Fairy Tale Chronicles

Later, part three.

It was about the day when the departure from the temple of Iglesios was decided and training in the making of magic tools finally began.

"Um, Lord Hiroshi, may I have a moment?

"I don't have any. Did you?

"I hear noises coming from the basement of this building, is there anything?


That's what the man who has traveled from the temple asks me, a little contemplative ambition. In the basement of Dar's workshop there are two storage bins and a working room. As the storage bin shares the upper volume with the enriched capacity, the sound leaks from one of the two working rooms.

"The sound from the basement, hey...... I wonder if something's happened...?

Nevertheless, now that we have connected with Urs' workshop, Dar's underground work room hardly needs to be used. Nobody should be using it today, and there should be no leakage of sound. With that in mind, there's something to catch on to, Macro. I have something to catch on to, but I can't remember what it is.

"I can't remember. I'll check the basement."

In the end, I can't remember and conclude that it's quicker to check the basement. The moment I leave a man on the spot and go down to the basement, I remember what I forgot.

"Let it go. I cleansed the statue of the evil god. I forgot."

Before the song of spring vegetables, which is heard leaking from the back of a tightly sealed door, the macro snaps to himself like that. A statue of the Evil God that had been soaked in holy water before going to the underground ruins and left to listen to the song of spring vegetables and completely forgotten. Perhaps if it were spring vegetables, you would have remembered the moment you heard about the basement, but the Macro does not have the wrong memory as such a human being. As a result, I couldn't remember until I saw it in person.

Even though it is strictly sealed, it is time to weaken its effectiveness because it was not originally planned to be left alone for such a long period of time. As a result, the soundproofing junction is also becoming less effective, and at last some people are in a state where they can hear a sound leak.

"It's time to mature."

Regardless of whether or not the word maturation is correct, it has been quite some time since soaking. Maybe it's not as if it's extinguished, but it should be confirmed and disposed of beyond even thinking it's so yawdy. With that in mind, I decided to contact Spring Vegetables and Mio.

"Spring vegetables, Mio, hey. Yeah?

"What? What's wrong?

"Master, any work?

As soon as I speak, Spring Vegetables and Mio respond. They both act separately today because they have something they want to do. Even so, it's not a big deal. Spring vegetables are just going around checking out ingredients that can only be secured this time of year for the birthdays of Hongqin and Makoto, and Mio is just hunting Giant Spider near the village of Ortem to get a new bra that has finally gotten tough lately.

When it comes to hunting Giant Spider, why do you think Spider Silk is even more so now when the spiritual yarn is so excessive that it rots? Mio doesn't think so, but on the day Hiroshi makes a woman's underwear, a bra that fits her body, etc., she becomes useless for half a day, and Mio doesn't have enough skill at all to handle spiritual yarn and spiritual cloth. I may be able to make about some pretty undressed lace panties, but it's not something I've figured out how many tools to waste while I make one of them. Therefore, it was decided to make spider silk in a fairly handy way, along with the meaning of developing the skill.

Do you remember the statue of the evil god?

"Ahhh! With that said, I didn't leave you to listen to the song!?

'... with that said, some of that stuff happened. I totally forgot. "

Mio is one-temporarily late to hear about the matter cut out by Hiroshi and remembers it as a spring vegetable that shouts out unexpectedly. Apparently, we both forgot. Because of the low priority, there is no choice in some sense.

"Earlier, my brother came from the temple to train. I hear noises from the basement, listen to me all the time. I remembered when I went down to the basement, but I don't think it's time to dispose of it on the boulder. '

"Of course I am."

So, yeah. It's a little dangerous for things to do alone. Let's do it, so if you don't have a hurry, I'm sorry, but you can help me out. Hmm?

Spring vegetables and Mio, which I accept without hesitation, in response to a request from Hiroshi. Neither of us is of particular urgency when it comes to what we are currently doing. I don't have a problem with spring vegetables tomorrow or the day after, and Mio is able to secure enough cocoon balls. All you have to do is make it at night.

"Look, I'm gonna get ready for a little bit over here, so I'm sorry, but come back early."

Copy that.

"I'll be right there"

Upon hearing the reply of the Spring Vegetables and finishing the correspondence, for now, before preparing for post-processing, we decide to give instructions to the disciples. Contents include the collection of catalysts. Let us secure for ourselves what we planned to use to practice the Enchant in class from today. I don't plan to use anything growing up in a very dangerous place, but just in case, I will contact Tatsuya and Makoto and ask them to escort me.

"Now, what happens?"

A macro that subtly spills into a sigh while preparing the junction gear and stuff just in case. I don't feel like I'm too mature and evolving in an extra direction.

Thus, the handling of hazardous materials that were likely to cause extra trouble was gradually prepared.

"So, Master. What's going on?

As soon as he returns to Dar's workshop, Mio checks the situation.

"I'm going to look inside now, but it's probably going to be a busy thing, I think."

Mio nods one at the words of the Macho and prompts him to go ahead. Mio prompts me to unseal and open the door a little. Beyond the door was a strangely clean space.

"... and pieces of chi..."

"Is it purified to the ground vein?

"It feels like"

Apparently, he was looking too sweetly at the performance of God's song. No matter how long I kept it flowing endlessly for over two weeks, I never thought that anything I just recorded would have the purifying power to this point. Nevertheless, if Aeris is serious, he can achieve the same result without ritual, so I guess what he means is a degraded copy.

"So, the pivotal bump, all the time"

After completing the observation of the room all the way through, and checking to see what was going on with the statue of the evil god at the heart, I had completely completed the final relief, and it was strangely trance-like and I couldn't even move Pickle. There is no leakage of shards, such as irritability already.

"Something's extremely creepy."

"Yeah, creepy"

"You're creepy."

When Hong and Mio looked back at the third voice hung from behind, Spring Vegetables peered over their shoulders at the statue of the Evil Gods.

"Sister Chun, when did you get here?

"Just now. Still, you just kept playing the recorded song, and you're going this far."

"Like. When making purification gear, you might want to seal off the blacksmith and the melting furnace for about two weeks and sing at the endless."

"Something keeps coming off the elements of singing and saying..."

While bitterly laughing at the penetration of spring vegetables unleashed with jito eyes, for now, the macro recovers a bottle filled with statues of evil gods. Whatever you do with it, analyze it first. If you crush it and throw it away, you can't say OK, I'm sure.

"Well, it's not gonna happen without him."

"Be material?

"I know it will, but I can't tell you exactly what kind of material it will be."

Answer the spring vegetable question that way and move to another room in the same basement for now. The workplace upstairs will continue to be used to train clerics, so strange influences will be difficult.

"So, Master. Find out from what?

"First of all, it's a simple place, because I don't know what happens to the sacred water in the bottle"

Spring vegetables and Mio watching the Macro take out the water quality checker while saying so. In the work around here, they still haven't made it.

"... in a physical sense, it doesn't seem particularly problematic to drink it like this. Magic and mystery and all that..."

Then bring the sacred water of the bottle in a spot to the demonic stones and other equipment removed, confirming all reactions, including color changes. I feel like I've seen it, I haven't shown any harmful reactions, but at least I'm pretty sure it's no longer just holy water.

"No harm, but it's just holy water. I have a really bad feeling about this."

"A bad feeling?

"How many times is it going to be fatal for me, such a hunch?

"I don't know why that's happening, but I know what you're worried about."

"In the meantime, there shouldn't be any harm, but there's no direct touch."

Two people nodding with a serious face to the masculine attention of the Macho. Clearly, I don't even want to touch it. But in the world, trouble is what happens when it happens.


Spring vegetables that suddenly sneeze in the back of the nose, even though there was nothing particularly likely to cause it. The behavior rocks the work desk, and holy water spills out of the bottle.


"Oh, I'm sorry!

Spring vegetables that take out cloth towels much in contrast to the fact that they have spilled hazardous materials that have to be handled with care. It is common at all times to panic and take serious action in dealing with hazardous materials: rushing to wipe your work desk with a cloth with your bare hands. For this reason, there was no time for Hongkong and Mio to stop, and they directly touched the holy water stuck in the cloth towel.

"Spring vegetables, everything is bad..."

"Sister Chun, I think it's time to prepare a rubber hand or something first..."


Spring vegetables pointed out by the two of them and made a face that I accidentally did, but later festival. The holy water, which had seeped out to such an extent that it could see the humidity by touching it, moistens the palms of spring vegetables.

"In the meantime, let me see what you touch"

"Ugh, yeah......"

Even though I suck myself, I show my hands according to the instructions of the Macro. Other than feeling seen and feeling slightly damp, there is no particular change. There is nothing particularly strange about applying holy water to the skin because this happens temporarily, even though the skin doesn't look oddly matte. As no properties as holy water have been lost at this time, it is not a problem that the skin of spring vegetables has become more matte than usual.

"... In the meantime, I feel like I've seen it. The problem is..."

"Master, the condition abnormality in this hand item does not appear immediately"

"I don't know. It's been a while."

When I say this, I see spring vegetables that are not particularly different, and for now, I decide to see how things are going. Hiroshi and Mio. In fact, if changes don't come up, there's no way to deal with them.

"Ugh..., sorry..."

"Well, there's nothing I can do about all the menstrual phenomena."

"I kind of feel like I've just been making fun of myself since I came to Dar..."

"Well, humans, there are times like that?

Spring vegetables depressed from the bottom of my heart by the mistakes that continue to be made when it comes to the kind of breadth that I don't normally soften. Come on, it's time to switch things around so we can act a little more calmly.

A magnificent consolation of a plethora of depressed spring vegetables like that, in a proper way. As a matter of fact, to the extent that we are soaring, there are no human beings who can beat the highs who dived beneath the ground on their own with spring vegetables involved.

"With that said, if you say you did it..."

"Hmm? Mio, do you have something?

"Uh, Mr. Dentrice, this statue has inspired me to come here, and I haven't been on the subject since"

"Ah, if you ask me that, I will."

I don't even think I'm going to give this one a whirl anymore, Dentrice. Thanks to them, they had all completely forgotten their very existence.

"I don't care. Yeah, but it's depressing to be hit by another weird mess, and I'll see if I can talk to the Queen or the Chief Cleric."


It's been a long time since I've talked about it, Dentrice, but basically because it doesn't matter, that's all I get right through the conversation. Perhaps if Hiroshi hadn't made the outrage of going to the underground ruins, he would have had the opportunity to do just about enough to get him to bite before he was brainwashed, but it would be pointless to talk about what's going on now.

"Well, let's change our mood and check out these guys' properties soon"

Spring vegetables and Mio snort at the words of the Macro and thoroughly examine what can be examined from what to what from magic patterns. At the end of the day, there were three people who had completely disappeared from the superficial layer of consciousness, both about Dentris and the fact that he had touched holy water.

On the other hand, Tatsuya and Makoto were associated with the collection of the disciples.

"Can I help you over here?

"It's okay. I've done all my research in Dar. Your Highness has given me permission."

"Well, I hope..."

He had exchanged rainies that appeared abruptly to properly eliminate the surrounding monsters for now. Sometimes the location designated as a macro is slightly away from the city and streets of Dar, and there are quite a few types of monsters that are not aggressive, but are a bit dangerous to leave unattended.

Regardless, it's a monster near the city, so it doesn't hurt that bad if you get bitten by mistake. No matter how unlucky you are, you won't get hurt enough not to heal in an out-of-rate potion. Besides, unlike the game, you don't keep eating offense all the time until you finish because you've been bitten once, and if you don't panic and make a scene and stay away from your opponent's territory for a little while, you won't even be in battle. In other words, it's basically not that dangerous.

It's not that dangerous, but the injury is still an injury. Moreover, this time there are three clerics unfamiliar with both collection and combat. Therefore, Tatsuya and Makoto were used as escorts even though they knew it was overprotective. If this is just the fams, I won't bother putting on escorts or anything. It ends with an escape transfer stone at a time of need.

"Still, what kind of blow?

"Starting tomorrow or so, I'm heading to Fore. I won't be able to show my face again for a while until after some prior investigation over there"


"I was wondering if I could get a little reward from Honey if I could help you out here and earn points"

"... well, fine..."

True harp doesn't even hide the look of Rainey, who is so downhearted, who says there after all. For this minute, it looks like the day will come when Hiroshi will have to rub Lainey's tits.

Normally, wouldn't it be a reward for those who get rubbed, a true harp that I think flickers through Lainey's chest, which is usually more than that, even if it's not far from spring vegetables, but it's still nothing but torture for Hiroshi. If you can tell me to rub it and be happy to rub it, it can't be circumstantially unavoidable in the first place like when the ruins were underground, and usually snuggle with the female body in such a situation that even if there was no romantic emotion involved, she wouldn't be complained about, and oh, it can't be damaged.

"Macro is a difficult situation..."

"Not at all."

"I don't know what's so difficult, but I can't really sympathize with you."

A macro that would likely take unwanted damage with demands that an ordinary man would envy. Tatsuya and Makoto tailored a bit of a large potato worm while having trouble sympathizing with it and considering its condition as a material. It's a monster that rarely bites, but this guy's teeth penetrate about his skin gloves. If you are unlucky, one finger or so will normally disappear, so just in case you hit the lead and keep it in place.

"In the meantime, with this degree of cooperation, I don't think you'll pass the demands of rubbing your tits, but are you okay with that?

"No problem. 'Cause that's a first-stage goal."

"The first stage means the ultimate goal..."

"Of course, after rubbing every inch of my body, sucking and biting and ravaging me, plenty of kids..."

"Yes stop. I don't have that kind of blatant statement where I have kids."

True harp sighs in disdain at Lainey, whose goals are clear and unobtrusive everywhere. Say what's troublesome, in this guy's case. Probably, but if it's the behavior of a macro, it would be a place that would normally look delightful where he was slapped with a whip or something.

"It doesn't really matter..."


"I wonder if this guy's goal is the same as Spring Vegetables or Mio's in a way. What do you think?

"... well, I think the landing spot is a little more normal..."

It is true that it is not just Lainey's goal to say that it will be a relationship between a man and a woman. There is something a little more cautious in many ways, and I'm sure the content is a little softer, but nevertheless it exists to have a physical relationship as some sort of crossing point.

However, although the original point of passage, which is also ethically and morally a point that should be passed after marriage, in the case of the Macro, it is very troublesome in many ways to be stuck in a marriage or something that is unlikely if we cannot pass through here first.

"... can you take this material?

"Well, it won't be a problem"

Apparently one of the clerics accidentally entered the territory and flashly irritated it. Rainey stops the snake in one blow and gets confirmation. Basically, I'm not the type of person who has a particular poison or anything on top of being a big man, but I do about bone when the body is not well hit after wrapping the tuna around it. Around a careless and quite a few stimuli for these creatures, I also know why the Horn bothers to put on escorts.

"For now, I'm going to need a little silly reflection when I get back from the temple."

"Right. Even though I don't have a choice when I'm unfamiliar with it, I need you to act a little more calm and discreet."

Tatsuya and Makoto discuss their plans after returning while driving away the bat that was aimed at the female cleric's back. If we think about the need to collect the material ourselves in the future, we need to acquire the art of finding the material and carefully picking it, paying attention to the surroundings, rather than focusing the entire nerve on the material to be collected.

It may sound unscrupulous at first glance, but that's what fam and lime usually do. The clerics are adults, so if they don't do what their children can do properly, they'll have trouble. Even the true harp of the gatekeeper around the collection should not be so unscrupulous considering that the ranked material that can be picked around here can be collected while turning consciousness around.

Most importantly, the true harp collection skill stops at the first ten bonuses, so about half of what you can take here may not be identifiable.

"... Punishment?

"I'm sorry I'm shining my eyes, but it doesn't matter if you do or if you do."

"... Shizuku"

"... you're a really bad daughter for educating kids, even though you knew..."

"Makoto, do you realize you can't talk about people in some genres, either?

Tatsuya and Makoto continue an indescribable conversation with a subtly drawn gaze at Rainey, who associates the word "punishment" with the word "reflection". As a matter of fact, it may be that at the moment it is only spring vegetables that are not bad for education in front of the child that the business is deep.

"Is that it, and still going on?

Rainey, who shakes herself and decides that she had nothing to do with it, asks the same question about her current work.

"Hmm? Oh, right. It's almost lunchtime, and maybe it's time to cut it up. I'll just check."

After taking Rainey's question, Tatsuya decides to confirm the progress of the sampling team.

"Nora, what's it like?

"Right. Based on the amount of Nora's cage, I think it's time to cut it up today."

"Okay. Then it's time for lunch, and we'll cut it up and go back."

Yes, sir.

Nora follows Tatsuya's words and turns in solidarity with Therese, Pham and the clergy. Three daughters of Azma workshop staff gather by Tatsuya and Makoto for now, watching the priests whose feet are fatigued and uncertain.


"The three parties in the Temple need a lot of instruction."

"Is it terrible from your eyes?

"I'm working on this hand for the first time today, so I can't help but not gather portions."

"And it's too many things. When I first took Lime to collect it, it was more in many ways."

I have a distant eye for the harsh words of Terez and Nora, even from that eye of yours, etc.

"Even from your eyes, Tatsuya and the others thought it was terrible, didn't they?


"Even if it's wrong to compare it to Honda, we usually look around a little bit more..."

"... full of gaps"

Even Tatsuya and the others are quite relentless in their wasting. To be honest, I wonder if we should leave the collection of materials to outsourcing.

"Anyway, when I get back, it's a love sermon room."

"... I don't even feel like I heard a subtly nasty statement, but for now, I just agree that it's a thorough sermon"

True Harp writes his plans tightly in his mind's notebook after returning to Dar's workshop, smiling bitterly at Nora for saying words that are likely to be on the late-night show. It's usual that the plan for that hand doesn't go as planned, but I'm not going to run to Freedom with a no-plan every time on a boulder.

"So, I, did it help?

"Hmm? Oh. Thanks a lot."

"Because the temple group was dispersed. Maybe you've been busy with just the two of us."

When I honestly return the answer to Rainey, who has suddenly asked that question, I can smile slightly with joy somewhere. Lainey, shallow in the days since she gained herself but therefore in a different direction than Mio, but her personality seems to form steadily every day.

"Does it look okay if it's not a reward?

"... depending on the content, maybe"

"A towel with plenty of honey sweat, no?

"... really, you don't get distracted in many ways..."

Most importantly, the personality being formed seems to have a rather futile scent.

"Well, isn't that where we need to negotiate?

"Good luck"

"Nora thinks you're obviously doing the wrong thing."

Together we wait for the temple group to be able to walk decently while continuing a loose conversation with others. After this, a subtle troubling situation occurs in the workshop, but God would not have expected such a thing from them at this point in time.

"Well, I don't know what to make for lunch"

Tatsuya and Tatsuya contacted me and decided to go in and prepare lunch with Higashi. Nevertheless, this makes it really hard to think about what each meal is all about.

"Master, Sister Chun. Nora and the others are in the temple, so I think the number of items is tough."

"Right. Based on that, Mio wants something to eat, do you?

"Something that doesn't feel spicy and cool"

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables twisting their heads with a slightly sinister face to a plain harsh Mio request while abuzzing. Cool would be like eating cold...

"In this case, it is an option…"

"Zarububa or chilled udon, so chilled chilled chinese, per chilled pasta?

"Let it go. So, when you think about chopsticks, it's easy to make cold pasta."

One nod to Macro's suggestion and I'll check and arrange the ingredients for now.

"So, as for cold pasta, either make regular pasta the cold type or the guy who eats it in cold soup?

"There are quite a few root vegetables, so I might like some cold soup pasta"

"Copy that. Hope so."

That said, cold cream soup, a macro that goes into the making of less cold cream stew than to say. Around the plain mix of rockworm meat in the ingredients, it is a table that cannot be alarmed without changing its phase.

"Hey, Mio. Do you want to make ice cream or something?

"Mm. Copy that."

Mio is called out that way by a macro just after cutting the ingredients, and goes into preparation for making ice cream in a subtly woken way. Ice cream itself has as much equipment and skill as it can make if it wants to, but it is a troubling snack that it cannot be sold in stalls, especially in Dar because of production capacity problems.

In addition to its entanglement, sometimes the flavors that can be made were vanilla, matcha tea, and later some fruit-based, and somehow began to make desserts for women who had not been so aggressive before, challenging the limits of their own arms with all their spirits. First, orthodox vanilla and matcha tea, but if Hiroshi gives me the kitchen, I'm going to work with Spring Vegetables to make chocolate and chocolate mints as well.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot."

"What's the matter, Hiroshi?

"I make dessert all the time, but I forgot."

That's what Horn took out: Nata Deco without a whole lot of trouble. Dar also has rainforest areas, so the materials that make this hand are also in normal circulation.

"I'll be sure to get a lot of grass, so if I make cold weather, I'll have a good fruit punch."

"If I could, I might want to add some almond tofu"

"I don't know about that."

Spring vegetables that can unwittingly flaunt your face in sweets that show signs of plain fullness. Now if you can secure the beans, you can also go for fruit and minced mackerel, and so on. In that case, I will miss the beans more and more...

"Why can't you find the beans?


"I think it's time I missed you."

"Forget about the water."

Chocolate, coffee, nata deco, and beans that, for some reason, can't yet be discovered, even though in many ways they have something that broadens the breadth of their diet. When I get here, I just think it's harassment.

"Well, it's shabby because there's nothing there. You're in such a hurry that when you discover it, you don't mess with it."

"Yeah, you are."

Spring vegetables that will be finished one after the other with a little appetizer to accompany the pasta, etc. Contents include sand oyster carpaccio and darling vegetable patties, accompanied by desert eel. It is quite a luxurious appetizer.

"Well, all you have to do is boil the pasta when your brothers get back, and it's over."


Signs of a good number of people at the doorstep while they say so. I moved to the entrance to pick you up because it was just the right place......

"... Master, Sister Chun. I feel like there's something weird going on."

"... well, if my brother and Makoto brought me here to do ok and make a decision, maybe there's no problem..."

"... maybe I'm a little sad that I don't have a quantitative problem..."

There was Rainey, who was still trying to jump and make a perverse chick expression of affection when he saw Hiroshi, and Tatsuya and Makoto, who were desperate to keep that Rainey pressed.

"So, I didn't contact you, what do you say?

"Meet me over there."

"I got quite a bit of help, so I thought maybe some rice would be nice..."

Tatsuya and Makoto have a look that says that they may have failed a bit to react to Rainey more than expected. Even though I was eating a hanging lift, I'm pretty sure there was a part of me that caught my guard last time because I was surprisingly grown up.

"Honey! Honey!

"Oh, come on, don't get violent!!

"Grow up or I'll throw you out!!

Anyway, Tatsuya and Makoto try to make Rainey stay with her guts, desperate to jump on the macro and pepper her. It's like the owner of a big, untouched dog.


Tatsuya and Makoto's struggle is also muddled, and Rainey finally jumps out of custody and onto the macro, using even her physical skills as an assassin. But...


What a sneaky disconnect, what a spring vegetable held up a macro and left Lainey's assault completely empty. Keep it that way, I just have to give it to no one, hold the head of a macro in my own chest, and stare at Lainey in a sheltering position.

"Ugh, honey..."

"Enough to have dinner with you, but no more"

"Ugh, terrible..."

In addition to Tatsuya and Makoto, Rainey is held up to Mio and completely tearful. However, there is no reason why Spring Vegetables, which are basically enemy certified just by agreeing to see how they look...

"Looks like you helped Tatsuya and the others, so it's good to serve dinner. But if you want more than that, you don't get any rewards?

"... ok, I'll be patient..."

Spring vegetables poking at the conditions in a harsh tone, embracing the macro even more forcefully. The minimum reward is also likely to be taken up, Lainey accepting the conditions under which the spring vegetables are served. Apparently, Tatsuya and the others who decided that there was no going to be any more outbursts and freed Rainey. Seeing how it goes, the atmosphere of spring vegetables softens at once.

"Let's have dinner."

"I don't mind that, Spring Vegetables, but why don't you let Hiro go?

"What? Ah! Oh, sorry!!

Spring vegetables that were pointed out by Tatsuya and hurriedly liberated the Hong, who was in the form of a face nod in the valley of his own chest. Seeing, the face of the macro is completely earthy.

"... soft,... scared,... soft,... scared"

Where I was liberated, I bump every wow like that, Macro. His closest contact with the female body was during the underground ruins. At that time, Spring Vegetables and Mio were wearing precisely armor, albeit leather ones, and Judith was also wearing thick robes for defense, so they weren't enough to make the female body softer aware.

Even at that level it was quite damaged, but this time it was a light outfit that said it was just wrapped aprons over garments made of spiritual cloth, and I was sorry that I had to be unconscious of my female body no matter how hard I tried to get my face directly into the rich breasts of spring vegetables. I'm not being held in a way that suffocates because of the angle issues when I hold it in, but that doesn't console me in any way.

As a result, despite being over clothes and brassiere, the sensation of young breasts so soft that they were still too soft enough to remain slight was pushed half way across the face, making the macro a feather of losing his sanity for reasons different from lust.

"Well, spring vegetables. You're a little crazy."

"Right. I don't know how much it is, but I usually guard it. We're a little naughty."

Riding on the true harp pointing out the suspicious attitude without even hiding it, Tatsuya makes such a pursuit about the attitude of spring vegetables while taking out the blacksmith hammer just like last time for now.

"I mean, Sister Chun. Why are you trying to hold my master's arm?


He is further penetrated by Mio, and realizes that he is unconsciously trying to hold the arms of a macro.

"Spring vegetables, you're really crazy."

"Absolutely, something must have happened."

"... do you have any idea..."

Spring vegetables have no choice but to answer that to Tatsuya and Makoto's pursuit while letting his gaze wander in the direction of the day after tomorrow while keeping as far away from the Machiro as possible so as not to imitate any more freaks.

"I mean, Mio, if there's probably a cause, it's the only way..."

"Yeah. Maybe it's because of that"

"That holy water has such a troublesome effect..."

Tatsuya and Makoto look surprised at the conversation between Spring Vegetables and Mio. Many others, including fam, who whispers and discusses something about the bold behaviour of spring vegetables while being placed completely outside the mosquito nets. As for the situation, it is quite chaotic. Right there.

"Apparently, it was a little late"


"Master Alfemina gave me your word and I rushed here..."

Aeris comes in to make it easier. Apparently, you have some kind of information.

"Master Harna, you touched the holy water that soaked the statue of the evil god before lunch, didn't you?

"Yeah. Maybe I unconsciously try to touch Hiroshi because of that, how about that?

"So you're right. According to Alfemina, that holy water, the emotions and desires usually repressed by those who touch it, has the effect of opening them up to a point where they are not a problem."

"... to such an extent that it won't be a problem..."

The audacious behavior that I did, the spring vegetables that I can't help but remember it. I'm not a crazy bitch, and I don't really think it's going to be a problem to hold a man's head in his chest in public.

"I don't know what I did earlier because I just got here, but unless you don't like me unilaterally enough, it's usually not as problematic as putting your arms together."

"Ahhh... that's what I'm talking about..."

Aeris continues to talk further when Spring Vegetables understands what Aeris says will not be an issue.

"Normally, it would not be an issue, but if Hiroshi..."

"... yeah..."

"Then there was another troublesome story."

"A nasty story?

"Yes, the effect is not a so-called poison or condition disorder, so it cannot be eliminated with a panacea."

Aeris cuts out a story that will probably be the most troublesome, with just a little pity for spring vegetables that show a somewhat alarming attitude. Spring vegetables that listen to Aeris and gently blues his face.

"It's to the extent that I can't temporarily contain my impulse somewhat, so I'm sure it'll fit in in three days. But for Hiroshi's sake and for Harna's sake, I wonder if we should keep our distance until it expires."

"... right? But what do you mean, this is going to happen even though it's not a state disorder?

"You may wonder, it's a kind of blessing,"

"... Blessings? On what grounds?

"I don't know why it came to that, but I think it's a blessing because its function as holy water remains strong"

One that matches Aeris' words with the feeling of being a bypass nuisance. In fact, as a result of continuing to make me listen to the Spring Vegetable song, I had the function of only slightly loosening the repression against the impulse by reason in order to inspire thoughts and appeal more than that, but also to give the maidens a push that I couldn't get through in the last part, but I don't even know the alfemina that far on the boulder.

As a result, holy water was born with the nature of a question mark as a blessing, without causation being known to anyone in this world.

"Well, if you get the story, keep your distance, what are you gonna do?

"Right. What do you say you enjoy plenty of underground attractions with me?

"In two nights and three days, huh? Permission's coming down?

"You and the people of the earth need to talk a lot as princesses, and you can use that as an excuse."

With a face like the Virgin, Aeris has become quite selfish to go through. While I laugh bitterly at its strange reliability, for now, a line that understands that the story will be decided from the beginning.

"In the meantime, the Master has been resurrected, and we shall have lunch. Want to eat Elle too?

"If you don't have a problem, I'll take it and go home"

"Quantitatively enough"

In the meantime, Mio perceives that the story has come together and insists on finishing lunch. To block that story.

"Only Harna is naughty with Honey..."

and so on and Lainey complains,

"That's already a difference in performance, give it up"

"Spring vegetables, then I don't know what happens to you."

Two elderly people smash their assertions lightly. Keep going into lunch with your strength moves...

"Is the basement about the ruins we were talking about before?

"Saya. Is Nora interested, too?

"There can't be."

A question-attack occurs about the underground attraction that came out of the story.

"Well, there's a direct transfer team from here, and there's some material you can get in the basement, so if you do it, you can go."

"Then, after today's lecture, we're all in the mood to get to work."

"You can take Lime, too, right?

"If I did a sample of the attraction, I might as well stay with Lime."

The underground resort experience in the name of training trips for Azma workshop staff is rapidly decided because it is just the right opportunity.

"So, what about the statue of the evil god that caused this one?

"Harmless, I can't say, but in a direction like Mr. Dentris or something, it doesn't seem strange."

"As for the material?

"I can make it pretty tough, but I can't right away because of the tangles of other materials."

Affirming that to Tatsuya's question, Hiroshi puts a change of pasta in the stew. Look at that, can I just get some more? Aeris comes to a gaze that feels like. Growing up isn't enough for one person physically.

"In the meantime, Mr. Spring Vegetables, El. Deduction rate, please. Well, I've been sent by the Temple to guide you and prepare you for the Faure."

Copy that.

"I'll take care of it"

Spring vegetables and aeris very normally return acknowledgment replies to the words said by Hong while doing about a third of the egg change in the soup bowl of Aeris. Thus also ends the sermon room of lively lunch and subsequent love for the temple group, this day without any particular trouble except for the slight contact that Spring Vegetables unconsciously said to hold the hand of the Macro. And...

"Mr. Harna, it's too violent..."

"Master Harna, it's lovely"

"Hmm, should we have made it a little more difficult?

"No, even if it's based on that..."

Spring vegetables, which were cut off from contact with the macro when impulses were intensifying due to the effects of holy water, gently dominated the attraction twice or so in an attempt to dissipate the withdrawal symptoms by moving the body. As a five-year-old, he presented various problems in adjusting difficulty with limes and sets with non-standard motor nerves, which plagued the moles.