Fairy Tale Chronicles

Spill Talk Part 2

1. One Day Azma Workshop


"Oh, Mr. Kurt. There you are."

After ten o'clock one day. When both curry powder and potions achieve today's norm and think about what to do, Kurt shows his face.

"Isn't Mr. Randy with you today?

"A little wild for another action"

"I see."

Nora develops a public discourse in place of greeting the other Randy without any particular doubt that he is acting differently. No matter how close they are, they don't imitate things like sticking your mouth in the personal circumstances of an adventurer.

"The usual guy, I want to ask you"

"Ah, yes it is. Do you have a container?

"Please for this. Later, this is a souvenir. Jack Lizard's guts and skin. Sure, your gut could have been used for grade seven potion ingredients, right?

"It's not a regular recipe, but it works. I'd be very grateful. Serve."

Nola, who receives the container and the price, then a bag containing souvenirs, fills the container given with soy sauce, miso and curry flour slightly more than the price. To be clear, the cost of materials is almost superfluous.

Randy and Kurt have been on the brink of helping out a lot when Honda came to Urs, helping out with post-processing and other things when they helped Aeris, and have been selling a lot of stuff directly since they opened the workshop. Regardless of the potions that have to go through the Meriza Chamber of Commerce for legal reasons, we are in a very privileged position to sell the finest products for less than wholesale value, such as seasonings, which are currently the main product.

Regardless, the two people, who are not going to unilaterally sweeten the generosity, contribute to the workshop as a souvenir if they procure what seems to be usable as this material at the time of the request. The workshop side would be more appreciated than cash, so I can't help but say that some kind of give-and-take is in place.

In particular, what is not available in the vicinity of cities with direct access from the workshop, such as Urus and the village of Ortem, as in this Jack Lizard material, would be greatly appreciated. All the materials that Hongda runs into the warehouse are all the more so because this is all in the hands of Nola and the staff at the workshop.

"Don't you have anything else you need?

"The speed enhancement I got sold during this time, I would appreciate that. He's a treasure to escape and convolute."

"Wait a minute."

Nora pulls toward the warehouse to confirm the item specified by Kurt. Record the condiments you have already sold to Kurt on the book. I don't have an insane memory like Spring Vegetables, so I don't have a complete idea of which items are in stock.

Fortunately, because speed enhancement made a lot of extra material halfway through this time, the Grade VII stuff was in sufficient quantity, stock. Just pull about ten of them out of the warehouse and get back to Kurt.

"Thank you for waiting. There was something in the seventh grade. For now, I've got about ten of them. Is that enough?

"Well, I guess that's because it's close to my wife. How much?"

"It's one fifty krone."

Copy that.

It's a doping item that you would normally buy tenfold, but in the case of the Azma workshop, the cost of materials is just as free, so it's surprisingly cheap if it's sold directly. It can be said that the fifty krone is almost exclusively a technical fee.

Compared to other alchemists, Azma Workshops are easy to procure materials for items below Grade Six. Anyway, all the materials that can be picked around the village of Ortem can also be deliberately dropped and used for Grade 7 items, above Grade 6, if they are normally used. Moreover, there are also a lot of unused parts of the crops grown in the village that become materials for about grade seven items. Just three people, not enough to be used by about five artisans, including the elves who are coming to study from the village of Lime and Ortem, who have recently begun to touch the initial safe ones.

Therefore, because the cancer can be consumed without worrying about failure, Nora and his disciples are able to increase their skills faster than other workshop disciples, and thus the technology fee inevitably drops.

Honestly, I can lower my price more about my body, but I get about 10% of the price because Melissa, Randy, and even other adventurers with direct deals have stabbed me with nails asking me to keep it to about 10% of the market (exactly what I sell at the Adventurers Association).

The price of 10% is also the price at which the majority of vendors accommodate the adventurers of goodwill, with items originally with a very wide range of price and quality punching elements. In the case of the most other vendors, it costs more than half of the materials.

"Well, it's time to go home. Thanks for everything."

"This is the one."

We chat for a while afterwards and Kurt cuts the story off where we exchanged meaningful information with each other. It's still early in the afternoon, but Randy's wild use seems to be fast enough. So I decided to join up and look for work from tomorrow.

"You might want to check the books."

Where Kurt left off, it was Nola who decides in her mind, recalling the contents of the balance sheet when she temporarily closed it last month, that it was time to check inventory and review the books.

"Whoa? Is that Kurt?

"Ah, Mr. Handsome, chisel"

"... my nickname is completely settled..."

As soon as you get out of the workshop, Kurt encounters a famous adventurer there in Urs.

Hahn Sandrome. He is one of the mid-level adventurers on a team that has been quite successful, having risen to the fifth level about two months ago. Honda became acquainted with him when he received an escort assignment combining long-distance travel practice. We've been together for a few seductive jobs since then, and if we realize it, we're close enough to make a deal directly.

With regard to the designation handsome, it began when Hiroshi said something extra when he first met him, and after that, whenever the work went hand in hand, Hiroshi continued to call Mr. Handsome handsome, so that at some point his nickname exploded and became firmly entrenched.

"You guys shopping too?

"Yes, a bit of seasoning and boost items"

"I see. Curry powder is convenient."

"It's true. Now on a long-term mission, I'm just a little heroic with curry powder and soy sauce."

"Both, decent guys are usually expensive to buy right now..."

Handsome words, stingy kurt. At present, curry powder is rising in price due to the rapid increase in demand, and if you buy commercially available products on the regular route, you will also get five kroner in a container about the size of a larger hand cream. As for soy sauce and miso, the price of the Azma Workshop is twenty krone for the same amount and ten days for bareback stays, depending on the inn. What Forest Giant is coming to sell is exceptionally cheap, but you'll be lucky to see if you can buy that one.

To be clear, what is currently available cheap with the condiments spread by the Azma Workshop is about mayonnaise that doesn't require so much know-how and can be easily mass produced with a few man-made sea tactics. Because many other seasonings involve aging, it is a situation where some restaurants make their own consumption.

Soy sauce and miso are the last examples of this, and even for buckwheat shops that Aeris went to, he managed to stabilize the quality of what he consumed at his place by the time he opened up, but qualitatively at a level that competes with Forest Giant, and he hasn't been able to make enough to sell it elsewhere. The reality is that other places are similar or close by, and the Chamber of Commerce here and there is burning heavily when it sells things that haven't even gotten anywhere.

As far as curry flour is concerned, the number of vendors who have yet established a means of weighing and formulating a lot together and quickly is high enough, and the situation still persists that it is only cheaper than soy sauce and miso because the azma workshop is producing and distributing it in large quantities. It's going to take a while before the average person can easily buy it, as Japan does, because this is the body despite the fact that it seemed to be faster than any seasoning.

"Is it curry powder, too, Mr. Handsome?

"Plus, boost items and instant ramen because it's going to be a long shot later."

"Oh, can you get your hands on that one?"

"Let's get excited this time."

Instant Ramen is currently in a situation where the Royal Palace is buying up what it has made from one end. As a result, the stock volume is always high, and the price is higher than that of the others. Specifically, about two small containers of curry powder on the market.

"No, Nora said that Instant Ramen was going to build a dedicated factory soon,"

"Oh, thank God for that."

"Really hey"

To the good news brought by Kurt, not only handsome but also another woman interrupts the voice of welcome.

"Oh, my God, Irva. How long have you been here?

"Just now. It's going to be a long time, so let's get a little more curry powder."

What has pinched my mouth is Ilva Meal, leader of Bloody Rose, a team of adventurers just for women. This one is a true harp connection. It goes without saying that it is common sense that he/she wants to keep his/her secret here that it is time for the wedding.

"So, that information, is it true?

"Nora said it, so I think it's true. I won't say anything bad about it."

"I see. If so, I'd really appreciate it."

and other adventurers who, if staying outside the city for long periods of time, thrived on instant foods that were very grateful to have.

"Whenever I come, I'm nervous..."

"Isn't it better than the royal palace?

"Yes, but neither is a place for slum-born people like me to go in and out in the first place..."

Time slot around noon a little. Leaving Nola behind, Fam and Therese were visiting a central market department store for delivery. Usually, the Melissa Chamber of Commerce comes to deliver, but the Melissa Chamber of Commerce, which is currently becoming a political dealer for the royal family, is busy with a variety of things, and in some days it may be impossible to get around to this delivery. In that case, it delivers directly from the Azma Workshop and uses the method of asking the Melissa Chamber of Commerce to pay for it. Since it is sold at any rate, there is no major problem as long as the slip is decent.

"Thank you for waiting. We always take care of you."

"Welcome. So, here's today's delivery."

Fam keeps stacking more and more of today's deliveries on the trolley while Therese gives him the list and the slip. It weighs hundreds of kilos in all, so I can't carry it without a trolley. Especially the soy sauce and miso are heavy and cannot even be removed by the arm force of the fam unless it is subdivided. The story is a good idea of how great strength and muscle the Forest Giants, who can normally grab and commercialize barrels packed with this, are.

"... Indeed. So, yeah."

"Negotiations in that corner should be with the owner of the workshop who's supposed to be in Fore right now, or the head of the Melissa Chamber of Commerce."

"I knew you couldn't do it"

"A little on our side. Besides, I honestly don't think I can get that far with my current personnel."

Telles crushes the words of the personnel present at the delivery, ahead of time. A rep on the department store side who, after all, has no choice but to sigh at the speed of that reaction. Central market department stores are the second-largest opponents that chambers of commerce and workshops throughout Farlane dream of trading directly. Considering that the first place is a royal palace without even having to say it, you can say it's essentially the best.

Having a department store like that doesn't make a direct deal with the Azma Workshop. That fact increases the value of the workshop more and more, behind their consciousness.

However, there is no way to twist out the current situation of cancer requests coming from the number one royal palace I want to deal with in the first place, or the room to trade directly with department stores to the Azma Workshop, which is a small factory I am looking at. I don't know how to make Kone these days, but Dar Royal Palace is now getting this fine order, and honestly there is no room to create any more new large business partners in terms of spirit than production capacity.

"Now, I'll turn the slip around and ask the Meriza Chamber of Commerce to pay as usual"

"Okay. Best regards,"

It's not a good idea to push any more and even cut the pipe with the Melissa Chamber of Commerce. The person making the decision sighed and smiled and sent out the fams.


"Do you have the number of things I was asking for?

"It's too much, but I can handle it"

"I'm always sorry."

From the royal palace, Rayna comes to receive instant ramen and curry flour. Soy sauce and miso were delivered yesterday in casks three days ago with 10 ketchups and various sauces, etc., so it is not necessary for a while. Mayonnaise says the apprentice is desperate to make it every day, so there's no need to deliver this from the Azma Workshop again.

Raina comes all the way here because she's one of the few people who knows where the workshop is and has a facial connection with the people involved. As a royal palace, Raina is well used as a pasiri because she doesn't want to increase the number of Azma workshop officials and facial acquaintances for many reasons, nor does she want the royal family to go directly out to pay or receive large quantities of luggage.

"So, they finally got the purpose of acquiring the land."

Raina shakes the chat while she waits for Fam to finish writing the slip. It's easier to keep them informed, so my boss told me to talk to them if I remember.

"So, finally?

"Oh. Now the lack of instant ramen products will be able to be eliminated to some extent. At any rate, there are as many raw materials as there are."

"Right. He said that wheat doesn't hold up every year for the past few years."

Fam snorts unwittingly and bitterly at Rayna's expectant-ridden words. Instant Ramen has so far not been on the market for anything other than what it flows from the Azma Workshop to certain adventurers. But through the Knights' massive crusades and their particular adventurers, existence itself is plain and wide known. The number of humans who have actually eaten has increased considerably, and it is probably the most stubborn item right now to see if we can do something to increase production.

Note that Rayna and Fam's words are not lies. In the past few years, in addition to the rise in agricultural technology, the abundance continued in Farlane, and even though it was exported to other countries and stockpiled to its full limit, there were quite a few wheat that could not be consumed and flooded. The fams and the slum residents came alive, albeit badly, because the state bought up a portion full of stockpiles and processed them into bread and handed them out to slums free of charge as part of their livelihood support. There is no doubt that the security of the slums was not that bad, also thanks to its food policy.

Seafood, which until now has often been discarded in one way or another, such as other small shrimps and small fish, which are not often used in cooking, is also greatly reduced in waste because it can be used for instant ramen utensils and dashi. The instant ramen factory is economically effective in many ways, as it can also be expected as a receptacle for the employment of young people who have come to earn money from the province in combination with a slack.

"So, did the rumors spread?

"Yeah. After that, we're gonna have to get a whole bunch of people together when the factory's ready, right?

"Apparently. I don't know much about that area, but Lord Rayot will do something about it."

"Well, there are problems with soy sauce and stuff, so even if it's finished and people are here, there won't be an immediate increase in ramen production."

And so on, the two of them blossom in stories of a massive project that is going to take place, sparkling their eyes in hope for tomorrow. In fact, after the acquisition of the land, we will talk about it after Hong returns to build the plant and equipment, but neither of us will talk about what we know without being told.

"Well, it's time to pull it up. Next month, please."

Yes, every time.

Rayna takes a seat when she receives the finished slip from Fam and completes some confirmations. That was how one day the work of the Azma Workshop was finished.

2. Makoto's Peer Magazine

"I'm finally finished penning..."

One night. After some work, the true harp crushes as it stretches a lot. On the manuscript paper, the intertwining of the two men is painted in quite a beautiful pattern. In terms of content, it's probably a relatively soft one. Is the number of pages approximately thirty-six?

"After all, the blank is huge ~. I can't believe it took so long..."

Drink milk and sigh blurry true harp. A week after I got a peer-to-peer magazine production set from Macro that included a printing press. Even though I pulled over half a day every day to draw, I just finally finished penciling. Considering that there is still work to be done after this, it may have taken about a month to work only during the night.

"In my active life, if it was this thick, I could normally have taken a college lecture and done an assignment and watched cartoons and stuff in a month..."

A fellow writer who made as much money as he could make speculation on a boulder? If True Harp's words were true, it once seemed like a hell of a speed of work.

"Saying there's no other deadline, but it's my first line in this world, so I don't really want to do it if I do. There's a plot phase to the name."

A true harp roaring at the slow work, checking out stories books, works of stages in front of ruffles, etc. Behind the willingness to create once ignited, the work of reality is hard to move forward.

That said, I'm just moaning, and nothing goes on. I just tried to get back to work, and the door gets knocked.

"Ha ~ i"

"It's me. I brought you a night meal."

"It's open, come in on your own"

Answer Tatsuya's call that way, and for now, I'll have to clean up the manuscripts that are scattered, etc. I have to dry the ink when I finish putting the pen in, so I leave it there for now.

"What's a night meal?

"He said it's a dough he plans to serve at the stall tomorrow."

"I made it, spring vegetables, right? How did Tatsuya get here?

"Something tells me I felt like I or Mio was gonna suck a lot going in. Don't you think you have a lot of nerve pushing at me?

"Well, I'm pretty sure there's a bit of a problem with making it look like a minor."

True Qin can only answer Tatsuya's blur about Spring Vegetable's behavior with an unexpected bitter smile. Whatever, no matter how soft the content of what we are drawing now, it will definitely be eighteen bans if it is to fit industry self-regulation. Spring vegetables that are past her birthday may not be a problem, but I feel comfortable showing them to her somehow. As far as Mio goes, he's usually out with age limits.

"But for what I'm drawing with the stuff Rainey gave me, you don't make it look like the real people. I don't think there's any wind coupling between us."

"If I did, it wouldn't be like I wasn't reflecting."

"Well, you are."

"Mostly, how much of an idiot can't read the air to write a book that's macro multiplied with you in this situation? I'm gonna have a lot of learning skills, and I don't have a suicide wish, do I?

Tatsuya brings an indescribable look to Makoto's truly correct perception of the current situation. It's true that if you paint something like that, many things will be broken, and given her past, it's as if she hasn't reflected or learned anything. But...

"For that matter, I thought you were completely paranoid.

No matter how much reflection I've had, they can't help the behavior that has become a learner. Even though you regretted not being able to make a decent relationship, Makoto seemed to have exactly multiplied Tatsuya by Hiroshi.

"Let it be a habit of sorts that can't be done with rotten girls anymore. A small percentage of men are just as paranoid as looking at spring vegetables in thin clothes and pinching them."

"Well, maybe that's what they say."

"It would really help if you decided not to put it on the table, Nokan, but no?

"... if I had to put it on the table, who would I bother?"

Don't be paranoid about rotten girls, that's like pushing sobriety into big drinking. If that's possible, you won't get that deep in the first place.

"Except to be paranoid, but don't drool in a way that goes into your own ear, okay? It's not going to be as good as it gets."

He said, "I know."

True harp nodding with a true face in the words of Tatsuya, who is forgiving for his BL hobby. What Tatsuya told me is clearly minimal manners. With regard to past incidents, it is a realization that true harp deserves it because it broke its minimum manners.

Most importantly, from Tatsuya's point of view, at the time I bothered to spread it all over the university by touching on things such as being multiplied, I would conclude that men are also not busy. I don't know if it's 100 percent true, but if you're a normal person, you don't spread the word just thinking that you've been dressed in gay wet clothes. Considering the risks you really think you are, you don't normally.

But the fact that you dared to do it, you probably either wanted to retaliate against True Harp even after you blew yourself up, or you wanted to make True Harp a villain and gain sympathy. Given the size of the school as a whole, it's a little too much either way.

As a matter of fact, this thought of Tatsuya is almost centered, and the man was looking for an excuse to wave the true harp without becoming a villain. This is why I felt comfortable doing it once. That prospect of a man has gone really well, poisoning a pretty pretty girl for the sake of it right away.

True harp right now wouldn't catch on to a guy like that by mistake. But at the time, I had absolutely zero experience in love and had no experience of seeing socially painful eyes. I couldn't help it because I had no experience or imagination of seeing a rotten woman, a man, or being able to detect what I was going to do. Besides, if you hadn't looked at the painful eyes here, it could have done the same thing since you went out into society, leading to more lethal consequences. If you think about it, it's not all bad.

"Well, let's just say that, okay?


"Nothing, I don't care what you draw at all, but if I could, I wouldn't be able to draw regular comics with you besides BL?


Makoto shouts his surprise at the unexpected suggestion from Tatsuya. Tatsuya, who anticipated the reaction, decides to be honest where she thinks she is.

"Nothing wrong with BL at all. We don't have the kind of comic book culture we grew up reading yet, do we?

"Well, you don't. Even books aren't as cheap as ordinary people can easily buy."

To Tatsuya's words, truthful harp nodding honestly. This world is well advanced in paper production technology, and there is also the art of printing hard copies. Therefore, books are also not as expensive as ordinary people cannot afford. However, it is not so cheap to help with the fact that the literacy rate is not so high, and there are not many types of entertainment novels or the like that are sold.

There are no books that contain advanced and delicate illustrations such as those painted by True Harp because of printing in hard copy, and even if you naturally want to make comic book books that use a large number of pictures, you can't make them. There is no such thing as a glossy book made into a story by Queen Micheira of Dar or, in fact, any kind of illustration, including the cover. Spring paintings and so on are not mass-produced, so there is a good price for it.

Therefore, no basement has been created for the creation of a comic book culture.

"There, you hold on to the comics we see and familiarize ourselves with, so naturally it's the beginning of a new culture, right?

"Right. You will."

"Don't you think it's going to create a stereotype that if that sow is just BL, that's all you should draw?


Unexpectedly and deeply convinced by Tatsuya's sharp point, Makoto. I was immersed in my hobby. I didn't really have that perspective.

"That's why I was wondering if you could draw me a picture where I wouldn't have a problem showing it to my kids if I could,"

"Right, roger. I'll tell you something. Can I model you guys?

"If you don't make a significant mistake, don't worry about me."

Hear the words and think a little bit about the story. Nevertheless, there are already two things that come to mind when it comes to easy content to stick with. If you can use the stories in your body, those two can be easily comic strips for you.

"I thought about" The Azma Workshop Struggle "in the Four Comics and" Spring Vegetables, Good Luck "in the Love Comics story comics, what do you think?

"That sounds interesting. If you're in the workshop, well, it won't be a problem because you're just a person with an artistic physique. Love comedy can be properly allowed for spring vegetables."

He said, "I know."

"And then, at about the rough stage, let me check the contents. If I could, I'd have something to tell you."

"Copy that. Well, I'll try harder"

That said, Makoto deposits the finished dough skewers on a plate with Tatsuya. After that, Makoto's struggle will result in a full 120-page "Azma Workshop Struggle" and a full 144-page "Spring Vegetables, Work Hard" rough just before he leaves the foray after obtaining permission from all concerned.

The two completed comics will twitch from Azma Workshop officials as the dawn of a new entertainment culture, and will explode when they travel to Dar, using the printing techniques of the earth's people as well. Since then, workshops around the world have focused on developing printing technology, and comic book culture has become entrenched around the world.

"... I knew this was a classic Alvan X Dentris book"

"... I dare you to break the code, His Highness Rayot x Alvan..."

"... no, no, first complete the coupling between the master and loyalist"

The number of owners of the same type of illness as the true harp exploded under the water, and more and more books of the kind never appeared on the surface and could not be shown to the person who had been made into a story.