Fairy Tale Chronicles

Later, part one.

"Sister Chun, what do we do?

"I don't know what to do..."

Before every request from the Queen, Spring Vegetables and Mio were very troubled. Hiroshi is currently absent from Dar's workshop in order to prepare under the transfer formation installation. At last, he said that he would work in Ursu's workshop in a variety of ways, so he also took True Harp with him because of the combination of his work.

"What's bothering you?

"The queen asked me to think a lot about how to make and eat chocolate."

"... Oh, I see. Is that what you mean?"

"Chocolate is an ingredient that has a pretty strong smell..."

Tatsuya is badly convinced by the words of spring vegetables. The processing of chocolate confectionery, which is likely to leave a splash of incense all over the body, is likely to be quite dangerous, considering that the smell from the tiny shards alone almost panicked.

"I know I should say no if I'm normal..."

"Well, you guys will want to eat it too..."

Tatsuya points out the essence of her worries with a smile and an indescribable look on Spring Vegetables who answers somewhere awkwardly. In the end, it is all there.

"If this is just a matter of liking or disliking, I don't have the muscle to complain about you guys eating chocolate."

"You're reacting to rejection at your instinct level..."

I remember when chocolate came out by accident, and the spring vegetables nodding at each other with bitter faces. If it also causes boulders to sag the boundaries of life and death for three days and three nights, they will really remember fear at the instinctive stage. I can't help but say that the real cause is rotten raw meat, because what my body remembers is the fact that I ate chocolate.

Even more troublesome, I'm not afraid of the approximate compared to chocolate, etc., but the truth is that I don't like chocolate. At least I've never seen chocolate on footage, photos, etc., but I've never said anything about having a flashback. Even though it seems delicious to look at photographs and so on, it is even more pitiful where only fear springs from looking at the real thing.

Even now, as with female phobia, the phobia of chocolate is much better than it used to be. Initially when I was in the hospital, I panicked, in some cases even passed out, just looking at the silhouette of the woman's photographs and pictures, and the chocolate was in such a situation that I needed a sedative just to get a glimpse of the topic. Then thinking about it, it's no exaggeration to say that the situation now shows miraculous recovery.

"So, you're telling Hiro, right? What's he saying in person?

"If I knew from the beginning that I smelled it, I could handle it, so I should go without worrying."

"That's what the master said. If you were my brother, would you be able to go without worrying?

"... tough, sure"

Even though it's a lot better than it was initially because we built trust, we're already burdened by the fact that all three women are acting together. Any more burdens on deadly weaknesses are hesitant to do anything. I hesitate......

"I still want chocolate..."

"Patience there, is that not healthy,"

"Brothers, it should be tough to put up with the coffee you have because someone is afraid of coffee."

"Well, hey..."

It's a more troublesome situation than I thought, even though I'm just talking about wanting to eat chocolate. An even more difficult story would be that, unlike female phobia, chocolate phobia is scarce in the reasons that force it to be overcome.

Chocolate is basically just a hobby. In some cases, the inability to eat chocolate due to the combination of calories and nutritional value, such as during disasters or when shipwrecked in snow mountains, is disadvantageous, but at least in the present situation, only the macro doesn't have to worry about it.

Forcing them to overcome that extent because they want to eat is part of saying whether or not they are people at all, and on the day they try to force them to overcome it, they don't know how to screw it up. Therefore, even Mio, who has a basic sparta tendency, is not going to be forced when it comes to chocolate.

"For once or so, I'm sorry, but maybe you can put up with me..."

"I didn't have to say this once."

"Once I eat it, I see you want to eat it again. At least, I can't trust my self-control in saying that."

"Me, too."

Perhaps so will the true harp in this regard. She is also feminine and chocolate is usually a favorite. If it's in front of you, you'll definitely eat it, and once you do, you'll definitely be the first to eat it, and then again, you'll want to eat it and you won't be able to stand it. Because I know that, I guess I took it on without complaining about the help of a macro that can't eat chocolate.

"It's about the queen, so I don't think I'd say anything if I said no, but it's a troubling place to say no."

If there is so much untrained, shouldn't we have already had the Macro eat for it? Honestly Tatsuya has to think so. I'm not talking about it earlier, but if we put up with ourselves here and accept the burden, that's the only way we can stay lumpy until later.

"Hey, I thought"


"What do you say we make a level of chocolate that's okay to eat where Hiro is with us?


"Even Hiro will have a line where you don't need to be as patient as you are, and why don't you just make a guy who doesn't stick out by finding him there?

Spring vegetables and Mio with faces that Tatsuya had never even thought about proposing. It's true that photographs and illustrations are okay, so there's gotta be a line that doesn't bother me that I made them real. Even if it's impossible to feed the person in person, it doesn't necessarily mean that the person you're with can't make something that doesn't have a problem with your mouth.

"But that's going to be quite a burden by the time it's done..."

"That's less negative in the long run, so let's just have a little patience. Perhaps we'll have to put up with each other in total for less time."

Spring vegetables and Mio that I seriously think into words I don't know if Tatsuya is convincing or not. If that's true, I feel like it's quite true.

"... right. Even if you can't eat it, maybe you can't just step in there and look at the real thing, and the condition is better."

"I don't know if it's possible, but I think there are times when the master won't be able to fight or sprinkle because of the chocolate, so I'll just keep it to a point where I can overcome it as far as I can't"

Spring vegetables and Mio, who end up losing their desires and are more theoretically armed to Tatsuya's words, decide to take on the task of chocolate prototyping. I still want what I want.

But I didn't just lose my appetite. Even though I probably don't think I can, if I can make chocolate that can eat a macro, I would love to make it and feed it. It's a pretty lonely story to say that you can't eat what you liked because of your phobia, so it's a maiden mind that wants to solve it if you can solve it.

In the case of spring vegetables, there is also the colour that if the cocoa relationship can be used, the range of dishes can be widened if applied to other dishes, so it is subtle whether Mio or Mio who just want to eat it are more productive.

"So, it doesn't matter, for your information. Tatsuya likes mushrooms and tachenos, which one do you prefer?

"Strong words. Hey, you're a mushroom."

"Where's Mio?

"Definitely Takenoko"

"I see."

I will gently swing the subject about the national chocolate treats being released by a manufacturer, and work out the plan with some convincing indication that I see. Because I love both spring vegetables equally. The stance is that mushrooms have mushrooms and taches have good taches.

"Nevertheless, I think the first goal is the most standard flavor of board chocolate that can be bought for about a hundred yen, coming from the manufacturer of mushroom taco."

"Well, chocolate is basically the ultimate after all."

Spring vegetables that make standard flavored plate chocolate a story, perhaps the biggest cause of the alleged delay in Japanese chocolate culture. The fact that the most affordable and affordable chocolate is well balanced and appreciated from overseas is probably a good representation of the depth of Japan's business.

For the record, it feels that these 100-yen board chocolates, in Japan, can be easily bought with a single coin, but it seems quite difficult to make something that can be bought with the same price sensation using the same quality of ingredients when abroad. It is mainly because the quality of milk used in milk chocolate is so high that I don't think I would use it for something like 100 yen. As a result, the culture of chocolate tends to be less developed in Japan than in Europe, because it does not have to make elaborate chocolate to be satisfied enough for about a hundred yen.

It is a story reminiscent of the anecdote that firearm development stopped because the performance and accuracy of the volcanic gun was a good match for the early rifle gun, and consequently took a backward turn at the end of the shooting with the performance of the firearm.

"I don't know if that's where we're going to start, but isn't that kind of damage to Hiro going to increase?

"I'm going to adjust from there. Do you want to start with the smell?

"I see."

"It's a corner, tell me Tatsuya's favorite chocolate or something"


Shaken by spring vegetables, Tatsuya thinks a little. It's not that I hate chocolate, but it's not that I eat it aggressively. The more I eat normally, the less I like this. Strongly speaking, I would like you to avoid things that are too sweet, but if you like bitter chocolate, then you don't.

In short, anything that falls within the normal range is fine.

"I see. That's more or less what a man looks like."

"Sort of. I mean, even women don't like extremely sweet guys like that, do they?

"There are very few exceptions, but even girls have limits to sweetness, naturally."

Spring vegetables that bitterly agree with Tatsuya's obvious point. There are quite a few people who don't like sweet things even women in the first place, so I guess there's no extreme difference in the degree of sweetness that men and women prefer. So much so that men usually say "not very sweet and delicious," and so on, whilst savoring the sweetness that they have eaten with difficulty.

"And if it's my personal preference, I'd like some finger chocolate"

"Ah, yeah. It's delicious, too."

"Cheesy, but also good for a pinch of alcohol"

"Or rather, because it's a pinch of alcohol?

"I don't deny it"

Spring vegetables that listen to Tatsuya's preferences and lightly note them on the prototype list in the corner of her head. Priorities drop, but variations never cross the line.

"Well, we're going to make a lot of things for now, so maybe a week will smell like chocolate."

"I guess. Well, come on."


Spring vegetables to set the policy for now and just get ready. As you begin to indulge in ingredients with your nostrils, you'll still be happy to say what it is and eat chocolate.

Thus, the project of overcoming the weaknesses of Hiroshi, which also served as an excuse for himself, began secretly in a place unknown to him.

That day, the kitchen in the outer palace of the Dar Palace was wrapped in the smell of chocolate.

"I wonder if this is the limit when it's Dar Goat milk...?

"I think this is the limit when it comes to the quality you normally get"

Spring vegetables and Mio to taste some prototypes and conclude so, albeit with a sliced neck. That's a pretty good line, but it feels like there's a little too much or too much more to it.

"After all, going for Japanese milk chocolate feels like a high hurdle"

"In the first place, fundamentally milk and darling goat milk taste too different"

Mio agrees with the spitting weakness of spring vegetables by telling her what she feels wrong. If you aim for the roundness of the palate, the flavour becomes more difficult, and if you prioritize the balance between sweetness and bitterness and the good aftertaste, you lose the smoothness of the mouth and the good taste. I have tried adding and pulling things together, but the atmosphere does not reach the golden balance of Japanese board chocolate.

"Besides, I just thought, do Dar people find Japanese board chocolate tasty?

"... now I doubt it, if you ask me"

Different climates and terroirs also change the taste you prefer. With exceptions like the Wyverngara soup, the dashi thin flavor I received in Farlane probably won't be much liked. Guess from what I'm saying, there's no chance that the chocolate we make is the best chocolate in Dar.

"Then maybe you should give it a try to someone else"

"Who do you want me to try?

In the meantime, explore candidates for tasting while ventilating and fading the smell of chocolate. I don't know many Dar people, so when it comes to who they're likely to eat, it's about some of the Temple of Iglesios, the Queen, Sergio, Dentris, and later the servants I took care of when I was staying here.

Despite the Queen's request, it is hesitant to let the greatest man in Dar try something prototype-level for the prototype, and Sergio, its proximity, automatically comes off the candidate as well. Dentris, who in many ways seems to be a pain in the ass later, is dismissed, and the temple of Igleos is a little too far away for both the main and the minute halls.

It would be best for all the servants when that happens, but it seems annoying during working hours and somehow distracts me. The cook, then, says that the out-of-home kitchen that we are now allowed to use is usually scarcely used, although care is the only way to get around every corner. Because of this, there is not a single cook, and there is no one to listen to. Somehow we had to have a quick little dinner today, so we couldn't afford room for the two of us to prototype the chocolate.

The seemingly sorry faces of those involved when they were put through this out-of-home kitchen were so much more frightening to the spring vegetables rather.

"First the professional tongue, so the main kitchen."

"Looks like we're getting ready under the dinner war right now, but are you okay?

"You should be okay enough to take a bite."

Spring vegetables that I feel a little distracted by Mio's handsome judgment, but basically I can't find a tasting partner in this outhouse where there are no people except for morning and evening cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes I can't think of any other ideas, so I decide to be prepared for just a little bit.

For now, I prepare three squeezed things as candidates and two that dare to shake the ingredients formula to the extreme, and when I stand up to go outside, I feel signs that someone is coming into the kitchen.

"Have you finished your work today?

One woman came to voice in an elegant tone before Spring Vegetables and Mio switched to signs.

"Master Magdalena?

"I snuck in to see how it went when I heard Her Majesty the Queen did you another impossible favor..."

Impossible favor, a woman who keeps her words elegantly quiet while giving her an atmosphere of fright somewhere where she says. He is the former First Princess of Farlane and Crown Princess of Magdalena, who has only faced each other once in the introduction of Aeris.

"Unless you're really sorry you asked me to come around the corner and you're going to have to work in such an inconvenient place with a sudden interruption."

"I don't have a problem with that, but are you okay to come here alone?

"Whatever happened two years ago, now just because I walked around the royal palace by myself doesn't mean something's going to go wrong."

A circumstance in which Magdalena needed to marry five and a younger Prince Wang, which was also still thirteen children at the time. Makes a rigid statement that doesn't suit the tone, even though it makes you smell a little bit about it. The assassination of an earlier king seven years ago and the ensuing chaos. It was indeed necessary for her to become the Crown Princess in order to suppress it and entrench the Queen's kingship.

In addition to its troublesome circumstances, Magdalena is thorough in the basic air except when she does the minimum necessary work as the Crown Princess, due to the fact that a married person does not do a lot when she says bad things at the place of her dowry. For this reason, within the Royal Palace, I don't hear anything particularly good or bad about her, except words that compliment her appearance.

"Uh, is that all you need?

"Right. It's a corner, so what do you call chocolate in your country, a new treat made with cocoa? I was wondering if you could have one of those."

"It's still a prototype, and I'm going to ask you your opinion and try to adjust it..."

"Then I hope you'll also take my opinion into account."

Spring vegetables and Mio, who are a little worried about what to do when they say something that is not intact. The troubling part is that Magdalena's taste will probably be different from Dar's human.

"If I were to tell you the truth..."


"Since I've been in this country, I've had a lot of flavored things and a lot less sweet for sugar regions. I'm starving for moderately sweet treats."

Magdalena complains cuttingly with a rather truly imminent look, accompanied by royalty-specific eyesight. This is still the mother of one child.

"Ha ha..."

"I think I know that..."

I know exactly what I'm trying to say, but how about leaving my daughter, who's not yet a year old for that? Spring vegetables who don't even think so. In reality, Magdalena worked too hard to take care of her daughter, so after keeping the princess, whose surroundings she saw were easily asleep, I strongly advised her to come to Spring Vegetables and Mio with both distractions.

"That's what I'm saying, so could you give me one thing to say prototype?

"... ok"

Magdalena strongly urges me to line up the three varieties of fate for now so that I know which one they are, and give them with tea to erase the flavor.

"It's something that changed the formula a bit. I hope you can give me your opinion on which one you prefer."

Magdalena nods one at the word of spring vegetables and carries it from the blackish to the mouth in turn, with only slightly different colors depending on the formula percentage of the milk.

"... all delicious, but I wonder if my taste is in the middle"

"Oh, I knew it"

Spring vegetables that leak a twinkle that I hear Magdalena reply and say would be. Farlanese taste is relatively close to Japanese. I didn't expect Magdalena's preference to go so far away from what I think the spring vegetables would taste best, and the results were just as expected.

"Speaking of greed, I wish this strange amount could be contained a little more"

"Maybe if I tweaked it using milk, not darling goat's milk, which is also good quality, it would refresh the aftertaste a little bit."

"Oh, I see. That's the problem."

"That's the problem."

Magdalena understands the nature of the problem with a spring vegetable answer. Make it a Dar specialty, so it doesn't make sense if you don't use ingredients that are cheaply and easily available in Dar.

"Afterwards, you don't really understand the taste of Dar people, so it's not clear whether our preferences are acceptable in this country."

"I mean, I need a Dar taster," he said?

"Yes, when it comes to mass production, I think we can do something about that because we have the tools to process cacora fruit efficiently. Right, Mio?


Mio shaken by spring vegetables and nodded and showed with an attitude that there was no particular problem. In fact, with regard to the means of processing cocoa fruit into so-called cocoa 99% chocolate and chocolate drinks, etc., we do not provide expensive magic items or other items, but succeed in dramatically improving the efficiency of light production with a combination of simple tools that anyone can make even if they see the real thing. It was possible because the pre-processing cocoa fruit was quite different in nature from the so-called cocoa, and if this was exactly the same as the cocoa, it goes without saying that it did not go so easily.

"Then I'll have to give it a proper tasting and ask what I think."

"If you can, to the extent that I don't really interfere with your work, I'm thinking,"

"Then you can ask the people who take care of me and my daughter around you. 'Cause if I ask, it's gonna be my job."

Beyond being an element involved in Dar's industrial development, it would not be a problem for Princess Wang to issue orders to those around her. In the first place, it's an easy job to simply taste and share your thoughts. I don't have the muscles to complain because I'm not going to stick my beak in against the country's center.

"I think it's time for my daughter to wake up, and let's go over there. Is the number of prototypes sufficient?


"No problem, sir"

"Okay, follow me"

Spring vegetables and Mio follow the lead of Princess Wang and walk to another outlying palace. It is only here that we will be feathers face-to-face with Prince Wang, who is taking a break at the destination, and who will panic his surroundings with his hands before anyone else on chocolate, which has not even been poisoned.

It should be noted that neither Farlane nor Dar's preference for sweetness seemed so different, and the question of the best chocolate was unanimously decided on what Magdalena said she preferred.

That day, the Azma Workshop and Urs headquarters had become quite a fuss.

"Hon, can we do this?

"Oh, yeah."

"Hiroshi, there's not enough cement."

"Oh, wait a minute. I'll work on it now."

He had bought about three adjacent warehouses for new melting furnace additions and was now starting to build a bigger melting furnace in them than ever before. In just five hours, all the partitions in the warehouse were removed and the walls turned into one building with heat resistant specifications, and after about three meters of further digging into the ground, its hands-on goodness in the manufacture of the melting furnace itself is, to be honest, scary. I have no say in it, but to say whether we really need a huge melting furnace of scale, which is the gateway to heavy industry, only puts the heads together of the parties involved.

Because of the scale of the work, not only the true harp and the staff, but also the Forest Giant, who is good at civil engineering and left-office work, have been mobilized and used, but because it is the request of the benefactor for Ortem village, it is impossible for the village to be involved in this scale of construction, and so on, it has come to work with Wye in a festive sense.

"So, you want spring vegetables and Mio over there to make such a big melting furnace?

"At this scale, even Mio can barely study with enough arms. If you do that, you better be eating chocolate. Yeah, do it."

"I have a lot of thoughts about that, but, well, let's just leave it there."

A macro that passes refined ultra-heat-resistant cement to Foredan and cools down more and more baked ultra-heat-resistant bricks. It is time for the construction of the furnace itself to lose the turn of the true harp, so the true harp organizes the priorities of all kinds of things you want to hear in your head while observing the rest Terra Hiroshi. In the meantime, I decide to go in order and whisk back the first penetration.

"How could this land have been so quickly contracted for sale?"

"Mr. Iglesios contacted Ray and Melissa at the time of the spark. Please hold him down."

"You both have light footwork..."

"This is the material that makes the golem carriage, and all the time, Ray's eating a lot of food."

"Oh, I see"

One box car used by a row of Azma workshops. The royal family found out that it was excessively aggressive in this case, but since the lack of that information, the Royal Family of Farlane has been sending love calls all along wanting it to be a microphone.

If they told me to increase my defense instead of acting as a weapon, etc., and I could take the land because I needed to build a large melting furnace for it, I would buy about three warehouses instead of an advance without getting lost.

I don't know how to say that every single box is big, etc. Replacements such as private passenger cars with a maximum speed of one hundred and eighty kilometres per hour, with defensive performance that withstands Hell Inferno and storage capacity that can be delivered in the pocket, are not cheap enough to buy in this world for about three warehouses.

"So, are you sure there's such a big melting furnace?

Ask questions about the biggest penetration as you look up at the Forest Giants who are scaffolding and piling up bricks. The building, created by Hiroshi in five hours, is about six meters tall from the outside. However, the interior is dug about three and a half meters, that is to say to the ground floor underground or somewhat deeper, and the overall height of the melting furnace is just over seven meters and the gap with the roof is about two meters on a considerable scale.

Because of the height, the thickness of the outer wall of the furnace is also quite considerable, showing a broken thickness as a solubilizer owned by an individual who says it is about a meter and a half thick for seven ultra-heat-resistant bricks. Considering that what I was using in Dar was thick for two bricks at best, the difference can only be made into a joke.

Because of this, the massive amount of dirt and sand that came out after digging into the ground in the building is to be taken to the old slum farm district and the new fields in the village of Ortem for use later after various treatments. It is most important for large-scale construction not to waste what has come out.

"If we put it into perspective until we refine the Shinko steel, we won't have as many furnaces as this. Besides, as expected, if we were to build God's ship or something, we would use this kind of furnace to build steel or something."

"Ah, I see..."

Apparently, the rails that make you want to put them on even the crane are stretched near the ceiling, too, to really put the crane on. The structure in this building is very much the same as the modern Japanese factory. Despite the usual, the signs of fantasy are diminishing. Even though similar things are used in the cranes themselves, they are not mechanical, modern civilization-like, convenient and high-performance so far.

"Well, if that's the case, wouldn't you have had to dig in here?

"Because of the size of the building around me, Gawa seemed to complain a lot about keeping it about this size."

"... sure, yeah"

True harp nods in memory of the problem of sunshine rights for landscapes that had been litigated here and there, even in Japan, looking up at a largely assembled melting furnace. There are workshops and warehouses lined up around here, so a building about six meters tall is not that problematic. But when this melting furnace enters the ten meter class, I'm afraid of trouble with the perimeter on the boulder.

"Well, if you're going to tell me what the environment is like, what are you going to do with the exhaust gas and the heat?

"Think around there. Since it incorporates a fully circulating treatment system that mimics Japan's state-of-the-art environmental technology, there is no leakage of hazardous substances outside the furnace. Exhaust gas and drainage can be cleaner than outside air and water if it's bad."

"Isn't that too much?

"To say this, it's about too much. Yeah. Besides, in terms of drainage, let it circulate and use it for another purpose, so get out of here, and don't reprocess it after use and turn it to the furnace."

"... not advanced in vain..."

"Because we are here, the environment has become bad. If you complain all the time, the original and the child will be fine. A wand without falling, all the time."

No matter what, they have a sense of being Gentiles wherever they go. To be accepted by others, we have to respect the natives.

"So, this is the last time, did it make sense for me to come over here?

"I'm going to make Makoto-san's sword first because I can put it in the furnace soon"

"Oh, you know what?"

"In the meantime, I'm going to turn all the remaining demon iron into a knife, so I want you to order a lot of stuff."

"Wait a minute."

I told you not to listen to me. Makoto stares at the macro without missing out on its contents.

"What do you mean, all of it? When you built the submarine, you said you still had enough, didn't you?

"I'll take enough, but if I lay on the side for the golem carriage, I can use it if I make about five swords."

"You make so much, what are you going to do?

"Just in case, all the time?

Though I somehow perceive what I'm trying to say, I'll just let the penetration in for now, True Harp. Perhaps Hiroshi envisages the slaughter of the disease. I can see that. I know, isn't it too much to say five swings for that?

"My sword, including spare, is enough for two waves, so why don't you rebuild your own mall?

"You don't have to go to the mall to have Paul Axe, and in my case, Makoto-san and I need to make it out of more material."

In the case of a macro that can only use skills that basically have no multiplication part in the attack force calculation, the performance of the weapon is almost ineffective where it has changed by 20% or 30%. There is talk of destroying the weapon again with Titanic Roar, but unlike True Harp, we still don't know the exact activation conditions. Making and carrying a large number of weapons that are ineffective even if they are made for moves you can't guess is a part of what you don't really feel comfortable with as a macro position.

It should be noted that the Orihalcon recovered from the tower golem is unlikely to be able to be turned to the knife when new tools are made, so this time we decided to give up and turn it to the golden and blacksmith hammer.

"Hiroshi, check it out because I'm done loading bricks."

A call from the Forest Giant to complete the work just as True Harp tried to solicit something more.

"Roger that. Wait a minute."

I get called up, my hands up, I get back to you, I get all sorts of things, including cement, and I go in to check the furnace. By the way, it fills in the poor cement, fine-tunes the placement, and corrects what needs to be corrected by performing noise tests, etc. It's a task that seems to take a lot of time to write in a sentence, but in fact all the necessary work is done in about fifteen minutes.

"Alright, here's the thing. Later, finish or"

The letters continue to be written on the surface of the giant melting furnace, and the demonic stones are placed to prepare the ritual.

"Hey, finish the vessel!

The immense magic that the Macro possesses is poured into the magic formation at the same time as its hanging voice. Complex energy changes and strengthens the melting furnace and finishes it into a vessel that can only house God's flame inside. After about half a dozen magical performances by multiple attributes followed, and all the energy drank and disappeared, the melting furnace, which was a mass of martial bone bricks, had been transformed into something majestic by divine.

"Okay, success or"

"Is this...?

"Oops. One of God's equipment, the True Fire Furnace Guy. Most importantly, there are subtle lines about whether or not the finest Shinko steel can be made due to its material ranking."

He said something quite rigid about Makoto, who looked up to him somewhere. Needless to say, materials less than Shinko can be made of the highest quality if they work hard.

For this reason, other divine installations include God's kitchen and the Spiritual Emperor loom as representative examples. Neither material is available at the moment, so I can't even take it to make it.

"Well, you can't put a fire in it, you know, a knife fight."

Leaving the true harps speechless in their equipment, which reproduces one end of the mythical world, Hiroshi enters commissioning in normal driving. After this, because we know that the smell of chocolate will cause us to suffer slightly feathers, or the blacksmithing work on that day lasted longer than usual.

"Hmm, is this what this is all about?

Spring vegetables returning from the Dar Royal Palace were still adjusting the chocolate, paying attention to ventilation to the point where there was no smell left in the kitchen. Mio is in the process of preparing his bath because the smell must be washed away after this.

"Tatsuya, do you have a minute?


Tatsuya is called by Spring Vegetables and goes down to the dining room. There was a figure of spring vegetables standing by with confidence.

"I just want your opinion, okay?

"Whoa. So, that's him?

"Yeah. I've worked things out and tried to keep the smell from leaking to its limit without losing flavor"


Tatsuya takes one hand when told and observes shiatsu. Even if you do keep your nose close to close range, it hardly smells like chocolate.

"I can barely smell you."


"But I think the smell of food was a pretty important element, too, but what about him?

"Try it there, huh?

Copy that.

Spring vegetables tell me to throw one bite-sized square of that into my mouth. The aroma and flavor of chocolate spreads all at once in the mouth where it is gently chewed up.

"Well, I see."

"I think the first step is done, as long as you can handle the bad breath after that, don't you?

"Right. That's all for later."

Chocolate issues on this team, that first step. When it comes to the purpose of making things that Hiroshi doesn't have to recognize chocolate, apparently on the first day, it has a large resolution.

"So, what about the flavor?

"I'm worried it's a little rough, but there are some things weirder when it's chocolate overseas. Well, that would be acceptable."

"I knew we all cared about it there"

"Did everyone else have the same opinion?

"Mm-hmm. If I didn't care, I wouldn't mind, but I prefaced, and I dared to say, I felt like I was stuck in there.

Consumers still smile bitterly at the spilling spring vegetables, etc., and Tatsuya puts another one in her mouth because it's a corner. I say it's hard, but this doesn't feel like this is going to be a strange habit. Probably due to the nature of the dairy products you are using, but it is also likely that you will end up with a flavor that is not very edible unless it is spring vegetables. Tatsuya thinks that the reason for complaining about this is because of the taste of the people who are used to the taste of some luxury goods called the Dar Royal Palace.

This expectation of Tatsuya was really correct, and everyone was greatly admired when I let them taste it to the knowledge of the street relationship, and this is the only story that has only developed into a takeover because I can't think of any shortcomings.

"In the meantime, it depends on how you react later, but I think the chocolate we eat should be based on this,"

"Isn't that nice? So, you're gonna make a lot of things based on this?

"I'll make about a finger chocolate. And then there's chocolate pudding and all that."

"You, too, are a normal woman for that sort of thing. I don't know what to say. It's all pitching for something sweet."

"That's good. Negotiations and stuff, but they're gonna be weapons."

Spring vegetables are still somewhat off in terms of stickiness as I go to the idea of using them for weapons in negotiations, even though I want to eat them.

"Sister Chun, I took a bath."

"Mm-hmm. I'm coming."

Just came to the general conclusion, Spring Vegetables called by Mio to go smell chocolate. Tatsuya, who went to check with the kitchen just in case, was impressed even though she was surprised by the kitchen, which had erased the smell of chocolate by the time it was stunning.

"A maiden in love is amazing..."

"I don't think it's a waste of a lot of time for them to be ambitious."

Makoto puts a comment from behind on Tatsuya's twinkle filled with shudderness and admiration while chewing on the deodorant mint. Apparently there's no one back there, and they're here to check on the kitchen that showed signs.

"Are you back? Are you done with your errands?

"Don't be late, huh? It's a little silly, but I don't feel like I could get through it."

I wave a question about another guy who should have to come back, feeling a little anxiety where True Harp couldn't get through.

"What about Hiro?

"The end of the other side. It's time to come back."

"Right. Then when you get back, it's a little bit of a confirmation."

"Confirmation is about the chocolate left on the table?

"Oh. Well, I left you, so we have to get back soon."

The Macro is back, and it's not a good idea in case you get your hands on it by mistake. Tatsuya and Makoto rush back with that in mind. There's no trouble saying that every time on a boulder, and when he comes back and Jinqin tasts, Hong returns.

"I'm home, what is it?

"Can't you tell by the smell?

"I had a general anticipation of Spring Nanaka and the others' plans for action today and that question, but it made me smell at all. Heh."

"Just in case, come closer."

Hiroshi, who had all sorts of conjectures, is called by Tatsuya to approach a plate of chocolate.

"Is that about as far as it seems bearable?

"Let it go. Even if you come out unintentionally, you won't be disturbed."

"Right. Then you only have bad breath."

"The smell of my breath, what's it like?

"For eating chocolate, smell so flashy"

Asked a question, he smells it, and answers it like it's okay. He doesn't seem fine at all, but he's not messed up enough about this again. Needless to say, it is a gift of spiritual strength that has been strengthened after coming to this world.

"Do you think it would be okay to eat that often?

"I think maybe it's okay. Maybe we'll get used to it sometime."

"Good for you. Tell Spring Vegetables that later. Because I'll be absolutely delighted."

"Copy that. It feels like we're having a lot of trouble."

"Well, Daiyuan wanted to eat spring vegetables, so we have to try this hard."

Makoto feels subtly annoyed by Tatsuya's great comments. Nevertheless, it also makes me feel subtle to say something about a true harp who has not made any effort while benefiting unilaterally on this matter. Anyway, Tatsuya can live without chocolate, but the spring vegetables are not a race that can tolerate the situation that they can't eat without chocolate.

"You too, I hope you'll be able to eat sometime"

"Let it go. When I'm ready, we can all eat without worrying."

Two men bow their heads in their hearts to the effort and passion of spring vegetables, smudging and talking in that way. I wish we'd ended up here.

"Even though the mushrooms are the strongest to decide!

"Taekenoko is the supreme! I don't see why not!

"Hey, what are you gonna do with this..."


Spring vegetables, which rose thankfully by the hong, caused a mushroom tachenoko war in the Dar Royal Palace on the frying sentences made in various ways, and were also feathers stabbed with various nails during the activities of Faure and Lauren.