"A little more..., maybe like this..."

Spring vegetables whining about the timing as they tease the blade of a knife heated by bright red. I've wasted so many before and finally grabbed hold of the blade molding and baking. If this succeeds, it will be three in a row today and five in a row in total from before.

"Okay, now!!

Quickly stick it into the grated water from the fire and cool it where you are confident that it has been heated for the desired time at the desired temperature. A flashy noise and a sharply cooled steel blade tightens its body as it distorts.

"... it seems to have worked..."

Observe carefully the body pulled out of the water and sigh making sure that no extreme cracks or irresistible strains have occurred.

"Later, after burning this back, I guess I'll finish it with a grinding wheel"

The previous two are already in the process of cooling out of the work of baking back. Unlike baking, it should not be cooled all at once, so today the work will probably be done where the baking back work has been done.

"Is the first bottle about to get cold?

I just heated what I just finished baking in and lowered the temperature to the point where it cools to the point where it feels good to be air-cooled and cold, confirming the first bottle of the day. It's been air-cooled for quite a long time since the morning, so I'll be done baking it back.

"... well done"

Confirm the knife is made and unwittingly break his expression with joy. If you reshape the blade after that, this one will be finished. No matter how hard you try, it can only be the same performance as a few cheap knives, but it's still sturdy and performs better than what you had when you were flown here.

"I'll try again tomorrow, and if I can make something as stable as this, is it the next step?

A blacksmith's arm is finally becoming something in practice after practice. Spring vegetables that are happy to do so and whose consciousness is directed in the direction of brushing their arms by forgetting their original aims and objectives. This kind of part would be the reason why she would be told that the specs are expensive but unfortunate.

"Sister, you've lifted your arms for the most part"

As I was checking the other bottle, which was cold enough to touch with my bare hands, the Dwarf in charge here called out.


"Oops. When I first shook the hammer here, I didn't see it very well. It was a finish, but this guy has to even screw up the finish, because it's usually something he can sell."


"Oops. Famous stuff, I don't know, but it's in the practical range."

It makes me even happier to get professional tattoos and find out that my real feelings aren't so off.

"It's a corner, so why don't you finish those two?

"Is that okay?

"Anyway, it's still gonna take until it's at a temperature that he can take home, right? You don't have to wait."

That's what I said and pointed at was the last bottle in the middle of baking it back. As Dwarf put it, it hasn't reached the kind of temperature you would touch with your bare hands yet.

"If it is, can I give you some advice?

"Is that true?

"Ouch. I can't be as precise as you and this parent on the boulder, but I can explain better than the faceless lady who's always here."

Dwarf making such an offer while appealing to what Mio can do subtly. In fact, in simple blacksmith arms, it's not so much different between Mio and this Dwarf. Because Enchant and others are used to make the product, the performance of the finished product is significantly higher in Mio's making, but through it, it is possible that this Dwarf will make something better if it is poorly done for the good of the year. And that year's work works very positively in terms of teaching things.

Mio is not so useless as a teacher. However, regardless of what reacts as clearly as pharmaceuticals and alchemy, there are few vocabularies that can be explained in areas where sensations say things, like blacksmiths, and I don't know how much to pinch my mouth, so I can't give you a busy piece of advice.

"Well, because of that,"


Spring vegetables that take advice from Dwarf because it's an offer at the corner and carefully do knife shaping. I somehow got the hang of finishing the first one, and finishing the second one without being particularly supplemented.

"Apparently, you got the hang of it overall."

"Maybe I'm grabbing it, huh?

Spring vegetables praised by Dwarves and answered that with a little less confidence. Compared to before, I'm confident my work arm has gone up, but I still don't have enough strength to spot how to adjust just by looking at it. There is no way that you can make a clean blade in one shot with a free hand, even if it is a shaping operation with a grinding wheel. When you ink it, polish the high spot and drop it. When you hit the blade surface on a wooden plate, check for distortion, and then repeat the work to see if you can finally create a clean blade that can be cut properly. I can't even imagine when I will be able to reach that area when it becomes an arm that can clean off irregularities without ink, like the Macro or this Dwarf.

"If I'm your age, and I've started in earnest lately, I've got too much arm. Rather that workshop owner or faceless lady is too abnormal."


Spring vegetables that inadvertently raise a dry laugh to Dwarf's point. Both Hiroshi and Mio are quite deviant from the people of this world. Just knowing that, there's something a little distressing about being praised for letting go too much.

But even if you say you're shifting, even if there's a correction, it's an arm you've worked out in a system where shepherds get out in large numbers. Regardless, Mio, who had a mentor, reached that realm by hand with only enough to accommodate some information with a lateral connection at best, is well respected for that. At least that's how I appreciate spring vegetables, mahjong, tatsuya, etc. that I didn't produce properly.

Still, the deviation is off, so it's not like I can wipe the awkwardness. The only thing I could do for spring vegetables was to keep checking the tip of the blade so as to deceive it.

"Mr. Spring Vegetables, is it time to finish?

"Ah, Hong-kun."

When he was running away from reality like that, a bunch of discussions seemed to be over, and Macho turned up. I heard you were still working on it, and they picked you up.

"That's the work of the day?


"... when I think about Spring Vegetables in my background, I think I can do enough."


When I nod back at the spring vegetables, which I hear anxiously, I take the things I haven't finished and check them out.

"... If I make about five more, the knife will graduate. That's what Grandma thinks, right?

"Well, I guess that's the place. Normally, I'd hit the same thing for another six months, but if you remember your sister's things well, you might want to make a lot of things first."

Spring vegetables that get ink from Dwarves as well as Macro and smile with real joy. Ordinary girls wouldn't seem to be happy there, but I guess it's the strengths of spring vegetables and the pity of being honest about this sort of thing.

"Well, whatever it is, it's up to you today. Mio joins his brothers back in the day."

Copy that.

Spring vegetables to clean the work place and pack your bags while you get help from Hong. I made sure that the last tools I used were properly aligned and that they were back where they were, and I turned to the Dwarf of the Supervisor.

"Thank you for being late today"

"Grandma, thank you for Spring Vegetables."

"Why, working with a promising young man like your sister is also Non's job."

A dwarf who is thanked by two young people and nods slightly lightly to show them. Regardless of race, these pleasant young people love it.

"Maybe we'll finish the day tomorrow with a meeting or an explanation, so Spring Vegetables is practicing blacksmith again. There's something else I want to do, and if I do, you can do it. Yeah."

"Well, I'm starting to enjoy my blacksmith work, so I'll work on this one tomorrow."

"Oh well."

Heard a reply from Spring Vegetables, one nodding hong. Apparently, the shift to production characters is progressing well.

"For that reason, I'm sorry, but I'll be talking about Spring Vegetables tomorrow."

"Oh, let it go."

Dwarf returns a thoughtful reply to a bowed macro while checking the door tightness. Spring vegetables are beautiful enough, even from the Dwarves, even though they come off as objects of love and lust. The way such a girl punches hard into a blacksmith job makes me want to cooperate unconditionally from an older Dwarf, and the runaways in the midst of polishing their young arms can't be beat, if they don't show me a good spot, ignites upliftment.

From this dwarf, who is paid to run out and coach young people, the presence of spring vegetables is very much appreciated as a kanfull agent, and I love to see promising young people punch in hard, even after subtracting it. Therefore, there is no reason to say no or not to put your shoulders in.

"See you tomorrow."


If the distance between the two is another thirty centimeters or so, rather, if we are not paying attention to each other and keeping them closer than eighty-five centimeters, the Dwarves will drop off men and women who, in their normal senses, are not strange to see each other as lovers, and finally confirm the end of the fire and the tightness of the door again. If you look at the way spring vegetables shine when you're with her, even Dwarf, whose colorful love shacks come considerably below her appetite, can't go wrong to see if she's in love. It is pitiful that the fact that Hiroshi is so tight and feminine that he is so fond of that sentiment of spring vegetables is equally obvious beside him.

"Good love, I don't know, difficult love"

It was a dwarf that left the workplace behind, reminding me of the tiny horns and spring vegetables that looked and positioned, and leaking my sympathy for spring vegetables and nothing.

"With that said, I was curious to work on it"


"Forging copper products, don't you?


To the Spring Vegetable Inquiry, I recall that, if I say so, I didn't explain it to you, Hiroshi. That said, the reasons themselves are not that difficult.

"Copper in this world is a little too soft to forge weapons, and the ductility is a little too silly. Whatever you need to squeeze for a pan or something, it's not really for forged weapons. The output is less than iron."

"What about bronze or something?

"You're too hard on the other hand, and even if you tap, you're stuck or something, so you're not going to forge the other way around. Casting with refining skills is common."

Spring vegetables that make me strangely convinced by that explanation of the Hong. In the first place, at a time when iron produces more, the option of using copper for heavily depleted weapons disappears. Anyway, unlike Earth, weapons in this world have a lot of turnover, and basically weapons in mass production have a much shorter lifespan than pots. I don't use metals that are less expensive in terms of output and less suitable for weapons in terms of performance.

"Bye, another question. Above Demon Iron and Mithril is the Orihalcon Adamantite Hihiirokane, right?


"There's no woot steel or damascus?

"In the case of Faircro, there are alloys of iron, magic iron and top metals. Well, even from lower and higher alloys, it's not necessarily inferior to higher metals."

A question that came out of learning, something I hadn't cared about before. Spring vegetables that ask early questions about it because it's an opportunity at the corner, and a macro that answers as frankly as possible. Though for a short time, it seems like the unfortunate woman is alive and well around ruining her time alone because of that kind of question.

"Shinko is just above Orihalcon or something?

"Ainya. Between that area and Shinto steel, there's ammion steel and gardrium all over metal."

"What kind of metal is that?

"Amuon steel, by its nature, feels a bit of an orihalcon or misrillic characteristic in the top of Adamantite. It's not so bad that it's not elastic for being so hard, so why is it that the Japanese knife made of core iron and skin iron tastes so good without tears? And the magic tricks when I used my skills for curses and stuff are good. On top of that, in response to the temper and tension of the user, the sharpness and ruggedness of the product increases."


Only top metals on boulders, with broken performance. For that matter, it's very difficult to process, but I don't have to say anything there, so I won't comment on spring vegetables either.

"Gardolium is a metal with hardness and elasticity more than adamantite and less than muon steel. This one feels like a simple enhancement of hihijiirokane."

"In the first place, what is the nature of that hyilocane? Sure, Orihalcon has psycholeptic properties, resists curses, but magical streets are good. Adamantite doesn't have any special properties, but it was a tough metal with excellent hardness and elasticity anyway, right?

"Let it go. Hihirokane is a biometal that grows to suit its users and is self-repairing if refined at all. For that matter, it's difficult to make alloys, and it's a pain in the ass to process them. Later, even as it grows, neither Hihiilocane nor Gardrium can reach Shinto Steel, so there is a trait for Shinto Steel itself to grow, so there is no reason to catch up in the first place."

"... Could it be Shinko..."

"Take all the properties of the metal so far"

"... I knew it..."

Metal at the top of the boulder, something like that.

"With that said, I'm getting an orihalcon or something..."

"It's a little silly to refine with this equipment. Mr. Kakashi's place, but don't say it's absolute."


"And whatever the orihalcon and adamantite are, definitely pull the hihihiilocane when you see it being processed. Honestly, I don't feel like I want to be too aggressive."


Spring vegetables with indescribable expressions on the strange words of the macro. Manufacturing that has been done so far by Macho is like pulling off normally if you look at humans involved in production tears at all. I am very anxious about what the hell I will do because I say that the macro will pull off.

"Well, you'll see it sometime. Bullshit. When I think about Makoto's special moves, I'd better make a sword out of Hiirokane.

"If you're going to bet on the part where you say you're going to grow, you should definitely have a hi-hirokane knife."

"Well, there are limits to that."

Finally, the words, somehow interrupt the conversation. The metal-related questions that Spring Vegetables had at the moment have all been resolved in the current conversation, and the fact that they can ask questions about blacksmiths has almost been answered. It's almost like it's all over when we talk about what happened today, and there's nothing to talk about.

In fact, I don't feel particularly awkward because I don't have a topic to discuss. The two of us walk the road together, that alone has satisfied Spring Vegetables enough, and Hiroshi has nothing to be ashamed of walking with Spring Vegetables now in Hong. Even though there are considerable temperature differences and vector differences in the emotions we have against each other, it's all chiseled that the behavior that comes out on the surface feels strangely like a mature couple of 10,000 years old newlyweds.

"... if you say so"

"Hmm? What?

"Oh, yeah. I talked to Mr. Makoto a while ago, and you still want to go home over there?

"What, from a stick to a stick?"

A sudden inquiry from Spring Vegetables at a time when it's time to go back to base. The content of it makes me look unexpectedly surprised.

"You're done on your way home, I can't believe I kind of remembered talking to Makoto about that."

"I don't know. So, what about Makoto-san?

"He wants to sweep away all the black history he's left over there, so he wants to go home once."

"Ah, I see. Maybe you can put it on before someone sees you with a jet lag."

"That's what he said."

Hiroshi shows a very convincing appearance in the words of True Harp. Let's get this straight. For a person who belongs to a geek, that is a very important circumstance.

"Maybe Mio won't be the same."

Makoto said the same thing.

"So, not to mention your brother, what about Spring Vegetables?

"I have to go back once, not just if I want to."

"Hmm? Sora, why again?

Spring vegetables that, naturally speaking, tell Hongqin the same contents of what he explained to Hongqin.

"I see. When you have a hell of a body, it's tough."

"I'm used to it, but sometimes I think about it."

Explained by Spring Vegetables, Hiroshi accidentally stops at the doorstep of the base to divulge such thoughts. It seems that all the people involved are amazing, which is more than just a good thing for a child.

"So, what about you, Hiro?

Sora, I want to go home.

"Why? If I think about it normally, I think you and Mio should stay here."

"That's not a hard story or ahem. I want to show my family that I was worried sick enough to just take a porn cartoon, that I made a woman friend."

"Friends, or..."

"I can't do anything with my girlfriend yet."

Complicated feelings about a statement by a macro called "friend". Hiroshi embarrasses Spring Vegetables with a bitter smile that doesn't even try to hide it. In a series of events in Dar, I stopped running away with the insistence that Spring Vegetables had misunderstood their feelings, but that did not lead to being able to fall in love. There's no way to connect.

I know a hundred things about spring vegetables. I also know enough how special it is to be a girlfriend to a hong. It's a tremendous pleasure and pride to say that you want to introduce your family to be such a special being. But greedy minds can hardly be satisfied with friends.

"I'm glad to hear that you're sad about your shallowness, which I honestly can't be happy with..."

"Let me make no comment about that. Whatever I say, don't say it."


Spring vegetables that somehow give off a bright laugh to the masculine, but hundred percent genuine words.

"Well, let's just say that. Assuming there's a huge jet lag and it's a lot of hypotheses, but after so much time as it gets noisy, we can go back over there, and if we can, we'd like to get along some distance at school to avoid the extra noise..."

"You think I'm convinced of that?

"I don't think it depends on the situation when I get back. Even if we can go back, let's be clear about how we're going to go back."

"Ahhh... Well, you're right"

If I could go back over there, I wouldn't necessarily have my current memories and feelings intact. It's a story I don't want to think about, because I can't even say for sure if my love affair persists until it's time to go back over there in the first place.

"So, I want to get a little distance in school, as I remember and am now, and as long as the time alone has allowed me to return after about half a day and a day, but other than that, I'd like to make an introduction to people I cared for and people I still contact in my middle school dachi, and such a nice girl has become my friend. Akan?

"I'm unhappy to say you can distance yourself at school, but other than that, I'm so happy"

A lovely girl by a man in love, a spring vegetable that suppresses the mind that is about to rise when told, and still answers so with a full grin at the joy of not being able to hold it back. Still treating me like a friend, but I can't help complaining there.

"Are we done talking?

"Ah, Tatsuya. I'm home."

"Ooh, welcome home. So, when we're done talking about youth linearity, let's just eat. Come on, I'm starving."


Tatsuya seems to have heard a dialogue where Hiroshi was feminine and if the phrase he was saying wasn't a friend, if he was bad, he wouldn't be different from the proposal. Not particularly upset by its tearing language, but a macro who heads to the washroom to wash his hands in normal driving. Unfortunately, it's a word that only means what it stands for in denomination for Hiroshi, and it doesn't seem to be a special word for the person who said it enough for Spring Vegetables to rise.

It is a sight in which the future becomes uneasy in a different way than before, around being teared up and flat, even though they say "nice woman" and so on towards the person and turn it away. It's extra that the reason I'm not upset is because I have no intention of dictating to a macro person and I have no reason to feel ashamed because the word is just a fact I said.

"... hey, spring vegetables"

"... what?

"That guy, if he's old enough to have the style to look good in a fancy suit, wouldn't he be awesome unconscious?

"... there are still signs of it, I think..."

"You're in trouble too..."


To the strangely sympathetic words of Tatsuya, it was a spring vegetable that I could only laugh powerlessly because it felt cooled by my ever rising heart.

"Hey, Macro. I just want to make sure, okay?


Dinner is over, and I was just about to come in to clean it up, and the serious-faced Makoto calls out to the Macho. It should be noted that for dinner, I listened to the opinions of True Harp and Mio about "I haven't wanted anything cheesy and junk in a long time," and it was a menu with a bit of ingenious ingredients on the bag ramen and dumplings, an excessive amount of calories called fried rice, and no extra nutritional value. The content is the content, so it was very quick to make.

"Confirmation, what?

"Talk about the melting furnace, what's happening now?

"We're done talking about where we're going to remodel this time. Tomorrow, we'll decide where and in what order to proceed, explain it to the people involved in the construction, and start demolition around tomorrow afternoon."

"So, how long exactly does it take?

"The first place was about five days, including demolition. The second place is about ten days after I touched it and just gave the instructions. [M] The third place is where I'm involved, and if I have any problems, I just have plans to contact you and advise you, so whatever the schedule is."

"Mmm. Copy that."

Listen to the dates indicated by the Hiroshi, one nodding true harp. I'm looking for the main hall, but I've been eating stalls at Crest Cave for a long time now. If the boulder has plans for the future on a month-by-month basis, it will be necessary to review the guidelines from scratch, but this time it does not seem to be the case, so it seems that we have decided to do well for now.

"So, check one more. In the meantime, I can't help you for like three days?

"From the dismantling of the second melting furnace until the gawa builds up, I think you can do whatever I tell you. Why?

"I think it's time we attacked that dungeon."

"I see."

I took True Harp's suggestion, and indeed, a nodding macro. I left it at the assumption that it wouldn't go back to normal anyway, etc., but I'm pretty sure it's time to tailor the boss for once or so.

"In that case, I have a bit of a troubling story there."


"If I did that, I'd better dive in once, collect the ore, make proper gear, and then attack him in earnest. Yeah?


A true harp that takes the ultimate suggestion of a macro and takes it seriously. You challenge the unknown boss, so if you're thinking about safety, it's natural that you should gear up before you do.

"How long does it take to make gear?

"Depending on the content, a day would suffice."

"Do you think you can make time to go ore digging?

"It takes about two days to dismantle the first place and build the foundation, and the only time I give instructions is the first time I do the foundation, and enough time to go digging and build it."

"Oh well."

Listen to and immediately discontinue the dates offered by the Macro.

"Then I'll go out with you when you go digging, so can I ask you to make some gear?

"Roger that. If you have any hope, I'll get you some protective equipment besides a knife."

"Right. The kind of armor you wore when you were a urus, because it's heavy on boulders, as a pass. Plate type partial armor that moves easily and doesn't make much noise, can you?

"If you do the handheld material, it's especially problematic."

"Well, so please"

Copy that.

Make note of the request for a true harp and decide in your head the optimal combination from the handheld material.

"Oh, no. Makoto."


"I'd appreciate some material if it did, but you can go get it. Then you can get it. Hmm?

"I know what you're saying to me is monster material, but what?

"Bones, gallstones and organs of Adrasiasaurus"

"Roger. The point is, I just need you to drop your head and take it home intact, okay?

"I don't know about that."

Makoto answers to the demands of the Macro and seems to have no particular problem. If I only listen to this conversation, I get the impression that a monster named Adrasiasaurus doesn't seem very strong, but he's not actually such a brilliant creature.

Adrasiasaurus is a handsome carnivorous dinosaur about ten metres long, living in a rather remote part of Midas federal territory. As you can see from its size, a decent adventurer avoids even approaching within a hundred kilometers of the habitat's radius, rather than giving a glitch, that a half-livable melee attack cannot even pierce the target's skin, and that a agile move on a giant's crease can sometimes unilaterally ravage a sword-shaped high-speed flying monster.

Nevertheless, if it's fast and just big, Wyburn is better up there, and it's only an easy duck to hunt for true harp, such as a monster who doesn't have as much power or as much troublesome special abilities as Galvalangeia. Moreover, he is a pathetic creature who will be treated the same as a mere chunk of meat at a time when this team has its eyes on him, since he is not as resistant to Oxide Circles as Wyburn, so if Tatsuya is there, it is even possible to kill him unharmed and seconds.

"Speaking of which, is Adrasiasaurus meat, delicious?

"Unlike Cerberus, I manage to taste as much as I can. I just don't think it tasted like Wyburn or anything."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Well, if I leave it with Spring Vegetables, they'll figure something out so I can eat it"

"So is that."

In the words of an irresponsible macro, this is another true harp that irresponsibly agrees. Spring vegetables will be the only thing that beats ambition when it comes to production is ingenuity about ingredients. To be clear, I can even remember a kind of emotion as I cook meat from all kinds of monsters as if I were passionate about eating this far.

Cerberus and man-eaters who could not be eaten with such a spring vegetable, perhaps how can they not be eaten by humans?

"Well, I'll be hunting in due course tomorrow. Can we get about three heads?

"If I only did our gear, I wouldn't be like that"

"Copy that. With that said, is there a redeemable area or something?

"For once, think the skin sells normally. That skin will be quite a defense to the point of losing a little to iron, as it can be processed into armor even at the beginning of sewing."

"I see. You mean, skinning, sewing?

"For some reason, sewing."

To put it surprisingly, Makoto hears too much unexpected information and raises an emotional voice somewhere. To be precise, any skill that might handle leather makes skin smoothing possible, but the fact is that not much is known, and I don't even think that even a macro can do it outside of sewing.

"Anyway, I'm going tomorrow, so I'm going to use one box."


That's how Macho and Makoto pack up their detailed plans. You can't even struggle with dinosaurs who are intolerant of the Oxide Circle, and Makoto and Tatsuya return with about five achievements at noon the next day. The meat of the tailored Adrasiasaurus was thoroughly smoked by the hands of spring vegetables, then soaked and aged for about three days, and then soaked in miso for about three more days, resulting in a mellow and savory meat that was delicious not only for Honda but also for the Dwarves.

Two days after deciding on true harp and future policy. Hiroshi had brought spring vegetables and Mio back to the True Fire Furnace building in Urs's Azma Workshop. Tatsuya and Makoto remain in Crest Cave for every request from the Dwarves.

"Build new gear, yeah, ya"

Hiroshi cuts it out against spring vegetables and Mio before the ore he mined a little deeper the day before. Spring vegetables and Mio waiting for the next word with a serious look, stepping on it when it comes to quite an important story.

"What kind of protective gear would you use to upgrade the status quo?

"What do you say?

"Every metal in a boulder is considerably more defensive than a Wyburn leather armor, but there's one thing all the time whether or not to switch to a metal armor."

Spring vegetables and Mio are unconsciously noticed when listening to the explanation of the macro and thinking about switching to metal protective equipment as it is. There are advantages and disadvantages that simply cannot be measured by defense, so it is only natural to say that you have to think about it based on it.

"Hong-kun, you can't have better protective equipment than you do now with leather and fabric?

"As for the cloth, we need to have this catalyst even after the Spiritual Emperor loom is made. Even the clothes we're all wearing now are better in defense than the Wyburn leather armor, but if there's one, it's because of the premise of overlapping the fabric on top."

"Oh well. What about leather?"

"At least come back with a Lesser Dragon system and you'll have a tough defense boost."


Spring vegetables that convince me of Hiroshi's point. Lesser dragons refer to species that are particularly vulnerable and highly reproducible among dragons. Even though it is weak, it is a curved dragon, so the simple ability to attack is somewhat stronger than Galvalenzia. However, there is little wisdom in the Lesser Dragon, either because it possesses a tough flesh as a serpentine creature, or because it attacks almost exclusively by instinct. What can be called special abilities is about an attribute brace, which is a monster whose threat diminishes considerably if dragged down to the ground like Wyburn.

It should be noted, for the record, that classified under the Lesser Dragon system are some of the various attribute dragons and sea dragons, and the dragons identified by color are mostly dragons of the upper species. Wyburn, also a subdragon, is not included in the Lesser Dragon system.

"Well, even if the Lesser Dragon is strong, there's a lot of room for miscellaneous fish monsters, compared to the third form of Baldo."

"Master, going to finish them off now is not enough time for a boulder"

"Well, here's the thing. And because oxide circles don't work on boulders and dragon species, it's a little hard to get beautiful leather and other materials."

"Then there's only one choice from the start"

"No, I can't force it into metal protective gear, but there's always a hand to reinforce Wyburn leather."

Can you point it out? Mio with the look on his face. At least, Mio's power makes it hard to get your hands on Wyburn leather armor.

"Well, reinforcement, I can't make a big deal of it all the time, but if you stick up a plate made of partially orihalcon or hihihi-irokane, the Lesser Dragon-based protective gear will perform just a little bit in front of you, about"

"Hong-kun, if we strengthen our current protective gear in that way, won't we waste our features as leather protective gear?

"It's okay there. Modifications for that, I guess. The advantages are that the leather protective equipment properties can be left intact. The disadvantages are that performance is significant for the materials used."

"I see. It's a little troubling, isn't it?"

Spring vegetables that listen to what has been presented to the Macro and are seriously troubled. Diluted defenses for less coming forward are her clear weaknesses. But switching to metal gear to compensate for it could kill the biggest weapon, speed and the ability to deal with it by the number of hand tags. It is a really troubling issue.

"With the metal we have now, what kind of protective equipment can we do?

"Orihalcon is as user-friendly as regular iron armor, regardless of performance. Adamantite is heavier than normal iron, so take it for the type of avant-garde that stops with a body like a dollar old man or something. Hihiirokane is a little heavier than leather and has a lot of flexibility, but until it grows, it feels a little unreliable.

However, the nature of the material is different, but in terms of weight, it doesn't matter to some extent whether it is an enchant or an additive, and it is difficult to move easily, because it changes dramatically depending on what you call armor making, so the material alone can't be said in general. "


"Sora, the ease of movement is completely different for full plates and partial armor, and the ease of movement, defenses, and how bad the sound can be, can vary from chainmail, ringmail, and scalemail, respectively"

"Oh, sure."

Spring vegetables to be told and convinced. I have only worn spring vegetables that are classified as light armor at best, but I remember that when the armor is set to be resistant to any type of attack and vulnerable to any type of attack, it is set in detail. I didn't expect it to be very different to the way I felt when I wore it on boulders, but the structure and shape change, so it would be natural to say so there.

"It's hard to decide that's all the information, so for your information, Mr. Makoto and Mr. Hiroshi, can I ask you what kind of equipment you're going to use?

"Mr. Makoto told the breast plate and skirt armor that the boots and gauntlets made of iron plate with adjusted operating range were everywhere. Mine is the same mechanism as the armor I gave my dollar grandma, and while I'm exploring it, I plan to make armor that I can deploy to half plates and full plates if necessary."

"I see. I mean, I don't even bother making it just a breast plate, but I think I could use a combination of partial armor from the start, like Mr. Makoto?

"If I get there, I'll be very slow to explore."

"That's why..."

Spring vegetables crumble with a subtly mixed face of fright and emotion in the description of the macro. Haven't bothered me so much before, but the Macro barely has the skills to be more agile. Even if there are no weight problems, wearing gear that inhibits behavior can dramatically slow you down.

"Master. With my master's power, I don't feel that heavy equipment inhibits my behavior so much..."

"If you want to move lightly with three or more plate-based protective gears, including the torso, you need a lot of agility as well as muscle strength. Plate-based behavioral inhibition is somehow reduced by agility or skill in the first place, and unfortunately that type of skill has a combination. Saya, metal armor usually allows you to equip up to the breast plate at best or"

The Fairy Tail Chronicle defines heavy equipment as wearing plate-based protective equipment in three or more locations, including the torso. Different penalties arise depending on the area you wear and the number of people you wear at that time. Although this penalty is mitigated by the skill of heavy equipment training and heavy marching, it is common for production obsoletes who are not damaged in the field even in initial equipment to not remember the time to acquire the skill because this skill grows slowly on top of the great effort involved in mastering it, and because the plate equipment-specific penalty, which has nothing to do with the penalty due to heavy equipment, is ineffective.

For the record, full plates made of Shinko steel are not classified as heavy equipment only for producers, nor are there any full-plate-specific penalties. That is also why production abolitionists do not master heavy armor or heavily armed marches.

It is worth mentioning that no matter how similar the game is, the disadvantages of heavy equipment in this world do not feel so digital, and various problems arise due to the structure, material, weight, etc. of the protective equipment, and it feels more like covering it with the wearer's habit than with skills.

"Oh well."

"So, Mio decides whether or not to update his protective equipment?

"I'm a Wyburn leather armor modification. No matter how many silenced enchants you say you can put on, Sheaf says metal armor is a basic out, and I'm not as low on basic defense as Spring sister."

"Copy that. Make a proper plate and plant it."

and so on, a macro that just goes into refining work. The portion of spring vegetables has not yet been determined, but refining in a true fire furnace does not take that long with Orihal Conclass. So I'm pushing ahead and working on whether I should make a definitive decision while I make it.

"Well, if I can't make up my mind, I don't have any ideas that can make a big difference."

"Like what?"

"Forge or disappear, but tease the hyirokane into fluid metal and coat the surface of the armor if necessary, with all your hands."

"Does that increase your defense?

"Not now. I just don't know what to do very well."

Spring vegetables that, as always, show off their untrustworthy appearance to a macro who brings a nanny idea with that. As the word "metal" appears, it is quite a source of anxiety.

"Mio, you want to go that way?

"... I'm not sure I'm going to be able to say anything very properly, no matter what Sister Chun says."

"Roger that. Look, I'm just going to make some for Spring Vegetables for now. If it melts again, I'll use it for another monkey."

Hiroshi and Mio make the spring vegetable portion a prescribed route at some point while pretending to meet. Regardless of the hong I just want to make a lot of things, Mio seems to be up to something crap and I'm afraid, but when we get to this point, I can't say no now, strange and Japanese temperamental spring vegetables. In the first place, I can't even decide on my gear, so I pull myself off thinking that I might not be able to say this too greatly.

"Well, let's start with making all the weapons. Mr. Spring Vegetable's Rapier and Mio Dagger on Orihalcon Base. Yeah, right?


"I'll leave it to my master"

Hear the two words, and do whatever you want with Hiroshi. Throw away all sorts of common sense without changing phase, and incorporate different materials in many ways, not only in refining, but also during forging.

Nevertheless, unlike when we were making weapons out of Magic Iron, Spring Vegetables that were somewhat comprehensible of what Hiroshi was doing smudged the depth behind the craftsmanship in a less correct direction, in the sight that even Spring Vegetables, who were used to softening, would cease to have a flashy light that was so different from sparks that they approached completion on boulders.

"In the meantime, the Orihalcon-based weapon is something like this. So, which one of Makoto's? Yeah, he's still hardening himself, so besides the planned hihihiirokane being the base knife, Adamantite is the base knife. I wonder if you'd like to try it all out, all the time."

Macro explains to Spring Vegetables and Mio that he creates everything that has no particular problem with Orihalcon and makes something else with a sigh of breath. We will then teach together what we have done in any process so as to serve as a reference for future work. It should be noted that the weapons made (some for Hiroshi himself and Tatsuya) naturally did not need to be modified, and were calm in a way that purely enhanced the previous ones made of Magic and Iron. Most importantly, it is not strange to buy anything where it does not affect the user-friendliness of the user side.

"Master, I think it's okay to just hi-hirokane?

"Hihirokane takes a lot of work to get used to and start growing. We won't make it to this dungeon attack on the boulder or this boss battle. I feel like I saw the wreckage of the previous knife, if I do adamantite, I'll make it normal but I'll hold it twice or so, and if I make it specifically for strength, maybe it'll break."

Explain your intentions to Mio, while beginning work on small pieces of Adamantite ballsteel. If you solve the fact that using extra skills breaks in one go as a real problem with a positive attack method, even building a sturdy Adamantite knife will probably solve it to some extent. But Adamantite's sword is not developmentable from it. Therefore, if you can't use it three times after trying it, there is a possibility that you will lose to Hihirokane's knife, which has grown specifically to withstand extra skills.

and, in terms of conditions, seemingly superior, but there is a strong habit of hihihi-irokane, for better or worse anyway. I don't feel like competing with just one bottle without insurance. So even if you know minutes is a bad bet, you should still make something you can make.

"In the meantime, let's end the uninteresting adamantite, and then, in a way, the hi-hirokane of fate. I didn't really process it in public."

That being said, the work continues crisply, creating a splendid knife that inspires the middle two centers, also in a different style from that made by Orihalcon. This may not be enough, which would be the trouble with less skilled extra skills.

"So, wait for your hi-hirokane or. Spring vegetables, definitely pull, I think, but hihihirokane comes from metals like that."

"Sister Chun, if you're going to work out your blacksmith arm too, it's a path you'll never avoid"

Spring vegetables are stabbed with nails like that by their master and even have a bad feeling about it. Something tells me you're going to regret a lot of things when you're touring the work from here.

"Ho, go!!

That being said, to a well-heated hihihiilocane, a magnificent wave of hammer down with unprecedented momentum. Hihirokane that makes dull noises and deforms like you've never heard before.

You don't have enough of this, do you?

Suddenly he talks to Hihiirokane in a dossy tone, yet another blow, waving the hammer down with momentum that could crush the ground. I don't think I slapped the metal. It sounds dull and changes the color of the hi-irokane.

"You look uncomfortable dressed up, but you're just metallic. Do we have a right to life or death?"

A macro that taps the surface gently so as to curl, etc. At this point, the spring vegetables are still pulled.

"Hey, Mio..."

"Hihiirokane doesn't perform properly if you don't hedge and obey your pride by oh doing it"


Spring vegetables that listen to Mio's commentary and draw more and more. Meanwhile, the "mouth shot" of the macro continues, sounding strangely vivid that I don't think is tapping metal.

"Something, Hiroshi, pulls quite a few words, but it also pulls strangely vivid sounds like you're tapping people's cheeks or something..."

"That's what it is, so give it up. 'Cause it's normal except for hihi-irokane."

Spring vegetables in Mio's words, more and more distrust of Hihirokane is soliciting. While doing so, it finally turns into a metallic striking sound, making a tall sound and making the last blow. Keep saying, "Rewards!" and so on. Spring vegetables that are baked without long hair and pulled back again into the quickly completed macro. Especially the tone sucks when you say reward for the last baking.

"Well, show your disciples how to do it, if you don't have a reason to do it all the time, you can definitely show people how to do it. Kanji burn"

After it's over, the macro comments so in a strangely sneaky way. I was pulling more and more spring vegetables while I was doing it, but I don't know why this is so much fun because of the character of the Macro. Instead, no matter how much I want to do it on the inside at times like this, I can't possibly not understand the spring vegetables that I know about theatre as much as I have to pretend like I'm really doing it on the surface.

Forging metal, you have to act like a special play on purpose in the middle of the act, because there is something that really discourages understanding.

"I'm so angry that it looks so pretty to make it that way..."

"Sister Chun. That's Hihiirokane."

"... Something common sense in me feels shattered again"

"Sister Chun is not in a position to comment on common sense"

Spring vegetables that were completely denied blur by Mio, who accidentally came out with his mouth, snapping as much as he wanted. But I can't even hang around.

"Hey, Hiroshi."


"Sorry, but my share of new protective gear is on the Orihalcon Breast Plate, please"

"Ahhh, I knew you didn't like Hihirokane's protective equipment..."

"If you look at that..."

Spring vegetables that can no longer be trusted with a metal called Hihiirokane place such an order for their own protective equipment. An ambition that bitterly accepts that order and in a way creates more important protective equipment than weapons. I just finished the Orihalcon breast plate except for the Tatsuya and Mio portions.

"If you say so, Master"


"What happens when you coat the fluid metal you were just saying on top of this?

It is only here that Mio's word led him to end up making one fluid metal armor for hihihi-irokane as well.