Fairy Tale Chronicles

Number one.

A week after entering Fore. Honda had not yet reached the capital, Stillen. The reason is simple.

"Here, Akan. perfectly alienate."

"Right. The magic of metastasis to get out is completely inhibited."

"I think it's better to think about counteracting the spread of alienation from the pit to the city, rather than aiming to eliminate it."

Crest Cave boasts the best ore output in Fore. About two days before Honda arrived, the pit suddenly alienated. Since yesterday or so, all humans with Class VII or higher qualifications have been driven into the investigation, diving somewhat deeper and checking things out.

"Much is going on?

"While going quite a bit further, I think the core is probably somewhere quite deep with the pits connected at the very beginning. I mean, it's already on the map. There's a lot going on out there at the point where we can make our way."

In terms of the sense of discerning the degree of alienation, etc., the ambition answers the dullest genuine harp inquiry of the members, both in terms of some kind of flow and the elements that can be physically confirmed by anyone. No longer in this, it's completely turned into a dungeon.

"Hong-kun, what do you think?

"I don't care all the time. My thoughts, and the feeling that maybe the deep end of this mine, and whether or not people can dig it with their hands, have occurred subtly and often, twitch and grow bigger."

"I vote for my master, too"

"I think that's all I have, too, because of the flow of temper..."

"Well, it's unnatural."

Hiroshi continues her subtly fed up conversation as she taps off her jumping komori. Unfortunately, I have a mountain of people who are likely to do this.

"Well, assuming the cause did the guys, we don't know if we'll have contact soon, and for the time being, we'll do a thorough investigation here."

A macro that proposes to cut off a topic that has too little information to think about right now and concentrate on the immediate requester. For some reason, the palm is gripped in its hand.

"For that reason, let's dig around lightly over there to confirm the dungeon"

"Is that okay?

"I'll get proper clearance, and this is a pretty important investigation."

With that said, I also give Tsuruhashi to Spring Vegetables and Mio. On its face it said that it wanted to dig the wall quickly.

"In the meantime, brother and Makoto, monster alert."

"Yes. So, how much do you dig?

"First of all, I'm gonna go in here for a cup of cage for one, then I'm gonna go in the back for a little bit and have another cup of cage for one, and it feels like a whole lot, and I'm gonna dig about ten places."

"You dig that much?

"From the mines. It's pretty important to know if there's any ore, what kind of distribution it's going to be, and what happens after digging."

The reason why the Horn abruptly insisted on digging the wall, it was truly convincing. It also seems true that that's not the only reason I'm thinking about it, even though I'm pretty sure the hobby part of wanting to dig the material is the top priority. Best.

"It feels pretty good around here."

When I look at the macro waving down the tsuruhashi in a very vulgar way, it is clear that the reason is a later theoretical armed.

"So, what do you do with that mined ore?

"I don't care what you do. I'll submit all of this to the mining union."


"Saya. With proper maps and sets, submit where and which ore was taken as evidence property."

"That's just it?

"Ainya. Separate from the rewards in the distribution chart, buying according to the content and quality of the ore or. So far, there's enough room for other adventurers to dig walls. Whether it's a distribution map or an ore, the reward is ours alone."

With that said, an ambition that quickly completes its own norm. Mio also finishes about five minutes late.

"Hong-kun..., this whole cage is..., it's pretty tight..."

"It doesn't have to be about skill proficiency anymore."

"I know that..."

Spring vegetables that drain stamina in acceleration, as if they were sucking energy off the ground. This weakness, which I also felt in other production skills training, is not something I get used to over and over again. Spring vegetables cleared the norm about fifteen minutes after Mio was finished.

"Ugh, I'm tired..."

"Good day. After a short break, the next point."

"Ha ha..."

Spring vegetables removing towels and drinks from their luggage while answering so heartily to the dialogue of the Hong. The effect of stamina recovery is not particularly good for drinks, but I am thirsty anyway regardless of that.

"By the end of all the appointment points, I think I'll probably be finishing work faster."

"I hope so..."

"Between ten and twenty-five years of elementary proficiency, probably the first wall or so. Beyond that, stamina spending on outcomes will start to fit that much, so I don't feel like I have that much."

"That kind of thing?

"That kind of thing. You've been through this?

I thought about it a little bit when the macro told me, and I nodded one remembering when I was spinning yarn, etc. Certainly in the first place the yarn was cut off quickly for so much tiredness that not only the physical but also the mental fatigue was extremely great. Maybe he grew up surprisingly fast during elementary school because that was getting somewhat normal yarn spinning around he continued to work for the day and his physical fatigue level was still pretty much better, albeit tough.

"Well, that's why it's time to go next."

"Right, Roger."

Spring vegetables that stand up a little daunted, prompted by a macro. Though my health has healed a lot, I'm not saying I'm still at full speed. If seen in terms of building primary production skills, spring vegetables with high levels and considerable correction in stamina with numerous combat skills and previously trained production skills would be a fairly poor category, even if not as good as true harp.

In any case, the stamina maximum does not affect the amount of recovery, in addition to consuming 1% of the maximum stamina in just a few seconds of work during the initial period. Although it would be advantageous to have a higher maximum value if consumption were to be intermediate or higher that would become a fixed value, the initial working time and the number of times worked are never something to be looked at sweetly. On top of that, mining consumes stamina faster than other tasks.

Given the balance breaker of production skills, this tightness in the beginning is convincing enough. I'm comfortable with that, but it's another matter that I do and dislike.

(I guess I should have developed some more production skills neatly in the beginning......)

Even though I wanted it from me, it was a spring vegetable that I regretted becoming a feather of great hardship even now.

"I'm home. I'm getting paid."

A hong returning from the mining union to the inn tells him to return home as he takes out a bag full of silver coins.

"Welcome back. So, how'd it go?

"As for the contents of the ore, well, as expected, I felt it all the time"

While answering the spring vegetable question that way, expand the map and the list of the contents of the ore you held onto the table.

"First of all, with regard to distribution, it seems that there is a tendency to increase the percentage of magic iron content, such as near the back and slightly attributed ore. Regarding places that are probably about the same distance from the core or the place you think they are, no matter where you dig, there's a big difference."

Explain to the spring vegetables who are staring at the contents of the list that can be seen from the trend of the contents at this time. There was one conclusion that other Members thought of in relation to its explanatory content.

"In short, you mean as expected?

"That's the way it is. Well, only to make sure the entire investigation team is still shallow on top of too few samples, so it's just an uncertain story."

An ambition that mixes somewhat cautious words but returns affirmative answers to true harp questions on behalf of one another. Most importantly, the elements around here are in a sense normal from a gaming point of view and are never surprising matters.

"Next, the percentage of the content, but this is pretty much what I expected."

Spring vegetables and Mio nodding in the words of the Hon. Although Tatsuya and Makoto also show no particular reaction, they don't look unexpected.

"After all, if it's a master class arm, it's more percentages of demonic iron and misrills in sight"

"I don't know if that's right or wrong for him."

As Mio pointed out, the ore content was quite distinctly different in Hong, Mio and Spring Vegetables, even though they almost dug the same place for what correlation there was.

Ore dug by almost amateur spring vegetables mostly contained only poor quality iron. It also had a low content per kilogram and a very high percentage of what is not an exaggeration when it comes to so-called scrap iron ore.

On the other hand, in the case of Mio, where mining is also advanced, 70% have dug out ore mixed with fine iron ore and the medium metal that said Demonic iron or Mithril in the remaining 30%, producing slightly more than enough to display a percentage but also a mixture of the attributed ores of the earth.

When this became macroscopic, the proportion of ordinary iron ore fell to 30%, and all of that would normally turn into a common mass of iron of quality just once dissolved and re-solidified, rather I was digging out a substitution of quality that I should say less pure iron. Of the remaining 70%, Demon Iron and Mithril were 60% one-on-one, which was outrageous enough to melt and solidify again to become almost a practical level of metal, while the remaining 10% were difficult to handle containing advanced metals such as various attribute ores and orihalcon and adamantite.

I wasn't surprised because I had some anticipation, but it's a troublesome story nonetheless.

"It's okay that the content is as expected, but you can talk about a lot of ore like that when the macro digs, and you can make it over there?

"That's a problem. Let's do it. Mithrills and magic iron bump into each other, or humans with arms who can dig it normally."

"Can you really say that a high level doesn't make it that much of a problem? Thinking about other production skills, I don't think I'm going to be so optimistic."

"When it comes to three things: mining, sampling, and logging, it's pretty much easier to say that you have other production skills, because if you keep digging, logging, and taking even the material, you keep going up and down. If long-lived people like Dwarf keep digging everyday, some of them will get close to advanced Kanst."

Makoto turns his suspicious gaze against the optimistic anticipation of the macro. The unusual manufacturing skills of the Macro have become quite well known here and there, but I still wonder if it would be quite dangerous to leak defenselessly so far.

"Well, I'm a little weak on the grounds, but there are other reasons why it's okay."

"Reason? What?

"The quantity is small, but the orihalcon and adamantite are not mined themselves. Processing technology has followed, and there is a huge amount that can be harvested from the original normal mines on top, so there is no distribution at all, either as a product or as ore."

"... is that a reason?

True harp is not satisfied with the explanation of the macro and goes further and asks questions. Spring vegetables and Tatsuya are just as unconvinced. Conversely, Mio, who has equally high production skills, shows how badly convinced he is by the words of Macho.

"There are people with the skills to produce, to dig, all the time. If you take him to dungeon wall digging, maybe half of it will turn into Mithril and Magic Iron?

"If you want to dig Orihalcon in a normal mine, you can't do it without turning back the advanced mining"

In the explanation of the macro, Mio puts in a supplement. During the game, the fields and ordinary mines, and within the dungeons, each had a subtle difference in mining difficulty, as well as a very different table of ore that could be mined. Mining itself was highly challenging in the field and required at least enough skill to fold back the elementary to find a place where decent ore could be dug out in the first place. Naturally, if you want to dig the top material, the skills you need will jump, and you'll be the feather of walking the long road that even Magic Iron can't dig properly if you don't get into some danger zone.

Conversely, the mine has half a surface that requires quest and gold to enter, there is also a minimum coverage of the type and quality of ore that is easy to understand and obtain mining points, iron for iron, and misrills for misrills could almost certainly be mined. Instead, there is almost no such thing as a bonus due to skill proficiency as happens in the field, and if you want to get something other than a resource with a lot of output, for example, Magic Iron or Orihalcon in a Mithril mine, you can't get it without as much skill as Mio says you have turned back advanced.

In the case of this is a mining dungeon, the circumstances are completely different, and the appearance table of the ore that can be taken for each mining point is determined at random. Sometimes things happen because corrections are made by proficiency and random numbers for each of those determined tables, and in some cases only iron can be taken even if proficiency is high. The habit, low proficiency, of course, is that Orihalcon and Adamantite can't even mine high quality iron, not even Demon iron or Mithril. Rather, Tsuruhashi loses at the output table when he lacks skills in the first place, so it's a plain harassment story. Considering that monsters stronger than the field normally sell fights, we can say that the total mining difficulty is the highest.

"In the meantime, it's divided whether the specifications of the game are the same as the specifications of this dungeon, but unlike normal mines, it's a mistake to have a flashy effect of skill. Sometimes it seems that Orihalcon has come out of the original mine, so there are people who can dig Orihalcon."

"I see. With that said, how are you checking the material content in the stones you dug?

"If my arm goes up, I'll generally see and understand, but if I want to find out exactly, I'll use search metal all the time magic. With this magic, you can see in one shot how mixed it is, but unfortunately, there are limits to what you can only use on the stones you dig. I knew I was going to rely on artisans' arms to find mine veins."

"I don't know if it's convenient or inconvenient. It's magic..."

"Convenience is convenient. I know for sure what kind of purification method to use."

Tatsuya and Makoto feel like they can be convinced of Hiroshi's words or worse. On the contrary, Spring Vegetables and Mio in the midst of working out both smelting and mining seem to know exactly how convenient it is to say that Hiroshi is, and they nod yummy.

"So, well, this is what we're talking about, ya. That's all there is to it. There's not enough investigation. There's always talk."

"Well, you're out."

"Since yesterday today, I've been investigating most of the pits that have been newly connected to the back, and I don't know what to do as a mine. I need to check all the time. Since tomorrow, I've been asked to cooperate for a while. What do you want?

Together they shake stories that I can only assume are almost determined to answer, and unwittingly make me laugh bitterly. It's like not really pushing your back in response to the gesture of a performer who is preparing for passivity in a forward leaning position, such as talking so far and not diving into a dungeon.

"I took that story, and it's not normal to talk about going to another city or anything like that, is it?

"Well, if it's normal, of course."

"I don't know if I can pretend like that as an entertainer, Hiroshi."

I knew it. I knew it.

Hiroshi was tempted by spring vegetables, and I had to snort again with a bitter smile. Honestly, I can't argue with just what you think.

"So, if it's okay to dive, how much are you willing to attack with your back?

"That's the problem or something. It feels like we're going to have to decide how strong the monster is when it occurs, and which profits it's going to be when we crush the dungeon and leave it like this until it's settled."

"Oh, yeah."

Tatsuya, whose sigh leaks, in a way, to the story as expected. If there is no such thing as a monster coming out like a pyrotechnic tower, the dungeon can also be an option to keep and kill as it is. Besides, this dungeon, the monster that springs up in the original pit, is most likely to be defeated even by rushing out, and it comes with not so much problem to use it as the original mine if you do a good job of escorting and patrolling. Unless something extra ferocious emerges from the back, the option of keeping and killing isn't so unrealistic either.

"Still, you used to bring that story to a team of adventurers like us with an average grade seven or so, right?

"I was only able to check yesterday's and today's surveys and the basic monsters and maps, and as a mine, I don't know what else to look at except us. We're going to need a whole bunch of metals that can be mined and have combat capability to get the data out of Saya."

"So you want us to help you?

"I don't know. Tomorrow is the same as today, and after that, I want you to come in through another entrance and mine for about two days, and after all the entrances go around, I want you to dig around the back every two to three days, all the time."

"Mmm. Copy that."

We understand the demands of the mining union and nod together. Originally, a journey without any particular reason to hurry. The stopover in this hand did not begin right now.

"Oh, yeah, Spring Vegetables."


"As part of the reward from tomorrow, Spring Vegetables is going to negotiate for about half of the ore I dug after the quality check, so Spring Vegetables is going to use it to train in refining and blacksmithing."

"... I knew you'd do it?

"If you work harder, you should be able to reach the making mastery, so let's just step on it."

"... ok, I'll do my best"

Spring vegetables inspired by the macro and decided to work hard to get to the goal for now. To be honest, compared to textiles, sewing, pharmaceuticals, etc., I don't really feel like forging or refining. Somehow, because there is a strong impression that it is not a job done by a very normal, powerless girl.

But if you don't get over this, there are also tough things to do to brush your sewing and textile arms. It is a test that absolutely needs to be overcome in order to achieve the grand ultimate goal of using spiritual cloth to make your own underwear.

"Master, it's good for Spring Sister to work out, but what about the weapon you made or something? I've made quite a few as of right now."

Mio, as it is an important issue, I will just check it for now. Quite a few, albeit almost all, failures, but I'll lay low there in the honor of spring vegetables.

"Well, come on, I'll think about it. As a souvenir for the first time, the others become disposable consumables, and I think I can rework them to make them quite good quality and performance and use them no matter what."

"Mmm. Copy that."

Quite a bit of quality and performance, a little anxiety about the word, but for now I'm convinced of a reasonable conclusion when it comes to validity. After this, there will inevitably be a lot of turbulence in the equipment called the quality and performance of the Macro place. Everyone but Macro expected that as it was no longer a promise in itself. but it is only here that we did not predict shards either at this point that we would all turn to those who actively cause that wave unanimously, other than the macro.

Follet's capital, Stillen. A week ahead of Honda to gather information. Rainey was quite bewildered to make a report on the anomalies taking place within Faure.

"... I mean, there's one problem after another in the mines in Faure."


'... it's not so uncommon in fact to say accidents in mines. Digging in strange spaces and full of gas, digging loose ground and causing a downfall, is dangerous in the pit anyway. Few accidents in that hand in Faure, thanks to Dwarves, and the human being involved in mining as an industry that supports the wealth of the country has gained quite a place, but in normal countries, including my Farlane, it's a classic for the forced labour of sinners.'

Rainey shows how impressed she is with Rayot's dialogue. Sometimes she has a shallow day since she gained herself, and there are certain aspects of common sense that are really neglected.

"But I was curious to say that a total of three new balds began to occur shortly after they were installed in Dar."

"I thought something was wrong there, too"

"Are there any nobles or powerful men who are acting like Baldos or unnaturally?

"So far, I haven't found anything as obvious as when Dar. I find it difficult to get in in in ways like Farlane and Dar because there are many people in this country with values close to Dwarf as well"


To Lainey's report, Rayot nods with a difficult face. As Rainey pointed out, Faure is influenced by Dwarf's unique values throughout the country. The impact has naturally also appeared in diplomacy, and quite often it can be rubbed with elements not valued by other countries. Monetary problems, territorial boundaries, what honor said. Normally, as a nation, it is salvation when it comes to salvation that does not develop into trouble first, but as a neighbour, it is certainly quite troublesome in nature.

"... at this stage, I can't judge you for lack of information. Anything else weird?

"The Mother Earth is less traveling with the main hall," he said.

"... that's unspeakable."

"I thought if Bardo said he was going to do something, it would be a temple affair, but he didn't have enough information to judge it"

'Right. Then continue with your investigation. I'll use other handouts here to find out'

Copy that.

I just got Rayot's instructions, I'm finishing up the communication. One sigh afterwards, Rainey gets up in a mood with no expression.

"First of all, I might have to work out my liver and stomach."

Faure, a country that is drunk every time we talk and eats rice all the time. Although Dwarves are not poisoned by boulders to the liking of women of the human species, Rainey's physique often determines him to be too much.

If this is as big as spring vegetables, you can miss it the other way around, but even though Lainey is considerably bigger than average, it's just a line about whether or not people fall into the category of big tits. In a basic-looking, volume-focused foray, many see Lainey's tight body as too easy and poor.

"We need to exercise hard so that we don't get fat and honey doesn't hate us..."

Love (?) Maiden, Lainey Moon. Because of my work, for the first time in my life, I was going to face the challenge of being a diet.

Meanwhile, around that time, in the royal palace in Dar.

"To the price of iron, signs of price increases?

"Thank you. There's been a lot of accidents at the mine in Faure."

"Hmm. That's going to be another headache."


The lord of the royal palace in Dar could not hide his rugged face in an important communication from the ambassador staying in Faure.

"If we run out of iron, the country will be in havoc."

"Uhm. It doesn't suddenly deplete today or tomorrow, and making flashy noise from now on doesn't just cause extra problems"


"Still at the moment, I'm not just saying that there are signs of price increases. Sergio, can't we increase the mining volume of the Akraus mines more?

Once done, suppress the noisy ministers and take confirmation from the countermeasures anyone can come up with in their bellies.

"In our mining technology, a build-up of about five percent would be the limit if we were to anticipate a safety margin."

"Right. So how about from the people of the earth?

"That will depend on the negotiations. But they are highly skilled in a variety of fields, not just mining. I don't think it's possible to just buy iron directly depending on the way you take it through negotiations, but it's also possible to get a technical offering on the mining of the Aclaus mine."

"I see. Do you expect anything later around Marcto? His country is not as rich in mineral resources as Faure, and we have quite a deal with our country. If you sell more iron in exchange for expanding the export boundaries of items obtained from heat-resistant bricks and pyrotechnic towers that have been on the agenda for a long time, it will be inevitable for the price to rise, but the steep field will shrink."

Marcto, a great power in the eastern part of the continent. His country, which has to stop in Dar for dealings with Farlane and Faldania, is also a great customer for Dar. For this reason, the first princess Magdalena, from Farlane to Dar, and the third princess Maria, from Marcto's dowry, have become even more connected with Farlane. If you listen to this information on Fore, you will do enough to temporarily increase iron exports to Dar.

"In the meantime, if we close our eyes to higher prices, we will likely be able to do something about what we use in our country. Farlane is unlikely to have a problem with this, as it is hardly a resource or commodity that originally depends on one country or another. And, rather, the problem..."

"The Federation of Midas, is it..."

"Right. There are no mines in that area of the country, even though it is not a fole and a continuation. If this noise gets worse, it's going to affect more than Faure, the party."

The ministers give the Queen's words a serious look in a different way than earlier. The Confederation of Midas, to which all seventeen small states belong, ranging in size from urban states with large populations of millions to smaller than Vatican city states, is, in a sense, an important group of states, the weaker it becomes as a whole, with a trading path between Dar and Faure.

If this place falls into turmoil, it is possible that Dar and Faure will not be able to trade directly, and the vast area that says the worst of Faure may become a nest of monsters altogether. In this sense, the dimension of the problem is different from the domestic iron shortage, which would be solved if price increases were to be tolerated and done.

"How about we merge with our country in Fore?

"It's not Waldis, and I'm sorry to rule in such a habit that I don't have the resources or the farmland to cut out the hard areas in the name of the invaders until they accuse me of it here and there."

Despite the geopolitically important position of the Midas Confederation, the reason why it has not yet been invaded from Dar or Faure is all the circumstances mentioned by the Queen. Anyway, this Midas Federation, the state to which it belongs, is politically unfamiliar, from the top to the bottom to the level of the common people. When it comes to that habit military and commerce, we are so amiable and collaborative that we say what the hell was that poor friendship.

Perhaps you can definitely control it if you attack it with that in mind, but when you see civil unrest and rebellion again and again later, it is natural to say that if you are a decent nervous exchanger, you are sorry that you have died, such as stabilising and governing an area like this. In this regard, we will have no choice if we look at the history of a nation that has not once united its region when it says that it has been sandwiched for hundreds of years by two great powers, Dar and Faure, and that has continued to divide itself in civil strife every time a country with a population of more than 10 million can.

Even though that alone is a land that is willing to go out of its way to take the lives of gold and soldiers, the area is low in food self-sufficiency. The reason is unclear, and unlike Dar, there are few lands where decent crops grow in the richest green areas. All the plants that grow naturally are indigestible by most human species except some veterinarians, with an indescribable vegetation that is neither poisonous nor medicinal when processed. Sometimes there is no salt lake or rock salt in the region, and food self-sufficiency in the Midas Federation is lower than in Dar.

If it merges, it will increase the burden of improving food self-sufficiency in order to maintain law and order, which is quite foolish. Although it is an important element that cannot be ignored when it comes to the stability of trade routes and their entanglement tariffs, neither Dar nor Faure are willing to get their hands on them because they are too cost-effective and too risky.

"In the meantime, we need to keep in touch with Faure for a while, and we need to get Farlane ready to bow his head and lose the port royalties whenever possible."

"At all, if we were to form a coalition state there too, could you have something a little more to say cohesion..."

"If that were possible, it would have been the kingdom of Midas, not the Union of Midas, but the name of the country around the Midas Empire long ago."

"It's against our country, against Farlane and against Faure because of the food and resource problems, so at least I want you to stop bringing responsibility to us immediately for the inner circle frying phrases..."

"It stayed that way for hundreds of years. I don't know what else to expect."

A queen who speaks to her troublesome neighbors in a truly hurtful way. The common sense on Earth that neighbors are usually unfriendly was partly correct in this world as well.

In a certain darkness.

"There's only one place you've done well."

The Lord of Darkness who reads the flow of the earth's veins and whines to throw them away. Even the darkness distorted him so much that he looked unhappy with the results of his manipulation at Fore.

"Isn't it superior if one place works?

"Is it something superior? The results achieved in exchange for the goddess detecting this movement are just not suitable for one dungeon!

Asked by another Dark Lord, he throws up abominably. Half of them were supposed to be able to be dungeons by appointment, but unexpectedly the resistance of the Mother Earth God was intense and the limit was to cause a downfall accident at best. Now we can drastically reduce Faure's productivity, but there are surprisingly many dwarves in Faure. In view of their passion for mines, it is visible to cling to the point where they can resume mining again, perhaps less than a month later.

In other words, a fatal blow to Fore's industry is a huge failure because of its purpose.

"I intervened when I saw Baldo was out of hand, but honestly I can only say that the disconnect was sweet"

"But even one dungeon can help to gather the holy spirit?

"If you can at least help me with that, it's not worth the sight of Mother Earth"

If there was only one salvation, it would have been possible to dungeon the largest mine in Faure. Crest Cave has the best output in the world. Just because this mine is forced into de facto closure, the city state is forced into three iron depletions. The grudging voices of that time will create a lot of holy temper.

"Whatever you do, you have to do something about Mother Earth first."

"I also heard the information that Follet's Baldo was on the loose. For once, I've hit my hand somewhat."


One of the Lord of Darkness, whose own work was coming to an undeveloped end, gives an intriguing reaction to the words of his compatriots. Mother Earth God is the greatest obstacle in Faure. I want to be a little influential.

"What hand did you hit?

"Not a big hand, though. It's simply a path leading to the temple of Mother Earth God, a trick that enlivens the monsters and drives awareness a little crazy by darkening that belt of holiness."

"... I see you're going to take the time to isolate it and tighten it up with a soldier attack"

"They don't care much about faith from humans, but if they go in and out less and get more holy, they'll inevitably take their hands off you."

One of the Lord of Darkness nodding so thankfully to the words of his compatriots. It is greatly appreciated for him to lend a hand, albeit to this degree of trivial support, which was made difficult by the attempt to end underdevelopment. There is no such thing as a sense of competition or confrontation among them, so there is no resistance at all to saying that they will support each other and receive support. When you turn down cover, it's mostly a situation that counts well enough to keep people as warm as possible.

"Sorry, that helps a lot"

"Whatever. Farlane and Dar are frustrated with their plans, it's useless to just play."

"I see. To put it the other way, if the guests from the unknown continent didn't do anything extra, Mother Earth wouldn't have had enough room to stop this plan..."

"No one could have predicted this far back that they wouldn't actively eliminate the people who were so dedicated to the same battle and so busy with politics."

The Lord of Darkness. One of the Lord of Darkness who accidentally roars at his two words. From what we've been through, there's nothing we can do where politics is involved, and this time the guests are no different than the guests of the past. It's just direct policy. Why not? They can't do anything, but they have a much higher strength than the famous gentlemen everywhere in terms of turning the balance of power upside down.

There is no longer a single man in their camp who insults the craftsman.

"This time, I'm going to deal with him directly."

"What are the odds?

"We were hunted down to some extent by two Baldos and a tower of pneumonia. Absolutely not, but with some reckoning."

"Right. If there's anything I can do for you, just say it."

"Oh, it's troublesome when my presence breaks down to the public. It's going to be a while."

We can no longer even talk about it in Baldo. If you hit it on a hundred sizes, the rear guard could be tailed, but if you do that far, you'll definitely get an extra cross spear in from the goddesses first. It's faster and surer to bump directly than it can be said to be a means commensurate with the hassle and cost.

"For a while, I can only spin around Fore's country. They're sending in a corner bald as well. Let's make it useful at best."

"Right. Dar should go beyond Farlane anyway, and the extra resources should go to Faure and Lauren."

"Oh. In the meantime, I'll consider getting my hands around the mine vein again"

"Then this one thinks in the direction of disturbing distribution. The Midas Federation is getting pretty interesting."

"Okay. I'll take care of that. To fill the world with holiness."

"To fill the world with holiness"

The two lords exchange greetings that became determinative complaints and blend into the darkness. The Dark Lord was unaware. The Goddess of the Two Pillars observed their meeting.

"... Elsa, that's all I can do right now"

The divine realm at the crossroads of the world and the world. Alfemina, who was peering into the meeting of the Dark Lord, tells that to Elsa, Mother Earth.

"... that helped, Alfemina. That said, it is troublesome that they will crush the way to the main hall"

"But the only way we can get our hands on it is by purifying the veins. Fortunately, a line of Lord Macho is in the foray. Aeris is due to visit Fore soon, so let's get this information out of there."

"Sorry for the inconvenience"

"All this time, I can't help it. Until the witch wakes up, I'll help you with the three pillars of me, Raifia, and Soles, but not only Xanaphel, but you can't do your job properly, and now you're not so generous to follow."

"I'm really, really sorry"

To Alfemina's complaint, Elsa seems sincerely sorry. With virtually no witches due to various circumstances, Elsa manages to maintain different equilibria by directly handling the bulk of the work to be done through witches. As a result, the effort required to take extra steps has increased, and work as a pillar of the Three Goddesses and as the Gods of the Five are beginning to lag behind.

"If the Honor and Spring Vegetables reach your temple, the witch's problem will be solved. Be prepared to have plenty of work after that."

"Yeah, I know."

"Well, there's no room for any more hands here. Do something yourself for a while."

Put that down and go back to your duties, Alfemina. After dropping off the alfemina, he sheds his own power on the ground and mine veins hurt by suspicious means and makes every effort to resist making them do as they please any more.

"Damn, it's a really long way to think that a few previous placement souvenirs will show off by now..."

A disturbance about 700 years ago, the sealing of a witch by a place souvenir at that time. To the magnitude of its influence, there is only a sigh to make.

"Apparently we're stopping by at Crest Cave, but we can't afford as much as you think, Lord Hong"

Leaks complaining-like words with sighs unknown several times while purifying twitching and eroding temper. I know that the fact that Hongda originally came to this world is in itself like being caught up in the circumstances of the gods. I know, but still, the current situation is not good enough to entrust your wishes to someone who is supposed to be irrelevant and shouldn't make such complaints, as well as leaking complaints.

"Now, how far can we show a guy called the will of the five gods in this situation that is no different from being tied up with his hands and feet..."

Through the pulse of the earth, Elsa spills a weak sound with a rugged face, purifying the chi of the road that leads to the main temple of Elsa Temple. The world of the gods was unexpectedly persecuted by the Hongdas.