"I want to make sure, what are you going to do after this?

The day after Elaine came to the workshop. After breakfast, Tatsuya asks Hiroshi at the delegate. Since treatment is the main task, at this stage, it is up to the ambition to determine the team's behavior.

"I'm sorry for your loss as soon as I get back, but I want you to go back and collect it. If you do Mio, you know what Solomycen is?


Three people snorting at the instructions of a macro.

"While my brothers are there, I'll treat Sister Ele to the best of my ability and make armor out of Wyburn leather in my spare time."

"What about me?

"Spring vegetables, basically, wait. Sister Ele's nursing care should come up with a lot of things she wants to ask for. It's a waste of time waiting, so make an out-of-rate potion for your order with appropriately available equipment."

Copy that.

"Later, if I could do this, I'd like you to work with Grandma and Leena to train Elle a little bit."

Understanding what the macro intends, the three named nod with a serious face. Though it is known that a 10-year-old can be used as a protective technique, it is better than being directly targeted for life than not wearing the known protective technique. It has also been pointed out that the blade is dangerous, but in this case, it is the mindset that is important.

Besides, Aeris is a smart girl. You wouldn't be such a reckless imitator trying to repel your opponent when he attacked you because you wore a protective technique. We also understand the intentions, towards the three of us, thank you, and bow our heads.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Grandma, not like that. Yeah, so, iron ore from somewhere, can you buy it?

"There's nothing you can do if you follow the handover, but why not?

"Elle's and my sister's, like, protective swordsmashing."

"Is Ore Better? What, you can even get me an iron chunk?

"Ore is more convenient from the point of melting and finishing things anyway."

When you nod at the words of a macro, Doga begins to calculate procurement in her head.

I thought, "Make a sword."

"Mr. Makoto, anything?

"What if it's time for the Macro to build his own weapon, a decent one?

"Well, of course. This time, it's a little tough, both temporally and materially, so pass"

Unexpectedly grinning at such an unwilling reply together. Other members say they've got a decent weapon, but this man is still using a harvesting axe, a mining toothpick, a large scoop to collect, and a forged hammer around. I don't have to wonder what it's like as an adventurer to say that even if you don't, you only have a smash of attack moves, but you leave out factors that further reduce your combat ability.

"Afterwards, shouldn't Hiroshi also be in combat training, properly trained? Our team will inevitably stop you from attacking the enemy in front of us. It's easier to wear a Fortress and an Around Guard and an Outface later, even if you're behind the attack in time."

"Mr. Makoto, can you use that area?

"I can do it once, too, but I'm not that connected because I don't originally specialize in tanks. But Uncle Dollar's more in that direction, right?

"Mm-hmm. I can't teach you axe moves, but I can teach you how to work with Smash's derivatives, right?

"That too, when you can afford it. Maybe I can't get my hands on it for a while."

"Of course, after one paragraph of treatment, we're talking about"

Unlike before, for the time being there is a lot of work to be shaken by the macro. Aeris and the others made the weapon to treat Elaine, and the amplification of the protective equipment that has never been left untouched due to material problems. As an insurance policy for what if, you have to make something powerful out of Elaine's therapeutic clothes, and you can assume that you won't be able to afford to run to your hobby and make something odd for a while, as you have done before.

It should be noted that Fortress is a defensive improvement, Around Guard is a wide area defense, and Outface is an intimidating form of collective provocation. All of this is a kind of skill that is said to be almost mandatory if it is to stand forward as a normal wall player, but until now it has come without a macro. In addition to having never dived into a difficult dungeon, if you are going to end up destroying each one, you can do something about it by using smash and provocation.

Besides, VRMMO by its very nature has a bigger blind spot compared to games played from an overlooking perspective, so if you act in multiple ways, you rarely say that you dive into a dungeon with only one avant-garde who can act as a wall player. So in the case of the originally unprofessional macro, neither did the people who dive with them expect so much about completely containing their enemies. Instead, he has been an excellent wall player for skill structure, and has never been complained about before.

"Well, let's just sit back and watch out for the cure first."

"Right. It would be easier if Hiro could work perfectly as an avant-garde, but it's not like we need to hurry."

"But if you can afford it, you'll have to do it."

Nodding bitterly at True Harp's words, they encourage each action.

"Well, get ready for a long trip... Mio, how long will it take you to get to where that Solomycen and I are?

"It takes two days just to move, even if there is no battle at all"

"Copy that. You're having trouble with the food."

"Oh, about that, I'll prepare it if you say so. It's shared, so I can always send it to you."

"Oh well. Then you should just take your gear and bags."

Tatsuya nods thankfully to Spring Vegetable suggestions. To be honest, it's pretty big to say whether or not it can be found in a decent meal. On this point alone, the sharing of bags is of great benefit. I'm sure there are a lot of problems with losing items that I can personally own, but there's no point in this situation of Ichilotsu anyway, taking rare items from within the team, etc. Perhaps one of these days, a man's romance will want to buy a book or something stuffed with beauty, but then all you have to do is prepare a bag for that one.

"Because I'm going to be by your side for lunch, so tell me if you have any utensils or anything you want. 'Cause I'll get everything I can."

I heard buckwheat, and Aeris' face shines. She loves buckwheat. Most of the time, she delights in eating rice.

"Right. Curry, Nanban, maybe?

"Roger. What about Mio and Makoto?

"Tempura Soba, My Justice Now"

"I guess the guy with the meat system would be nice. After that, I don't want to throw away the buckwheat noodles, so I want to eat two cups when I can."

Replying to Zhenqin's reply of understanding, bitterly laughing at the proclamation that made him want to say whether it was a sports club system.

"Well, I'm gonna go buy some, okay?

"Please. I'm going to prescribe medicine."

"Well, we'll be right out when we have the tools."

The immediate actions are decided and scattered three ways. It was the moment when the project at Team Out was dropped by cutting the curtain.

"Now, what are we going to do with this Wyburn meat?

At the end of lunch, Aeris' training, the first day of which had just been disconnected, the subtly hand-awaited spring vegetables check the food vault and think. Only prey exceeding ten meters on boulders, and not half the amount of meat. Almost a whole piece of material has been removed because the only damage other than the loss of the neck was an arrow stabbed at the base of the wing.

It's a little early for dinner, but it takes a lot of work depending on the amount you serve. Besides, it's an unknown ingredient, so you should take the time to consider it at first. If you're still early in the day, they're going to tell you that you should make your meds at the same time as your practice, but even though you have a real sense of how much better your arm is, it's going to break your heart to keep making out of grade potions in the extension. It's not a big deal, and it's impossible for a decent human being to work together for sixteen hours in a row.

"In the meantime, the poison would be coming out right, but the raw isn't good, is it?

I don't think there are any parasites or anything in this class of creatures on boulders, but I can't say enough about that there. If you want to be certain, you should put the fire through. It should be noted that when cooking unknown ingredients, spring vegetables speak up and sum up their thoughts, which makes them more solitary than usual.

"It's steak or stew that's easy, but that's all I have, so I guess I'll try a lot, including portable food"

Squeeze like that and take out the affordable block of leg meat for now. To start by cutting it to the right size to taste and bake it without difficulty.

"... does it feel close to chicken? That, too, feels closer to military chickens and more inland chickens than regular chickens?

Chicken, it's grilled chicken and fried chicken that comes to mind. However, the grilled chicken starts from where the sauce is to be planted, and this time the sauce is something that I feel like I should put to bed for a bit, so pass. And, first of all,

"Deep-fried, I guess. But there's no art in making it normally fried, so I guess I'll give it a twist."

After checking all the ingredients, I go in to prepare for the dish I came up with. Someone comes into the kitchen around all the ingredients.


"Dear Harna, may I have a moment?

"What's going on?

"Your sister said you were thirsty."

That said, I offer you an empty water spill as an aside.

"Mm, roger. Just water, okay? Or can I get you something to drink?

"I think it would be nice to have something a little flavorful."

"Hmm, so..., I have the saffna juice I planted last week, but you want to do that?

"Yes, your sister also likes saffna juice"

Nod at Aeris' words and remove the well cooled juice from the food bin. It should be noted that saffnas are citrus fruits shaped like apples, characterized by low acidity as citrus fruits. The well-ripened ones are tender enough to peel with your hands, and the more water they are just lightly squeezed and flooded with tons of fruit juice. Because there is too much water, it is used separately because it feels like it is before ripening for consumption and ripe for drinking. As a citrus fruit, it is also characterised by a low burden on the stomach, and when you are sick, you often drink something divided by hot water.

"So, Mr. Elaine, dinner is meat dishes, does it look okay?

"I prescribed medicine so that I could eat it, so Spring Vegetables cooked as much as I wanted."

The question of spring vegetables was answered by a macro who was present in the kitchen.

"Medicine, what exactly?

"An appetite-enhancing medicine and a digestive agent. Well, we also have regular stomach medications, so if you adjust the amount, it can be a little heavy."

"If it's poison, what's it like?

"I haven't even gotten to Negiri yet, but for now, it seems like I've fallen out until I hold back the phantom pain. I've managed to recover to the point where I can do it on my own, so I don't think I need exaggerated care."

Spring vegetables and aeris sighing relieved, to the words of the Macho. Hoang sighs deeply and deeply when he sees how it is and remembers something.

"Honestly, royalty, it's no big deal to say"

"... what's wrong?

"Thinking about the results of Mio's palpation, Sister Ele, if a normal person did it, there would have been enough pain to be able to stand around. And yet, as much as I said, I had a normal attitude, so I was very patient."

"Was it that bad?

"Assuming you've still been poisoned, if you're three days late, think you've had a funeral to name your country."

Totally frozen Aeris, to the words of a softly said macro. I didn't expect it to be that bad.

"Well, if it's in between, and if it's ominous, let's not worry about it. In the meantime, take the juice."

"Oh, yes."

Aeris leaves the kitchen with a cup of water and juice, prompted by a macro. I drop her off, and then Spring Vegetables asks her a big question.

"With that said, Hiroshi, what can I do for you in the kitchen?

"Hey, come and borrow the stove."

That said, in a large pan to be used for conditioning or the like, strain the water to the fire.

"... what are you doing?

"I want to make the drugs used to treat the surface of the armor."

"Have you finished sewing yet?

"After that, just finish and enchant. In the meantime, I'm glad it's soft leather. Yah?

Spring vegetables admiring their arms as they nod to the questions of the macro. Really, if you let them make things, they're invincible.

"So, Spring Vegetables is ready for dinner already?

"Yeah. If I even thought about dessert, I wouldn't have to wonder if I'd have a little more eggs, but nothing good, would I?

"Well, I don't think you can die."

With that said, it keeps simmering with suspicious liquids. Spring vegetables that, laughing bitterly at the way things were going, decided to finally have boiled eggs made in another pan.

"I roughly imagined the menu, can you eat up that meat to this extent?

"Outpost today. Oh, yeah."


"A bone, use it for something?

"Nothing. Either way. Yeah, it's like saying,"

"Well, I'll try and get some dashi tomorrow at Gala"

and so on, and two people who continue to have a relaxing conversation. If a human being who knows the demonic threat of saying Wyburn, Dashi? Dashi with bones? It is a contract to go in with something like that. No, in the first place, I must pull at the idea of cooking meat. Somehow, a normal knife, as soon as you cut the meat apart, it will melt at an irreparable level, and where a normal human normally put it through fire, it won't be soft enough to eat. In the first place, it is a creature that cannot dismantle itself without using a blade of considerable performance and following proper procedures.

We're not here for a pin, but if we're going to cook an advanced warcraft like Wyburn, we can't even stand on the starting line without considerable arms and tools. It's been hurting me while I'm cooking a lot, so what a reason a rebuilt knife is spassing off Wyburn's meat as if it were a demon sword, etc., would be a sight that could make me dizzy if anyone sees it. I'm used to it no longer (also said I gave up) because Doga and Raina don't say anything. These guys seem to think that's normal, but needless to say, it's not a general sight.

The two of us who were unaware of their anomalies discussed a lot of menus, as usual, until Hong finished his work in the kitchen.

"Well, here's the thing"

A macro that grates the pot that was stirring from the fire and transports it to the workplace. After this, take the rough heat and apply it to the surface of the armor. Apply this to dry and if enchanted, it is complete.

"I made boiled eggs, so I'll take care of it later."

"Copy that. Put more on your arm, I'll make some delicious rice."

That being said, once you've finished your time consuming dessert, make a large amount of tartare sauce with ingredients such as minced onions and mayonnaise, including coarsely filtered boiled eggs. Treat the Wyburn meat cut into affordable sizes and fry them more and more. It's a pile, divided into plates, served with tartar sauce. Keep the portion of the collection team in an insulated container, in a separate container and set with tartar sauce, immediately in the pantry.

The custard pudding that was made in parallel work was removed from the steamer and magically cooled somewhat before being put into the refrigerator. I then grated the potato potato potage soup I had made from the fire and put the portion of my collection team in the insulation pot, just like the main dish, to this again in the food pantry. Finally, if you make a quick salad, prepare the bread, put it on the cart and transport it to the dining room at once. Needless to say, the bread being baked in this workshop is a so-called modern bread that uses yeast to ferment the dough. Looks like butter rolls and walnut bread today.

"I'm ready for dinner."

When you make a declaration on the in-house broadcast (because it would be inconvenient without it, and it was put on by Hon.), Raina with Elaine shows up in the dining room faster than anyone else.

"It smells really sweet, but what's the main dish today?

"Deep-fried Wyburn leg meat with dragon fields and tartar sauce. Tell me about it because I have a replacement."

Doga returns it to Spring Vegetables, which revealed even more drastic ingredients in response to Raina's inquiry, which seems delicious, and later came in for normal driving.

"... Wyburn? Are you sure you can eat it?

"It was usually delicious, wasn't it?

"No, it doesn't taste..."

Elaine, who looks flat, tries to penetrate, and sees Doga taking her seat and Raina sitting herself in a chair, shaking her neck left and right.

"... I thought you were joking, do you really eat..."

"Oh, Ray's here, too."


Instead of Elaine, who was entangled in an indescribable sense of silence, Rayot, who abruptly manifested himself, puts in a penetration. Turn to Rayott, who showed himself, and Aerys looks really happy.

"Oh, I heard there wasn't anything particularly problematic last night, but I heard that my sister recovered a little, and I was a little nervous about the meal. I said I couldn't, and I came over here to check."

"Do you want to eat, Your Highness?

"Wyburn's meat is nourishing. Yeah."

"... right. Let's have it."

Aeris listens to Rayot and has a joyful look with more earlier. Spring vegetables that quickly finish serving extra for one person, watching as they smiled. I originally thought about the possibility of a sudden visitor, and since I had made extra eyes, I have no problem with about one person. After confirming that his brother will take his seat, Aeris waits very much for his share to be served, but the glittering eyes lock on the fried dragon fields in front of him and don't let go, back to back with that worked up clear look. I'm cooking Wyburn meat, and I don't have any doubts about the anomaly. Rather than that, I have no idea what the anomaly is in the first place. Because I was embarrassed last night that I would never look at my complexion when eating what was served, I am putting all my consciousness into the meal in front of me today with a full appetite.

"Well, thank you for the delicious meal today."

When the spring vegetables that have finished their meals declare, the other members who have finished offering their pre-meal prayers also reach out to the dishes one after another. Rayot and Elaine tease the tartare sauce served when a bite-sized fried dragon field is stabbed in the fork and put it in their dreaded mouth.

"That's unreasonable..."

Elaine crumbles with an intricate look at the taste of deep-fried dragon fields just compatible with the tartar sauce. Wyburn's leg meat has a basic pale but firm flavour, and juicy gravy forms a flavour and stunning harmony of tartar sauce that spreads throughout the mouth. It tastes really happy.


"How could such a fierce creature be so delicious... In the first place, Wyburn is something that can be cooked...?

"In the first place, Hiroshi and Harna are irrational hunks."


"Anyone can cook or practice."

If I could cook Wyburn as much as I practiced, no one would have a hard time. Two people who don't understand anything like that and complain orally.

"Fair enough, brother, sister. It's delicious, so let's not complain."

Embarrassed by Aeris, who continues to eat with a full grin, the two royals are unconvinced. Most importantly, that complex expression doesn't last long before it's delicious.

"I was anxious to see what kind of meal would be served because I had heard so much from Rayot..."

"Except for the ingredients, they're decent, and on the contrary, they're really delicious. You eat something like this every day?

"So far, there's nothing unsavory about anything that doesn't suit my taste."

"Occasionally, dishes are arranged on the table with ingredients that seem to make you happier to not think about, but I learned that it makes you happier to not care about them there"

Douga and Raina answering Rayot and Elaine's questions with a straight face. For this reason, a representative example of a material that seems happier to not think about is Piaranok's foot meat. Though significantly inferior to Wyburn on boulders, this is another tough ingredient for a regular cook to cook. The flavor felt like it had lost its unique persistence from crabs, and this is surprisingly delicious again, but eating the person we were about to be eaten by, was quite a complicated mood for Doga and Raina.

There's a lot more, but there's no doubt the chances of that hand's ingredients appearing have increased, especially since the true harp merged. At any rate, if she's a monster coming to a request or collection destination, she's just an opponent who can't wait to see that if she's not the kind of creature that the Seventh Adventurer would deal with, she doesn't look that way around here. I can't believe I'm finding all these requests.

It cooks all of it, so it is approximate for both horseradish and spring vegetables.

"I'll serve dessert."

Spring vegetables to make sure everyone has finished their meals and bring their dessert pudding. It's cold. I've never seen Rayot or Elaine before. It's steamed. Although there is no pudding, ice cream and sorbets exist, and the direction and circumstances of development can change dramatically if the world is different.


Aeris, who sparkled his eyes at the pudding that came out and spooned it with joy, swallows a bite and at the same time comments in a truly happy way.

"Elle, you love pudding"

Pudding's right, too.

"I love any meal Hiroshi and Harna make"

Aeris speaks happily as she smiles. Perhaps in this, she will be indifferent about the most varied things. Really simple, delicious affirms justice.

"I think Aeris could be more alert to what was put out..."

"There's no reason for you two to serve something you can't eat, so I don't think you need to be on your guard."

Apparently, Aeris has full confidence in both of us when it comes to food. In fact, they've both tried to cook and disposed of everything that didn't taste good, so there's no way anything worse could go into her mouth than she can't eat. And in the first place, there is no reason for a human being who is obsessed with something called a meal to imitate, for example, mixing poison with food.

"You're grabbing my stomach beautifully..."

"You, can you go back to being a princess witch...?

"... when I get back, I'll do my best"

Elaine is about to take a slightly far-sighted look at her sister, who is too wary, unexpectedly holding her head, yet so serene a group landscape since when, etc. Instead, I may have never seen Aeris smile naturally when eating, etc. I don't remember seeing it for the last three years or so, not just at mealtimes in the first place, but where Aeris gave her a natural smile. To be honest, I'm very happy about that.

As surprising as it may be, Aeris, before she went missing, was a girl who had no interest in something called a meal. Both the lavish dishes, which even royalty rarely ate, and the meals, which were as crude as livestock, only carried the exact same value for her. Aeris, who cares for nothing, has smiled and flattened pale at anything, if not poison, but perhaps never thought it was really tasty.

Unfortunately, for Aeris, the family table is nothing more than the task of flattening the meal with a smile on your face so that you don't worry about anyone while desperately recieving snoring from Catalina. I have no idea what taste is like when taste has done its job properly than it is a task. Even if not, what is served is always cold. Even Rayotte and the others were eating so well that there's no way she'd be interested in eating.

Aeris is eating with a natural smile on her face, looking delicious and enjoyable. Until now, I have accidentally doubted my eyes at the way she stares into eating in the dishes served, when she has shown no interest at all in whatever is served. On top of that, it's that statement as if Aerys, far more alert than he looks, is declaring that he has full confidence. How dare you say it's only about ten days?

"Whatever it is, it's probably because of you that Aeris has taken a proper interest in eating."

"There is an element of anxiety as to whether or not we can return to the temple meal, but at least it's no longer just a duty, which makes me happy as a brother."


"Oh, at least I haven't seen you eat like this in a long time."

Aeris looks down sorry for Rayot and Elaine's comments. Anyway, it's like saying that eating with Hongdae is more fun than eating with your brother or sister when you have an attitude here.

"Aeris, you're nothing wrong, so give me your face. Nothing, I'm not blaming you, it's more about our apologies."

"In that seat, no one can blame you for losing interest in eating. Instead, we couldn't do anything about Catalina's sister, it's our big responsibility. I didn't think it would be so much fun to have a family reunion in the first place, so it's more natural that you don't think it would be fun."

He was quite shocked by the fact that Rayot and Elaine rushed to give Aeris words of apology and comfort, but had more fun eating with people here who were still unfamiliar than eating with their favorite brothers. Shivering his shoulders as he leaned down, no sign of trying to raise his face.

"Hey, El."

"... what is it..."

"Maybe it's been about a month, but it's been a long time since your brother and sister had dinner together, haven't you enjoyed it?

"... it was so, so much fun..."

"Compared to the last ten days or so, how did you do?

"... it was much, much more fun today..."

"Hey, nothing. Yeah, yeah, yeah."

A macro that says it softly so that it's nothing. Aeris raising her face to that word. A beautiful, not well-dressed, but loving smile appears on the face of a man with eyes who does not even say that he is neat but difficult to say that he is neat. Aeris can hang on to that face and flaunt his face slightly with tears.

"Hey, Ray."


"I don't have a problem. If you do, you can look at me now and then. I don't know how to make a fancy meal all the time, but it's as delicious as it can be, because I'll prepare it."

"... right. I need to check on my sister's treatment status, and I'll show her my face as much as I can. I will bring my brother and Mark soon. Then I'll ask for something unusual again."

"Roger that. However, there is still a lot of Wyburn meat left, so some Wyburn dishes may overlap..."

To the words of spring vegetables, Rayot smiles lightly and bitterly. They dismantled a flying dragon over ten meters long. Ten people and there, there's no way you can eat like that.

"I'll take care of that. I won't complain if it tastes good. And if it's still there, could you wrap it up a little? I think I'll have a light dinner with my father and brother."

"Yes. In the meantime, there are a lot of ingredients besides Wyburn when it comes to rare dishes, so expect quite a bit."

Ringing one nose at Spring Vegetable's words, Aeris' head is beaten two or three times, with dear love, Pompong, and Rayot returns to the castle with metamagic to receive the prepared dragon field fried.

"Well, I'm done with dessert, and when I clean up after, why don't we all take a bath together?

"Right. I had a full body wipe yesterday, and it's been a long time since I took a bath with Aerys."

"Then I'll hurry up and clean up."

"Oh, I'll do it."

In the wake of the story, I buy a cleanup and get out of here. Either way, after this, I still can't afford to take a bath to finish the leather armor or prescribe new medicines. As a result, the bath itself is prepared by Rayna before meals. For the convenience of the number of times I sweat from my workouts, Rayna or Doga is probably preparing for the bath.

"Can I ask for it?

"Yeah. There's some work I'd like to finally do in the kitchen, so don't worry about it."

"Roger. All right, I'll see you later."

That said, once I drop off the spring vegetables that are being pulled up to my room, I collect the plates and pull them into the kitchen. As a matter of fact, bathing women are quite dangerous, but I've been used to living with spring vegetables for a month and a half.

"Now, at the corner, we can also prepare fruit milk in the bath."

"Oh, my goodness."

When I saw a macro that put milk eight and a half, fruit one and a bit, and the rest in sugar and other ingredients, in a ratio that felt like it was a mixer, the doga burst into it like a scratch.

"You finally put it on dinner..."

"The Great Hunt"

"At all, you're weak. There's only so many of them..."

Finished cleaning up the mutton fish that had become corpses, three blurry to sigh. Even though it's not so big off the street yet, there's a surprising number coming at us from here and there. Most of the prey can be picked as an ingredient, but there was nothing to see, so it was only cut off from the crusade proof site and burned down by Tatsuya's hand. Dismantled narrowed the meat down to something delicious, something that sells high in skin, guts, etc. that would be some ingredient, but still took an approximate amount of time. Though about half of them were tailored by True Harp in one blow, it's true that I'm quite tired to be honest.

"Hey, Makoto."


"Have you ever been around here since you were flown over here?

"A few times at the request," he said. I think what Tatsuya wants to hear is, did it spring up so much at that time, so I'll tell you first, but the answer is no. "

Tatsuya listens to Makoto's reply and makes an unexpectedly difficult face. In the meantime, the demonic junction has been tightened, so we won't be eating raids until tomorrow morning at least, but it's not very pleasant.

"So, what do you care?

"Hmm, I don't know what to say. When you were in Wyburn yesterday, you said Mio was getting nervous.

"Yeah. It's getting a little rough around here, too, brother."

"I knew it. Well, let's get back to it. Normally, you wouldn't encounter Wyburn at such a foot. At least, when we were playing games, we had to get to the top of the mountain outside of the event, and there was nothing wrong with us."


Wyburn is a strong monster, but for some reason it doesn't come down to much of a flat ground. Strong monster habitats, not just those of Wyburn, are limited and do not appear so much around the distribution of ordinary creatures.

Of course this is also naturally related to the fact that we live away from the habitat of the strong creatures who said so, whether it be humans or animals. But apart from that, as if it were an invisible wall, powerful monsters rarely come out of certain habitats. Moreover, most of the creatures who said so live in extremely harsh natural environments that are not originally suitable for humans to live in.

"The bandits we've caught, but these days, we've been manipulating demons like we don't normally live around here with warcraft-controlled orbs, breaking up targets, catching and selling off escort adventurers and detached humans?

"That's how you hear it."

"I was also talking to Hiro about this, don't you think it's strange?

"... sure, that's crazy"

"I don't know what to say, but they're third-rate, but honestly it wasn't a big deal. I didn't know the right or the left. Whatever it was at the time, it's only to the extent that I can destroy it with my bare hands now. Are those guys making money, and they're the Orbs of Warcraft Control?

Show Tatsuya's dialogue with his neck around him with the meaning that he can't say anything. Tatsuya, who saw such a true harp, leaks a bitter laugh at the sigh, nodding and showing one.

"Brother Da"

"What's up?

"I'm hungry."

Mio, who was not interested in hearing the conversation between Tatsuya and Makoto, blocks the conversation and prompts for dinner. It's already late for dinner after a long day. Because unlike the other side, you can eat all sorts of things with your own mouth, Mio, if slightly, sticks to eating as much as Aeris does.

"Oh, yeah. I don't have enough information, so why don't we just start?"

"Right. Besides, if you think about the promise, you can probably predict the cause."


One nod to True Harp's words and for now I look for a dinner that Spring Vegetables would have prepared.

"... Fried Dragon Field with Wyburn Legs, or..."

"There's some tartar sauce."

"What about tartar sauce for fried dragon fields?

"Some lunches say that, so it's not weird, is it?

Take out the prepared dinner in a mouth-watering loose conversation with others.

"But what?"


"Deep-fried dragonflies are quite sensible."

Makoto and Mio erupt unexpectedly for the sake of Tatsuya and the feeling that it doesn't matter. It's an interesting and irrelevant statement if you think calmly, but it feels somewhat like it got stuck in a bump.

"With that said, didn't Wyburn or that bun of meat have a pretty good ability training value?

"You don't remember much ~. I wasn't hiding like the craftsmen, but there weren't that many cooks with over three hundred skills."

"Either way, I think you can rest on your dietary training if you're as talented as I am."

"Oh, yeah."

Tatsuya agrees with Mio's point. In fact, it is only until about fifty values, without all corrections, that the training of talent by diet makes clear sense. From there on, even if it wasn't for nothing, we couldn't expect a rise enough to tell from a meal alone. Even if I can't confirm my talent, I don't think the part where I said that will change that much. Most importantly, if the talent level of the vegetables exceeded fifty due to pre-meal problems, there would not be enough variation in abilities other than automatic allocation at the level up.

"But that sounds good"

"It's true. I don't think this is that big tobi lizard."

Say what you think, etc., but for now arrange the plates on the table you took out of your luggage and divide the dragon field fried appropriately. When I opened the magician with potage soup and poured it into a mug and placed it with bread and salad, there was a brilliant line of dinner there, which I didn't think was a meal in the camp. If there are other adventurers on this occasion, it is a contract to keep an eye on the fullness of their food and not be able to sleep much of their envy.

"Well, I'll have it"

"I'll have it."

Tatsuya and Mio greeting each other in front of the meal with their hands together, Makoto just laying his hands on the fried dragon fields. I honestly couldn't wait to move my body because of the three of them.


"Delicious, I mean it"


Still warm dragon field fried with the influence of enchants as well as containers. Three people admire the delicious, cheeky with that obsessed. Unfortunately, there's no reason to drink poorly because mountain climbing is waiting, but for Tatsuya and Makoto, this tastes perfect if it's also a good, cold beer.

For this reason, the enchant, commonly referred to as anti-corruption, actually works subtly differently. This enchant is not preventing corruption, but stopping all changes in the substances under its influence. Therefore, putting a creature in this will not kill you, and the warm will remain warm all the time, and the cold will remain cold all the time. Although it is an enchant who cares about advanced things, it can be a surprising low difficulty for an enchant to say that ancient meta-humans have continued to improve with a full body spirit or can be granted normally without a catalyst.

If it could be granted without a catalyst, it would have been said that on the first day that Honda was flown here, she might not have had to bother to process the guts of the Bar Circle Bear into medicine, but at that point in the game she rarely used them, and at that point she had forgotten that they existed clean and refreshing. As for spring vegetables, I have no idea the detailed specifications of the enchant, so there is no way I can even point them out.

"That tobi lizard, you don't smell like carnivore."

"Yeah, I was pretty surprised, too."


Three people flatten instantly while marveling at the taste of Wyburn meat that exceeded expectations in many ways. Dominate the postprandial pudding with the momentum as it is and look up at the night sky with a satisfied face.

"At all, being on the team with Hiro and Spring Vegetables is the strongest condition in these situations."

"If you're alarmed, running too far into your hobby is a problem,"

Tatsuya smiles bitterly at Makoto's dialogue. In fact, no one can deny True Harp's words because the result of acting for a little over a month without any penetration from the outside just the two of us is a stock of full-blown seasonings if you don't think you're obviously willing to go home. First, I honestly still don't understand how I can go wrong with what would be the idea of selling curry bread in the street from the starting point of looking for a means to return.

"Well, it's time to meet tomorrow."

"Copy that. I'll be climbing the mountain tomorrow."

"How long do I have to climb to where Solomycen and I live?

"Tomorrow, one day, it's a little rough, huh?

Mio's heartless reply leaks an unexpected sigh. Needless to say, Mio and Solomycen do not know their exact place of birth. Simply illuminated maps and knowledge and identified places that seemed highly probable and native.

"Because, is that purely a matter of distance? Or the encount rate?


"Tatsuya, any good magic?

"That's a subtle place. There is a hand in the connection of perception inhibition, but it doesn't make sense that it's already locked on, like just now. Later, when their sensing abilities are high, they can usually pluck into fights"

"What was it like with those guys earlier?

"If it's just that level, I don't think it's going to be that easy to find unless you hit it so badly..."

Makoto sees what Tatsuya is trying to say and looks sinister. True harp doesn't know all the fields either, so I'm not so familiar with where and what kind of field boss there is. Even around here, it's not basically an area where ordinary combat abolitionists roam, so there's absolutely no knowledge of what's out there.

Besides, if you had an irregular like Wyburn yesterday, you'd probably be discovered in one shot.

"I'll make sure, once Wyvern Class gets here with that number of miscellaneous fish and sets, can we do something about it?

"You're tough on boulders."

"Give it up, Search-and-Destroy"

Tatsuya and Makoto smile bitterly at Mio, who say a little polarity, and belly-up about whether that's all they have.

"Rice is delicious if you work hard enough. If the rice tastes good, you'll be happy as a result"

"... well, yeah"

Tatsuya laughs that it might be something like that for Mio's sake and for his energetic weather remarks.

"Good luck with your stomach."

At any rate, the itinerary was originally arranged on the assumption that it would take at least three days. Assuming it went smoothly, the harvest work is tough tomorrow. Well, I'm a little tired, but I don't mind search-and-destroy.

It was Tatsuya who decided on his stomach and fell asleep.

"Rayot, how was Aeris?

"I was fine. And it seemed like a lot of fun."

Rayot responds to his brother's inquiry with a mouthful of light fruit liquor. It should be noted that fifteen years old is an adult in Farlane, and from that point on alcohol is basically legal. However, I still don't drink stiff distilled liquor until I'm about twenty years old on implicit understanding. Even the store sells us only fruit liquor that's barely the same as juice until some years.

"Sounds fun..."

"I haven't seen it for a long time, like where Aeris seems to be having fun..."

"And because I'm eating something decent with a good vibe, I was a lot bloody good. There's no such thing as a puppet with a smile on its face."

The King and Prince Avin listen to Rayot's report and remain silent in an indescribable manner.

"This is why I've been getting a little wrapped up in what was served today"

"Hmm...... Fried food?"

The king returns questions to Rayot, looking rarely at the fried dragon fields that Rayot took out.

"Oh. Deep-fried Ryuda," he said.

What kind of meat?

One laugh at my brother's question and he drops an oversized bomb.

"It's Wyburn. That's black, too."


"Wait a minute! Black Wyburn, because!?

"Oh. With a hint of magic left, no doubt about it. It's obviously from the dragon species."

To Rayot's words, King and Avin have no choice but to say unexpectedly.

"... it's a strange story to say that we don't know a cook who can cook something like that"

I would have just said if looking all over the world would slightly exceed the number of fingers on both hands and feet, such as a cook who could cook a high-end monster. The King is surprised to learn that such a human being is in Ursus.

"Naturally. They're adventurers, not cooks. But you've heard so many rumors."


"Father, brother. Curry bread, you know what that is?

"Oh. It's rumored in the city, it's about the one-of-a-kind bread, isn't it? …"

One snort at Avin's words, Rayot, who goes on to say the words.

"They're just guests from an unknown continent, and they're pretty neglectful of common sense. He said," If you practice, anyone can cook, etc. "

"In the days of the Founding Kings, there are hardly any cooks or anything that can cook that class of warcraft in this day and age."

"Even the chief chef of this castle would be a delicate place to be in Wyburn."

"By quaternary potion, you mean this dish, and boulders are guests from an unknown continent."

Saying so, the king who still puts warm fried dragon fields, tangled in tartar sauce, in his mouth. That is followed by Avin and Rayot with their hands. Rayot laughs a little bitterly at the flavor of it, which spreads in his mouth, against the disgruntled king and avin, for the second time.

"It's really good, but you don't seem very convinced"

"No, what. After all, I just thought that with time, the flavor would really go away."

As the fate of fried food, the oil really turns when time runs out. Besides, most meat dishes get a little stiff when they get cold.

"Still, does Aeris eat such good food every day?

"My sister, I envy you."

"The taste is the same, but the atmosphere is very different when eating. I'm guessing that's what a gang refers to."

To Rayot's words, the two of us have no choice but to return silence.

"Catalina, or..."

"As for the rest, I intend to be equally loving..."

"That's because Aerys resented the princess who was supposed to be her, and so on. It was also taken in a way that could not be overshadowed by the effort that, as soon as he was born, the temple would descend, so he doesn't care how much he eats"

"Sister Catalina seems to be bringing there a reason why she's not so well respected, but it's terminal around not realizing that there's a leak of character outside that turns her hand behind her and makes the Aeris maid a person of her own convenience, or twists her real sister as the worst child. I'm not smart enough in itself to think I can hide that nature perfectly"

The King and Avin can only take a deep sigh at Rayot's relentless words. I should have stabbed the nail harder, but every time I had a cut, I had a chance to make errands and escape, and almost did the same thing when it got cold, so I couldn't even scold him properly, so I came to the point where there was nothing I could do.

"That's it, Father."

"What is it, Rayot?

"How far are we going?

"Obviously, the capture is over. After that, only look at the desk and eliminate it."

"Catalina, what are you going to do?

"Apparently it will take the form of illness and death during sick care, but essentially death for treason," he said.

A king who shows profound distress, in contrast to the fact that he has no choice but to put his own daughter in his hands. But unfortunately, too much evidence was gathered that there was a slight problem to forgive her. Besides, going in and looking into it, it turns out that all the kinds of caregivers gathered around Catalina, from the samurai to the educator, are breathing in a less favorable group. That's the only way the country can lean if you keep it alive, such as a princess who has become so distraught that she has to decide it is no longer too late in many ways as a result of meeting and talking straight once.

"In the meantime, I was relieved to hear the words. but the problem is…"

"That Bardo, you're a man."

"This is the kind of man who imitated all that and said that he was held back by the evidence. It won't be a glimmer, will it? Honestly, only small things that are good at keeping up are the worst of nature."

A man named Bardo, who fluttered Catalina, says words and deeds themselves are a trinket from wherever they come from, yet he wins acquittal in gray close to unlimited blacks for cases that anyone would clearly be guilty of for looking at deficiencies and gaps in the law well.

This Aeris missing case also escaped pursuit due to insufficient evidence because all the people who can testify beyond what can be said to be conclusive are missing or dead, and because there is an alibi at the time of the crime and the time of thought, and vice versa criticized the Royal Family for fabricating the evidence.

Metastatic magic, I don't know what it is, but if you prepare below, you can activate as much as you want without being on the spot, but it was unfortunately not possible with Farlane's magic technique for the operator to identify someone from after activation. For that reason, he did not want to stab Bardo in the face of the wall of laws enacted by his predecessors, which required too much perfection in proof to prevent wrongdoing.

"I don't know when the hell it's a plan I've been prepared for, but they're seriously trying to destroy this country around targeting my sister and Aeris, not me"

"Worst of all, as long as Aeris survives, we can rebuild the country. I'm sorry for them, but I'm gonna have to ask them to keep my daughter for a while longer."

I can only agree at first sight with the King's words, but I can't seem to say a word about it, Rayot.

"Unfortunately, it's hard to say that long."

"... what do you mean?

"These Wyburns, some of the adventurers with relatively fast legs, they stopped at about a day's walk from the East Gate, on condition that"

"... what!?

"At that time, I felt like I was getting dizzy. We'll have to return Aeris to the temple once soon."

To Rayot's words, a king with a bitter look on his face.

"In the meantime, I want to engage my brother and Mark with the guys as a bottom prep. It will be tough to tell the boulder today and tomorrow, but I want you to make time as soon as you can."

"Okay. Let's do something about it."

"Please, you'll have food ready over there, so get in touch as soon as you can"

When I nod to Rayot's request, the three of them flatten the rest of the dragon field fried. It was supposed to be wonderful and good, because after the conversation, I didn't feel the flavor anymore.