"The smell of sulfur in the water..."

"Undoubtedly, it's a hot spring, Hiro."

"Hot Springs"

The two of you smell hot water flowing out of a building that looks like a common bath, and clearly conclude so. Older people watching for that strange shabby, bitterly laughing. One line came to Farlane's leading hot springs, Adne, at the foot of the Great Spirit Peak, by saying Yuji. The move is a relaxing, not a one-shot move in the carriage, with Rayot's transfer magic. It should be noted that Rayot has just left after delivering the line.

"Depending on the water here, the temperature of the source, we can do that."

"Yeah, I can do that."

"In the meantime, now that I know you guys are screwed, calm down a little bit"

Tatsuya puts a stop to the movement. Apparently, he was waiting for a penetration.

"So, you're willing to make even hot spring eggs?

"No more hot spring eggs when the hot springs come."

"Later, if the temperature at the source is high, I thought I'd boil corn or potatoes."

"As always, I show obsession with eating. Hey, you guys..."

If I did it, I wouldn't even feel wild letting the penetration in, watching the two of them breathing.

"For this reason, the main fate is hot spring manjuya"

"Didn't we talk about no beans?

"I noticed a solution to that."

With the exception of the Japanese, who are surprised by the words of spring vegetables and unexpectedly stare at her. You are satisfied with the way it is, chest stretched and zubbled, pointing your finger at it and proclaiming it exalted with a proud colour in your blue eyes.

"If you don't have beans, you can make white fillings!

Spring vegetables that stick out to accentuate the big breasts even if they don't, and say things like a queen executed everywhere with a Doya face. It is simply emphasised because it is clearly fixed, but otherwise, I would have understood what the pseudo-sounds are like. A gaze other than a macro on the spot unwittingly concentrates on its chest.

"As a result, there's a lot of stuffing and hands."

The macro adds an extra annotation. Apparently, white ingen and blue peas, which serve as ingredients for white or udder fillings, have similar products like pork.

"Is that a solution?

"They're both just minor, traditional fillings or. I still can find a solution for asthma and lamb, but can you handle seabream roasting to some extent?

"I mean, Hot Springs Manju is simply steaming manju, so don't you have to do it in hot springs?

Hiroshi and spring vegetables laughing at Tatsuya's words. As usual, you are talking at an unscrupulous distance, but when it comes to this hand, my breath is genuinely perfect.

"If the hot spring water was right for drinking, I'd steam it."

"Wait, wait, wait. How are you gonna find out about that?

"I have a checker to see if it's suitable for drinking. I made it a lot ago."

"Is it dedicated to hot springs?

"Ainya. The original use is to see if a normal source of water can be drunk."

Elaine and Doga rather devour the words of the Macho. Though Ursus has a clean impression, there are many stories about drinking raw water and bellying it, and there are quite a few accidents every year that lead to the Knights where the belly is irreplaceable on the back and mixed with boiled and drunk water.

They're going to say you can water it out with magic props and magic, but we're not talking about going that easy. There is no constant magic, there is no magic that can be used by 10,000 people to produce water, and there is no more propaganda for all households and troops to make water. Local procurement in some cases is directly linked to life and death, especially since few situations, such as the Knights, have said that resources have to be kept as warm as possible.

"How precise can you tell that?

"You can drink it as it is, if it boils, you can drink it, you need to treat it properly, you can drink it basically, it feels about right"

"Decent processing, any details on the one that says?

"If you have the expertise, you should know."

Honestly and accurately respond to Elaine and Doga, who attack questions with great eating. He walks right through that, walking to Spring Vegetables as Aeris sparkles a different shade of blue eyes than Spring Vegetables.

"Master Harna!


"Hot spring eggs, what is it like to say!? Hot Springs Manju, is it delicious to say!?

Aeris overflows the whole body with expectations for unknown food while patting the invisible tail. It is a sight that, in many ways, makes the future anxious.

"You don't have to panic, I'll get it right"


Aeris replies with a full smile and a real pleasure. Mio, who watched the exchange around him, utters words to clean things up.

"Come on, Inn, let's go?

To Mio's best penetration, the question stops some movement and the bat nods badly together. Even if it's shaggy, you can leave about your baggage behind.

"Leena, you should give her a proper opinion at times like this."

Tatsuya puts in a bittersweet penetration against Raina, who couldn't get into the circle of a single story and was watching the situation sideways.

"Wow, you told me to put my mouth on the air right now!?

"No, when the Lord or his superiors are running wild, his sober men have to brake."

"Too rare a situation to say I'm calmer, I couldn't think that far..."

A bitter laugh leaks into Rayna's words, who understands her shortcomings well. She still cares about the first time, and she has a strong atmosphere of restraint from moving at will.

"Well, I don't mind if it's not an emergency, but I think Leena's calmer."

"Right. It seems a little too floating."

"For now, let's go to the inn."

"Let it go. I don't care if we talk here."

"No, don't you guys say that"

Tatsuya's penetration profoundly pierced the words of Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who tried to force the venue together.

"So, what's all of a sudden Yuji?

"I mean, can't you explain properly what happened yesterday after all?

He enters the inn and takes a breath, where Tatsuya and Makoto hang up somewhat calmly. It should be noted that there is also a royal villa in this hot spring town, but this time I dare not use it to take the best inn in this city. Of course, the room is the most expensive, the so-called Royal Suite, and the entire inn is rented out to take care of the suspicious. All costs are paid by the state, not by the royal family. Sometimes it was a time when there were few Yuji customers, and even if they were so unscrupulous, they could have rented it out. It is this prince's story.

As a matter of fact, as one of them, they don't know why they suddenly became feathers coming to Yuji. Somehow, the morning after Hiroshi returned from the mission, Rayot suddenly pushed me,

"I'm taking my sister and Aeris to Yuji now. I've already arranged the lodging, so be ready in half an hour."

And so he came out prepared. Even when it comes to preparation, I simply pack the usual clothes into the warehouse, but I didn't have time to get explanations from Rayot because I didn't forget anything, or because of the tight doors and other checks. Plus, we're on Adne, pushing the inn tickets and walking away early. The beginning hong and spring vegetable bokeh would rather be the speed of adaptation to be impressed that it is something you can often do that in that situation.

"I heard the reason Yuji came up all the time, but as for yesterday, well, I purify all the veins of this country, and I've done a good job all the time. It's like a goddess, but I don't know how to explain it, so I'll save it. When the time came, he told me that he would see him, so I asked him."

"In terms of the whole job, well, I think it's a success. It just came out like a mastermind, but at least not at the point where we retreated."

It's too sobering an explanation, but I can't really explain anything else. Because there are too many things that Higashi doesn't know very well about the parties when it comes to the details.

"Well, from the feel of it, that's not a mastermind or anything, just an atmosphere like lizard tail burns"

"I also voted for my master's opinion"

"Ah, maybe. For being transformed, I kind of had a triple odor."

Mio and Spring Vegetables agree with the words of Hon. Especially the spring vegetable comments are terrible.

"Was it that cluttered?

"It looked like a miscellaneous fish. Something like, the first medium boss of games and comics? I act like a big guy at first sight, but mostly the reality is just lizard tails, opponents like"

To the words of spring vegetables, Tatsuya and Makoto are strangely convinced. In fact, if the Japanese were full members, they would have been ordinarily punished without causing evil. Probably just sent in a similar back-dressing and face-to-face person, pretending to be a mastermind.

"So, Cerberus, our work entanglement, the grandmothers brought home?

"Well, that's not the place"

Yesterday, I ended up feathering work on dismantling Cerberus as soon as Hiroshi was back, and I didn't have time to talk about this in the end. Besides, the Cerberus material was nothing but skins and bones, and the rare gear changes that occurred when this highly tempered creature was finished, in short, the drop of rare gear, so it wasn't very tasty compared to the hassle.

"So, there was a story that seemed to tell the story behind it?

"There was a summoner, so I can predict roughly, but the survivors are not even left with their mouths sealed. You can't be sure."

"I don't know. But it's hard to summon Cerberus."

"Well, it seems like they use more than ten people to call three heads, so that's not why they're so high-quality."

Summon Cerberus, the true harp and Tatsuya of how something is hooked up where he says, but there are two people there who don't have as much memory as Spring Vegetables. I don't get caught up in what, and in the end I give up remembering things on this occasion.

"So, after all, you don't know what Yuji is."

"Well, I can predict a lot."

Doga, who has given up remembering what she is caught up in, says that lightly to Makoto's words.

"Because of what?

"Anyway, there are people trying to execute us by tailoring us to kidnappers or something. Anyway, it seems that Master Alfemina has exposed his name. How many faces have you hidden, and by the name, that place should crack in time."

A line of unintentionally fed up faces in Doga's words. In this minute, I'm also anxious to see if I can return to Ursus again.

"Well, by now, Rayott will be arguing with the hard-headed people, and we can just say we're on vacation and enjoy the hot springs."

"Right. Eighty-nine, we haven't finished the mastermind yet, and after this, we're gonna get caught up in some obviously unsuitable court mess, and at least we're gonna have to indulge in all this."

Spring vegetables catch on to Elaine's statement throwing all the trouble round to her brother. They've already switched moods, singing improvised songs on a wastefully high level with hot spring eggs, hot spring eggs, etc.

"Hey, I'm going to check the water quality and temperature of the hot springs."

"Please, there's a kitchen in this room, so I'll make a hot spring egg sauce or a white filling."

Copy that.

With that said, we decide what we want to do and we just start to act on Hiroshi and Chunvee. A legion of elderly people who were surprised to let loop into the beginning story at once. Isn't the brainlessness around here truthfully admirable?

Most people who don't have a brace in their behavior can't tell you how to concentrate on eating.

"Every time I think about this..."


"Those two, it's been two months since we started acting together...?

"... ahhh"

Tatsuya accidentally raises her voice to the words of Makoto. Honestly, the way those two behave is so similar that they say they've always been best friends.

"Now, let him wander around one of them, and you can't even put your eyes on him if he's tangled up by a weird woman. I'll just follow you."

Copy that.

For now, when you just take out your wallet, Tatsuya subtly chases after Hiroshi like a hundred million bucks. Aside from getting tangled up by weird women, I don't necessarily get caught up in what I said about being poked at a favorite and hectic part and being sold weird stuff or being snagged up by weird people. In fact, when I first came to Urs, I was in trouble that didn't involve a woman who said that during chores, and I was often helped by senior adventurers where I was deceiving.

"We are... It's a corner, so I'm gonna take a little stroll around here. Elle, Mio, Leena, that's good, right?


"No problem."

Hear Aeris and Mio reply, then, and stand up true harp. Rayna doesn't particularly pinch her mouth at times like this.

"I've come to the corner, and I'll follow you to the hot springs."

So I'm leaving a message with Harna?


Like this, it determines everyone's behavior. A vacation in the abruptly pressed hot spring district. They enjoyed it in a thoughtful way.

"Guys, the case!

It was where spring vegetables completed the dough of hot spring manju that such words were brought to a single line of Japanese. The true harps have not yet returned, and the only ones in the room are Elaine, who came back from the bath, and Doga, who has been waiting all along, and Spring Vegetables, who were dedicated to making them. With regard to hot spring eggs, we have already received a report from Hongkong regarding the temperature of the hot spring, and have begun boiling the eggs by saying no to the innkeeper.

"What's the matter with the case?

"I discovered something amazing! We'll collect it wherever possible, so gather at the inn!

Even though I don't know what the Macro is excited about, and look unexpectedly suspicious, well I'm free to wait, and by saying, I start steaming manju for now.

"What's wrong with you?

"Something about you discovering something amazing."

"Hmm. That guy's awesome, he's got half a chance of being indescribable."

Doga said that with a bitter smile on the subtle look of spring vegetables. Elaine was laughing when she heard nothing.

"I'm home."

"Ah, welcome home"

Around the time I asked if the first manju would steam up, the true harps returned.

"What is he so excited about?

"I don't know, but I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I think it's just a bunch of things because I'm going out of my way to get together."

"Tatsuya's supposed to be with me, and I can't get in touch with you like this unless it's something else."


Take out the steamed manju while having a subtly distracting conversation with others. After tasting one and checking for flavor, take the second out of the steam cage for Aeris, who is very nagging.

"Yes, Elle. Be careful, it's hot."

Aeris hits elegantly with such precautions, breathing and cooling. Chewing through the strange textured skin spreads the elegant sweetness of the white filling in your mouth. Eat the rest elegantly, admiring the strange sweetness you've never spoken before.

"As usual, Elle looks really delicious to eat."

"True. If I let you do the food commercial, you'd pull it off, wouldn't you?

A true harp that hits my share, grinning bitterly at how Aeris is doing. I used a minor substitute called white filling, but the Japanese sweets haven't been really bad in a long time. Mio also enjoys freshly fluttered eyes as he narrows them.

"So, what about hot spring eggs?

"Isn't it already done?

"Oh well. So, a tasting later?

"Is that it?"

Continuing to talk about eating with others, let Doga and Elaine and Raina also go to Hot Springs Manju for now.

"Still, they're too late."

"Was there even some trouble?

You called the convocation, but its people are slow. Surprised by what the hell you're doing, Spring Vegetables are planted with more hives while confirming Elaine's reaction, and True Harp observes the gesture. Honestly, I don't have anything to do when I'm at the inn.

"Bad, it's late!

"A little too greedy, maybe later than I thought"

In the end, Hiroshi and Tatsuya came back about as much as they began to worry about whether Spring Vegetables would steam the second.

"So, what are you saying you found?

"I found this guy."

In response to the enquiry of the true harp, the one taken out and shown by the hong. That's...

"Maybe this!


"Yeah. It's also known as Japonica rice!

In the proclamation of the Hoang, the Japanese women consolidate. If that word is true......

"I mean, you can eat curry rice, right?

"Others like beef bowls and omelet rice and soy sauce are ok."

"Miso soup for rice, grilled fish for simmering, what a menu..."

"Come on!

There is cheer among the Japanese for the proclamation of the Hoang. Ladies and gentlemen of the Farlanes watching the way it is. It is understandable to say that it is a serious and serious incident for the Japanese as well.

"So, how much, is there?

"I don't know. The amount that we were able to recover earlier, and about two liters for now?

"Then there's not much room..."

"Once you've grown, you can harvest enough if you want."

Together with others who react tremendously to the words of the Macro.

"However, because of the native rice, the variety improvement and everything, and if you expect the flavor, don't worry."

"I won't say that much about luxury."

Spring vegetables nodding with a serious face in the words of the obvious macro.

"With that said, what are you planning on doing for noon?

"According to His Royal Highness's words, if you want, you're on your own. It was a sudden rental out of boulders, so I thought I'd make lunch in time."

"Then rent the kitchen, curry rice!

Cheer boils down to the powerful proclamation of spring vegetables. It is strange that, for some reason, Aeris as well as the Japanese are happy together.

"Look, I'll ask you to buy out the missing ingredients. I'll rent an inn with my brother and do grain removal and refined rice."

"Copy that!"

Japanese women who reply to the proclamation of the Hoang, apparently with tension cut off, and leave the Farlane group elderly who are unable to keep up with the situation. Elaine, who was black-and-white with her eyes at an overly glaring, but also unintelligible, development, finally opens her mouth feeling.

"In the end, what the hell is wrong with you?

"In short, we found rice, which is Japanese soul food, so we can eat curry rice, which is national food, for the first time in months, all the time"

"... I can't follow you at all..."

It is an unforgivable story for Elaine, who has never been put in a situation where neither exotic nor native meal pieces exist. Naturally, Aeris and Raina do the same thing, but honestly, I don't care about the percentage and itself.

"Can I have one?

Aeris asks the most important question.

"What's up, El?

"Is that dish delicious?


Macro says with a full smile on his face. Seeing that, expectations of curry rice increase without refusing.

"Look, I'm just gonna get ready."

If you do, declare with a good smile, Hiroshi and Tatsuya leave the room with a bag of rice in it for the rest of their lives. Spring vegetables starting to list ingredients missing from curry rice. You lost your curiosity, Aeris, who follows after the macro. It was on this day that we finally succeeded in obtaining Japonica rice, the largest wall in the reproduction of Japanese food.

Adne's finest hotel, the Hotel Laguna's kitchen, is dominated by a strange scent that has never been smelled before.

"I can't. I need to borrow the kitchen, sorry"

"No, I don't mind that..."

To the words of spring vegetables, a chef shaking his neck left and right. These offers are not rare in fact, as some visitors have a high status nobility like the Duke. In the case of a guest who stays in a Royal Suite, an order that says how many dishes your cook would like to eat, etc., is a daily tea meal, and it is a natural sight for an accompaniment to rent a kitchen each time.

Therefore, there is no problem with the situation where this adventurous woman rents the kitchen to cook. I don't even feel the need to complain about it separately, as I clean myself properly when entering the kitchen, pick a place for those in the uninterrupted corner, and start cooking with care for the people around me.

The problem is that you don't know what the hell you're making. I cook something white that I have never seen in a large pan I bring in, while simmering something together in a pan. Something white requires quite a delicate task if you look at the occasional fine tuning of the fire. The smell is hard to describe because we have never smelled it. It's not uncomfortable, but I'm not sure if it smells like food.

And a dimensional torso pan. It contains vegetables and meat lightly fired earlier and is simmered in a dark brown unspeakable sauce, made from strange powder and flour that seems to have been formulated with a number of spices. Although subtle in appearance, complex aromas mixed with multiple spices somehow promote appetite.

There is no need to cook in the kitchen at this time as there is some strong pressure on this day and the entire hotel is completely rented out. Therefore, all cooks have time to observe the dishes made by this female adventurer, who has not yet graduated from school.

"What the hell is that dish?

"It's my homeland dish. I'm going to eat it in this pan."

What a joyful smile, Spring Vegetable to make sure the pot that is cooking something white burns down, whilst stirring the contents of the Dimensional Torso Pot to see how it is cooking.

"Hmm, does it feel like a little more for rice?

Observe the condition of the pan without opening the lid and stir the dimensional torso pan. Regardless of the dimensional torso pan, the pan of those cooking something white had a lot of suspicious reactions along the way, but she didn't pay any attention and only confirmed the fire.

"This is what Curry looks like, all the time"

Check how the carrots and potatoes are boiled and put down the stove fire, observe another pan.

"When we're done steaming, I guess we're done here"

Apparently, this one's done fine. Remove all kinds of vegetables that can be eaten raw when the fire is dropped and cut handily to go.

"Is this a raw vegetable salad? Then we will."

"Oh, right. Can I ask you a favor?

"I'll take care of it"

The head chef, who was seen at the girl's disposal, rushes in and starts cooking in their own known, rather than anybody's, realm. There's too little art in just looking at it like this.

"It's time, okay?

Observe the colors and serving of the salad made by the chef, and the spring vegetables he was eager to impress regain consciousness to the large pot. When I opened the lid of the pan, a small grain of white was claiming itself with a twinkling glow. After stirring the contents of the pan with a form of appliance that the chefs have never seen before, such as to stir up steam or mix air, just a little taste for the hands.

"Hmm, does it feel a little lacking in sweetness and stickiness? Well, it's a native species, so why not?"

Tolerable enough, and when one nods, spring vegetables try to serve it on a borrowed plate. The head chef decides to come that far and ask what bothers him.

"Excuse me. What the hell is that white grain?

"Oh, this is called rice. Hiroshi was born in a swamp near here."

"Swamp?... Could it be..."

"Do you know what it is?

One nod at the strangely expressive spring vegetables briefly explains the swamp. That said, it's not a very difficult story. There are many offensive monsters on top of the lack of proper roads, and it's a place where locals don't bother to get in. Somehow this city of Adne, to the northwest, has a great lake, and the river that uses it as a water source connects it nearby to the port town of Maryge, so it has little trouble with food. Besides, there are few dangerous creatures in this river for the big one.

Therefore, we all know that the grain is native, but no one has bothered to investigate what it is.

"There's enough to eat, it's essential for specialties, and there's a lot more cultivated land than there is, and no one bothered to look into plants native to dangerous places."

"I see..."

It's a really convincing story. Somehow a country called Farlane seems to be missing out on these delicious things with nori very often.

"Then I'll try it because it's a corner?


I'm going to curry them up on a plate with enough for everyone to taste them, spurting out unexpectedly at the look of the chef who snorts vigorously. In this kind of place, rice and roo should be served separately or half of the plate in the form of rice, half roo, but this place dares to sprinkle directly on the rice, as in the general household.

To Farlane, it was the moment Curry Rice exploded.

"In my country, I actually add what I call Fukujin pickles, but I didn't think there was rice, so you didn't plant it, unfortunately"

If you give them a plate with a spoon while giving them such an annotation, the head chef begins to seriously observe that disdressed dish. Finish the entire observation, put a spoonful in the place where the rice and roo are fairly well intertwined, and take a bite.

"... contrary to appearance, it tastes really sophisticated..."

"The flavour of what I call rice reduces the spiciness of the sauce reasonably well..."

"Yummy... I think I can eat as much as I want..."

Top-notch cooks compliment each other as much as they can say. Spring vegetables that look more relieved than better about how they look. The taste of rice is often unclear from the tongues of Europeans and Americans, but should boulders also be called first-class cooks? It seems to capture the slight sweetness of the native species. If you're having a review like that, there...

"Only you guys are sloppy..."

There was resentment. There was gaze and resentment. My voice pierces me. When I saw it, I stared really resentfully at the cooks Aeris was tasting.

"I look forward to it yet or not, but I never hear from you that you're ready, if you're worried and come and see how it goes..."

"Oh, sorry, Elle..."

"I know how hard it must be, but this scent is hard on me when I was patient..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'll take it right away!

Spring vegetables that, despite Aeris' resentful words, are very busy getting ready and transporting them to the room. The Royal Suite, which brought the food...


"I knew it would take a while to cook rice, but it's too late for anything..."

"Sister Chun......, Curry......"

"Let's hope there's no such thing as this scorch..."

The hungry children were waiting.

"Ho, I'm so sorry! I'll have it ready in a minute!

With that said, I serve rice on a plate, loo, and arrange the salad to finish the discipline.

"There are hot spring eggs for once, how about that?

"The first drink, I'm going to Orthodox!

"It's a replacement premise..."

Apparently, eating children don't know where to stay. Unexpectedly far-eyed spring vegetables to Tatsuya's powerful words.

"As, well. It's a corner, and we need it quick before it cools down."

Elaine, who was pulling more and more on the condition of Honda, modifies the track for now. She's hungry, too, even if it's not as direct as Aerys.

"Well, thank you for today's food, I'll have it"

A Japanese group will do according to the hanging of spring vegetables, and later on the fur lane group will end their pre-meal prayers. Nearly everyone spoons into the curry at about the same time and transports it to their mouth, even if it's not what I said.

"Mm-hmm! This is it!


It's been three months for Makoto, and the first rice in two weeks or so even when Tatsuya is reached. When it comes to eating curry rice for the last time, even Tatsuya is about a month old. But to that extent, it is likely that when Tatsuya and Makoto were both in Japan, all three basic meals were rice-eating lifestyles. Moreover, Tatsuya's reaction is by no means exaggerated, given that in the case of overseas assignments and so on, some people will not be able to endure a life without rice in less than a week.

"It's a very sophisticated dish, backwards from what it looks like, this"

"The spiciness of the spices is going to boost your appetite and eat as much as you want"

The fur lane group on the other hand was totally fascinated by this dish, which eats differently than curry bread. Even if not, curry is a dish so vastly demonically modified that it is hailed as blossoming in Japan. It's not an old commercial, but it surprises the Indians too, and it's a substitute for representing Japan instead of its country of origin, which customers from abroad normally praise. There is no reason why Spring Vegetables, the culinary culinary peak, should not taste good, because they have put in as much as they can think of as best for themselves. That said, if you look at the fact that not only Elaine and Aeris, whose tongues would be fattening, but Raina, who likes dark flavors, also looks delicious, the out-of-the-box Farlane people may know what rice tastes like.

"... what's wrong, Mr. Raina?

"Oh, no, the..."

Rayna stared at the plate in what seemed like an unspeakable manner, eating up to the level of not leaving a single grain of rice and just a little sauce creeping onto the plate. From the way things are going, it doesn't feel like Curry doesn't care, it feels like he's shying away from something.

"If it's a substitute, why don't you say no? Yeah?

"... okay?

Spring vegetables that giggle and receive plates to Raina, who asks about the snacks. Aeris looking at it and looking subtly envious. I want to eat more, but it's time to be full.

"For the others, are you okay?

"Mm-hmm. Because I make it on the premise of about two cups per person at a time."

"Do you mind if I have one, too? I'm very hungry because I was ruined yesterday for nothing."


Spring vegetables smiling delightfully at the highly acclaimed curry rice. She herself hasn't particularly replaced herself. Most of all, Tatsuya and Makoto, especially Makoto, eat a lot.

"Ah, it was delicious..."

"Now we can fight for the second half of the year..."

Long time no rice, curry rice I even dreamed of. Tatsuya and Mio, who enjoyed it enough, groan from the bottom of their hearts. Mio, whose food is slightly thinner every day, is eating two cups today.

"So, how much more rice can we secure?

At last, the calm harp in many ways asks the most important thing.

"Mm-hmm. Well, it's a good mound or something. I mean, the size of the herd."

"How much is that, exactly?

"About sixty kilometers. If you eat three meals a day, it feels like when you count backwards from the amount of food you eat these days, if you do it for five people, it's probably about nine people for a month.

"That's not much..."

True harp that unexpectedly disappoints me in the words of the Macho. I had great hopes that I might be able to return to my dream rice life.

"Well, this number is a story burn for the future."

"About the future? What do you mean?"

"If we think about next year and pick it up, can we do more?

Unexpectedly roaring true harp to the troubling words of the Macho.

"With that said, Hiroshi. What does that flock look like?

"Quite wide. Swamp, I told you, but now that the water is dead, it feels like I can walk normally. I told the locals that nature and water wither from this time of year until about spring, and that nature and water tend to grow when the climate is roughly planted."

"Maybe it feels pretty ideal?

"I don't know. Because nature, soil and water circulate, there are also problems with coordination. Year-round climates and weather are similar around here in Japan."

Perhaps because of the similarity of the environment around it, something close to the original species was native. Elaine opens her mouth as she was listening to the two of them.

"Then it's not too bad to try collecting and growing seeds as an experiment."

"Holding your brother isn't something you can't do."

"Right. It would be a shame to say that such delicious dishes are precious because only some ingredients are native."

Slightly motivated royal sisters. It's a big deal to watch. Farlane was thus set to take a step towards rice cultivation culture. At this point, we all thought that if we could establish the foundations of the cultivation method in ten years, it would be your word, but after this unexpectedly, the know-how of the hand was supplied, and it didn't take ten years for rice to become the main crop, but nobody could look that far ahead in the boulder.

"Well, it's a corner, let's take a bath"

Spring vegetables invite Mio and the others after a neat time after the meal to make sure his stomach is finally calmer. It should be noted that Hiroshi and Tatsuya are once again on a journey to find rice. Now Doga is with us.

"Right. You've come around the corner, but you haven't been in a hot spring yet."

"When you come to the hot springs, it's manners to go in until you can sprinkle"

True harp and Mio don't seem to be different. Then we'll roll out to the bathroom with all the rest of us.

"Even these luxury hotels have big baths."

"Farlane's bathing habits are basically supported by popular baths."

"Hot springs in the baths, weird places, similar to Japan"

"Oh, Mio thinks so too."

Though due to the abundance of beautiful water, Farlane's bathing culture is actually similar to that of Japan. If there is a difference, is it that the bath is not always available in the general household yet?

"... hmm?

"What's up, Spring Vegetables?

"Somehow, something strange was walking..."

With that said, thinking about the possibility of a mistake in view, chasing after that strange thing disappears, checking the end of the bend…

"There's something weird..."

"There's something weird about that..."

Beyond that, a creature with spinachy leaves growing overhead and hands and feet directly stuck to a turnip-like torso with a dark face that closely resembles Moai, shoulders? I was heading towards the bathroom as I toweled to skip. Mio and Makoto squeak in unintentional solidarity at that figure, which is too rare.

"Also, sorry!

Seriously observing it, which is overly suspicious, a female innkeeper catches him in a big hurry. The woman who was in and out of the kitchen earlier. It is indescribably creepy that a woman grabs a leaf and twinkles it.

"Oh, um..."

"Sorry! I've allowed you to break in!

"I don't mind that, but what is it?

"This is a vegetable called Pome."


Spring vegetables, surprised by the unexpected reply, unexpectedly open their eyes and scream. I'm surprised by the cute name that doesn't look like it, but I'm surprised to say it's a vegetable in the first place.

"It's a specialty vegetable around here, but it's a little more habitual in the ecology, not the flavor..."

"Strong habits, for example?

"The number of vegetables and hot springs increases."


All of a sudden they hear words that are unexpected and their eyes dot. Together.

"Um, really?

"Yes. Just breeding, I don't know if I can say, but it's that time of year, so if it is, can you see it?

"Oh, I might want to see"

"I'm interested, too"

Elaine and the others agree with Spring Vegetables and Makoto's words. Seeing these rare things is also the flavor of travel.

"Well, here you go,"

Uh-huh, uh-huh, whirring and ignoring it, breeding? Employees who lead you to the location's hot springs. Because it's every year, or it's something I'm used to.

"For our hotel, this is where we breed."

And it came to pass, and it came to pass, that it was a wide outdoor bath, which was duly made with a callout. Although I may be closer to saying "puddle" than "bath" because I have not maintained the edge.


"A lot of floats..."

In the bath, a troublesome number of pomegranates float with a glistening face. Employees who do not care about the spring vegetables they observe as they pull subtly and throw in the pomegranate they were hanging from. What an unspeakable air the pome, which was twitching in the air, gives off its expression at the same time as the watering. Still observing how it goes...


Suddenly, a pome about the size of almond chocolate comes to mind in a way that makes me want to put on a phonetic sound that says pokon. In fact, I guess the interpretation of stock sharing is correct, but the impression of appearance can only describe it as breeding in hot springs.

"... So, how do you eat this?


Answer Mio's half curiosity and half suspicion inquiry by the employee acting. First, properly shrug and retrieve adult pomegranate in a net. A newborn child (whose hands and feet have not yet grown, but whose head leaves and moai face are present in the businessness) also shrugs and divides that amount into different places.

A massively damaged child, Pome, is ringing with a high voice, but the employee still doesn't seem to pay any attention. Whether it's something you're used to anymore, or the sounds of Pome's protests hanging from the hot springs, it's just thru that you can't hear anything.

"Drop this leaf first..."

Place the removed knife around your eyes and cut off the leaves with a spatter on the hedging procedure. It's a very jittery pome that resists, but I don't show you how to trick it at all because you're used to it. I just cut off the heta, and Pome's resistance totally stops.

"Drop your hands and feet..."

Drop the hand and foot of the Pome that has stopped moving and leave it only on the face with a flowing hand.

"You just said cut it to a moderate size later, boiled and cooked. It may also be grated and made into a hidden flavor of soup"

"Why are you dropping the leaves first?

Spring vegetables that look at rumbling pomegranates and ask about simple questions everyone would think. The answer to that question was outrageous.

'Cause if you don't, it's gonna blow up.'

"Is that really a vegetable...?

Spring vegetables, which are supposed to be bokeh, have to turn to penetrate in reply to a run over the expected diagonal. True harp as an ancestral penetrator who shuts up without being able to comment on such an anomaly.

"Due to this, dropping your hands and feet before you drop the heta, or cutting it vertically, will explode. Later, when the heta is sweet, it will explode."

"Bu, it's noisy..."

"Every year, so one or two people get hurt."

I want to ask what kind of vegetables the hell it is, like blowing myself up and getting injured.

"But I care about the taste"

"Right. I'm just not that hungry yet, so I guess it's a little hard to taste..."

"Don't worry, I'm leaving for dinner today"

"Can I be relieved, that?

Finally, I can't forbid you from smiling bitterly at the penetration of the bursting harp. The problem isn't that the employees are blurry. Incidentally, the leaves taste like horseradish without acne, radishes with little bitterness on the face, and are usually easy to eat and delicious.

"Oh, later. This is a point of caution…"

After explaining what menu it will be used for, an employee who apparently remembers something puts a heta on the hot spring about what he thought. Then, what do you mean? The pome heta on the hot spring grew larger as I saw it, and in about thirty seconds the pome that regenerated to the point where it was completely indistinguishable from the earlier one floated in the hot spring.

"Put the heta on the hot spring and it will come back to life soon"


Together we pull with the whole body to the ability to regenerate as if it were a planaria or something.

"Are you sure you can eat this?

"When you salivate, it doesn't seem to regenerate"

"Ah, I see..."

"Because in the past, it wouldn't explode if it were, and there was a fool who tried to play round raw..."

"I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it!

Spring vegetables that block their ears to a noisy episode about a noisy specialty and rush to make a full rejection.

"So what's the little one that's splitting up over there?

"Vegetables are vegetables, so if you don't make some mistakes, they grow poorly and taste less good."

Elaine's questions are answered with her feet on the ground. I still wonder if that's a vegetable, I honestly feel odd.

"Is that a waste?

"Yes, strike in the attack magic appropriately, rupture it and handle it. When you're little, you only get a little bit of a bump."

Quite a drastic way to dispose of it.


"What's wrong, Harna?

"It's kind of a waste, I guess..."

"That smaller one?

Elaine asks me and I nod honestly. A first-rate cook is different around already rocking on as food, even though it pulled all that off.

"No body, but it's dangerous, isn't it?

But he said it wasn't a big shock.

That's what I say, I'll keep an eye on it.

"Can I touch it?

"Go ahead."

Take the employee's permission and take the spoiled child Pome. I observe it shivers again and look up as if I had come up with something.

"Kitchen, can I borrow it?

"Yes, of course."

Apparently, he came up with a way to use child pome. Remove the like of a cage from the pochette and serve the child pome appropriately.

"I'm gonna experiment a little"

"Go away"

"I hope you like it, but I don't want you to get this one involved if you can"

"Leena still has a punitive game left, so she's forced to participate in an experimental table named Tasting"

"... I resent my position that I can't refuse..."

A line breaking up with spring vegetables and going back to the room with such a loose conversation. It's a corner, so it's a stomach buildup where you play games appropriately and tell her to try something she would make as a penalty.

An hour after that, what Spring Vegetables brought in...

"What a creep this is again..."

"This face, this color scares me..."

It was a bottle pickling of child pomegranate that was exactly heckled and stained with red purple to give a distressed look.

"Because of this, what is this color?

"Mountain grapes"

"That's all I hear, it looks delicious, but you're betraying me brilliantly."

Elaine's thoughts make me laugh bitterly at the person at the time she makes it.

"So who's the punishment game?

"It's me!

"And it's me."

Aeris, who raises his hand vigorously, and Raina, with a more and more expression. Anyway, in Aeris' case, the punishment game itself seems to be fun.

"Well, bite because of it"

Pinch one from the bottle at a time and place it in your mouth in accordance with the Spring Vegetable Decree. At the same time as the crisp and fragrant sound......


Rupture in Rayna's mouth.

"Ahhh, I knew there was a guy who didn't take the heck out of me..."

"But it's easy to eat, sweet and sour and delicious."

A hit Aeris answers with a full grin and reaches for the next one.

"Well, the tasting is decent, so the flavor is fine"

"Perhaps it would be a good idea to give it a try at party entertainment or something. Of course, mix things that haven't taken the heck out of you on purpose."

Makoto and Mio look at Elaine, who says things that are noisy. Rayna squatted and moaned at the damage in her mouth when she had become a precise ochi personnel.