"I always thought..."


"I don't have any decent ingredients..."


Higashi nods somehow without returning a reply to Tatsuya's words about smudging. Anyway, there's nowhere to deny Tatsuya's words because what you're eating right now is a salmon that can cliff with a leg you worked out when you go back. Besides, the foot is a substitute for a massive, healthy leg, no matter how anyone sees it.

It should be noted that some salmon in this world are properly ordinary. However, the regular salmon season is the autumn mouth, while Kencakzake is just about seasonal by now. They say the retroactive peak is after about two weeks, but the sober folks are already going back to the river.

As a result, when Kencakzake's legs are relaxed and soothed with mayonnaise, it tastes just like tuna mayo. For this reason, in the elves now there is a boom in the grip rice filled with achments that are not tuna mayo. Needless to say, I have already taught you how to make mayonnaise.

"If you think there's salmon in the grip, don't you think it's terrible that this is what came out?

"Udeyamame or something, even if you say it like this. Yes, you are."

"Or so it is. If you grow halfway between arms and legs, I'd like to tell you to remove your limbs and be a half fisherman normally."

"You have that, actually."

Makoto agrees with Tatsuya. If it's anything Gilman, on the contrary, I'll settle for good sitting, but I want you to forgive me for seeing all these halfway houses.

"Half a Fishman..."


"Is it delicious...?

"Are you going to eat..."

"I don't know, if there was a half-fish system, which one of them was a monster frame or a human frame?

When the topic of not eating from Mio's words came to the fore, Hongfu told me that he was curious. To that question, seriously bothering Makoto and Tatsuya.

"That's a hard part..."

"If you can communicate with the will, humans, if you're going to attack with instinct, are you a monster?

"Well, if I were to split it up, it would be there, but even if I could communicate with the will, there are monster frames..."

"That said, given that goblins are human frames for once, they're more likely to be human frames."

Together with weird and serious consideration of what doesn't matter in certain respects. It's just a matter of judging when you encounter them, but when questions like this arise, it must be because they seriously argue.

"If you think about it, you won't know it until you actually encounter it."

"You're right."

In the end, the debate ends where the obvious conclusions have been reached. All I can say for now is that if it were a monster frame, it would definitely challenge you to eat it once.

"So, well, back to that,"


"Sometimes, I want to meet an ingredient that doesn't have the odd nature to say so, it looks decent and has a normal nature, like the roots are in a pilebanker, it's flying and it attacks all ranges, it blows itself up when it's cooked wrong, it's got arms growing on fish crumbs, what do you think?

"It's not a bad ingredient, it's a fantasy."

In response to Tatsuya's blur, Spring Vegetables throw up a dialogue that makes you want to put Mio on the back or something. That said, it would be just as rude of him to put me out to make out in such a joke conversation.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables"


"Everything's fantastic, so don't think it'll do."

"No, 'cause it's fantasy, that's all I'm saying."

Just because it's fantasy doesn't even make it unknown and acceptable if the ingredients form a decent ecosystem. Yes, Tatsuya, I want to speak up. In the first place, no matter how fantastic you say it is, most of the ordinary comics and novels were not so different from the ingredients used on Earth. At best there is some flesh of dragons and other creatures in that hand, and Rencon will not fly through the sky for any all-range attack whatsoever.

"Mostly, I've been thinking for a long time, you guys often see for the first time unidentified fluorescent vegetable leaves or something that you can cook and put in your mouth without hesitation"

"I'm used to being there in a month."

"I don't know about Mio and my brother, but the seasonal ingredients during the summer season are a lot of great outfits and shades."

"So is it true harp doesn't complain..."

That's what I'm saying.

Around September, when Tatsuya and Mio appeared here, many ingredients familiar to the planet begin to season. Thus there were not so many unusual vegetables and fruits out there with a fantastic feel, but when it came to the summer platter when Hongda arrived in Urus, it was at its peak that it was a metallic dome-colored cabbage-like vegetable or a muscle-looking melon. Not to mention how much preservation technology is available to prevent corruption, but seasonal products still dominate sales on the market, except for cereals. If you don't get your hands on those ingredients, you're really going to get a few steps high on the sudden narrowing of your food options.

As a result, both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables tried various things even though they pulled into apparent ingredients, and eventually they got into the habit of trying to eat anything that didn't die. To the true harp, by the time I joined Spring Vegetables, my reluctance to eat had essentially disappeared completely, without being able to make the choice of not eating from the character of her grandmother and child, who had to try Russian roulette things that did not know the ingredients or how to cook them from the name of the dish, and who said that it would be a waste to leave even things like pulling.

I haven't had such an experience, and there were several cooks who would make it look beautiful and easy to eat, so I haven't had an experience where they would eat anything that neither Tatsuya nor Mio was likely to eat. Still, Mio often poisons unknown ingredients because of his position to cook, but Tatsuya, who specializes in basic foods, has little chance of looking directly at what ingredients in the fantasy world.

If I say so, his blur is like a human luxury in such a privileged position.

"Why don't you complain about Wyburn and his vegetables in the first place?

"It felt like Wyburn was a fantasy, and Rockbore and all that is very much the same as regular meat."

"If Wyburn is a fantasy, then I think grass around here is a fantasy too..."

I laugh bitterly at what Spring Vegetables say. Sure, the fluorescent grass that's glowing is fantastic when it comes to fantasy. However, most fantasies don't eat those in their hands, so when they say ingredients, they just want to go in.

"Tatsuya, give up to some extent for now"

"It's the only way."

"Nevertheless, I think it's time for me to see new ingredients in the pattern of dancing mushrooms, eringi and chingen dishes."

Makoto makes a request by giving an example of ingredients that have become widely edible due to the development of agricultural and transport technologies, even though Tatsuya is embarrassed, which were once minor or not in Japan.

"Well, if you look, there is."

"Dar or Faure, expect something around there, huh?

"I can't believe we're going that far..."

Tatsuya Blur with a subtly fed up face. As a matter of fact, the crops that can be picked in the elves are also, for the most part, normal crops that have not changed anything in particular, but because some are of a strange nature at pinpoint, they tend to exceed the tolerance of Tatsuya, whose criteria are still dragged by Japanese common sense in the penetrating temperament.

"Well, put the rice story aside. In addition to the current appearance of ingredients, there are other things that are particularly troubling."

"That's true, blurry doesn't matter..."

I just have to snort at Hiroshi's words, Tatsuya. For the sake of basic heckles, places like this are oddly thick, perhaps because they are the realm of craftsmen.

"Brothers, what's the situation now?

"In the meantime, we've got all the hunter trees and stuff that was right there for you."

"And Maneater, who grows elsewhere than in front of the temple, because he dug up all the dirt where his roots seemed to grow and left it completely frozen with Tatsuya's magic"

"You know, for the time being, you're gonna be okay."

Tatsuya and Makoto, whose hands are vacant at present, were circling the path from the village of Elf to each village of Goblin, Forest Giant and Fairy, exterminating the hunter trees and man-eaters that live in dangerous places on the route. Hunter trees in particular are deadly for non-Forest Giants, and goblins and fairies with smaller bodies are also more dangerous for man-eaters than other species.

Other than that, animal-based monsters do not purposefully imitate themselves to go around. Because if you hunt too much without a kilo, you don't know how it affects your ecosystem.

"So, what's going on over there?

"In the meantime, now it's the final check phase or. If I could do that, the extermination would have gone on all at once."

"Well, that's a lot quicker than planned. When will the decision be made?

"The extermination of the maneater itself is scheduled for tomorrow morning if there are no problems with the final check or. However, there is no guarantee that this will end, so I'd better get ready."

Together nodding at the words of the Macho. If you think about the games, the promises of the story, it wouldn't be more than the first step to get rid of Maneater. It doesn't seem like some kind of conspiracy from the feeling, but honestly, I'm more afraid of something accidental than some kind of conspiracy.

"In the meantime, assuming there's something, what kind of preparation do you think we need? I don't think I need to be prepared for conspiracy."

"If you're looking at my tactical experience, you need to be prepared for a forest dungeon."

"What's the basis for that?

"Man eater breeds all that, don't you think it's too peaceful? Besides, the chances of going to Lord Alanwen's temple are drastically reduced compared to before the route was blocked."

I perceive what Makoto is trying to say, and I nod with a serious face at Hiro and Spring Vegetables. Although it is true that all those numbers of carnivorous plants have been able to solidify and reproduce and maintain their forces for nearly thirty years, there is very little impact of chi around here. At least the route to the temple is off the muscles through the earth vein, according to the senses of the Hong and Mio, but on the contrary, a large number of man-eaters will say that the temper created by life support activities is used for something other than contamination of the earth vein.

"I don't know. It doesn't seem strange when the route passes through alienation and becomes a dungeon."

"That's what I said. So, Hon, Mio, if you can, we can get you out of here."

Copy that.

"Leave it to me."

Two people nodding, believing in the one called Experience. I don't mind if I take the trumpet off my mind. Preparation is basically useless.

"So do you want to go into work this afternoon? Me and Makoto are going around for the last time, Hiro is going to do a final check, what are Spring Vegetables and Mio going to do?

"I'm ready for the Dungeon Attack."

"I…, at the corner, will help you farm with training"

Copy that. Let's go.

When we snort at Tatsuya's words after the meal, we begin to act according to our plans. Five days after arriving in the village of Elf. Looks like it's time to see the end of their stay.

"But, hey, I've got a visitor in the field. Help me. I don't know what's going to happen in the world."


"You have to live long."

Unexpectedly, spring vegetables smile at the words of the elves while taking care of the seedlings to be planted first in spring. Even if Aesthetic Various Elves told me she was cute, I don't know how to react. Besides, the nature of these guys is that they are country porn fathers and sexual harassment aunts.

Besides, he's a good cook.

"I can pick them in our village, they're rare and I don't think I can eat them."

"Because it's important to know what you're cooking."

Return the answer as modestly as possible to the elf that brings it up. If you react too dignified, that's going to feed you, and you're not making a big deal of it in the first place.

"It's a corner, why don't you marry me to our village?

"Marga's place, dowry."

"Addo's, too."

"Senegalese daughter-in-law left early in her wedding, and now she's walking away."

It seems that the farmer's daughter-in-law problem is serious because Japan, the other world, humans and elves remain the same. Somehow I understand that the conversation is moving in the wrong direction, and for now I skip the question to change the subject.

"Uh, this is an understatement?

"... I don't know. It's a subtle line, but it's better to make a mistake."

"Does this grow properly, even if it's a little late to plant?

"It depends on the climate, but if it's land and climate, it's not that weak of a crop."

"Well, can I have it?

Elves with strange faces for the abrupt inquiry of spring vegetables.

"I don't mind, but what do we do?

"When this is over, you're gonna take people to Ursus to teach them how to grow larce wheat, right? Then I thought I'd plant it on the other test farm."

"I see. Well, should there be more variety and number?

"Yes, you are."

Elves who listen to the words of spring vegetables and begin collecting sardines from among the misguided.

"Can we do this?

"Mm, enough. Thanks."

"No, no, no. Throw it away or let it dry and fertilize anyway. If you're going to grow up somewhere else, you should be looking forward to seedlings."

"Guys, when you take it back to Ursus after it's over, it's been too long for the boulders, huh?

"When you go back to Ursus, use the transfer stone so it's okay"

The elves look worried while convinced when they hear it's a transfer stone. For them too, a transfer stone is expensive and valuable. It would be curious to know if it would be okay to use that much wheel.

"Transfer stone..."

"It's expensive to use, you're okay, right?

"It's okay, it's okay. If you have to, you can make as many as you want."

Unexpectedly, the elves turn a blind eye to the Spring Vegetable Dialogue that I just mentioned.

"That kid, he's got great arms, huh?

"Yeah. Perhaps looking for the world instead of Urs, few craftsmen can beat you, Hiroshi?

"I can't believe it..."


"Well, I don't think I can help that,"

The only way for the elves to react is to agree with the boulders. Nobody trusts a man of a human species with a short life span, who is also old enough that it's still not strange to be called a kid or a kid, to say that he's one of the best craftsmen in the world.

"Oh, yeah."

"What be?

"I'd like to set up a transfer team in this village, okay?

"Transfer formation?

"We need that. Are we?

The place suddenly turns to the word that came out abruptly. No congratulatory elf, however rural and peaceful in character, does not understand the dangers of something called a transfer formation. Their safety and tranquillity are protected by the enormous sea of trees called the Southern Great Forest Zone and by the hidden characteristics of an unknown location. Transfer stones and transfer formations will disable those two barriers in one shot.

If this is about the transfer stone, it's still fine. Although it depends on the item, the number of people and supplies that can be transported there are known, and they are disposable and quite expensive. Unless you bring a person who is too strong, it can't be that much of a threat to the elves who are plain and capable of fighting.

But the metastatic formation is different. The transfer formation cannot be transported on a larger scale than the transfer gate, but it can send as many people as it wants, using only a little magic from the moving humans. Plus, there's enough luggage for people to pull, and the luggage they can load there, too. Although one person at a time, reuse can be done immediately after confirming the metastasis, so it is easy to send in a significant number of people.

Besides, the biggest problem is that unlike a transfer stone, we can easily send people who have never been here before. Given those problems, I can't easily say no to boulders.

"Well, if you think about it normally, it's hard to say yes because you don't know who's coming out"


"In the meantime, the connection is inside our workshop. The use is for the movement and regular movement of personnel and tools necessary for the cultivation and instruction of larce wheat. I thought it would be a hassle to use the transfer stone for boulders."

"Sure, Ursus. It's convenient to get there easily..."

"Is there any chance that the workshop and the others will come to your village under control?

"Maybe if our workshop seemed to be under control, we wouldn't be safe around here with or without a transfer team"

In response to the most serious questions of the elves, Spring Vegetables is assured with a serious face. As a matter of reality, to say that the Azma Workshop is under control would undoubtedly mean that the country's centre would be held by none other than the royal family today. Furthermore, to say that we have as much force as we can to forcibly break through the protection of the workshop is undoubtedly because there is a group of examples involved, including Baldo, at which point Farlane is definitely contaminated with air in every corner. The village is undoubtedly drunk at that time, more than the pulse around here is connected to the pulse of Ursus.

"Plus, if we mess with the transfer team, we can keep people from coming here without our permission."

"I see. Can you rewrite the settings on your own?"

"At a time when the Knights of Farlane broke into, or controlled, a workshop that they said had more defense and security than a fortress, and the power of being rewritten without permission to set up a transfer team made by the world's highest granting magician and magician, I don't think 89 out of 10 had much to do with the presence or absence of a transfer team."

"Is that it?

"Yeah, there's only one group I know that's going to be able to do that, but if it's the way that the group does it, it's going to give priority to those who pollute the whole country by pouring air into the terrain first, before doing anything about our workshop."

Spring vegetables that recall and affirm Bardo's combat abilities and magical guidance skills. If you think about words, deeds, etc. comprehensively, that's definitely the bottom line first. A good, local project leader, if bad, seems to be in a position to oversee the scene, but on the contrary, even at that level, he had the ability to fight without having to destroy a city about the size of Urs if he cared. I can't say enough that if a real Baldo raids the workshop because of a few people on the boulder, it will never fall.

If I were to be clear, if they had acted simply for the contamination of the ground veins and the destruction of Farlane, without thinking, for example, of making Ursus a source of disgust, both Farlane and this village would have disappeared by now from the top of the map. Maybe that's a lot missing, so I was trying to imitate around saying that, but when I think about it, I'm doing a really roundabout.

"It's just that the group, like they fought before, would fly normally at the bottom, and one or two of the smaller cities would normally be destroyed, so if they came by force, they probably wouldn't have the means to stop them."

"Is there a problem with that?

"In the meantime, I ruled out being in Urs. Seriously, though, it was just the bottom line."

"If that story was true, you guys were strong."

"We came to this village, or to Lord Alanwen's temple, because of its entanglement."

The elves look at each other without being able to judge the spring vegetables that say things they don't know if they're lying or true. It is also true that Spring Vegetables is not a person who tells lies like this, and that Hiroshi and Mio, as artisans, have arms that are not suitable for their age, but the story is too big to be fully trusted. It's not a story that can be judged by ordinary villagers like them.

"... unfortunately, we can't judge you."

"... talk to the village chief and the elders"

"Yeah, roger. Either way, we'll talk about it after we get back to Master Alanwen's temple."

Nodding at the words of spring vegetables, we return to each task. As soon as I started working on it, I went back to what topic with the lower story sexual harassment, the old man attribute was surprisingly strong spring vegetables.

"Um, guys..."

Breakfast the next day. On the day of the decision of the operation for the liberation of the regular route to the Temple of Alanwen. Alchem, who had some kind of thought up face, opens his mouth feeling terrified.


"Doesn't it?

"Me too, can I come with you......?

The Japanese look surprised by Alchem's words. Honestly, I don't know why Alchem is following me.

"It depends."

"And then your combat skills."

There is no judgment in not listening. In the meantime, I shall see why I suddenly remembered such a thing against Alchem and how much I can fight.

"First of all, for a reason. Why did you say that all of a sudden?

"Alanwen told me last night..."

"Something I heard a lot a while ago..."

Mio whines as he lets his gaze wander in the direction of the day after tomorrow when he hears why Alchem spoke out. Needless to say, what caused me to hear so much is a dog chick princess who is supposed to be doing the princess a lot in Urs right now.


"Go with you, and come straight to the temple," he said.

"Behavior is specific, but it tells me nothing about why."


Honors who relentlessly waste God's thankful words just because they can be harmful to themselves. In this case, there may be considerable danger to Alchem himself, so it becomes increasingly wordy.

"Or what, you'll be the witch of Master Alanwen or something, talk all the time?

"I don't know. Just..."


"Now I have another announcement..."

There is no other way for Hongda to unexpectedly become a jitsu eye for a trustee sent down at a very good time. In this case, the penetration against Alanwen, which had been deliberately monitored and timed, is the main ingredient rather than what Alchem would have done.

"You can be mad at yourself, so why don't you tell me what you told me?

"Ah, yes. This is a trial, so if you're not going to take me, I'm not going to respond to the dialogue..."

"... Is this how we all feel about God over here?

"Well, maybe if I say it sounds like God in a way. Mainly in the Greek mythological sense."

Spring vegetables comment bitterly on Tatsuya's thoughts on the announcement Alchem received. In fact, not only in Greek mythology, but also in Japanese mythology, there is no similar story of God. Just to say they're not too familiar with it, maybe the myth of a polytheistic state is that this type of God usually appears.

"Um, is everyone like this...?

"Oh, when I was in Ursus, Alfemina-sama gave me such a wheezy face that it didn't taste bad..."

"It also comes down in peace after the case, for reasons that don't seem to matter, and you put on an order that feels like you're sticking to something strange."

"Originally we were subtle from the point of view of faith, but it felt like a real stock crash."

"If it's God, I want you to wear more."

Alchem blacks and whites his eyes into a wasted storm against Alfemina. Apparently, the space-time god has a lot of light footwork in his position of entering the five great gods. If the top is that, then perhaps the claim that Alanwen, who belongs to a relatively lower rank, has no choice but to have a tight, sprinkling personality, etc., doesn't make sense.

"Well, I got the story."

"If you do what the person you want to appoint wants, you can take them with you all the time."

"Then the ability to fight is a problem, right? How long can you fight?

If you don't know how much you can fight, I don't feel like taking you. Being able to fight some amateurs changes dramatically the points of caution and the actions they take during battle, even more so if they can count as force.

"In the meantime, you can do something about Slash Jaguar if you don't even get caught"

"I think I've been caught talking about it, but I did it safely."

"It was when some of us were exterminating monsters, so the cover and recovery magic flew right in. However, I know from that feeling that it is impossible to push back the beast of the Slash Jaguar class compared to the force of the boulder."

"Normally. Well, I guess so."

"Chet or Aunt Yana or something, even if they drag you down to the ground, they usually push you back..."

Together with subtly pulling on force moves that don't seem like elves. But come to think of it, they're like farming in full plates at harvest. No wonder you have the idiotic power just to fit the image of an elf.

"Well, here's what to put down"

"I know all the time, to the extent that Slash Jaguar can manage. How exactly do we fight?

"Bow as the main body, attack by four-assembly magic and stopping by fault magic, right? When it comes to small monsters, if you get nostalgic, do something with a sickle or something."

"In short, a variant of Mio"

"The position is subtly worn..."

Higashi listens to Alchem's specs and judges them that way. I wear the position of an attacker from the rear, but unlike Mio, it feels more like a skill configuration than an attack, unsuitable for fighting at a distance.

"How about a trap or something?

"What's in the building is a bit. It's just that it's pretty much like using it outdoors."

"I'm wearing it there too..."

"I'm wearing it, but it's not exactly the same. But don't worry, the character's the opposite."

"Anyway, I'm a chick and I'm breastfeeding..."

Mio gets knocked out completely by words he doesn't know if it's a follow-up to Tatsuya or not. I am growing up well, but I look sadly down on my chest, where C cup is my goal at the moment, but the cup itself is not completely B.

"Well, if I did this, I'd feel a little rescheduled."

Hiroshi returns to the story as if nothing had happened, ignoring Sacramento immersed in grief. The other members who decided that it would be less gratifying for this story to continue will also decide to get on with it for now. Makoto is amused to sneak his head and comfort Mio through the subtle mess.

"I don't care if you reschedule, what are you gonna do?

"For now, just seed it first, and when I checked Alchem's skill, I thought I'd make a bow and a simple leather armor."

"A bow, what's the ingredient?

"There's a hunter tree."

Tatsuya and Makoto laugh deeply about this pattern again to answer what they expected in a certain sense. That said, it is mandatory in a sense with regard to this time to say that we will enhance Alchem's equipment.

At any rate, the weapons and protective equipment used by the elves will surely drop in rank by three compared to what they are using now.

"In the meantime, let's seed the sausage."

"I'll help."

"Me too."

"Nothing, we should all go. There's a lot of sowing to do there."

I nodded to True Harp's suggestion and ended up seeding them all. Doing it alone is tough because you need to sow the roots of a fixed point active monster in the first place. It would have been natural, in a way, for one person in pairs to sow while the other was sickle proof of a man-eater attack. It goes without saying that Alchem's attempts to generate erotic trouble also fall within his natural scope in this case.

"... Wow..."

"I'm tightening up..."

"Some guys are twitching..."

The seed, which had thus avoided erotic troubles at Ayama, instantly germinated, overturning the expectations of the large crowd, and began to drive the man-eater away with tremendous momentum. When I think that the plant of the body called the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree and the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree, and the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree, and the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree, the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree with the tree, the tree with the tree with the tree with the It's great that it hasn't affected the surrounding plants in any way.

"You don't have to be that plant pot to grow up with this kind of momentum..."

"in the triumph of varietal improvement techniques"

"It's more like a demonic modification than a variety improvement, that..."

True harp's pompous and leaky comment was a broad unanimous opinion of the mysterious plants created by Hiroshi.

"Well, it's a little later than planned, shall we leave?"


Two hours after seeding. Tatsuya, who has confirmed that Alchem is ready, declares her departure. It's a delicate time of lunch in less than an hour, but pulling that far makes it too slow for boulders.

"How long does it take to reach the temple?

"If nothing in particular, it's a little over thirty minutes"

"I see. Even if the dungeon doesn't exist, it's going to take about an hour because something's going to happen in the middle of the decade."

"It's just about noon. If it wasn't alienation, I'd be talking about it."

Various minor modifications are made to Alchem's answers to finalize the approximate time required. To be clear, none of them believe in the dream story of not getting themselves into trouble, etc.

"If it's going to be a dungeon attack, let's do Akan, who hasn't lunched early"

"Finishing your meal before you go in is basic"

True harp nodding at the words of Hong and Mio. Whatever type it is, eating in the dungeon is hard. Because the way monsters appear is different from the outdoors, whether or not there is a place to calm down and rest becomes a necklace in itself. Therefore, even if a meal is prepared, it tends to be more of a hunger distraction than a meal that flushes bread with water.

Even if there were no problems on the route to the Temple, it is likely that the next lunch will be the last opportunity to have a decent meal in this matter for Hiroshi, who is treading that he will need an eighty-nine dungeon attack. From there on, you won't be able to eat anything decent until it's over. Since spring vegetables are prepared with this ingenious portable meal on that premise, they are far more blessed than the average adventurer in terms of saying so, but the image of poor rice is inevitable only by day.

"Last confirmation before departure"

After the end of the fire, where everyone had their own luggage, spring vegetables speak up.

"Everybody ready for the potion in position to get it out?

"Of course."

"In case it sucks, do you have the rope, the sickle, the pickel, the hand axe for the number of people?

It's all over the place.

"Pome instead of explosives, enough in stock?


Answer the Spring Vegetable pointer inspection one by one and go with it. It may seem like it will fall out at first sight, or some words may be mixed up that you won't listen to, but doing these trivial things properly is important to survive this.

"Did you all have the buff items?


"Well, let's get you in the mood, let's go."

I've done everything I can think of, and now it's time to leave. Thirty minutes if it goes well, on the back of the word, I encounter monsters quite often because they have become the passage of the beast while the man-eater is stirring. It can be a level of training to work with Alchem, but it is nonetheless quite a stopping factor in conjunction with the way people stopped passing and were occupied by the grass, and even to the turning point of Alchem, it takes half an hour for it not to work.

"Even though it's a long way from home, it's very tricky."

"If people don't get through for thirty years, the road will be amazing after all..."

Blur leaks into a situation that is difficult for the future in a different way as we desperately go along that path, which can no longer even be called the Beast Path. Had it not been for the guidance of Alchem or for the fact that Hong and Mio had not been able to distinguish the remnants that once said there was a way, they would have been lost long ago.

"So, how much does it feel around here?

"Right. Three quarters are past, I think."

"Oh well. Dungeons at that time, not really."


Surprised by the words of True Harp, Alchem looks around a bit. Even leaking a bitter smile to the way it is, he immediately squeezes his expression and continues his words.

"Look, look around you. The space's a little distracted, isn't it?


"As much as I and Tatsuya are concerned, so if you're an elf with sharper sensors than a human species, you know what I mean."

Seriously stare around what True Harp instructs you to do and observe carefully as if looking for a mistake. After about thirty seconds, I realized that there had been a slightly unnatural shake, and I looked at it again closely.

"Uh... Ah!

"There was, wasn't there?

"Yes. But such a trivial difference, you often understood so quickly?

"Well, it just so happens this time. There was a preconceived notion that there might be a dungeon, so I felt like I could tell."

"I didn't realize there was that preconceived notion..."

"Well, Alchem's never been in a dungeon, has he? That's the type of guy who's been able to get to the point where this normal alienation of space is going."

Alchem nodding at the point of True Harp. Not just her, but no race living in this neighborhood has that experience alone.

"Oh no, has True Harp ever been in a dungeon that says so over here?

"Just once. It was a young dungeon as soon as it was made, so it wasn't that hard for the boss to be a miscellaneous fish. The reward was delicious and I got some good items there, so it was really helpful when I was short of money."

"I see."

Tatsuya is convinced by Makoto's words. It should be noted that although the most plausible rationale is explained, it is a real coincidence that True Harp noticed it. If there was no preconceived notion that there was a dungeon, if it was bad, it was likely that Hiroshi would have gone straight into it shortly before he stopped. Tatsuya is similar, but it is advantageous in cases like this, although the degree of dorsal comparison of the dongle is somewhat higher than that of the true harp.

"Well, I also discovered a dungeon, let's make a little break space for dinner"

"Agree with the Master"

"Right. It's like that in time."

Decent meals and breaks are tougher after this than we have discovered dungeons. Then you should rest well here, nourish your English, and enter with full strength.

"In the meantime, shouldn't we just keep our distance and get ready?

"Let it go. I don't know what happens at times like this."

Nodding at True Harp's suggestion, even if lucky skebe porn trouble occurs and gets blown away, he starts preparing to the point where he won't be feathery entering the dungeon by mistake. That said, the main task is to mow weeds higher than their hips and create space for them to sit on their seats.

"Can we go like this?

"Enough. Good Luck"

"I knew it from the beginning, but unlike stories, adventurers have a lot of muddy work to do."

"I guess so. Normally, there's no way you're going to do that, like, in a dungeon behind a forest like this."

"That's right. In other words, I don't think most dungeons can be managed as a management resource for the city or country."

I just have to agree with Tatsuya and Makoto with an accidentally dry laugh to point out the spring vegetables. It would not be so easy to establish a labyrinth city, as is often the case, than it is a dungeon in this world where the only way to stop its sudden occurrence and expansion if left unattended is to attack the dungeon and wipe it out.

Because of this, the sudden occurrence of a dungeon in this hand was largely implemented as a sudden event during the game for a limited time. The extinction conditions also differed from event to event, most of which either disappeared naturally after the event period had elapsed, or disappeared after all players had cleared more than the specified number of times.

That said, some of them, like the worst dungeons in the history of events called Purgatory One Step Ahead, all the participating players worked together to fill all the maps, and likewise all worked together to generate and complete all the events and quests that occur in the dungeon, and finally disappeared with someone else's set of parties tailoring the boss, which usually took about two weeks for the duration of the event to take three months without fulfilling the completion conditions.

Of course, there are some things that occur when you proceed with a quest that normally occurs, as in this case, and the dungeon that says so is a specification where the entrance is visible only to the player who is going on the quest or partying with that player. Most importantly, in this case, the causality is the opposite, which leads to a quest because a dungeon has occurred.

"Well, it's not like there's no labyrinth city."

"Uh, is it the capital of Waldis?

"And then there's one place in Fore. And it's not like it's a city, but it's the Yangtze Tower in Dar that the country manages."

"The centuries-only part of that hand is in a place that's largely unsuitable for building cities."

Nod at Tatsuya's words and for now we'll cut to the point about the specifications of the dungeon. Simply because I just want to eat. For this reason, this lunch is a sumptuous indoor lunch box. Although various ingredients are mixed, they usually look colorful and delicious within the curtain. However, there are no salmon fillets in there because the breakfast was Kencakzake.

"With that said, was Spring Vegetables partying with someone or belonging to some guild when he was over there?

Finish it, Tatsuya asks while chopsticks on a siitake stew that is well stuck in the flavor.

"There was a party like semi-fixed. However, the guild was in at first, but it was gone while the students were doing it, and when I said otherwise I would join, I felt like if I stood over there, I wouldn't have this one, so the basics were free. It wasn't much of a ruse or anything."

"If it was spring vegetables, it would have been a lot of solicitation in many ways, wouldn't it?

"Well, it did mean a lot in a lot of ways. It's just because Avatar stayed the middle best except for her height and she wasn't very well developed when I was in elementary school. When the service started, there was no secondary characteristic at all."

I detect what Spring Vegetables is trying to say, and I make some minor corrections in my brain.

"I mean, true harp and good battles in shape,"

"I might rather lose"

I mean, that's all there was on the wall and less irregularity, he wants to say. Fact is, the chest is not so bad body line from hips to asses anyway, neither is the true harp. but being tall in bird gall shape can be hailed as a great proposition in another sense.

"If I were in shape to say that in your face, would I be able to do a fashion model or something?

"In fact, I had an invitation to say so. When I was two years old, I was very tall."

By that time, artisan players still usually played grand games as well. Therefore, there are quite a few people who do things like models when it comes to cloth-based equipment design customization products, and there were also player events like fashion contests about twice before the incident occurred when it came to the design of protective equipment.

The fashion contest itself took place twice after the incident, but the third time has not been held due to a lack of exuberance due to the fact that both artisan players pierced the non-participation, making it feel like a place to exhibit very ordinary equipment for the drops. If you harm an entire craftsman in a game with a high degree of manufacturing freedom, it will affect you to this point.

Because of this, some items only customize the appearance of the equipment with billing items, but they are hardly used, unlike the change of appearance system, because they were not as usable for ordinary people, and because there was little experience that they customized poorly and were suspected of being craftsmen and not in the busy eye.

"After that, only once, but they invited me to do the theatre. Titled, Edith's Love Pattern"

"I just remembered, could it be the lead role?

"Yeah, the lead role Edith. I took theatre for that one time, and I grew it up pretty good."

"Right. Spring Vegetable Face, if you think you've seen it somewhere, that play."

I hear the words of spring vegetables and recall a play I saw in the game last year or so. Four performances. It was a very reputable play, also uploaded in the official event videos. Tatsuya also took Mio to watch the play, and where he held it down, though communally unlikely to belong to the amateur, he must have held it down. It was a great script and a performance using the features of the game, and most importantly, he was greatly impressed with the serious acts of the actors, and he applauded them sparingly.

"Oh, Tatsuya, I was watching you."

"Oops. That was a huge reputation, but don't you think we'll do it again?

"Ahhh, over there, the same act is basically a no-do doctrine, and I'm gonna be a student, so I'm not gonna touch it for a second."

"I see."

Tatsuya, who listens to the explanation of the spring vegetables and is convinced of a lot of things. The other members have no choice but to be convinced when they hear the word student. That said, it's a story that Alchem doesn't understand at all.

"In the meantime, if you want to change the story or go back,"


"It's not like you've never dived in a dungeon, is it?

"I do, naturally. I've dived many times, solo or party."

"Then don't you have to worry so much. Everyone but Alchem has experience."

To Tatsuya's words, one nodding spring vegetable. Unlike Mio, it is not possible to be too big or difficult, but to the extent that all party members can see the kind of trap they need to be aware of, they also develop the skills of their hands. Well, that degree of skill is something that players diving into the dungeon need to acquire as a minimum amount of sagging.

"In the meantime, it's important to be aware that such a field-type dungeon has a different habit than a building type or a cave type."

"Right. Either way, there's not one piece of information."

As it is, we will share our views on the points to note while continuing to eat. Alchem, who tends to be left behind on the topic, also listens seriously to important content, and positively asks questions about things he doesn't understand. After coming here except for Makoto that way, it was a little tense for Alchem to the first dungeon attack of his life.