"Sorry, call me out of the blue."

"Well, I got a prediction, so don't worry about it."

Around the end of lunch, where he was asked to report not even a busy one from Spring Vegetables, he changed his mind and tried to digest his plans for the afternoon, together he was summoned by the King and Rayot.

"But around this strange room, it feels like Royal Castle."

"Again, you're a man who admires strange things."

To soothe the ground, or to a macro who began to distract himself from the story in a fast-track fashion, Rayot accidentally bursts in with a bitter smile.

"In the meantime, there's powerful protective magic hanging here, so a little rampage won't be a problem. Either the king or the heir to the throne or the princess needs to be in and out, so it's impossible to set up a wiretap on the inside."

"In other words?"

"Here, using Alfemina-like special magic that Harna inherited, basically means it shouldn't be a big problem. Just in case, Ernst and Julius are present."

To unfold as expected, the only way to leak a bitter laugh is spring vegetables. It is her honest opinion to say that no matter how many Doga and Julius there are, this situation is too careless, no matter how much, given that it is utterly pointless to consider it an extreme magic of power that would blow up this entire castle.

"So why don't you tell me honestly and accurately the magic Lord Harna says he remembered?


Encouraged by the king, he gently sums up his thoughts in his head and opens his tease.

"That said, unfortunately, the majority are normal healing magic or auxiliary magic, mobile magic, and disability magic. If you close your eyes to the number of users, it's basically magic that you can wear with training, not something that requires special conditions."


"The vast majority of things are like Goddess protection, Weiwaten, Goddess healing, and long-range metastasis. There were some magic I couldn't use, but I knew how to master it, and there were a few people I knew who could use it."

The King and Rayot, who listen to concrete examples and nod so much. Indeed, Wei Waste Heaven and others are major magic to the extent that some of the Knights wear them as well. It's magic that makes your feet faster as the name suggests, so much so that you're trying to teach all humans who are compatible with a little bit of magic to increase your march speed and enhance your ability to deploy in battle. The level of difficulty of mastery corresponds to that.

When it comes to the protection of the goddess or the healing of the goddess, masters just become a rare category. Although it is named Goddess's, it is not a matter of being asked to believe separately simply by saying that the magic of using the power of any of the three goddesses: the space-time god Alfemina or the Mother Earth, Elsa, and the ocean god Raifia. Therefore, mastery is possible even if not otherwise clerics, and the hubs of every country, some of them have usable human beings. And when it comes to long-range transfers, if you're a party or team of advanced adventurers, one of them is like a mixed user. In reality, even Japanese teams can use Tatsuya.

The magic of the Goddess's auxiliary and healing system is certainly the top magic, but it is not as rare as the existence of a macro. Finally, the healing power of the goddess greatly exceeds the tertiary potion when extreme, but the site defect does not heal.

"For the most part, there was something special, wasn't there?

"Yes. There are only four magics I don't know. To be precise, it feels like we divided one magic into four functions. One of them can't be activated in the current state of things that we know how to use, and the other two are magic of the recovery system, so we can't practice them in this place."

"Hmm. So you're saying the other one can be used?

Spring vegetables twisting their heads in response to the King's inquiry about how they should be explained, with the emotion of having trouble with blue eyes. From the looks of it, the king decides it's magic that's not quite right.

"Can you use it?

"It can be activated in the sense of whether it can be activated or not. However, when asked if it is practical, it is a difficult point. Probably in my flesh right now, it's activated instant self-destruct."

Spring vegetables with a serious and troubled face that say something very unusual. The unspeakable silence overshadows the occasion in its words.

Spring vegetable flesh has as much specs as it can compete with the average knight in this country. Though significantly inferior to the three of Julius, Doga and Raina in a boulder-pure spec battle, it is also a level where Raina opponents can score enough wins without any restrictions on their bills. Magic enough to say that she will be self-destructed immediately when activated. That would be the offense but otherwise, but it would definitely be a non-busy substitute.

"Specifically, what kind of magic?

"It is a magic that accelerates the speed of thought and flesh of the subject to an extreme degree."

"How accelerated can you be?

"If you use it with my power now, you can accelerate it about a hundred times. It doesn't seem to age faster just because it's accelerated, but it doesn't reduce the load on the flesh at all, so if you're not working out too much, I think you'll destroy yourself the moment you try to move by magic."

It was magic that wasn't even really busy. Not even this busy one, that's extra skill. It should be noted that spring vegetables, such as motorcycles and jet coasters, which usually do not have the chance to ride vehicles that feel wind pressure and air resistance directly in their own way, even in windless conditions, actually made one mistake.

To be precise, this extra skill is not the magic of accelerating, but the magic of accelerating to more than a hundred times the speed, while being able to move in the same way as a non-accelerating state. Therefore, air resistance, friction heat, shock wave generation, etc. can be completely suppressed, but whether it deteriorated when it was divided or moved does not reduce the damage that occurs in the body and the reaction when it comes into contact with solids.

but Spring Vegetables, which were not conscious of the element of air resistance, mistakenly assumed that the characteristic of not reducing knockbacks due to damage to the body or collisions would not reduce the load on the flesh at all.

"... it would be harsh to tell a boulder to use it and show it..."

"It's magic like saying that it's self-destructive, and you're hesitant to put it on someone..."

That said, it's definitely powerful magic if you can use it. That's what's even more troubling.

"With that said, he said the other two are recovery systems, but what substitute?

"They are both of the type that directly interfere with wounds, poisons, diseases, etc., manipulate and treat time, but one is the magic of manipulating wounds, poisons, diseases in the direction they disappear to accelerate time, the other is the magic of unwinding time until you get wounds, poisons, diseases, and the very fact that you were eroded by them."

"… are there also site defects or disorders?

"With my arms up, maybe most things will be able to heal. However, you cannot resurrect the dead because your soul is missing."

To the words of spring vegetables, a king nodding, yes. As far as the resurrection of the dead is concerned, it is the highest contraindication for a decent human being in this world, not just the king. It is the resurrection of the dead who have had as many success stories as three times before, but each time a tremendous amount of impatience has spread to the world and there has been tremendous damage saying that at least one country will perish.

Even now, as a remnant of this, the scene where the resuscitation took place has become a dungeon with alienation. The worst of them all is purgatory, the highest dungeon they say.

For this reason, in the case of games, it is set to be only incapable of combat and not death, protected by the gods just before death. Recovering non-combatant outside the safe zone is a high hurdle that says it is only possible with special items such as Goddess healing or high level potion above the third level, World Tree medicine, and the average user is basically non-combatant immediate return.

Moreover, potion and goddess healing healing can only be done when non-combatant, and the World Tree medicine that can be returned during battle is an item with a low drop rate to the point of being said to dive into the Great Spirit Cave for one month in real time. Recovery from incapacity is basically a game that can't be described as a very realistic option.


Hear a reply from Spring Vegetables and think a little. Spring vegetables with only a bad feeling about that silence.

"Sometimes, can the magic of recovery be applied to you?

"Not impossible, but not without at least being able to move properly."

"I have a tertiary potion here, is that recovery enough?

Questioned by His Majesty the King to think. In the game, the non-combatant recovery at level 3, or level 6, was just said to have a 30% success rate. On top of that, it was HP1 shortly after it came back to life, and I was addicted to it when I drank potion. Now that I think about it, it may be natural to say that the site defect will heal, given this function.

The healing of the goddess is similar when it comes to the success rate of resuscitation, but this one has no penalty for saying this for continuous use.

"Tatsuya, what about the healing of the goddess?

"I hardly work out, but I can't help it."

"Then I guess I'll use my body as an experimental bench..."

"Wait a minute, reconsider!

When I laugh bitterly at Tatsuya, who hastily stops, I construct the magic of the matter by taking out something more like a fragment, a pebble about the size of a BB bullet, which I intend to use to experiment after activation, and then applying auxiliary magic that enhances the endurance value just in case. Only magic that seems to me to be extra skill in boulders, and the magic you consume is not the norm. But still, there wouldn't be that much problem with activation than lighter wear than elemental dance.

"I'm going! Over Accelerate!"

Finish the chant for about ten seconds and activate the magic of the matter on yourself. At the next moment, the movement around you stops completely.

(Is it a success?

Turn a little consciousness about the results, and the things play the trials and fragments at your fingertips. The next moment, first at your fingertips, and then a slight pain runs all over your body, your body leaning forward. Almost at the same time, the bounced pebble makes a terrible noise and eats into the wall, flashly cracking it. Losing the pain and releasing the magic loosely, someone immediately supports her body and a liquid on her head that is one-tempered and smells like medicine. The drug conveys golden hair and is absorbed by the body before it falls to the ground.

"Spring vegetables!?

It was like a true harp that supported the body of spring vegetables. It was the tertiary potion that was put on my head, and it was apparently the macro that sprinkled it on the spring vegetables. The reaction itself was faster for the macro, but due to the difference in the number and speed of motion, the true harp seemed to finish the action faster. Note that wearing it from the head is another way to use potion. In fact, even if it is not the head, it is sufficient if it is placed somewhere in the exposed part of the body. Resilience is the fastest way to treat emergencies, although it falls. I guess there is only about 30% chance of success in the tertiary potion because a revival from incapacity for combat would also be this way.

"Spring Vegetables, can you move your body?

He bags an empty bottle and asks worryingly as he takes his distance. Spring vegetables that inadvertently laugh in the heart at a macro who tries to keep a precise distance if it is no longer necessary in this situation. That said, I don't really care because I'm happy that you're still genuinely worried about me.

"It still hurts over there, but somehow..."

"See, you better take a mana potion and treat it early. Yeah. It should be difficult to treat them over time."

"... yeah..."

"There's only a fifth grade, but enough?

Nodding to the questions of the macro, he takes the mana potion out of his luggage and drinks it up, and just goes into preparing for the restorative magic. In terms of power now from the senses, it's probably only a good time to see if you can treat it without leaving any sequelae.

"Return Heels!

Again they take a fair amount of magic, and for a moment they lose their heads. During elementary dance, physical fatigue was more severe, so I wasn't overly impressed, but there are also quite a few things that come to the body that consume a lot of magic. That said, somehow the magic seems to have made it and the pain in your whole body disappears quickly. Move the body to see if there are any abnormalities, and be relieved to make sure that there is nothing important. I was prepared for the possibility that the disorder would remain, but I still never got past anything.

While I was relieved that there were no major problems with Spring Vegetables, I interrupted the conversation to settle down for now.

"What did you do?

Douga, who was scrupulously checking the walls while he was interrupting, confirms to Spring Vegetables with a pretty serious face. There is no fragment anywhere that should have crashed into the wall, and the only trace that says something seems to have hit it is that big crack. Because of the small fragments in question, they were completely smashed and scattered by the collision.

"I simply played the appropriate fragments with my fingers"

That said, I take out roughly similar size and shape fragments to make them look like doga. When I asked him why he had such a thing, he thought about the possibility of actually using magic when he was called in and picked it up in the courtyard.

"So, is that it..."

"Because if you play it normally, it's like this"

That said, I'll play it toward a different point than the fragment hit me directly earlier and show it. The fragments bounced off make a much drier, lighter noise and hit the wall, bouncing straight back and falling to the floor. Pretty powerful for playing it right, looks a little painful if it hits the skin directly. but it doesn't have the power to lead to major injuries unless it's also a direct hit to the eye by a boulder.

"Is that what happens..."

"It's horrible to say it's a hundred times faster. I didn't know what I had set up in the first place."

Julius also tunes in to Doga's groaning twinkle.

"I'm surprised it's more flashy than I thought, but if you think about it, it's going to play a hundred times faster, so if you simply think about it, it's going to fly a hundred times faster."

"Whether it's that simple or not, even assuming you fly fifty times faster, your kinetic energy is two thousand and five hundred times greater. If the boulder only gained power, I'd go as far as plunging it into the wall."

Spring vegetables nodding at the words of the Macho. If conditions other than velocity are the same, kinetic energy increases proportionally to the squares of velocity. If you pebble fly where you've multiplied it a hundred times, and it still doesn't reach the world of relativity, you won't have a problem thinking about it in simple Newton physics.

If you played the stone at that rate, naturally the fingers would have had a hell of a shock, and if you hadn't strengthened your whole body's physical strength beforehand, your Spring Vegetable fingers would have been crushed and scattered with an earlier blow. It is unclear to say that it does not reduce knockbacks in the body and collisions in any way while enhancing speeds to that extent.

"For now, you know what it means to be useless."

"Yeah. As expected, I only had about three seconds in my physical time."

"In the first place, so does the body, but if it's a melee weapon, it's too strong or sharp. Well, if it's bad, the weapon itself could be gone by the time you hit it one shot."

I have to nod to Tatsuya's point as well. Everyone admits it's powerful, but I have to admit it's just as unusable.

"Well, the weapon is basically metallic, except for a guy like Rapier who really has problems with strength due to his original structure, unless it's like a hundred times faster, I think it's broken or something."

"That means, in short, a direct reaction to that split, right?

"I don't know..."

To the penetration of the true harp, the only thing I can do is roar unexpectedly. Hard to use anywhere.

"Sister Chun, can I have one?


"What's it like when you're using it?

"I move so slowly that I feel like I can move normally, as if I'm stopping around. However, it worked normally but last but not least..."

Mio nods, I see, to Spring Vegetable Answers. Powerful if used, but what a trap-packed magic.

"I thought of one thing, okay?

"What is it?

"If you're Hiroshi, wouldn't you have about ten seconds in our physical senses?

To Rayot's noisy words, together with anything but a macro that I would be convinced to say if you asked me.

"Wait a minute! Everything's sucking right now. Look, there's no immediate reaction!

"But, you know, with that one, your lack of firepower will be eliminated in no time?

"The hypermode of that hand means a lot at least three minutes!

Scared and desperate to reject it is also passive to many, eventually pushed off by everyone but Spring Vegetables who was on the spot. Spring vegetables opposed Hiroshi in a certain sense just by directly confirming the dangers of this technique on their own, but they couldn't beat the honest argument that they would confirm what they could confirm while they could be followed up.

"In the meantime, solidify the space and change the color, so use it for the purpose"

"Target, I don't care what you say..."

A macro who sees the "target" specified by Rayot and looks indescribable. At some point a strange black mass about the size of a human was seated in the place Rayot instructed.

"Good elasticity and hardness, good job"

"That's the kind of problem..."

Mio, who touched and confirmed what Rayot had prepared, divulges strange thoughts.

"Oh, Spring Vegetables is magic, are you okay?

"I've recovered a lot. Honestly, I don't think I need to recover right now."

"I don't know..."

Hiroshi is gradually buried in the outer moat. Unlike some attack magic, all healing, aiding, disabling and life magic are fixed values according to proficiency in consumption. In the magic case I remember this time, regardless of the auxiliary over-accelerate that originally consumed heavily overall, the recovery system's return heel is less cost effective than the goddess' healing, so it didn't even seem to be a problem at all with the recovery of the fifth grade mana potion. It's also surprisingly possible to afford the appearance that the magic of spring vegetables is being raised when you learn new magic.

"I knew I didn't want to call too many people."

Sometimes the Macro hates it, and Spring Vegetables even express their willingness to use such dangerous magic. As bad as the Macro is, the Macro is running to preserve himself if he says one way or another, while the Spring Vegetables refuse to care about other people's bodies, so the Macro looks oddly hectic.

What are you gonna do with that now?

"Spring vegetables, there is magic to say that, which means that eventually there may be someone who needs it. I know I don't feel comfortable, but I need to do what I can when I can."

Rayot and Makoto turn embarrassed about the spring vegetables that I really don't like. In particular, Makoto's words are heavy, even during the game, as he has continued to fight his shitty opponents on the front lines. In any case, True Harp has the defense and endurance of a macro, and the opponent who is likely to need it. Rather than that, one of the reasons Purgatory's strategy is stopped along the way is the lack of endurance of the Wall Role. I can't think of anyone who needs excessive auxiliary magic to this point in a boulder, but even Purgatory, which has nothing to do with the Grand Quest, can get in and out at any time, still hasn't made its way to the deepest point. Whatever comes out, it's not weird.

And the Grand Quest was a much stronger specification than the boss of a dungeon in which the middle boss of the quest, even in chapter two. Given that even purgatory in the general dungeon is repeatedly running out of time and annihilation due to a lack of resources even among the top abandoned people in the current situation, the bosses of the Grand Quest Chapter 4 and beyond have no idea what the hell they can make them deal with. Given the possibility of having to deal with that in real life, there's no reason to let them play the powerful magic they got around the corner.

"Hiro, get ready to go."

"We'll never resist when we're in the same position..."

Together with others who inadvertently turn a blind eye to the penetration of the agony of the macro. I can't even say my mouth is ripped off that I can definitely be an experimental bench without freaking out just watching the spring vegetables burst over here and there at the same time as I moved into boulders. Though I didn't really feel it yet, I can tell you that Spring Vegetables, which became the first experimental bench after understanding the dangers, is a truly clean and gutsy woman.

"Anyway, I have to do it too, so you're both ready to do it."

"Huh!? Still doing it!?

Spring vegetables shouting out loud unexpectedly, surprised by the words of the true harp. It's too surprising to mention this even though you're one of those people who just distracted himself from the penetration of the macro.

"Of course, right? Me and Mio are all the same with endurance, so I need to see how much I can get on this line. You can't just let Mio do this dangerous imitation all of a sudden, even though you can't avoid it."

"Sister Makoto, you look great..."

"... what do I do, this feeling of being removed from the ladder..."

I feel a strange sense of defeat with Mio pointing his admiration at Makoto, who suddenly said something masculine. When it comes to women, suddenly they decide to be prepared.

"Hiro, you better be ready before you expose yourself to any more bullshit."

"Brother, you can say whatever you want from outside the mosquito net..."

Hiroshi gets sick and tired of poking into Tatsuya's words, which are completely off the experimental bench this time. That said, Tatsuya's words are also a fact that we have no intention of denying. As a Japanese who cannot resist the air, it is impossible to waste any more time.

"Ok...... Spring vegetables, do it for one thought..."

"Yes, okay...?

"I can see no more air..."

I decided to be ready, rather than give up, to respond to spring vegetables powerlessly by setting up Paul Axe, who had just become my specialty. Spring vegetables that hear about it activate the technique of fate after subtly applying an improved endurance that seems to be sorry.

"Over Accelerate!"

At the same time as the activation of the procedure, the appearance of the macro is sumptuous and the flashy crushing noise continues uninterrupted. The prepared target melts in the first second and is precisely pulverized in five seconds.

"This is the limit..."

Immediately after the target was crushed, the surgery was lifted, and the macro blurred in a quiet manner. That said, unlike spring vegetables, there is no appearance of rattling on the body, and it is sturdy because it stands firmly on its own feet.

"Honestly, it would be helpful if someone hung it had a release switch..."

"Can't you stick some more?

"If you do the practical range, this is what you do..."

I decided to include a supplementary explanation for the true harp that does not fall into the heart.

"Honestly, I could do it any longer if I told you before I fell, but it's dangerous to do potions and return heels every time and make a scene. First of all, it's a subtle line to keep fighting."

"... I see. Sure would be awkward not to leave room for that."

"That's what this is all about"

Answer that and confirm Paul Axe, who has been a lot of melting in an instant. Because the target was quite hard, there was a slight shortage of weapons with no encouragement at all.

"Here, start over."

Seeing the gains that have subtly bent the pattern, blurry as you have. I say rebuild, but I might as well melt this and rebuild it. Though inferior to the weapons he made from his hands, it can be legendary, such as scraping a good substitute after a day.

"That shouldn't be a bad score, but it was a short life."

"Looks like the boulder was a little impossible..."

A macro who replies with a subtle head to Julius's thoughts. To be honest, it could even have snapped in the first blow if it wasn't for the specially made, saggy weight product that Doga's sync used to retire last year, which was made of metal up to the pattern.

"Ray, the target is a little too stiff. When I said another bottle of Buddha or something, it was a hassle and I made it about 30% softer."


Respond to the request of the Macro and create a target that reduces hardness by about 30%, keeping its endurance intact.

"Hong-kun, don't you have to treat me?

"I've disarmed you by the time you get there, so when you take a break, recover enough"

"Mmm, okay."

Unlike myself, I confirm that I didn't take care of it, and my heart is relieved spring vegetables.

"So, spring vegetables. What about magic?"

"Wait a little longer. It's still tough when it comes to return heels."

Copy that.

Makoto receives his own declaration of spring vegetables and waits a while longer to charge them. You should have lots of insurance you can put on.

"What are you just waiting for, Macro, any other thoughts?

"It's just my feeling that burns, that's a habit on the receiving side, but it's going to change a lot."

There are things that can only move normally after a frying sentence that has maintained the technique on the boulder for five seconds. Spring vegetables reveal information that they had no idea about.


"Maybe it's just a burn. If you take it many times and get used to it, then you might be able to avoid recoil if you just do it."

"How many times can you do that?

"I don't know, well, normally I'd do it at least hundreds of times."

Spring vegetables and trumpet harps with an unexpected head that makes me very clear about things that are going to distract me. I say it hundreds of times with ease, but in the case of spring vegetables, it's out in about two motions at best in the first place, and even true harp is not something I've figured out how much to hold. Hundreds of times before that, Spring Vegetables' maximum magic nowadays doesn't tell how many days it will take. To put it bluntly, there are just top-notch mazohists and production obsoletes.

"I wonder how much less knockback Spring Vegetables would get if he raised his arm for this procedure later on"

"In the first place, will it decrease...?

"You're going to verify that, including there?

The more and more troublesome things you say about the stomach you've been turned into an experimental bench.

"To verify that, you'll be dealt with normally, too, okay?

"I knew it would be a big deal if I did it for about 300 seconds with my physical senses, and it was getting worse."

"... you suddenly have a big attitude when you can..."

Makoto accidentally puts a penetration into the attitude of an overly fast-changing macro. These places are strangely hectic again.

"What about Spring Vegetables, Magic?

"I guess it's time to be okay"

"Are you ready, Mr. Makoto? Yes?

"Come anytime."

"Really? Yeah? Bloodhead, are you ready to beg for your life while spitting? It suddenly hurts to withstand the shock of crushing your whole body!

"Don't bother talking about the noise."

Shut up with Tatsuya's favorite cane about Hiroshi, who keeps threatening her with noisy words in line.

"No, I'm not joking, am I?

"It's noisy, but you're not wrong..."

True harp draws from the heart that it may have been subtly speeded up by the words of Hong and Spring Vegetables. but if it breaks here, that's too hectic. One more nod to the two of you pushing your precautions, and you prepare yourself for the impact that will strike.

True harp went down withstanding about a hundred seconds of physical sensation.

"Princess, have you heard the example?

"Yeah, she's an abominable little girl everywhere."

Some evening tea party seats. in a room with strictly paid personnel and adequate bugging protection. Several humans, including Catalina, had gathered there to scold the adventurers who had brought Aeris back, precisely the little girl of a singing princess who stood out among them, without even trying to hide her anger and hasty expression.

"The story that Alfemina has fallen to the evil god doesn't seem to be a lie either."

"So you've said it many times, haven't you? Otherwise, there's no way a curved, dirty little girl with sexual roots like Aeris would be chosen. Not to mention the fact that every adventurer who doesn't know the existence of any horsebone should not be given secrets."


If a listener asks, that's the word that speaks with which mouth, Catalina spits out in an indignant manner. Baldo in his hipster wipes also keeps snorting as he agrees.

"And now you're in trouble."

"I didn't know you could even get a strange blessing on top of that, even though that dirty song alone is abominable..."

"We have to do something about it..."

At the end of the day, when the word appears, silence overshadows the scene. Needless to say, it's not because I remember to resist saying that it kills spring vegetables. Simply because the difficulty is high in the current situation, they are all silent without being able to say anything far-fetched.

As a matter of fact, it is sometimes said that the information that Spring Vegetables got secret surgery in the first place is uncertain in itself, and many people are not willing to move so aggressively for fear of becoming snakes. Some of them even feel strange that the information that would otherwise be kept secret is leaking to them and are wary of the trap.

Needless to say, that vigilance is right. Anyway, the secret tip was intentionally leaked by King Side. When I checked the contents of the procedure, I got permission from Spring Vegetables to control and leak to spread it most effectively only to the people who were doing the dark things behind it, so I should be more vigilant.

"It's easy to say that I'm going to finish..."

"That little girl, as an adventurer, seems to be the lesser of character, but the fruit of it seems to be considerable skill"

"In a half-breed warrior, I guess there's nothing you can do where you hit him from the front"

Men who abominably admit that fact. After an example night club, I dignified myself to say that I was an adventurer, and all that came out was inconvenient information for them. Headed by Bar Circ Bear, he's got the effect of wanting to ask Piaranok if he's really still a Grade IX adventurer, even a former Grade V adventurer who ate up with a bunch of bandits and, at the end of the day, failed requests. Piaranok, in particular, is a powerful opponent by jumping through one head as the monster you encounter around here. Even though they didn't destroy it alone, it doesn't change the fact that they did. So many opponents.

Also, the Bandits caution stick that she says knocked down one-on-one, this guy was actually also arranged as a second-degree bounty neck, a rather nasty opponent powerfully. Attack is simple and monotonous, but you can never insult the power of crushing the walls of a cave with a stick like this. Even if you say that the single attack interval is long, the degree of danger is bad for a stamina that releases an endless amount of maneuvers, a defense that can only scratch a scratch with a concurrent weapon, and a life force that doesn't even show weakness no matter how many decent attacks you hit.

He survives fighting those guys, so when he does it from the front and definitely stops, he'll need as much strength as Doga or Julius. If you had all those handkerchiefs, there's no way you'd be dull in here in the first place.

"What do you mean, make it look like an accident?

"Unfortunately, he doesn't seem so careless as to show a gap saying so..."

In the first place, it is just a fool to set such a trap in the detour in a castle where you don't know where the king's eyes are shining. Until a while ago, I was upset about Elaine and Aeris, and there was a surprising gap......

"Poison, can't..."

"As long as there's that pharmacist kid, it's not easy to serve one"

Bardo tells someone who immediately withdrew his thoughts in words with a sense of reality. In fact, Hiroshi has been lightly stopped from poisoning him twice, during Elaine's time and night club. At this time, there are no stories on the table about the clothes that were served during the night club, but it is impossible to say that I was unaware of them because they were perfectly prevented. Emilrad, there's no reason why you won't notice more poisons than identifying and detoxifying minor poisons such as those that aren't completely tasteless and odorless. I guess I'm just trying not to make a scene for two reasons: that there's no evidence left of poisoning itself and that I don't want to be questioned for selfies.

"Then from the lad..."

"He's just a man if he doesn't even give him the ingredients. Rather poisonous. Why not give them an extra job and twitch to strangle them with cotton later."

In the meantime, we have an investigation into the weakness of what we call feminism. But that's why I'm more nervous than poisonous to keep the Macro from coming into contact with strange women alone. You don't have to bother trying to prioritize someone who's less threatening for the sake of difficulty, even if they have to end up.

"In that case, Orthodox will only have assassins."

"But as things stand, their guards are too strong. First, we need to isolate them in court."

At present, it is difficult to reach out to the Japanese in the position of being the king's guest. We must start by isolating our opponents in an intelligence war and increasing the pressure within the court to eliminate them. It may be difficult to get rid of Hiroshi, who has an exceptional arm as a pharmacist, and Mio, his disciple, but then there is nothing if we can break it off with that.

"We know about the assassin."

A nobleman with the rank of Marquis says such a noisy thing as if it were nothing. The other participants who hear it pay attention to him as they blindfold him.


"Are you sure you want to leave it to me?

"Yes, so I'd like you to guide them to isolation."


"Well, it seems that a group of kings are secretly divided behind it."

"Let's remind those countrymen how to fight in court."

In response to the Marquis' words, the elephants begin to groan. It was the dark side of the great kingdom that began the fetal movement.

"I knew that gaze was tough wow..."

The next afternoon. Finished her examination of Elaine, and she's unexpectedly ambiguous. Spring vegetables and Mio, who had followed him as his assistant, stared at him with such care. Unlike yesterday, the afternoon is simply convenient on Elaine's side.

"Good Luck"

"Master, they hate you more and more"

"Well, even if I say shame, I don't know any horse bone. If a human being does whatever he wants in the name of treatment, and I don't know it, I'm going to take it into the Lord, and I'm going to make it worse..."

Spring vegetables to consider countermeasures in my head that it is not a good idea to leave them like this on boulders, nodding to agree to the blur of the macro. Yesterday was sometimes said to be in front of the guests, and Elaine, who was at best embarrassed and had done so to the point of putting the nail on her, was also reprimanding her quite harshly, even though she said she was in front of Hongda today.

Most members cooled their heads off quite a bit at the point of attention yesterday, and at least on the surface they stopped showing signs that they hated Hongda. But only one of the leaders who binds them has come forward with a growing aversion and hatred. Honestly, the attitude towards the macro is very uncomfortable compared to the image coming from the surrounding reputation and the person's words and actions. It is unnatural to not physiologically fit or incompatible as a person in the first place, to dislike that which is not so dimensional, or to leak it in such a way that it can be called a leak in vain.

Speaking of the most unnatural, it is also unnatural that the old minister, who told me to leave with all that grandeur yesterday, simply showed a degree of reaction to a meeting with a facial acquaintance when it was different today. The difference from yesterday is that there was no one around, but if that's the reason, I'm not sure what I want to do again.

"Hey, Hong-kun, Mio"


"What's wrong, Sister Chun?

"I'm going to go to the kitchen, and I was wondering if you could give me a hand?

While I was thinking about that and this, apparently, something came to mind. Spring vegetables suddenly offer such a thing.

"Kitchen? Yeah, but what do you make?

"So-called sweets, is that him? For your sake, there is a maiden lover who does not yet exist in this country."

Seeing Spring Vegetables laughing mischievously with Ni, the subtle anxiety precedes what you are willing to make. Conversely, Mio, who has no doubt whatsoever about what Spring Vegetables makes, agrees with none or two.

"If I did just make sweets, wouldn't Haruya-san stop doing enough by herself? Why should I help you?

"There's a number of things I'm going to make, so if I do it alone, it's not going to end, but I think it would be nice to make a vessel that feels a little good."

"I'll make as much as a vessel, but how many the hell are you going to make?

"A thousand units?

"Wait! Whatever it is, it's flying too fast!

Unexpectedly putting a no-time penetration into the spring vegetables that brought up something terrible. In the case of this combination, it can be said that it is a very rare sight considering that it is usually spring vegetables or Mio that turn to the penetration.

"Who do you think is essentially moving this castle in practical terms?

Spring vegetables that do not return comments on the penetration of the macro and suddenly switch stories. While bewildered by the sudden change of subject, for now I decide to return a common sense answer about this kind of organization with accommodation features.

"Well, practice, if you do what you say, let's do bureaucracy and servants. If they don't have people to instruct, they'll stop functioning, but if they don't, the practice will go on."

"So, I gathered all the bureaucrats and servants, what's their male/female ratio?

"Because there are so many servants of women, if I say it in its entirety, are they women close?

I mean, that's what I'm saying.

Apparently, that's the answer to spring vegetables. Unexpectedly tilting his neck at that dialogue like he doesn't know.

"There's hardly any girl who hates love bananas and sweets, so I thought I'd start from where I grab my stomach, as usual"

"As always, there's no way I'm making something good to grab a stomach by just sticking to it because I want to..."

"Yes, but I thought I'd go a little strategic this time"

Spring Vegetables thought of this because of a certain sense of crisis. They're not welcome now, to be honest. The King's belly on the boulder, the King's direct civilian, etc. cares about this one, but otherwise it's hard to say it's friendly just because he hasn't put it in his attitude. Especially among the civil servants and servants close to the princes, there are quite a few who think that the Lord was taken by the Hongdas and so on, and burn their enemies at will. In this sense, it is about the Aeris officials who do not need to be concerned. If you're only going to judge by how you've been, I'm sure you can't help but think of yourself as someone else who would stand around well and get into the royal family and look big, but it's not good for a boulder to leave this alone. I don't know what would pull my leg off.

At present, given the fact that spring vegetables are out buying their role, there is a big difference between not having allies in the layers where they are practicing directly. In particular, the availability or inability to use women's rumor networks becomes a dead end issue. Plus, if you hug a lot of samurai and servants, they can sneak up on you for convenience in a lot of places. To do so, it is more convenient to have clear benefits on our side, rather than a financial bribe. It's Operation Sweet Variation for that.

"Are you going to eat something that's not good?

"Master, recognition is sweet"

"Let's act with the liver in mind that this is not a country of gastronomy and satiety - Japan, Hiroshi."

Moist in the words of Mio and Spring Vegetables, the only thing I can do is to lose my power and nod. At this point, at least in terms of the discomfort I had with my samurai opponent, I'm totally pushed into the corner of my head. Later, at this point, we will regret that we did not properly investigate her and hit her, but naturally, the spring vegetables at this time are somewhat floating at the thought of it.

"So, what do you end up making?

"Pudding Alamodo, or Pudding Parfait"

"I see. If you do have a container that looks good, it's perfect."

Where Hiroshi is convinced, he storms the kitchen with exasperation. Thus the reform of food at Ursus Castle was cut and dropped by its flames.

"Subtly the sky above, but what's wrong?

At the same time as Hongda went to make pudding. I don't see Aeris in training at all, and True Harp asks a question. It should be noted that Tatsuya continued yesterday to be canned in the library. By way of example, Rayna is wary of all sorts of things a little further away.

"I didn't hear very good rumors and got a lot worried..."

Aeris answers the question of true harp, sighing so.

"We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you..."

"Kids don't care about that."

Makoto somehow leaks a bitter laugh at Aeris' sinking.

"But not only the Catalina sisters, but there are other people who don't really care about you, right?

"Well, it's weirder not to be here. I don't care how much the Royal Palace protects guests from unknown continents, but we're just a bunch of suspicious unidentified people who don't know who we are."

Aeris has no choice but to think of the harshness of reality to an opinion without the body or lid of a true harp. No matter how much Higashi says he is a benefactor, it is impossible for that alone to be fully accepted by a state called Farlane. As much as I don't know that, Aeris isn't a bad guess.

"Besides. There's absolutely nothing irrational about a single rock or top, and there's absolutely no blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

"Unless the people who make it up are completely brainwashed out, there's no such organization."

"That's why I don't want to be involved."

"It must be."

Douga, who brought some paperwork, pinches his mouth to True Harp's words.

"In the meantime, I don't know if you're like my grandfather yesterday, but I think there's no one to disagree with about our existence, so what about that as an organization?"

"Well, ah, you don't have to worry about him. It's not just my mouth."

"I do, but it's not pleasant to be told, is it? Besides, with the Macro and us, why don't you go out of your way to make contact at separate times and complain individually?

"It would be more impressive in many ways if we increased the number of times, wouldn't it?

My opinion with Doga doesn't mesh at all. Somehow, I feel the premise is different.

"Didn't you think it was unnatural in the first place?

"... Well, I did think it was unnatural..."

"I can't say any more because I'm not sure that I'm going to give you predictions, but it's not as simple as it looks."

Makoto, who can somehow guess what Doga says.

"Well, whatever the reason, I think it's for real that you want the lords to leave."

"What, a statement to give and drop..."

Makoto accidentally leaks a bitter laugh at the fall Doga put on.

"But I also think I should leave the royal palace as soon as possible."

"I agree with the princess, too"

"Right. This is not the kind of place where the average person stays extra long."

Rayna and Doga agree with Aeris, who say amazing things. These three people, in one way or another, are in favor of entering the royal palace, I just thought, as a true harp, I'm really confused.

"Can I be gone?

"To be honest, I miss being unable to be with you and I'm sad, but I'm prepared to see you less than I've ever been back here. That's the same thing whether you're here or in the workshop under the castle. Then I'd be more than happy to live in a comfortable place for you."

"I see..."

"Besides, if you stay here long enough, you might hate me. That's what I'm so scared of."

Makoto becomes indescribable to Aeris, who sighs with a cute look.

"That's because if you hate me, you won't be able to eat anything delicious?

Makoto, who can no longer tolerate the subtle air, is forced to try to tear it up.

"Dear Makoto! No matter how much I am, I'm not that much of a eater!

Until then, Aerys, who looked like a cutter, gets really angry for her while dyeing her face bright red. That said, they have a sense that they can't help it if they say so.

"Is it so weird to say that everyone you like hates you?

"Not at all. Rather, of course."

True harp reflecting sincerely on the words of Aeris, who is about to cry too much of his anger, that way of tearing up on the boulder was awkward. That said,

"Whatever, it's tough, isn't it? I know you don't hate Elle for a few things, but that female phobia is pretty harsh."

I usually lose the desire to stick around as much as I can.

"Even if I'm not feminine phobic, for Master Hiroshi, I'm only my sister at best. It's painful not to hang up, but I understand that reality so much that I don't like it. So I'm going to do everything I can to at least be a woman who can support Hiroshi, even if she can't help it."

"... when they give it back to me with a straight face, that's what bothers me..."

"Isn't it Master Makoto who shook the story? Besides, I do have a position problem speaking in public, but I don't think there's anything else wrong with talking about it in this kind of informal setting. I'm not ashamed to talk about romantic feelings or what I want to be for them."

True harp that thinks of Aeris, who delicately lit up but clearly said it, who stepped on a mine as much as he wanted. She was made to understand the depth of her thoughts so badly that she felt sincere anxiety about the advance of two Japanese women who were going too far with natural bokeh and tung.

"I hear stories from His Highness. Say whatever ingredients you need."

Greeting the head chef in the main kitchen returned a rough but somewhat friendly tone.

"I like the treatment a lot, don't you care if outsiders ruin your workplace?

"You make rare things, don't you? I don't know what to say, but the food we make feels like mannelli."

Somehow I'm convinced by the chef's statement, and for now I demand eggs, raw cream and sugar, and then a lot of fruit. As I was desperate to plant them, I could hear words from the back that didn't come with screams or anger.

"Shit! Larsa's a barrel, she's rotting!

To that word, the three of you look at each other unexpectedly. Larsa is the liquor of this world that fermented wheat, but unlike beer, it is not sparkling. It has a strong feeling that it is a whiskey that is not distilled. It is a rather strange story that it rots.

"Master, did alcohol rot?

"It depends on things. It looks like sake can rot because it contains protein."

"Maybe it's getting vinegar to say it's rotten?

In this world, acidity other than fruit systems tends to be treated as poison or rot. Many people, especially the Farlanes, don't like strong acidity. And naturally, the so-called vinegar made via alcoholic brewing is quite sour compared to ripe fruits. I mean, Larsa rotted...

"Wait a minute. He's not rotten."

"Huh? If it's so sour, it's totally rotten."

A chef who disagrees with the words of a man. In fact, this Larsa vinegar is so sour that the consciousness seems to fly just licking it as it is.

"It can be used for condiments. If you turn the amount around, it's on your body."

I answer the people in the kitchen who often have the expression, "I don't trust you right now," as I take out the evidence and all the introductory mayonnaise, the applied pom vinegar, etc. I also make plain black vinegar, but I haven't been able to make that much because this guy is a forceful deception in alchemy to brew on land he's not supposed to be suitable for.

"What's that?

"This white one says mayonnaise, condiments to make with it. Keurino-notsuke"

That said, take the initiative and put the mayonnaise on the cucumber and bump it. As always, it has an excellent taste with good acidity.

"... you're not really rotten, are you?

"In the first place, if you do it so rotten that you know it tastes like that, if you just lick it, it's gonna be pretty bad."

Try the mayonnaise even though I think about it unexpectedly in the words of the Macho.

"That tastes different."

"It doesn't taste bad, does it?

"... well, yeah"

A chef who makes his distrust burst but snorts. Hiroshi, who cared about the way it was, decides to let the next one, called Ponzu, try it the way he personally thinks it would be best. Spring vegetables, watching how it went, leave it up to the macro to change his mind about vinegar, and even decide to devote himself to making pudding.

"There's a half-saved, eaten Wyburn fried dragon fields right here, but try it if you eat it as it is and if you eat it over it."

With that said, prepare the vegetables like radishes to be prepared with pomegranate vinegar. It should be noted that this fried dragon field from Wyburn was not previously prepared by Spring Vegetables, but was then fried with fragments of block meat left halfway through. It is thrown into the reservoir while freshly fried, so it has not deteriorated in any way.

"... it's not bad to eat like that, but it's refreshing and tastier to wear this."

Exactly. He also knows the taste of grated pong vinegar when he is the head chef of the royal castle.

"Shall we? Just for the record, Princess Aeris loves dishes made with condiments around here."

"... Really?

"Oh, yeah."

Exactly. When the princess I'm talking about says she likes to use it, she can't get it through completely. It should be noted that although it does not present its presence on this occasion, Aeris loves the approximate flavors of mustard, various sauces, soy sauce, miso, etc. in ketchup, not just ponzu and mayonnaise. On the contrary, I am delighted to eat regular vinegar pickles, rice noodles and cucumber vinegar. I also prefer the sweetness and oil flavour. On the other hand, I do not hesitate to add the right amount of wasabi to the soba noodles. I have a wide taste of the strike zone, which I do not think is very good for a 10-year-old. Nevertheless, if you look at flavourings that are too thick or extreme over degrees or that only taste like a single flavour, you will see that they refuse, in fact they are simply close to the taste of Japanese adults.

"Mr. Chef, if you do this, why don't you come with Don for the use of this hand condiment?

"... right. A lot of inspiration came from me. I'm sorry, but first tell me how to make this mayonnaise and stuff."

"Roger that. I'll teach you vinegar pickles and vinegar."

That said, I will be in a good mood for a course on how to use vinegar starting with how to make mayonnaise. At the end of the whole street, spring vegetables were steaming up the first batch of pudding. I could have cooked it something else, but they dared to steam it to teach me how to cook it to steam. One reason why spring vegetables individuals say they prefer pudding made by steaming. It should be noted that Mio was working on various containers in an impromptu manner so as to easily exit the container later. She is also a girl around hassle-free for sweets.

"Good day, Hiroshi."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't want to help you."

"Mio was there, it's okay. If it was about pudding, there wouldn't be that much difference in arms."

That said, store about 300 pieces of the first batch refrigerated.

"What was that earlier?

"Speaking of which, we were cooking in a strange way, right?

Look at the new unknown dishes and the cooks come together.

"Say that's pudding, it's a treat commonly eaten in my country. I used steam to heat the cooking method earlier."

That said, show the structure of the tool, including the steamer.

"Normally you cook it directly or boil it, can't you?

"The taste and texture are quite different. I'll see you tomorrow, but why don't we steam together?"

"Oh, I hear it's hard to fatten Aerys' tongue because of you. Take responsibility and tell me what I can do about it now."

Three people get a bitter laugh at the chef's words. This is how Hong and Spring Vegetables would rather draw the department to their side to grab the stomach first.