"Maybe this is the entrance"

"I don't think so."

Great forest covering the southern part of Far Lane. Running diagonally in subtle arcs from about vegetation turning into rainforest to areas still slightly chilly in March, the main street connects the two great powers, Farlane and Dar. Honda looks at the streets that are said to extend more than four thousand kilometers in total, and the side roads that are somewhat near Farlane from the center of them, and says something like that. From the nearest city, Lenade, I would have just said half a day on foot.

If you run at 80 km/h for another hour or so, it's a positional relationship that says you'll reach the Sharne River, which also has a border with Dar. Most of all, its Charne river is also a substitute with a river width of more than a kilometre even though it has a considerable depth of water, and boasts a magnificence that I can only admire for its success in bridging well. After about two more days of running across this great river, the forest finally starts to break. The streets, which were going northeast with a gentle arc until they passed through this river, go southeast with an equally gentle arc drawn from around the river.

Because of this, the streets of this world are so well maintained than the unpaved roads of developing countries, but they are such that they are only bad roads compared to urban areas in developed countries. This southern avenue doesn't leak into that example either, and although it's the only size I can admire that I've been able to maintain so much road width at this distance, it's not the right size to run in a regular one-box car. If the car they were in wasn't just something that looked like a one-box car and how to operate it, neither the car nor the people in it would have been busy. That said, due to its size, it is subtle whether it could have been maintained even if asphalt paving could have been done.

From that vast, three-lane street with about one side of the road width, it was so small that it wouldn't be strange to overlook it if it were normal, seeing paths that you wouldn't normally think of as roads, and they all had an unspeakable atmosphere.

"Oh, my God, we're gonna have to walk."

"Well, I was expecting it."

Tatsuya and Makoto look at that passage closer to the beast path than say the side road and say it in a fed up way. The road that the locals cut open to get in and out, it feels like carriages and cars are only about as wide a road as they can't even pull their luggage. In the first place, at the foot that cannot even be said to have been consolidated, it is a promise to be sure to get stuck on the day you bring in a trolley or something poorly.

"Well, a mess doesn't start, and let's just get ready to go. Maybe you won't get to your destination in three days or so."

Tatsuya and Makoto nodding subtly fed up with the opinions of spring vegetables who saw reality.

"What do you got?

"First, insect repellent and insect bite. If you don't apply it properly, there are a lot of insects around here that sting."

"Unlike around Ursus, a lot of people take weird illnesses."

While agreeing with the words of spring vegetables, Hiroshi distributes a special insect repellent to everyone. I hear it's a strange illness, and even though I look disgusted, I scratch it in my face and hands. Together.

"After that, mosquito nets and tents, but we don't even have to take those out here."

"Hong-kun, give me the compass and the map."

Copy that.

Spring vegetables tell me to take out a map and a compass with only streets and woods written on the big mess.

Say hello, Master.


Mio tells me to give him the sickle. I hold an axe instead of an axe and step forward to lead.

"Mio, I think you should keep your hair together for once."

"Do it while moving"

Mio that binds and uplifts her hair with a familiar hand and this one with a familiar hand for the words of spring vegetables as she wraps it up. Even though the sleeves and hem of the clothes are enchanted and manageable, there's nothing wrong with the hair.

"I'll get rid of the car."

Copy that.

Tatsuya storing in a capsule a one-box car that has been riding this far without even hearing back from her, just one voice. The design of the encapsulated shape is very similar to that of the cartoon that collects the seven spheres to make a wish would obviously be the result of the macro playing.

"I wish there was somewhere along the way where I could camp."

"Well, if it weren't for me, I'd just make room for my sleeping bag."

"Is that all there is..."

For people to move around freely, the natural forces of this great forest are overwhelming. Even though it is not a forest that is completely unavailable, there is no doubt that the unknown realm is more overwhelming for people. In the first place, it's the immensity of finally turning back after more than three days of starting to see the forest, even though it runs eight hours a day at eighty kilometers an hour, even though it ran around until it connects to Southern Avenue. Given the presence of monsters, it would be impossible to attempt to celebrate this great forest in the hands of all at the current technological level.

The architecture and maintenance of this southern avenue must also have been a huge task. It is an unimaginable scale in and of itself how many years it took to cut and pioneer the forest. If you look at the large number of small accommodation towns that exist along the streets, the consolation tablets that must be installed there, there is no doubt that the construction of this road was done at considerable expense over a considerable number of years. The commander-in-chief who built this street will undoubtedly have extra skills in civil engineering.

Because of the heavy traffic, there were also three large accommodation towns. But it was also of such magnitude that, at best, it did not reach 100,000 people, nor did it cut through the forest so much. It's not that easy to cut through the woods without having to think that every lodging town has a consolation tablet.

Most importantly, when I said how much traffic there was, it was much less densely populated than the scrambled junction of a large Japanese city, so I hardly scrambled people or had a collision, even at speeds of 80 km/h.

Early March, two weeks after I left Ursus. The Japanese finally set foot in such an overwhelming forest.

"But I'm used to camping in the woods..."

"It was just a job to do something in the mountains and woods..."

Discovering a squares where tents seemed painfully stretched, Tatsuya and Makoto blurred as they prepared for the camp. Over here since they came to Farlane, two people who have just gone into the mountains and woods with the picking of Mio are no longer accustomed to walking on the beast path.

Even for the Hongdae, there are overwhelmingly many in the woods when it comes to doing something outside. Both the stone that serves as the material for glass and the cliffs from which iron ore can be taken are largely dotted among the rivers and mountains in the woods, and above all the most demanding pharmaceutical materials can recover a lot of the best quality that goes into the woods.

"From this feeling, there seems to be no doubt that there are people who camp occasionally"

"There aren't many violent monsters around here because the streets are close."

Make a note of the map with one hand of the compass and state what Spring Vegetables thinks to the ambient vegetation and the ambient ground. The overwhelmingly green Great Forest from the outside is also much more colorful than the image if you step inside. It is also evidence that this forest is bringing abundant grace to the creatures, and it would not be strange to see so many people coming into the forest for it. Most of all, the forest is never sweet against an intruder who can't spare a minute.

"What did Terez say?

"If we go through the thickest beast path, we'll go out to the river, so if we keep going upstream and walk along the river, if we want to be human, we should be able to find a settlement."

"No matter how many times I hear it, it's an outrageous explanation."

Spring vegetables that show the exact contents repeatedly in response to confirmation of the true harp. A macro that only sighs at its out-of-the-box content. In the first place, no country has that exact a map, so I can't help explaining the location is outrageous. Instead, you would have explained the entrance quite plainly and accurately.

"Seeing you live in a place like this, is it closed on Temple Street after all?

"What do you think? Let Terez tell you, he just doesn't want to go outside because there's a complex in the city, it's not like he doesn't like other people coming..."

"... you're fighting over the image of a fantasy elf."

Makoto leaks words mixed with sighs and bitter laughter into the words of her elf daughter hired in the workshop. To be honest, Therese herself, who said it, also has a subtle image of a countryman who is so familiar with the city. Along with Nora, it's strange that for being enslaved, there's no prejudice or aversion to the human species, but let us say it.

"I think it would be fair to be biased once or twice because there was an overwhelmingly higher percentage of friendly people when looking at the whole person I met,"

"There are mountains of busy people in the Mora tribe. In the first place, if the entire human species is not busy, there will already be no life by the time we get out of there."

That. Basically, there are definitely aspects of Farlane that, if properly worked, have no difficulty eating, much saved by pastoral and somewhere peacefully bogged down ethnicity that I don't think is a big country.

"Well, whatever it is, you can go home even if you're somewhat lost. Just watch out for the monsters and move on."

"Yes, yes. I have more than I can eat as an ingredient, and if I have to, I just need everyone in the workshop to procure food and water."

A line of laughter that makes no difference in the language of spring vegetables that makes the most of the benefits of the Enchant of Sharing. Even if we go back, we have secured both the transfer stone and the users of long-range transfers, so a week or two of stray won't be a pinch.

Humans, if you don't have a problem eating and you don't have a big problem, it's something you can deal with quite possibly with with with some of the infirmities. In the first place, their journey is not particularly due. It's been over six months since Tatsuya and the others were flown because they don't know what's going on with the timeline. I can't help but rush now, so I should enjoy these petite adventure opportunities a lot.

So far, they're in agreement like that. Needless to say, the act of stepping into the southern Great Forest Zone and searching for an elf where most humans don't know its location is not something that would fit into a petite adventure by mistake.

Everywhere the average person was a misperceived honda.

"Potato Potato Bugs ~"

"You're such a jerk. Get it."

"Suspicious shades of grass, pulled out"

Third day after breaking into the woods. The Japanese were completely adapted to the conditions in which they lived in the woods. I haven't gotten to the one that tells me it's a river that Therese has designated yet, but it doesn't look like I care who I am alone.

It should be noted that they are also accustomed to forest areas in addition to being strengthened by their travelling skills, with a daily tread distance reaching an amazing fifty kilometres. If you keep walking straight north, it's a speed that can travel as far as the southern end of the Great Spirit Peak can be seen in ten days.

"You guys, I've been meaning to eat this a lot"

"After all, the brother you're eating, don't talk about people."

"I'm used to it. I gave up."

Tatsuya returns a reply with an indescribable face to an ingredient that looks suspicious. The ingredients they source are safe and delicious, on the back of what looks like adding or subtracting. It seems that the majority of ingredients with suspicious color schemes have evolved in such a way that it is difficult to say that they will not be eaten by external enemies by becoming suspicious colors.

Some of these substances are pigmented with substances that are harmless to humans but can be powerful poisons for herbivores and insects of the same species, and the other worlds compete for their survival.

"But when I look at these ingredients, they're different worlds."

"What the hell. Wyburn, don't eat that."

"No, well, yeah. That one still has a strong image of simply a big lizard, but the ones around here are obviously poisonous, aren't they?

"I know what you're going to say..."

Magically water out and return a bitter laugh as you pull the ac out of the suspicious shade of grass. If you have the same foods as the game, more things will come out of it.

Especially when it comes to the top food-based ingredients that impress me, it's a hedro or coltar no matter how I look at it, it feels like thank you, if normal, I can definitely swallow it first. It's such a good mysterious substance that I think the flavor is so delicious in reality. It is a substance that I do not know well enough to root out disease-based status abnormalities even if I speak alone, but I had little chance of eating it as it was because it would be an ingredient in a non-sprinkling recovery item called Kamikaze Soma.

"Snake, I got you."

Preparing for dinner while wasting extra time, True Harp dragged home a snake of a length not significantly different from his own. The thickness around the torso is not so great, but it seems like enough meat could be taken for evening and morning meals for five.

"Oh, a treat."

"Kamayaki kamayaki"

"I have to make sauce"

It's the kind of snake that has a parasite, so you have to do it through the fire securely. To this end, spring vegetables are carefully treated downwards.

"Fire, wake me up."


For kamayaki, it is better to burn straight with a net than to cook on an iron plate. Having set fire to the seven wheels with such a strange obsession, there is no choice but to be plunged into all sorts of things. But nobody can go in there anymore.

"I'll cook the potato worms on this iron plate."

"Do you want some grass?

"Right. Or simmer with nuts."

and so on, the three of us go steadily through the cooking. All this time, there's no turnout for the two elders, a group that doesn't cook.

"This smell, you know..."

"Dandelion is the head of what you want to eat..."

True Harp's words stop the movement of the people who were cooking for a moment.

"What do we do? Do you want to cook?"

"After the spa, I just had one meal with Elle on the way home from the escort assignment, and this time it was okay."

"Dumb..., I might want to eat..."

Not once you're conscious. Spring vegetables that stick baked dandelions into the food pantry early and start cooking rice without getting lost. A macro who bakes dandelions instead of spring vegetables and runs from one end into the food pantry. In parallel with the stewed grass and nuts, Mio takes out the gluten and walnut of the tiger child to make the red dashi.

By the end of the most time-consuming cooking task, all the dishes had been plunged into the food pantry, creating the indescribable sight that the hungry beasts could wait now or now.

"I think it's time."

I don't have anything convenient to say electronic jars, etc., so I have to decide for myself whether it's cooked or not. That said, there is no drain on the culinary skill kanst spring vegetables there. The moment you take the lid off the earthenpot, the white grain pins and just feels cooked rice reveal itself, along with the aroma that the vast majority of the Japanese would answer as appetizing.

"No more patience!

"Spring vegetables, come on!

"Yes, yes, wait a minute"

Serve rice quickly for as many people as possible and put it on a prepared meal at some point. In the flow work, Hong puts the snake dandelion on top of the rice, and Mio sprinkles the sauce with plenty. It didn't take a minute until all the food was served on all the meals.

"That's a correct and dull diet..."

"I don't care about the details, although there are probably as many penetrations as there are places to eat and ingredients used..."

Tatsuya and Makoto stare at the meal in front of them with a touched face while taking the chopsticks in their hands. There are a lot of subtleties about having roasted potato bugs on instead of pickles, and the stewed vegetable leaves being extremely colorful. In the first place, it would be mini udon or mini buckwheat, rather than a small bowl of stewed food, but there would also be opinions.

However, to say that it can still be found in a combination of red miso soup for the first time in the other world is so trivial that it doesn't bother the Japanese.


"Sauce tastes great..."

"Privately, dandelion, I think it's pretty well done, don't you think?

"The dandelion is delicious, too. It's a lot different from eels and pits, but this tastes good."

It does not defy the constant reptiles, and this time the snake tastes closer to the chicken. Therefore, the image of chicken dandelion rather than eel is stronger, but dandelion is dandelion. It doesn't change how delicious it is to eat on rice.

"The potato worm feels like a chopstick break."

"This kind is a little dull."

Hiroshi and Mio divulge such comments about the overall balance while scratching the dust and potato worms like Sawayan. In an instant, there will be no more dust, no more boiling, no more miso soup.

"It was a treat"

Everyone finishes eating at about the same time and finishing that greeting at about the same time.

"Somehow, you feel strange."

"Normally, when I come to camp like this, I don't eat much."

A macro who relentlessly penetrates the point that would be the best penetration in the situation.

"So, I impulsively ate rice, but is there anything to replenish?

"The time is right. For now, don't wait another six months."

Tatsuya has no choice but to be satisfied with the penetration of the macro. In fact, it's like planting hasn't even started yet. If I were to say it in Japan, it would be around the time when the cherry blossom prediction finally began. Unless you make extra special deviations, it's impossible to get new rice for boulders at this time of year.

"I haven't eaten half of it yet, so you don't have to worry so much anymore for a while"

"I don't know. I feel like I'm eating quite a bit every time I cook, and it's something I don't get very often, so I really care."

"My brother is the type who clears the elixir without using it until the end."

"Sorry about that."

Tatsuya replies to Mio's penetration with an unexpected bumpy face. That said, there are parts of the Japanese art that in a way keep things warm and rotten to the end that can't be replenished later or even replenished for an awesome price.

"Well, for eating at this pace, don't think you can somehow pull it off until the next new America"

"I hope so..."

Tatsuya makes me seem anxious everywhere. If I don't have it at all from the beginning, I'll break it off, but if I get it, but the quantity is low, I can't help but protect it.

"Either way, it doesn't matter if you hold onto it for the rest of your life, and when you really eat it, you just have to bug it. Yeah."

"... I know you do."

"To the boulder, it's a little too much to think about."

Older people who are so inseparable from each other because of their obsession. They didn't know. Assuming I behaved like rice to the newcomers in the workshop, I would have gotten information that would have relieved my worries immediately.

"It's time to cut your hair."

"Me, too, I think I'll get my hair together."

True harp and spring vegetables that say that while enjoying an outdoor bath. Because of the characteristics of the macro and its countermeasures, the men never have to worry about getting a peek at it, so they behave really openly.

It should be noted that this large bath for portable use was forced into production by the women with a passion to the point of awesomeness, an excellent one that can be deployed with a stripper if there is enough space to set up a tent. The presence of this bath is the biggest reason why the Japanese are able to adapt to survival in this great forest.

"With that said, Mio, aren't you getting a little big?

"Sister Makoto, what exactly is that, and what part?

"I know you've grown a little bit, but I think you've become a lot more feminine than you were when you got fit."

"Then I'm a little happy"

Mio looks really happy about the evaluation of the true harp. In fact, although it is undeniable to say half a circumferential lag in Aeris in terms of the rate of development, no one would look at Mio now and say toddler shape. It has been a long time since she was freed from the condition of saying she slept uncomfortably, so the initial pathological finesse has also been resolved, and it is clear to everyone that she is looking neat with her.

Slowly, but as a result of the development, the fact that Mio is somewhat more colorful than his usual body-shaped spring vegetables, which are glamorous and preferable to men, although taken off from toddler shape and pathological fineness, cannot yet be said to be full is a story that distracts the depth of the world. But if the total appearance asks which one is the top, there will definitely be an increase in armament in spring vegetables.

"But it's not enough to float like Sister Chun..."

"Even Elle hasn't been to that area yet, and Mora's the bigger one, but it wasn't enough to float, and there's no rush, is there? This is what happened to me."

"Makoto-san is Makoto-san, and I don't think it's that bad..."

"It's okay, you don't have to console me. Anyway, I'm a woman who even loses miserably to a famous elf for lactating milk..."

Trumpeting words close to the true meaning for spring vegetables, Makoto sinks into a masochistic spiral. It should be noted that the elves of the day are either pedigree values or have little interest in their own beauty or shape. Finally, to tell you the truth, it hasn't been proven that the elves are only really lactating milk. It is simply that the few elf women who had the opportunity to meet in Urus and Calzas were almost all in shape to fall into the category of lactating milk. I can't say enough that I don't have an elf with a bust above a certain line because I'm not face-to-face with all the elves out in the city.

"Oh, speaking of which, I forgot."


"I can't really talk where you are, Hiroshi, but it's about time"

"... ahhh. Are you the heavier one?

"I don't think so."

The three of them start whispering and talking about vivid stories of a kind that cannot be done where the man is now.

"What about Makoto?

"I'm done before I go into the woods, right?

"I had no idea"

"In my case, something very light. It's almost over, it feels like"

Something about the macro, together with trying not to get too into each other's private lives. For this reason, little or no information of this kind is shared for living together. It would also be a factor that there was no particular difficulty in living in the workshop.

"What about Mio?

"I'm pretty unstable in my cycle. It weighs a lot."

"What do you mean?

"Unsure when to come"

"Are you coming?

Because it is important to do so, Spring Vegetables and Makoto are confirmed with a serious face. To True Harp's last inquiry, Mio snorts silently. This physiological phenomenon specific to women affects different parts of the period. Besides, even if you can't talk grandiose in front of a man because it also leads to the important question of whether you can have children in the future, there's no reason to be shy and neglectful.

"Whatever it is, Mio was able to make it."

"You can't rely on the Macro for all this."

"If I push you against my master, that's what's at stake for my life"

"It was underwear, Hiroshi."

After the rendezvous, Mio is in charge of the manufacture of menstrual supplies. Unlike Hiroshi, who doesn't really care, Tatsuya, who also has a daughter-in-law, seems to be somewhat sensing a lot, but she doesn't flinch back because she knows that it's manners not to pinch her mouth to this kind of thing.

That said, Tatsuya is still a good man, around being subtle and attentive to many places when he guesses it seems to be that period of time, just not flinching back. Having a beautiful daughter-in-law is also a nod story.

"Well, that's what I'm saying, so maybe it'll be okay, but maybe it'll be a little subtle as a force of war."

"Copy that. Well, don't worry, I'll follow up. It's not a big deal around here yet."


"So, Sister Zhenqin. In Sister Zhenqin, which one is before the master and brother, multiplied by?


"Mio, you don't listen to people who don't have that hobby say that because they're interested. You're still in middle school, by the way!

Finish the story you can't do where the man is, and move on to Girls Talk. The topic Mio brought up to mess with the true harp doesn't seem to keep up with spring vegetables. It turns into a whole lot of different topics as it is. The woman's bath was still long.

"So, Hiro. What's it like these days?

"What's it like, what?

Bathing women. Hiroshi and Tatsuya waste while taking care of tools and handling under medication in order to mislead shabby and uncomfortable.

"Hey, are you used to women's bodies? What do you mean?

"Something subtle. In the meantime, even under one roof, it wouldn't bother me that much if it was about the size of a workshop. If the current members do it, if they do a carriage or a one-box car passenger seat and a back seat, it's fine."

The confession is harsh when you return the back and other people come in. For my last escort assignment, True Harp and Spring Vegetables were on horseback outside, and Mio was waiting in another carriage. Above all, I had the nervousness to say escort duty, so maybe it wouldn't have been so much of a problem in the same carriage.

But this time it's either an easy drive. I'm not traveling that far with care. Because Tatsuya and Makoto are the only ones with a license, they took turns every two hours or so, but when Tatsuya was not driving, they kept their distance by sitting in the back seat roughly the most. As soon as I said that I was no longer in the mood, I did the same thing by rotating quite a bit and changing the seating position, so that I didn't focus on stress on one person for how well I was doing.

"How much do you care if I touch a woman?

"I don't know. When you've had enough time to shake hands and exchange money and stuff, don't worry about it."

"You're much better, aren't you?

"Well, I haven't had a problem with that since I was flown over here, but what I've been able to figure out is progress. I'm still scared of the crowd, but if I do about a normal day for Urs, I'll be fine."

Tatsuya speaks from the bottom of her heart, saying that she thinks it's great progress. In fact, it is a remarkable recovery that real parents and brothers panic if they see even a gray baby as a woman, and that they no longer need to be in the everyday trivial interactions, compared to when they had to accelerate the VR system's time acceleration system to one step ahead of the limit where the brain is loaded and continue counseling even the time available.

We have not yet reached an area where there is no obstacle to everyday life at all. It's like there hasn't been this much change in everyday life. But, nevertheless, I can assure you that it was a groundbreaking event that progress appeared in a medical condition that had continued to trample for more than two years.

"Nevertheless, this forest is probably, but the southern avenue is also amazing. That, I wonder how many days it would take if it were normal?

"I don't know, but even if I use a carriage or something, I'll be looking at it for a month or something?

"If it's a golem carriage, maybe we'll get there a little faster"

The content of the chat shifts to Southern Avenue, which was flying the car until three days ago. Conversations that normally seem to lead to topics per woman of choice, but Tatsuya, a woman other than her daughter-in-law, who is not in her sight, and Hiroshi, who affirms that she does not attack a man with a decent personality in two dimensions, cannot thrive on stories of heterosexual relationships where she has worked so hard. I don't even talk about sexuality or anything vivid like that, but I'm handling it appropriately. It's over in one word, so it's still not exciting.

"The golem carriage went pretty fast, too."

"About 60 kilometers an hour?

"Like that."

Transportation in this world is faster than the general fantasy image. Even though the carriage people ride is not, the caravan also runs fairly fast, as it is not uncommon for carriages to have plenty of suspension and so on. Traveling slowly on foot is about a poor adventurer who can't sustain a horse and can't twist the cost of boarding a carriage.

I don't speed that far all over the city on boulders, but when I'm running down the street, everyone is flying pretty relentlessly. With that speed, the existential value of the Southern Avenue would be considerable.

"At over eighty miles an hour on a boulder, it seems impossible for a human-made ride so far."

"Well, I guess so. The Golem carriage is a gift."

"Even in such a one-box, I was greatly envied."

"Golem carriages cost little to maintain, don't they?

"It depends on things? We use automated magic replenishment for power crystals, and we use collision avoidance for automatic repairs, and a full defense system per inertially controlled barrier. Yes, but we need to repair Anmon and axles frequently."

That said, the point is higher in terms of anything other than maintenance, even just that the golem carriage doesn't need to take care of the horse. Besides, if it's made by a decent craftsman and it won't break after decades of use, I want a golem carriage someday, and I don't even know the idea.

Golem carriages can also be a symbol of success when it comes to road travel.

"So, when you say human, is it a monster?

"Yes, yes. Well, it's rare, but people control monsters that drive people at speeds of nearly 200 an hour, or flying dragons that fly across this street in a day."

"I see..."

Sure, if you're about as fast as Wyburn, you can fly eight to ten hours and you're likely to get there enough. That said, unfortunately, Taming Skills does not have one of its members. Whatever it takes to build a plane or a helicopter, otherwise they won't be moving through the sky. Flying magic is risky.

"From the sky, can you see the elf settlement, too?

"Especially since it seems to be hidden, depending on the size, it looks normal. Let's do it"

"I wonder what it's like in this elf over here"

"I feel like I've seen Therese and the kind of image we don't really have works, or I feel like I'm going to be very disappointed from a fantasy standpoint."

Waiting for the women's bath to end as they look up at the stars they see from the shadows of the trees. Even though I said I was going to be disappointed, my expectations for the inside of the elf, which I haven't seen yet for some reason, were a plain growing line.