"I'm hungry..."

Let's go down the stairs, and Mio crumbles. The odd tension pushed me to focus on exploring, so I couldn't catch the time to have lunch.

"If you ask me, you're hungry."

"Here, let's eat first."

With Mio's appeal, we are now more aware of the hunger that we were not aware of. I have never eaten properly without defying physical complaints at a time like this.

"In the meantime, do you want to eat in the salon space below"

"Right. After this staircase, I don't know if I can afford it."

If you decide to eat, you will act quickly. Five minutes after the conversation, lunches and drinks will be ready in the salon space.

"What's for lunch today?

"I tried darling cuisine. Sure, Inebra and Jatte, was it?

Is there? Primla and Judith nodding after receiving a questionable gaze of spring vegetables, checking the contents of the lunch box. Inebra is a different ingredient for stew like the first chunk of spice we were eating together when we came to Dar, meaning bird stew in the old Dar words, it feels like. This seems to be the spring bra when the main ingredient is seafood, and the donebra when it is beef or sheep meat. What Honda was eating the first night was going to be a banebra.

Jatte is the generic term for dishes that bake ingredients soaked in sauces mixed with sheep's milk and spices, if you bake birds, Inejatte, if it's seafood, Banejatte, if it's beef, Donejatte. Most recently, the range of ingredients imported from Farlane has widened, so we often refer to them as bird jattes rather than Inejattes.

"Uh-huh. Looks spicy again..."

Tatsuya groans unexpectedly when she sees the dishes that were in her lunchbox. Not as violently red as Korean food, but still a good amount of chili in addition to spices is used in both dishes, making my mouth spicy just watching.

"Well, I'm working on something to make it less painful,"

"Most likely, for a while, Mr. Primura and Judith's mouth don't match."

Cooking basically depends on the ingredients and seasonings that are most commonly picked in the area, while evolving as preferred by humans living in the area. Even if there were more spices to be picked than Farlane and fewer other seasonings to be regional, the only level that Tatsuya's tongue would make her feel spicy would be that many people preferred to cook like that.

To say that you have adjusted that to your Japanese preference is unlikely to fit the mouth of Primla and Judith, the raw Dars. The flavoring of Japanese cuisine is not universal, nor is the taste of Japanese acceptable to the whole world.

"... this inebra, it is inebra indeed, but it is the first taste I eat"

"Even Inebra can taste so refreshing and spicy."

Inebra made of spring vegetables was designed to pull off the aftertaste refreshingly, keeping the spiciness that makes the body slightly hotter. Its flavoring is definitely inebra, but it's not just inebra.

"I tried some of the fish soy sauce I made because it felt a little good. Later, because of Jatte, I tried to keep the meat down and increase the variety and quantity of vegetables in the field. I was surprised that the aftertaste was fresher than I thought. Does it fit your mouth?

"Sister, I wonder if I should come this way"

"Right. Inebra would be thirsty without alcohol, but not so much."

Unsurprisingly, spring vegetables secretly gut pose in the invisibility of Inebra, which is also highly regarded by the two Dars. As a cook's handkerchief, I'm still glad that real people like it with the flavor of their choice.

"I'm glad you like it. What about Jatte?

"What meat is this?

"Bloody Wolf. I could have been a slash jaguar, but I even used it for cutlet curry, so I dared to try it this way."

Monster ingredients that also appeared, sisters who shake their necks to the left and right as if they gave something up to the name of meat of a carnivore of considerable strength that they also encounter only in the relatively back of the Southern Great Forest. For the record, the Southern Great Forest will be located in the north from Dar's point of view, but it also passes in the Southern Great Forest because it is a common name.

"After all, meat from a carnivore with a strong odor goes well with dishes that use a lot of these spices"

"Right. You're harder than I thought, this Jatte is cooking."

"Thanks to sheep's milk, the spiciness is surprisingly mild."

"Well, I messed with the spice combination, and I put the crushed vegetables in a hidden flavor. I'll do a lot of experiments."

The Norton sisters are unintentionally silent on dishes that are rarely made over time if they do. What can I say, neither Inebra nor Jatte is such a laborious dish. Ordinary inebra is a slightly golden, clueless dish that says simmer the properly mixed spices with less water and with water coming out of the vegetables you put together, and an easy dish that leads to Jatte where you spice them in sheep's milk without thinking and soak the meat in a lot of clutter and just cook without thinking about it.

Whether it's a royal palace or a fancy restaurant, you won't have to go so far with these two dishes in a regular inn, stall, or general home. At best, to the extent that a somewhat dedicated store devises a combination of spices, the store is nevertheless at a level where it can be queued.

Even if I'm wrong, it's not the kind of dish that's going to be invented like this that's going to be said to be a step ahead of the demonic modification.

"With that said, this bread is probably crisp enough to be edible, but is it wheat you're using?

"Gravel. corner, so I've played a lot."

Spring vegetables that subtly answer the question of true harp with a doya face. I didn't cook much rice because of the Norton sisters, and that was one of the achievements of baking quite freely in the recoil.

"Sister Chun. You two look like you're worried about a lot of broken values."

"Is that so weird?

"I'm not saying it's weird, but don't you usually dare to spin the food of a country you've just arrived in?

"That's it there. He's a Japanese man who throws everything he can to eat and make things."

"I can only honestly feel uncomfortable if they talk about Japanese people because of the look of spring vegetables."

A primula that shakes her neck left and right with a sigh in a line that continues what a blurry conversation it is. Even though I think it's pointless to be surprised at what Hong and Spring Vegetables do due to meal teasing, I feel sorry for myself for being so upset about every Dar Cuisine demon modification.

"Every time, how can I think of something so creative?"

"You shouldn't waste any effort, ingenuity and experimentation eating delicious food, should you?

"I know that, but that passion goes on a lot."

"I think it's useless to just tell my master and Sister Chun"

Two people can swim their gaze at Mio, who says things like he threw them somewhere. Mio is, in a way, the primary victim of these guys' eating habits. In any case, the two people who try to do this will go along with it, fine-tune it while discussing the difference at a level where they don't know the difference, and ask them how they feel about the result. No matter how much delicious you say you can eat, it can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes.

Moreover, it was disastrous that there was enough arm from the beginning to be able to cook Wyburn, and even if I tried as hard as Aeris to cook it, I didn't get much praise, even if I wanted to grab my stomach, the Macro had better arm, and there was also a mighty wall called Spring Vegetables. Besides, I can't think of a difference in life experience or a point where we can work out as much as the two of us, so when it comes to creative cooking, I don't have hands or feet. I love delicious things, but unfortunately I just pound udon on Terona and unfortunately I can't keep up with the thought circuit that adjusts with all due care from adjusting the dashi to selecting ingredients to udon shavings.

If cooking isn't an appeal point without that, I honestly don't need the one called Women's Power. I've been thinking about that lately, Mio.

"Well, the truth is, there's not much else we can immerse ourselves in, so we're just gonna do something we can do."

"What's the song?

"I don't practice songs or anything, and it feels like work while saying one way or the other, so it's basically like singing while doing something, except when you sing in a liquor store or something?

"Well, I guess that's usually the case"

A woman who sings songs that normally use higher technology used by humans, called singers, from abdominal breathing to falsetto, with a nose-like feel between cooking and work. I don't know about that, but I guess it's a polymorphically stained habit.

"Oh, yes, Hiroshi."


"If you can afford it, fine, I guess you'd be happy to make a guitar or something"

"Yeah, but are you sorry if I bounced?

"Yeah. I don't know what to call a cappella every time."

Spring vegetables that are somehow less likely to sing in public. I wasn't so much when I was in Urs, but since I came to Dar, I've been set with stalls, so singing has increased dramatically.

"Roger that. Then we should make some trio lines, too. Yeah?

"Oh, right. If it's a song or a folk song, it's better that way."

Spring vegetables nodding at the suggestion of the Hong. In this palate, they can also play the three flavors in plain sight. The weird thing about making it is that it's a high-spec woman.

"... some kind of majestic instrument, come on"


"You know, if you wave it down like a rock and roller does, it's going to crush rocks and stuff intact."

"Right. After that, it sounds like there's going to be a great shock wave just ringing it properly, or if it's not a curse, the target is in a state abnormality."

"If you're a master, you're going to say and throw normally things like violins that seem like they're about the height of a child, frying phrases that make a golden piano with a total weight of five hundred kilos, violin missiles and piano bombers"

Three true harps comment all they want about the word instrument. Mio's story in particular makes me want to ask if it is established as an instrument in the first place for an hour or so.

"Well, say from the material, as strong as it can be used as a blunt instrument, ya. It's a musical instrument used by Spring Vegetables on boulders, and I'm willing to run that far into a story."

"If it's an instrument used by spring vegetables, hey"

"If Mio or I were to use it, I'd run to the iron first."

"Master, it discriminates..."

"No, it could be our characteristic, decent instrument or something."

Mio silences himself without being able to argue with the opinion without the body or lid of a macro. Better fleshed these days, Mio looks like a stunning Japanese-style beautiful girl if she keeps her mouth shut, but her words and actions are everywhere a story character. Because he is aware of it, there is no denying that even if he plays an instrument, it is an iron frame. I don't, but it's a plain story to say I deserve it.

"Um, is there a violin or golden piano in your hometown that's as tall as a child?


"That was just a joke"

"For the sake of the joke, the content seemed oddly specific..."

To Judith's question, Tatsuya and Mio do their utmost to deny it. Nevertheless, I can't say enough jokes about swinging the guitar down and breaking it or cracking someone's head with the guitar.

"In the meantime, since I haven't played properly in about three years before I got here, I need to practice on the boulder and get my mind back."

"You don't have an extra on a boulder until you play an instrument, do you?

"I can't. I can't. For once, I have skills, but at most, I had about 10%."

Spring vegetables do not carry as much talent to perform as songs, and instrumental performances are only worn to the extent that they do not interfere with songs. Probably would get caught up on about first-rate ends if I earned it, but I'm not willing to do that for spring vegetables that I consider music to be within my hobby.

"Well, I don't know what's going on right now, I don't really need it, and I'm relaxed there."

"Right. Music is fun in your spare time."

"After dinner, we've come to a conclusion, and it's time to go?


"What's next?"

After a late lunch, they fed off their English temper, trying to get to the end of a hidden staircase where no matter what they thought, there would be no busy trick.

A halfway down the stairs in a structurally impossible part of the building felt like a halfway through the artefacts. It's a little narrow for the three of us to fight side by side, but for what it takes for the two of us to stand side by side, one has a degree of road width that won't be as problematic as having the long stuff wielded.

"Something's not quite the same as up there."

"Sister, I'm getting the vibe of saying something so adventurous!

"Judith, calm down."

Primla embarrasses her sister, who is fairly tense about this situation, which also seems to be doing adventures to amateurs. It has certainly come to an atmosphere of adventure, but given that of the earlier ruins, there must be a lot of stories being planted that are neither ahead nor busy.

It is dangerous in many ways for an amateur to be drank in appearance and tense in vain in a situation that we know that. If it's a trap like you just did where you force your body to stretch out and take a laugh, it could still be really life-threatening in some cases. Amateurs like ourselves must act as calmly and calmly as possible.

"Here, maybe it's the pattern of the righteous ruins."

"It's like that, isn't it?"

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who had checked their feet and walls with a ten-foot stick to the point where it was quite spacious, say that feeling somehow. In this case, referring to the correct origin refers to the pattern of In-O-Joe-Oz.

"In the meantime, we'll line up. Hiro and Mio lead the way, me and the Norton sisters in the middle. True harp and spring vegetables at the palace."

Copy that.

One line to follow Tatsuya's instructions and rearrange the queue. It can also be said that in this case, the stone is the first to come of Mio, who has a high ability to detect traps, and Hiroshi, a wall actor who is not so easy to use. If there is a problem, would there be a bit of anxiety about the traps in the pattern activated behind them, in the spring vegetables, which are technically inferior to the experts anyway?

Such a shift for a dungeon that I have almost never used before, and I proceed with caution. Like an elf forest dungeon, there may be traps that have no choice but to respond regardless of the skill of the sheaf, but doing nothing on that grounds is just a suicide volunteer.

"... so far, nothing"

"Though the content was ridiculous, it's creepy considering the amount of traps you just had"


The ruins of the upper layers were planted with the feeling that it was the place to see them that did not leak. Probably where I caught it, the worst, the level of coal all over the explosion and my hair going afro, but only that fraction was so much that I didn't like it.

By comparison, it is too creepy to say that there are no trap-like traps at all, even though it is still about enough from the start of exploration.

"... thrust, T-shaped road"

"I don't know what this subtly annoying story is going to do."

"I'll just look into it"

Mio carefully and carefully persistently confirms his vigilance on the T-shaped road, which seems rather suspicious. I only have a bad feeling about it.

"... there's nothing tricky about this in the aisle itself"

"It's uncomfortable."

"Yeah. Something's wrong"

There's no trick, but this is all I can say for sure. Something's wrong. There is no such thing as a trap, but two high sensory values complain about something.

"At times like this, the structure itself is kind of weird on a deceptive picture level. If you attack from civil engineering or something like that, you'll know what it is."

With that said, take out the horizontal device you used when working on civil engineering and put it at your feet first. Apparently, there's a proper horizontal around here, and the air bubbles in the horizontal are coming to the center properly.

"Next, always"

Place the horizontal device as far as it reaches from in front so as not to step in incorrectly. The air bubbles rise to the right as they show inclination.

"The aisle's leaning. Maybe the level of rolling when you put the beads down or"

"Are you so inclined?

"It's incredible technology. It takes time to deceive me, this."

Spring vegetables, in the words of the Macho, have no choice but to lift his neck. To the extent that she feels slightly uncomfortable with it, the finish is completely uncomfortable for the eyes of Tatsuya, Makoto, the Norton sisters, etc. If you're a co-adventurer, it's very normal to break into the aisle because there are no traps.

"So, ya. The passageway leans, and all the time, this pattern and"

"The classic is Rolling Stone?

Let's do it.

It presents a common trap in this kind of situation and agrees with everyone.

"What's the actual slope like?

"The human body and whether or not you notice leaning. I think it's going to be like," I'm going to walk straight, but it's actually going down. "

"So-called ghost slopes or something like that?

"Like that."

"... that's insidious..."

What are you talking about?

Hiroshi and Tatsuya check each other out for the ruins of a shady structure in their hands. Nevertheless, it is a shady structure, but I do not find it strange and murderous. Probably, but this ruin is just doing it a shady way not to enlighten you about your promise, because somehow you can see that it's set up a proper way of avoiding

"In this case, the problem is, should we prevent the rock from rolling to the end?"

"Eh, are you sure the rocks are rolling already?

"From what I've been saying, let's definitely make these promises a lot"

To Judith, who seems strange, an ambition that I strongly affirm. The floor above was true to that promise in a certain sense. I don't think this floor is going to take off my In-Joe-Z promises.

"I kind of understood you saying rocks roll in. Should I prevent it, or not?

"There are two main patterns of this hand trick, aren't there? The first is a pattern where you can get a route to another floor or aisle by putting a rock on it and dropping it into a poke. pattern in which another trap is activated when the other hits the plunge"

Spring vegetables that politely explain their promise to Primla. The trouble with this trap is that you won't know until you roll it. Moreover, there are few derived patterns, such as the fact that the rock prevents the road from passing.

"At this stage, the problem is that there are few ingredients to determine which promise it is"

"Right. Makoto, can you think of anything?

"Don't ask me for that kind of observation. If I knew that, I'd find you two or Spring Vegetables."

"Oh, yeah."

With Mio's supplementary explanation for the Norton sisters, Tatsuya, who is useless in a basic situation like this, takes all the form confirmation on the equally useless true harp. Basically, I just have to try to catch on, which is a real pain in the ass.

"Because of the structure of the trap, if it is poorly checked alone, it may not be separated."

"This place is getting hungry, why don't we all get caught?"

"If I do that, I'll be the one behind you."

Worst of all, we need to take a rock that rolls in the living, but no one in this membership can do this with a round rock a few meters in diameter other than a macro.

"In some cases, it's better to hold the mall because it won't crush the rocks."


"I'm sorry, I'm in danger."

"Like this, I'm not scared at all compared to Hanitra"

If I get caught, a woman with bad guts laughs at me, and if I don't get caught, she throws a cursing rumor at a woman with bad guts denying her existence. In things like cursing noise, if around Tatsuya, it's a loser howl and a thing you normally ignore, but it's a lot tough for Hiroshi.

"As always, physical hazards are less threatening than women's relationship problems..."

"Makoto-san once had the experience of being more scared of nonke pumpies than monsters, let's do it?

"... I can't tell you back."

With that said, I change the line slightly and go into the T-shaped road. To buy a lot of time, the macro climbs the slope, and the other members go down to see the structure of the aisle, rather than the escape.

A group of people on the investigative side, led by Mio, walked a dozen meters, and it was time to come around to see if the area was visible, and a great vibration ran into the passage.


"Hong-kun, it's okay!?

"It's still big and I'm on speed, so I can afford it!

A macro that goes in against a big rock that slowly rolls in front of you, increases its own weight with hevi weights, and takes it completely to show. It is quite serious weight, but I have the impression that the density is not so much around being supported with one hand if you feel like it. Just to be clear, even the Norton sisters would not lose their lives where they hit directly at maximum speed.

"This rock, mostly in Haribote"

"What's the weight like?

"A little heavier than my mall. The surface is hard as a rock, but if you say it in density, it's pretty scurvy."

After all, he doesn't intend to kill for being insidious. It's not like there's any chance I'm going to tell you to stay alert, but if you think this ruin is some kind of attraction, it's unlikely.

"Don't you have one?

"A little trick behind the aisle. Feels like a rock gets stuck and the aisle gets blocked?

"See, this rock is better shattered."

"No, shouldn't you put it on once and then crush it?

"I don't know. Maybe if it wasn't for the maximum speed, I'd put it back a little bit and set it up so we can rendezvous and then roll."

Copy that.

I've just decided on a policy, and I'm going to push the rock up like a big ball roll with Eunya. After pushing it back to the heavenly edge of the aisle, prepare two wedges to fix the position, and then apply a spiritual thread to one piece to work it through the hiccups. At this time, I will also do some fine work on the ground to ensure that the wedges fall out on the wall. Even if the diameter is full, there is enough play to avoid a fixed wedge.

It goes without saying that Tatsuya, who was watching how it was, had cut a cross in her heart against the spiritual yarn that had not yet been able to completely escape this kind of handling of convenient goods.

"Finished. Is this where we dodge?

"I think so."

"That's enough for this number of people."

"Yeah. I'm sorry, huh?

"No, he said it was shaky."

Beyond the five of us, we will see the avoidance space, subtly blurring our faces and saying good things about our thighs. In the meantime, in the great nickname of the need to deceive the wall role when something happens and to activate the trick, we go into the outermost where the intimacy is relatively better. At this time, Spring Vegetables that have secured the space closest to the macro with the excuse of applying auxiliary magic at times of need, at the time of intimacy, know how dangerous that space is for them.


Though over leather armor, I never thought it would be this bad for my heart to say I would snuggle with a man I fell in love with. The feeling and temperature of the body, which is sorry for the slightly bluer face of the macro that looks close, but is far more successful than the smell and appearance impression of a man who is not normally aware, and the skin transmitted from a place where armor and cloth are relatively thin, gradually tries to stop the thought of spring vegetables.

"Here, go."

Though I don't even show any signs of noticing how spring vegetables look like that, blue-blue to the sensation of a strangely soft spring vegetable and Judith's body to say it's over armor (other than spring vegetables, I decided on a crumb pull for now), I proclaim what I should do and pull the wedge through as well as I want. At the next moment, the rock twist, pulled by gravity and slowly starting to roll, rolls at more speed than predicted from the slope if it was also any trick, colliding into the bump with quite a bit of momentum.

It should be noted that because of the inclination, the ceiling is surprisingly high around here, assuming a lot of failures and being ground by rocks, just rolling over the body won't do that much damage. I didn't even notice Mio, but the fact that the ground is deliberately a cushioned structure due to a politely odd ultra-technology is an element that the producer can see is often meant to be an attraction.

"Well, what happened?"

A macro that sneaks out of the dodging space in order to get out of the state where the SAN value is likely to be buried directly as soon as possible. Spring vegetables whimper that they strangely miss the temperature of a macro who walks away too busily, unexpectedly whispering. Even in situations where a normal man should be fighting lust or irrational flirting, this man will be the wingman in the fight against fears that are seriously going to freak out.

"Well, I know why, Spring Vegetables, you're bright red in the face?

Judith, you too.

"I just don't want your sister to tell me."

I don't know, the women who have had the chance to snuggle with the man of their choice legally by agreement are all so red-dyed and oddly tense that they still have their faces.

"So, what do you think?

"... bad for everyone, but in a way I feel happier than on my birthday..."

I answer the true harp teasing the spring vegetables with a mean face, with a faint voice that seems to melt somewhat while nagging, smashing small. It is usually a spring vegetable that is not surprisingly colourful for its physical appearance, but all this time, even wise men and monks who relieved themselves of all their troubles were so colorful that they seemed to step off the road. To be clear, this is quite the case when even Tatsuya, who is not in the eye as a woman other than her daughter-in-law, did not think so. Instead, maybe that gap is extra large because it's usually normal.

"Well, I'm not the right person to make physical contact without an opportunity like this."

"Sister Chun and Judith are sloppy..."

Mio, who loses the scratch, blames the two of them with his eyes alone. A macro who ignores the interactions of such women to the point of stubbornness, confirms and investigates the end of the rock hit directly on the rolling hill and the rock. Though only now, it is like a nuclear warhead with detonation switches for a macro, such as a woman who is over-coloured.

"On the hill, it stays the end of the line. The way back is usually blocked. I can make a new path, but I think I can make a passage if I'm serious because it feels like a light tap."

"In short, the same way as a forest dungeon?

"Like that."

Seeing the two men return to normal driving with only strength moves, the women who manage to switch consciousness with strength moves. Spring vegetables that still can't hold their heartbeat, but dragging them all the time and straining them on the macro isn't something I know what I'm doing.

"Here, take one shot."


Hiroshi waves down the mall as much as he wants, with permission from Tatsuya. As a matter of fact, after a proper examination, a small switch was found at the end of the hill, and if pressed, a hidden passage normally emerged, but Higashi, who had no reason to know that, eventually paved the way with force moves.

Breakable space ahead of several floors. The line took a breath and looked back at what had happened before with a subtly fed up face.

"Classic trap, there was a cup"

"Are you out of your mind that I almost feel crushed by Han Lifting?

"Well, that's the earliest thing that ever happened."

We almost ran out of traps that could be described as classic by the time we got here, such as suspended ceilings, impending walls on spears jumping from the top to the side. The only ones who haven't answered are the teleporter and the alarm. The teleporter doesn't come out because it probably doesn't exist in the original story, and the alarm must have been because the Guardian and other manipulations were cumbersome.

"No, well, if that was a really bad trap, I or Tatsuya suggested other ways than lifting Han, come on."

"Spears and arrows were all like toys, right, that"

"The impending walls were only as powerful as they would have been if they had been pinched by humans."

"The habit, it didn't have a decent structure to disarm"

"I don't know, it felt like it was a prerequisite to let you break through with Han Liu in a rough way from the beginning."

In Oui Joe Ouz promises that all traps will be hooked and broken. And this ruin, all the traps activated, which had not only broken the position of attraction, had become far from fatal. Spears and arrows were made of soft, resilient material like rubber, and could not be decent damage unless it even touched the eyes. Suspended ceilings and looming walls are safety designs that say that when something a little stiff is pinched, it will not go any further, as if it were an electric shutter or an automatic door yesterday, and unless there is much left to do, it is a specification that will not say that it will put your life in danger.

Nevertheless, it is not that there are no penalties at all. Suspended ceilings and looming walls were quite disappointingly locked structures, so there was a lot of difficulty breaking through with force moves. When the spear or jaw hit, it became a slight state anomaly such as mild paralysis or confusion, and the scene sounded pretty good later anyway. None of them are lethal, but elements such as stamina and spiritual strength are definitely shredded with disappointment.

For this reason, the toughest penalty would be the state anomaly "hungry" in the "trap" hooked by Judith at the end.

"Along the way, for some reason, I trapped it with laser and infrared, and I couldn't help but laugh."

"That's all, the story tends to be different"

Along the way, there was a corner that for some reason had a security stance like spying or something, and there was a trap that said that when caught on the sensor, a ball replacing the Guardian would hit and attack us with a hit-and-away. It wasn't in such an all-out position that Hiroshi ended up home running it all in full swing, avoiding the sensors only as far as he could avoid it, and breaking through with force moves.

"So, well, that one"

"Yeah, I know what you're trying to say."

"It's impossible to get here, and there's no trick at all, but in this case, what do you think we're going to get into?"

"It's a classic, a strangely brand-new trolley well made in an unnatural place"

There is a strangely brand new trolley in the back of the room, from which the rail runs over the cavity, as the comments of the Macro and Spring Vegetables indicate. If you look closely at the bottom of the cavity, there is a cleverly camouflaged safety net strained so that you can't see it. Regarding this, it would be quite subtle whether I should feel safe about falling, or worried that there are tricks in place that might fall.

It is immaculate to put in this penetration of the hand, but it is so unnatural to say it is obviously an ancient site that for some reason one rail of trolley has not floated rust. A trolley with a disguise that makes it look halfway old underscores its unnaturalness extra. Probably knowing and purposeful, but I really have a good taste in the extra.

"In the meantime, give me the story that's going to happen in this case"

"First of all, the basics are that you attack something or something."

"Later, if you don't switch points along the way, you'll fall underground."

"The jet coaster is also a classic. It's a trolley, but it's like a retreat or a twisted rail."

"But for some reason, no one on board will ever fall off."

We will come up with a story that seems like a trolley and anticipate future developments. All of this should definitely be more than a classic story in a way.

"Well, in a way, it's a bigger deal than ever. Basically, a subspecies of jet coasters."

"Right. Then the problem is"

"Trolley, I wanted a little more volume..."

An unexpected sigh on a trolley the size of which is likely to be the second intimate time of the day. There is no such thing as stuffing a cucumber on a boulder as earlier, but at least I can't afford to wield a weapon.

"Another problem, it's about time."

"Ah, if you ask me, it's about dinner."

"What do you want? You want to stay here for the night and start trolling tomorrow morning?

"I don't know what's going on up ahead. You're in trouble."

"I don't think it's going to end in a trolley, and I don't feel comfortable saying this kind of mentally tiresome stuff first thing tomorrow morning."

Come on, I'm tired of all this, so I want you to spare me any more extra events for today. But I also feel like doing an event first thing tomorrow morning when the Macro is going to be useless.

"It's a hassle, so do you decide if it's a coin?"

"Isn't that okay? Either way, it won't be too busy."

"Well, I'll make lottery. Hiroshi and Tatsuya are at the front."

Fix the position of the men first so that the macro does the least damage, and determine the rest of the members appropriately by lottery. The results of the coins that Tatsuya started during that time are shown in the table. It will be confirmed by the end of the trolley by the end of today.

"Just around the end of the trolley, if there's a place for the camp, yeah."

"Well, by the way, there were places that looked like savepoints, and I think they're gonna be fine."

That said, and then Spring Vegetables, who secured the position of being directly behind the macro with powerful screw-up luck, rides into the trolley with strange pleasure. It's our second contact time today. In the same row, a true harp is entered across the Mio, with the Norton sisters at the back.

"I'll move it for now, so hold on tight!

A line that follows Tatsuya's warning and holds onto where it will be grabbed. I don't know how fast it will go, but it's a free trolley like the seat belt on the safety bar. Probably won't fall that easily with a strange trick, but if you don't hold on tight, you can't be scared.



Hiroshi and Tatsuya are going to drop what they can drop with Magic Brit while tongue-in-cheek at the unfolding as expected. Other members can't handle boulders like this because of their poor location and angle.


A mushroom shot off by a horn flies somewhere over the head of a spring vegetable. I just lowered my head and avoided it, plugging it into a big curve.


Spring vegetables to hang on to as long as you want because they are big bent with a broken posture. Unable to defy the laws of physics, stick to the macro as it is.

"... Huh!

Unexpectedly, he is about to scream and desperately swallow the macro. No matter how feminine phobia is, you're too rude to someone who's lived with a boulder for quite some time, screaming for the reason that you say that in this helpless situation. The SAN values are tight, but if the maximum is not lowered, the scenario will be complete. I just have to be desperate and patient here.

While I'm thinking about game-brain things in quite the wrong direction, for example, I see a switching point that would probably be a danger zone. If it is dropped underground like this, it will be crushed by spring vegetables and the SAN value is unnecessarily pinched. Switching points reflexively under such a futile thought......


"Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!

"I'm extra scared of turning around at this low speed!!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

In a way, as planned, the rails turn to jet coaster specifications. Being behaved like a jet coaster at a trolley low speed leads to anxiety in many ways. Moreover, an irregular and unstable G that for some reason is about to be shaken off simply by saying that he can't get his feet off the floor more than constantly, strangely depends on his fidelity to the laws of physics. It's honestly not a dimension of anxiety or anything like that that makes my feet completely float off the floor even if I know I won't fall.

as a result

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Scary scary scary scary scary scary!!

"Hi-good, good, good, good, good!!

If Spring Vegetables and Mio throw him away completely in shame, in the outside world, and in compassion, he clings to a macro that stands steady, and as a result becomes the feather that screams with fear that he shouldn't feel on a jet coaster. There the bats irregularly hit-and-away, and a nice flow is completed in a sense where Spring Vegetables and Mio stick together even harder and say the hong shouts.

"... I was so scared..."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Hiroshi. I can't stand normally yet..."

Even though my legs trembled subtly because of a trolley coaster that was so scary that I couldn't compare it in a way to a regular jet coaster, and I knew I had to get my hands off the macro, I couldn't help but leave the two of them. Now I don't think I can let go of this plush feeling safe if I do it.


A completely bland burnout macro will not react to those two. Probably the only person who didn't find the trolley coaster scary, but it definitely hasn't been any consolation.

"And for now, in many ways, you can't do any more today"

"Oh, yeah. Honestly, I'm glad there's room for camping here..."

Turning around with that said,



"Primla and Judith are fainting with their eyes open!?

The Norton sisters, utterly intolerant of the screaming machine, were stunning.

"Aren't they back?

"Yes. He said he was going to pick up the sand early in the morning and left the city..."

"So what if it's a wonder or whatever you don't come back for a day or two?

"No, that's it..."

"Oh, with that said, they had a golem carriage. Then surely you can't make it to the desert on a day trip"

A queen who remembers the information of Hongda and puts a little face on her face. It is ruined that he turned his hand from the temple around tomorrow and it was time to officially invite him into the royal palace.

That's not all. I have a golem carriage, and the guys who told me they were going to pick up the sand early in the morning haven't come back. That is, what is in trouble.

"You haven't heard from them?

"In the meantime, the Norton sisters contacted me once that it was going to be a little late to go home because of a slight rescheduling,"

"Somewhat more than the word, don't you usually think of it as spanning the day, etc."


"Given the strength I've confirmed with these eyes, life is rarely in danger, but where the hell are you doing it?"

A queen who guides herself in one line at a time, with her face in an overly disturbing situation. Nevertheless, even though I don't like the queen, they're all on boulders.

"Ah, sand oyster discovery"

"Whoa, oysters! You okay with poison or something?

"This guy can eat whenever he catches him, as long as he heats up"

"Oysters are delicious when smoked."

"oyster fly, oyster fly"

He discovered ingredients that lived in ancient ruins after recovering from the terror of a trolley coaster, and never imagined he was cooking dinner in normal driving.