"It's noisy outside."

Around nearly devastating the Mazrac Knights, Douga crushes with a sense of the strangeness in the courtyard.

"Isn't it the hustle and noise caused by battle?

"You're not. I can't hear the sword trident. Besides, they seem to be arguing."

From the point of view of being in combat, the situation is obviously odd. Doga catches up with O'Donnell for now, even though he puts his neck on the situation. Only the captain at once, O'Donnell stronger than the miscellaneous soldier, albeit to the extent that the hairs have grown, but only within the margin of error from Doga. He can't resist, he smashes his weapon lightly, breaks his armor, falls out of his hips and comes to the spot.

"It doesn't matter if you say it's crazy or something. Just a little check..."

Doga couldn't keep her mouth shut until the end. Because the same kind of anomaly as in the courtyard started to happen in this entrance hall as well.

"... what?

The body of the Mazrac Knights begins to mutate abruptly. Some things become so musculoskeletal that their arms thicken rapidly that they pull even an orga, and some things change their hair to tentacles. It's better to still keep the human form, and some of them can't keep the body of a person in the first place, and have even turned it into something slimy. The common denominator is that it has become exasperating and the size has increased more than twice that of a human being.

"... grossly"

When videotaping, Doga disgustingly discards herself while observing without alarm the creepy sights that would undoubtedly be mosaic first.

"What does it have to do with the noise outside?

"I don't know. I don't know, but at least you can't leave them alone."

"... if the same thing is happening outside, it could be a little bad."

Doga nods at Rayna's point and restarts the spear. The total number of the Mazrac Knights is one hundred. It is unclear to what extent this mutation will make it, but there is no more pressure than Cerberus. That said, if you remain intelligent as a human being, you don't know how you're going to use the combat abilities gained by mutation. You should be kicked in one piece.

"I'm gonna do it right, Rayna!

"Sir Doga breaks through and joins us in the courtyard."


"There are no longer any elements against these guys that need to be cared for. From what I've seen, it doesn't feel like leaving much material behind, and even for the Hiroshi and the others, it's not broken enough to stay fine using the material taken from the ex-human. Then no one will complain where I can do whatever I want."

With a fierce, truly fierce grin, Raina says it all down to three of the first mutant monsters she's attacked.

"But isn't this number a little silly on its own?

"To a slightly mutated extent, it is disheartening to get these fools on track. Plus, there's a great opportunity to legally retaliate against what's happened. No matter how tight you are, you will perish perfectly without leaving it properly."

Cut off two more while responding to Doga's subtly troublesome words. It's pretty cool for an opponent who has a hard time getting through a normal slash around attacking with a precise attribute grant.

"... ok. But I don't accept any complaints or complaints about killing a few people when they break through."

Copy that, sir.

A mutant monster, a former O'Donnell who apparently was listening to that consultation, raises his voice to grin.

"You're really retarded to think about joining the courtyard when you say we had all this power in addition to this difference in numbers, woman disqualification!

Rayna ignores O'Donnell's words and cuts her enemies off more and more like covering a doga of strength. After time to have a second or not, of the routes you can get out of the courtyard through the front entrance, cut through the lines that can involve the most enemies and unleash moves.

"It's a waste for you guys, but let me use it to shorten your time! Boom, boom!

Unleash the most powerful moves you can use and pop out towards the front entrance, Doga. One giant sharp cone, Doga wears, pierces, and crushes the torso of a mutant monster on the path to go. Not only does it capture the front, but even the monster that just blurred the edge of the path just rips through and breaks through, creating more than thirty carcasses and exiting the front door loosely. The Mazrac Knights, whose numbers were instantly cut to nearly half, but their ordeal was not yet over.

"It's demonic to shred the hell out of me! Put it together and die!

While he was unconscious about Doga's grand moves, Raina seemed to be ready for the moves as well. Tap into moves for wide-area attacks along with intense kills.

"Blaster square!"

When you swing the blade flashing sideways enough to say if you still want to fight, the intense energy burns down what's on the path along its trajectory. There was also attenuation due to distance, which did not result in finishing everything that hit it, but this series of flows caused only O'Donnell, who happened to escape from either range of attack, to be intact. The number of combatable monsters is also down to about thirty already.

"Now, on the rightful eight hits of a retarded woman, shall I ask you to go out with me to the end"

It was the Mazrac Knights who couldn't hold back their fears yet with their mutated powers to Raina, who had a fierce grin to the point.

"Spring vegetable!"

"It's okay!"

Spring vegetables responding to the true harp while playing and flying Oria, who came to protrude the knife on his flank, and pulling it out cautiously to curse it and not grip the pattern. A knife with quite a curse in the direction of increasing her offense, but it seemed a little short of piercing all the protective gear she was wearing.

Oria had lost consciousness before bouncing because she had been uprooted by the current mid-attack. It's a special attack that changes drain depending on the opponent's power, so naturally. In the first place, it is as miraculous as it could be activated.

Essential Attack and Defense Ignorance are mostly present in games with RPGs. That is no exception to Fairy Tail Chronicle. However, in the case of Fairy-tailed Chronicles, there are very few skills with this type of function, only present in quite high level boss class attack skills or extra skills, very few drop or manufacturing equipment special features.

It also costs a lot when the consumption of stamina changes depending on the power difference between the opponent and his own and the opponent's specs, causing damage by ignoring the defenses of the Macro or Doga. When attacking a spring vegetable opponent in the middle, although comparable to this case, in a completely untrained ordinary person, it falls to pass out to the frying phrase that was taken with the stamina uprooted.

The same is true even if this was a special feature of the equipment rather than a skill, which requires considerable stamina to activate. Assuming this is a weapon that automatically neutralizes an attack or ignores physical defenses, they will take the gorilla and stamina for each shot, so without considerable toughness, it will be useless. Nevertheless, it makes us ignore the laws of physics, so it may be natural to say so in a way.

If you think about it, it means that Oria was quite good in combat. Though it would be pleasant or irrelevant for us.

"That said, I had the feeling that the blade tip of the knife was over the running shirt, so it felt like it was really just..."

"Because. I knew I should have made you some decent bras and shorts as well as running shirts?

"I didn't mean to be impotent..."

Speaking of boulders, that cursed knife had completely pierced the Wyburn leather armor, drilled a hole in the spider-silk garment he was wearing underneath, and let the blade tip go to the point where it hit a silk running shirt with little or no different defense than leather armor. I touched around the stab and checked, and the running shirt seemed really paper heavy because of the subtle feel of the blade sticking up as well.

Assuming it wasn't Mio, not Macro, who made the running shirt, if he hadn't started where he woven the yarn and made the dough, or if it was a well-trained person like last night's assassin who stabbed her. Spring vegetables would not have been intact. In the first place, it's more likely that just a few stabs was a lot out than not knowing what kind of curse was on the knife.

Therefore, when it came to whether the macro could not be prevented, it could not be helped because it could not reach the skill to prevent it and did not yet remember it. Only a divotion that replaces the damage itself, a cover move that disregards physical distance or time and interrupts it, or a castling that disregards physical distance or time as well, can replace the attack on the shoulder. No matter how much of an attack you ignore the laws of physics and always hit, it doesn't perform enough to go after it when an obstacle appears or the object is replaced just before a hit on a boulder.

"Though it occurred to me, I'm glad you just made a running shirt, really..."

"Well, if I did that, it wouldn't be much different from a man's shirt, so it feels like I could have made it so well under pressure..."

I remember when all of a sudden I was told that I was in a great hurry to weave a feather for five, and I had a subtle, distant eye. Although it was good because the amount of silk thread was sufficient thanks to the royal palace side for a lot of it, it was quite a subtle amount when it came to picking it up to the spider's nest. There is nothing about the quality of the yarn itself, but now that it is sourced from the market, we also know that no further quality will be obtained, so we obtained a compromise on the slight loss of performance.

It is a simple story that I made a new running shirt on purpose, in case there was a kind of middle-attack that would reach the rear guard, part of it. I couldn't imagine letting a boulder-manipulated samurai have a curse knife with the function of a middle-attack (in the first place, it has been confirmed that Oria did not possess any kind of blade until now), but overlapping one sheet would make it possible to deal with so many things. No matter how much this kind of preparation is, there is nothing more troubling than the imperfect guard of the Macro.

"In the meantime, one of these days, without joking, it looks like Hiro should also consider making some decent underwear for everyone"


To Tatsuya's tough dialogue, Hiroshi leaks the words of rejection as he drops his shoulders. Even Aeris, still a child, was under pressure not to go out of style. I don't want to make the wrong underwear for a woman who can compete with Gravia Idol and win.

"It's time to keep talking about underwear"

"Right. So, what's that after all?

"... maybe he was attached to Baldo"

Elaine sees down her own samurai who has been stunned and concludes in a bitter tone. I was aware that she had feelings for Hong and Spring Vegetables that I could call half hostile. After returning from proper treatment, I didn't suspect that Hiroshi was a fraud or anything in that direction, but my dissatisfaction with the fact that I was not allowed to be involved in that treatment was swelling to the point where Baldo's hands could no longer call me hatred.

I was aware of her emotions like that, but looking at her daily words and deeds and too strong loyalty, it's not hard to imagine that if we had just taken her to the workshop together, do it. The room is small, dirty, do it. The meal is poor. The ingredients are suspicious, it would have prevented her from treating her by complaining that she didn't need to wear them.

If this is about the room or the food, it's still fine. Once I started getting confused about drugs, if I did poorly, that was the situation that could even have involved Elaine's life. I just want to say that I think too much, but I can't say enough about how much I bought a rebellion in this matter, and given the attitude I was showing towards Hiroshi at every visit, it's a difficult story to say that it's worrying.

"It seemed like you didn't even care that you sprinkled sweets and bought the interest of the castle people."

"You resent not being involved in your sister's treatment."

"I stabbed the nail many times..."

"A grudge like that is deeply ingrained. It is not uncommon to flip back with trivial things, even if he intends to keep his mind organized. Not to mention that Bardo is only good at small craftsmen who say so"

Layot hammering without even trying to hide the look on Elaine's face saying that she would be troublesome in response to the sigh.

"Well, sister. The fathers let them go first. I know it's a little harsh, but hurry up and join us."


"... Akan, it's too late."

Even more sensitive to the fact that the air around them has changed, the macro crumbles like a blur.

"... this feeling, the quarantine junction?

"Close but maybe not. Maybe it takes alienation."

Hiroshi answers the spring vegetable question as he stifles his face with an equally rugged face. When I say alienated spaces, it's easy to get in but hard to get out.

"Are your fathers okay?

"If you think about the speed of movement over there and the pace of alienation, maybe you can escape. By the time I wasted my underwear talking, I was out of the realm of alienation."

"I just can't say that Sister Ele is from now on. If you do it badly, you isolate it."

To the words of my mentor, Elaine nods with a tight expression. Even in the worst case scenario, we can help to the extent that we don't pull our legs as a guard. Besides, the Aeris also have the trump card given to them by the Macro.

"In the meantime, just keep your mind open so that whatever comes out of it. Worst of all, it may exceed our ability to respond."

Two princesses nodding with a serious face to the harsh words of spring vegetables. I don't know if Aeris alone would protect the worst alfemina, but given what you said about the strain on her body, it is unclear whether Elaine will get around to it.

"It's awkward for a boulder to have this place as a dungeon. In the worst case scenario, you might need to cut a royal trump card. When that happens, take my sister and Aeris and somehow get out of here."

"... is that what Ray did?

"Unfortunately, only the King or Prince Wang and the former King can cut this bill. If the king is alive, Prince Wang can take his place. It's awkward to lose your father in the current political situation."

In that word, the Japanese understand what the guy who says trump card is like. Though that is an important job for the royal family, it is quite a position to make up for it.

"Speaking of which, can you undo the alienated space?

"If it's the way the event was, if you put the curtain behind you and purify your temper, you'll be back to normal."

True harp returns a clear answer to the spring vegetable question. You don't need to think about the policy because it's the answer you expected in a way. It doesn't change a thing.

"... something comes up"

Mio twinkles. Something translucent finally emerges at the same time as you get reflexively into the word.


"Hiro, can you collect them in one place?

"I'll try."

Moving Oria in front of the door between rituals for now, Tatsuya speaks as she enters the charging of purification system attack magic. One nod to Tatsuya's words, things try to activate the occasional and out-face Macro.

"Come hey!!

Release intense pressure with the hanging voice. To too much force, the specters are scattered before they gather in one place.

"... why did you disappear?

"No, it's my first experience, too, of Specter disappearing in the out-face..."

An indescribable air flows into a subtly dumb situation.

"... there's no way that a psychotic body like Specter would stay intact under all that pressure of density."

"That's what you say?

"Oh. Julius and Ernst are mostly kicking ass with one out-face shot, too, if you're that level of specter."

The two of you are convinced for now that that's the sort of thing to do with Rayot's commentary that sounds dazed. That's where the blur and the true harp puts the penetration.

"Specters and ghosts don't take one shot when spring vegetables sing?

"... I guess so"

"... let it go. If you ask me, yes."

I can purify my temper, so it's not surprising that I can make the undead a Buddha. That said, the common sense during the game is not completely missing, and since we have never acted to say that our Chinese vegetables sing songs to undead opponents, we do not know if we can do it. There are several other players with singing extras, but no one has done such empirical experiments because they rarely sing songs in combat fundamentally because of the performance problems of the curse.

In the first place, Ghost and Specter alike don't have the chance to go out of their way to actively hunt because simple physical attacks are ineffective and there are no drop items unless they are boss class. The place of appearance is not as delicious in terms of experience, nor are there any good ingredients or delicious monsters in the place of appearance.

Although most players are opponents who have fought once in the event, sometimes encountering something else is not the first thing in itself, and not just the skills being discussed this time, but the very investigation of the skills that work well for those people has not been carried out. First of all, there is no guarantee that the outfaces of this world and the game or the song of God are the same performance.

Therefore, there is no wonder that they did not know what was going on around here.

"Something's come up again"

"Sister Chun, please!

"Copy that!"

Mio told me, spring vegetables that make me listen to a real song about something that emits an indeterminate rotten odor that appeared to creep out of the ground. I can't think of an instant good song because I was told to sing it like that, and the Japanese would all know the blue tanuki, and the animated theme song that comes out of the cat-shaped robot. Because of this, I wish I could do that.

They were like undead as expected, something rotten that stopped moving and collapsed away at the same time as the spring vegetable song sounded. Apparently it has been purified beautifully, disappearing without even a piece of meat left.

That said, the scene where the theme song of that cartoon, which the Japanese have always seen once, purifies the undead from one end later, is not a terribly surreal picture.

"... what is that song?

"of our country, songs of stories for children and"

"Is that like a fairy tale?

"Something similar, something different."

Rayot is somewhat convinced by the description of the macro. I said it was time to put the situation in the right place, but now it was the least tight temple side.

"... the samurai apparently failed in saying she could hear the song"

"Really, I can't use it..."

Baldo and Catalina sigh at the poor situation as they observe how the temple's temple diminishes. I didn't even expect to inflict deadly injuries on the boulder, but it's unexpected enough to say it's completely ineffective.

"But he doesn't seem to have it with him on the boulder until he's powerful enough to immediately dispense with the resentment for six thousand people. It looks like you should be prepared to go straight to jail."

"Absolutely, everywhere."

Catalina distorts her face ugly against the status quo as it remains and throws up resentful words. See how it goes, and no one will ever call her Farlane's finest princess.

Until the spring vegetables came, there was still what I would call proper pride. It's a strange thing, and even if the prerequisites are strange, if the muscle passes through the way of being proud itself, it often doesn't lead to the impression that it's ugly, no matter how compatible it is with what is common. Catalina didn't leak into the example either, and until a while ago, there was something to be said about the beauty of being a bad girl.

But Catalina isn't right now. Its ugliness stands out in reverse just because it looks neat. I've thrown away everything I can no longer call pride, and I've fallen for just a child who's just rambling on eight beats if I don't just care about what I don't eat. There is no aesthetic there, there is not enough philosophy to support it, and therefore not enough persuasion to make people follow it, only the ugliness that a child with only splendid and aged figures has on the table.

I have already been abandoned as a pawn by Bardo, but if the nobles who followed her saw what Catalina looks like now when she was a little more decent, they would have come to know how foolish a choice they made. For the most part, Catalina's appearance is only her mirror.

"Anyway, if you end that little girl and those two witches, it's Katarina's victory. You can do whatever you want later."

"Right. So first of all, I'm going to kill that little girl, who's busy everywhere, who's angry that blood is connected, even half of the time."

I don't have a choice anymore. Assuming everything would be just a usurper where it did well, and even if we could get rid of Elaine and Aeris at the end of the line, it would be pretty hard to erode the pulse from now on. In exchange for de-energizing, Catalina did come to have the strength to be awesome. But even with that power, he would lose his life in reaction before he could pollute the earth's veins. In the first place, no matter how far we go, there is no further way to Catalina than the King and Mark are fleeing.

But for Bardo, that's fine. A lot of mourning and grudge verses make him the greatest dedication to the God he believes in. A city as big as Urs would be able to pollute the earth's veins without putting so much time aside just to eliminate the princess witch. Catalina is a throwaway pawn for it.

"Well, shall we go to the showdown"

I can no longer hope for the best result for him. Bardo came to his last bet in an unwanted situation.

"It's a difficult thing..."

"Sir Doga!?

courtyard. As I burn my hands on the undead, which later appears, unexpected reinforcements appear.

"If you're at the front door, are you sure?!?

"Because the end of the obvious is over. Later, Rayna, we'll figure something out."

When you say it in a floating tone, you stick it in toward the area that springs up and comes out in the most massive quantity. It is an assault with a shield, not a spear, but its massive mass can be an overwhelming murder weapon alone. Once you control the newly gushed undead with a single blow of a shield charge, look around again to see what's going on.

"There's no such thing as a mutant."

"We've wiped everything out."

"Then, after that, we'll have a long war. More than the whole castle is alienating, how much more could they have defeated?"

Doga concludes very well. The knights get up against monsters that show signs of a new occurrence, even though they are subtly fed up with whether that is still all they have.

"What, I don't even think it's going to take that long, beyond being alive and well during the ritual and the princess. Our job is to keep the elephants away from the temple until Fujiko is finished with Baldo. With this many heads, it's a very difficult job, too?

"It seems a lot harder after it's done, but it's certainly not a big job"

The vice president answers slightly carefree as he listens to the songs of the lyrics of the unspeakable of bright tunes, heard from the temple. The only song I hear leaking fades my temper, and the strength of the monster that comes out, albeit slightly. Still, because of the number of defeats, it seems like a distracting hassle to do all the things you have to do after you finish, such as servicing your gear and knights' vacation rotations.

"In the meantime, I'll earn you about five minutes, so come back and check your men's condition and reconstitute the line."

Copy that, sir.

Driven by Doga, the deputy commander moves to check on the situation of the knights. The first one on the boulder was just a fierce battle, and few humans are running out of gas. Some of them have damaged the main wepon. Even spare weapons have first-line strength, but it wouldn't be a good idea to make them less impotent. As an avant-garde, he has been so damaged that it is not strange when his armor is completely destroyed, such as a knight who has continued to be attacked by his opponent, that it is also a limit to delude him in a gauntlet potion. If he hadn't worked so hard, he wouldn't have made it this far with zero casualties, even if he hadn't been devastated.

Quickly check on each of those and rearrange the formation by switching the arrangement according to the damage. Where we finish the formation of thousands of troops in just five minutes, we can still just be in a position to put the elite together. Personal martial arts alone cannot be promoted to captain or captain.


"Then let me give you a break. This old bone on the boulder is proud of the flashy fighting that goes on."

"I'll take care of it"

Reply to Douga, who clearly still seemed to be able to afford it, the deputy commander who would take the first squad forward to finish off the newly emerged monster. From the temple, you can hear a song that smells like showa, the kind that talks about smudge and life. It's really hard to do just because you're very level and you're about to overhear it. But I'm also sure this song is distracting. Don't sing, I can't even tell you if your mouth is torn.

In an unparalleled atmosphere, the Knights continued to destroy miscellaneous fish in the tunnels.

"Sorry, just take a break"

I just sang about four songs without a break, spring vegetables interrupted with some discomfort in my throat. I'm not aware of him, but he's more burdensome than usual to say a song that purifies his temper. The problem is that the person singing is usually going to be singing, especially not switching the way he sings.

"Good day. There's candy."

Hiroshi, who sensibly sensed that her voice was stranger than when she usually sang in a tavern or something, took out the candy for all the aunts in Osaka and threw it to her. It is a relatively mild flavored throat candy made from honey with something similar in flavor and ingredient to golden citrus. Because it is a plain monster, albeit similar, it is an ingredient that ordinary humans cannot even touch poorly. It should be noted that it is usually more effective as a medicine than it is made by a macro.

"Until Spring Vegetables finishes licking candy, we're gonna have to get busted."

"Let it go. As soon as the song stops, it begins to materialize."

To Macro's point, we have to laugh bitterly together. Boulder alienation. It's a real pain in the ass around monsters occurring vigorously even at this level of annoyance.

"For now, come on. Hey!

Intimidate the appearing beetle-like monsters to draw attention to themselves for now.

"Brother, if I treated him dry, he would have been a liver medicine."

"That's plain again..."

"Well, I don't have time to dismantle it, so I baked it properly."

"Copy that. Do you want to burn down all your surroundings?"

Three beetles flying around the macro. After checking the motion, chant just the right technique to burn everything together.

"Let's go, Hiro!


"Holy Wave of Hellfire!

Together with the voice of Tatsuya's temper, the flames of indescribable shades burn away the temper. A macro that plays three beetles with a single smash cleverly so as to knock them into that flame. I don't know if it's a sacred attribute or not. It's the magic of the name, but as you can see from the effect of calling the flames that are liding on hell to burn down the unclean, it's the purifying advanced attack magic of sacred and flaming attributes. In Tatsuya's case, there is no other means of distraction than purifying in a distant way using the skills mentioned above.

"... like the arrival of my best friend."

Within the temple, where the beetles have been burned down and almost cleansed, a mass of exotic feeling enters again than ever before. I perceive the lump of temper, and the hound raises the voice of warning.

"Would you root this far enough to say that it would be inconvenient for all of you to feel full of holiness? You're arrogant people everywhere who defy nature."

"Something I'm talking about sounds like a kind of environmental protection group that doesn't look at trees and see forests..."

Tatsuya snaps at Bardo's words, which he says away if he comes in.

"Brother Da, what's your heart?

"Human activity is also part of nature's cooking. Typically, chopsticks are famous."

"What do you mean?

"Once a guy's got big human hands in the woods, it's easier to go back to Bald Mountain if he doesn't do it regularly by thinning out too many trees and striking a moderate balance. So, chopsticks are not a substitute for destroying the environment because they're made from chopped trees. Now that the chopsticks themselves are almost gone, they criticized me because I didn't use much logging material for the time being. If only I could."

Dear Farlane with an impressive look on Tatsuya's commentary. Spring vegetables and mahjong familiar with miscellaneous, and a hong who has enough knowledge of that with the benefit of his skills around agricultural civil logging are just nodding, yeah, but.

Incidentally, in Japan, where the Horns live, chopsticks are used to the extent that they are used for festivals and other stalls or take-home lunches, and all chopsticks such as regular cafeterias, restaurants and inns become regular painted chopsticks. Also, the chopsticks used naturally use logging material.

"That's what I'm saying, so I'm not sure it's going to be a comfortable world for the monsters when I leave it to you to take care of the kind of nature you think it is?

"And if you're going to perish, that's what you call natural management."

Tatsuya says no treatment to Baldo, who says unscrupulous things. The deal I said this, where I stuck any evidence, would never admit facts conflicting with my claims.

"Well, yeah, but is that okay?

"I don't care what happens to a country like this."

Catalina, who thought so and pointed the water at what Bardo said, returned a rather flickering answer.

"Royalty polishes upbringing, naturally, doing everything for people and naturally. I've been nurturing people like that for a long time, and if my youngest child is born with the qualities of a princess witch, I don't just call it worthless about me or anything. No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you try, it's only a little inferior to the qualities you were born with. Countries that treat you like garbage chips, for example, are doomed, naturally?

Questioning Catalina's statement, she looks at Elaine and the others as the Japanese confirm, shaking her neck sideways with a bitter face.

"Catalina, I don't care what you think, but nobody appreciates how hard you tried for people."

"It's not just about my qualities as a princess witch that Aeris is now more supportive than you. It would naturally not be appreciated, such as service activities that are only on the upper side without a mind, which are also one-sided and out of place, and do not really think about the other person at all. You were so stupid that you didn't even know that, sister?

Elaine and Rayot completely deny Catalina's words, straight from the ground up. Was the educator bad because of the qualities she was born with, Catalina always acted on the assumption that she was absolutely right in the logic she had learned rather than say. For this reason, it was not uncommon to be thankful for the act of serving, even though it was often done in such a way as to throw a right but essentially pointless service from above with a gaze, derived from superficial information.

Still, until Bardo arrived, he was trying to be right to be Catalina. Because we knew it, the royal family would never deny her existence as it is now, even if they were careful about her actions. Even for Aeris, Catalina hates me because I have an affair, so I've listened well to what they have to say to avoid turning my sister's nerves upside down at all, and I've been desperate to fix the parts that don't get to me.

At the end of the day, there is no denying the side that it has made her more distorted. Even though I do the same thing, my actions are denied in my family and Aeris' efforts are acknowledged. It shouldn't make any difference, but I can be praised as a child who just had a sister. In reality, Catalina herself deserved not to listen to what she was told she shouldn't do, and stuck to the way she was denied and twisted her relationship with her surroundings, but from her own perspective, it is also impossible to feel that all Aeris is twisted.

"Rayot, who grew up in a privileged position, or your sister, who has never been denied anything of herself, will never know."

"... if that's what you really think, you should have your eyes and head examined because I'm going to find you the best doctor in the world"

"All you have to do is destroy a world that doesn't recognize me, doesn't accept me."

Rather than not meshing, Rayot and Elaine despair of conversation with Catalina, who do not try to listen to any of her sister's and brother's words, abandoning the hope that remained slightly. There, Aerys, who has been silent, opens his mouth.

"Catalina, sister."

"I wonder who you're talking to, dirty"

"Why don't I mind eating so much? How can I calm your sister's heart?

"... an arrogant child everywhere. In the first place, how many times can I tell if I don't care about what you were born into? Where you died now, the very fact that you existed turned my nerves upside down. How stupid is it not to understand that?

Catalina completely denies that it existed in itself. From the beginning, Catalina and Aeris couldn't get their minds through.

In the first place, Catalina has never been pleased with the birth of Aeris. Rayot and Mark, as blood connected brothers, were objects of hatred from the moment they found out about Aeris, even though they were able to feel proper blood affections. I don't care if you just fall asleep. I don't mind my surroundings rushing around just waking up and crying. I don't care that I'm breathing. Most importantly, my brother, my sister and my younger brothers don't care enough to tear them apart to just care about Aeris.

In an effort to improve such a relationship with Catalina, there are only more reasons not to care.

"Still, yeah. There's only one thing you can do."

With a grin of intense hatred, all I can say is ugliness, I carry on my words inadvertently and happily. Aeris, who felt something dangerous about the condition, pulled out his sword and took his stand. On a good look, Catalina's shadow is changing into a form that can only be called alien.

"Die in my hands. A drop of blood, and a piece of flesh, be left untouched."



At the same time as that word, something like a tentacle pops out of the shadow of Catalina. Tentacles trying to pierce Aeris at a tremendous speed, without even giving a gap for a macro or a true harp to enter the cover. At the same time, Baldo, who had increased that number at some point, hits them from behind.

But if you know you're going to set it up, no matter how close the fight is between the two amateurs, you can do enough to start a trump card. It was the moment when the tentacles popped up that the two of them finished chanting the keyword. At the same time as I finish saying the keyword, six sketches float around each of them, and twenty-four blades appear, of different shapes and sizes, as surrounding them.

In the next moment, when the first one pierces the tentacles of the claw, multiple blades skewer the body of the bald, or fake, that was leaping. Tentacles and statuses diving through twenty-four pieces thought to be for attack cleave and pierce the defensive six pieces where the movement stops until the attack is completely silent.

On a good note, there are always twenty-four for offense, six for defense, and a free blade that does not deal with anything. Therefore, the fake balds and tentacles that appear one after the other, and their saturation attacks, also have no meaning whatsoever. Around a hundred or so times, no matter how small the number of blades being materialized was estimated, Bardo gave up the saturation attack.

"... is it also your petty worker"

"For defense, I don't know what to do with it all the time"

From what I've been through, it must be this hectic guy who makes these extras. When I glance at him with that thought, he replies with a rattling tremor. I'm really angry, but 80% of the reason I failed this time was because of this man.

"... Ernst calls it a weapon. Maximum simultaneous appearance of how many?

"The experiment confirmed up to 10,000. Try more than that."

"Whether it works for Wyburn, what do you mean?

"As you can see, each punch force is subtle. I don't know how many 10m prey it will take to defeat them."

Rayot convinced by the words of the Macho. In fact, against the false bald, it has completely stopped the movement, but it has not reached the point of stabbing the stop. If it's fake Baldo's life force, if it's a thrust per Wyburn, it's likely to break through this defensive net and crush Aeris.

Besides, there are clear weaknesses if you look around. If the opponent has caught you at the activated stage, some opponents will not be able to respond decisively. That's also why Hiroshi didn't let him use this feature the last time he broke into the temple. I'm pretty sure it's over in a lot of ways, with or without a sword, at a time when we've brought our enemies close enough to be intimate in the first place.

"Well, it looks like Elle and his show is over, and we're about to get busted."

"Right. In the meantime, destroy the intrusive surroundings."

Draw out the sleigh and the great sword, and for now cut and kill the fake one nearest you. Tatsuya burns down in the Sacred Wave of Prison Flames. Mio pulls out the dagger and cleverly and accurately creases the fake nucleus, not the usual bow. More False Baldos are stuck together, and players below level 100 receive all attacks with their bodies that could kill them instantly, and squeeze under scratches.

Occasionally, other than a macro is damaged by a stray bullet that couldn't be stopped completely, but it is an attack that has drastically swept away its power. Damage of that magnitude is treated instantly with primary healing magic.

The flow was somewhat glued in a way that the Macros prevailed.

"How much did you kill them?"

"No. How much more holy feelings will only be more disadvantageous to you"

"Besides, we haven't taken it seriously at all yet."

Baldo keeps talking happily from the top with his gaze as he grows from the clasp. But we all know about that. If this situation has more resources to recover than the resources to consume, it doesn't matter how much more the other person has. In the first place, there are proper bills to do something about the phony. Now it's just a matter of buying time for Spring Vegetable's throat to recover.

"Spring vegetables, is it time to go!?

"No problem. Any requests?"

"It looks like you should turn the other person's nerves upside down, so go around the Zun-Oko verse."

"Ha ~ i"

Answer Tatsuya's call Answer Hiroshi's request, and start singing the so-called naval lullabies, which seem to have become those two great yuan, unlike those of Doo-fu, not those of a singer. I made a story out of half a joke, but I am a bottomless woman around responding exactly.

"That's a strangely sad song..."

"Some words don't make sense, but for now I know it's not a song to sing in these circumstances..."

"From now on, can't you pick a few more songs?

Rayot and Elaine, who heard the song, divulge their subtle thoughts with a subtle look. Even such a subtle song seems to purify your temper clearly. All the tentacles wither away, the skewered ones collapse, and Catalina and Bardo begin to suffer all together.

"Stop singing!

Unable to withstand the extraordinarily powerful purifying action, Baldo finally tries to leap into spring vegetables by abandoning the figure of a person and transforming it into a flesh worthy of calling it the devil. But...

"Where are you going!?

While the macro activates the outface, it blocks and jumps Baldo's path. Intense pressure becomes a wall and the appearance of a macro appears several times larger. Considering that I can no longer even see where the spring vegetables are, I take in all the fake balds and jump to the magnificent.

"Looks like we have to start with you!

"If you can, do it!

Against Baldo as he penetrates from the front, he ravishes Paul Axe against him. I predict it's a smash of a fool's memory, and when I try to put a smash crush in it, I notice that the other person is also small-working in relief.

The attack that the Horn slammed in was not a smash. Primary Strike/Smite. Unlike Smash, a move that simply attacks purely, with no added effect like blowing it up or breaking your posture. Since it was yesterday that it took shape on top of being a primary move, the performance as a move is at its lowest. That's only about as powerful as giving Smash even a step at the moment, but still more powerful than just beating him with a normal physical attack.

Most importantly, more than a certain number of high-powered attacks flying from a macro are no longer necessarily smash. There are many problems with a large gap after activation, a lot of waste on the tame, or a low power that does not reach even two basic attacks of the true harp with its current power, but it is useful enough to smash the smash into your life like this one.

Take the smash crush directly with your body and tap the smite in with the flow as it is. As a result of hitting each other with an attack with a bigger gap than normal, the first to regain position was still an almost intact macro.

"Mr. Makoto! Brother!"

"Copy that! Break stampede!

"Go! Holy Eight Pole Cannon!

According to the signal of Hiroshi, who played Baldo with a smash, Tatsuya taps into the centralized grand magic of the purification system, one of the great moves that Shinji hits the top as the normal skill of the Great Sword. A true harp that knocks the red aura all over its body, unobstructed and leaves a rare indiscriminate type of move as a great sword skill. A big move that says that each blow knocks in a total of twenty slashes in three seconds with as much power as it can break Cerberus and blows the opponent up with a smash and a homogeneous body hit. Afterwards a shell consolidating the power of Mori Luo Wan, mixed with the energy of gossip, lands in Baldo.

"I shouldn't..., you don't, definitely"

"It feels like a lot of shredding, though."

Makoto and Tatsuya meet expectations based on the feeling of a blow and the fact that he is the boss at the bend. Both of them used pretty big moves, but unfortunately, as a normal skill, they don't have the strongest offense.

Break Stampede is a substitute for performance like a minor down elementary dance, which is about two pieces inferior in the weight of one blow, although it is superior in cost performance. It hurts that there is no characteristic to say that elementary dance has more than that, and unless you also have the magic resistance of a macro-class, you can always have weaknesses. As a result, there is an indescribable phenomenon in which the actual power is very different, even though the numerical correction is not 20% different.

Holy Eight Pole cannons are also powerful as attacks by multiple attributes, but there are usually at least two types of magic that are more powerful with similar properties, even in skills. Many masters learn because of the characteristics of easy mastery for power, smaller cast time and delay for great magic, and greater cost reduction effects due to increased proficiency, but not the most powerful magic by mistake. If you want simple power, there is as much more evil magic as there is.

Besides, Tatsuya is above and below as a spelling user. His pinnacle is the number of handbills when collecting material, and the maximum firepower is the type to say second. As a wizard, this is a step short of power. Just when the smoke by the octopolar cannon breaks, the spring vegetable song ends. Baldo across the smoke was, as expected, a far from stopping damage situation.

"... by the way, you imitate that you don't care..."

"Well, I'd be desperate to resist surviving more than caught up in it."

Tatsuya told me to tease him with a nihil grin against Baldo, who would not go as far as full creation, but would never throw up hatefully with a shallow wound. There's no atmosphere where you're freaking out but you're in a vanity, unlike a macro, and you show something like the difference between the actors.

"Well, let me tell you something, we haven't cut anything that's going to be a trump card yet. If you're still resisting, cut the bills you can cut while you're at it."

To make a fool of herself, Elaine accidentally meets Tatsuya, who tells her she has plenty of room for her attitude.

"Tatsuya, the provocation to say so in a far-fetched way..."

"It's unlikely that this deal will allow us to use our hand bills to this extent. Then I've never let you use it at a stage where you haven't worn it out yet."

Tatsuya cuts lightly against Elaine, who eats bubbles and puts in a penetration without breaking her spare attitude. In the current situation, the lack of elements that can crush that spare attitude cuts off Baldo's calmness.

"I see. You're certainly right. Shall we cut a few handbills to block that mouth?"

At the same time as Baldo's words, more than ten Cerberus are summoned. Makoto and Tatsuya don't even try to hide their annoying expressions around the sudden increase. Spring vegetables and Mio where the number is just a few on the boulder and this makes me a little nervous that it might taste bad. I wonder how many shots I should get hit, etc., and think about the fact that I could pull my back. To the way it looks, Baldo laughs like he's won. At that time, when it was thought that the situation was reversed, Cerberus, who was in the direction of the entrance, was made into a three-headed skewer, and it was four, minced in an instant, that the king was in the direction of evacuation.


"Since I'm the boss, I thought I'd call something nearer..."

"This is what got in the way of His Majesty earlier, but you have nothing but dogging?

Douga, who emerged from the entrance, and Julius, who emerged from the side of the hidden passage, say away as if he was heartbroken. With their skill, even with their escorts behind their backs, they won't be able to retrieve dozens of them from Cerberus. When you join Hiroshi one by one, you consolidate your sides so as to surround Elaine and Aeris.

"Apparently, did you take a little too long? But Sir Fernoch seems to be wearing out anyway."

"What, if you just guard the Lord's attacks, you won't be draining your health as much. The firepower is Julius and Makoto, and there's a trump card for spring vegetables. I'm out, I'm out."

More reinforcements will come to Honda before Doga finishes his words.

"Sorry, it's late again!

Like the Doga and the others, Raina rushed in with words of apology as they grated Cerberus on the path and finished it on three. When I look, my left arm is clearly broken. Apparently, he wielded a great sword with one right arm and grated Cerberus into three pieces. A woman with quite human detachment muscle strength and skill that doesn't fit the year around doing it with a weapon that isn't balanced enough to wield with one hand.

"I hope it's late, but what happened to that left arm?

"It's embarrassing, but when I finished O'Donnell, I was hit with the last suicide bomb. Big moves are tough on boulders, but I don't care enough to finish Cerberus."

Raina answers Tatsuya's query a little shy. A Japanese group other than Makoto, unwittingly flattered by the rest of the answer, and Bardo with a hateful look on the other person's unexpected power that he once used to trap him.

"So, that inferior species has been properly and perfectly terminated, hasn't it?

"There won't be any fragments left, so there won't be any resurrection."

"Copy that. Well, even if it comes back, regenerative Phantoms are mostly just miscellaneous fish."

Makoto, who was only calm by one in the Japanese group, confirms the end of the job Rayna would have been entrusted to. I'm just finishing up hearing that, and Spring Vegetables treats the fracture with the healing of the goddess. Site defects are not possible, but they can be adequately treated if the boulder has fractures.

"Thanks, that helps!

"There's no reason to leave war down. So, O'Donnell is an example?

"Oh. It's the head of a Mazrac private soldier. It's a really pathetic story to have identified Hiroshi with something like that."

Apparently, Rayna put on a sledge in many ways. Then it will be over if we finish the mastermind of this case, which is before us.

"Well, we've got plenty of war, and let's get this over with!

"I don't really want you to look sweet!

Come on, let's get on the offense, when you say it, Baldo builds momentum and emits a shock wave. A macro that takes it forward. Together it takes the form of a completely screwed up nose and stops the movement accidentally.

"So far, I admire you for letting me get this far, but still, this place is my win!

Bardo exclaims with an impatient look. At the end of the word, his flesh begins to change even more. Along with that, Catalina, who until now has been painfully preserved, also begins to degenerate her flesh.

"Hey, wait a minute. It's not weird to balance a two-step transformation with a boss like this at the beginning!?

"Mr. Makoto, the first boss doesn't mean he's that weak!

A Japanese team that relaxes its mind, even with such a distracting exchange. I can't attack because I'm blocked by a thick wall of temper, even if I'm about to get my hands on it during the transformation. If there's no art in blurring free time, I'll just finish off all the remaining Cerberus and rework the supporting magic.

The walls of temper disappeared before Baldo, several times the size and more disastrous, and Catalina, whose hair and lower body became snakes, suitable to be called Medusa, or Lamia.