"... where or here?

A voice calling out desperately. As it is drawn to it, the consciousness of the macro that was held within surfaces.


"Are you back to sanity..."

The first thing I came into view with my consciousness turned outside was the interior of a totally unrecognizable room and Spring Vegetables with a crying face, and Tatsuya's face in a whole-heartedly relieved manner.

"Brother...? Spring vegetables......?

"Confirm before you explain the situation, Hiro, how far do you remember?

"... wait..."

Tatsuya asks and desperately handles the last sight she remembers.

"Uh, sure, we talked about coming to the royal palace, meeting with Elle or something, and attending Her Majesty's Tea Party..."

That's all I thought about, my body starts trembling suddenly. Something happened at the tea party. I remember that, but I can't remember anything. However, I can only recall that I couldn't stand the terrible fear, so I can speculate that it seems to be something related to phobia among women.

"Okay. Almost got it. So you don't have to remind me."

"Hong-kun, it's okay, it's okay..."

Two people who decide that they shouldn't try to force themselves to remind a macro who overreacts just by trying to remember, and then try to finish the story there. In this minute, when we talk about chocolate coming out now, a lot of things are going to go back to shaking it out.

"... something to feel sorry for..."

Don't worry about it.

I perceive a lot of things from the correspondence between the two of us here on this occasion, and I feel so sorry for everything. I can't remember what happened because my instincts refused, but at least I know it's been pretty tough. Besides, it's a crude phase in front of the queen, albeit unofficially. I can't complain about being hit with disrespect without question.

Around purposefully preparing a room like this for me, Queen Side doesn't seem willing to take care of this one either, but the fact that he still coarsely resembled it doesn't go away. All I can say is I'm really sorry that I pushed my people to end up in that situation.

"So, what's the situation now?

"I'll put the details behind me, first after I'm completely back on my feet. When you explain the situation, it starts with what happened, so the same thing can happen again when you're in a state like this."

"You can't do this now."

"Really, I'm sorry about the overlap..."

Never before have I been more frightened that I have caused worry and annoyance to my people at a level that does not spill a lot. Although it is a problem that could not have been avoided from around us, it is true that the aftertreatment caused a rather troublesome problem, and the person involved is not a royal family with some sense of heart like Rayot.

To say that there is a part of me that can't help myself, but to say that I annoy my people with the same thing every time is not an unintentional story for Hiroshi himself. However, no matter how intentional or temperamental it may be, it is phobia that cannot be overcome so easily. Even though he was so frightened when he interacted with Rainey, he was fine in the room with Spring Vegetables, one of the causes, but from his original symptoms, he has improved considerably. After that, there's only a stack.

"With that said, what about Makoto-san and Mio?

"I'm switching information with the Els. We need to talk about what we're going to do, including the queen, so we need to get things settled, and then we can have another discussion."

I see. Copy that.

"But well, the queen seems busy, and she said she's unlikely to be able to make that time for boulders today"

"I'm so sorry for what I've done."

"That's enough."

Spring vegetables smiling gently at the macro who seems to be sorry everywhere, and speaking out so that he can fool himself. Seeing that smile as if it were the Virgin Mary, Tatsuya has the impression that she is neither impressed nor overwhelmed with the one about the diversity of the woman's expression, that it is very different from her Rainey opponent's sword screen yesterday.

"So, you're not hungry?

"Not much appetite..."

"Oh well."

"How long has it been gone?

"About three hours? You're way past noon."

"So, everybody eats dinner?

"For once, yeah. There were a lot of tough and spicy dishes with alcohol, so Spring Vegetables, Mio and Elle had to change the menu a little bit."

In Dar, where water is precious, there are also quite a few dishes that use alcohol instead of water. Few things can be bought in the street from daylight, but most simmering dishes are simmered with alcohol or palm fruit juice or a mixture of spices in animal milk. There are also quite a few soups and stews that taste like liquor on top of being very spicy, either to make the bactericidal action a little stronger at that time or because few devise and simmer alcohol so that it doesn't fly too much.

"I see. What do you think of my brother?

"Oh, I don't think you can take Kansai-style udon or anything like that very basically."

"... What do you think about the habit of complaining about stalls?

"It's become a habit..."

I've been acting with Honda for about nine months. It seems that Tatsuya Plain is also stained with street thinking.

"Well, that's why Elle and Alchem struggled a little with the boulders."

"I don't know. If you do that, you'll feel comfortable at dinner."

"Maybe that's better. I hope you don't have to worry about it because some of it wasn't so hard."

Give information about the dishes that came out, leave a spring vegetable indicating your intention all over your body that you are not temporarily willing to leave, and go out to tell Shinqin and the others that Hiroshi has returned to sanity.

"If you don't need rice, do you want something to drink?

"I don't know. Ask for something. Yeah?

"Yeah. What do you want?

"I'll take care of it."

My throat seems dry, but I can't even think of anything I want to drink because of this, and I throw it round the spring vegetables. With that intent, spring vegetables are prepared with a mild type of herbal tea with little irritation so as not to damage the stomach completely. This world-specific herb is an easy-to-drink tea with a mild flavour that will satisfy some hunger while also reducing dairy-specific stomach sagging.



"Tell me if there's anything else you want."

It's okay now.

Take a sip of herbal tea adjusted to an easy to drink temperature and a magnificent expression of relief somewhere. Apparently, he was unconsciously concerned about quite a lot of things. Spring vegetables with feelings of relief and joy from the bottom of my heart when I saw that the hong, who somehow remained vigilant, had finally lost his shoulder power.

It was a spring vegetable that made me truly wish for more of this calm time, aware once again that I had fallen in love with the Macro to the point.

"So, I'm mostly predictable, but it's time for you to tell me what I did. Hmm?

At the end of the dinner, I just pulled myself up to the lofty room, where I sneak up on the quarantine junction and ask my colleagues about the horse. It's already past ten o'clock in the boulder. Come on, you're calm mentally, and if you decide to be prepared, you should be able to listen without disturbing even the rather shocking content.

It should also be noted that Aeris and the others are present by saying that they are parties. The Norton sisters didn't want to come to the castle in any way. Now they're not free about tomorrow. I haven't seen my face outside my supper seat since I came to the castle.

Because of this quarantine junction, only the Queen is set to be excluded, just in case.

"I don't have a problem talking to you, but are you sure you're okay?

"If I hadn't been surprised, if I had guts, I wouldn't have done what I just did."

"Let me dare say something that doesn't feel right, but as far as I'm concerned, honestly, I don't like following you many times about this one?

"I get it. I'll be honest with you, too. Yeah, if I did, I'd have to ask you, cousin, but that's a lot to start with."

What is Kishime's word? Makoto shows how worried he is about it. Such a magnificent poke at reality against her that nothing could be done about it. A small sigh at the reality I knew would make it as easy as possible to explain what had happened so as not to remind me of the extras.

"It's easy to see what happened. They say chocolate in a tea receptacle, cacora over here, but it came out."

"... I knew it. So I remembered the whole thing."

Listen to the explanation of the true harp, a highborn who manages to remain calm and whine quietly with a slight tremor. I can't stop worrying about how it looks.

"Dear Hiroshi, don't push me too hard..."

"Situationally, I have to do something about it. I'm sorry, miss about this."

"… If this is any longer the case, I will finish the conversation even if Spring Vegetables and I can help. Is that okay with you?

Copy that.

Aeris decides it's not the kind of situation where a macro pulls, and compromises on sighing. I'm afraid I'll put up with it from time to time because I'm poorly mentally strong.

As it stands, I finish confirming what Hiroshi would have thought and what actually happened, and what happened after that, and I say what Tatsuya thought with a sigh, feeling unexpected.

"But Hiro"


"That's all I'm afraid of chocolate, but you've been able to live well and normally over there. When you were shopping or something, how could you?

"Yes, I know all about it. If you do it, you can do whatever you want. Supermarkets and places with chocolate products may be taken, so if you don't come close to the confectionery corner and the new product corner, it will be that much of a problem. I tried to get my guts in and get by as fast as I could. In the first place, I managed to do most of my personal shopping online, so I also did it once a month at a regular store. Besides, I'm scared of chocolate, but there's no reason I don't like it. You can also get phobic when you look at pictures and pictures."

Weirdly convinced by the words of the Macho. In the first place, in the case of a macro, shopping in the supermarket or elsewhere is a high hurdle even if there is no chocolate problem. Depending on the day and time of the week, at least the supermarket is significantly more densely populated than the average of the virus. Moreover, in the case of supermarkets, especially food supermarkets, the overall ratio of men to women is often biased against women, so it is in itself a very prepared behavior to go inside the female phobia.

When this becomes a convenience store, the hurdle due to population density drops, but now it becomes a hassle to distance yourself from chocolate. For this reason, I would not consider going into a convenience store, shopping, etc., unless there is a good reason for this again.

I don't have to think that you can go to high school often in such a situation, but it feels like the area where Hongda lives is in the urban countryside, and the high schools she attends are not in such a populated area, so the population density when she goes to and from school and stays on campus is significantly lower than that of Ursus. Most importantly, the city itself, where Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables live, is well known for having a treasury home or for being inhabited by geniuses who have developed various over-technologies, including VR systems, and the population itself is large because various industries are also developed. As a result, the station front, downtown, etc. are showing unbeatable buzz in large metropolitan areas.

"All the time, we really want to ask ourselves, why were we so scared of chocolate, let's do it?

"Well, that's it, then. I'd like to ask you some questions to follow up on later, but I'm not going to ask until after your old wounds."

"Mr. Hiroshi, you can't force it"

"It's Hiroshi in the first place. Your phobia, because we know how it happened, is that something to help solve the problem?

"Well, let's not solve it."

To Douga's doubts, Macro agrees with a bitter smile. In fact, there's no way it's going to happen from where I found out. It is now too much to say that we trust each other by talking. Not at all pointless, but not meaningful behavior either. Because everyone in this room knew that, no one would say anything if they wanted to know. But...

"If my master can talk, I want to hear it."


"If we listen to each other and the master can be positive at all, I will listen to anything."

Mio dares to step on a mine in order to crush the same adhesive state that was subtly restrained and unable to move. It would be an attitude because Mio has always had a consistent attitude in this part.

"... Me too, I want to know"

Spring vegetables?

"Sister Chun?

"I want to know what's going on and you're in so much pain, even if you can't fix it where you found out. I have to know, I don't even know how to support you. I might do something wrong and hurt you extra. Besides, if I knew what was going on, I think I could at least share a little of that pain. So."

So cut the words and stare into the eyes of the macro from the front. After the silence of one breath or lid breath, spring vegetables mouth their readiness.

"As far as I can talk in my current state is fine. Hong-kun, tell me what happened."

The fact that I uttered these words may make me hate them. Even twisting such fears, Spring Vegetables asks what happened to Hiroshi. Perhaps if we miss now, we'll never have a chance to talk about this again. Besides, if you love this man, you have to know about him. Listening to this story, I stand on the battlefield for the first time, overcoming the resulting relationship inconvenience. There is no basis for this, but I don't even suspect that Spring Vegetables is a shard of the idea right now.

It took the form of a ride on Mio, but probably Spring Vegetables would have said it first if no one had mentioned it. It was simply the difference in time it took to prepare them. Aeris would have listened to what had just happened quietly, without taking an upright attitude like the Spring Vegetables, when he said he would speak, in order to obey the judgment of Hiroshi at times like this. When it comes to listening to stories like this, she can't be as much a princess as the Spring Vegetables are trained from day to day.

"Well, it's probably no big deal,"

Yes, preface your escape hips, and take one deep breath so that you're ready. And while subtly dampening the trembling body, I decided to start with a brief conclusion.

"Briefly say what happened all the time, ya. My brother-in-law chocolate with raw meat on Valentine's Day was forced to eat, and I was getting food poisoning and dying."

I try to be mild about what I'm not saying. No one could say anything to the slightly more unexpected part of what was expected in a way, and silence overshadowed the occasion.

What Hiroshi talked about was worse than expected.

"... again, eh..."

"... well, that would also make you feminine..."

Tatsuya and Makoto then listen to the whole story of the incident where Hiroshi talked to Pompous and squeeze out groaning comments. Other human beings were stunned by the content of that story, which they did not think had happened in reality, and were very unable to utter words.

To summarise the story of the Macro:

Valentine's Day in secondary school. It was at the beginning of the incident that I noticed that dangerous object posing as a brother-in-law chocolate that had been planted in my desk in the middle of the first hour. It was an unfortunate beginning for both Hongkong and this secondary school that Hongkong's prospects failed because he realized that the sender was unknown and had a very unpleasant feeling that he had not seen them at this point, and that the accusations of the female students in the next seat had revealed their existence during the class.

The bullying of the girls' students against their ambitions, which had been gradually intense for about six months, was carried out as promptly as usual at this time. Nevertheless, at the first stage, it would not have been possible to even say bullying. Because it was simply a matter of eating on the spot and saying what you think.

If this was chocolate to a legitimate slightly unsavory degree, I would have ended up being told that it was patient and normal to eat and forced to taste good, and it should have been. But the chocolate was planted with raw beef and pork ground beef damaged enough to say it was almost rotten inside, and the flavoring was pretty messed up. To be clear, Hiroshi, who tried to spit it out, which was not a very edible flavor, became the feather of being beaten a few times and fed all the rest, after being held down and forced to drink by several women in the athletic department.

Most of the boys students were in to stop the girls at the time they first tried to spit it out because the boulder was looking too macro. I was there, but I didn't stop the act of unhindered handling of the chocolate I got for Valentine's Day because I consigned it to a girl who wasn't noticeably aggressive toward the macro every day. If, at this time, even boys had turned to enemies, the female phobia of the Macro would have been severe anthropophobia and would never have come out of the hospital again.

There was no way that they would be safe from eating such a thing, and Hiroshi, who had a brilliant food poisoning before lunch break, was unfortunately lucky in a way to smash all the contents of his stomach in the infirmary. If it wasn't the infirmary that threw up at this time, it probably wouldn't have been identified that the cause of food poisoning was this raw meat-filled chocolate, and it wouldn't have been treated as a case, and even if there had been any further bullying of this, there wouldn't have been a case that aggravated female phobia that occurred after this.

If there was another thing that was unfortunate in a way for all the parties involved, this day's Hong had not slept and had not had breakfast, and the day before would have ended his dinner earlier than usual. As a result, he was on hunger strike for more than twelve hours, and because his stomach was almost empty, there could be no other cause of food poisoning.

Sometimes the food poisoning that developed was quite poor in nature, and Hiroshi was hospitalized for two weeks after wandering the border between life and death for three days and three nights with other symptoms. During that hospitalization, there was an incident in which a female student who was forced to eat chocolate came to visit her apologies at a time when she was unavailable, sprinkling abusive rumours all the way back to her personality but in total denial of her right to life, and the incident, which had been sneaked up by a friend of one of the few men of the magnificent anticipation of the matter, was uploaded to several video sites without modification, including the previous and subsequent history, and instantly became fussy.

As a result of the spread of that sight across Japan, a couple broke down one after the other in Hongda's secondary school, and the originating female students who collected resentment as the cause committed attempted murder in rebellion against Hongda, and the current offender was arrested. By then, some girls had come to hit a grudge festival about it (on the day after the first visit, the hospital side had made an apology for the visit, but there were several students who had been forced to break in pretending to be someone else's), and Hiroshi had rarely become severely feminine and received special treatment with the VR system for 24 hours in the intensive care unit for about two months, and for another six months or so she would continue to receive special counseling much more, even after the end of the summer vacation when she was able to attend the infirmary school, which was about a day or two a week.

In the end, I moved to my current area during the winter break, so in my third year of secondary school, I only attended school for about two weeks in total.

"With that said, what do you mean we haven't found the killer?

"That's easy. Make it clear who put that chocolate in there."


"Unfortunately, no matter how many surveillance cameras you analyze, there's no one who can chocolate with a classmate."

If I were to say just with regard to the step-chocolate that started out, all my classmates were definitely white. Other than my classmates, I have about three candidates, but I have to decide that it's unlikely because they didn't make chocolate in the first place or because the house bought the last piece of meat more than a month ago, and the other one left Japan the day after the incident as well as investigating it, and the investigation was interrupted because they still haven't returned. The investigation remains suspended because the reasons for leaving the country were the sudden transfer abroad associated with the father's left transition, and there were no particular unnatural points in that context apart from the time of year, and furthermore it was difficult to recall the suspect on charges of insufficient evidence because he was within the scope of juvenile law at the time of the incident.

"Well, that's why I'm so scared of chocolate. I normally liked chocolate, but since that day, I've only smelled it..."

"Sora, you won't have to..."

"Perhaps it's a meat dish..."

"Well, that's the thing. However, thanks to the chocolate, whether it was happy or unhappy, it didn't feel like much meat, so there wasn't enough rejection like chocolate."

He tells me that with laughter without power, but as a spring vegetable, he doesn't laugh at all.

"I don't know."


"You don't look that much like the type a girl hates..."

"Ahhh. Makoto-san, if you look sweet at the relentless guy against the nasty boys in middle school girls,"

Spring vegetables nodding to agree with the bitter face as to what you think of the words of the Hong. Mio also whines softly with a vote for his master as to whether he has any idea.

When it's about middle school, it doesn't matter if you're male or female, the ratings for others mostly come at the top of the list of appearances and atmospheres, and humanity and the like come pretty much down below. To put it more, just say it's not as bad as it was in middle school, and it's pretty underrated by the Hon girls in high school.

In addition, at the time of junior high school, Hongkong was not attractive enough to overcome the disadvantage of being impersonally unsatisfactory. It didn't change the point of saying heckle, and I used to be a crybaby who cried right after a few things, and I was really the type of person around me who got frustrated and wanted to hit me. Whatever, that's not why I can beat him up, but some parts of him were in the vicious circle of becoming an extra crybaby because he would do that again.

"Besides, I had terrible rhinitis at the time. I was so unclean that I let him say it all the time. Since I was in elementary school, I've been bullied. I didn't have personality or brightness, and I didn't have motor nerves or strength, so it was unnecessary."

"You know what?"

"That sort of thing. School karst and prison experiments, all the time."

For the most part, public secondary schools are held up as they are by primary schools in that district. When I say bullied child in elementary school, I am almost certain and bullied child even entering secondary school.

And to say that you will be treated as the lowest in the school karst is almost unacceptable to human rights while enrolled in that school. Fortunately for Hiroshi, he would have had quite a few friends, boys, in the same middle school because he was an artisan at Fairy Tail Chronicle. Girls' friends weren't zero either, but they didn't have any contact in real life in the game anyway, so it doesn't count in this case. Conversely, unfortunately, there were many types of teachers that actively reinforced the school karst, especially the strong tendency of female teachers to do so, applauding the feminine phobia and female mistrust of the macro.

Being human is something you get used to and forget. If that situation persists, however escalating it may be, they will recognize that it is normal. As a result, we completely lose the perception that what we're doing is a bad thing, and we forget that they're supposed to be in the same position as us. Proof of this was the experiment known as the prison experiment.

"I'm starting to get a little angry remembering a lot of things."

"I remember, what?

"With newspaper articles at the time? Yeah, I mean, there's a cause for those who are absolutely bullied, right?

"Oh, I'll tell you."

"Even if there's a cause for the bully, it's not like it can be defended to push irreversibly into the frying phrase that attacked one person in a group, but it's definitely worse to be bullied and there's nothing wrong with the bully side, so you're going to tell me to thoroughly teach the bully side, right?

"In some cases, then, there's the guy who says that kind of comment to the case where the bully lynched an escalated frying sentence and killed him. A case of that hand on a boulder, though few endorsers."

It's not limited to bullying, but when something happens, it's just a handful of cases where only one of the parties has a cause or problem. Most of the time there is something wrong with the percentages, and most of the time, no matter how much one improves, it doesn't solve the problem. In the first place, if there is a cause or problem only on one side, the more emotional lumps remain if the cause or problem is resolved, the less twisted the case is.

"In the meantime, I've managed to recover from being like that, thanks to my counseling teacher and my rehab at Faircro, to the point where I can study at least in a co-educational school, but I'm scared to say clearly that when it comes to women, I can't touch them or be touched"

I say that as I stroke my own neck. If you are not prepared enough because you have been strangled and suffocated by a force you do not think is the power of a woman, you will not be comfortable having a woman within reach. Touching from yourself also doesn't suppress the paranoia that the person will cut off and try to kill themselves the moment they touch it, and being close is very tight in itself.

Psychological pressure from being close to a woman has been a lot better since she was flown into this world, either because the mental power that stopped being human during the game is being applied. But it seems that holding it down with mental power also has its limits, and if you get hit with killing in prolonged contact or contact, you can easily disrupt it. When chocolate leads to something that's not packaged or doing anything, it's out even if it's not within reach.

"Then you don't have to force me to go to college with you?

"In our case, the house, the factory, both moves bit off. It's a huge inconvenience to have a house upstairs from a Class I industrial area or a land that my client's parent company has prepared for me cheaply. I wonder if I can walk or bike to high school or something. So, our local boys' school is a whole dorm system, unscrupulous gala, bad or awesome far away, and it feels a little too much everywhere."

"Ah, yeah. That's true."

Do you know what Spring Vegetables is?

"Yeah. If your house is within walking distance of our high school, boys' school is no busy place, is it? If the factory was in the Central Industrial Park, it would take about an hour to drive to the nearest decent boys' school, and I don't think that neighborhood could have been a town factory or anything."

Together, we turn our indescribable gaze to Hong and Spring Vegetables, which thrive on a topic only the locals can understand. I don't want to talk about it, but I can't tell you that I didn't have a choice to say boys' school. At least, I guess referring to the whole dorm system was not established as an option as of three years ago, in that there was no escape.

"Well, to put it that way, some of the other people listened to the situation and took a lot of steps, and the other guy has been recommending that I do it in high school now. Cases like mine are the safest way to get through, it's a lot of stories, and it's amazing not to ask, but to get a lot of followers. Probably didn't go to high school again soon."

"... I see"

After listening to a series of stories, many things fell to my heart, Makoto. The unnaturalness of being unwittingly broken in a women's relationship for having the mental power to be able to attenuate Hellinferno that far. For Makoto, a combat abolitionist and more data savvy than spring vegetables, it wasn't a strange story for a person with resistance values that would normally allow him to cancel advanced magic to panic that easily.

Obviously I was definitely feeling so scared that the macro was actually about to break, more than not acting, but if you're so scared, it's weirder that you can act with spring vegetables on the contrary. That's what I thought, but it was a really simple story.

In short, his feminism was just so bad that he couldn't act with a woman without all that mental power. And because spring vegetables, for better or worse, were avoiding triggers successfully and reducing the burden of the macro, they were only able to act without any problems even if True Harp, Mio or even Aeris were with them.

Perhaps when I was in Japan, the safe distance for Hiroshi must have been much farther. The only thing that was ok with co-education would have been standing around to crush the opportunity for the person to act with the woman as much as possible, in return for a generous follow up on the part of the school.

"I knew I wasn't going to school..."

"No, isn't that extreme for boulders?

"Races like us, in some cases schools are hell."

"I don't know. I haven't been to school yet, but I really did hell in middle school."

"Every day is comfortable since I was hospitalized"

Three people who have not been able to fit Japanese society in many ways. Even though he said it was a lot better compared to one thing, the distortions in Japanese education and society are still deeply rooted.

"Something, I'm sorry?

"No, Mr. Spring Vegetables has nothing to do with it."

"Regardless of what happened in middle school, I'm sure I'm involved in the fact that you're uncomfortable in our school..."

"Spring vegetables don't have to slap her in the pussy or anything, and just because she's stingy, it's like recognizing her right to life. Oh, hey, hey."

"Is that normal, or was I just not interested in boys' fashion sense or something... Besides, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm not craving my daughter..."

"I don't know, the values change as much as Haruna said."

Macro trumps all possibilities. Values like that don't change easily at this age, unless it's also an experience of being caught and seeing painful eyes by a weird guy with just a good face, etc. It will be difficult to understand that appearance is not so helpful to live, unless you go out into society and be rubbed more than that.

"Dear Hiroshi. Are you afraid of us?

Where Hong and Spring Vegetables are about to enter the questioning, Aeris suddenly asks such a question.

"To be honest, I'm scared when I'm within normal reach of you."

"So, at the current distance?

"I'm not afraid now"

"Is that because it's us? Or is it simply because you have enough distance to get away with it?

"... if it wasn't for Spring Vegetables or Elle, I'd be in the same room for so long..."

The distance that Hiroshi does not have to be nervous about his spring vegetables, aeris or Mio counterparts is currently ninety centimeters radius. Reach out to each other a little more, or a distance you can't reach unless you take another step. Alchem has a hard distance from porn troubles, but if he's just sitting in a chair and talking, he's fine as long as he's not even Octogal.

"You're not afraid of me or Master Harna, are you?

"Spring Vegetables has had some very scary occasions lately, but basically they don't"

"Ah, I'm sorry. I overreacted..."

"If you can, stop consorting with Mio La. That's because I'm so scared to death for real."

"I'm so sorry..."

To Apologize for Spring Vegetables, I have no choice but to laugh bitterly at the Japanese line. Spring vegetables overreact or bond with Mio et al., mostly when there is a problem involving Hiroshi. As a result of overreacting in an attempt to protect the macro, is it something like the glamorous leap of a maiden in love that scares the macro of the moment?

For this reason, it seemed oddly that Jinqin hated her when Rainey was dragged by the spring vegetables when they bonded. The same reason why spring vegetables were strangely radical.

"Let's get back to it, shall we?"

"Ah, I'm sorry. I think I broke my back."

"No. Never mind."

Aeris, who was smiling at the cause of Spring Vegetables overreacting, turns back to it for now.

"If you're afraid to come into contact with the opposite sex, why don't we practice?


"Yes. In the meantime, what do you say we start by holding hands lightly?

"Is that normal or not hurdle-high?

Spring vegetables shaking their necks vertically with their faces bright red, to the words of the Macro. Holding hands, albeit lightly, or perhaps too nervous for happiness, to be decent.

"If it's difficult to hold hands, touch them lightly where they might come into contact in everyday life, such as hands and shoulders. How about that?

"I'm going to push you too hard..."

"I consider myself a creature who ultimately seeks to be in contact with people. I think it's a creature that gets salvation by touching each other. But it's so sad that Hiroshi is afraid to touch each other, and he can't reach the salvation he gets from touching each other."

Douga and Tatsuya nodding as they agree to Aeris, who talks seriously about the importance of skinship. Being married, the two of them have a good understanding of what is gained by making contact with the person they put their mind to, and how big it is.

"We'll be fine. I would never do anything to hurt Hiroshi. So don't be afraid to make contact with women."

That's what I said, eyes on spring vegetables, Aeris walking by the macro and gently touching his right hand. Spring vegetables that perceive the sincerity of Aeris and have the courage to put their hands on the left hand of the macro. Exactly a flower in both hands, a body that says, but stares at the look of a macro that withstands something, hands off where I realize this would be the limit. With a sense of liberation, a macro who learns a little bit of confusion about the loneliness he feels, albeit slightly.

"Why don't you get used to us being nearby, little by little, like this?

"Hurdles are expensive......"

"I think so."

Aeris, blurring and macroscopically with a calmer voice than expected, leaves even with a dull laugh. It is, in a sense, a brilliant method of warfare, using the exquisite sense of distance that it was not as close as spring vegetables, that it was not as far from alchemy and that it had not responded as thorny as Mio.



"You know..."

Again, now take the hands of the macro just a little stronger, and look the eyes of the macro from the front with the warmest thoughts. With a strange discomfort about what I see in the blue eyes of spring vegetables, I desperately hold back my fear of what is being touched and wait for the next word.

"I'll do everything in my power to protect you, even if something like this happens."

I mouth that determination that was scattered yesterday in the bathroom, this time in a much cooler state than yesterday. I do not deny that it is floating in the fever of love, but that is the usual thing over here since I became aware of it in the Elf Forest. It would be calm enough, because at least it's not like yesterday that we're no longer able to make a decent decision.

"So just a little bit, and I'm glad you believe us."

Tell him that much, let go of his hand to spare the remnants, and spring vegetables back in position. Spring vegetables freed themselves from fear by letting go of their hands, and a reassuring sigh of ambition in their hearts, but after all, they could not hide the confusion that grew in their hearts with the slightest loneliness they felt to the extent that they could or could not be conscious.

"Well, is the love scene over yet?

Spring vegetables and aeris, the aftertaste of an action filled with undisclosed affection. Such words can be uttered to smash it.

"... when?

"That's right. Did the princess suggest to your workshop owner that we practice touching the female body ourselves?

"I've been here quite a while..."

"I didn't realize..."

Apparently, I've done a lot of bold and embarrassing imitations in front of the top of a country. It is mortally embarrassing to say in front of the queen that it is a contract that if I recall later, even within my companions alone, I will be around.

"Though I don't know, I did a rather harsh imitation of the workshop owner. If you come here because you don't want to apologize to the boulder, it will be difficult to interrupt. Well, thanks to you, you showed me a lot of good stuff. It's really good to say you're young. Don't you think so, Lord Dollar?

"Right. When I was young, I loved my wife very much."

The queen, in tune with the state of the hong and the spring vegetables, comes chasing us one after the other, involving the doga. Because of this, Doga is still a love affair with his wife.

"Isn't it loved, the workshop owner"

"Give me a break in many ways......"

"I'm going to say something about punishment. If you're a man, you can all be mine. Why don't you tell me about it?

"Unfortunately, in our hometown, multiple women are legally and socially recognized."


What an aeris it was to react strangely to the words of the Macho. Japanese gaze gathers at the reaction of the youngest girl on this occasion. The same applies to Alchem, who does not have the idea of bigamy on a racial basis. In the case of Ortem Village, there is no such thing as an implicit understanding that once a child is born and raised, cheating is OK unless it can be broken, etc.

"Something's wrong, I think I heard something funny...?

"Funny, nothing. Farlane doesn't prohibit multiple men and women from entering into marriage?

"Oh yeah..."

"Assuming, of course, that the parties are properly convinced from the bottom of their minds, and that noble principals are not allowed to bigamously marry even if they are allowed to have side chambers,"

Values change if things change, and Farlane, which apparently has a loose atmosphere across the country, is pretty loose there as well.

"That's what it is?

"Right. In the first place, it is rarer in your country to admit any bigamy, and my Farlane is a relatively demanding person. At least we don't allow bigamy in a combination of two men and three women, etc."

"Some countries admit such a combination..."

"Waldis, that's not what it looks like. Most of all, in his country, the system of marriage itself seems to be the only one with a name."

In Doga's commentary, a line of Japanese people feel the breadth of the world.

"Well, like Lord Dollar and your sorcerer, it's not uncommon for a man not to love a single wife thoroughly, and the majority of the common people have a one-on-one couple relationship."

"If I do that, it's not like I'm complaining, is it?

"No, no, no. I need a man like the owner of the workshop to surround the woman to some extent."


"At least in my Dar, there are more women. Most countries tend to be the same, as far as the information coming in here goes. Because of the recent number of births, we can't go as far as six to four, but the number of women is more dominant to the extent that it's close to 60%? In addition, there are circumstances in which a man is more likely to die because he often carries out dangerous work that uses his strength."

What a line of Japanese people make of the Queen's commentary. I wasn't so aware when I was in Urs, but if you think about it, I think the kids were more of a girl. Human beings working in stalls and shops may also have been slightly biased in proportion to women overall. I thought it was because men have more hard jobs and more jobs going out than shops, but it's not simply because there are more women, because I'm not convinced.

Naturally for this reason, figures such as the number of births counting in Farlane and Dar are not as accurate. Naturally because in the first place the population that the country grasps is 20% to 30% less than the actual total population itself. However, it is also not normal that 20% to 30% of those who do not grasp it are extremely biased against the opposite sex of the demographic trend that they are able to grasp. Therefore, the ratio of men to women that the country grasps is basically not that big and crazy.

"So why don't you taste the mystery of the female body with the concubine's body? It'll help you a lot when you deal with the princess, the witch, the elf, huh?

"Can you do something scary in so many ways!!

"Ugh, too bad. Well, I'm afraid of Lord Sing's eyes, and I'd like to beg your pardon for feeding the worm. I just did something wrong earlier, and I don't know if I'm going to give up here."

I joke and say that, and turn my gaze to Spring Vegetables next.

"Then the princess of singing. Under a concubine, why don't you hone your moves to please a man?

"... I forbid it"

"I assure you I won't deprive you of your purity?

"I'm going to be unable to declare that with my chest up..."

"Ugh, my head is stiff"

A queen who, in many ways, looks genuinely sorry for her robust spring vegetable response. He stares at me in person trying to lock Tatsuya on, shrugging his shoulders and giving up all sorts of things.

"In the meantime, Her Majesty the Queen is sure of Alvan and the whole thing."

"Yes, yes. I thought I'd ask you about it."

With the comments of the Horn, the Queen returns to the direction she was meant to be for now.

"Lord Workshop, when and where did you find out your concubine was Alvan? In the first place, we only met once as Alvan."

"When the Queen found out about Alvan, it was just a meeting. It's just that Alvan knew exactly what a woman or a cunt was like in the first time."

"On what grounds?

"Evidence, it's not hard all the time, but you can tell if it's a woman or not in itself, if you look at it. Whatever you dress up for, whatever your personality, women are just terribly scared."

"... really, muscled"

A queen who comments on the explanation of her grandeur as if she were frightened. There, Alchem, who has never tried to pinch his mouth before, speaks a simple question.

"Um, can I ask you a question?


"What is Alvan?

The venue is strangely silent on Alchem's basic question. Alchem grates at how it looks and wonders if I should have asked. It was the Queen, then Alvan, who softened the air in such a place.

"With that said, I hear Lord Elf has lived around the center of the Southern Great Forest for a long time. If I were you, I wouldn't have to know anything about Dar."

"Out of the woods, it's still about February..."

"You don't have to know about the robbery in Dar."

"Thief, is it?

"Thieves targeting nobles and merchants who do unsolicited things, mostly."

The person in question accidentally smiles bitterly at Tatsuya's description without a body or lid.

"It's true, but I'd like you to think of something a little more."

"And I don't care what you say."

"Well, that's not why. If the matter was seen and heard by the concubine himself on the boulder, and it was evidence of wrongdoing obtained directly, there would be no escape from the basic word."

"Again, you do something unscrupulous."

"Whatever mistakes you make, we have multiple ways to make sure you get away."

Together with the oddly confident queen who decides to think that whatever she says is futile and keep it through for now. It is clear from the way things have been that this queen is a man of strong habit. I guess the story will just loop where I barged in.

"Nevertheless, I always think"

"... I don't want to hear it because I feel like I'm about to say something that's not even busy, but what is it?

"In the kind of lustrous book that a man prefers, there are many developments in which he is caught without a concubine like thief and is allowed to succumb to color all he wants in a sexual sense, but why is it mostly good while there are reasons why it becomes good where he succumbs to color?

"I don't care if you ask me that..."

It was still not a busy thing. In the first place, how does what would also be a queen know the contents of an adult-designated book for men?

"I just drowned in color, as long as I need to depend on those people separately. First, the world is wide. If you look, some guys have much better moves than the guys who do those things. In the first place, I don't know what kind of illness you have in your hand. I don't know what kind of man you are. I feel like a woman who likes to sniff around again and again."

"Queen, queen. I have a kid once, so that's kind of a story."

"Mm, sorry. Certainly lacked consideration."

Tatsuya succeeds in silencing the queen for now, who tried to start a lewd conversation as if around boys high school would thrive in the classroom. Tatsuya makes me cut off the story, and Shinji stares at Mio, who accidentally struck his tongue. Spring vegetables that are dyeing cheeks uncomfortably due to the appearance of specific subtle expressions, and Aeris, who smiles and maintains a superior attitude as usual, are impressed. It should be noted that Alchem is not sure.

"Whatever it is, the hero's promises to eat with him have not been fulfilled."

"That was a promise..."

"Did you say no?

"Never mind. Well, for now, let's not talk about this."

The queen finishes the conversation in a strangely good mood and presents her final agenda.

"In the meantime, will both of your business concern the main temple of the Iglesios?


"Me and Mr. Alchem, that's where we're going."

"I'm a little concerned about this one, too. We'll have to adjust the schedule so we'll have to wait a little, but we should be leaving Dar as early as two days later, or five days later at the latest. If you'll excuse me, my concubine will accompany you."

A queen who says things that are going to be quite important and schedules herself. It is not of a good nature, because it only takes a moment like this to silence you with majesty and eyesight as the queen of a nation, even as you put in the penetration.

"I don't know what to say, but I'd like to make a short stop at the underground ruins discovered by the workshop owner. You're gonna be even late for your arrival, okay?

"That's well, no problem, why?

"Because I decided I should have contact with the people of the earth. Do you have any objections?

As Queen of Dar, I say forcefully that it will undoubtedly be an important matter. There are groups in the realm that would outnumber themselves in various ways other than numbers. It is only natural, naturally, to try to make contact in any way beyond the reports that that population is basically friendly.

However, the Queen herself does not have to wonder if it is inadvertent on the boulder.

"I admit it matters, but the Queen goes directly, careless about anything?

"Give me a bad messenger, and I can't even look him in the eye the day he coarsely phases. If it's in the aisle anyway, it's less wrong for a concubine to go directly. And the people of the earth are basically friendly people, aren't they?

"Well, that's right..."

"Light footwork is enough, my queen..."

"It's not about putting the country together with a woman. You can't keep your roots up."

The queen smiles and shows herself to Hiroshi and Tatsuya. Truly, he is a troublesome man in many ways. His hardship, which is the heart of his stomach, is obliterated.

"Well, it's time for a good time. Come on, pull it up. Sergio's loud."

"Right. We've decided what to do."


I'm just finishing up a story to summarize, and the queen reminds me of another thing I should tell you in an effort to walk away.

"Yeah, yeah, I forgot. The Princess of Singing"

"What is it?

"Dentrice hasn't given up. I stabbed a lot of nails, but I think I might have caught an extra fire. Sorry."

"Ahhh, that guy looks like he's giving up badly..."

"In some cases, this may cause trouble for the workshop owner, but I want it to work out."

Three people: Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables and Mio, whose bitter laughter leaks unexpectedly into a possible development. Until the end of what needs to be done in Dar, it was the Japanese who thought like other human resources that there still seemed to be a long way to go.