Fairy Tale Chronicles

Number two.

"So, you guys, what was the situation?

"How do you normally sort stones and gemstones?

"No, I'd like to hear what happened before that..."

Temple of Iglesios/Hall of Dar. We did something after processing each other's requests and finally got to lunch after everything had settled down (so lunch was my own Nori lunch box. That's normal in content, but in this world it can contain plain precious ingredients), Higashi who can move into a confluence of circumstances. Most importantly, it is no longer my promise to return the mess of hands when Tatsuya asks me the question.

"Before that?

"In the first place, there's going to be a lot about where that pile of stone came from, and why the new Americans were so nostalgic for you, and what happened before that."

"Well, there's a lot going on..."

"Master, Sister Chun, where do you explain it from?


Talk to Tatsuya and Makoto about where to start. Whatever it is, it didn't take so long for things to go on, but because of all the dizziness that happened in that short period of time, I don't know what to explain.

"... whoa, what happened in the end?

"Wait here."

"No, my brothers did more chaos than they saw, and when I realized I was dealing with what was going on, it felt like it was happening."

"You can talk chronologically from the beginning."

"All the time, regardless of the beginning, there are a few things along the way, which I did first, but it got a little messy because I concentrated on what was going on"

He seemed like a good guy. Most importantly, there is no denying the possibility that the material at hand is conscious and ignores the changing circumstances.

"In the meantime, I want time to sort things out, so can you tell me what happened to Tatsuya and the others first?

"Copy that. The explanation of the situation here is not that voluminous."

"Right. I just discovered a bunch of rockworms and a carriage that was attacked by them at the right time, and rescued them, and there was a temple cleric and a merchant on the way back to the Yangtze Tower."

"Wait a minute, what's a rock worm..."

"Ah, did Spring Vegetables catch on there too?

Hiroshi looks surprised for a moment at the exchange between the spring vegetables and the trumpet, and immediately shows how he notices something. Mio on the other hand, he doesn't know what's wrong.

"Hey, Mr. Makoto, how many rockworm herds did you do?

"Fifty is the place. Honestly, I have to play a stepping stone to all the Knights of the Guard, not very much, but it wasn't the only number we could wipe out."

"Sora again, strange story."

"You think so too, Hiroshi?

"Well, hey."

Mio understands what he thinks is wrong with him in this exchange. But unfortunately, in Mio, who is not so familiar with monsters near here, it's not perfect to know what's wrong around them.

"Is it weird that Rockworm makes a herd?

"At least you don't make that number of colonies, do you?

"Harsh in nature."

In response to Mio's question, Spring Vegetables confirms to other members, and Hiroshi affirms.

"Me or something, it's a rule of thumb level, but it's still weird by nature"

"I don't know. Those guys, if the number of individuals making the herd exceeds double digits, they'll eat together until they cut double digits. Because Rockworm is a basic, relatively young individual."


"Seya Nen. Well, if such a big omnivorous creature makes such a big colony sprinkle in a terribly balanced land around here, it's not going to be a big deal, so maybe it's some kind of survival instinct."

"Uh, I see..."

Together, I am unexpectedly convinced by a truly understandable and convincing description of the macro. But then the extra unnatural points stand out. Through the unnatural, it obviously even makes you feel like some sort of conspiracy.

"So, Rockworm is a demonic stone. I can't get a lot of ingredients, but how much do you want to collect?

"It's that way first..."


"No, well, yes..."

After all, at the end of the day, Tatsuya tells Hiroshi, who talks to the material person, what is accurate with a bitter smile. I asked if I could take it home for just three, and now I'm going to go collect it and start seriously considering if I can make it, etc. Most importantly, there are not so many people who can deconstruct the rockworm properly, so by now someone passing by will have managed to cut off only the crusade proof site and the other piles of treasure will have been left intact.

"In the meantime, aside from the material, there's a temple relationship involved there, too?

"Well, whatever we got involved in, we're obviously after a bunch of Rockworms."

"So, that means you're in a temple after all?

"I think the main cause is yes"

"What's the main cause?

In the words of spring vegetables, Tatsuya and Makoto have no choice but to look suspicious. Higashi can tell by some tired grin at the reaction of both of them. I didn't care then because of the tension of the material, but I can remember later that it was quite a tiring situation.

"Seriously, what happened?

"I don't know. Let's just talk about my subjectivity, so I'll ask Spring Vegetable and Mio to make it up to me."

Copy that.

"Master, no derailment as much as possible"

"I'll try my best."

It was an ambition to return a less trustworthy reply and start talking about what happened for now.

The story goes back chronologically around Tatsuya and Makoto starting to hunt Stone Ant.



Hiroshi was seen with white eyes from both of them. The reason is simple, because I discovered a good place to say that I had been stabbed with nails all that time, but that the paint undercoat was sweet, rather than almost unapplied, and I stuck my hand out. The undercoated paint, which was so beautifully evenly applied that it could not be compared to any other place, naturally stood out, and was lightly splashed on the building beam and put into question attack.

"Don't miss the boulder."

"Then you should report it to the building beam, right?

"I had paint on hand, so I thought it would be quicker to apply it instead. No regrets."

"... don't think about reopening it, I..."

Spring vegetables that stick in with a jito eye to make you try to reopen as much as you want. Besides the increase in the workload of the macro, it is not detrimental to say this, so it is not that angry.

"In the meantime, you've got as many eyes as you want."

"Well, that's not the world"

"I don't deserve to say that to my master"

The three of us have that conversation while continuing to chore like normal driving. Other runaway adventurers are busy moving their luggage around and changing gear. The situation changed from around the time Carly Dentris, the owner's nobleman, showed his face. He is a high ranking nobleman also involved in national politics.

"What's the progress like?

"The painting of the roof of the main building, half done. If nothing in particular, the main building will be completed by the end of the day."

"I see. If that looks like it, I think I'll be inside the day after tomorrow."

In that way, the three of them had heard Dentrice and Bungliang having a meeting about their progress without even asking while sorting the materials, thinking that it would be a polite tone in front of the nobility after all. The paint used this time is such that it will be settled immediately by passing some magic later. It is naturally quite a luxury item, so it is only used in these noble and luxurious buildings. Therefore, the words of Dentris, the contractor, are not a mistake.

Most importantly, it goes without saying that the paint is going smoothly this time because of the exotic method of construction that Hiroshi put into the building beam and wisdom, the way deluded extra skill step-by-step influenced by the excuse. At this point, the head of the construction is tentatively shifting to the macro, which is why his skills have a significant impact on the speed of construction.

"... hmm?

"What is it?

"Find some really poor flowers that don't look like this kind of construction site."

"Oh, you mean Harna."

Poor flower, a building beam that instantly understands who you're talking about. Only two women on this occasion are spring vegetables and Mio. Both boast beauty well above the general standard, but in time it is the spring vegetables who have the age and physique to match his tastes. It should be noted that in addition to the fact that Dongliang remembered the names of Spring Vegetables and Mio simply because they are a handful of women, it also affects that all three of them, in conjunction with Hiroshi, are not of the kind to undertake such chores as Grade VIII.

"Hmm, you mean Harna?

"Yes, I'm a temporarily hired adventurer, but I was wondering if I had that strength because I ranked eighth."

"It's another rarity for an eighth-level adventurer to get a job like this"

"They just arrived and didn't know the structure of the city, so they took on these chores to remember it," he said.

The building beam explains the circumstances of the three, wondering if the questions are still the same, etc. It is obvious to everyone that the three Hongdas are partying or teaming up because the building beams have not specifically declined, but they basically acted in pairs from earlier on, and the way they breathe is not comparable to the rest of the adventurers.

"I see. That's an interesting story."


To Dentrice's words, the building beam returns a raw reply just as it began again. This nobleman is not a bad person as an exchanger, such as a generous user of money to improve the lives of the people in order not to exploit the common people of the people and the king's capital. But he also can't seem to control only his own sketchy bugs like that, and he has a vicious habit of repeating his approach as obsessively as a snake anyway when he finds a woman of his choice. So far, because he's the type that wouldn't be socially problematic with his hands of a big beauty with a definitely irregular chest at more than a certain age, but if he preferred a look like Mio or a younger one, the people around him must have been really tough.

In the meantime, there is nothing to force you to wear to your position, but nevertheless all the women spoken of are basically on the invitation, except for royalty in other countries and so on. Half of them are women who lost that position and eventually entered into an unintended relationship at the first stage, albeit satisfactorily. Seventy percent of the other half are blind to status and money and wheeled by the relationship of play, and thirty percent of the other half feel like they enjoy playing with Dada man Dentris on fire, so far not one woman is seriously in love with him, etc. I am a political marriage from my wife, and I am not out of the feeling of being a friend of the physical relationship premise where the relationship is not dangerous but has appearance, money and tech.

Because he is such a man, it would be natural not to have anything to say about an adventurer's little girl, who usually says this and doesn't have a back. Although it is a man named Carly Dentrice who doesn't have the option to look at a woman of his choice and not dictate, even though he has a huge back and knows that if he does poorly, it can be an international problem.

"It's unusual for a beautiful woman like you to do such a job."

"The rhetorical purpose of saying that is flattering, because you are on time"

Spring Vegetables returns a fine and unspoken reply with a brilliant loving laugh to the man who is the host and is also involved in the backbone of the country. The oral complaint of this hand has been heard to rot while in Farlane, and he has extensive experience of being dictated to aristocratic men with direct lower body connections. Therefore, we are immediately discerning what type of Dentrice is. This type of hand doesn't distract me or threaten me with my position where I refuse to invite you, or harm me with the power of gold, but the target burns so badly for that matter. You won't give up any easier than you've been eyed, so there's nothing more to it than to deal with them appropriately and keep teasing them off.

Cry to the royal family of Farlane and the story will be resolved in one shot, but it's ridiculous to bother to take the top hand of a country on this level. Therefore, Spring Vegetables decided to keep sticking to what they were not calling for with the perfect sales smile. Most importantly, from the point of view of the Farlane royal family, from the point of view of the enclosure of Hongda, I would rather this kind of thing cry, because it would be more troublesome for the Azma Workshop to disappear in a free position, so if I had known, I would have intervened without being asked to.

"Oh, no, I can't."

"I don't know what to say to myself, but it's still quite powdered."

Spring vegetables that continue to respond lovingly to the extent that they are not disrespectful, without stopping the hand of work. While giving instructions to the new American adventurers who are in a delicate situation, check with Hiroshi and Mio on the overall progress and prepare the next thing you need handily.

"In the meantime, I'm at work now, and the interruption is an issue that involves this one's credibility, so it would be helpful if you could come back later"

"I can't believe it."

"Unfortunately, that's who I am"

"I see. I'm sorry I stopped working."

To the boulder, he decided it would be counterproductive to continue to dictate in this situation now. I have been told that my servants have visitors, and this is a light place to pull off. Regardless if the other person rode the invitation, it is against his policy to use his position to force a working woman to interrupt. Of course, I understand the possibility of losing the identity of Dentrice even if I ride the invitation in this situation, so I intend to wear mud so as not to be a negative for spring vegetables on the invitation.

"I avoid getting in the way of my work any more, so why don't you give me another chance later?

"If you say no, you won't give up, will you?


Spring vegetables that smile bitterly at Dentris, who said it with a nice smile on his face, and make him look like he can't help but agree. Most importantly, the air emanating from her on the back of her face is limitless cold, and the eyes that seem to be laughing have no feelings whatsoever for Dentrice. All there is is a slight frustration at being spoken to by a dozen tangled nappy men and taking extra time, and anger at being treated like a woman who says so in a situation where there is a willing opponent. I have no interest in my Dentris counterpart, who is supposed to be a great nobleman, to say the least.

"Sister Chun, are you okay?

"It's not a good idea to tell the person or slap him in the pussy, but honestly, the man whose face and body are the only ones I'm looking for must be clear"

Spring vegetables whisper and leak their rather tight thoughts to Mio, who spoke out in horror after making sure Dentris walked away in an oddly upbeat mood. At times, the workplace was strangely quiet, and the men in the vicinity could hear the remarks clearly.

"As it were, well, that's the opposite type of master, so I can't help it"

"Really. I don't want you to be a gentleman like Hiroshi, so at least stop being so insane as to come all the way to powder me at work."

"I wonder if the master is a master..."

Even if I subtract the trauma, when it comes to this kind of problem, it's too hectic. When it comes to ambition, I feel that it's too wasted on evaluation to be regarded as gentleman. In fact, I'm still freaking out and turning away at the quiet rage of spring vegetables, showing the brilliant heckle of pretending to immerse myself in the task I don't have to do right now of checking the paint mixing ratio with subtle rattling tremors, etc.

I wouldn't even tell her to dictate, but the members of the team are annoying, so Mio wanted some action like waving a job that would be an excuse to leave this place. It's only Mio's perception, but since the person who speaks out is essentially going to be a man when it's a case of this hand, female phobia shouldn't be that fatal a problem.

"Nevertheless, customers in a mansion under construction like this?

"Oh, did Mio care there, too?


At any rate, it's time for a break for lunch, so we get permission from the building beam to stop the work, and the two of us gaze at the main entrance that Dentris headed toward to respond. Now that I work near the front entrance, I can fully see Dentrice standing up with about two visitors even with her unskilled Spring Vegetable vision. With Mio's eyes, we can also confirm that the visitors are two of the Temple officials and a girl who seems to be an apprentice.

"He's probably here because he's a great temple man."

"Sora again, weird story."


The finally resurrected Hoang mixes up with the two chatter. Seeing it, the paint that the Macro had finished mixing had already gone to the hands of the craftsmen, or the roof, which was the undercoated red, had begun to turn into the green, the color of the finish.

"From the feeling of it, I'm like a high priest or a priest, but I don't know what kind of errand it's like to go all the way out here looking for that nobleman."

"Personally, if I care about it there, I don't like it because there's going to be an extra flag and I'm going to get into that situation..."

"Whatever it is, I'm going to get involved..."

The words of the Macho become reality in less time. Most importantly, all three of them are prepared to get caught up in this as soon as they hear the news of the death of a temple official.


"There's one person there, right?"

He's here.

Spring vegetables that just show their surprised faces in the words of Hon and Mio. Her ability to detect signs prevented her from judging just that much.



"Earlier nobility, what could possibly be the re-baking of Alvan's unique quest?


Spring vegetables come to mind in the words of Hong, the first time I came to think of them there. Yeah, it's not unusual to be spoken of in that way, so I didn't even think it was some kind of quest flag.

"After that, I feel like coming over here, what do you think?

"You're here."

It's definitely coming this way.

In a situation where I have a lot of nasty feelings, the three of them accidentally scream, "Don't look at me on the inside," etc. Those three wishes are also empty, and Dentrice and the visitors look at the three Hongdas and walk over here.

"I don't know what to do, I feel like I have an extra flag again..."

"All the time, the atmosphere is going to be more troublesome than they're going to get involved in right now."


"Can't you still tell Sister Chun that she has this level of temper in the boulder?"

"Mio, there's only one person I know who's here with me, is there anyone else?

"There's something subtly seeping out of the premises, on the roof next to the two houses."

Spring vegetables grasp that something is going to happen apparently in a conversation between Hongkong and Mio. For once, he wore leather armor because he seemed like an adventurer, in an unexpectedly useful way.


Take out the heavy mall and focus your consciousness on the subtle spatial distortions. I chose Heavy Mall simply because the monsters around here are prone to strike weapons.

"Oh no!

Look at something that came out, and the macro screams. What came out was a swarm of magical creatures dominated by stone golems. Whether the boulder had a limit of magic or summoning power, the stone golem was just three as far as I could see, and the others, the strongest and madman, were all miscellaneous fish that could be stowed one-on-one if a magic or magic sword could be used even in the eighth level, but there are a lot of them anyway. On top of that, nearly 70% of the people in this room are craftsmen with high physical abilities but little combat skills. Dentrice seems to have more than that skill, but there are about five of them, including his and his old temple associates, who can properly convert their power. Suddenly, the new Americans seem to be having a panic in their heads, and no interception action has been taken.

"Hey there!!

Anyway, it's awkward to make enemies free. I skip the details of the numbers and activate the outfaces along with the temper to gather the monsters with all my might.

"If we do the adventurer's trick, we won't pull out as many weapons as we can!

Confirm where all the enemies who were on the spot came at themselves and yell at the new Americans who still don't take any noticeable action. When the Macro yells at us, we finally think about what we should do, and we panic to take each weapon out of our luggage and launch an attack on the nearest monster.

"Hong-kun, Mio!

"That would help!

"Thank you, Sister Chun!

Spring vegetables that prioritize reducing the number of Rapiers by draining them and first adding the protection of the goddess to themselves. Right there.

"Harna, are you okay?!?

With the guests, Dentris rushes all the way to Spring Vegetables.

"If you have time to worry about me, reduce the number in one piece!

Scold and fly Dentris, who is trying to dress up against spring vegetables, as he begins and ends Madman at the same time. Someone else reacted to the words.

"Sure, what this young lady is saying is true. Isn't that right, Mr. Dentrice?

"Alvan!? Why are you here?

"There were some disturbing signs, and I was sure that something would happen here while I was exploring things, so I was ambushing you a little bit, shouldn't I?

"I'm provoking my allies. I'll fight if I have time!

Spring vegetables that pierce the core of the stone golem that Hiroshi tumbled over, drinking one of the two likely to forget the situation and start slashing each other. The new Americans struggle quite a bit, and the number of monsters gradually decreases. Most importantly, who is the greatest meritor in this battle?

"Grandpa, call me burly. Hey!!

With all the stone golems in his arms, he would have taken full control of the war situation with the absurd move of stopping the movement with intimidation while drawing the attention of the enemy. That said, in places like all the stone golems, the truth is that one of the three bodies was crushed almost in the first stage by a smash and a smitten balloon, and one of the remaining two was also tailored to spring vegetables.

"Sister Chun! A little separate work!

"Copy that!"

Mio switches his weapon from a dagger to a bow, where he has somewhat reduced the burden of a macro. As it is, he releases about two arrows in a small hand survey at someone standing on the roof of two adjacent grand mansions. Where the arrows pierce between the eyebrows and around the heart, the creepy shadow disappears to dissolve in the air, further changing the situation in the garden.


A hand made of rocks grabbed the leg of an apprentice girl who was desperately standing around to keep her out of the way and began to drag her around.


Having checked its appearance, Macho instantly crushes Stonegolem's arm before bouncing it off and removing the blacksmith hammer from the pochette, approaching it with a dash and crushing the rock's hand. I see you've got in the way, or I crush more rock hands off the edge of coming out. Rock hands were also attacking older men, but this one is crushing as if nothing had happened with his mace without the need for Honda to get his hands on it or the difference in strength.


A macro that crushes rock hands from the edge that comes out, searching for what appears to be the main body. Immediately hold the weapon back to the mall and hit the ground with a smite while activating a viweight to the moment of impact. By that time, other monsters, including the stone golem, had been almost expelled and the only remaining anomaly was in the hands of this rock.


"Well, Glam Dawn and I are getting pretty nasty."

It was the mutant Gramdawn of the Stone Golem that guarded the stairs on the second floor of the Yangtze Tower that was blurted out by the blow of the Macro. Though the staircase on the second floor of the tower, which is fifteen stories long, only the boss guards the tower of the Yangtze, classified as an advanced dungeon, whose combat ability is stronger than 90% of the monsters that venture into the desert, aside from the stone golem, even if the basic specs alone. Besides, he is a boss like the advanced dragon climbing gate, which is quite unpredictable, assimilated to the ground and launching unpredictable attacks. Therefore, it is strong enough for Dentrice, who is quite powerful, to attract his face. Yes, I'm definitely strong...

"All right! Stone Gothiya!

No matter how strong you say it is, five sheets fall when compared to the Ibiluent integrated with the dungeon, and it doesn't have a particularly firepower attack by macro standards, or even a weakness of unexpected vulnerability to heavier strike weapons, it is nothing more than a mere duck for a macro. Someone else doesn't even have time to get their hands on it, leaving only the core to be splattered all over the body exactly to stop the activity. Interpretation, overall performance is not a major threat, such as a slightly better golem than Cerberus.

"Oh, that!

"First of all, to collect the core, it's a little quality check."

Through the apprentice girl who is trying to speak to the macro with a red face, first the macro snorting at the material collection.

"Uh, I'd like to help, what can I do?

"I don't know. As far as I can hold it. Yeah, and bring me some stone golem fragments."

Seeing that, the apprentice girl, who immediately realized what to do, apparently decided to change her approach. Follow the instructions of the macro and carry something relatively light. More and more other adventurers who saw such a girl carry the remains of the golem with a respectful eye.

"Well, I'll do my job."

"Wait, Alvan!

"I'll see you again, Mr. Dentrice. That's right, ladies."

"What is it?

"The next time I see him, he can join me for a meal."

"I refuse"

Once again, the new Americans turn their reverence to spring vegetables that flaunt Alvan's invitation. As a result, Tatsuya and the others rendezvous about the time he left, so the two were to witness the most chaotic situation.

"I see."

While supplemented by some spring vegetables and Mio, Makoto accidentally leaks a sigh of sigh to Macho, who has for now finished talking about as much flow as he can remember. It's a pretty headache story, to be honest, to be liked by these troublesome people again: Dentrice and Alvan, on top of being definitely eyed by the mastermind of a series of incidents.

For this reason, what Hiroshi said is not actually so well organized. In fact, there is one stuffy situation before being dictated, there is a new America that did extra things to catch Alvan, who was once asked, and Dentrice and Alvan start rubbing again (precisely because Dentrice is unilaterally stuck and lightly embellished by Alvan) around the time the war is calming down, and there are a lot of things happening that confuse the scene. Besides, Hiroshi doesn't know exactly what happened while he was running away from reality.

"So, Alvan was a pretty good guy?

"So much so that Sister Makoto fantasized about a thin book, she was a colored man"

I see. I've heard good things about that.

"Colored man, hey......"

Together you look at the unspeakable look of a macro and look strange. I don't know if Alvan is a colored man, but if he's a regular big man, it's not like he's obsessed at all. Yet I saw a strange look on the rating of a colored man, and he said he was sincerely hoping that this would not have a pulse in spring vegetables, etc.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables. I just wanted to make sure."

Hiroshi talks to Spring Vegetables so as to further meet the surrounding expectations.

"Uh, what is it?

"Did you really do a guy named Alvan in the game?


That, to an unexpected inquiry for everyone, rounds the eyes of everyone who was on the spot.

"Wait a minute, Master"


"That Alvan, is she a woman?

"At least I can assure you it was a woman."


"Do you think I see my natural enemies wrong?

They all shut up without being able to argue with the remarkably convincing words of a macro. When I thought about it, I had identified the growing up and age fam that was difficult to identify men and women outside of their outfits and hairstyles as a girl at a glance. The sense of gender flattery is sharp at a level that transcends the understanding of the ordinary person, as other fellow adventurers, no matter how they look at it, are discerning only women's clothing men as men at a glance.

"Well, it doesn't matter if Alvan's a man or a woman. Yeah."

"No, no, no, no."

"Not good. Not good."

Tatsuya and Makoto put an immediate penetration into Hiroshi, who cuts and discards an issue that seems quite important with great ramblings.

"No, it doesn't matter. Yes, it does."

"I wonder if there's a lot of trouble with women dictating spring vegetables?

"I think so too"

"Even if that hobby says so, it's not harmful in itself. Whether that's a man or a woman, the whole time Spring Vegetables is dictated doesn't end up the same."

"Something is quite complicated as far as I'm concerned to be split dry that far..."

Either way, I can't say that the ambitious statement that Spring Vegetables will not change the result of being dictated is certainly incorrect. I can't tell you, I'm afraid that in the mouth of the Macro, he's going to think that even if Spring Vegetables is pushed down by Alvan, it's not going to be a really bad thing in a sexual intercourse sense. No matter how many women they didn't have, the subtle sexual knowledge of spring vegetables can somehow tell how many of them have the means to do the real thing.

Assuming Alvan was a woman, pushed down in some way and did what she said, even if what is most important to Spring Vegetables in a certain way today, and what I want you to take from me if you can, was safe, I'm sure you'll feel so much more like you've been defiled. Even though spring vegetables are tolerant of reading such books regardless of gender, sexual matters are still normal maidens to the extent that they never want to do anything other than fall in love with a man.

"From the feel of it, I dictated to Haruna today that I don't seem to like the type of people who don't want both to be empowered or anything, and if Haruna herself completely refuses, will it be okay?

"What's the basis for that?

"Sora, if you do it all the time with strength, whatever Alvan does, Mr. Dentris will use his power long ago to force you to come and take it."

"Oh, I see"

He is a strangely persuasive analyst in strange places who is feminine and has no desire to touch the romance between a man and a woman or anyone else's. This is the only place where there is the ability to analyze the results of thorough observation and research on natural enemies due to female phobia.

"That said, there may be things you can't say no to, so what if Hiroshi takes the first time of spring vegetables?

"I didn't mean to scare you..."

"Scary, if it's spring vegetables, I don't think you'd do anything to scare me.

"Anyway, I was too scared when I thought about what happened after I left over there, and I couldn't handle anything other than two dimensions..."

A man who is so vigilant and fearful that he will never even get his hands on a meal, Donghong. Spring vegetables don't understand what Hongkong is trying to say, so we decided to change the story by abandoning the odd expectations when True Harp's proposal came out.

"Well, let's leave that story behind."

"Let it go. Mr. Dentris sucks, if you take that Farlane royal one or this one out and take it in an international problematic direction, it seems like you can handle it, and when it comes to Alvan, it's just futile to think about it now."

Spring vegetables succeed in changing the story somehow while becoming aware of the fact that I expected it and the fact that my face is turning red in response to Makoto's overt support. It would be different to complain about his attitude, considering that he is not going to be able to ask for help in genre, even though he is not going to be subtly harmed by other human resources' ambitions. In the first place, Hong and Spring Vegetables are not lovers, even if they are companions. It is a strange story that the macro pinches its mouth at a stage where it is still irrelevant, in addition to being an issue that has shown that it can handle itself with its previous attitude.

"Do you think there's an evil sect involved in this case after all?

"If it's so blatant, there's no other way."

"Whether it's a subpoena or not, it was the same in Bardo."

"It was similar to the pattern of the guy on the roof, the fake bald"

Raising circumstantial evidence orally together. The M.O. is slightly more direct than it was during Farlane, but there are aspects of the wide range of activities that are difficult to deal with.

"I don't know, it's uncomfortable what they're doing."

"I don't know. When I was in Farlane, it seemed like it took me a lot of time to penetrate."

"May I hear more about that story?

A calm old man's voice is called to the hounds who were obsessed with analyzing the situation. Together, he shook his body in horror at the words and turned his gaze to the old man who had come in at some point in his dread.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long. My name is Bordois, and I will keep this temple of Iglesios and the Hall of Dar. Let me start by thanking you for this."

The Japanese suddenly realized that they were feathers sticking their necks in deeper places than expected when the big men appeared.

Meanwhile, around that time, the royal clerk's office at Dar Castle.

"... you're in a good mood..."

"Hmm, do you still understand?

"It's that look when you get out of it and think you're back. You can't possibly not understand."

The queen's belly heart Sergio quickly hits her disgust against the queen who has escape habits. Most of all, every time I escape and go back, I'm told that I don't like this kind of taste, so there's no way this queen can live with it now.

Queen Micheira of the Kingdom of Dar is now twenty-eight years old. At an age when this world standard tells me that a little has stood, she is in fact the most lucid, bright woman with the expression feminine platter.

She is a woman who gives way to spring vegetables and alchems for about a step and a half to the gorgeous face that gives the long, loose, wavy, golden hair a dark brown skin that is characteristic of the Dar, a deep, slightly twinkled impression of carving, but still a limb with stunning irregularities, a good woman who, if evaluated in a nutshell, will want to keep up.

She is also a fine mother who had three children with her husband, who collapsed soon after she took office as king. The Prince at the top is about the age when it's time to get fully involved in national politics, with an intelligent and calm personality that doesn't suit the year. Sweetened out by such a firm son, this queen is clueless as she thinks except that practice is what makes her burly, but as a mother, she is loving, at a level where she admires the children for not being well greased.

"Well, don't be so pointy. Do you know how important this is to your concubine?

"I wouldn't novel so often, either, if I were just being patient and looking around the city"


Sergio can instantly bump a word of denial from the queen before she says anything about the act she wants her to stop doing, even if it isn't.

"Races like the Lord are determined to say novels even if concubines usually just look around the city with patience"

"Oh, no..."

"And yet. The bargaining guy, if he makes one concession in return, he'll have to make an unlimited concession later. I don't know what the Lord wants to say, but there is no benefit in saying this to my concubine when I drink it. Why should I drink such a request?

Micheira says it out with a grin that she can't eat that. I'm just crossing the boulders on an equal footing with foreign countries, and I'm not going to win with my mouth.

"Whatever it is, I found a lot of interesting things about the people I saw the other day."


"It's just information from a secret detective I snuck on. They seem to have enough fighting power to win Glamdawn at their leisure."

Micheira accentuates the word intelligence from a spy, as if to mislead something. Sergio decides to share his honest thoughts on the information he brings, grinning bitterly at the coding to lay low certain circumstances that are implicit understandings in this conversation.

"Is the boulder the hero who saved Farlane?"

That's not what I'm talking about.

The queen speaks pleasantly with a bright grin. The way it is, it is like a child who has got a new toy.

"Unfortunately, the first contact was taken to the temple. There's no reason to be hostile to the other side, and I don't care about the means by which the concubine makes direct contact. Besides, if there's no difference in information from the Farlane royal family, there's no way for them to fulfill their purpose without contacting our royal family."

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Sergio bows his head deeply at the mercy of Queen Micheira. Even with him, it is a matter of absolutely no difference in terms of both the national interest and the queen's mood when it comes to entering into friendly relations with the people at the Azma Workshop who saved Farlane.

"But all the food my daughters had made in the street was really delicious. Looks like we were doing adventurers yesterday and I'm sorry we didn't do the stalls. I especially liked the guy named Bream Grill, but if you ask, will you make it again?

"Your Majesty..."

Even though it is necessary to some extent for the country, only this hobby and some bad habits of Micheira were really headaches Sergio.