"So, what do we do today?

The morning after I accepted the Norton sisters. Tatsuya confirms her plans at the breakfast table.

"What do you want?

"Hey, what do we do?

All kinds of appointments go crazy, and I just have to get a troubled look at the Macro and Spring Vegetables.

"Brother Da, Sister Zhenqin, what are you thinking?

Mio asks questions on behalf of the group of students to the two elderly people who apparently had something planned.

"It's not a big deal."

"If it wasn't for Rockworm, I'd take all of you to get rid of StoneAnt's nest."

"Ah, I see..."

The extermination of StoneAnt's nest is a very important task for Dar's adventurers. It's a hell of a story, because the StoneAnt nest can be a pretty huge colony if left unattended, and in some cases swallows up one city. The difficulty is also high for that matter, and it is not the kind of job that a seven-degree adventurer would do in a group.

Of course, it is acceptable to exterminate at will without request and return with the crusade site of Queen Ali with ex-post consent, nor to receive any special and strict attention because it is a self-inflicted action. However, there is no denying the possibility of being branded a reckless adventurer.

"On the boulder, is Stone Ant's nest tough?

"Mr. Primla is still a servant, it is reckless to take Mr. Judith"

Both Spring Vegetables and Mio accept the decision to suspend without complaining. Regardless of the primula you can use quite a bit of supportive magic as a priest, you can only use magic to the extent that you have hair on your life magic with your apprenticeship, and taking Judith, an amateur with a lot of melee tears, is too much of a burden on Hiroshi, who is a wall actor at any cost.

"What do you want me to do?

"Personally, I'd like to avoid yesterday's continuation or"

"Well, I guess so."

"I don't have a choice to go alone, but I could get in trouble on purpose. I'd go on a paycheck that's easy to do my job."

Originally, it's a job to figure out Dar's geography and make some connections. Though it's not a sinister relationship, you don't have to bother taking the job that could result in trouble that's difficult to deal with. No one makes any particular difference to such an ambitious claim. As far as Judith, who knows about Dentrice, agrees, his decision will be reasonable.

"Then what do you seriously do?

"After all, is it a stall?

"... will you be regressing there after all..."

"Until most of it cools down, it's no good being an adventurer."

Apparently, they can't escape the option of a stall no matter what. While being subtle, I accept that opinion because I don't have any other proposals in particular.

"So Hiro is planted here?

"Let it go. Then I'll tear the rock worm apart."

"No, you forgot."

"Even if the amount that was recovered yesterday stayed, it will become an ingredient in the boulder."

"It's this temperature..."

Dar's climate belonging to the tropics. That's very tough on meat. Naturally, when it comes to ingredients, both the seller and the buyer are absolutely required to use tools with anti-corruption enchants, but the seller doesn't carry raw things naked without being told, as far as the buyer is concerned anyway.

"So, what about my brother?

"Right. If I went to the association and checked yesterday's rock worm, would you even give me a discount once in a while?

"Roger that. So, what about the menu?

"It's easy here, isn't it curry bread?

"I have manpower, and I need to go again."

Spring vegetables that twist their heads even more to the hanging of a macro. Think about the manpower you can use, taste the work…

"Takoyaki is a bit tough to plant ingredients, so I guess it's a grilled chicken from a troll bird. Oh, yeah, Hiroshi."


"White filling and custard cream, can you serve?


"Well, you can also bake sea bream."

In the words of spring vegetables, Makoto shows a subtle look. Because I decided from the word seabream roasting that I would undoubtedly be in charge of cooking.

"How well can Mr. Primla and Mr. Judith cook?

"At least you can. Right, sister?

"It's troubling when the boulder tells me to mix seasonings and adjust the fires in detail..."

"Then can you help me plant it for a second? Depending on your skill, in some cases, consider one or two different dishes."


We nod at the Spring Vegetable offer, together with the on-site supervisor's production fool and the cooking fool's instruction to start serving. Tatsuya and Makoto, who cannot say this during the planting phase, leave the base for the time being to locate the stall and gather information at the association.

"If we do this, will we get more around Fish and Chips too?


"Doesn't seem like a problem"

Having confirmed the culinary skills of their sisters at the planting, the three Hongdas decided to add just one dish.

"There you are. Farlane's specialty curry bread!

Piazza at noon. A stall of unfamiliar structures, which only did business once a few days ago, began to sell new strange foods. Rumors like that rush around to match Tatsuya's attraction, as well as the momentum that could take root of the guests in the surrounding stalls, people begin to gather.

"Brother, what is curry bread?

"I simmered vegetables and meat in a mixture of some spices, and I creamed them in bread dough and fried them in oil. Delicious?"

"Pretty good price though..."

It's worth the price.

Four hundred senecas a piece. It's even more expensive than it was when it was sold in Farlane, but the preciousness of the water says things there. At first I was usually going to sell it for about the same price as 350 Seneca and Farlane, but I was pushed into my sisters because I used a good amount of water, and I settled on the current price. Anyway, if it's three hundred and fifty senecas, it's only about the same price as a small cup of spice stew. Braised dishes are expensive in this country.

Aside from the issue of the price of water, Hongda Line originally required extremely little expense compared to other adventurers thanks to one production junkie, so that it doesn't have to be too popular and unprofitable. Therefore, I really don't tend to think much about what the profit margin is or what the price of other stalls is, and if there is no penetration from my sisters, I risk doing stalls at a price that could drive me around.

In that sense, I should have also raised the price of seabream roasting, which uses a good amount of water, but this one is a child's snack, so I didn't want to break the affordable one-coin hundred senecas, so I'm doing it at the same price.

"He said it was a skewer of troll birds!? Are you okay selling at this price?!?

"Ah, the stock is pretty dabbly, so even about this, it's totally black"

"He said it's dabbling..."

"I'm still an adventurer."

What a difficult customer to react to the Spring Vegetable Dialogue that makes me want to call you a liar by accident. I bought one onion at a time based on the skewer of a troll bird because I said it was ok at that price for now, and because of the eye-catching curry bread and corners. Most of the other customers react like that, with pleasure for now.

"Hey, white in there, please!


Kids who find themselves looking for a seabream grill cleverly slip through adults and place orders with True Harp. If adults imitate the same, they may develop into a fight between beatings, but it's the kids who do it, and that's also what non-competitive seabream roasting looks like for most adults, so they're taking a big look at it for now.

"Yes, yes, okay, so line up properly!

I'll quickly wrap the seabream roast in leaves and give it to you, scolding the children who imitate the ruthlessness. Thanks to Tatsuya's good way of organizing the rows, there will be no major confusion for now, and the rows for seabream roasting will be completed with the children at the forefront, so that they can operate without problems.

"Aren't you doing taco roasting and doing it today?

"I couldn't plant the ingredients in time."

"Well, that's too bad"

About two hours from the start of the stall. A beauty in front of about thirty roads, who also showed her face on the first day, says unfortunately while buying one of a kind, including seabream roasting. Fish-and-chips in curry bread and five kinds of yakitori are quite voluminous, but I also substituted octopus for okonomiyaki skewers last time, and I also flatten two seabream roasts, so maybe it's not a problem.

That said, it's unfortunate that there's no octopus, but it seems to be a different problem than grilled chicken or curry bread. I just started scratching from the skin skewer, and the crust and lever flatten deliciously.

"Uhm. This sauce is really exquisite while also savouring the bird itself!

"Because it's a secret sauce."

A woman who starts eating on the spot as if to advertise, while keeping her out of the way of her next guest. It is strangely elegant what she is doing for eating luxuriously, and there is no question that she is an upper-class person, which is also quite an upper-class person. I don't...

"Well, does this bread have something like stew in it"

"Do I look a little like the stew in this country?

"Hmm...... Um, this is also a complex and delicate flavor, even though it's a chunk of spice. They say it's a Farlane specialty, but is it even possible with spices from our country?

"Just a question of whether or not to weigh properly. However, we make our own, but the prepared curry powder is still a luxury product even in Ursus."

"Weighing? That's definitely a problem."

What about chatting with a street cook while such a person stands and eats curry bread and fish and chips? The Japanese don't have to think about it.

"With that said, how come I haven't done a stall at all since I left the store a few days ago until today?

"I'm an adventurer, so let's have a real adventure."

"The main business? Isn't that a mistake in the side business?

"Street stalls are only a means of using too much material"

Tatsuya and Makoto lied on the inside and said a little bit about going in. Monster based ingredients do use excess ingredients, but they can also be used in stalls in one way or another, so more meat has been secured for this reason.

"So, are we going to be out of the stall tomorrow?

"Are you planning on doing that for a while? I'll decide the menu appropriately based on my inventory and consultation."

"I don't have the kind of muscle to worry about, but I don't really have a menu to oppress the business around me, do I?

"Ah, I'll consider that quite a bit, yes"

Spring vegetables with a slight fright but no other answer to the words of a woman with a nail. The menu itself is basically unlikely to be worn with any other stall, but nothing can be done about it until it is possible to take away the guests because of its rarity.

"Oh, yeah. It's time to see the bottom of the curry bread, but everything else is in stock okay?

"The mackerel is almost over."

"Fish and chips are still fine"

"It's time for the white filling to end. I think the next thirty is tough."

"... additional purchasing, should I ask?

Spring vegetables that listen to each person's reports and think about responses. Right there.

"If you sell out, why don't you sell out"

A woman who's finished eating fish and chips pinches her mouth. Now there are only two dishes left in her possession: seabream grilled with dessert.

"Nothing, why don't we just sell it to everyone who's here today? And if you stop here, you won't be so oppressed by the stalls around you."

"You know what?"

Spring vegetables that convince women of their words and stop contacting the macro.

"Tatsuya, curry bread ends with everyone still around!

In turn, the remainder is calculated backwards from the matrix condition and communicated to the customer and matrix organizer Tatsuya.

"I'm sorry, I don't have much left, so I'm asking for each and every one of you."

Hit two or more customers who want to order and knock out a special sorry look favor and make them go curry bread to all the humans in line somehow. Afterwards, guests will be chatted one after the other while helping with grilled chicken and fish and chips, and all the products prepared within three hours of the start of the stall will be out of stock.

"Sorry, I ran out of all my purchases!

In that proclamation of spring vegetables, guests who came to peek at rumors give a disappointing look.

"Sister Chun, we'll do the cleanup, so why don't we apologize to the customer and behave?

Too many customers show disappointment, Mio suggests.

"Mm-hmm. Right."

"You sing? Then yes. How about a love song that fits the mood of the Lord right now?

What was interesting, a woman who was observing the street until the end while buying cloudy liquor in a nearby stall and tinkling presents such a request around the stream of spring vegetables singing.

"... so much leak?

"In the middle of the stall, I couldn't tell by the boulders. Someone with a slight eye for observation will know soon enough."

"... I saw that."

Spring vegetables to be honestly surrendered and shown to women pointing that way and pointing in the direction of the stronghold. If it's a waste of time leaking that far anyway, there's no point in deluding it. There have been a lot of songs and comic songs lately, and I decide to sing songs that fall into the category of decent if I sing in my own age or appearance in response to requests.

I'm going to do a brain search all the time, and I'm going to sing a song that's pretty old but once Idol was singing, for now. It is a ballad from the eighties or so of the lyrics that if you wish to forget everything, but you cannot erase a fiercely burning love heart. Spring vegetables are not in the same subtle way as their own mood right now, but the fact that they fell in love made them understand their mood as a real feeling, which made them want to sing somehow.

"Looks like we've decided on a song. Then wait a minute."

Lightly controlling the song where Spring Vegetables started trying to sing, glancing at the guests who at some point had filled the square, he speaks to the stall owner who bought the liquor. About half of them were guests who had heard a spring vegetable nose song or a song in a liquor store on the first day, and the other half were the ones who had heard rumors flowing from it.

"Is there anything in your lord's shop that a child can drink?

"Is there a kind of fruit juice?

"Then behave yourself, one drink at a time, to the people who are hanging around here. Would that be enough?

A woman who throws about three hundred thousand Seneca gold coins and says the most important things to her. While looking away at it, the shopkeeper returns one gold coin to discipline.

"I'll even get a change for two"


"You're a careless man."

With that said, I'm going to pour the liquor into the cup. I just confirmed that, and now I speak to the audience.

"I'll buy you a drink. So buy one of these stalls."

When she cheered at the voice of a woman who didn't raise her voice but walked through every corner of the square, she scattered into the people's stalls after receiving the liquor. When the noise subsides in about fifteen minutes, everyone listens to the song, including the shopkeepers on their faces.

"I feel like something has become very important, but because you're here, let me just sing one song"

While subtly pulling to an awesome number of crowds, he breathes heavily when he finishes his inconsequential greeting, singing the first song with his whole body. Says it's unaccompanied, but completely dominates the air on the spot with the first sound.

It was not until two hours later that spring vegetables were released along with a large number of twists in the end.

"Something calms me down Wow..."

For the first time in a long time there had been no woman within sight, Macho was unintentionally squeaking about a thousand pieces of curry bread before the planting was finished. It's not even two hours since the Spring Vegetables left, but it's a curry bread that I've been planting ever since Spring Vegetables and I were working together. It won't take two hours to buy a thousand pieces.

Though I've become quite used to the situation of having more than one woman in the same room lately, it's not like my phobia has healed. It's not that I don't feel pressure just because I'm used to it, but lately I'm starting to feel subtly disturbing signs even from the spring vegetables that should have been safety pies. Honestly, I'm not as comfortable as I'm sorry to be subtle.

"There's no reason for Spring Vegetables to think..."

I can't even think of anything else that needs to be planted, and for now I leak something silly while I start dismantling the rock worm outside. I don't hate spring vegetables. I have been active for a long time in a fateful communal pattern, and more than that, I have placed my trust and my emotions have shifted. But it is only against spring vegetables as an individual.

With regard to spring vegetables as women, unfortunately, it has not reached the point of lifting the alert at the instinctive level. Even though I don't think that I will do that now, just because I am a woman really makes me a certain line of vigilance. It would be cruel to say not to be wary of a woman close to you against a macro that still has trauma to the extent that the subject of lust is a woman, even in photographs, cannot turn that awareness towards a real woman.

In the first place, I can't understand perfectly where I worked so hard about the opposite sex. Because the structure of the body is different, there are many elements that we cannot experience from each other, and many parts of us think differently at the level of our instincts. Not to mention that even decent people, male and female, get tossed crazy from time to time when romance is involved. As for being socially sanctioned that you don't have to take because of that, I'd like to give you a break whether or not it was directed at you, such as a human romantic sentiment that you're honestly close to.

It remains the definition of a woman as a creature who still has no understanding of the thought circuits that do harm to her.

"Totally, what's wrong with you..."

I dismantle the rock worm at the very least, and I think back a lot about what I've been able to eat, what I can make of ingredients, and just garbage. To be honest, Aeris and Alchem, who don't even feel like they had a suspension bridge effect, still don't think of this kind of thing, such as inspiring them to become aware of themselves as heterosexual when it comes to spring vegetables.

To the extent that it seems to me that something happened when I acted differently in the dungeon, unless something was too much, it shouldn't be like mistaken that spring vegetables are in love with me. And I can't think of a guy like that. I don't think that's possible, but Spring Vegetable Man's taste is pretty bad if it's caused by his previous daily build-up.

Normally, people would say that thinking about such things in their own capacity would be over-conscious, but unfortunately, there is nothing else applicable with the emotions that can be directed at them, and not only Tatsuya, but also the residents of Makoto and Ortem Village, and at the end of the day, the employees of the workshop have stabbed me with nails to Doga and Melissa. Besides, most of our time together comes with a gaze on this one, and if we do, we will have eyes frequently, dyeing our cheeks every time we have eyes, and I will still stare at this one, which is what I want you to give me a huge break for, but at least I can't help but conclude that Spring Vegetables is mistaken for having romantic feelings.

While you're thinking about it, all three rockworms turn into materials. Lockworms, where everything except the epidermis, guts and teeth is edible, have portions that are quite edible just in size. As a regular monster ingredient, when cooked by a regular cook, it is no longer edible, but Rockworm's cooking difficulty is as great as that of a troll bird. A little training is the line where even housewives can cook at a minimum.

"In the meantime, let's put aside what to do with Spring Vegetable's mistake"

I'm not going to concede that Spring Vegetable's current emotions are a mistake, Hiroshi. If he hears it, he's going to cry for real.

"Rockworm, how do you eat it?

Eating more than colour in many ways. To be clear, I remember nothing but fear. It was much more troubling here than that of a romantic relationship.

In the meantime, I'll think about it a lot with the word mite. Common is eating like udon through fire as is, but rejected because the size is above the size and it has already been dismantled. Bake it or boil it or simmer it as it is is the royal road, but I don't feel it's twisted enough somehow.

Keep going, Mimi, Mimi and whining, while I think about this, I flash the extra thing.

"Seya. The urban legend of a hamburger shop."

Urban legend that occurs regularly against global hamburger chain companies. That is that they use creatures other than cows and pigs in the so-called burger patties that they don't normally eat either. Among them, mites would be a major material alongside rats. Normally, it is immediately apparent that a store large enough to expand the chain is not cost-effective, such as collecting just a few rats and mouse meat, but for some reason there are no such rumors missing.

Whatever you do, you can use real mite meat for your burger this time. At least you'll get a Japanese member. While I think about that extra thing, I plant hamburger bread. In order to reduce fermentation time, it is terminal around purposefully using an aging accelerator. Is the boulder from Osaka or something that puts life on the story?

"Is this what Pate seeds are like? Cheese, lettuce, tomato, sauce, and onions. A little over the heat."

Finish serving while the bread is fermented and try to bake one for a taste. Slightly slice the end into your mouth and nod satisfactorily at its performance.

"It's usually better than the meat from the burger shop there."

I don't know about Hiroshi, but Rockworm is classified as the finest meat in the region. Even if I say that it is definitely a cow that I use, it is natural in a way that it tastes better than fast food patties, which part of any quality cow is not known how it is processed. If the meat tastes the same, the price is basically a direct reflection.

Most importantly, Hamburgers, the king of fast food, can't deny that they have a cheesy taste with the meat of a suspicious cow.

"Well, Mimizuburger is done, but Spring Vegetables are still coming back to the boulder?

After completing the mite burger and completing a fairly late lunch on the tasting, I was satisfied with it, and I noticed unexpectedly that time had passed. A stall is something that unexpectedly cannot read the end time, but this time I have run to the stall suddenly for the price, and the amount of planting is not so much. I don't have the idea that if I'm not struggling with the extra selling, I think it's time to end it. Half side, I don't even think I can sell that stupid just because it's rare.

As a matter of fact, all the menus in the stall have already sold out, and I couldn't seem to predict a boulder for a boulder that I'm currently in the process of winding up a twist in the recital. Nature and consciousness turn in the direction that if you haven't come back yet, let's play some more. The target is a stone golem fragment.

"... there's a melting furnace or something, depending on the case"

Think of the processing process and get to the problem. There's no reason to set up a transfer formation on your own in a rental workshop on a boulder, or bother to go back to Ursus once and for all. Then there is one thing to do.

"Brick, brick"

It has to withstand higher temperatures than ordinary metals and glass dissolve than it is called a melting furnace. Inevitably, it is necessary to carry out materials or treatments that meet its requirements, and therefore considerable equipment is required to make them. Therefore, in this case, the means taken by the Macro

"This is the place?

It was to make bricks that would serve as materials for the melting furnace, and to make kamado for it. Fortunately, the soil in the garden of this workshop is also Dar specific. Using a combination of alchemy, magic prop making, and enchant moves, there's no way to complete an impromptu brick baking kamado in seconds.

In this case, it should be noted that the material of the melting furnace itself does not have to be separately bricked. Simply collecting and combining normally heat-resistant stones serves well. but this darling is easily and massively available in soil and sand directed towards super heat resistant brick materials. Then there is no hand without it.

"Ho, bake it!

Where the impromptu furnace is stable, it enters into the manufacture of bricks. Madman's mud is used in the ingredients to increase heat resistance and durability after multiple treatments and baking. Cook it up at quite high temperatures all at once and create a heat resistant brick that is not embarrassed to serve anywhere.

I kept cooking bricks until I was able to use Madman's mud in good shape, and I just created enough to build a melting furnace, so while I was in Dar, I thought of something extra, like mass producing a high-ranking glass bottle. Then I want glass ingredients. When it comes to glass ingredients, they are found in large quantities in quartz, that is, sand and stone, and Dar has a desert for the most part. There is only one conclusion.

"When the situation is almost settled, let's go digging in the desert."

An ambition to schedule on its own, without consulting anyone. A penetrating absence is a horrible thing.

"No, I left a lot of demon iron and that kind of ore, plain stock."

While assembling the melting furnace, I think of the materials for making the equipment associated with it, which I associate with the word desert. No one would have disagreed with the penetration going in, even if it was enough to go to the desert to collect sand. However, as a result of continuing the association game at the level of Oktogal Kaya while in the absence of penetration, more and more thoughts in the direction of the day after tomorrow will solidify the plans in the direction of penetration, leaving something to be done mainly at the moment. Unfortunately, for the time being, I will be able to twist my time to prepare for it in order to do the stall.

"What are you doing?

"Ah, welcome home. It was a lot late. Yan."

"Ooh, I'm home. The stall itself is almost over. So, what are you doing?

"I had time, so I'm building a melting furnace. It was better for the stone golem debris disposal. Yeah, and I'm going to the desert anyway, so I sanded it and made a high-ranking potion bottle. What are you doing?

"Well, there's no reason to disagree."

Even though I was subtly stunned by the idea of building a melting furnace because I was free, it is usual for Hiroshi to make equipment, tools, various consumables, etc. in this kind of free time. That's what I thought, especially Tatsuya, who went through without putting in a penetration. At this time, if we had stuck to the fact that ore was also available, we would have avoided an inexplicable stopover after this. Unfortunately, however, Tatsuya is not familiar with the materials of the hand. As a result, the opportunity to modify the behavior of the macro, which was secretly rampant while still absent from penetration, was lost.

"But I'm hungry..."

"I'm almost ready for dinner, but I'm not going to hold it. If I do, I'll make a burger."

"Whoa, that's good. I was weirdly busy today, and I didn't have time for lunch."

"I don't know. Look, I'm just gonna get you something, so get the rest of them together."


They were extra hungry. Slightly happily gather the members in the dining room in light footsteps and gleam and devour the hamburgers prepared by Hiroshi. Even the spring vegetables in the image of not eating much of the fast-food kind are strangely happy to eat, perhaps only because of hunger.

"Ugh, you burger!

"For a burger, surprisingly elegant flavor?

"I don't know, this patty, it wouldn't be a cow"

"I vote for Makoto's opinion. What kind of meat is this, Hiroshi?

"Rockworm or. It's called a mithburger."

The eating hand stops pitifully together to the macro who replied with a laugh.

"... that's the master. If it's for a story, we'll do something we can't think of..."

"... there's no need for paralysis or admiration..."

"I mean, I didn't think I'd come over here and hear the urban legend."

And so on, but soon he starts scratching the burger again. I don't know what to say, but if I were pulling back now on every blemish, I'd run out of food.

"... Sister, I didn't think you'd get a chance to eat Rockworm"

"… I thought maybe, did you still cook your own…"

"Is something wrong?

"No good, Rockworm is the finest meat in Dar. So I thought you sold it and turned it into money..."

"We don't really sell ingredients as they are. Troll birds, we still have about ten pieces left in stock."

I don't have to wonder if I should wholesale it to a meat vendor on a boulder, etc. Troll birds and other birds the size of a dozen meals for five. It's not so easy to eat when it comes to ten.

"I don't know. There's talk of troll birds out there, and do you want to make this evening's dinner around the broth of troll birds?

"That's good. So, that's it."


"You don't try to feed the boulders anything else odd, do you?

Hiroshi subtly pulls at Tatsuya, who slowly gets stuffed with a serious face. Seeing it, even true harp, Mio, and spring vegetables have a flair that is turning to the enemy in this matter. To the boulder, Mimizuburger with an unintentional blow seems to have been a big shock. Needless to say, the problem with spring vegetables and Mio this time is not that I accidentally let them eat mites, but that I planted extra urban legend stories in burgers that I haven't had a chance to eat in more than six months.

"... unfortunately, we don't have enough equipment to eat golem"

"Are you going to eat the golem!?

"Hong-kun, are you sure you can eat?

"Eat it. Iron, brass, mud, brass, misrills, brass, but I can't eat it if I want to make it a golem at the top and cook it with a little special cookware. However, if you don't turn it into a golem on the other hand, whatever the metal relationship is cooking, you eat it."

"Well, there's the guy who ate it..."

"One of our artisan buddies, a boiled asshole who couldn't think of what to do, joked about it in half. I didn't think anyone, including myself, could really eat rocks."

Together the comment silences unexpectedly on what macro remarks are too much. Whatever it was, it was unexpected on the boulder that there were humans who cooked and ate what was an iron misrill.

"Well, there's a whole backstory about this. They can finally cook from magical creatures."

"Don't think boulders have limits on things, me"

"Let's do it all the time now. So, when do you want dinner?

Discontinue the topic of just being a gudagda even if it keeps going and see about the dinner schedule. Regardless of whether or not I'm comfortable with it for now, I could also ask why, and Tatsuya decides to get on with the conversation.

"Right. I just ate it, so why don't we just do it in two hours?

"Roger that. Here, let's continue with the melting furnace."

"Well, I made a lot of curry bread for tomorrow."

"Oh, my God, I'm pretty free."

"Well, I guess I planted a white filling and a takoyaki relationship. Troll to the boulder tomorrow, okay?"

With regard to the subtle free time of two hours, each person plans to go on his own. No one will raise their hands this time, as it is the job of the sisters in living conditions when it comes to cleaning buildings, including toilets.

"I don't even have a mite burger in the corner?

"Oh, that sounds interesting. Can I get a higher price for a local burger?

"If you do luxury ingredients or all the time, let's do that"

That's how we decide what to put out tomorrow, and we drop off the vanishing macro to the workshop and sigh one before we go into the planting work. The next day it ran out of stock without holding it until noon, even though it opened early in the morning, and this is the only story where work is begged by vacationers to take longer to recite.

"Where have you been walking so far..."

"I left the stall cool, is there a problem?

"It's huge..."

"I think the work to be done today was done in the morning?

"I'm telling you not to open your workplace for personal use, which is so often and for so long, unauthorized and unimportant."

The queen insists that Sergio, who hits me with a painful ear novel, is not going to listen by looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow. This is the ruling. If it is delayed, it is a problem. Unfortunately, when a case comes in that requires immediate action by the Queen, the novel is ineffective because she is mostly in the Royal Palace for some reason, unless she is also on an outing.

"It's not particularly important for personal use, but this time we went to see how the guests from Farlane were doing on the street, which is an important task, right?

"I don't think it's the kind of work His Majesty himself would do?

"Can I trust someone I've heard from?"

Sergio silences unexpectedly the objection to the words of the queen, who has said it out of Zuba. The information in this hand is often pinched between the extra filters. As a queen who has sometimes been forced into unnecessary hardship, it is really important to make sure that no one gets in the way and that the other person can't guess who this person is.

"Well, thanks to you, I can say that almost all the transmission from the Farlane royal family was taken back. Unfortunately, of the two people at heart, there was no man."

"What's the conclusion?

"Roughly, the words of King Regnus will be true. So I'm afraid to do something extra and turn it on my enemies."

"Is it unnecessary?"

"Tomorrow, I want to nail Dentrice somehow so he doesn't give a shit. Honestly, my concubine wants you to spare the worm."

In this country, there is an adage that fools who admire those who are seriously in love cannot complain about being fed the worm. If you say so, the horse will kick you. It's a darn version.

"Is Sir Dentris' vice out there..."

"Mm-hmm. Well, Miss Harna, who was the subject, doesn't seem to like that light-handed man."

Spring vegetables in shape that are quite masculine in their flashy appearance, but from what the queen has seen, their actual personality is quite plain, and they seem to be quite strong. Besides, if the subject has a flair that can only be predicted but is quite genuinely in love, it is not a noise of difficulty. That type is hard to say love at first sight or suspension bridge effect half-sided, because I take the time to fall in love with them, both good and bad, so I don't even think I'd give it up so easily unless I put it on my sleeve too clearly.

All I can say is sadness for the man and Dentrice, who would have probably fallen in love. Though the content of your grief is the opposite.

"Whatever you do, I just want to ask you to spare me international problems like every other time."

"Uhm. Besides, it can't be stylish in many ways about this one. It's still at the back information stage, but there's a lot of talk coming in that should be welcomed for my country, but it's going to be a lot of spark. If there's another woman you can guess, I'd like to keep his lower body there."

"Right. Let's consider it."

"In some cases, the kittens sent in by Farlane will be asked to work a lot."

Sergio moves his eyebrows picturesque at the unlistenable information the queen snatched. The queen smiles bitterly when she sees it.

"Secret detective, not enough to say. If you're a secret detective in the first place, Prince Rayot won't bother to reveal his presence here."


"Well, the point is I would have just said sheaf of a child. The main thing about the forces that are making strange moves is not to say that the information that we collect is in Farlane's favor. Except for Alvan, we haven't gathered any information that might be known to put us at a disadvantage."

"I mean, use that sheaf to tip Farlane off and get him to help exterminate the fools," he said.

"Mm-hmm. Apparently Farlane's been pretty rounded up, too. It's natural to put your hands together more than your interests are aligned."

The queen says something quite black with a noisy grin and a voice that makes her feel strange.

"But it's a silly imitation of insider"

"If it's Baldo's mass long-range transfer out there, you thought you could avoid the problems of the Southern Great Forest and the Fairland waters, but if you thought a low-level insurgency like that would succeed in the first place, you'd have lost their quality, too."

"In the first place, if the Temple of Alfemina disappears where it succeeds, all the wealth of the country will be lost in a good place in a few years, but I don't even know that..."

Halfway through Farlane's rebellion. The reason why neither Dar nor Faure put in there is exhaustive in the words of the Queen and Sergio. There is no way to succeed in the rebellion that the people who do not even know they have been invited to, and there is no place ahead of them where they have succeeded. Where we decided to intervene in the first place, the difficulty of saying that the Great Spirit Peak and the Great Northern Forest from Faure, and the Great Southern Forest and the Great Spirit Peak from Dar, and the waters of Fairland stand in the way. There was no room to intervene in such a fast-unfolding rebel play from the beginning.

On top of that, the extent to which you owe slightly less in the past where you have cooperated with the current royal family, and nothing you get from cooperating with the rebels at all, it's just ridiculous to give a hand. The current royal family is moderate, so there is no problem, but the power relationship as a country was originally more overwhelming in Farlane. When food exports are stopped because they don't care, it is Dar who is in trouble.

Circumstances around here are unanimous among all the countries surrounding Farlane, and there is nowhere else to show ambition to multiply it by cutting Farlane's national territory because there was a revolt. In any case, there is no comparison between the amount of harvest that would have increased on the cut land and the food that would not have been obtained if the trade had stopped. That's about it, monsters near the border are bad in nature.

Other history of massive starvation deaths as a result of disruptions in food imports when earlier generations of kings were disturbed is also a reason why we do not want to have a wave of waves where a decent royal family continues. Even though no country wants its neighbors to become mighty, it is not an environment where it is possible to invade each other. If the top is someone you can get along with, you've never been close enough to support each other.

"Well, for now, the problem is..."

"How do you have contact as queen,?

"Mm-hmm. I think I got caught up in the temple situation about the other residence in Dentris. Fortunately, they're like two daughters at Norton's."

"Then let's adjust it with your handwriting."


That's how the queen set the policy for the moment, but at this time she didn't expect that all plans would be subtly crazy due to the rampage of the macro.