Fairy Tale Chronicles

Later, part two.

"I'll ink it, hold it down"


In Urs, he was now in the middle of work on the Azma Workshop expansion.

"Hiroshi, enough wood?

"If it's not enough, I'll hunter tree more."

"Well, we'll figure it out"

Answer that to Govejon and Foredan as he finishes surveying and inking and makes an estimate of what to do with the foundation.

"Nevertheless, after less than a year of refurbishment, you didn't expect to need expansion work, did you?"

"Well, that's shabby. The workshop space is still a bit small, and the quarters are a little small for the Forest Giant to sleep in."

"I'm sorry."

"Uh, yeah. I was worried there were enough men in the workshop, and if I did Foredan's old man, I could trust him in a lot of ways."

Other members nodding at the words of the Macro. There is no such thing as trying to set things up at the Azma Workshop, but it is still inadvertent that there are no men at all. Even so, there are two children in the garden of women, and there is no reason to invite untrustworthy men into the current Azma Workshop, which goes in and out of Aeris. Based on all that, the Forest Giant, who has little sexual interest in heterogeneity in the first place, would say it's best. Finally, so is Elder Goblin, who is too old and whose lust already barely exists.

In fact, as far as the so-called creatures classified as human beings are concerned, any combination is normally capable of mating if it is concerned. As long as the conditions are in place, the Forest Giant and the human species and elves can make children even between the bare fairies and pixies. Normally, however, it does not arise to say that it is much of a half other than a combination of the human species and the close appearance, physique and aesthetic sensations like elves and dwarves, some beasts, etc. You have a different point of libido, so naturally so. With the exception of Minotaurs, where there are no females racially, there are no crazy races where a woman can do anything.

"In the meantime, I'm going to make this building a men's dorm from this point on, but let's do it without it?

"Well, wouldn't that be nice?

"If we're going to increase the number of people in the future, isn't that a reasonable place?

Together we agree that there is no particular problem with Macro's proposal. Anyway, after this, we're going to set up a transfer team here and there, and we're going to pull all sorts of people from that land. Besides, the expansion of the workshop is also a request from here and there.

"Well, I'm going to finish the foundation work for now, so Spring Vegetables can help me over there with both training. Mio will lecture Fam and the others, please."

Copy that.

"Whatever material you use, OK?"

"I did what I wanted."

Gather the right ingredients with the understanding of the Macro. This lecture seems to be scheduled for various consumables equivalent to the seventh grade potion and its rank.

"See, tomorrow, we'll finish the exterior."

"It's over, huh?

"If you do it on this scale, you can afford it."

As such a confident macro put it, it was within that day that an unusually solid foundation could be created.

"This is what the seventh grade potion looks like, can you?

"I use that reaction for things like this..."

"It's hard to tell..."

"It's hard to say that speed is constant..."

Three people who finish listening to Mio lectures and actually only accidentally roar when they try it. The hurdles are very high for officials who have not yet reached the level of applying enchantment or alchemy elsewhere, but are still struggling even in Grade Eight.

"Because Sister Chun has recently been able to get a simple initial level enchant on board while doing this"

"... no matter how many parents or Mio are with us, that progress is too fast..."

"... I doubt my parents are probably human, but I just think Mr. Harna is scamming the race after all..."

Mio blows up unexpectedly to Terez and Nora's thoughts. She's lacking in expression without saying one way or another, but it's not like she doesn't laugh.

Note that eight months have passed since spring vegetables began production in earnest. If you think about raising the collection system and the enchant to about fifteen proficiencies and the fact that there was room for materials, it's not that unscrupulous a growth rate. When it comes to seasoning in the first place, it becomes not only culinary but also pharmaceutical and alchemy skills training. As a result, curry baking had become a skill training of considerable concentration.

Nevertheless, even its spring vegetables are still a long way from making the primary breakthrough. Even if a simple enchant can be put on board, it is not possible to make potions from materials that are one or more stages lower, such as Hondo and Mio, to the extent that it is easier to work on them if the quality can only be improved somewhat. Interpretation, elementary school is elementary.

"We have a story to talk about, so next time we will collect materials near the village of Ortem as well. Grade 7 materials are pretty easy to get around there."


"Seventh grade ingredients, can we pick them?

"Materials are not very different from materials up to Grade VIII"

That being said, Mio explains the characteristics of each material all the time. Three people who listen to that with a serious face and take good notes. It would be a good ingredient to be able to read and write exactly when Fam and Lime are not here, and to lecture even on a slightly more difficult content.

It should also be noted that when playing games, the collection of materials itself does not differ as much between Grades VIII and VII. The difficulty of collecting materials and finished products varies greatly from rank to rank, because it is about beyond the fifth grade. Until the sixth level or so, the clusters are biased toward troublesome places for beginners to go, which makes it difficult to collect a few obstacles.

In addition, materials are not the only obstacles to overcoming elementary school, but also the conditions under which proficiency grows. Intermediate and above grows proficiency even in failure, but during elementary school they can't learn anything from failure, and no delicious failure can increase proficiency. On top of that, it would be all the more so if the consumption of stamina were to be exceptionally high compared to intermediate or higher, such as 1% of the maximum value for every second worked. Moreover, if the stamina interrupts a certain line, the fatigue penalty also reduces the success rate. Though the three Teles are getting a lot better, the stamina consumption trap is still tough and stands as a big wall against increased production and skills.

"After that, it's time to learn how to make tools, so start tomorrow or so."

"Do you also make your own tools?

"Of course."

Mio cuts back with a second kill to Nora's question, which was confronted with a sudden statement. If you can't make as many tools as you use yourself, you'll have a lot of trouble ahead of you. Especially not like the tools you have to enchant and create on a bee based on special materials, like the blacksmith hammers that Macro uses, if you give them money, they are not what you get. In the first place, before industries were advanced and subdivided to the extreme, both Japanese and high-level craftsmen were professionals in tool making. If you want to have a job in your hand than this world tends to have, you can't make your own tools and equipment.

Though the perception of Hong, Mio, Spring Vegetables, etc. is not like that, unfortunately we didn't even imagine saying that in the case of officials who have not even become chicks yet, they need to make their own tools, etc. Most importantly, the amount of work currently being done is sufficient equipment available at the Adventurers' Association, etc., and there were other small items that were a little convenient, so there would be no choice but to go to the idea of making them. First, Higashi has never shown us where he is making tools for work.

"Can't it be a commercial tool?

"You think it's commercially available, like the hammer my master uses?


"Besides, if you're satisfied with seasonings and potions up to Grade VII, more than that, commercial tools don't perform too well."

Three people who are given lethal real-life examples and can't even pull off comments if they are uplifting about it, and will be completely silent.

"I don't suddenly make such a difficult thing, it's okay"

"I don't really trust you......"

"I mean, with the power of the three of us, it's a good place to make and rinse"

Terez is raised with essential tools that wear off plain, which makes him very convinced. Sure, if you don't say the shape, even the three Terez can make it. I wouldn't say a year if you use it at the current pace, but it's a tool that seems to wear out pretty quickly.

"In the meantime, tomorrow, as a material sourcing destination for tools, I will guide you somewhere where you can take some ore, so first there's mining training"

"It's all about manual labor..."

"Making medicine is also a plain battle of arms..."

"Craftsmen have quite a few bodies and heads..."

Three people get a hard date for the Spartan ceremony and a tired look even though the days are still high. They don't know. That we haven't even started climbing the long craftsman slopes yet.

"I've improved a lot. You practiced most of it while I was making mysterious plants?

"Mm-hmm. Maybe it's because I've been yarn-spinning for about two days."

"I see."

I saw the spring vegetables yarning the wool I had sourced from nowhere, and I nodded as impressed as a macro. The fruits of the winter's fierce practice also emerge or, in a fantastic sense, especially if the material is not habitual, it can be processed up to the cloth without any problems. It wouldn't be a big problem because it lacks a bit of concentration, or because it fails occasionally and cuts a thousand threads, but it's spinning and doesn't have much use for it.

"After that, when I remember refining, forging and shipbuilding and practicing with mining, maybe it's time for a making-mastery."


"Well, even if I think about the mastery pace, I don't think I can practice desperately for about a month or two each."

"Is it going to take at least six months..."

Spring vegetables that listen to the words of a macro and subtly look far away. As a matter of fact, acquiring that much skill in the next six months involves considerable luck, not to say impossible. Even if you think about the longer actual work time compared to when it was a game, the other time is quite long, so it doesn't increase your skill that much faster.

"Unlike combat, craftsmanship is a battle."

"That's what it is, after all?

"That kind of thing."

Unlike a battle where a single action in action is said to beat a hundred trainings, it's all about what level the production relationship made. By making the same thing from scratch to dozens or hundreds, the arms are gradually raised. There is no shortcut there, though a good and bad head also affects the speed of mastery to some extent. Ultimately, combat is also a number of battles, but it will not compare to craftsmanship, where the boundaries between training and practice are ambiguous.



"No matter how many production skills are capacity-correcting, it turns out elementary is elementary."

"What do you think?

"I don't know, there's no such thing as a perceptible difference as when I mastered over-accelerate, or a dramatic change to look at beside like when Hong-kun or Mio took extras.

For the sake of spring vegetables, I unwittingly shake my neck. To be honest, before and after wearing Titanic Lore, there is no real sense of dramatic change in Hiroshi himself. Even for Mio, I don't feel that big of a difference from what I've seen all the time because the part where the originally high ability thing extended further is huge.

"I wonder if I'll change that much?

"It's a big difference. 'Cause when I used the axe, it was obviously up to the level I could see."

The basis for Spring Vegetable's claim was really simple. For this reason, as an opponent comparing the attack power when using a hand axe, I bring the grey bear I encountered when I went logging. Previously, it took two shots to kill this bear, and since the Titanic Roar mastery, it has been finished with one blow. There is no such thing as a striking difference. Because they were feeding the attack the same way in the same place.

"Well, elementary school is elementary, there are lots of them, but is that all?

"And say?

"The specs didn't change all of a sudden, like Mr. Spring Vegetable's overacceleration or our extras, and he twitched up a little bit in training, or at least I don't think there's enough difference to make you feel that easily."

Spring vegetables that are accidentally convinced by the truly convincing dialogue of the Hong. Sometimes when you notice a change in height, bust, or foot size during the growing season, the ability to do so through skill training changes dramatically. Unless you are also in a position like the relatives you occasionally meet, it may be difficult to recognise clearly.

"Well, that's it, ya"


"Mio can make a cape for Mr. Spring Vegetables, and I insist on something like that, but what do we do?


Spring vegetables that reveal that Mio is still obsessed, smiling like a troubled person and gently wrapping his neck around him. To be honest, I really don't want it to be a very hobby equipment configuration.

"What do you think, Hiroshi?

He said, "If you put something like that away, you'd think it was there."


"Spring vegetables, take your left hand free?

"I'm free, but that's it?

"Absolutely not, but the so-called fencer all the time who is supposed to fight with a Rapier or a weapon of that hand has a shield replacement mingosh on his left hand or something of that hand. Well, in the case of Spring Vegetables, you can also empty your left hand from the point of view of switching to confuse them, and actually do the kind of feint."

To the description of the macro, stop the yarn spinning hand and accidentally raise your voice, uh, etc. In fact, I have seen fencing related videos from one end when I decided to use the fine sword system as my main focus in the game. Some of them were of a style with daggers specialised in recirculation, as explained by Hiroshi.

"Well, considering the switches around there, ya. A cloak instead of a shield, I don't know if there's any more."

"A cape is a shield substitute?

"Sora, it's the same shield that Doga's old man and the knights use."

"Well, you're right."

"However, you can use the so-called buckler way with your arms, and you can use it for blinds and mess with it by doing the usual means of classical fencers. Besides, like Mio said, there's no way you can use a cape that can be slashed at the hem or as a weapon."

"You're about to cut off your own leg or something when you're walking, so as a hold, if you can use it as a protective gear, can I think about it? Honestly, the lack of defenses and defenses in the forest dungeons was painful."

Spring vegetables that remind me of events that have not yet been half a month old and look bitter by accident. Even though it is a matter of specialty, it is scary to leave the clearly identified weaknesses behind forever.

"Look, I'll make it tonight."

"Can I ask for it?"

"Leave it to me. Yeah, there's plenty of material."

"Just the right material, for example?

"First of all, Wyburn in general. Even Cerberus can do quite a bit. Later, there's Galvalenzia. If you do, you'll have to choose between scales and dragon hunting."

I laugh at the spring vegetables I've eaten brilliantly, and I'm going to raise some candidates for the Macro. None of this is usually made of cloak material or anything else.

"The last one, as a pass, is kind of a hugely luxurious lineup..."

"It's all in stock. It's too much, so I can use it in any luxurious way. Whatever you do, call it crocodile leather handbags, make branded patchmon out of Wyburn leather. Yeah."

"Ya fake..."

"Fake mon ya ahem. Patimon or."

"I don't see the difference..."

Spring vegetables have nothing but an indescribable troubled face to say things that are difficult to understand except for Kansai people.

It should be noted that it is close to being referred to as an unauthorized informal parody product that is of a nuanced nature. As for the image, is it like an imitation of an object that an imitator does without permission? Even though it does not resemble the real product, only the characteristics are similar to those that are often regarded as obnoxious. More precisely, it would be close to the essence to say hitchhiking products.

A common feature of the whole thing is that it is frigid when done and zero intent on seriously deceiving no matter how you look at it. While most people can tell at a glance that it's fake, it can be said that the crux of patchy stuff making is how close you can get to the real thing and how much laughter you can get on top of it. If it's a fake to be fooled, it would feel like saying it's a patchy thing to know and buy for a one-shot story. I know and I buy it, so even if I have the regret of being sooner, it's a patsy thing not to have the kind of regret that I should have looked closely at being deceived or something.

"No, I don't care if they force me to do that..."

Spring vegetables that make me look genuinely frightened by the magnificence of explaining it like that. It would be a parody of poor nature but a similar product that I seriously intend to fool, but it is exactly the same in that it is not real. Regardless of the official joke goods, I wouldn't be willing to buy a product that would normally be black rather than gray that is so unlimited close to black.

"Well, put it away about Patimon. There's one more thing I'd like to confirm besides the cape."


"Rapier, do you want to upgrade?

Spring vegetables were suddenly asked unexpected things again, and they were stuck in response. Even though it still feels slightly over-performing, it's still going to upgrade. It would also be natural for spring vegetables to hesitate to answer.

"Uh, it's abrupt again, isn't it?

"Well, Spring Vegetables sounds abrupt. Let's do it."

"You're gonna ask me that, and you're gonna make new weapons, right?

"Take Makoto-san's. There was talk of Alanwen, and I thought I'd make a sword and a sword of my own over here."

"So, you mean, finally?

"Seya Nen. I also make my brother's rod, and as far as Mio's bow goes, it is made of Ibruento, which is about two ranks higher than the material made of Magic Iron Alloy, and it will remain as normal as Spring Vegetables', so I think I'd better make it at last."

Spring vegetables that take a little thought into that word if you say you're convinced. To be honest, I don't feel anything like a lack of offense at the moment. There was no gap in Baldo to challenge the melee in the first place, and it was fundamentally a matter of weapon compatibility that made him struggle to cut off the giant man-eater. Neither is it so different where it's new.

However, if you don't keep it new when you can make a new one, the weapon's performance is poor and I pulled my leg at times of need, which can cause a non-stylish situation, etc. Though it is difficult to strain the macro, I guess I should still have it made here.

"I'm sorry, can I ask you a favor?

"Roger that. Enchants make their own decisions over here. Yeah?

"Yeah. I don't know what I can do, and I'll take care of it."

Spring vegetables returning an acknowledgement of understanding to confirm the macro and throwing the basics all round. With her power, she honestly has nowhere to pinch her mouth.

"See, Rapier and Cloak, all the time."

"Oh, I knew I'd make a cape too."

"Don't waste it making it. I don't even want to make a mascarade and a feather hat on a boulder."

"I don't care if they make it..."

Put a penetration in the face like a heartbroken joke of a macro and go back to the spinning work that had completely stopped. If the cat sees it, the ball of yarn that seems to roll and play is already plugged into the third one, but there is no cat in this workshop so there is no problem.

"With that said, do you use it for that yarn or something?


"I don't know. Well, I'm planning on using it. Yeah. I can't stop when it's in bad stock like spiritual yarn."

A macro who decides that the language of spring vegetables has a use leaves a comment without going into it particularly when it comes to use. Unexpectedly, Spring Vegetables couldn't get in deep enough. As a result of discussions with True Harp and Mio, it has been decided to knit the pants with this yarn, etc., which was spring vegetables that could not be told to the macro in many ways to boulders.

"It's also a huge amount of ore."

"Well, I make a lot of things."

Two days after I took the final confirmation to Spring Vegetables. Alchem sounds subtly surprised when he sees a large quantity of transported Ore of Demonic Iron and Mithril. A macro that leaves such a dialogue with Alchem just saying the usual things and confirms the quality of the ore before refining.

"Are you okay with buying so much ore?

"Does that mean financially? Or does that mean connexious?

"It's both, but is it mainly financial?

"There's a problem with money. Magic iron and misrils are expensive when they become products, but they seem to bump into the ore stage and are cheap."

Together, I have trouble commenting on that explanation as if it represents a relationship between demand and supply, something I feel convinced and lonely about. It is naturally cheap at the ore stage because there are few artisans who can refine it. At the average level of current craftsmen, materials around here are treated super first class just because they can be refined and processed.

"Wait a minute."


"Does being bumpy mean that there are quite a few people who can dig ore?

"What the hell is that? It has a lot of content, it's called quality. Yeah, I dig ore. I have a pretty good arm, but if I even find a mineral vein, I can just dig it, and I can go there."

Spring vegetables this again subtly extinguishes due to the unexpected circumstances of the high-ranking ingredients. As a matter of fact, other than divine iron, if you only dig in games, you can dig with seventy years of elementary proficiency. However, because the quality of the ore becomes very poor and the refining arm cannot be chased after digging it, it will definitely bump into it as a defective stock until the level rises.

The situation there seems to be the same in this world, and even with the squeezey production, the ore itself is cracked and bumped.

"Hey, Hiro."


"If you're Conne, don't you have a problem using it down that far?

"About ore is a problem. Let's do it. He came in at such a speed in the first place because he wanted to sneak up on the other side and secure it."

"What are you doing, Farlane royalty..."

Tatsuya with an unexpected head for the actions of the Farlane royal family. Haven't you thought about saying that if Hongkong didn't place the order, he would hold that bumpy ore forever?

"Maybe, but then I thought I'd plant a blacksmith."

"Ah, I see..."

"In fact, no matter when, I don't want to use any of the materials around here to do this. Besides, if you bring in the ingredients, you'll study for the price."

"That's a nasty story, too..."

Azma workshop with verses with various and overwhelming expectations. In fact, even if it's not as abnormal as the growth rate of spring vegetables, even the three of them are already above the world average in terms of pharmaceuticals and alchemy. Moreover, there are quite a few objects that can only be made here even by spreading the current way of making it. More than that, the fact that it produces and delivers a good amount of low-level consumables such as flammable stones to Constant and about grade 8 poisoning is an unprecedented point of achievement.

The Royal Palace, the Adventurers' Association and the Melissa Chamber of Commerce also look with surprise when it comes to the Azma Workshop, rather than the three employees who work there. It is in a way that has proven so much to say whether or not there are leaders with transcendental skills that various organizations plot whether they can not allow breathing people under the water to be apprenticed to the Azma Workshop. Most of all, the plan is frustrating and I have a subtle head, except for the Royal Palace, which I haven't even thought about since the beginning, because I can hardly get in touch with the leaders of the day.

In order to return to the original world, it seems odd to be walking here and there in the form of meritorious work. Of course, we don't think about one thing deep.

"Will you just get out of the way of the boulder and be a party to it, except for Makoto-san and my brother, Mr. Afterspring?


"I'm coming to work."

"Parents, tell me a lot later"

Three people who are encouraged by the macro and honestly leave to make condiments. Mio also heads toward the studio to make his own bow. Alchem thinks a little about what to do because there is nothing in particular to do. Best.

"Oh, well, I'll go back to the village for a moment and see how far Soy Sauce Zone and Miso Zone are progressing."

I soon came up with something I could do, and I'm leaving to finish my errands. It should be noted that the reason Govejon and Foredan are not here is simple, because they go to make soy sauce storage and miso storage based on the drawings of the Hong. Both miso and soy sauce can be a valuable means of acquiring foreign currency in that area, so work is being done in the whole village. It seems difficult to say that it is immediately stable and mass-produced, but the expectation as a new specialty alongside sake is still strong, as the first prototype is still fermenting without problems at the moment. The fast-minded free men have already even planned to build new fields for increased soybean production, and have already found an old strip that has no problems cutting through.

For this reason, it's easy to say why those people want foreign currency, because they can't buy seafood or curry powder that can be used for dashi without foreign currency. Whatever the boulder costs, when it comes to condiments and seafood that can only satisfy the mouths of all four races in this strip, there is no reason for the Azma Workshop to offer it for free. But the people in this area, who have Japanese-style tongues in plain sight, really like the stewed broth brought in by Hongda with dashi, cuttlefish, kelp, etc., and they want to get it at all costs if they are going to get it steadily. Therefore, we also want to use it, so we are very serious about making soy sauce.

"Here, let's start with a little ingredient. Let's go from Spring Vegetable's Rapier."

"Mm, please."

"Well, once, the ingredients are made together, all at once."

More and more material is put into the melting furnace, spitting out such a pungent dialogue. It is the only high-performance melting furnace in the world that uses bricks with too many levels of sand on the distribution, which Rayot was forced to collect. Most importantly, it is a level of equipment that cannot be considered a great deal of performance, which is of a large degree of connectivity.

For this reason, Rayot was told he couldn't do it because he tried to make Hiroshi build his own weapon made of demon iron following a complaint from True Harp. If I tell you, you deserve it.

"Well, let's go to work."

Pull out the finished alloy in a distracting tone, what is that tone? Hammer into the ore heated with a serious look on your back. As exemplified by the example, the work proceeds sincerely and carefully, boldly and delicately, without being sharp enough to make you think that if you touch it during the work, it will cut off.

Rapier, who will be a new partner in the first dish, spring vegetables, will be finished so much less.

"Finished. Shake it a little."

"Mmm. Copy that."

Encouraged by the macro, I gently glance at the mold remembering the first time I've made a weapon. Unlike then, I don't have to adjust one thing at all this time. Instead of having no madness, I am surprisingly familiar with my hands and come closer to handling them than ever before. Moreover, I can clearly see that it has a performance that is not comparable to previous ones, even if it is just a bare gesture.

"Wow, perfect..."

"We've known each other a long time, and we've seen enough battle scenes. I don't even know if I'm balancing anymore."

Unexpectedly, he turns to a well-balanced macro without having to modify it in one shot. There are as many things that make me glad that Hiroshi was on the team, but that's especially true at times like this.

"Well, I'll explain the special features later, let's see what my brother can do next."

"Oh, please."

"Hey, come on."

By way of example, the rod is shaped by sounding high and hammering, infusing a ridiculous amount of magic in the example. Design conduction lines with care for magic amplification and control aids, creating indentations for fitting magic crystals into several points. The auxiliary material is incorporated to change from a design line to a shape that increases the magical effect, and finally a powerful enchant is applied at the same time as cooling.

"After that, insert the magic crystal..."

A magic crystal arranged to paint a deformed pentagram illuminates itself. After fine-tuning its energy flow, the finishing enchant is applied to complete it. When it starts gently to make sure there is no problem, it passes straight to Tatsuya.

"Just make sure."

"Something's a very handy rod. It's not the same as before."

"Sora, the level of enrichment of the ingredients is different. Even in the same time, you'll know the ingredients you can use before, the things you can make, and how to get in the mood."

I try to activate the rod and gently activate some magic while bitterly laughing at the declarations of the incomprehensible. On the other hand, the amplification rate is too high, which makes it very easy to control. Launch some magic with a shortened chant while thinking about it and cancel it instantly.

"... hey"


"I don't have to use backgammon right now. I've had a successful double start?

"Sora, it incorporates the function of multiple activation, naturally. What do you mean, backgammon?

"No chanting in no-delay at the right time during chanting, and when magic is activated without cool, instead of the cost increases dramatically, two shots of magic are activated at the same time."

"Well, I didn't know that."

The wand made by the Horn incorporates the function of multiple chanting. Five at the elementary level, three at the intermediate level, and two at the Holy Heaven octopolar cannon level are simultaneously chantable extremely evil wands. Naturally, the cost normally consumes only the number of starts, but there is no way that a macro would leave such a problem unattended.

"Later, I was wondering another thing, isn't the activation cost oddly light?

"Oh, and Tatsuya?

"Oh, my God, I can't believe it anymore"

Hiroshi answers Tatsuya's questions firmly while making jade steel to make it into a knife material.

"So, what did you do?

"My brothers came hunting for Galvalenzia, so I could combine it with the leaf veins of Ibruento. Yeah, I could make a catalyst."

"Something, I'm getting scared to ask, what enchant did you put on?

"75% Magic Activation Cost Cut and 75% Combat Skill Activation Cost Burn Cut in Weapons Stage"


Three people who were on this occasion scream unexpectedly at the majestic dialogue of the Horn.

"No, I'm not surprised. But yes, I am."

He complains like that with his face only in his face as he prepares to strike the Great Sword at some point. But no one has the ear to hear such a big complaint...

"You're telling me you know how outrageous that is!?

"Terrible or nothing, as a senior enchant, it's common for you to do so."

"Even the middle of purgatory doesn't come out with that kind of gear!

"Instead, purgatory weapons can be reproduced with magic props and enchants. There are quite a few special features. Besides, I put it on my brother's cane when he was over there."

"I haven't seen that noisy wand since it's too much to use everyday!

True harps who listen carefully to the excuses of the Hong and try to keep hanging up. Incidentally, purgatory equipment-specific special features are those where more than half are too strong a habit to choose the user, and the other half can be to the extent of excellence at best. Afterwards, Macro misunderstands, but if the degree of inherent functionality of the purgatory middle layer is such that it is reproducible if the materials available in the same hierarchy are collected after mastering all the production extras. Although the hurdles are too high on top of the fact that the craftsmen are pulling, and no one has confirmed them, so only the developer or God knows about them.

"When I say it, it's just an enchant. Put it on any weapon."

"... sorry, I'm a little dizzy..."

"I really wanted to put on a 95% cut, but the material needs to go to the Great Spiritual Grotto. Upstairs, the production is low."

"Don't be scared any more, okay?

"I'm not afraid of anything."

True harp amazes me and starts working out chunks of iron into the shape of a great sword as I say bump. What at first was a subtly plumped look quickly turns into a tight one when you start working on it. Every blow that waves down the hammer puts its soul on the iron mass and transforms it into a powerful weapon that currently has no two in the world.

"First, the first. I'll see the balance, shake it gently."

"Yes, sir."

You don't have to check your balance anyway, but if you're watching the battles you've been fighting, you're set to take a spare and accurate center of gravity. I learn to spring vegetables in that mood and gently peel through the mold. As expected, it matches the optimal center of gravity balance for the true harp without dimensional madness. It feels lightly shaken, and the basic specs give the impression that about three pieces of rare equipment will fall over the one available in purgatory, but it is strange that it is rather easy to make it and only takes about three pieces, so I don't care about it there.

"There's no way you're going to go crazy with that weapon you make."

"I don't know. I've never seen Makoto-san use it before."

"Heh?... No way!

Without lending an ear to the words of the true harp, the heated ball steel is beaten to a thickness of about five millimeters. The steel that has been extended will be broken into pieces of about two centimetres, and a few kilograms of the quality will be carefully selected. Heat and boil the ingredients broken into small pieces, turn them into one chunk and then beat them off. If you extend it flat, fold it, if you hit it over and over again.

You get a satisfactory quality after about twenty folds, or you start making another iron stick. The remaining chunks are re-purified to tease the composition and create a sticky iron, albeit of considerable hardness. I just did a minimal shaping of that and twirl the iron I just made out of the first steel I forged.

"What's the difference between that iron and the first one?

"Only the first iron is broken or crushed by impact, so we should let him escape the impact with a soft, tenacious guy."

Answering Tatsuya's question, the two irons are heated to meet and the properties of each are integrated as is, and molded into the shape of a Japanese knife with a gavel. After shaping with hammers and shavings, coat the surface with something earthy, heat again and cook. After correcting the bending and inversion of the finished baking, grind it up and check the condition. or sleigh tailoring, then engrave the name, complete the Japanese knife with beautiful ripples, with about the middle length between the sides and the katana. It's probably enchanted to say something bumpy while occasionally spraying unidentified powder in the process so far.

There are a number of strange tasks if you look at the original forge, but in the first place, there are processes that are not present in the reality of magic on top of different materials. The general flow on which it is based is the same, but it is only natural that the cracks and important details do not coincide. Demonic iron would still make a difference to that extent, but even more so in the materials above, the method of forging as per the textbook, no matter how many arms you have about the method, it can't be a decent weapon. The more you go up there, the more inexplicable the material in this world is.

"Well, it's not as good a substitute as a demon knife, but it should be practical enough."


"Japanese swords are a laborious substitute."

"I don't know. Dada has the most powerful art in the world.

True harp that listens to the conversations of such hongsters and takes the finished knife as if fascinated by something. Take a long enough distance from the galleries and equipment and behave horribly as if you were sure of a move you didn't use for a long time. A knife that responds to that movement of the true harp and makes it look through the trajectory as imagined without the madness of the dimensions. At that moment, no, from the time I took that knife in my hand, True Harp remembered the feeling that the usually unconscious lacunae in me had been filled.

"Balance or not?

Ignore the Macro question completely and wave the knife like it was mounted over and over again. Balance as ideal. Length as ideal. And the sharpness and toughness that show a single scale that could be a demonic knife, something you never wanted before. Materials are not ball steel in the original sense, but that doesn't matter. This is an undisputed Japanese knife. True Harp once sharpened his selection moves as a half in the game, rising to height, and frustrating him without meeting his extended hands and feet, a presence that would allow him to walk down that path again.

(Maybe this time, this time, that move...)

NPC I once met in the game. A series of moves that were taught by the man, tapped into the extreme, and all inherited as a testament to the transmission. Depths I've never waved decently in the end without being able to get enough knives to withstand it. In the current true harp, which is no longer rusty as a knife user, activating the move will barely even reach its preparatory stage. Considering that it still doesn't extend to purgatory equipment, maybe this knife isn't enough yet. Still.

"Yeah. I'm ready."

Again, the readiness to put everything on a swing of a sword hardened.

"I don't know what you're ready for, but I'm glad."

"Honey, I know you're going to be ordering a lot of things again, but I'm going to get you to hang out with me."

"As an artisan, customer selfishness is where you want it to be"

Thus, Zhenqin finally returns to the path he was aiming for, not to mention in the game.