"Arrival ~"

"Oh, thank you."

At a time when Bardo and the others were hovering around by the Spring Vegetable Gospel (recording), Hongda had reached the Tower of Yangtze with the help of Octogal.

"Well, let's do a little concubine work as a bill of lading"


The queen sees a soldier alert to a group of unidentified people who appear abruptly and goes to finish what needs to be done first. Given the current situation calmly, even assuming that all the members are above the fifth level, they probably won't let us get inside properly without the Queen.

"I wish I could feed these children while Her Majesty speaks to me."


To the Octogals looking up from the ground expecting something, as promised, a Rockworm Burger to go by. I have about a hundred octogals at some point, but one at a time is enough.

It's delicious.

"Thank you."

"Three Star's ~, Tong ~"

A bite of octogall, by way of example, describes deliciousness throughout the body.

"Takoyaki, not after that tower. What's wrong?

"Come on."

"Chem, I'm waiting for you."

"Elle, I'm playing."

"Body abandonment ~"

"What body to abandon..."


Octogal returns a very unlimited response to a macro penetration. Personally, I doubt if there will be any bodies left to abandon in the first place, etc., but I don't speak for it.

"Really, my queen, can we go inside now?

"Wait a minute. Apparently, with or without clearance, we should get into the Yangtze Tower now."

I waited for the inquiry of the Macho and urge the soldier to explain with his gaze.

"There is a phenomenon called paradigm change in the tower of Yangtze. Other than the top floor, the structure inside changes regularly. This morning, the pattern just started to change. The entrance to the tower is closed this time of year, and whatever you do from the outside, it won't open."

"If you do just the door problem, you won't have a relationship."

"Master of the Workshop, are you willing to bust through the door?

"No, I haven't thought about imitating anything like that since the beginning."

So I take something out of the bag and ask Mio.

"I'm going to alienate you from around here, but do you see any signs inside?

"No problem."

"Is anyone here?

"Not till the third layer."

"I mean, basically, I know it starts today, so there shouldn't be anyone left inside"

"All right."

Nodding at Mio and the soldier's reply, he starts messing with the outer wall of the tower with the tools in his hand.

"Uh, Hong-kun. What are you doing?

"Actually, it's like the walls of a pyrotechnic tower, you can't lose a brick."

Respond to a spring vegetable inquiry, pull out one brick with great handiwork and show it. It is a surprising early start, only three seconds after the Horn began work.

"Hong-kun, I don't know if it's a boulder to collect materials in this situation right now..."

"I'm sure it will make you use it deliciously as an ingredient, but that's what it's all about."

A macro who replies to the condemning voice of spring vegetables by driving normally and pulls out bricks on a standard that the amateur doesn't quite understand. Round the outer circumference with about three minutes of work and pull out the brick so that it is like a bug eater. Then he puts a blow in a few places and creates a crack.

"I've never played games because people used to..."

Set up a heavy mall while somehow explaining to the spring vegetables, checking the placement of the bug and nodding. Check the condition of the pyloritis tower again, set the point, set the aim, and swing the score big.


I don't think I swung through the heavy weapon with full swing as it is. Beat the exact point I aimed at with precision and blow it up with a full smash. Next moment......


"Oh my..."

"Wait, hey!!

A tower of Yangtze whose ground floor part completely collapses with tremendous tremors and roaring noises. Shatter and scatter all the way to the third floor with a fallen impact.

"Mio, just in case. How far is it without human signs?

"No problems until the ninth floor. However, the monsters are astonished"

"Here, smash that far."

Hiroshi and Mio crush the tower like dropping it at once, confirming the signs, with the consideration that it would be bad if someone was left behind. Among the other members who were stunned by that too much sight, the spring vegetables, recovered as soon as possible, speak for the questions together.

"Um, Hong-kun, Mio..."


"What, Sister Chun"

"This tower, once a dungeon, could it be crushed or something?

"If I do it normally, I can't. Carpenters and civil engineering, if they're both intermediate or better, it doesn't depend on their talent."

"With my talent, I don't know where to go, but I can't smash it into boulders."

Answer the spring vegetable question without stopping the work hand and further trilayer grind. The demolition and crushing of buildings, both carpenters and civil engineers, is one of the important tasks.

Now you've crushed it to the twelfth floor.

"Confirm the signs of the Els. I'm at the top, as expected."

"See, there are two more to crush. We have to be more careful than ever."

You've been careful before, throwing up a dialogue that makes you want to penetrate without thinking about it, pulling out the brick in the same way. Even if this is not the case, even though it is a divine work efficiency, it has not sprinkled where the work is even faster. Mio also sings the company song of a building demolition contractor from everywhere, and pulls out bricks handy enough, albeit inferior to the Hiroshi.

"Don't go!

A macro who punches a wall in the mall and precisely crushes only two layers remaining to complete the work. The whims of the monsters smashed from tower to tower without question are purified with songs heard from the top floor.

"Come and help me!

Peek into the windows that exist only on the top floor and speak to the Aerys inside.

"I've been waiting for you, Master Hiroshi"

"He's calm."

"Mr. Octogall asked his people for help, because he knew it wouldn't take that long."

He smiles with a relaxed and calm attitude and Aeris stands up.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for us. Sorry for your concern."

"Elle, it was okay!?

"Yes, thanks to the recorder that Master Hiroshi gave us and to the song of Master Harna recorded there"

"That's how Elle used that one too..."

I was ready when I heard the song, but it's still something that snags when used as an attack weapon.

"For now, we'll talk about it later, and we'll finish Bardo off!

"Let it go. And then we'll crush the boss on the top floor so we can do something extra."

I'll give the Aeris and the others inside a hand and pull them outside, while I make up my plans for the rest of this. Besides not having the option to leave Baldo alone, it is best to retain him while his opponent is weak.

"Look, I'm just coming. The queen, the old lady, the witches."

"I know."

I'll take care of it.

Finish evacuating everyone to the safe zone and leave the rest to the Queen and Doga to go inside. Inside, Baldo was still wandering around.

"You guys..., make people vain everywhere...!

"No, I didn't mean to be vain."

Two balds stare at Higashi as he rises with temper and guts as the general menstrual ballad flows. Pride will not allow you to be made vain so far and stabbed to stop whilst turning.

"You've pissed us off so far!

"Die with regret for what you have made false!!

"All the time, we didn't make it up to nothing."

A macro subtly calmly plunges into a bald that transforms itself without hesitation into a third form of life-saving. In this case, it was mainly Aeris who made Baldo false, with the main aim of protecting himself. There shouldn't have been much intention of toying with Bardo and playing with him.

It seems incomplete as Baldo to have ears to listen to.

"It's not going to be a lot of trouble to show them some extra time!

"I'll do everything I can from the start!

The Baldos are somewhat desperate when they say it's for both of them. To buy time, or to front Ibiluifleet, the boss on the top floor of the tower of Yangtze, as a pigeon, enter the charge of Hell Inferno and Absolute Banish. Both are magic that, if activated, will not go out of style.

"Brother, Ifried, can you do something about it!?

"I'll try!

Spring vegetables are just beginning to sing the Noriyouthful Menstrual Series, shaking the most cumbersome Ibiluifried to Tatsuya in a way.

"Look, there's one thing I do."

He receives multiple activations of the high level magic of the icing system that Tatsuya has, and gets one of the basics while holding the weapon from the Heavy Mall to Paul Axe. Weapon was held back because the heavy mall was terrible in the process of breaking down the tower and therefore wanted to set aside time for restoration.

"Come hey!!

It no longer feels like some sort of remembrance, intimidation by the out-face. Even though it is ineffective when it is ineffective, you can't safely fight without doing this.

"Oh hey!!

Brilliantly caught up in the intimidation of the macro, Ibiluifried enters. Play it with a smash to smack it to the bald. It strikes directly at Baldo on the side chanting Absolute Banish, but doesn't even shake to that extent. The Balds continue to charge well.

"The void flashes!

Makoto releases a void flash so as to involve the two Baldos in the idea that if you go through, you can make money. The physical defense caused by Qi is considerably greater, and the wings will pay a great deal to penetrate the defense. I am desperate to get on my knees and take out the stamina potion. If you're thinking about addiction, there's one more stamina potion you can use during this fight. After that, if you don't put the interval down for at least an hour, you'll almost certainly be addicted. Most importantly, I can't move a finger anymore, so I have to convince them if they say it's not as risky as that.

A true harp that suddenly devoured recovery resources, but it seemed worth it and crushed Absolute Banish's charge. The damage done is no big deal, but even one high-powered move could have been stopped, and even then it made sense to have eaten up the number of stamina potions used from the beginning.

"Freezer Storm!

Tatsuya double-activates the high-power range magic of the icing system to confirm the departure of the true harp and keep it flowing. It was Baldo that didn't get through the damage, but he succeeds in doing that much damage to Ibiluifried.

Ibiluifried and the boss of the tower of Yangtze, bent over. No matter how Tatsuya's wand excels at amplification rate, no matter how he eats the high magic of the weakness attribute two shots at the same time, he's not weak enough to be dropped by it alone. Though it has taken less damage along with True Harp's void flashes, it can't be named a boss or anything like that, as if it could be stopped to that extent.

I also know about Tatsuya, so I am preparing my next hand to flow.

"Oxide Circle!"

Special attack magic that is no longer synonymous with Tatsuya. Normally, while magic has little effect on dungeon bosses, it has the same effect as normal attack magic for monsters whose bodies are made of flames, such as iflets and flare spirits, and monsters who are damaged when they are extinguished from flames, such as darkness candles.


Leaving Ibilui Fleet, whose movements have stopped in the Oxide Circle, a mash stretches out Bardo, who still persists in his hell-inferno chant. Naturally, there is no damage, but the influence of the spring vegetable song or the wall of chi is strangely thin, and I haven't been able to cancel it until the effect of blowing it up.

As a result, the bounced Baldo is slammed against the wall in a way that involves Yfried and the other, stopping him from chanting, albeit for about a second.


Mio shoots a penetrating shooting technique and piercing snipe into the balds, who were knocked against the wall with one stiffening and stopped moving. It is a type of move that can attack all opponents on the ray with a shooting attack that disables the defense of the armor by about half, as the name of Piercing suggests. The cost is relatively light, even if you hit a defensive opponent like the Balds, because the defense of the armor is limited and only halved.

Although this also doesn't do as much damage to Baldo, it works perfectly for Ibiluifleet. Two Holy Heaven octopolar cannons from Tatsuya landed in the stream as it was, and Spring Vegetables, who were even more prepared for a sneak move, stabbed Ibiluifleet exactly in the stop with a magic sword technique/icicle dance that came out on the front in a single fly and left. It is quite something because it does not interrupt the general menstrual ballad during this time.

A bunch of highs who stuck around without allowing their opponents to act like a chess stuffer, but they don't always go the way they want to on a boulder. Although I have interrupted, unfortunately, I cannot cancel HellInferno until the end, which finally allows the activation of the enemy's grand moves.

"I'm sorry to hear that! That's it!!

Great Magic and Hell Inferno. Normally, the magic of despair, however, is completely nullified by the hands of just one man.

"Around the guard or! Too bad you did it!!

The wide area defense skills activated by the Macro drag the magic that is supposed to turn a strip of ash around here completely into a personal attack. And...

"It's the same powerful Hell Inferno as it was in Farlane, can it work now!!

Demystified to the point where it does not even reach the lowest magic due to the voice of the Macro temper, Hell Inferno vanishes without even scorching the surface of the leather armor.

Had the Horn remained as it was at Farlane, some more damage would have gone through. However, production skills, such as agriculture and civil engineering, have risen, adding to the exaggerated spiritual training effect of continuing to make them, and the performance of Fortress has soared as a result of continuing to be even beaten by Ibiluent to a halt, and the mere magical attack from the Bardo degree is no longer extremely unlikely to cause damage, even if it is grand magic.

Moreover, although this is yet another fact that no one is more popular, the earlier work of destroying the tower contains a terrible amount of experience if you say it gamely, because it has started and ended a large number of monsters even though it is not meant to be. As a result, three people, Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables and Mio, who were not originally so high in level, have experienced nearly double-digit level increases.

As a result, the effect is too plain for him after the original is too strong, but Donghong is pushing one foot into an area where even God can't make him die instantly. Unless even a defensive null attack knocks him in, he can't do damage or anything, and when it comes to sharpening his defense to a level where the damage passes, the original Baldo stamina and magic are a little short of cutting his vitality.

We just can't defeat it because we don't have enough attack power at all, and it's no longer a threat to Hiroshi, such as Baldo.

"Hey, stop it!!

"Don't nag me, kid!!

A macro who tried to wave Paul Axe down on Baldo, the one who underdeveloped Hell Inferno, is bounced off by another Baldo smash.

"Sure, I can't kill you as I am now. Let's admit it."

"But I'm not here in pairs to Dada!!

When I bark so loudly, I throw away the flesh that had materialized and become a hunk of anger and interact.

"I feel bad about it."

"Everybody, once we withdraw!!

Somehow, I don't feel good to be here. I can't explain why, but if it's deceptive here, it's fatal. Follow that intuition and the grand rush to escape the window. And a few seconds later.


"That's not true..."

Suddenly a slightly regenerated pyloric tower deforms in front of me and becomes a giant golem. Higashi has no choice but to admire the sight on the boulder. When I saw that the top floor of the tower had also changed into an unexplained shape during the deformation, I would definitely not have been safe inside as it was.

"My lord the workshop owner, what is that...?

"I don't care if you ask me, but it looks like Bardo and I did something strange together."

"It's also a difficult situation…"

The deformation of the giant golem was finally complete in front of the two of them, who were causing their faces to be drawn to a truly difficult situation.


Behind expectations before the start of the fight, the giant golem was not as threatening as I thought.

"You're slower than I expected."

"Instead, it's stiffer and sturdier than expected"

Makoto and Mio's comments with a few attacks would be all of the hallmarks of this Baldgorem. After that, the attack launched from the giant is likely to be catastrophic even if it is only scratched by a macro?

"Hiro! Something is coming!!

"Roger that!

I put about two breaths from Tatsuya's warning and the beam flies from where it hits my eyes. Apparently, it's a magical attack. It vanishes at the same time as it hits the body of a macro.


A muscle that jerks off the punch of the golem and keeps putting a smash that can be held in the heavy mall at the left ankle with even a low kick procedure. Simply because that's the only place where the attack arrives, but from those who get hit, they're badly flattered. I'm not hitting you with a lot of firepower, but if I do, I'll come after you and Hiroshi.



"I don't have enough firepower. I don't care how many shots you hit, I feel damaged. Heh."

"It's that size..."

Tatsuya agrees with Hiroshi's words as he fled the golem's kick in a big hurry, not feeling equally handy handy.

"I'm going to take another eight pole cannon, but it doesn't really feel like it's working..."

Tatsuya slaps the Holy Heaven Octopus cannon into her left ankle while blurring. Cutting off some surface bricks doesn't even look like it's damaged by this.

"Holy shit, do you have any hands..."

"If I over-accelerate you, will it do some damage?

"That'll get you out, but it doesn't seem to have that dramatic effect, does it?


Spring vegetables that suggest a hand that seems to work at all for the glued state that I can't help, but I have to admit that even the person who said it is ineffective for the risk. I guess the situation would have been a little better if Hiroshi had a blunt weapon based grand move, but unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has the heart of that hand move. Rather, the problem on that side is tougher than the fact that the Macro is passive in mastering combat skills, but therefore the improvement around the Macro attack has not always progressed.

"Come on, just this once. I wish Hiro could use that..."

Tatsuya whines about a solution that can also be described as optimal as blurry while waiting for the cool-time completion of the Holy Heaven octopolar cannon. Titanic Lore, a Melee Physical Attack with the greatest destructive power of the team, held by the Macro. A special attack that would probably work best for a golem opponent: if it's a heavy weapon, you can shoot even blunt weapons. I just used it once on my Baldo opponent at Farlane and I didn't think the time would come when I would miss that move so much that I still didn't know how to activate it.

"Speaking of which, Mio, you were getting extra skills from Master Alanwen, weren't you?

"If you don't know where the core is, I don't think it works for the golem opponent"

"Does it work to work?

"It should work"

Mio continues his observational shooting as he responds to the queries of Spring Vegetables and Tatsuya. A penetrating technique seems to be powerful enough to pierce for now, and I'm looking for a slightly brittle spot to see the difference in stabbing.

"Hiro, do you have any idea?

"Unfortunately, I don't know enough to assure you"

Hiroshi answers, bravely challenging Golem's feet as he is about to be trampled. I've been manipulating the attack since just now, but honestly, I can't stop sweating cold at the golem, which is moving a little better from earlier.

"Just, well, if you do it, if you shoot it out around your chest, yeah?

"On what grounds?

"Whether you have a core or not, just blow one leg off. Don't do it all the time?

"I see."

Convinced by Macro's comments, the Golem suddenly jumps when he tries to shoot a Holy Heaven octopolar cannon at the end of cooltime.


"Oh no!!

Even if the Golem's intentions were to be guessed, there wouldn't be that much time until the landing just because it jumped lightly.

What happens if something the same size, same weight, as a fifteen-story tower jumps about three meters at a combatable distance? The impact of the landing caused the ground to shake beyond standing.


While falling, the golem stepped on a rolling horse, but then he gets a kick straight out of his hair, and he gets blown up to where the Spring Vegetables are.


"It's okay, for once..."

He claims to be alive and well in the screaming spring vegetables and manages to get up with his aching back. The blow, which would probably have been minced if Spring Vegetables or Tatsuya had received it, was not at all intact even in the boulder's magnificent. Large sizes are still the only threat.

Honestly, I can only thank the Queen for using Octogal to evacuate the Aeris and the others. Just to be clear, I'm not the one who can fight while I care about them.

"Mio, maybe there's no respite anymore!

"Copy that!"

After receiving the decree of Tatsuya, Mio finally enters the preparation of extra skills. The move, named Giant Dragon Drop, is a special attempt to shoot out an arrow with enormous energy, completely ignoring the attenuation caused by compatibility, penetrating the opponent on the ray, and rattling from the inside with its impact.

The name comes from the fact that a hunter, protected by Alanwen, shot and killed an evil dragon as many as a castle. The name doesn't have any special effects on dragon monsters on the back, but its power is perfectly fine without special effects.


Unusual for Mio, he releases an arrow with the voice of temper. Arrows released with so much energy that the bow stings shoot straight through the chest of the golem without drawing a parabola. Cracks spreading across the torso from the worn holes do not completely crush the golem.

"Another shot..."

"I don't have a bow on a boulder"

Turning his gaze to Mio's words, the bow was indeed quite strained by an earlier blow. Perhaps I can still fix it now, but if I shoot another shot, I could totally smash it.

"That's extra skill. Not enough practice, not enough weapons..."

Together we turn our gaze to the Golem, who claims to still be alive after all that damage, nodding inside Mio's blur. If you think about the possibility of self-repair, you should break the bow but put another blow in it. But as far as the state of Mio's bow is concerned, whether he can fire a second shot of extra skill is likely to be a huge blow in itself.

"If that's all the cracks in there, maybe my trump card will go through."


"I've kept my mouth shut until now, but I have it too, don't I, Extra Skills"

I'm about to raise my voice to the abrupt true harp cumming out, and I swallow my surprise voice somehow thinking about who it is and why I was silent. It was a needless confirmation that he managed to get out with his mouth poked.

"Were you ever silent because it was a knife move?

"That said, I never even used it during the game."

"... right, a weapon..."

Various compelling reasons. If you hear that, you can totally lose your temper to complain about hiding it so far. However, since Tatsuya and the others don't complain in the first place, I didn't intend to say so much from the beginning.

"Hon, can you hit another wave?

"I have enough stock left to rebuild the weapons for everyone."

"Then say hello again"

If you say that and lay the knife on your sheath and raise your hand gently, you confront the golem without any feeling. As it is, there is not enough range to crack and slash, so wait for the opponent to empty the punch. Step on it, kick it, and here comes the third attack. The punch I've been waiting for. I dodge that at a slightly extra distance and jump on my arm and run up all at once.

"I'll show you what a doorway is!!

Run as far as the attack reaches the torso as the blade extraction technique stands, releasing the energy stored in the storage at once and accelerating your speed beyond the limit.

"Disease slaughter/ground!

Derived depths to some moulds. Makoto unleashes its most basic form. Just quick and cut over and over again. That's just the depths if you're going to say it. But if that speed leads to more than twenty slashes per second, I can't even say that my mouth is just fast or something.

Simple moves that are specialized enough to push through in one direction are much stronger than doing difficult things. Most of all,

"After all, isn't it enough..."

True harp himself clearly understood what could not be accomplished with this.

"Isn't that enough..."

"At least, if I'd known Hiroshi since the game days, I'd have had the confidence to end it now."

Makoto responds to a bitter laugh as he shows a broken knife at the same time as he finishes releasing his last flash. She was right, assuming that if she knew Hiroshi and Game Age, she would have been able to use a kamikaze knife, and would have been more proficient in the depths as much as she could have trained with that knife. As a result, the knife could not be broken, and the same moves could be released with even greater power and precision, and the golem could have been thoroughly crushed. In fact, even if I said it wasn't enough, if 10% or 20% more moves were more powerful, that would have determined the battle.

If I were to say another thing, if the knife used by True Harp was not an alloy of Magic Iron and Mithrills, but an Orihalcon or Adamantite, I would have used another highly powerful mould, so it would still be over now.

But then it's just a waste of time to say. Besides, whether they can be activated or not, they still have one more shot, an attack by extra skill. Even if the opponent has a few dots of HP left because of their defense, they won't be able to sharpen it with a normal big move, but they can normally overkill it if they can use extra skills.

"Well, that's why it's your turn."

"Make up your mind, hero"

"All the time, I can activate it."

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

An elderly group that sends out with a breakthrough on a passive macro. In fact, if the Macro can't use Titanic Roar, it could even be reversed from here. It's not that I don't have a hand in extra-large pomegranate, but unfortunately, using the biggest pomegranate doesn't mightily reach extra skill, and on top of that, I'm still anxious about whether it can be stopped because it tends to spread destructive power.

At the end of the day, if the Macro doesn't become a hero, it won't end.

"Well, I'll just try."

That's the answer, storming the heavy mall wielding it over his head. The golem, which seemed to try to intercept that macro, abruptly behaves strangely.


"I have a feeling it's gonna suck."

"I mean, hold your arms yourself, there's only one development after this"

Four true harps nodding blue at Mio's words and trying to scatter in a great panic. But ruthlessly, the opponents act much faster, and before Tatsuya and the others finish running away, the Golem throws his left arm at them with all his might.

"Let it be!!

Golem's left arm thrown at him with great momentum. A macro desperate to intercept it. Even if you take unprecedented damage with a direct strike of unsprayed mass, only prevent the four people behind you from getting completely involved somehow. However, that blow beyond the limit of the Around Guard could not be taken by the main unit without all the attack power...

"Spring vegetables!?

"Sister Chun!!

It strikes directly at the broken arm when the Macro takes it, whether there will be fragments of it or spring vegetables. Most of the energy is lost by shifting momentum with a cushion called Hiroshi and bouncing further on the ground, but it is still a fragment the size of Spring Vegetables. Spring vegetables that take a direct hit get underlaid without even being able to scream.

"Spring vegetables!

The golem jumps up big so that you can't leave it on the boulder and provoke the macro who tried to ignore the boss and get the debris out of the way. The moment I saw it, something switched in the macro.

"Out of the way......, sorry!!

Dash into the landing point of the golem and tap a smash that uses your whole body to match the timing of the landing. Given that Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables would have fallen together if they had landed as they were, that action, which can only be described as reckless through impotence, succeeds in making the golem fly away and fall brilliantly.

At the price of being unscrupulous, a good amount of blood erupts from the wounds I received earlier, but I didn't know anything about that at all.

"I don't care about the material or anything. Yes! Forever, no!!

My legs lift when I'm bounced off, relentlessly tapping into the strongest moves I can hold on the golem that was holding back without getting up. Extra skills that have never been activated after many attempts normally maximize power as if nothing had happened, shattering the golem and heavy mall. Naturally, knockbacks come to Hiroshi himself, but he doesn't have a body as soft as what happens with it.

Using a spicy leftover pattern to tap into what looked like a core, Hiroshi left everything and ran over to the spring vegetables.

"Spring vegetables, are you okay!?

"To the boulder..., I don't know if it's okay... I can't say..."

The debris, which struck directly at the spring vegetables, weighed so heavily that three other people besides Hiroshi could not move even if they tried to lift it at all costs. Lifting the debris lightly as if nothing had happened, Hiroshi looks worried and checks on the spring vegetables. Apparently, the near-double muscle strength value of the true harp is not Dada.

"For now......, return heel......"

Spring vegetables that treat wounds and flutter but stand up in a way that restores them to the condition they were in before the debris struck directly. Then fully heal the magnificent, plainly quite severely injured, with the Goddess Healing and Accelerated System Recovery Extra Skill High Speed Regenerate.

"Maybe, but if I hadn't worn this cutter shirt, it could have been dangerous"

"Maybe later with that brooch?


Spring vegetables nodding a little happily to Jinqin's point. I was able to protect the man I liked in many ways. There's no reason to be unhappy.

"Nevertheless, I wasn't expecting Hiro to cut that far."

"You know, no matter how much I heck or how much I kill my people, I'm not gonna be so cold blooded as to cut them off."

buddy, the spring vegetables that I had subtly in the word completely smashed my expectations and accidentally had no choice but to laugh inside. Due to the character of Hiroshi, even if it was Tatsuya or Makoto who were dying in an earlier attack, he would have seriously cut it and smashed the golem. In that sense, I know as well as I know that I am not special among these members.

But still, the fact that you even threw out the ingredients for yourself is such a joy for Spring Vegetables to get into five fingers in life. Because to the extent that the golem is crushed without thinking about the ingredients, spring vegetables are in an important position for Hong.

"Spring vegetables, I'm sorry......"


"At that time, if I hadn't prevented it properly, it wouldn't have happened. Sorry......"

"I can't help that one. Maybe Uncle Dollar can't take full control of the shattered fragments."

"I'm a tank, though. If the tank passes behind such a big attack, it won't."

Spring vegetables are dying, they were quite shocked about it. A macro that is not enough in the expression of being snagged.

"If the tank can prevent all attacks, that's not why we stick to protective gear in the first place."

"Master, the monsters of this world are not sweet enough to be manageable with one wall"

True harp and Mio enter the majesty with harsh facts. Honestly, the battle was too steady when there was a Macro before. Normally, human beings other than wall actors are attacked quite often. I don't have time to name a few things, such as the game age, when the back-attack knocked me into the back guard and wiped out all the big moves.

"You know, Hiroshi. If it's the job of the tank not to go through the attack behind it, it's our duty to make sure no one outside the tank dies instantly, even in unforeseen circumstances."

"That's what I said. Reflections are over. We're going to fish for material."

You can be proud of yourself for dealing with a golem that size in the first place and eventually ending it all without lethal injury. With that in mind, Tatsuya waves to recover material that Hiroshi ignored. Spring vegetables are dying because of the reflections of everyone, including himself as well as Macro. There is no need for one macro to carry excessively.

"Master, rubble around the core, if successfully purified, you may be able to pick the orihalcon"

"Really?... Me too. If you do well, you might be able to do something about Makoto-san's sword."

"Hong-jun. Can you use this core for something?

"I have a lot of uses, but for now, I'm on hold."

While discussing with others, we will ensure a significant amount of stone material that remains the size that can be used as building material, and otherwise collect it, including bricks that were safe. A hong who gets a large number of ranked materials that are not so easily available, mainly stone, brick, sand, etc. and unwittingly loosens his face.

"No, I thought,"

"Hmm? What?

"This, maybe if I cook it, I can eat it?

"Maybe you can eat it."

"I knew you could eat..."

Confirmed what I remembered when I was collecting it, and Tatsuya became a cheap face. He said he wasn't equipped enough, so probably the day won't come when he'll be eating this. But I also know very well that I can't say absolutely. Getestuff needs to be by about mites is the true desire of a man who lived in a Japanese city.

"Speaking of which, what happens after this, the tower of Yangtze?

"Are you going to grow up again because of the alienation around here?

"He said it would grow..."

Spring vegetables that, while bitterly laughing at the majestic things they say, somehow turn their gaze around the area where the Yangtze Tower stood and accidentally end. Most of all, if anyone sees the sight, they'll have to stop.

"Really, I've grown..."

"I told you a joke, but I didn't expect you to grow up real deep."

Because just as Spring Vegetables predicted the timing of their gaze, the tower of Yangtze grew as if it were reminiscent of a tachen or something. If you want to make a phonetic sound, it's nothing but a little bit. It is like that.

"What's been growing in the trigger?"

"Didn't Lasbos drop item collection reset the condition inside?

"Oh, I see"

Specifications common to most dungeons that Tatsuya has brought up. Honda is badly convinced to hear that. The Yangtze Tower is not an instance dungeon, the type of dungeon where the inside is generated for each so-called party. Still, specifications existed that if someone defeated the boss on every floor, the monsters and crates on that floor would be reset. If you ask me if this is a more extreme form of it, I can be quite convinced.

As a result, the bosses on each floor of the Yangtze Tower are revived by placing a randomly determined interval between thirty minutes and eight hours after being defeated once, or by defeating the Ibiluifried on the fifteenth floor. The revival time of Ibiluifried is random and unlike the other floor bosses, there is no revival beyond the passage of time. In addition to the purpose of avoiding one group from occupying the boss, this also has the purpose of preventing one group from resetting the floor and making rough money multiple times by capturing the boss. Because the time between the boss's defeat and regeneration is different every time, if you have time to stick to one floor, it is more efficient to go into another instant dungeon.

"Apparently, you're safe."

You confirm that the tower of Yangtze has grown, and the queen walks to Hongda.

"You don't have any injuries?

"Because the evacuation ended quite smoothly. We don't have a problem with that."

"Good for you."

With that said, he approaches the regenerated Yangtze Tower, touches the walls with a pebble and begins to confirm something.

"What are you doing?

"It's all over, and I thought I'd go get some more brick pussy."

"It's about to collapse, so I'd like you to stop if you could."

"It's okay. I think it broke down so much that it came back to life, probably in about eight hours."

"Well, I'm not saying no, the more so."

Ultimately, the queen still sees a macro obsessed with the material and unexpectedly grins. In the end, the hong was a hong no matter where he went.