indentations, slightly smaller in size than the ping-pong sphere, were arranged in twelve rows, eight lengthwise. This has undergone a lot of confusing processing again, releasing so much magic that the seer can see it is clearly a magic prop. Most importantly, the use of the iron plate is obvious to the Japanese.

"Well, do you have an octopus?

"There's no stains around here."

With that said, I gently grease the indentation. Where the heat has gone through enough, pour fabrics similar to the one just now into the indentation and quickly add ingredients, including octopus.

"Well, here's the highlight and"

A macro who has burned and confirmed that the edge of the dough has solidified declares the pick in his hand. Run the pick endlessly vertically and sever the fabric flooded between indentations and indentations. Pushing the detached fabric into the indentation, after moving the pick around the outer circumference, turn it around with a brilliant hand.

"Wow, wow!

Aeris, who leaks a voice that is neither surprising nor cheerful, on his ass, turns the octopus upside down one after the other. Compared to the professional ones, the gesture is not at all disgusting.


"Seems like a stunt or an unexpected stunt..."

"If you do Osaka people, even elementary school kids can do this."

And so on, and so on, a macro that turns over and over evenly fevers through. There is no waste or stray in that movement. I repeat that for a while, where the whole thing is cooked up in good shape, I quickly serve eight octopus roasts on a ship made from large leaves. Apply sauce and mayonnaise with a gorgeous hand as it is, sprinkle with blue ribs and bonito, then stab the albatross and place it in front of the aeris.

"It's hot. Eat it carefully."

I'll tell you such precautions for now, bitterly laughing at Aerys, who has been sitting well behaved and staring at me to eat in earlier. No matter how you look at it, her tail just looks patterned with joy. Before eating, I reach for the octopus grill feeling like I can't honestly wait after seeing my face to peek for a bit, as usual. But still, he was listening properly to the attention of the macro, breathing into the takoyaki of the atsuatsu and carefully transporting it to his mouth.


Again, he seemed to have a slightly higher hurdle for beginners, Aeris black-and-white his eyes as he curled in his mouth. With a bitter smile at the way it is, serve the next one on the ship for now.

"Mmm, yummy!

"That's real moves"

Spring vegetables indulge in a crisp, thickened octopus grill on the outside while rolling in the mouth. By then, he had recovered from the first shock and Aeris, who had gotten the hang of it, had begun to crumble one after the other.

"Due to this, I eat it with dashi soy sauce and pong vinegar, and the whole place is pretty good."

"Huh? Can I try it?

Copy that.

Prepare an appropriate bowl with a deep bottom and serve the extra baked dish, with dashi soy sauce on one side and green onions and pound vinegar on the other.

"This is delicious too!

"As I thought before, this Ponzu thing has a nice refreshing acidity"

To the cheer of spring vegetables and aeris, a macro who puts his hands on his share with a doya face. I don't say anything anymore, either true harp or Tatsuya, the penetrator, because I've already done the penetration that I said so, whether I even make ponzu vinegar or how I procured koji to make soy sauce or miso in the first place.

"... Is this all your country has to offer?

"About this is the beginning. I mean, you don't have the most important thing, so you're not showing up 10% of the time, are you?

A high level of flavour for the waste of what I've eaten so far. Spring vegetables are forcefully said to Raina's inquiry, which is mixed with a slightly pungent ingredient in her face. The Japanese wholeheartedly agree with that word.

"Yes, yes. I'm really starting to miss rice..."

"Come on, you want some curry rice, not curry bread."

"No, egg-wrapped rice first"


"Wouldn't a rice balls be nice? Tuna mayo on a roe."

"... beef bowl, eat..."

Together with the Japanese who unexpectedly agree from the bottom of their hearts to a crush from Tatsuya's soul. From there, it flows to talks about rice.

"You want to eat a bowl of rice and fried rice."

"Right. And beef curry is fine, but cutlet curry is hard to throw away."

"Sushi, sushi"

I can eat the octopus grill while discussing what I want to eat with ease. Rayna inadvertently laughs bitterly at Aeris for what they call an unimaginable dish and enjoys the takoyaki assigned to herself. Right there.

"It also smells delicious."

"Ah, Grandma, welcome home"

"Ooh. Guests are coming, okay?

"Wait a minute. I'll bake it now. How many?"

I get such a reply to the words I visit with the intention of saying if I can talk to you.

"No, I'd like to talk about the future."

"Nice, Ernst. It's a corner, so let's have a treat."

"If that's what you say"

Doga snorts at the words of the long-sleeved boy who came in. Needless to say, the boy is Rayot. After Aeris, who sees him, blacks and whites his eyes in a different way than he did earlier, he opens his mouth trying to speak up and closes without words because he has too much to talk about.

"So, how many people do I cook for? Yeah?

"Three, bye."

Copy that.

A macro who doesn't pay attention to how Aeris looks like that, nods to the order he receives, and bakes octopus handily just like he did earlier. Aeris forgets his earlier troubles on that hand and looks to enjoy admiring them while cheering. In the end, he misses the timing brilliantly when he says something against Rayot, but when he looks at Aeris and smiles for a moment about whether it was enough to see his sister's innocence even better than his brother, he pays attention to the work of the Macro. While blinded by that task, which can be described as a performance or there, Rayot is deeply amazed by the sophisticated magic props that can be described as anomalies.

"That iron plate, it's quite the magic prop, but is it homemade?


A macro responding to Rayot's inquiry as he flips a twirling octopus grill. It is only natural that Rayot was surprised, and the majority of the ones who say magic props consume nothing but energy to use the function, unlike the enchants they apply to weapons and such. The octopus plate that the Macro is wearing is significantly smaller. Normally, cooking magic props in the general household are drained to a severe degree by all ordinary people using them for half a day in a row, even if they are simple on off and at a constant temperature. but that's efficient to the extent that even the average person without any qualities can stay on fire for about three whole days. Rayot, who doesn't know what standing position food is when it comes to takoyaki, but still it would be a waste of skill to wield for cookware, is not an advanced substitute enough to be sure.

Most importantly, the last month and a half of Macro's production is basically a waste of advanced moves, with very few exceptions, including the Spring Vegetable Rapier.

"There's another one, right?"

"How dare you make two such advanced magic props?"

"... Mm-hmm, well, yeah"

Macro returns an unsweetened reply while baking the octopus. Makoto, who had a pin on his appearance, enters the pursuit posture with his jitsu eyes.

"So, really, just two?


A macro who continues his unclogged attitude without stopping his hand from baking the octopus. Obviously, he's hiding something.

"Tell your sister I won't be angry"

"Let's be absolutely angry about that, shall we?

"That depends on your attitude."

"... Actually, there's a third one"

That said, I'm gonna stop my hand from baking the octopus a little bit and pull something out of my luggage. Makoto's eyebrows lift when he sees it.

"Wasting that material on boulders is unacceptable!

"I mean, why are you baking sea bream, dude?"

"That's right, Hiroshi. We don't have any beans or cocoa, so we can only make custard and matcha!

"Curry flavour and cheese flavour"

"Hon, spring vegetables! That's not the point!

Rayot puts his finger on his forehead so that he can get a headache when he sees Hiroshi, who begins to mould with deviant content. What Hiroshi took out was a cookware that was carved in vain with a delicate seabream mould that had a structure that was just impossible to say iron plate. The two plates are hinge-linked in three sets of structures, one set of plates is symmetrically left to right and six seabreams are carved. In other words, if you use it in full, you can make eighteen seabream roasts at a time.

Needless to say, it is a substitute that there is as much to over-spec in this world, and it is undoubtedly a waste of moves and materials. Around sparing no effort to make something like this, he's a man who's not ashamed of the direction of his efforts and the name of his tone deafness.

"Hey, Ernst, Julius. These guys, are you sure you're okay?

"You can't tell me anything."

"For once, they do it when they do it, so look at them in the long run"

It's a shame, Gaska. Talk to each other, but for now, I'll cook up the octopus properly and give it to the three of you. As usual, he was an uneasy bunch of people in court.