"I finally found it..."

A corner of the mountain range called the Great Spirit Peak, about three days down the mountain road from Urus, Mio finally found his object of interest. Around the time they climbed the beast path a little more from where they were now, several trees stood that belled blue fruit in such a positional relationship that they could not be discovered without Mio's vision and observation.


"Absolutely, it's strange to say that the Great Spirit Peak comes out so active near the middle belly..."

Tatsuya and Makoto blur unexpectedly at Mio's report as he kicks the carcass down a cliff that feels like a corpse over time. Along the way, when two field boss classes came out at the same time, I seriously thought about how to escape to the boulder. If Wyburn Leather Armor hadn't arrived from Hong the night before, I honestly wouldn't have been willing to do it properly.

"Hey, Makoto."


"Were there any monsters in the Great Spirit Peak that had this dark attribute of hand?

"Assuming you're getting the name of the spiritual peak, there shouldn't have been a guy whose dark attributes distract you anyway..."

"That's right..."

Though I feel a lot of things unintelligible, for now I change my mood and continue processing the carcasses. No longer, gathering crusade proof sites is a hassle, and most miscellaneous fish are kicking down the cliff as they are. It's about Hellhound and Ibil Tiger, like the person who blocked it for demolition. Needless to say, they are both big players in the field boss class, so much so that they are still creatures. If you don't do the processing, you'll be attracted to the smell of blood and the temper coming out of the carcass, and you'll end up dealing with an even larger number of monsters.

"You should report this to Your Highness and Elaine, and make sure you know everything."


Maybe no one is grasping at the moment about the strange monster distribution at the Great Spirit Peak. Finally, Tatsuya and Makoto, who are not locals, do not know how different they are from normal. Maybe this is normal and the distribution of games is strange. but given the vegetation and everything, there are quite a few strange people here. There's even something in there that obviously shouldn't come out in the middle of a relatively cool mountain like this one that should be in the South.

And most importantly, most monsters seem to have degenerated with temper, and if they do, there are many malformations. Salvation wasn't very strong because of the malformation, but honestly it doesn't feel very good.

"So, Mio. Is Solomycen going to reap it?

"No problem. I just don't want my brother or my sister touching it."



To Mio's words, it's just a fruit, right? The two of them inquire as they put the idea forward. In response to that question, Mio decides to show with action.

"... ho"


"Wait, that's all of a sudden. Hey!

Without any foretaste, Mio suddenly throws the cut Solomycen fruit at the two of us and gives it to them. Catch as much fruit as that grip in a hurry and soon find out what Mio means by his words.

"What is this!

"I just put a little effort into it and grabbed it, you're already starting to hurt me!

"It rots instantly when it falls to the ground. It rots from there when you stick it at your fingertips. If you pick it well, it'll start to rot in half a day."

"Fast feet, what a level, dude!

Mio to put in a supplementary description without changing one expression. Tatsuya accidentally goes all the way into the non sprinkling perishability. Without worrying about the word, Mio, who cleverly climbed the tree, chopped off one carefully after carefully selecting the fruit and jumped off once it was stored in a pochette.

"This is probably the best place to eat"

With that said, I take out the sormaisen I just treated, and give it to the two of us in triplicate. Two people look at the fruit-grabbing Mio as if they were okay with eating it, and try to grab it thoughtfully. Colorless clear fruit juice drips off the white pulp of the cross section. Tatsuya and Makoto, who got a good taste and an indescribable look, divulge their honest thoughts.

"... you have little flavor"

"If you're bad, maybe the water tastes better."

"Solomycen is not edible, that's why"

Two people who can't really comment on what a distinctive fruit it is. The one who says fruit is sweet is basically to have other creatures carry seeds. What a trait that doesn't taste, is perishable, doesn't make me feel like I'm selling fights head-on to someone who says how nature works or the circle of survival competition.

"Cause if you mix it with saliva or stomach fluids or put it through fire, it won't rot"

I mean, you don't eat and break your stomach, do you?

"Yeah, and because of the taste, there's no worms or birds, and gripping the tree hard won't rot."

"That's a really weird fruit..."

Makoto unexpectedly shares his thoughts with Mio, who tells him pale information about difficulties in commenting.

"That's what I'm saying, so be vigilant around you."

"Copy that. How long have you been here?

"It's user-friendly as an ingredient in medicine, so I'll pick it as much as I can"


Two people who nod at Mio's words and continue to be vigilant around him. Wait for Mio's work to finish as he kicks through the sesame miscellaneous fish. Mio jumps in a hurry when he finishes collecting all the more ripe fruit from the three growing trees.

"Brother Da, return magic!

"Is that bad?

"Uncertain name - Wyburn is three!

"All right, let's get out of here"

I would like to say that I am sorry for the fact that there are no miscellaneous fish that are likely to surround me, and that I can afford to win if I want to, but in this situation where I am tired of boulders, I will deal with three at the same time. Besides, Wyburn razor material is overstocked. Therefore, Tatsuya activates the return magic the moment she hears Mio's report and hastily opens the gate. The three of them jump to the open gate at first sight and return just now. Escaped by prey, Wyburn kept circling over it forever as he raised his voice of anger.

The same place where Tatsuya and the three of them were climbing the mountain while saying this.

"I've been sourcing you again..."

When I saw the prepared ore, the macro was putting in the penetration as if it were frightened.

"I might be able to process it. Did you think about the possibility of saying it?

"I thought about it. Didn't you decide that there was no better way to process Harna's sword than to say in time?

"Well, it's tough to refine equipment, but it can be processed once. I can, but I can, well, I could have prepared a magic iron ore and a mythrill ore so early..."

"That's it there. Even if you rot, you're not a royal castle official."

Unexpectedly and painfully convinced of Doga. Sometimes the wand made by Tatsuya was made of wood, and for a Macho who hasn't made a weapon with a proper blacksmith lately, it is just the right material to say as a shoulder habit.

"I don't know. For hammers and gold floors, get some ingredients."

"Whoa. You can use the rest as you like."

"I appreciate the story, but I don't know how much trouble it is to use it subtly..."

Look at the ore prepared, a macro that haunts your head. To be honest, when it comes to processing a pair of swords, at least the gold floor and the hammer are made of the same metal that changed the distribution, or the tool loses more. If you want to say greed, I'd love to get a new melting furnace, but I don't have enough material or time to do that. Considering the minimum required production as a hammer and gold floor and two sketches, the likes of large swords, two-hand axes, and combat hammers that require a large amount of material are harsh.

"If I could make it, only a one-handed sword or dagger, rapier, spear tip, would be everywhere..."

"I haven't used this sword that much either, but it's a little bit of a new one"

"Let's do it..."

Even in the same time frame, in alloys made of iron and demon iron and misrils, the attack power and durability are out of step. But to be honest, it doesn't make sense to just increase the fighting ability of Spring Vegetables. Rather, in this case, the Macro, who originally had only two choices: whether the means of attack would strike him appropriately or blow him up with a smash, needs to possess a better weapon than Spring Vegetables, which can perform all-round from heavy firepower to hand battles.

"Well, for now, ya. Let's start with making tools and two swords."

A magnificent announcement of what is to come while loading a trolley with two metal ores.

"It's a corner, can I take a tour?

"Kamahen, but don't be funny on the hot side"

"You wouldn't have seen a weapon if it wasn't for this opportunity, would you?

"Well, I'll do that..."

Answering Elaine's words, a subtly troublesome ambition. I don't mean to say that you can't concentrate when you have a gallery, etc., but it's subtly unsettling to have a woman who doesn't know her very well in the workplace. Moreover, the working space itself is somewhat narrower than when I made the Spring Vegetable Sword. To be clear, there are not very welcome elements.

"In the meantime, don't complain if it's hot."

"I know."

"Swear to Master Alfemina, I won't complain"

"Will Elle come too..."

Well, yeah, but with a sigh of sigh, etc., push the trolley closer to the melting furnace. The galleries that follow behind it all. Spring vegetables together with raina and even doga on boulders make it feel a lot narrower, even if it's not enough to get in the way of the work.

"It's hot and dangerous. Never come this way."

Pressing the nail again as a precaution for the workplace, it injects a lot of magic into the furnace while putting the fire in. The melting furnace, which is supposed to be a second-hand product demonically modified by the Horn, is unlikely to be faster, and that is enough time to say instantly to reach a temperature that can only dissolve the metal.

Let's start with the gold floor and the hammer.

Crushing to confirm the step, he grabs the Ore of Magic Iron and Mithril and throws it into the furnace in a very large mess. As an additive for further alloying, a bottle of Wyburn's fangs is added together to initiate refining.

"Am I allowed to mix it up?

"I'm going to make it an alloy. Since Mithril is made from silver, it's a little soft and doesn't cook, so basically, it's just metal and alloy."

"I see."

Douga convinced by the proclamation of the macro. But, needless to say, they usually don't mix from the ore stage, etc. It is difficult to make a decent quality object without first being properly refined, weighed and proportioned, dissolved again and alloyed. Regarding this one, it seems that Hiroshi will do something with production-based magic, using its full skill.

"Now, in the case of the refining of the Magic Iron, this is where the real thing comes from and"

So crushing, he starts pouring unparalleled amounts of magic. Even now, when I say that if you are a concurrent wizard, you are at an indeterminate level, but this time it is an amount of ritual concurrence if you do poorly.

That, too, should consume so much magic that even the Dwarves need to perform rituals for a few people about the refining of the Magic Iron. It is also a material that requires a lot of magic when forging, which can be considered the second wall of forging and refining skills. It goes without saying, therefore, that without the skills of the Enchant, mining cannot be done, nor can it be processed or refined. It absorbs magic without limits, so much so that this metal is called the Magic Iron.

This time it will be an alloy with Mithril, but due to the amount of Magic Iron compared to Mithril, it will also require more magic. Therefore, in this world, the greatest characteristic of Mithril is to prevent degeneration. Of course, there is no rust, no curse, etc. For this reason, it is also terribly difficult to apply the enchant, especially with the concurrent skill of the finished product. In this composition, the endless magic eating properties of the Magic Iron are suppressed, making it harder to get cursed, but when this is reversed, it is somewhat easier to apply the Enchant and easier to be cared for and not cursed, making it more difficult to increase the hardness with baking.

"... could you do something about it"

A macro that takes out the chilled and hardened ingots, looks carefully at them for confirmation, and leaks a sigh of relief. To be honest, I didn't even have absolute confidence.

"Is it that much?

"The furnace, it's hard to say it's for you."

Intermediate walls, even if they are not, are metals of such a nasty nature that they are called. Even though it was demonically modified, it was refined in a second-hand melting furnace, so even the boulder's macro arm was not absolutely confident. As a matter of fact, the Dwarves have better alloys than the Dwarves have refined with proper equipment, but from a macro standpoint, they can still be subtly dissatisfied.

"Well, next time, you guys can't wait to forge."

"When I ask you something, I'm quite anxious if you really have enough tools..."

"Well, whatever the furnace is, the hammer's out now. In the meantime, why don't we build a gold floor first?"

With that light said, the magically rolled alloy is heat-treated and polished with a special grinding wheel magic prop to create a gold floor. Put the heated little ingot on top of it and start beating it through excessive magic on the forged hammer.

Elaine faces the magic of being swallowed up by the material, while being blinded by the sparks that splash every dozen of her eyes. Assuming that I was in the position of a grandfather, I felt something cold in my spine, considering that I would be fine with this much magic.

"Well, this is the place..."

Almost in what can be called a hammer, once cooled by local time acceleration magic, a macro whines in sigh.

"Did you do it?

"No rough processing. I need to heat treat it after this and shape it into a proper shape. Even when you made Spring Vegetable's Rapier, that's how you did it?

"Yeah, you did, sure"

While chatting so much, he stares at the hammer as it is heated and the colour changes with an unusual sharp eye that is struck by the hectic look of the day. Adjust the heating and subtraction at a level that the amateur does not know the difference well to maintain the temperature for a while and once in a mysterious liquid in moderation. Make a flashy noise and the liquid evaporates and the hammer cools.

"What's that liquid?

"Oil for baking. The one that specializes in the Magic Iron System, which I formulated to use in the future. I didn't expect to use it so early on boulders."

"You need something like that?

"Depends on the stuff. Even if it's just water to cool, yes, it is."

Finish the baking back work while answering Raina's questions. This process of baking and baking back is the most important concern in blacksmithing. If the baking is too strong, it becomes too stiff and brittle, and in some cases it cracks on the spot. Failure to burn back does not relieve the brittleness, but can be rather brittle. Or, if you don't bake it back, most metals are too brittle to be used for combat purposes. Some don't dare to put in baking, but at least the metal I'm using now needs a proper heat treatment to use as a weapon.

As a matter of fact, metals are generally much more delicate than the general public can imagine when processed.

"Okay, here we go. Yeah, do it."

Look at the hammerhead in its shape and nod one. Remove the head of the hammer you have been using from the pattern and replace it with something you have just finished.

"... Wow"

"Hmm? No?

"Over there, the old hammer..."

"Sora, if you do it normally, you're forced to do it with a hammer that's soft enough to lose unilaterally, so when you're done, you're blurry."

The words of the Horn are natural. but still, if you look at a hammerhead with tons of cracks from the outside, you won't have a choice but to have spring vegetables extinguish. Besides, this hammer, the specialty that Hiroshi used to enchant for automatic repair, should heal on its own for a little damage. It doesn't even show signs of regeneration, so I know exactly how much it means to use the lower tools to make the upper tools.

"Well, the front seat is over."

After adding any more enchantments to the finished hammer, Hongkong declares with a surprisingly masculine look. Thick eyebrows that usually amplify the dasa also play a role as a part in raising the man all the time.

"Does the front seat keep going like this?

"Yes, Master Hiroshi! They must have used quite a bit of magic so far!

"Compared to the processing of Shinto steel, it's a little bit small."

Let go of the things that make the people around you cease to exist, and move on to the machining of the two swords, which are destiny. Aeris watches the spring vegetables unexpectedly. When I look at Aeris' face and smile small and bitter, I fish Pochette and take something out.



"I trust you to say you don't need it, but for now, for Elle's sake, at least that's all you have to drink"

"Hmm? Yeah, copy that."

He grins bitterly when he sees how Aeris looks worried, and drinks up the mana potion of the fifth grade that Spring Vegetables threw at him and gave him. If it's true, it would be safer to drink another bottle or so, but in the case of mana potion and stamina potion, not much can be drunk because there are nice specifications that say that three bottles will soon cause addiction within thirty minutes. As a result, twenty-four hours has a limit of twenty bottles.

"Here, get your mind back on it."

Once the magic has been restored to the burning stone, albeit to the extent of water, the ingot is heated with a tight look again and placed on the gold floor. He gets in the mood and shakes his hammer without speaking up, tapping in the first dozen.

Sincerely as prayer, fiercely as challenge, the macro continues to beat the iron. It's like interacting with an unspeakable chunk in front of you, making it sound small from time to time, strong from time to time, and highly hammering. Like earlier, every dozen dozen of them continue to infuse a terrible amount of magic, and that was just a chunk. Where it shaped the blade of the sword, it finally floods the infused magic without absorbing it.

"Okay, the first round of rough processing is over."

Declare so and move on to the second forge. Just like earlier, with brilliant handiwork that makes you feel skilled, like prayer, like dialogue, keep swinging down the hammer, and just as magic overflows, finish forging the sword exactly. It should be noted that, in fact, there is no need to overflow magic to process demonic iron. I'm just letting it overflow just in case, because I'm susceptible to extra influences when I can afford it.

"Is it heat-treated and shaped first, balanced?

That said, it was manufactured by skilled craftsmen like Hiroshi, looking at the human physique they use. It doesn't have to be such a crazy finished product of balance. This was also the case during spring vegetables, but at best if adjusted slightly by polishing, it is to such an extent that discomfort is eliminated.

"Shake it for a second. All the time, maybe you have enough skill to order..."

"Right. Besides, I have this body."

Simple but somewhat beautiful pattern, this again you have no elaborate decorations, the princess sisters are given a sword laid down in a sheath that does not draw the eye of the beholder away and gives a troubled look. Honestly, there's more to ordering than just being unscrupulous.

"Well, I'll judge you over here, just shake it right"


"I'll do my best!

Two people who are prompted by spring vegetables and go through the basic moulds they remember outside the workshop. The level Aeris started yesterday today was honestly overwhelming and pre-balancing, but I can still tell for the most part.

"It's a sword, and I think it's something like this?



Two knights agree with Spring Vegetable's words. He's also a dark device user in the first place, and this kind of thing doesn't normalize a full-scale fight or anything. A sword is basically meant to poke and poke a surprise or to harm oneself.

"The balance is like that. Yeah, what do you mean it's hard to hold?

"That's okay, too. It's like I'm gonna suck it."

"It's very easy to hold"

"Here, I'll carve the name and finish a lot, so lend it to me for a second"

Macho tells me to return the sword I have just been given.

"What finishes?

"I don't know about making it, but it's just assholes cutting it off directly like this. Put on your function as a magic prop."

"... something, I think I heard a word you shouldn't have heard, but what are you going to do?

"Well, there's the finishing touches, all the time."

With that said and a mad grin, Macro begins to line up monster-based materials that have become so full that he doesn't like them in the last few days. Spring vegetables can't be put in extra penetration because I understand that there is no other option than what Hiroshi says, even though I honestly pull it off subtly. Afterwards, when the finished product was presented, it was only here that the other four would regret not putting a proper penetration behind Aeris, whose futility would sparkle their eyes at numerous functions.

It feels a little awkward.

Makoto, who returned shortly after he had finished revealing his finished sword, said so with one open shot without even disarming him.

"Awkward, what?

"To be honest, if I can, I just want His Highness Rayot to talk to me, too, can I get in touch with you?

"Not impossible, but is that all?

"If it's a trivial problem to say that Hellhound and Ibil Tiger came out in the middle of the Great Spirit Peak, you don't have to make any noise, do you?

"... that's not important."

True to the words of the harp, I just called Julius to try to get in touch.

"Mm-hmm. Looks like he's from over there."

Mio, with a wide range of enemies, pinches his mouth picking up signs of appearing at the entrance to the workshop with metastatic magic.

"Hey. Besides Mr. Yu, I'll bring about two others. I don't know, Ray, you're surprisingly free?

"Is that why!

Raina goes into the rude dialogue of the Macho with all her might. The ringing bell rings so that it can be worded over the words. In the meantime, I'll drop off Doga, who's going to get up to pick me up, and I'm going to do Solomycen's quiz first, Macro. To be honest, this guy is this fate, and he's not even into the purpose of investigating the Great Spirit Peak aside.

"Excuse me."

I just finished my test and made sure I could use it enough, and it felt like I knew what to do, and Leiott walked into the dining room leaving Doga behind.

"Ray, that was just great."

"... what?

"Mr. Makoto wants to report something. That sounds like a lot of trouble."


Rayot looks at the words he said earlier when he came.

"Something looks terrible, myself"

"Corner, when you say you're here to enjoy a delicious meal, can you tell me what you're going to hear about it that's going to make the rice taste bad?"

"Well, let's do it. But I wonder if it's too late or too soon."

"I know. So, what's the story?

"In the Great Spirit Peak, Hellhound and Ibiltiger came out."

I don't see any particular reaction to that report, Rayot. Neither does the young man around the age of twenty who spoke to me change his expression by saying this. The only boy about the same age as Mio changes his complexion and eats.

"That's not important!

"Mark, calm down"

"My brother is the one who is so calm!?

"When Wyburn came out, I was ready. I'm not in the best mood."

Wyburn is out, leaving out the stalwart mark, and making one eye contact with his brother behind him.

"Before we go into the details, we should introduce them for now."

"Well, I can predict. The colored guy over there is your brother, and the handsome kid over here is your brother, right?

"Oh. It's my brother Prince Avin and my brother Mark"

With Rayot's introduction, Avin, who meets gently with a flat attitude, and Mark, who finally seems to have fallen out of shock, returns a quick greeting.

"Hey, old man"


"Which of you, Ray and Mar, is the most common reaction from the first half to the middle of the ten in these cases?

"If you're a normal teenager and you're involved in combat, Your Highness Mark is more common. His Royal Highness Rayot is not like this, but he's a lot of substandard people..."

"Ernst! Compared to my brother, most humans are treated like mediocrities! Then there's the dumb surface! What's that rude way of calling me!?

"I knew this was normal."

The surrounding raw and warm gaze concentrates on the mark in the extremely sensible words of the macro.

"Mark is still undertrained, craftsman which. Sorry for being rude."

"No, think about it normally, it's obvious I'm rude."

"You know and you do it deliberately, don't you?

"About what?"

To the words of Avin, let it be purposefully contorted. Most importantly, it's true that Hiroshi is doing it deliberately, but there's no such deep reason there. It's simply that the Farlane royals are checking to see how tight the sprinkles are. Instead, I'm just talking about trying to see if that's what my brother feels like saying too, because Rayot was happy with the way he called it Ray, etc.

"In the meantime, I'll make you some tea."

"Sister Chun, help"

"Before, I think Mio should take a bath..."


To the point of spring vegetables, I honestly nod one thing. In fact, I've been walking around the mountains for three days. Despite the amount of anti-fouling enchantments you wear, you'll find a little resistance to letting them stand in the kitchen.

"Are they always like this?


Doga replies bitterly to Avin, who asked bitterly for the first time at the rest of my pace, as well as bitterly. Makoto and Tatsuya seem sorry while blushing at the look of it. At times like this, common sense people are a loss.

"So, let's get back to it."

"We haven't heard much about it yet. What did you do, Makoto-san?

"In more detail, well, as you can tell by looking at the pre demolition prey that stuck in your luggage, in a nutshell, it's abnormal"

"You wouldn't know that alone, so to add, there were a lot of monsters that did it and malformations, and a high percentage of guys with dark attributes and distracting properties"

Rayot nods and thinks one thing into the testimony of Makoto and Tatsuya, well.

"You have less respite than I thought."

"Oh, Ray. Trouble from you, too?

"Definitely, you're in trouble."

Little neck to Rayot's words, mahogany. Honestly, it's not like this guy did anything cute or anything.

"Brother, troubles, what a mildly spoken content..."

Mark, who accidentally puts an extra penetration in his brother who drives too normally.

"I've talked seriously about it, and it doesn't change what I do or what I do."

"That may be..."

"Fair enough, Your Highness Mark. I don't care if the royal family brings it to ordinary people like us in this kind of pattern, or if it's serious because of trouble that's probably not there."

"... Something tells me that when you call me His Highness Mark, you're not sitting very well..."

"Hey, Mar, what do you want me to do?

"... that's fine"

His Royal Highness Mark nods in the sense of inadmissibility. It should be noted that this way of calling you Mar, at some point his mother and queen, the other side queens and even his sisters, is known, and in an informal setting, it is only here that Mar Mar will always be known as you.

"So, well, let's get back to it."

"Confirm before putting it back, but what about Aeris?

"Elle, did you go to the bathroom just now?

"Look at us back. Soon."

"You mean the young and rare princess?"

Rayot leaks his words to Tatsuya and Makoto, who remain subtle, flatter his face as he admires them. At the same time as Rayot's words, Avin leaks his exhale as he was impressed. I just found a little hope, that's all Mark said.

"So, what does that have to do with this?

"Soon, that's tomorrow. But I want you to take that one to the Temple of Alfemina once"

"What about that heart?

"In the clergy, the purification of the earth veins may not have followed"

"Something like that..."

Unexpectedly blurry in tone to Rayot, who is fine with saying noisy things. Originally, this exchange of hands would like to be thrown round Tatsuya or Spring Vegetables, but due to the same kind of sympathy, Rayot tends to set the negotiating partner at an ambitious level.

"Soon as tomorrow, I'll tell you something bouldering. I'd better get ready. Yeah, and most importantly, I'm going to be pretty close to sketching for Elle and Sister Ele today."

"Hmm? Did you finish it already?

"I got it done, but it's because of the sword. I can't help it, but I know a lot about it."

"You know that one, you're still rigid."

"If you tell your Wyburn opponent if you want to go through with it, it's pretty subtle."

Doga shrugs her shoulders and shakes her neck left and right as if she had thrown a teaspoon at a macro whose standards are obviously wrong.

"Wyburn? With a sword?"

"When I talk to you about boulders, I don't know if it's common sense."

Mark and Avin react in a relatively commonsense way to the words of a macro that doesn't seem sane. He thinks that Rayot doesn't deserve surprise no matter how noisy he makes, because basically someone made a bunch of National Treasure weapons, too.

"If I knew someone in our artisanal relationship, it would be normal. Besides, the equipment and everything was close to getting there in time, so the performance itself was not great."

"Don't be afraid to build such a weapon and still not good, not at all..."

Rayna, who doesn't usually pinch her mouth in these situations, puts in a penetration with a complex sigh of shuddering and interest.

"What the hell did you make, you?

No matter what I made, it's not surprising, but when I saw that the officials I was looking at in person were all penetrated and open, they doubted just how far through I couldn't get. Rayot asks the question face-to-face.

"I put on a bit of a small feature, just a sketch or"

I'll keep the trump card a secret, and Rayot gives up that it's useless to pursue it to a macro that will shine and shine with things like that. Tatsuya and the others, who did not speak at all, decided that it was usual for Hiroshi to make strange things at any rate, and that they would make fun of each other until the conversation settled down. Just there, the spring vegetables came back by pressing a tea filled cart.

"Hong-kun, let's put aside your production for a moment and settle down for tea, shall we?

"Right. So, I think it's Baumkuchen on a plate of tea receptacles, no matter how you look at it, was there anything like that over here?

"At least I haven't seen it in Ursus in the past month and a half."

"I haven't seen you in three months."

At a time like this, it would be the hallmarks of this team that would be fast-tracked and off the record. In the most recent case, Tatsuya was right to say that she deviated intentionally, so it is different from the usual deviation.

"Well, I guess Hiro made it out of his spare time or something, so this is the end of the story."

"Blah, I wish it was delicious."

"Yeah, add or subtract."

"I don't want you to tell me."

And so on and so on, Mio, who pulled Aeris and Elaine, comes into the dining room.

"Oh, I can't believe most of the royalty in the country is gathering right now, if even the great magic knocks you in, it's the end of a roll."

"Elaine, don't talk too much noise."

"Just kidding. Besides, a normal magician might not be able to break through the junction here and kill us all."


"Here, abandon our common sense, Mr. Marr"

"Sister, how could you call me that!?

Elaine flushes Mark's haste with a giggling laugh. Blah, I don't have to think about it, about the name that the Macro is going to call it.

"Well, let's finish the tea for the troublesome story. Anyway, it's not like we can move right now."

"Right. There are some rare treats made by Hiroshi in the corner."

"I knew you were making it, Baumkuchen..."

"Elle's food was amazing, so it's half funny..."

"Really, you're a devourer, Aeris..."


Aeris used to fall, dye her face bright red and eat it by her sister. To say it was an emergency, but it was a mark that I couldn't comment on anything about that unconscious atmosphere.

"So, are you serious about making it?

"Yeah, I mean it"

"If Mio does it, yeah, no."

"When it's me and my master, the performance is 30% different"

"No, whatever, that's not good..."

After dinner. In the end it was agreed that I'm sure I should be ready, and it would be nice if I decided to spend a lot of time preparing the following day following today...

"Hey, El. What about the party himself? Yeah? I don't care how big a man knows about breasts and butt shapes."

"Yes, I'm sorry I'm a poor minister because I'm still a child..."

"I'm sorry, what?

Tatsuya puts a bitter smile into Aeris' words, which are so out of focus.

"No, so it wouldn't be fun knowing the details, like a poor body of a child like me,"

"Wait a minute, El. The idea is dangerous!

In modern Japan, Tatsuya accidentally flirts with statements such as hands turning back when she does bad. If you are looking at the response of a macro in the first place, you are determined to take extra damage just to know, such as detailed specs of the female body for children.

"Danger, is it?

"Oh, it's dangerous"

"But compared to Master Harna, you really have children such as me, don't you?

"Princess, that is a special example!

"Elle's chest, not that small"

Gun penetration flies to Aeris, who wants to do something dangerous.

"You didn't dare say anything, but you really miss Hiroshi, Aeris"

"Is it?

"Then I'll ask, but I'll give you the same information..., yeah. What would you think if they found out around Prince Bordeaux?

"... what is this physiological disgust..."

"Good for you. That's a decent place."

Tatsuya and Hiroshi feel very uncomfortable in a conversation that doesn't speak at all. Honestly, this hand conversation is hard for a man.

"Nevertheless, Aeris"

"What is it?

"It's not Tatsuya's word, but it's time to take care of a lot of things. It's getting a lot more feminine than I remember."

"Since the first time we took a bath together, it's 3.5mm bigger. If you do poorly, the cup size changes"

"So why don't you do that at our place, huh?

Whether you are provoking or not counting on a man, an ambitious man with a cursory sieve to a group of women who actually continue a remarkable conversation in peace. What a hard time being inspired by the extra trauma and being honest with you.

"That's why, Master, it's just a good opportunity, and rehab. Elle's underwear, please."

"No, no, no, no, no..."

"Life is at stake. We should make something a little better."

An ambition that continues to push questions against words that I just think are too steep for Mio.

"No one here is as bad to his master as he made underwear"

"Mio, that's not really what we're going to talk about."

Elaine interrupts and embarrasses Mio when she sees a macro that is getting more and more pale.

"Well, if it stays like this, Hiroshi won't be useless, so as to change the story"

"As a change?

"Do you have all the ingredients for the medicine?

"If you say so. All of a sudden they said a lot, so I honestly forgot."

I'm sorry, and Elaine tells the bowing of her head to smile bitterly and not care. As a matter of fact, the treatment of Elaine, who can remain in a state of well-being and lead some daily life unhindered by the effects of accessories and magic props, is by no means a high priority in the present situation. Besides, if you have all the ingredients for the medicine, you can always do it if you just want to get rid of the poison.

"In the meantime, I'll make you an antidote first."

"No, that terribly rotten fruit, is it that important?

"That one. If you can concentrate fruit juice well, you can make it into a panacea ingredient."

"What? Well, at what level?

"If you work hard, you can go as far as the third level"

True harp deplores the sweetness of his own perception, even though he says that he has deviated significantly from common sense. He's exhausted his energy to penetrate, too. Elaine has an indescribable face, whining about what a third-degree panacea is.

"Hey, can I ask you one thing?


"Not as close to the field, but fruit like growing not so far away, can you really make that level of stuff?

"That's what I did in the game. Well, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. In the first place, it will take a long time for Solomycen itself to be able to harvest."

"Ahhh, I'm convinced of something"

It's that perishable. It would be almost impossible for players to reap it right after the start.

"So, enriching, what level exactly do we do?

"Well, it feels like a five-fold concentrate can make about a fifth grade of panacea. If you want to make a third level, you have to try to concentrate a hundred times or so."

"If you concentrate that much, does it taste a little?

"Hmm? Well, it's decided how much concentrated it is and how thinner it tastes than water. Yay. Well, if it's a hundred times more concentrated, it'll be an intermediate level V and IV panacea itself."

Tatsuya gets stunned by the words of Hiroshi. Taste is meant to perceive what affects your body, be good or bad. In other words, something that has so much drug effect should taste pretty good. Yet almost tasteless. Though it's impeccable to bring common sense to fantasy, I honestly want to ask violently what about that.

"Well, three times more concentrate this time, and enough other ingredients, and make it quick. Wow."

That's what I said, a macro heading into the kitchen. Whatever Mio is still immature, it's a level of work, not even work, for the Macro. It is a kind of medicine that requires a dedicated bottle, but it doesn't matter because the complete drug effect only lasts about six hours after manufacture, and for some reason the anti-corrosion won't prevent the drug effect from disappearing, and this time it will be taken as soon as it is made.

"Is that you, Hiroshi?

"Spring vegetables, running errands in the kitchen?

"A block of Wyburn breast, thought I'd smoke it a little"

"I don't know. I'm here to make medicine for Sister Ele."

"Oh, you forgot."

Macro laughs bitterly at the words of spring vegetables. She remembers everything she's ever seen and heard, but that's just to say that she can remember as soon as she wants to. It's not just that I don't forget or lose track of things like that, and I don't want to forget my schedule or skip things.

"Well, I won't be long to make it."


That being said, spring vegetables keep a distance to the extent that they do not put pressure on the macro and watch the task of making medicines. Sometimes my skill in pharmaceuticals has improved somewhat, and as soon as I saw that the work being done by Hiroshi was beyond my control, I could see it.


"You're early."

"Well, as a medicine, it's simple."

It is this task to react Solomycen, which has a powerful pharmaceutical effect in all directions, with some materials to specialise the effect on Emilrad.

"Nevertheless, I thought I might as well have a pharmaceutical stove or something prepared separately."


Spring vegetables that go into preparing smoke with a block of Wyburn, beside a macro that is taking rough heat until it is an easy temperature to drink. Seal the grill, finish the steps to kick out the smoke outside, and then light the chip.

"In the meantime, I'll smoke it overnight."

"Roger that. Well, you can do whatever you want around there. Yeah."

A macro that removes the coarse fever, transfers the medicine to a cup at a temperature that makes it easier to drink, and prepares a reworded one. Spring vegetables that look at it and take something out of the food bin. What was taken out was a reasonable food, perhaps a treat, in which bite-sized fruits entered something like gelatin, wrapped around it with something like translucent fertility seeking.

"What is this?

"Treats made with maneater gelatin and skins. It's a corner, so I was wondering if you'd like to eat at night."

"I'm all for the jade, but Spring Vegetables probably makes a lot of things too."

"Well, I'm all about food,"

Spring vegetables making excuses with a bitter smile for the penetration of a macro. For this reason, a maneater is, as its name suggests, a semi-entity jelly-shaped life form that eats and powers magic. Normally he is the natural enemy of the wizard, but he is also a pathetic creature that, because he cannot survive without oxygen in the half entity's arse, he was punished with a lack of acid by Tatsuya, who is supposed to be the bait.

For the record, Maneater's core tastes like a cow, so it's dinner today, what the hell it's used for the eight inches of mini kaiseki. It is a really strange ecology, such as completely materializing if you die, but it doesn't matter for spring vegetables. It should be noted that what a mini sketch of the day, the biggest eyeball, was a small pot made with dashi taken from Wyburn's gala, along with other delicate and advanced moves such as dashi rolls with a slightly unusual creature's egg, and a fruit rice dish by the buckwheat prepared in place of rice. Most importantly, because it is a mini, there are fewer items than the original ones, and it is subtle in terms of format that all the dishes were served together without serving them.

"In the meantime, I've made it"

"That was fast."

"As long as we have the ingredients, it's a lot of work."

"If I were you, I would make that medicine out of the equipment here with about 80% success rate..."

"There's the difference in the season. We just have to give up and encourage practice. Oh."

That said, I give Elaine a medicine that cools to a temperature of about human skin. Thanks to the other pharmaceutically effective ingredients, I receive that medicine with a subtle expression that has become an indescribable shade of blue and green, and I drink it all at once with what is an indescribable subtle flavor. In the meantime, the heat rushes around the entire body and drives away something that was eroding from corner to corner of the body. After that fever pulled off, the slight fever, headaches, nausea, and most importantly, the tiredness to the despair that had always accompanied him for about a month, had disappeared like a lie.

"Awesome...... Headaches, nausea, tiredness..., it's all gone like a lie..."

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it until the aftermath, but this poison will kill you, and you won't have to say it."

After that, I can only use rehab as a cure.

"As a precaution in the meantime, you should be losing a lot of strength and resistance, if you absolutely can't. Your liver will feel better, so keep your liquor down."

"Yeah, I got help around the corner, so I'm not going to die trying to kill you."

"That's better. Yeah. Honestly, it's your sister's funeral.

When I smile bitterly at the words of the Macho, I wash away the subtle flavors that still remain in my mouth with a juice of re-mouthing. And carry the unidentified treat that Spring Vegetables had prepared to his mouth for nothing.

"It's refreshing, but it's rich, and it tastes strange. What is this strange textured thing and the skin on the surface?

"Maneater. It was a good gelatin with no habits, so I gave it a try"

"... in the end, that's what you say falls..."

When alarmed, a table is eaten of beautifully served monster carcasses. It's good because it's delicious and has no harm to the body, but honestly, there's no alarm or gap. If it's about Wyburn, there's not as much resistance to surprise as there is to it, but when you become a maneater on a boulder, it's not something you honestly want to eat.

"Well, let's take a bath and go to bed"

"You know, I'll just take a bath and go to bed when I've got all the right stuff."

"The master makes underwear. I'm already moulded."


A macro who ends up being pushed out because it's a part of life that is going to spit blood on his face thinking about the future dangers. The next morning Spring Vegetables saw bras and shorts for children that were beautifully finished, as illustrated by Mio (even so, surprisingly large given their age), and a macro cramped with a earthy face in one corner of the room and a tingly, nasty feel.