Where the body is buried in mud all the way around the waist and the head is filled with pessimistic thoughts on the boulder, the body suddenly begins to rise.


"Sparkle, Sparkle"

"Collect, collect ~"

As if responding to the puzzling voice of spring vegetables, the energetic weather loose voice starts to talk all you want like associative games.

"Catcha, catcha"

"UFO, UFO ~"

"Awww, dude."

"To the man on earth."

"I'm tired of sleeping ~"

"Why do you say you know the words and stuff in that hand, why are you making some pretty subtle alterations?

Octogals continue their associative game as they float through the spring vegetable penetration completely and look fun. Looking at it, the other three have also been rescued by the combined Octogal, who are slowly moving quite a bit high.

"Catcha, catcha"

"Rescue and rescue ~"

"Arm loose ~"

"From 3,000 yen a rescue."

"Doll Cost From ¥○"

"Don't say anything vivid, I mean, how do you know Japanese currency units or something!

The more you talk, the more mysterious creatures and octogals are creating all sorts of questions. Maybe that's what Alanwen's character is, together with the respect for God that was subtly shaking about Alfemina.

"Bullo Making Money"

"Too much and no customers ~"

"Computational bankruptcy ~"

"Body abandonment ~"

"Why did you abandon the body in the process?"

If I go in, I think I'm losing, while I really can't get through, I go in. Makoto. Apparently, he likes the noisy word "abandoned" and wants to use it every time.

"Sparkling Sparkling"

"Carriage and transportation ~"

"Grilled abrasive, grilled abrasive ~"

"Dismantling ~"

"Body abandonment ~"

"If you want to abandon it, don't burn it from the beginning..."

I'm trying to be as patient as I can be, Tatsuya, but I really want to get into this energetic weather voice. This is her (?) If it was their ruse, it would be terrible.

"Tits Tits ~"


"Big is supreme. Small is hope for the future."

"No pride in boobs ~"

"Tits Tits ~"

"I like you more than boobs ~"

You're tired of just carrying it, the octogals finally start serving extra little bits on the spring vegetables you're transporting. Even though for some reason it is not strange and painful, there is no room for resistance to spring vegetables being carried in an unfettered position. He becomes desperate to endure sexual harassment attacks that are painfully tolerated because he is a different category as a creature before his gender.

And that hand attack is contagious.

"Fake milk ~, fake milk ~"

"Chest fraud, chest fraud"

"Air D ~"

"Add Pat ~"


Perhaps the most damaging in the pride sense would have been the true harp. I even went out of my way to fill my chest with all sorts of stuffs on my own, and I went on to frying phrases that forced me to just look like a D cup, because they said so.

Indeed, True Harp cares very much about his breasts, which he can't even call breastfeeding, and which he can hardly help but comfort himself with because he's not gooey. I care, but that's why I've avoided imitating that I'd send him meat that I don't even plant pats on and delude him. Because somehow, I feel very defeated by something.

There's no reason why they mess with it like this and there's no damage. Although I protest loudly, the more I complain, the happier and funnier I start messing with whatever I want, so it's not a hoarding thing. I am so tired of being done all I want, it is pitiful that my mouth count is gradually decreasing as I tear eyes.

Except for Tatsuya, the situation is similar. Spring vegetables are themselves given up complaining early, but they remain, and Mio just puts an order because it hurts when he gets rambled in Mio, otherwise he continues to endure humiliation in silence. Because of this, the attack is relatively quiet compared to the true harp.

"You're probably a big deal to me."

"Sexual harassment is dangerous for boys."

"It's vivid."

"It's fun to mess with ~ I"

"I prefer to be soft ~"


I find the Octogals' words somewhat strangely convincing. Indeed, it is true that it is troubling to be stroked around groin delicacies in this situation, and there are no other sexual harassment points that are particularly easy to understand. It's not fun to stroke a man's crusty ass, because somehow I know. Tatsuya, who understood all those things, would not have been able to truly appreciate that he was a man in his heart.

"Still, are the Hiros okay?

"I can hear you fighting subtly..."

"The signs are still solid..."

In response to Tatsuya's question, Spring Vegetables and Mio give the information in no way. Even though it's better than a true harp because you've given up futile resistance, I guess Octogal's sexual harassment attacks are still tiring.

"Speed is a luxury."

"Us, Generic"

"This is the limit when you carry luggage"

"That's right..."

Octogal's flight speed is not that fast. I have the impression that doing it somehow normally doesn't hit the offense, but that would be more about stopping by for good reaction and grasping motion than it is about speed.

Basically, he's carrying a pretty heavy object called the human body where it's not that fast. I just appreciate you carrying it in the first place. Where even the lightest Mio is forty kilos, even if he is not fat, they all wear quite a bit of heavy gear. The true harp of the average height weight of Japanese women also weighs about as much in total as Tatsuya, whose equipment weight is light, for the convenience of referring to the Great Sword Gear. To a macro that is not on this occasion, the whole march is usually over a hundred kilometres of large platforms because it hangs a pole axe and a giant mall made of metal. As an exception, even the lightest Mio, when it comes to exceeding fifty kilograms in total weight, is a natural story even if Octogal cannot carry it so fast.

"The metastasis is that... you can't, right? They could snipe us where we came from."

"Concentrated fire."

"Bee's Nest, Bee's Nest"

"Body abandonment ~"

"Don't just this time because it won't be that crap..."

Spring vegetables that embarrass the octogals who want to connect to the word abandonment if there are gaps in the same phase with tired faces. I'm really not kidding this time.

"In the end, it means we have to be adults."

"Sounds like..."

"I can't help it because my foot is there"

Mio tells him, showing a river of venomous fluids flowing through the mountains, and making him give up. One line that leaves no objection whatsoever to that word and somewhat silent.

"Donburako, Donburako"

"Puffy, puffy ~"

"Kraobo ~ n"

"Capcap laughing ~"

Octogal carries a line without reading any of that air and saying the right thing for my pace. It has somehow become the story of a literary monk who published numerous fairy tales and poems from Meiji in the early years of Showa, but nobody gets into it because they're used to these guys' words and deeds or because they don't feel like it. Sexual harassment attacks have stopped because you are tired of coming and going.

"... if you say so"


"What's wrong?"

Octogals eat together in words that spring vegetables twinkle. They're the ones who don't seem to have a conversation, but they're basically nostalgic and like to chat.

"Uh, you said the boss here was Ibile Ent, right?

"Said so."

"Wrong ~ i"

"From the name, I think Ent is a creature that has been invaded and perverted by anger."

"Because of me."

"Thousand points to the right person"

To the words of Spring Vegetables, continue the associative game with your mouth as you fly around strangely happy. Spring vegetables that ignore those who continue to play associative games for now and mouth the core questions.

"You said Ibruento wouldn't move, right?

"Doesn't work."

"Fixed position ~"

"Attack is Ranged"

"I think Ent was usually moving around on his own feet, but IbilEnt isn't?

Ent is a being who lived for thousands of years and kept taking in magic and other things around him to elevate himself to what can be called the Spirit of the Forest. Because the figure is rightly called even the tree man, he moves around freely with two legs with altered roots and does many things cleverly with branches that can be used as arms. However, since it takes thousands of years to be born and the same amount of time does not necessarily evolve, there are not enough people to be treated as one species. Finally, it has nothing to do with Trent, a similar looking race.

If that breathed and monstered, it's still something that seems to move around freely on its own feet, but at least it's not the same Ibruento who does the boss here.

"Air absorption, degeneration"

"Differentiation ~"

"Dungeon Occurrence"

"assimilation ~"

"Integration with Dungeons"

"What, you mean, integrated with the dungeon, so you can't move?

She replies back to Spring Vegetables with the correct answers. Keep twisting the congressional agreement unilaterally. Rebellion of responsibility. Debureaucrats are biased reporting on politicians' ideas. Strange black stories continue in associative games. Clearly through stories that remind me of temporary opposition parties in those countries, organizing thoughts and other important information in my head.

It can be said that this information has almost confirmed that if we finish Ibruento, the dungeon will disappear. Unlike mirage towers and purgatory, where the field is no longer fixed, this dungeon occurred suddenly. The amount of qi is no big deal, it should take about five hundred years to estimate it as soon as possible before it becomes a fixed dungeon, and without the core Ibiluent, it should not be possible to maintain the current dungeon at least.

Most importantly, it is indescribable whether it will lead to the lifting of alienation. In game events, defeating the boss with various rationales often eliminated the dungeon and removed the alienation, but this is not necessarily the case here. You don't know this until you try.

However, being integrated with the dungeon also means that the opponent's resources are enormous. Even if quoted at the lowest line, it is not expected to run out of gas in such a way as to cause multiple empty shots of a major move like a normal dungeon boss. With that in mind, it's even possible that in a macro's ability to attack, he won't be able to compete permanently.

"I'll make sure at the end of the day, just in case, but if we defeat Ibruento, this dungeon will collapse?

"Do it ~"

"No more alienation."

"Ibir Ent, Fixing Qi ~"

"Diffuse when you're gone."

Octogals affirm all the predictions for spring vegetables. At this point, there are more reasons why we should rush to the macro, but it is difficult to go along with the current situation where the foot is not likely to scaffold due to the turbidity of the venom.

"I hope you and Mr. Alchem are safe until we rendezvous..."

"Signs are still alive."

"Yeah. I know that. I know..."

Worried, worried. Especially if the opponent doesn't move. Hiroshi barely has the tools to fly. or so, the bow of Alchem is not compatible with the tree. Depending on the type and placement of the surroundings, it is possible that they are full of alchem cover and cannot be transferred to the attack. Besides, the other person is integrated with the dungeon. Including this occasion, it is not surprising that the entire dungeon is more unbridled than the opponent's territory, or that attacks come out of places that are not originally within the scope of the attack.

"The boss room, yet?

"Land is more than enough."

"Attention obstruction."

"Irresistible, non-violent."

Octogal tells you roughly exactly what Tatsuya's question is. As always, I'm not sure about the keywords of the associative game, but it helps to return proper answers to important questions. Depending on the content, I hate the area where you give me intense information that just exceeds this expectation.

"Caution ~"

"Danger. Danger."

"Pitcher, I'm freaking out."

Five minutes after floating. Also, Octogals make a scene mixing weird words. Faster than you ask me that word, I've stretched out a ton of branches so that the walls of the dungeon burst.

"Mr. Hiroshi!?

"It's okay!

Cut off the thick roots through his belly and scream at Alchem as he pulls forcefully through them. It's a flashy injury to look at, but the actual damage is no big deal.

In the first place, high endurance figures mean that vital organs that can be inherently weak, such as guts and eyeballs, are also robust. Of course, it goes without saying that if you get beheaded or smashed in the head with a macro, you will die in one blow. However, the common weakness for most animals in this hand is that the difficulty of its destruction is dramatically altered by endurance. When Assassin attacked Hiroshi, it was a good example of how she could not slit a thin piece of skin without cutting her neck.

Regardless, exceptions to this also normally exist. Where the most famous is the inverse scale that certain types of dragons have, and no matter how high the endurance value here, it only has the strength of the skin of a normal creature. That kind of dragon dies instantly with a single blow when penetrated deep here. Nor is it so unusual for a creature to have such things as extremely weakened when corners are brittle and broken, weak tail base and inability to move when cut off, etc., which alone does not lead to instant death but is a fatal weakness. but fortunately, there is no part of this hand that remains brittle no matter how strong it becomes because the creature that can be classified as a human has a very ordinary nature as a life form.

To the category of spiritual weaknesses that cannot be overcome by spiritual power, if a species with more than a certain intelligence and personality raises practical examples, it is a level that cannot be overstated. Macro's feminism also falls into this category, but in this case, it is difficult to kill a physically sturdy opponent, but it is difficult to say.

At any rate, Ibruento's attacks did succeed in doing damage to the macro, but from his vitality and defense, he is far from in danger of life. Far from it, it is true that it is seriously injured to such an extent that it does not seem to know such a thing.

"I don't care if they say it's okay with that wound!

"It hurts, but it works a lot. It's true."

An ambition that somehow pales in tone against the screaming words of Alchem, triggering the minor heel three times as it is to heal it fully. To be honest, it's almost as scratchy as it gets blocked in a minute or so, even if it's left alone, but when a series of similar attacks comes along, it's scratched by boulders twisting.

The tease of the attack carried out by Ibruento is easy. It's just a story of how the boss class of this hand eats a lot of attacks like armor and auxiliary magic, completely disabling defenses from disposable items. Based on the feel, it appears that it also included a type of feature that disables a certain percentage of defense by a rare endurance value. I would have just said that they ignored their biological defenses by about 25% to predict from their opponent's previous attack and current damage. It was unexpectedly damaged because Fortress' effects were eaten just in time.

Normally, it is an attack that requires considerable cost, but in the case of this boss, who is rooting somewhat, there seems to be a harsh atmosphere in which he targets a gas shortage by firing a series of underperforming martial arts. If you do poorly, it is possible that you are drawing energy directly from the ground pulse, and then your opponent's stamina will be infinite.

"I've been putting that out, all the time."

To determine your next move, restart Paul Axe, lower your hips, and carefully lean towards your opponent. Regardless, don't forget to re-hang the fortress and the out-face overlay.


The roots are gone and the attack flies towards Alchem in the same way. I cut through that blow, cut one off with an axe, and stop the other with my body. Now if you look where it stopped on the surface of your skin, you can't seem to ignore the parts of your self-amplifying system skills, including Fortress, that amplify your biological defenses. He couldn't do the kind of damage he did earlier this time because the amount of Fortress amplified is significantly higher than the opponent's deactivated amount.

For this reason, if the earlier damage is expressed in numerical terms, I have just said that it is just over 2% of the maximum HP of the macro. In the case of Makoto, who has roughly the same degree of HP thanks to the level difference, it is well understood how extreme the defense of the macro is, given that nearly 30% will be taken if the same blow is taken.

Needless to say, if Alchem eats the same attack, there won't be a single bite, and Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables will suffer about a step ahead of death. We're both dying because the maximum HP itself is quite high. If I were to add another thing, it would be about a macro that would have a decent defense against this attack, and if they shredded their biological defenses by as much as 25%, the difference between the true harp and the spring vegetables would be almost gone.

There is only one conclusion to be made about flying a series of such martial arts that I have never used before.

"He's in a hurry!


Unexpectedly doubt the ears in the words of the Macho. In the circumstances so far, I can't think of any element that makes the other person in a hurry.

"In a hurry, why?

"A simple story. Maybe reinforcements will come close by unexpectedly."

"What reinforcements, Mr. Harna and the others?

Let's do something else.

Carefully knock off attacks that are likely to hit Alchem and analyze the current situation. I can't afford to confirm the signs on the boulder, so I don't know that the spring vegetables are coming to the end of my eyes and nose, but I do know that a considerable amount of time has passed since the battle began. Come on, it's not strange that either the true harps or the spring vegetables are about to arrive.

"Saya, if you can outrun the reinforcements until they get here, or if you can pack your distance from them, you win this one!

Saying so and taking a step, multiple branches and roots rush to pierce the macro. That attitude is the result of corroborating his guess, but I guess I can't stop knowing it.

"Is there no body?

"Not at full speed, but not as good as fighting"

"Here, let's go with the counterattack."

A macro who sees Alchem rise in dangerous footsteps and speaks out so. Nodding at the words of the Machete, Alchem squeezes the bow that the Machete has made. A weapon incompatible with tree-based monsters, but not no-damage.

"If I don't show you somewhere else, look at me!

It activates the out-face several times in a temper to avoid extra imitation of alchem aim, etc. Understanding that it is useless to target anything other than a macro in a series of attacks, the monsters will focus again on the macro the roots and branches that were stretching toward Alchem. In response to that attack, it should be noted that the horse moves forward with a twist to get forward.

"Not yet!

Block all dense attacks, stop them with your body, slap them off with an axe, and mount a wasting out-face to allow the macro to roar. Now it's no different than how many shots these guys are being stroked, such as their normal attacks. Even Ibruento, who created a highly murderous dungeon, is only attacking in an understandable and direct manner. I have to say it's still warm compared to the real intense malice that humans occasionally show.

A really bad way of doing things is to push ourselves to the point where we can't avoid self-destruction, even though we haven't done anything wrong by ourselves, directly and without doing anything. Even typical as a spiteful means of exaggerating and telling trivial things and causing them to be malicious around, socially isolated and twitchy, is essentially handy. In that sense, it is known that this dungeon has not even reached the point of inviting self-destruction, so it is of a bad nature to say so.

From a macro with experience of human victimization that can only be described as rotten sexual roots, it's not a big deal, such as the degree of malice that Ibruento shows. I'm basically a weak, hectic, frightening coward, but I don't actually have that much fear for physical pain. What scares him is that he doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know how much damage to do, and he can't predict the depth of the wound. As for chocolate, which usually contains ingredients that don't make such a combination, wandering through the abyss of death with seemingly no big deal, and then being sanctioned socially unnecessarily in pursuit of being a victim, there will be no choice but to tend to overestimate the unknown damage.

In that sense, it cannot be the subject of fear, such as Ibiluent, who can already fully expose its appearance and assume the general maximum firepower and the damage it would suffer thereby. If there is something frightening about the current situation, something deadly happens to the Alchem I have deposited, and I can hit malice from the elves without excuses. If it's malicious, it's still fine. Perhaps more than anything else, it would be a situation where they would sip their impenetrable anger and see themselves with an unpleasant look.

So even if you get your heart punched out, you can't let Alchem wear one more scratch. To do so, we must cut down the lumber right in front of us so that we don't wake up the irregular.

"Buster shot!"

Alchem, who is aware that knocking on the body is ineffective, puts a blow-out system projectile into the surrounding hunter tree. If you defeat a self-immobilizing tree monster with an incompatible bow, it is a stone that breaks from the root by repeatedly shooting a knockback or blowup system from outside the opponent's range.

"Range attacks are futile!

Hiroshi crushes a ranged attack with an Around Guard that the bladed tree leaves fall. I think it's just the type of attack that disperses, maybe to the extent that it can make a slightly painful cut to the exposed area even in Alchem, but if it's a macro that is extremely resistant to state anomalies and special attacks, I can't tell what kind of smallworker is planted to immediately deactivate it. Therefore, I have never crushed an attack that can be judged weak.

This decision of the Horn was right. The current attack had been planted with poison that would cause paralysis and confusion. Assuming Alchem had eaten, he would have acted in a kind that would not be sprinkled as it stands: shooting a buster shot into a macro with a numb body. From there on, there's a straight line to a future that's obviously not even busy.

"It's another shot! Buster shot!"

After tapping in a bow move with a light knockback action, he shoots in the blow of his destiny again. After shooting two kinds of knockback systems in the chase, he fires a buster shot at the end of the cooldown. The series of shootings so far finally causes one hunter tree to fall.


"I'm still here, I can't be alarmed!

A macro that succeeds in reducing the surroundings and gives nails to Alchem, who raises his voice of joy. The density of the attack decreased due to a broken bottle, but acting strange increased for that matter. This is definitely thinking of some different M.O.

Like affirming the thought of such a magnificent, branches and twigs stretch out in large quantities, intertwining and taking away the magnificent. The trees, who understood that it was not easy to pin down the macro, tried to hang it to seal their actions.

"Heavyweight or! If you can lift it, try lifting it!

Activate and show the small moves that Hiroshi wears after the match against Bardo. Low resistance to knockback and blowup attacks due to lightness of own weight. A skill that temporarily lifts your total weight by more than ten times to cover it. Unlike at the time, when the Macro, who also carries the heavy mall with him, uses this, it weighs more than a ton even in the current situation where he is less proficient. You can't lift a dwarf weighing an average of ninety kilos with a single hunter tree, so even a six hunter tree plus an ibil ent would naturally be full of light floating.

I fail to try to lift it and pull off the branches with that idiotic power where I fall into an adhesive state. It is only in terms of the maximum firepower that can be put out in a single attack that one or two steps back to the common fire-type Seventh Adventurer, but when it comes to pure arm power, there is not a single human being who exceeds the one who is currently here. Even creatures with a delicate skeleton like a bat can grasp this without breaking bones due to the sensory and clever values of human detachment, but if you wield that strength without actually adding or subtracting anything that you said, it's easy to even snap a large tree with your bare hands.

No matter how Ibruento belongs, it is a story that cannot be founded from the outset, such as restraining it with ten or twenty branches.

"Keep coming!

He growls and intimidates more as he pulls away the branches and the twigs. Anyway, I'd rather keep the target exactly fixed than have a bad feeling about it. Regardless of Hunter Tree, the Ibruento attack could be fatal if even one shot goes through the back.

Continuing in such a nerve-shrinking situation, a zombie sensation runs on my spine for a moment. Cut off the branches that were paid to shrug their legs, pull off the twigs tangled in their arms, and completely ignore the branches that punched them in the face to determine the next attack. A series of attacks on Ibruento, where he crushed that last blow, with suspicious signs at his feet.

"Oh no!

With a slight judgment, he plays the alchem with a powerful smash that squeezes to the limit. Alchem, who suddenly gets bounced off and doesn't understand what happened, continues to look at the sight in front of him with a flashing look. The tragedy happened where she was flown almost to the wall with no damage.


Countless roots grown from the ground. That pierced the entire body of the macro like a spear. A different kind of voidness strikes the whole body from what was damaged, and countless more branches stretch out of the ceiling and pierce it at the next moment. A trump card used by entry-based monsters, the Southern Pike. An unpleasant move to attack each of the multiple targets in range individually, and cannot be crushed with an Around Guard because of an individual attack. There's only one way to deal with it, just to escape out of range.

By the time Alchem, who was able to take the only way to deal with it by the Horn, understood the situation, the figure of the Horn had become invisible, covered by branches and roots.


Spring vegetable sounds before Alchem, who understands the situation, screams. Apparently, we have all the actors for the boss crusade.

Time goes back a little.



Spring vegetables and Tatsuya magically prevent branches and flying blade leaves from stretching out of the wall. In a way, as expected, the dungeon began its last resistance to prevent them from reaching the boss room intact.

"I guess it's bad for them to come now."

"This density is tough on boulders. The defense, whatever it takes, breaks through."

"Strong branches ~"

"I don't have any arm strength."

"Not enough power ~"

"It's a magic conductor."

Octogals complain of lack of aggression on the mouth, as affirming the word of spring vegetables. It's always the case that mysterious words mix.

"If you crush it with magic, it's going to open up about a breakthrough..."

"How about we use Tatsuya's firepower here?

"Even so, Mio and I will be the only ones who can attack without scaffolding, and there will be no other hand. Or does Mio have the moves to use at times like this?

"I don't have it."

Sigh deeply and restart your wand at Mio's answer as expected.

"If I had a scaffold, I'd do it..."

Makoto, who sees how it is, crushes with regret. Octogall, hearing the crush, floats in front of the true harp with a strange face.

"Scaffolding ~?"

"Can I have a scaffold?"

"Scaffolding ~?"

To the sudden offer, Tatsuya stares stunnedly at Octogal by interrupting the magic that began chanting.

"Can you do that?

"Maximum duration ~ 1 minute"

"A little soft ~"

"No problem ~?"

Answers normally come back to the questions, and together we look at each other unexpectedly as to what's going on. It was the true harp that broke the subtle silence and concluded.

"If you can, do it."

"Rika ~ i"

"I'm coming."


Along with that ringing, the thinly stretched octogals merge to become floors.

"Field Expansion Complete ~"

"Step on it, step on it."

"Tread gently ~"

"No, it hurts."

Announce the completion of the scaffold, along with unspeakable words. When you hear about it, Makoto decides not to think about the details and normally stands on the scaffold, concentrating his whole body's energy on the Great Sword.

"I'm coming! Break Stampede!"

The condition of saying no attributes and the fact that Dayuan is a wall of dungeons. Add them and crush the stretched branches with the strongest class of grand moves. Seems the series of attacks by a heavy sword on the boulder was harsh, and this blow opens the way to light.

"I'm gonna go get another shot! Smash Impulse!"

Vigilant of the blow now, he hits Smash's top move on the bunk to silence the dungeon, which entangled the branches with high density to create a new wall. True harp that uses only a minute's duration at this rate to completely clear the way.

"It's impossible to penetrate the walls of a dungeon into a boulder, but I don't care about this thick barricade made of branches."

"Sister Makoto, you look great"

"Sometimes you have to be active."

Lie like that and let the Octogals loose their selves again, Makoto. The current position is also quite advanced in a minute, and in less than two minutes, if you make the current scaffolding, you will arrive on land.

"I don't think we can interfere with the boulder any more."

"I hope so."

"Even if there is, land is about to escape, isn't it?


As True Harp said, we can travel over land without a thing.

"Carriage and transportation ~"

"Transport Transport ~"

"Arrival on site ~"

"Body abandonment ~"

"Don't abandon me!

The abandonment of the body, Tatsuya, who was dropped in a pretty out-of-the-box way at the same time as the hanging of, somehow puts in a penetration as she decides to land. The other three have landed magnificently for the same way they were dropped, and they seem to be reminded of the difference in physical abilities and subtly snap.

"Soon. Join the Hiros..."

I said, I just looked at the center of my temper.


Just now, the moment when the macro was skewered with countless roots and branches, invisibly tangled and removed, popped into my eyes.

"Not good!"

"It's on the boulder, but it's not safe!

Tatsuya and Makoto try to strike an immediate hand to rescue him while at war with the current blow. Spring vegetables are already in the chant of healing magic, and Mio is running out for the cover of Alchem.

"... of what?"

Before those actions come to fruition, the clumps of branches wrapped around the macro make a stinging noise and swell up. And...


Along with the cry of the Macro, Paul Axe moves loudly, forcefully slamming all branches and roots, pulling them apart and grinding them.


"It's okay!?

"About this, get to know!

While sprinkling his own blood from all over his body in the current series of motions, he appeals to survival without showing how much he enjoyed himself. Most importantly, even True Harp took an instant death blow with a special ability to reduce his defense. Not as safe as you say with your mouth. Due to the subtle drain eating, the stamina is also entering a somewhat dangerous area.

Most importantly, I have eaten continuously in the current situation, and the last ten rounds are usually bearable.

"Hi, Mr. Hiroshi...?

"Alchem, are you all right?

"I'm safe. Safe..."

"Hey, never mind. Yeah. This is what I do."

When his voice tells him to deceive Alchem, who is trembling, he turns his fully rejoicing body to Ibile Ent again after receiving the curative magic of spring vegetables. That's how he protected himself over and over again. He looks up at his back and stands up holding his thrilling heart in many ways.

"Spring vegetables, over accelerate, can we go?

"I can, but are you okay?

"Now it's healed"

Answer Spring Vegetable Words Worried About Damage with a flat attitude, Macro. Spring vegetables unexpectedly get excited but worried preceded by that attitude where the heckles of the day lurk like lies and tend to rely on them for nothing as if they were making things.

Better yet, when it comes to the battlefield, things change all the time. When the spring vegetables merged, it was thought that the balance would tilt at once, and Ibruento summoned the Hunter Tree in large quantities at the end of the evil.

"We've got more surroundings! I don't think I'll have much time to do it!

"Use Flamebuster! Hiro, hold the aftermath!

"Roger that!

Tatsuya begins to strike her hands at once, roughing up the whole spring vegetables with or without over-accelerating.

(What am I doing here...?

Alchem looks at them taking action to play their part gradually and asks them to turn to themselves. Hunter trees have increased, but there will be no more consequences than evil rises than we all have. There's nothing she can do. No, if I do something bad, I get in the way.

I knew from the beginning that I would be a foot wrapper. So there was no particular opposition to going into the behavior of the macro, and he basically made it big on the instructions. Because the alchemy of the amateur cannot be judged accurately.

But when it comes to exploration, yes, but not a complete amateur when it comes to combat. Whatever happened in the first half of the boss battle, there must have been a lot more we could have done since we took part in the second half of the attack. Yet Alchem did not observe the opponent's behavior in a busy manner either, just attacking the Hunter Tree according to the Stone. If you looked at it properly, it shouldn't have been like a horse covering himself eating his opponent's Special Attack defenselessly.

Even if it's an attack, yes. Even if they were incompatible and couldn't do anything else, they should have done something about interfering with the opponent's attack. If you just attack quickly without thinking about what you can do properly, even the children of the village can do the extent of what Alchem did. As it is, I end up with a child whose body and chest are just big for nothing.

(There's got to be something we can do!

Even though I am fatally bad at women, I nevertheless have been kind to Alchem and he has defended me with his body up to the point. I end up stuck with him like that as it is. I want to help him. That's the only thing I can do.

The magic of Tatsuya is complete while the words go around your head if you can't do something. The same number of hunter trees will grow again three seconds later, even though that blow will burn down all the newly increased hunter trees. The magic of spring vegetables is still incomplete. Some kind of voice you can hear. Roots and branches poking massively at the macro again. Something you can hear. Ibile Ent to suck up and regenerate the blood of the macro. A voice of some kind that speaks.

(... well...)

Listen to your voice to cool down your head and understand your role. Aranwen nominated me as a witch and for now I kept cleansing up as I was told, but until now Alchem has been essentially just an elf with his title alone. At this time she became, in a true sense, the witch of Alanwen.

"Gentlemen, step back a little!

Alchem lifts up his voice. Suddenly hung by those words, the movement stops for a moment together. Talk to the ancestral spirits who are not attentive to it, who are prevented from sleeping, and who raise their voices of anger and sorrow, in a line of sounds that humans cannot understand even when they hear it.


Just one wish, Alchem keeps making noises so that he can be thrust and moved by something. The ancestral spirits, who heard Alchem's wishes, wither all the increased hunter trees, interfere with the roots of Ibruento, who devoured them into the veins of the earth, and rule the field so that they cannot summon new demonic trees. An ibil ent that rattles its branches so that it can roar, and slams its roots near the surface so that it can burst. But all those actions are obstructed by the ancestral spirits who received a wish from Alchem and tried to get her mana as a consideration. While no lyrics or melodies existed, the sound Alchem was making was undoubtedly a song.

Extra Skill Totem Call. The ultimate skill in basics for the witches of the gods. This is the most important skill you can use to name a witch for the first time. A force that can never be worn by humans who do not possess certain qualities. Alchem finally made that skill, which Aerys had acquired from birth and used unconsciously.

"Spring vegetables!

"I know! Over Accelerate!"

The ancestral spirits beckoned us for a moment by the miracle that Alchem performed, and Higashi rushed to the action we should take. Spring vegetables that activate trump cards that were prompted by the words of the Hong and the Ancestral Spirits and just continued to chant by one person. Even if it had the power of a witch, that voice should not have been heard by ordinary humans. Did the five of them hear that because they were guests from a continent unknown to the Japanese?

"Forever, no!!

A macro that beats Paul Axe to an invincible ibil ent along with a hanging voice that is nothing but just an ultrasound besides the person in question. Seventy rounds a hundred seconds in our consciousness, about a second in our external vision. A muscle crack spread in front of him watching, and finally the boss of the dungeon was cut down.

"Return ~"

"Space Liberation ~"

The dungeon is extinguished due to the death of Ibruento. After a while, when the alienation had subsided and returned to normal space, the octogals, who were strangely dear during the boss battle, were flying around strangely happy.

"You guys were probably grown-ups earlier, but what happened?

Tatsuya, who did not normally care anything about returning to space and even watched Hiroshi continue to dismantle Ibruento with an indescribable grin, shifted her gaze and spoke to the noisy Octogals suddenly.

"Earlier Serious ~"

"Air heavy ~"

"We're good kids who can read the air."

"What's the real deal?

"No, it hurts."

I smile unexpectedly at the Octogals, who answer honestly, and observe the Japanese and elf women staring at the figure of the Macho in a somewhat obnoxious fashion. To be precise, I look with envy at Mio, who is helping to dismantle Ibruento, though.

"Hey, Makoto."

You don't have to tell me.

"What do you think will happen?

"Well, Spring Vegetables doesn't change the most favorable, does it?

It's the two elderly people who thrive in a hectic, womanophobic meal. Hot period they say there is once in life. I have the impression that it is coming at the best time in a sense at times, but personally I must have wanted you to be hot after your symptoms got better.

"Still, why do you think I'm hot?

"It feels weird what I say, but there's something about women that's vulnerable to gaps, and I don't feel like there's something about the Macro that tickles motherhood."

"Oh, I see"

When a person who felt sorry for him could unexpectedly be shown to look good and dependable, it would mean that he would normally look more positive than a person who relied on him and looked good. It was the same for elves with different values.

"Besides, you can put your body up and protect it, and no woman is happy."

"I see."

"Well, neither Elle nor Alchem seems to be the type of woman who's going to want people's things, so don't you ever get muddy in that direction?

"Before it gets muddy, I wonder if he'll ever be able to accept a woman."

When we are in conversation with, for example, the octogals who were flying around and playing take action.

"Chem, it's been a while."

"Chem, come on."

"Chem Chan Punipuni ~"

"Chem, pinch it!"

Octogals, who enjoyed themselves outside, captured Alchem and began to mess it up. Naturally, it comes with an all-range sexual harassment attack.

"Hiccup!? Hih!? Oh, hey!?

Alchem tries to resist with a strangely colorful voice. A macro whose movement stops for a moment in that voice and continues to dismantle by deciding to stay through. On its back, it says, "No touching God."

"Chem, beautiful."

"Chem is cute ~"

"I'm Chem ~"

"Um, hey, that's what's happening here!!

"Well, I'll do it over there."

That's what I said. Read the air exactly, Octogall abducting Alchem out of the sight of a macro. I dare to keep a secret of what has happened. Even though I blossomed my qualities as a corner witch, it was the same alchem in charge of colour.