"Um, Mr. Hiroshi..."


"I know you say that's a precious material, but can we do the damn thing here...?

"Fool, even if you honestly break the shortest route at the fastest, you're just going to be feathers dealing with the boss alone"

Answer Alchem's question in such an unclear way that he keeps gathering the leaves and leaves that are growing from the wall. It seems like a skilled collector who cuts only the parts he needs quickly with great concentration and surprising skill.

"In the first place, I think I was just ignoring you and breaking the wall, was that good?

"The plants that make up the walls just now can only be grade seven potion materials. I gather here on purpose, but I ignore the level at which alternatives are available anywhere except in the desert."

"So, what about the violin here?

"These guys, if I wanted to treat them a little bit with alchemy, I wouldn't want it in the ingredients of the primary potion, the ingredients of the millet of its alternatives"

Primary potion, Alchem gets a frigid look before surprise when he hears the word. Currently, primary and secondary potions have been completely lost for a long time, and even in real life, there are about five confirmed objects in the world. All that remains is a healing potion, and all the mana potions, stamina potions, and special potions are used up during the simultaneous attack of the giant monster world by the incident that made Purgatory possible.

Can objects that have been lost in both physical and manipulation really be made? There will be no choice but for Alchem to question such a question. What do you do with the proof that it's really a primary potion, even if you actually let it make it in the first place? If the average person does not die instantly, even the eighth grade potion recovers fully except for site defects. Maybe a concurrent knight would be enough for a fifth level. The first level of potion is so different. Based on the amount of recovery, we do not know the difference above the tertiary level unless it is excessive.

"What's a Barcela?

"The Great Spirit Cave near the top of the Great Spirit Peak, where you can pick as much cockerel as you want. I just want to adjust the ingredients a little bit on my own, so I can have about Grade 5 resilience."

"What about Millet?

"We synthesized Barcela's recovery ingredients artificially. I think it's stronger that way because it only pulls out the recovery ingredients, but for a little impurity to increase the effect of the drug, the medicine made by directly treating Barcela tends to be more effective. Well, once you adjust the millet itself all the time, it's a difference in range."

Alchem turns his gaze to the feeling that he is wondering if he should be trusted or not to say something that cannot be judged by an amateur. I can't cut it off with Yotai just because I know Hiroshi is an amazing potent pharmacist.

"Well, I can't do the first level with just the ingredients in my hand right now, even if they tell me to prove it, I can't do it."


He's noticing Alchem's suspicious gaze, a macro that ends the story without particularly feeling it. Continue to work silently for about five minutes, finishing the leaves off all the walls that are never narrow.

"Well, we've gathered the materials, and we're gonna pull another one out of the wall."

"Beyond the wall was the nest of monsters, what a pattern it seems, so be careful"

"All the time, beyond the wall I'm going to pull out now, maybe like that"


Again, Alchem turns a blind eye to the majesty of light-hearted things. I think it's awesome to be able to sense the signs of the monster across the wall, but I know why you try to hit through the wall as if nothing had happened in normal driving. Alchemically, I'd like to question the area for about an hour. No matter how many adventurers I say, it would be too adventurous.

"It's okay. It's quite a distance to the herd, and I'll think of a way to take care of it properly."



I can't say what I don't trust right now, but what this guy has said so far has come true. Regardless of whether it works perfectly or not, I'm sure there's only one measure for what. You should be able to trust me there. Maybe, I'm sure.

Such a grip on the inside of Alchem, wiggling Paul Axe against the wall with a really good smile.

"Forever, no!!

A macro that punches and grinds at once with its usual set on board. The same degree of impact that has been repeated many times before rocks the room, and a single tree that makes up the wall is crushed to pieces and a large hole is drilled.

On the other side, squirrels of a larger size than humans waited in numbers that could be described as large groups.

"Hi, Mr. Hiroshi!

To its very number and size, Alchem turns toward the macro in awe. At that time, I keep up with what's in my sight, and my eyes become dotted by accident.


"Oh my God, why are you bringing that!?

It was by way of example an oversized pome that the macro threw luxuriously with the hanging voice. It's even bigger than the last time I slapped it on Baldo's face, and its size is already about to enter the realm of haunted pumpkins. Normally, it's not the kind of weight that humans can throw in, but it's an extra-large size, and it's a huge force of arms that wields a metal heavy mall all the way down to the pattern. Instead of drawing parabolas, they fly almost horizontally to the center of the herd with strange accuracy.

"Pull in because it's dangerous!

With that screaming, he pulls from a hole drilled with a flashing alchem and shields the wall in case of an explosion. The next moment I activated the Around Guard and Fortress at the same time just in case, Pome explodes with enough shock to rock the whole dungeon instead of the whole room.

Even in that size, it should be noted that about three pomegranates are inferior to the destructive power of Titanic Roar, but still exhibit higher firepower than poor advanced range magic. All squirrels that were in the heart of that explosive force have been shattered without trace, and those in a slightly remote position have been exposed to an unbroken corpse of flesh and flight halfway through. Even the ones that were most in the periphery were ending their lives with crushed bones all over their bodies or fatal damage to their guts, and the three luckily surviving bodies could not be intact. Yes, dozens of herds were devastated by just one blow.

"Pome now, what the hell is it!?

"Find it in another hot spring before. The guy who lost his curiosity and improved his breed and got upset. It's not safe to leave it alone, so just collect it and store it."

"Don't improve the variety of everything!

"I'd love to try it once, Craftsman."

Lying about that, he rebuilds Paul Axe to intimidate a squirrel who hasn't lost his temper inside. Seeing that attitude, Alchem also decides to turn the extra penetration later.

The time it took to finish off the rest of the squirrel was only a few seconds.

"Hey, what, now!?

Looks like there's been an explosion or something.

Spring vegetables and Tatsuya, who were well on their way to the darker side, accidentally stop their feet due to the awesome vibrations and explosions that occurred abruptly.

"An explosion, a battle?

"Eighty-nine, I guess."

"But if it was such a big explosion, I think we'd be making a pretty strong offense..."

"Makoto and Mio don't have such a powerful hand tag, and Hiro's extra skills shouldn't have been basically activated"

"Does that mean the enemy!?

"Don't be so quick. You should just check it out."

Tatsuya can't make spring vegetables and checks on the party chat early. Hiroshi would be able to afford just to react normally even during the battle, and if the combination of True Harp and Mio, one of them would reply.

"Looks like there's been an awesome explosion, are you all right?

"This is peace, except I stopped by surprise."

"However, it feels more and more like you're being led to the more intense."

To the peaceful words of True Qin and Mio, first one reassuring sigh, Tatsuya. And, then, something happened because it would inevitably be a pair of Hongdas, but I'm just wondering if I can afford to reply.

"Bad, bad. I'm doing it now."

Tatsuya's worries are approximated, and Hiroshi reports the truth softly. Faster than trying to ask what the hell happened, additional reports come from us.

"There were a few monsters that got a little shabby before I hit the wall, so I hit the oversized pomegranate and ended it for now."

"You were still there..."

"Well, I don't know what the result of the variety improvement is with one or two pieces, so I've decided to make more than ten."

"Wait, Cora."

Tatsuya puts in a rush of light at the speed of light without getting a haircut into a macro who is fine with the noise. Every time I look away, I'm a man who hasn't done a lot of things.

'So, well, now I'm ripping it off the monster. The large corpse is in terrible condition, but it doesn't feel like it would be a big material, but I'm going to make about a doping item, so I'll make sure it's as secure as I can. So, squirrel meat burn, do you want some?

"Master, is that delicious?

"Normally the taste of squirrels or"

"In Collection"

When Mio tells his words of understanding, he tries to finish the chat as it is. Spring vegetables interrupt in a hurry there.



"Is Mr. Alchem okay?

"Is that in an injurious way? Or in an accidental way?


In response to the spring vegetable inquiry, there are signs that Tatsuya and Makoto are laughing bitterly. However, because it is a fairly important issue for spring vegetables, I cannot and do not want to.

So far, both are fine. I don't know. Otherwise, you can talk to me like this. '

"Oh well. Okay, well, I'll do my best to rendezvous as quickly as I can. '

'Well, I'll go straight to the cheerful one, and then we can rendezvous. It's sampling and stuff along the way, so you might be able to get to the boss first.'


Worry about spring vegetables, only a normal driving macro. From the word sampling, apparently he's acting in a nori that's coming to the dungeon to collect material rather than a dungeon attack. Well, it would be better to relax that way than get gagged by a grocery fish opponent, and Tatsuya and the others can be relieved, so I don't have the muscle to complain about it.

"That's what I'm talking about."

"Now you have a policy."


If you turn to the person who had the explosion, you will find traces of where Honda was. I wouldn't have a hard time getting there if I hadn't bumped into the boss on the way and got into battle.

"Nevertheless, even though you have the ability to make calls, you don't have the ability to check the location of party members, this card"

"Finally, you don't have the ability to display maps."

Spring vegetables that take a ride to Tatsuya's blur and say something luxurious. At one point in the first place, there is a call function, and the discrepancy in civilization levels with the others is very intense, but they're not conscious of that kind of place.

"Well, if there was a map display feature, it wouldn't be possible to sell all kinds of maps at the Adventurers Association in the first place."

"Well, yeah,"

The Adventurers Association sells large cluttered maps of the area and maps of the treaded areas of the dungeons of famous places. They are an important asset created by the blood, sweat, tears and lives of a large number of seniors, while at the same time becoming the most important item that plays a major role in reducing the number of corpses in the backwards.

As an Adventurers Association, I'd like to incorporate these maps and party members' current location displays into the card's functionality, but as soon as I do that, the difficulty of manufacturing the card will jump, so I'm maintaining the status quo due to cost and human resources issues. Even though it operates beyond state-to-state imperfections, in fact, in today's Adventurers' Associations, each of which is a completely different organization for each country, card modification is not such an easy business. It's a feature that doesn't have an imminent need just to say it's convenient, so I'm putting it behind me for now.

Well, there is an income that cannot be ignored as operating expenses when it comes to the functions of maps, so if you can do it, there is no desire to maintain the current system as a separate sale.

"In the meantime, I'm pretty sure you think there's a handicap with that much difficulty on the route, as you can see from the Hiros' story"

"Yeah. I hope it's a bit of a strong monster or a trick you can twist your head and do something about, but it's kind of awkward if it's a trap."

"We don't have the skills to deal with traps."

So far there has been no particularly flashy trap for saying this, but not necessarily until the end. At any rate, if we can't spot all the traps, we have to be particularly vigilant about the foot and ceiling traps that are difficult to prevent, and our attention to the left and right has been somewhat modest. It's a policy to do something with reflex nerves and defensive magic for what comes from the left and right walls, but it's hard to distract spiritual and concentration plainly from the occasional subtle attempt to give a little bit here. It feels like Mio's dependence on trapping has just come out.

The structure is a mess. The scenery is constant, and I'm afraid the sense of time is getting weird, but hunger and fatigue will function properly instead of the clock. Believe that and proceed with your exploration.

"Whatever Makoto and the others are, Hiro's got a lot of nerve."

"In the first place, it doesn't matter what the trap is or what, as of when you're breaking down the walls of your room without going down the road."

"You've got a really good nerve running that way first."


It's not something I know what the hell causes, such as punching and breaking dungeon walls. Its guts, which do it unconstitutionally because it can do it, do not overlap with the usual heckling man.

"... there's something here"

"... that's a lot of pressure. Where is it?"

"Maybe over here"

The two finally encountered it around a twitchy, sharpened focus but ended several fights with no particular problems, and quite close to the explosion's heart.

"Man eater?"

"Sounds like it, but maybe it's something else"

"From what I can tell, the kind that was inspired and empowered, is it?


A giant eating bug flower, sitting in the middle of a vast space. Large-grown bamboo from strangely firm stems, bags to capture and digest prey, thick roots. Its characteristics are obviously man-eaters, but its size is different. He was the middle boss, no matter where he looked from.

"What do you think?

"The opponent we've been fighting against, I think he's stronger than Piaranok at the point of his simple combat ability. If you're a fake Baldo who did it in the temple, you're stronger than that, depending on the conditions."

"What's the conclusion?

"I'm not the one who can't fight and win. I guess it's just quite unfavourable for compatibility."

"Copy that. The problem is the opponent's maneuver and range, is it?

One nodding spring vegetable to Tatsuya's inquiry. The high number of attacks that fly at the same time is bad for the avoiding subject's spring vegetables. Besides, even though this one can't exert enough firepower without a white soldier distance, the opponent has a range of about twenty meters even if he has to look at it all the time. You'll be sure to think it's harder to bring it into the Battle of the White Soldiers than it isn't necessarily to be stretchy.

"And then,"

Tatsuya, who decided she couldn't count on Spring Vegetables as an offensive force, fires the Grand Napalm from the entrance to the room as a small hand check for now. Basically an opponent who doesn't move off the spot. Therefore, it is really easy to hit the attack directly, but a medium boss on a boulder. With the upper level of attack magic inside, great damage is not expected.

"Slow down!"

Spring vegetables that have been stretched together and cut off all the fighting back, pushing Tatsuya up to a few steps away from the entrance to the room and leaving herself. Make sure the attack only stretches out to the entrance of the room, and take a breather for now.

"What's it like?

"I think they're probably resisting there. It's just a little burnt on the surface, so it's starting to heal."

"I see. So, next..."

Activate the Holy Heaven Octopus cannon at no cost. There is no reason why the Magic Resistance is so high as resisting that level of Magic on a boulder, and even about the resisted Grand Napalm, the Magic Defense won't hold back damage. In a single attack, a giant man-eater takes about 30% of its HP conversion damage and hits hard. It is impossible, even true harp, at present to give this much power in one blow with only chanting time and magic consumption on boulders.

If you are aware of the risks, Spring Vegetable Elemental Dance is powerful beyond this move at your leisure, but that is a one-time trump card in a single battle, as it is in the present situation, when used poorly as in Over Accelerate. Wrong, it's not a bill to cut in this situation that doesn't give you a good idea of your opponent's combat abilities.

"Recovery hasn't begun."

"Okay. Then another shot!

I nodded one at the Spring Vegetable report and was checking the cooling time of the surgery to get another blow in, then someone pushes me in the back.

"Hey, what is it!?

"Tatsuya, the wall!

Turning briefly to the words of spring vegetables, the walls of the dungeon, which at some point blocked the aisle, were snug on their backs trying to push the two straight into the middle boss room. It is the structural change of the dungeon itself in the first place, even as it resists, so there is no room for resistance unless it breaks the wall. They push me completely inside the room, blocking my way out exactly.

"Shit! Isn't it sweet enough to do it unilaterally to boulders!

"Let's just say we got a blow in."

Spring vegetables that stand to shelter Tatsuya, set up a rapier, and spit out their words to say to themselves as they stare at the maneater without alarm. Nodding at that word, Tatsuya begins a different magic chant while waiting for cooling time.

"I knew you'd master it around Herinferno or Absolute Banish with a priority of power..."

"There's not much to use around there, is there?

Normally skill raises the magic with the highest firepower and reaches blurry that way. However, Hell Inferno is very difficult to use in the present situation, regardless if it is in a game with too wide an effect range and a terrible false explosion and no friendly fire on the system. It is also a negative factor that the range of effects extends to climbing eels depending on proficiency and magical attack power. Throughout the game, humans who have learned this magic must have had one shot in the field and not be able to finish it all, and have had the experience of rooting out and slapping the targets of monsters in the field left to burn. It's not magic that turns a third of the virus into ashes on Dada. It also hurts to be at a level where consumption is heavy and there won't be a second shot in a single battle with chanting and cooling time.

Absolute Banish is usually the most aggressive magic of all physics and magic combined. I have to be surprised to say that it is not an extra skill because it is the magic of an easily understandable idea/principle of merging multiple attributes and turning them into the magic of annihilation. Unfortunately, the chant is as long as fifteen seconds in the shortest possible, and once fired, it shows poor fuel consumption to the point where it is impossible to avoid depletion with the same degree of magic. Without the magic of Mio or so, the second shot would not exist, magic that has no basic appearance other than the first unintentional blow in the boss battle.

Needless to say, they both know what nature it is in that one, and there are never many masters. There are even fewer people who are using it, and the only person who has ever used both sides more than two shots in a single battle will be a magic player with the highest character level, the abolitionist, and only one.

"Anyway, being slightly vulnerable to flames is a classic plant system! Burn it all at once, jailfire holy wave!!

Fire attribute magic with purifying properties would work quite a bit better than breathing. Beat the Sacred Wave of Hellfire under that judgment. As expected, even though one is inferior to a Holy Heaven octopolar cannon, a man-eater begins to wander even harder after enough damage. The enemy moves when it burns down with a Blastburn of Flame-based Advanced Skills and it's time to prepare for the next Holy Eight Pole Cannon.

"The trouble is all at once!!

"Are you all right!?

"Do something! But......!

With this momentum, more trouble will soon become unprotected. It's tougher than I imagined to say that Tatsuya would cover his back, and the problem is that he can't cut off his chin with a single blow like he did the first time. At the very least, he wants to reduce his opponent's maneuvers, put as much obstacle magic as he can think of, and he's devising a way to prevent attacks with the magic sword of fire so that he can even cut it off a little more easily, but he still feels really pushed.

(Somehow, somehow, at least we need to make the chopped off squirrel unusable for immediate attack...!

Observe your opponent while keeping your thoughts as calm as you can, even though you are in a great hurry inside to attack the other side as it gets tougher. All I know is that if you succeed in chopping it off for about twenty seconds, if you chop it off with the magic sword of fire, you won't be able to attack it completely.

In other words, if you can cut off the opponent's attack with a magic sword of fire, you can do whatever you want. but that's easy to say, but it's typical of a guy who Hiroshi would rip it off lightly where he was caught, and True Harp would cut it off and crush it for sure. However, the spring vegetables sold with the number of tricks and bills do not have that much arm strength or firepower. We have to figure out what to do with the bills we can hold. There was also the option of a sickle, but I was afraid that the number of bills would decrease in the first phase, and I dared to do as I normally do. Normally, it's quite thorough to think about using a weapon in a boss battle that hasn't even folded back an elementary in proficiency conversion, no matter how weak your opponent is. Moreover, Rapier and Sickle treat each other differently in extreme ways, so it is only natural that the sun should be sunny.

Anyway, calmly, and whining in my head like a spell, I observe the other person's behavior and keep looking for the countermeasure I've already come up with, the gap to switch to it. Where he succeeded in bypassing the edge of his sight and beating off a flying bamboo behind him with an intermittent haircut and burning down the overhead bamboo in good shape that he tried to set up a direct attack on Tatsuya, Maneater's attack starts to sharply intensify.

Spring vegetables that this time will not be able to hold up the rush to an attack beyond the critical point from Maneater. Still, he manages to outmaneuver the simultaneous attack from all sides with great sword judgment and physical surgery, and where he crushes the attack aimed directly at Tatsuya from his feet and from overhead, he is entangled with a rapier by a mere harsh grasp on the corner of his sight. The next moment, when the flame magic that unleashed the other one loose, a bullet of digestive fluid is fired from the man-eater body.

(That, I can't prevent!

Flying faster than expected, defensive magic unfolds in time. If you try to avoid it, you can avoid it, but doing so could hit Tatsuya directly. And even if you knock it off with a magic sword, you don't have the key weapon. But given the chanting time and delay, even this blow, Tatsuya will be the end of it.

Cover your head and face with both arms, at least to avoid fatal injuries, along with some kind of give up. The effect of Wyburn Leather Armor and his own Defensive Auxiliary Magic should fit in enough damage to treat it. There's going to be a lot of damage to my hair, but I can't replace my life.

Preparing for damage along with such backward thinking activates Tatsuya's magic before it lands. Something that isn't a Holy Heaven octopolar cannon, but you don't know all his hand tags. Something unusual magic, waiting for the digestive fluid to hit me, turning on the area wondering if there was just something right. but that moment won't come for long.


"I put up a line! Get back up!"


Follow Tatsuya's words and take out the sickle that was fixed behind your hips to activate a magical sword of flames of a kind unrelated to your weapon. Tatsuya, who saw it, broke the line, and now it's time to go into the chant of an octopolar cannon.

"Plant monsters of the Yi system are vulnerable to sickles!!

Spring vegetables that bark like that and chop off and bake off one after the other with a streamlined sickle judgment. Avoid weapon degradation and damage caused by splashes by cutting off and freezing off a cold air based magic sword on a knife with flying digestive fluid in your left hand again.

"Back of the line, let's go! Out of the way!"

"Copy that!"

Radiate according to Tatsuya's declaration and then retrieve the Rapier that was taken. At about the same time as the spring vegetables fly, two Holy Heaven octopolar cannons pop out of Tatsuya.

"To the boulder, this guy would be done!

At the same time as Tatsuya's cry, two Holy Heaven octopolar cannons swallow and burn the man-eater. This time on boulders, I can't afford to worry about the material. The attack had definitely wiped out the Maneater.

"Uh, what's that?

"It's a costly way to do it over unscrupulous cynical, but when you use attributionless, unattribution-free, chant-no-delay, cool-time-zero attack magic at a specific time, the magic during chanting turns into two shots. It's a well-known backwash among wizards, and they're responding officially to inquiries about whether it's a bug. Whether we could do it here or not, whether we could succeed or not, I'm glad we managed to make it."

"There's a way to do that."

"Well, even if you succeed, the second shot triples the cost, so it's not a very efficient means."

As for other magic that has no attributes, no chants, no delay, and zero cooltime, it also has the effect of overwriting other magic cooltimes by activating them at special times. It's a technique commonly known as forced cooling, but this is not the kind of technique I would use outside of when I say here because it also has the flaw of doubling my magic consumption over tight timing. Finally, when I say no delay without chanting, no cooltime, I can't imitate shooting dozens of shots per second. It's called trigger delay. In addition to the time lag to be aware when activated, it's natural because there are time lags even before activation.

"Nevertheless, it was dangerous..."

"There was quite a bit like that in the game, but even with the same amount of strength, I think the trouble was a lot better this way."

"After all, the algorithm is completely different for a game monster than a real monster that moves ad hoc by instinct."

When I agree with the sighing words of spring vegetables, I pick up the crystals that had fallen around where Maneater was for now.

"For now, magic is a pretty critical level. I'm sorry, but I need a break."

"Copy that. I'll tie the line."

On the boulder, the mid-boss crusade without a dedicated tank seemed tough. He was exhausted and rested in awe of how great the presence of the Horn was.

Back when the spring vegetables were struggling in the middle boss battle, the true harps.

"Well, obviously it's the middle boss room."

"I was suddenly so distracted that I was probably made to warp"

True harp nodding to Mio's point. There has never been a battle so far, as it has moved to the less temperamental and thin. Neither of us is exhausted enough to say anything compared to the spring vegetables because there was no particular type of trap. Most importantly, the Chinese vegetables are definitely pulling the poorest lottery, no matter how you look at it, because you also do whatever you want by smashing through the walls and collecting them, and the consumption is proceeding without draining at all to not exceed the recovery.

"So, what does it look like when someone from the middle boss suddenly appears?"

"Not necessarily human"

Mio puts an insignificant penetration into the light words of the true harp. I can afford it in many ways.

"Well, whether you're human or not, you don't have a choice not to do it, and I'm sorry, but find out what the trap is."

Copy that.

Mio approached the door quite carefully, following the instructions of True Harp, by the way and seemingly unwrought. An artifact called an obviously unnatural door in this dungeon made up of natural objects. Check it carefully, make sure there are no traps or keys in it and open it slowly.



We look at each other and close the door like we were going to do something we didn't see.

"I don't know, that was creepy..."

"I don't have that..."

Beyond the door was a monster whose skeletal structure would be of a superior classification, like a leopard head with a lizard and gorilla added from the neck to the bottom and divided by two. However,

"Something was parasitizing me into a lot of things, what do you think?

Mushrooms and mycelium cover the whole body, some plants grow from here and there, and their eyes can't feel anything willy, if this thing moves, it's no longer a different monster from the creature of the base.

Clearly, you're parasitized by a lot of things. Around the surface, you keep almost the original shape, which clearly makes you look worse than a zombie.

"Some kind of bait?

"Maybe. There's only one thing I can say."

True harp that thinks of the nature expected from appearance and mouths conclusions with a fed up look.

"If that thing works, it's not going to be compatible with us."

Mio nods expressionlessly at True Harp, who affirms with a fed up look. Just as Hiroshi and Alchem have pure firepower and Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables have difficulty with arm and defense, the combination of True Harp and Mio has the disadvantage of having few variations in attribute attack. Mio's Simple Enchant cannot be attributed powerfully, and True Harp only has attribute-attack moves with light attributes. Besides, from the point of view of material recovery, Mio doesn't remember the flame-based bow technique.

In addition, given the properties of being parasitized by viscous fungi, both bows and swords would be ineffective. No matter how much it chops or pierces, if something is safe that's parasitic, the opponent's movement must never stop. It is much easier to tailor a pair of Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables that can use flame-based or scorched-based simple enchants, and the other side of the main wepon specializes in various types of attribute attacks using a heavy blunt instrument called Heavy Mall, as well as a large number of range attack handbills.

But I can't help but say the advantages and disadvantages of compatibility than I have encountered. It would have been far more likely to still be able to defeat it than a macro where some opponents might not be able to do more damage than the opponent's resilience. Yes. Forced to think positively, Makoto to change his mood.

"Mio, what about a gas mask or something like that?

"I do, but maybe I don't need it"

"Why again?

"This Armor, Rank 6 of Special Environmental Resistance is on."

Makoto listens to Mio's answer and subtly spends his headaches with his fingers between his eyebrows. Special environmental resistance mitigates the effects of poisonous marshes, sandstorms and volcanoes when people have to act in environments where wandering is difficult or impossible. Speaking of that rank 6, I would not suffer at all to the extent that it is a normally troublesome environment at a level where the creature can act normally even with a concentration of temper that monsters instantly.

The case where a boulder eats an attack and is poisoned directly into the body, etc., cannot be deactivated because of the different genres, but it works perfectly on the pattern of saying that it may be parasitized even though it is a spore only viscous fungus like this one. As a matter of fact, this is the only story that says that Hiroshi went out of his way to do this enchantment because Tatsuya said she had hay fever.

"Then I'll take care of it for when I'm caught directly in the body."

"No problem with panacea"

"Can you even go with a parasite or something?

"I can"

Makoto hears Mio's answer and concludes that if he just fights, he doesn't have a problem. The question after that would be how to put that thing down.

"That hand is quick to burn, but do you think you can do something about oil once in a while?


"After all?"

"That hand's probably not gonna burn unless it's a flame with magic on it"

To Mio's point, the unexpected roaring true harp. It is unexpected that the magic sword of a major flame could not be dared to touch with twister guts, but it has come to pass here. Most importantly, magic swords are a lot of hassle to master, so narrowing them down to a single light attribute that is difficult to deactivate is not that strange of an option.

"Mio, is there some kind of magic you could use to bake that?

"I can do it if I just bake it, but I can't use it to attack"

"Roger that. Worst of all, let's cut it as small as we can and bake it into tunnels with that magic"

Where Mio nodded at True Harp's words, the door slowly began to open. Apparently, that's the end of the time you get ready.



At the same time as listening to Mio, he stormed without waiting for the door to open. Beat the monster with a big sword that stays in the sheath with all the preemptive attacks. Smash Horizon is a monster that is blown away at once, to the opposite wall of an indoor, not narrow, thanks to Smash's superior moves, which specialize in blowing in the horizontal direction.

"Buster shot!"

Mio blows up more of the monster he was about to get up and slaps it against the wall, shooting through a few places so he can sew it up with a chase. Make sure the movement is inhibited enough, first cut off only the hands to the extent of the appearance and chop the true harp into fine pieces. Mio escapes the scene with a bad feeling, trying to burn it just in case. At the next moment, the wrist, which should have been chopped, grows from the flesh pieces and flies towards where Mio was and explodes.

"As expected..."

"Also bad in nature..."

Based on the scale of the explosion, there is probably no significant damage from the direct hit. But it would be troublesome if they were eaten poorly and parasitized. If you can get away with it, you'll be right to get away with it.

I realized that I couldn't even cut it off into a detour, and I was about to sink into a sea of thought wondering if there was any way, Mio, who sees something absurd and stops moving for a moment.

"Sister Makoto! Foot!"

But it was only for a moment that the movement stopped. Immediately issue a warning to True Harp. True harp that hears the words and flies toward Mio without any particular confirmation. At the timing of a haircut, avoid the sticky fungus that was crawling at the feet of the true harp.

"... Wow..."


Two people who only groan at attacks that are too bad in nature. But I can't afford to be cluttered. No matter how slow you move, the attack hasn't stopped.

"In the meantime, Mio, you can have zero offense, just magically bake it! I'll try to stop you as long as I can!


Follow the instructions of the true harp and apply the one called Lifestyle Magic Ignition to the viscous fungus. Magic that can only spark about matches and lighters, but for once a magical flame. It seems to be more effective than the flames of the potatoes that the true harp is pressing against the stepping stone.

"Sister Makoto, it's working!

"Copy that! That means a long fight, thinking about whether you have any other hands!

If it works at all, we have to use that means to the limit first. Hiroshi can only inflict minor damage like beating Doga with a wooden knife without using his skills, but apparently there is no such thing as reviving or growing where he baked.

"Even so, you don't have any kiri!

Instead of changing the situation, Makoto shouts unexpectedly, stirring his impatience at the fact that he is starting to get pushed around. It is true that it does not grow from where Mio has baked it, but the truth is that it is water level on the baking stone, as more and more places go elsewhere. There are no problems at all in terms of stamina, but we are gradually losing track when it comes to dealing with them.

"I can't do the same level as attack magic"

"I know. Oh, you don't have any good items?

"I can't think of a temper right now. Specific Suggestions"

"Flaming stones, for example!

True harp screaming the name of an elementary offensive item, with a sword in the sheath removed the viscous fungus and flashed in the earthen field while towing it with an omelet. Mio, who listens to that and is unwittingly annoyed. It was an item that Terez and the others were supposed to make, but it was completely out of consciousness.

"Quite a lot!

"Well, I'm sorry, but sprinkle him up! I'm not gonna let go of my hand for a second!

"Copy that!"

Put your hand in the bag and gather as many flaming stones as you can gather from the area where you have stuck items that are not items in the warehouse. Spread it out so it doesn't hit the true harp and activate it all at once.

"All right!"

"It's working!

The effect was dramatic. The sticky fungus that was hunting down the real harps to the wall is instantly burned down flashly. However, the flames caused by nearly a hundred flamestones have succeeded in burning down 80%, including the first parasites, but have not led to a stabbing.

"You don't have any more left!?


"That's awkward..."

Sure, the situation has reversed, but the remaining 20% are still beginning to grow over this period. Besides, if you look closely, some of them crawled up to the ceiling and escaped difficulties, so they're going to wind up right back.

(Something, there must be something left!

items, the means had sufficient effect. Then there must be other hands that can be used. For example, oil or alcohol with magic, if the flame that burned it?

"Sister Makoto! That!"

"I know!

Perhaps we can, at about the same time as we came up with the means to say, the mucus take action somehow. The mushrooms that remained burnt gathered in one place and became giant mushrooms.

"Anyway, that one has little effect on physical attacks other than a magic blow with inflammatory skills on it, too!

"Eighty-nine, yes"

"In the meantime, I've thought about my hands, so please buy me some time!

"Copy that!"

Because I see ahead, or Mio, I reply well, and when I connect a large number of arrows, I ignite ahead with ignition magic.

"Arrow shower!

Like surrounding a giant mushroom, a burning arrow pierces the ground. Mushrooms that flicker into that heat and stop moving for a few seconds. Even though it won't do a lot of damage, he still doesn't like flames.

"I don't know if I'd do this with a woman..."

Take full advantage of those few seconds, kill the namesake dwarf out of the bag, and also take out a bottle of what was sanctified as a sacred drink for me to give to the temple.

"I can't think of any better hands than this..."

Lower the liquor bottle on your left hand, check the flame of the potato in your right hand, and glimpse the giant mushroom again.

"I'll have you hanging out with the street arts!!

When you proclaim so exaltedly as to blow something off, you unplug the liquor bottle with your mouth and include liquor all over your mouth at once. A high concentration of alcohol spreads in my mouth so much that I seem to ignite it just by keeping the fire close. Desperate for the temptation to swallow, add or subtract the rest of the liquor to the opponent and smash it, he puts the flame of the potatoes up at the height of his mouth. As it is, eject the contents of your mouth all at once, taking care to get misty as well as possible.

"Ma, Sister Zhenqin, that's a bit of anything..."

Mio just has to penetrate into Makoto's behavior, which is not false in any way in his words, when he says he's out of boulevard. The alcohol content, which is said to be almost pure alcohol, is not Dade, but burns up and burns down giant mushrooms with dizzying momentum.

As Mio watched with an open look, a flame that kept burning without knowing to stay baked all the monsters on the spot. Even if the fragrant smell makes me peek at my face as a drinker, the situation just makes me feel better because of the situation.

"Well, it looks like you just burned it all down, and let's just collect it and move on"

"Right. So, can you use this for something?

"If you're a master, you probably know how to use it."

If it's a macro, we'll use it for something. There are at least no people I know who can argue with that word.

"In the meantime, how much do you take?

"Hmm, maybe you can take all those mushrooms"

When they managed to survive the battle, they immediately returned to normal driving.

It should be noted that Hiroshi, who did not have a battle portrayal with monsters that looked like mid-boss fights, said...

"Oh, shit."

"Something chills me..."

"Sora well, obviously boss room yashi"

He was raising his voice of perplexity in front of a room full of Baldo's (real) strength and a constant amount of exasperation.

"Exactly, you're stronger than Oosan Shaw just now, aren't you?

"Sora, that's right."

Two people in front of the room discussing the mess in an attitude that just said they were in trouble. It should be noted that Oosanshaw was a medium-boss-like monster encountered by Hiroshi, but before bringing it into Thousand Hands with his proud regenerative abilities, he was snapped a neck bone with a ball by Smash and Smythe, the masterpieces of Hiroshi's family art, and buried away in a manner close to second-decade for quickly being completely destroyed his brain. The defeat is that even if the regenerative capacity was high, the defense and vitality were not that high.

It also seemed like he shouldn't have let Macho consolidate his policy by playing it back and showing it when he cut off his leg. At the very least, if the weapons of the Machete had not remained axed and mastered Smythe, it would have been possible to bring them into a protracted battle and deplete about the stamina of Alchem.

"Well, don't move so badly for now, leave everyone else alone."


"So, I think I'm going to lightly bake the Sanshaw's leg earlier, the one that chopped it off, do you want some?

"... just a little"

Currently about three o'clock snack time. It was an alchem that loses the light hunger caused by moving around quite a bit and takes an intermittent meal by the blushing of the foot meat of San Shaw, which would generally be classified as Getestuff, and the unidentified fruit that could be taken in this dungeon.