"Thank you so much for taking care of me."

A king who visits the workshop with a pretty tired face and suddenly bows his head where everyone is aligned. The five Japanese smile unwittingly at each other for a sight that is honestly unacceptable unless in an informal setting.

It was not until two weeks after the end of yarn-making, when autumn was almost over and the sign of winter had been felt, that all the aftermath in the human and paperwork sense had come to an end and the king had been able to show his face in the workshop. Although Hongda has recently raised to the workshop around the middle of the week and has been in contact with Aeris, it has been about ten days since we met directly with royal palace officials.

"If you're in the castle, yes already?

"The job itself is a pile, but they told me to come under the castle to change my mood. Not only my sons, but the prime minister, the chief of staff, and the head of the Kingsguard, will say the same thing, and I will not stand against the boulders."

"Good luck with that. What, should I prescribe herbal tea that I can sleep through and get tired of?

"Please, if you can, I'd like something that doesn't taste bad when it's cold"


Hear His Majesty the King's order tired and smile bitterly to inform him of his understanding.

"So, what happened after that?

Where spring vegetables have handed out tea receptacles to everyone, Hiroshi cuts out the story. Ever since I came back, I've had a lot of trouble planting things, and I haven't purchased any information around it. Spring vegetables say it's about the first time in a month, but no, it's about the first time in a month, and that's why I kept frying curry bread until my arms stopped lifting that feels like I could sell as much, and I couldn't afford to chat so much with customers and the stalls around me. Mio was so busy with the help of the two of them that his eyes turned again on this.

In the meantime, Tatsuya and Makoto, who were shabby, are working together as adventurers, but the information that comes into the lower adventurers is known. As much as I know, there has been a rapid decline in crusading requests in the past few days.

We are all here today to say that we are in that state because the three cooks who said they wanted to take a breather in the boulder were in agreement and it was the day we all decided to rest. Most importantly, it is no coincidence that the King visited. Aeris contacted me last night and asked me if I could get them all together someday. I didn't expect the king to come directly to the boulder.

"In the meantime, the situation is still in progress, but we're almost done cleaning the castle," he said.

"Is it in the castle..."

"To the boulders, we're still in the process of inspecting their territory. In the meantime, it seems to be a common perception in their territory to say that the Lord has gone crazy since just before they accepted you in the castle, so far there is no confusion about the Lord changing..."

Answer the spring vegetable question with a bitter look on his face, and grab a breath of tea receptacle karin sugar.

"To be clear, the more I look into it, the less busy the facts come up. It won't go out of style, like it's been eaten into some of the hubs since its predecessors."

"Since my predecessors? You mean at least thirty years of planning..."

"As far as traces of their involvement were concerned, they followed until about forty years ago. I began to build strength in the courtroom about fifteen years ago, just before the rest reigned."

"Again, you've been doing it a long way..."


Tatsuya and the King are impressed by the overly long plans and the circumstances in which they say it was about to be accomplished in one more step. But even while the domestic political situation is stable, it will take about that long if we try to break the one that says that the regime is always moderately tense, militarily and economically robust, due to the invasion of monsters.

Not to mention the predecessors, who said they were younger than Rayot at the time of the reign, but who rebuilt the country that had been made difficult by the distractions of the previous generations in only five years. The only fatal mistake in more than forty years in office would have made the law, which is deficient in any case, too absolute a criterion. Without it, it would not have been so much trouble in the first place, so it is only natural that we cannot gain influence to the point where we can overthrow it.

Besides, there must be some impenetrable thoughts because even if you take so much time, erode it to the point where you are mastering a large hub, and then just overthrow it, you will be smashed of the plan lightly because of this crap.

"Whatever it takes, it's a headache that massively fell out around the civilian population due to the entanglement at the end of the day, although it's good because militarily it's only been hit to the extent that it's recoverable. About half of it is time to go back, but some of them are still out of hand. When it comes to salvation, the territory of the people is very dear, and on the contrary, they actively cooperate with us."

I can't say that there was no option to say slowly and slowly just about this time, but when we do this kind of solemnity all at once, it's really hard later. The ideal is to get rid of the problem children faster than corruption goes, but with constant speed to an extent that they are no longer adequately staffed, and to continue to adjust the number of unavailable personnel so that they remain acceptable, but there are few examples, such as those that have been able to do it well, in either world's history.

Humanity's history, for better or worse, is the backlog of massive changes caused by Shock Doctrine.

"I don't care if we're stupid about that..."

"Right. We are completely unprofessional in saying that about territory and diplomacy..."

Spring Vegetables agrees bitterly with Mio's puzzling penetration of content that is better than a report that goes on and on. In fact, it's the kind of story that says what you want from an adventurer.

"Right, sorry"

Even though they're eating into the hub in a different way than the rest of us, it's not like we're talking about stupidity to the average person. The two penetrations brought that to mind, and the king honestly bows his head.

"In the meantime, the disposition of the people who seemed to have been manipulated is over. I also succeeded in lowering the hurdles to amend the law in this case. Like this one, it also modified to some extent the system whereby known insurgents can only be disposed of by the current criminals. All we have to do is see if we can hold the reins until we calm down."

The biggest gain in this case would have been that it would have been possible to change a system in which it was virtually impossible to amend the law that no minor changes could be made if all the martial officers, civilians and nobles had not agreed. It was out at the time when one abstained, with some exceptions, if it was only for Urs and the direct jurisdictions, two thirds of the heads of each department, and for the whole Farlane, it could be amended if there was the agreement of two thirds of the Lords there. I would have liked to keep it down to about the majority, but it's hard to lower the hurdles to boulders all at once. In the first place, without this incident, it would not have been possible.

The system is that politics has not stagnated so often, but even if there are major deficiencies around criminal law against nobility and royalty, the civil and military parts were only close to revealing the previous customs, so it was sufficient to make the operation slightly out-of-the-box. The fact that the previous generations spent most of their time in office to minimize the influence of those in power on the economy and national life, for better or worse, is in the form of merit.

Even in diplomacy, everything that seemed impossible without enacting a new law has been dealt with by taking as much time as possible to consider it, and everything that can be dealt with only by interpreting the law has been dealt with by messing with the interpretation of the law, so it came from foreign countries without being insulted. The current king is weak against the inside, but his diplomatic skill is quite commendable.

"What kind of disposition were those who were manipulated?

"Somewhat thought-induced humans are dismissed or demoted. There is no excuse to say that Oria was manipulated by the boulder, but in view of her previous work, she stopped executing him. Training in a convent in the north, a de facto quarantine named, but with that personality, there's a good chance that even that convent can climb up there."

Hongda makes an indescribable face at the subtle punishment of whether it's warmth or not. That said, it is difficult to cover it, considering what I have done to it.

"What about the assassin in the example?

"I'm sorry, but I don't know that much detail about the rest. I'm leaving everything to Rayot. Ask him for the details."

Indeed, I would not bother to ask a king whose work is piled, such as the disposition of a single assassin.

"Nevertheless, they've been eating it the way they tried to be extra-orthodox."

"Don't be."

"I wish I could use that gut for a different purpose."

"If they can do that, they can't worship evil gods in the first place."

Together I have to laugh bitterly and agree with the King's words, which I truncated in one word. At the end of the day, all those people in those hands are drunk about their situation. So unless it's a good situation to call it an affair, and not to overcome it, we can only make an effort to hurt the people who put themselves in an unfair situation.

"The trouble with them is that they're basically indistinguishable from normal people. Even Baldo, until this time, only seemed like a frigid ordinary person at best. Besides, nobility with a territory and only a name, the people who do the lords do the territory management themselves properly, so it's no bother."

"That's right. I thought it was terribly frigid, but even when I was in the temple, I didn't really feel like it at first."

Even Bardo, who would have belonged directly to the cult, is that it. I can only suspect from such changes that people, such as those who are simply sensed by them and have unconsciously begun to indulge in indignation, have been acting strange lately at best, or have strangely become hiccups on their noses.

Spring vegetables still have a definite way of being able to discern without being doubted that they will let you hear the song in person, but there is no means by which other humans can discern without understanding what they suspect. It is also a troublesome place there.

"My country, thanks to you, had a long hair, but the plan could be stopped. But I don't know what other countries are like."

"Worst case scenario, one or two countries could be falling into their hands..."

"I use all my available hands around it to make me investigate, but there are some distant countries. I want you to think it'll take a month or so for the results to come out."

"I mean, even if you're leaving Ursus, wait a month, all the time"

To the words of the Horn, a king who shakes his head left and right. To that attitude, huh? together with the expression that comes to mind.

"In the next month, it's time for snow to start falling everywhere. If you are travelling by road, the north route is already coming at a time to be removed from the candidate, and the route from the east to the south will come out of an area that will be tough on foot from just about a month and a half later. Well, if you follow the caravan, you know the detour position..."

"In short, until about the end of winter, let's make a big deal out of Ursus, huh?

"Don't be. Besides, winter travel takes time. Especially snowway travel is laborious, and even a snowstorm usually stops you for three days. If you think about it, I told you we'd be stuck in this city for three extra months, and eventually it won't make a big difference."

Hiroshi, who had not thought about the season, noticed the problems around it for the first time when the king told him.

I see. Copy that.

"Besides, it's Urs' New Year's festival in the next two months. It's quite a festival to go up and do this city. It's a corner, so I'm very happy that you're in a position to keep the country and the city."

Sometimes the Ursus is bigger in commercial industry than in agriculture, or it is not on that scale to call it a fall harvest festival. It's not like we won't do it at all, but it feels like each district will schedule itself for each organization like its own autonomous association and do it quite busily as a local local festival, like a Japanese bonsai or summer festival.

The district festival where Hongda is located ended while he was at the hot spring, and he was unable to open the store or participate in the festival itself. The harvest festivals in the other districts are all over while we're messing around in the castle, and they haven't seen a single one that says it's a harvest festival for Urs.

It should be noted that the surrounding villages and towns celebrate the harvest festival over the New Year's Festival. This is sometimes said that more people participate in the New Year's festival belongs to Ursus, but basically all the satellite cities of Ursus and the villages around them are dominated by agriculture, and the reason why it is more important to celebrate that year's harvest and thank the Mother Earth God than to celebrate the new year.

For this reason, Farlane's New Year is the same midwinter as Earth's northern hemisphere, simply because it aligned the beginning of the year, which serves as the starting point for the calendar, with the founding declaration of the Founding King. After the harvest festival, the First King launched the nation's semblant system, fully functioning as a nation before making a declaration of statehood. That time lag lasted about two months, and it turned out to be time to keep getting cold for some time to come in the middle of winter, just like Earth.

"Here, I'll take that step."


Hear the reply of the Horn, one nodding king. Makoto, who was watching how it was, says something he doubted.

"Sire, you don't have to put a bell on these two, okay?

"How do I put it on," he said.

The answer to True Harp's question was no such body or lid.

"I don't need any money or status, and the court is unsuitable to guarantee my safety. When it's nothing but counterproductive, like giving a woman, what do you say we tie her up with?

"Ugh, sure..."

"Well, that's why you can't stop yourself from leaving. I don't even have an opinion that any hand should be used to take it in."

The Japanese only laugh bitterly at the king who told Eagle Deep Friend so lightly.

"Yeah, I wish I could do this..."

An astonishing face to the king who is trying to say a little bit.

"It would be helpful if someone could just plant it and leave it in this workshop because it's just about groceries. Whatever it is, we can have the personnel for it."

"I thought you'd say, is that it?

"Mm-hmm. Instant ramen may be tough, but at least I want people who can formulate curry flour, both Elaine and Aeris say. Besides, the mayonnaise seems to work out, but what I said about ponzu, soy sauce, and bonito seems quite difficult. Speaking of greed, I would appreciate it if they could spread the method and also prepare a method for producing large quantities"

True harp penetration and a reply to a word that could be taken as a question, it was quite unscrupulous.

"... well, I'll do something about the curry powder. As a matter of fact, Melissa asked me to do the same thing, and the recipe itself sprinkles over there, and then the weighing work for the formula just becomes a necklace."

"Right. What about the other seasonings?

"I will be able to gather manpower and produce it on some scale during the winter months. It would be nice to have a delicious meal if it spread a lot."


That's what I said, a king grabbing his apple sugar with his face saying that his shoulder load had gone down. Then I'll drop you off and go home with your loose face for a souvenir, and face to face with what's wrong.

"Macro. I made a cheap contract, do you have a guess?

"I was busy shelving it, but Melissa asked me to. Honestly, I'd like to avoid it personally, but I was wondering if Mio could help me."

"What's that like?

"When your brother and Mio were captured by bandits, did you do anything else to imprison them?

In response to the enquiry about Makoto, it is more a confirmation than a question. Nodding at the words together.

"There are two of them who have no place to go home and are looking after Melissa, but they want us to use them in this workshop, they say."

"That's what you want to avoid personally?

"Sora, it's up to both of us to be women."

In one word, the spring vegetables that I find very convincing. Coaching a woman to a macro would be onerous. Spring vegetables were classmates and destined communities, so Mio is the exception because he was a nenave. If those two don't have a good sense of distance with spring vegetables, it's tough in many ways.

"In the meantime, if you do about how to make curry flour and soy sauce, you can teach even Mio?

"Yeah. Maybe even Spring Sister can do it?

"Curry powder is fine. Aren't you a little confident about soy sauce or something?

and so on, and for now, I'll just put on the muscular tract. Tatsuya concludes where a great deal of purpose has been achieved.

"Either way, that's not a good idea to keep this place vacant for a long time, and if those two seem to be trustworthy, I'll leave it to you?

"Right. I agree."

"If we all agree, I'll call Mr. Melissa tomorrow."

If you follow from Saya or nod at the words of the Macro, we'll work together to prepare for welcoming a new human being for now. It was the moment when their base in Farlane was decided to become the most important facility for Farlane as well.

"I don't like it, Macro"

I just finished preparing for tomorrow's newcomer acceptance and speak up to the macro as True Harp remembered.


"You, what about the weapons?

"Oh, I forgot."

Makoto in the words of the Macho. His Paul Axe was completely scattered when he unleashed his extra skills and had not even been able to recover the material for repair.

"Do you want to use Cerberus fangs?

"I can't. I can't. I'm a long sword. I can use it."

To Zhenqin's suggestion, he panicked and shook his head left and right. Cerberus fang is the demonized sword of Cerberus' body. Needless to say, it was acquired in the Battle of Baldo the other day.

"Well, why are you here?"

"When I recovered the contents of the temporary warehouse, Julius was mixed up in the collection."

"No, if you don't mind, let's go in."

Ask why spring vegetables ticked and just have to penetrate the macro. This Cerberus fang, performance-wise, is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon on hand right now, but unfortunately there is no user on this team and the treasure is rotten. Before that, in the first place, it was obtained in battle at the Royal Palace, so ownership is in the kingdom, isn't it?

"Your Highness, he wants to push us because he doesn't have someone to hold it against and he's going to be cursed."

"No, if that's what you're worried about, you just have to let El purify you. Stop talking."

"Didn't you have trouble disposing of them over there, too?

It is certainly an item that seems to have difficulty disposing of, but that is why I think it would be too cheap to push it against Hongdae. In the first place, only about fifty yarns were given in large quantities, after which all of them were to be recovered by Hongda. I don't think Farlane humans can process anything that even Mio can't handle properly, but still I wouldn't say half, but I think at least 30% should claim ownership.

"That said, even if it's here, I'm just gonna take a place."

"Is Makoto-san the one who uses the long sword?

"I never use it, but if so, would I still prefer a knife?"

"The Great Sword and the Knife are another strange combination."

Hiroshi looks rather strange when she hears True Harp's reply. Makoto, who smiled bitterly at the look on his face, makes a seed.

"At first, I mean, the main thing was a knife for quite some time after I got it. But..."

True Qin Yiku, the game didn't get a more powerful knife than high quality. In fact, the only knives that were out there other than those made in the early days by production players were basically those sold by NPCs on the border or rare drops of high quality products. The equivalent of the so-called Devil's Sword has not been found in the end.

As for melee physics, the skill was powerful and sometimes balanced in a different way than the Long Sword, a true harp I worked out to the point of mastering the most advanced skill, but I couldn't help but say the performance of the weapon in the end, and turned to a great sword that was superior in handling compared to firepower.

"If you do that, you better hit me with a knife. Yeah?

"Mm-hmm. If you say no, you don't. He used a knife over two years ago."

"Well when the ingredients come in, I'll make both the Great Sword and the Knife. The sword will come tighter, and the sword will be pressed against you."

"Before you do that, make your own weapons."

True harp that controls a macro that almost rushes in an extra direction, in a cold voice.

"Speaking of which, what was the move you were using then, after all? You think you can use it?

"The name that came to my mind was Titanic Roar did it. But it's going to help, or, as things stand, it can't be judged."


"I know how to use it, but I don't care how you activate it..."

I woke up. The next day, I borrowed a spare Paul Axe and tried again and again, but no matter how perfectly I reproduced my senses on activation, I didn't even say yeah. It's definitely completely underdeveloped because it hasn't worn anything that's supposed to wear off either, including stamina. I just have to decide that I can't use it any more than I don't have the wrong procedure but it doesn't develop.

"Maybe I'm missing something"

"Oh well. Isn't that just so sweet..."

That's what I'm talking about.

Exactly, they don't increase the combat capability of a macro that easily.

"Leave the stupid substitute for such a fire place aside. Come on, I'm hungry, and it's time for dinner, isn't it?

"Oh, right. I'll make dinner."

"What's today?

"How about soy sauce ramen and dumplings based on Wyverngara soup?

The answer to Spring Vegetable's proposal was a full smile.

"So, as we leave this country after winter, let's set a clear purpose and route for the moment."

After indulging in ramen, spring vegetables propose while adding dessert almond tofu. Note that I will only say that I think it would be happier not to think deeply about the ingredients of almond tofu, depending on the object.

"Right. Thank you. Overall, it feels quite off the Grand Quest that we know. You might want to forget the information and common sense of the game."


"Oh. At least as of the middle of two chapters, there shouldn't have been a serious pinch so far in any country."

"I would add that even in the middle of chapter four. Finally, at that point, the Evil Gods didn't come directly to the story."

When I hear Tatsuya and Makoto explain, I raise my voice unexpectedly.

"Honestly, if what's going on here is the Grand Quest, we have no idea where we are."

"Well, the Grand Quest is out of information in the middle of four chapters anyway, and you can ignore that information at this time."

"As for that, does my brother come up with anything specific?

"First, we should go for Rufeus to gather information."

Tatsuya's suggestion, together with the immediate understanding of its meaning.

"The Great Library, Ka"

"Sure, when I put it in the forbidden library over there, there's a lot of atmosphere going on."

"I'm not saying who, but it's hard to pick up the extra stuff again."

Spring vegetables pointing their gaze in the direction of the day after tomorrow just for a moment to penetrate Tatsuya.

"That's it, there's no art"

Leaving the spring vegetables sparkling in the direction of the day after tomorrow, Mio makes a pale and strange point.

"Sure, it's useless to just go straight to Loufeus"

"You certainly don't have the art of wasting your time in many countries."

Tatsuya and Makoto agree with Mio's point. Suggest that Spring Vegetables stop asking me that and come up with something.

"Then the temple relations of the countries and regions on the route will turn as much as possible."


"I was sure about this one. You can't have anything to do with this god."

"... very convincing opinion, thanks"

Tatsuya truly agrees with Spring Vegetables' declaration, which makes her feel compelling to the point of stiffness. Sure, it can never be irrelevant or anything.

"Then what route do you take?"

"Do you want to enter Loufeus through the Faure and Midas Confederations around the north or through the Dar and Midas Confederations around the south"

"Brothers, there is also a route from Dar, Midas and Faure through Woln into Lufeus without going straight to Lufeus"

Look at a pretty messy map and discuss it with me.

"Oh, yeah."

While following a lot of lines showing the streets, he remembered something, a macro. A slice of the Great Spirit Peak, a vast large forest area stretching from its foot across the border between Farlane and Dar. It points to the center of the Great Spirit Peak side of the forest, which stretches further south and turns from the middle to the rainforest, and it is outrageous.

"There must have been an elf colony and a temple of forest gods around here."

"Near such a civilized area, there is a settlement of elves..."

"Ahem. It's just, you know, in a lot of ways, I'm pretty sure it's the same as the game."

Together, I accidentally laugh bitterly at the words that Hong confessed. I already know so much about Farlane that I don't like it.

"Well, let's gather information and then we'll decide. When the winter is just over, the north route is likely to be full of hard places to pass, so if you think about it, the south route would be nice."

"Right. It's easier to collect ingredients on the way south."

Spring vegetables in favor of Tatsuya's decision. Other members seem to have no particular objection.

"We've decided on a route, and a preliminary exercise for long-distance travel, and one of these days we'll all try to get a request for an escort. Hin?

"Right. Better keep the prep exercise going."

"After that, we don't even have a carriage or a way to get around it."

"You're surprisingly busy, especially Hiroshi."

"Not at all. After all, move from Farlane for about a winter cup from the beginning."

Spring vegetables and Mio nodding in the words of the Hon. Not as big as a macro, but these two are busy getting ready to do something expendable.

"In the meantime, let's do a lot of good tomorrow"

It was the Japanese who decided on their immediate policies and what they were going to do at the moment, making their faces brighter naturally.

"Farlane's Baldo Failed"

"... right"

"The delay in the plan is inevitable..."

In the darkness no one knows. Several men were talking to each other in secret. Everyone, instead of looking away, looks so thin and uncharacteristic that they can't even remember if they were there.

"What about the other Baldo?

"Dar's Baldo was eliminated without question last year by the hands of a prostitute. I'm just sending in a new Baldo right now. I hear Follet's Baldo is struggling with the Dwarves' values."

"The only thing that's going well is Waldis' Baldo."

A group of uncharacteristic appearances speak in a flat voice about what's going on everywhere. Judging from the content of their conversation, it seems that saying Baldo is like a code name at the top of the executive force, but there is a verse in which the person in question thinks he is an individual named Baldo, considering how Baldo was in Farlane. Actually, maybe you don't know about the people on this scene.

"It's unexpected that Farlane's Baldo, who went that far, failed so beautifully. What the hell happened?

"It seems that all the people who strayed from an unknown continent crushed Farlane's Baldo's actions"

An unknown continent, the moment the word comes out, there are signs of abomination from the men.

"Or them again."

"But with them, their lifespan is just people's. Even if the last fifty years have come to an end for nothing because of their deeds, it may take another fifty years, a hundred years or two, if necessary."

"As long as the Holy Spirit exists in this world, our Lord is immortal. If the Lord is immortal, we are immortal again."

"That said, there's no reason to leave them alone"

"I don't need to follow you and send out snakes, but if you come into our area of activity, you can give us a generous welcome."

With the words, darkness swells.

"What about Farlane?

"I failed quite flashly, so I can't do it now. It would be better if we filled our surroundings with holy spirit."

"Okay. Okay, I'll turn to the other Baldo aids. To fill the world with holiness."

"To fill the world with holiness"

At the same time as the words, all the faint remaining signs disappear. The place, where there was nothing left to mourn, was everywhere engulfed in deep darkness.