Fairy Tale Chronicles

Later, part one.

"Well, now you've got Stillen and Crestcave connected, too"

"Good luck"

Two days after the big banquet. Finally, three locations, Urs' workshop and Stillen's workshop, and Crest Cave's temporary base, were connected in a transfer formation, with Hongkong and Spring Vegetables completing the checks on the function. The reason it was not immediately after the Great Banquet was simple, because the banquet was worse than it was prepared for.

The only reason I'm here is because Tatsuya is still down, Makoto is dedicated to comics, and Mio teaches classes in the workshop. The reason Tatsuya is down is because she failed to escape and was attached to the Dwarves until after noon yesterday.

The day after the big banquet, he said it was common sense that Stillen's functionality would be completely mahi, and yesterday everyone, from administration to justice to criminals, except the doorkeeper was hard at work, was open and closed. It is also a luxury that Rainey falls ill and Bardo cannot eat into the heart of the country, naturally wanting to.

"Hey, Hiroshi."


"The system has changed and the list is now coming out, can we also move directly from here to the people of the earth or something?


To the query of spring vegetables, the hong snorts. Urs' workshop has become more complex to move to, so we've put the transfer team together and changed the method of selecting the destination from the list.

The transfer formations themselves are basically in pairs. As a result, when one nature changes, so does the other. As a result, the integration of Ursus' transfer formations allowed other transfer formations to come and go with each other.

"I just don't really get to go to Ortem Village or Dar from here, no matter how much I can travel, regardless of Crestcave or something from here."


Spring vegetables nodding at the words of the Macho. Essentially, the transfer formations in each city are set up for the purpose of travelling with and from Urs' workshop, which is the largest base. Therefore, there is so far not much need to do to get around with anything other than Ursus' workshop.

"Well, for now, Terez and the others are also training from where they make bricks and other things to use to repair the Temple of Elsa."

"Right. It's a little too big, it's only about cleaning and purifying."

"Due to the impact of the last battle, some places have completely collapsed. It's not that easy on the boulder."

You can fill the crack, what a temple main temple of Elsa with damage beyond dimension. No matter how big they are, they don't want to just have the ingredients on hand, and because they didn't have time, they only need to remove and clean a lot of debris. As far as purification was concerned, it was a round throw at a spring vegetable song.

"Later, it seems like it's time to teach refining and blacksmiths, so first, Terez, Nora, and Fam, the three of them are mining in rotation."

"Where's Lime?

"On boulders, you don't have enough power to dig walls. If I do, I should avoid fam, but I don't know, it's a little messy."


Spring vegetables, deeply convincing, to the comments of Hong.

Lime, who finally turns six in August, is not in a physique that can be used for mining work, etc. I'm not even eight years old for fam, so I'm not supposed to be a good person to let mine or anything.

However, regardless of the lime, which has only yet to be weighed and mined, it is likely that the current person will not be convinced to let the fam, who already works as a craftsman, do the mining work, even though it has not yet reached half a serving by macro standards.

The difference in age and the fact that both Terez and Nora admit that they are equal to Fam is troublesome. Whatever the difference is in your area of expertise, these three will be troublesome later unless you treat them equally.

"Well, for that reason, a tulu hash that is easy for fam to use and dig, or if I have it ready,"

"It's not a black place noise about having mining work done without any follow up on late age single-digits, actually"

"He will volunteer, all the time, but he will never dare."

With a sinister face, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables discuss troublesome issues. I would never want to do a black imitation of letting my kids head to mining work, if they don't have to. If I had at least as good a physique as Aeris, I'd feel a little easier, but my age and my development at the moment can't help it.

Then I have the opinion that it will be more since I grew up, but if I deviate too far back to think about the specifications of mining and sampling in this world, that makes it problematic. I've never had them wear making-masteries before.

"That's it, and I guess it's time to add a few more people or we're running out of hands? Fam and the others are getting pretty good at it, so I think we can take care of them even if we have juniors."


It is also said by Rayot and the Queen that we cannot increase the number of craftsmen in the workshop. The fams are getting used to making their own tools and such tasks, and although they are not as close as spring vegetables, they are also seeing a lot less making masteries.

More importantly, with the strength of the current officials, the polar theory should not be done enough without any more arms up. Besides, I master the basic way to apply alchemy and enchants to other things, so even if I let you do it later, you'll be able to make something about intermediate and specifically quaternary potions. I'm not talking about a decade on boulders or what I can do there.

So for their review, it's not a problem to include juniors. It is certainly necessary to increase the number of people, also from the point of view of the management of the workshop. The problem lies in the fact that the Azma Workshop is in a much special position today.

"From a teaching point of view, there are so many problems. The question is, who am I going to put in?"

"Oh, sure."

With the royal families of the three western powers entering and leaving and with direct transfer formations in all the capitals, the Azma Workshop today is in a position where it is not possible to employ, for example, far-fetched human beings. Whoever you want to put in, it's not good if you don't get permission from each royal family after a proper interview.

"Pick it up properly with a slam or something, like before, because it can't be translated all the time."

"Well, you're right."

"In the meantime, I plan to have one person, an external collaborator, come and go this way with the same feeling as the people in the village of Ortem..."

"Collaborators? Who?"

"Mr. Kakashi."


Spring vegetables are deeply convinced by the words of Hong. Even though he is a dwarf, a slightly bodily kakashi is a figure like the foresight of a craftsman with a strong step-in-law and mouth. Even if he were to enter and leave the Azma Workshop, he would not be the first to betray himself.

"And then someone who can help Lela, it's time to do it."

"Right. The village of Ortem is just a cabin, so the villagers can do the repairs and stuff on their own, but that's not why Dar and Stillen's workshop or Crestcave's room."

"On the boulder, even Mr. Lela's hands turned. In the meantime, depending on the case, maybe you should introduce Ray or the queen to someone."

Spring vegetables in which, in the opinion of the Macro, no elements can be found to disagree. It is not only the craftsmen that are missing, but also the backs that support it.

Anyway, it can be an obstacle when you go back to Japan in many ways if you don't keep your muscle tracks in place so that the workshop turns around and a lot of things develop even when Hiroshi is gone.

"Something about the workshop relationship suddenly got busy, didn't it?

"I don't know. Well, at any point, I don't know if I can finally do it right."

"Well. However, as for Mr. Lela, don't you have to be in such a hurry to increase the number of craftsmen?

"That's what I'm trying to say. If you do it, you may not have enough time to end it in advance at once."

"Not enough time?

Spring vegetables that unwittingly shake my neck for what Hiroshi said. Her blue eyes stare at the macro in surprise.

"I can't even say I will, but I don't care about the tools that come and go this way, maybe I can make them."


"I still hope you don't expect too much from the stage of possibilities. Anyway, as far as I know, I don't have enough arms with Enchant right now. If I made it into ingredients, more performance than Baldo's core, and I don't know what we're dealing with in the first place, I can't imitate it in a broad way."

"... Sure about the end, but I'm short on Enchant's arm with Hiroshi..."

"Seya Nen. I'm sure you can tell by some of the biggest libraries in Loufeus. Well, it's hard to make a move unless you at least meet Daljan in Lauren and see what's going on over there."

I don't agree with Spring Vegetables about the lack of information. Of all the information that Hongda needs, it's deadly that Alfemina, which would hold the most pivotal place, is busy with all sorts of things, and it's not even clear what Hongda should definitely do to get home over there.

"So, when you think about the possibility that you'll get your hands on it and do nothing else, and the possibility that you'll go back there before it's done,"

"Sure, you might not have enough time."

Spring vegetables finally understand what Hiroshi is trying to say.

"Well, for now, I don't have much to talk about today, so let's go back to Mopenurus and pack it where it should be"

"Copy that. It's sand procurement for bricks in Dar before you go home, right?

"Let it go. From around the corner, where the tests also connect, go around and procure what you want when you procure it."


Spring vegetables that agree with the proposals of the Macro and organize the procurement supplies in their heads. Even though it is a date if you change your view, 90% of what you plan to procure are ingredients, seasonings, and the other 10% are practice ingredients, a woman who is not suitable for colorful shakedown anywhere in a different way than the type known as men and women.

"Can I get some sand oysters and some cactus and go home?

"Of course not."

Spring vegetables with no shards of colour, whilst spreading signs of delight in going out together at a level that is not a burden to the host. I don't think anything in particular about its content, but the ambition to give you a light permission. It was an unfortunate spring vegetable for both of us to go around sourcing this and not realize that we couldn't even call it a date until the end.

"Heard Hiroshi was back?

Rayot visited the workshop when Hiroshi finished making a children's cliché for Fam.

"Ray Chi Yan. I don't know.

"I think it's about time we had a lot of discussion."

"Let it go. Even this way, I was just able to talk to you."

In a way, Rayot visited at the right time. An ambitious welcome to that visit.

"In the meantime, let's start with the agenda that Leichi will hold on to"

"Okay. First of all, the instant ramen factory."

"Let's start there."

"It's going to be an important industry in this country."

A macro that subtly draws on the heart, to the layot of a serious expression. I have to wonder, honestly, what about a country with a state-owned instant ramen manufacturing plant in its national policy?

"In the meantime, there was a purpose for the acquisition of land. I need three more people to sign the contract, pay me to move out, and we're done."

"... I'm quick to talk to you, but don't do it in a way that buys resentment?

"Do I need to?

"Sora well, let it burn"

Layot ignores a subtly suspicious macro and marks the planned factory construction site on a detailed city map. The area is a subtly face-catching macro.

"It's huge."

"When soy sauce, miso, and miso are brewed on the premises in addition to the development and manufacture of new products, this size would be necessary, including material warehouses and warehouses that hold pre-shipment products?

"... well, let it go"

While I'm convinced of Rayot's allegations, I'm really curious about how many people have left to secure this much premises. It's also about the budget spent there and the aftercare of the people who drove them out.

"I'll tell you first because you'll care anyway, the more money you pile up on the acquisition, the more we have a property with better conditions to move to than before, and the cost of the move is also talked about in a form that the state gives out. The budget covers the remainder of the property of the destroyed house, so the treasury will not suffer any pain in the matter, nor will it increase the extra tax burden on the people. Even if you have no money, the economy just dies."

"Hey, you're on a budget."

"The Minister of Finance is a fan of Instant Ramen."

"That's why..."

Hiroshi enters the backstory about the budget rush without force. Regardless, the budget didn't go through just for that reason. If a new industry, which we know is sure to be a huge success too, will happen, tax revenues will automatically be promised. Farlane's finance minister is not so retarded that he knows it and ketches the budget.

In the first place, if you refer to it as a negative impact on the economy, Hongda, a RPG state just before the clearance with no use for gold, cannot criticize people.

"So, yeah. Since everything around here is already empty, can we start demolition work ahead of time?

"Well, there's nothing you can't do. In three days, we'll all be back in shape and getting some change."

"Right. Then look between them and start. And."

For the sake of another matter, Rayot, you're going to look serious. Even though I have a bad feeling about seeing that, for now, a macro who makes his residence right.

"I'm tired of all the instant ramen on boulders. Is there anything else that is as easy to eat and convenient to carry?

"... I don't know... First of all, I think the cup soup is basic, and then I need to freeze dry the simmering dishes and baked goods and vacuum wrap them in a retort, so that I can store other things in a can or bottle that can't catch fire."


"When you pour soup, make it back to normal."

"It's not like that one in Instant Ramen?

"The technique used for noodles is different again. Some of the cup mens are made from freeze-dry."

I can't keep up with the horrible, over-technical tale of the macro, Rayot. In the first place, the technology of completely draining moisture and reducing its nutritional value in a special way, and undoing it by pouring water and water when needed, is not always necessary or functional for humans in this world who have little idea of drying it.

Something like a preserved food called salted dried meat exists, but this has also been done as a parasite control. In the first place, it is called dried meat, but rather than dried and dried, the liquid drained when the smoke was soaked in salt. Because the salt gas is so tight on the top of the crust, it is not something I like and eat very much, other than putting it in the soup instead of salt.

"Well, I'll show you the prototype again. So, the retort cube is exactly how to store it cooked and sealed while it was hot in a hot, sterilized container. I'm sorry if I totally drained the air if I did anything other than juice. It doesn't hold well compared to anti-corruption on boulders, but if you still handle it properly, hold it for over a year. Vacuum packaging does not close when sealing the retort by draining air."

"I'm not sure it's a good idea to sterilize, but do you just need to add heat?

"The cause of eating is basically oxidation by bacteria and air. Bacteria are generally resistant to heat, and if vacuum packaging is done, the air will drain completely. I'll show you the prototype again."

"Okay. What's the last can, the bottle? If you're in a bottle, do you want to use a bottle?

"It's like a prototype of a retort. Retreat is basically heated with hot sauce or something when eating, but cans and bottles often store dishes that are irrelevant even if they are cold. It's a common story, but basically the whole time I seal it is the point. I think it's quicker to show you the prototype."

"If you're in a bottle, isn't it the same as keeping potions and stuff in a bottle?

"It feels similar, but it gets subtle."

To the words of the Macho, Rayot looks like he understands. After all, explaining something with your mouth that has no concept is not so easy to understand.

"Well, you've been working on all the prototypes."

"Right. If you don't show me the prototype, can you tell?"

I agree with Hiroshi and for now, that's where the story ends, Rayot. It is an important issue not only for the military but also for the adventurers, but for the moment it is also an issue that instant ramen alone can adequately cover.

"One more thing. Speaking of related, I'd like to hear your opinion on a different issue"

"What kind of problem?

"It's not so much a problem. I'm talking about how you can't build efficient and massive meals."

"Haven't you ever done that before?

"Very normally, they were cooked in the camp using fireworks and impromptu bamboo. It's not that I can't do anything about it, so it's not that high a priority."

To Rayot's words, I see. The more I nod, the more I nod. Sure, it won't be as high a priority, but it seems like he's willing to solve all the military food problems because it's a corner.

"If I can get enough rice, there's no reason why I can't think of a device that I can pull with my baggage and carry to cook a lot of rice at once."

"Can you make something like that?

"I can only use it to cook rice and, at best, make miso soup."

"In short, you can cook rice and juice, right?

"Well, I don't know. About forty-five minutes for rice cooking, and a few hundred people in one can cook at the same time, but the problem is the amount of rice at the heart."

"... right. Can't we fix this right away?"

Layot who listens to the explanation and is convinced of the elements that will be the challenge. Indeed, simply changing food from wheat to rice solves some of the transport problems. Compared to wheat, rice takes relatively little time to deliciously and edibly cook. In the case of wheat, it is bulky when transported into bread or noodles, but it is the neck that takes time to make sure that it can be eaten if it remains powdered.

Eating grains before powdering to solve hauling problems is also impossible in this world. Since powdered, it has the same properties as Earth's wheat, but the pre-powdered ones are somehow indigestible to the human species. Therefore, wheat used for wheat porridge, wheat rice, etc. is not used as sand wheat, which is close to wheat or wheat. Had non-human species not eaten in a way that powdered and baked, perhaps wheat would not have gained the status of staple foods.

Taking wheat that can be used for porridge or something instead of rice is also a hand, but the more convinced 10,000 people are that there is a difference in taste and ease of eating. If you think about a battlefield that lacks room for ingenuity and eating, bread might be better to be honest with. Even though we are not going to focus as much on Higashi, it is important that we eat as good a meal as we can in order to maintain morale and show our strength more than enough.

Based on them, it would be subtle except for rice. Then it would be more constructive to think about increasing rice production first.

"Don't wait until you see what you can do to increase rice production."

"There's no rice. What? I feel like I've seen it, and the experimental farm fields look pretty good."

"Thanks to the cooperation of the village of Ortem, we will probably be able to meet the demand for Ursus today within three years. It helps that thanks to them it is not difficult to adjust the soil for rice cultivation"

"Sora, yeah, come on."

"Most importantly, supply is still in demand. If we also consider that the military prioritizes securing some boundaries, perhaps we need to look at at least ten years if we are to meet the demand for viruses in the true sense"

Macro snorts at Rayot's status report. It's not that easy, such as increasing the production of new crops. Even good Japanese farmers usually take time on a decade-long basis starting from soil improvement when it comes to putting the production of brand new crops on track. Agriculture is an industry that has to think about things in a very long span.

Ten years to satisfy the demand for the virus, but initially it took about that long to establish the cultivation method, and thirty years was needed to increase production until it could satisfy the demand for the virus. It can only be done if there is a goal that the period can be shortened to one third. You're a skilled farmer.

Skills in this world can't be too bad from the perspective of the people of the planet.

"So, what's your consultation?

"I want more people."


"Craftsmen, too, but one way or another, someone who manages the workshop. Dar and Stillen's workshop, Crest Cave outpost. Lella can't keep it all on her own on the rocks."

"You can't hire bad people, can you?


Macro nodding at Rayot's confirmation. Seeing that, I'm relieved inside, Rayot.

To be honest, even if Horn insists on picking people up from somewhere on his own and making them administrators, there's no basis for Rayots to just let them retract it. I don't know what he thinks, but basically, the entanglement of the Azma Workshop is more powerful than the royal family of countries. Even if it is a matter of national security, if the macro bends its navel and hides in the clouds, it could be more detrimental than holding one or two spies.

He normally proceeded to talk in the direction of obtaining permission from the Farlane royal family for the lack of that recognition in the Macro, but I'm pretty sure that and this is because they trust the royal family no matter what they say. As far as the actions of the Hongdas so far are concerned, if the royal family is to be unreliable, it is visible that they are doing whatever they want at their discretion, no matter how detrimental to the whole country.

Only, from previous trust, did I not come up with the idea of not taking consultations with the state or the royal family. Rayot hasn't congratulated him on his head or personality, as much as he thinks he would put on there and that Honda would unconditionally obey the royal family, etc. Therefore, whilst I am deeply relieved by the content of the consultation, I am retightening my mind so that they do not suspect me.

"I understood the outline. As for the craftsmen, after interviewing them and preparing candidates, let's say that the caretaker will shortly introduce someone who we believe is reliable and who doesn't hate the laborious chores we have said so."

"That would help."

"It's a problem that could involve the whole Farlane. I would do as much cooperation as I could. But."

"Is there a problem?

"Oh. Regardless of Urs' workshop, you should also speak to the royals of Dar and Faure when it comes to properties like Dar, Crestcave and Stillen. If you even think about relationships between states, it should be harder to make Lela the overall supervisor, and each property will have a resident of good offices personnel from the royal family of their respective countries, and let them focus on managing them later."

"Oh, my God."

Rayot pointed me out, and this feels like accidental, head-on. There are workshops in the three countries, so we should definitely recruit people from all three countries. I really appreciate Rayot pointing this hand out because I have a sense of lack of this kind of perspective to myself.

"Then you will speak to the Queen and the King of Faure."

"That one, let's do it on my side. We should meet in person and talk, so can we rent this Japanese-style room then?

"Kamaheen. When I use it, Terez and the others will talk about it now, so I'll come in and talk to you all the time."


I don't realize that it's a big deal to talk about, and Light Hiroshi gives me permission. Thus, the tri-country consultations that will be held quite regularly in the future at the Azma Workshop, the first of which will be carried out.

After that, I just meet Spring Vegetables, who came back from the outing, as Rayot tried to return after fine-tuned discussions.

"Ah, Your Highness Rayot. He was here."

"Oh, I've got a lot of meetings, mainly about the Instant Ramen factory."

"What did I tell you, even if I asked?

"With regard to the plant, the acquisition of land has already been almost completed. So it has been decided to have the compartment relocated in the near future where the acquisition and exit are over ahead of time"

"That's all we've been talking about."

Spring vegetables that honestly surprise Rayot in his description. No matter how many national projects are carried out under the monarchy, they are moving faster than we can think of in Japan.

On second thought, however, the project of soil improvement and experimental farming in the slum district was also progressing at a terrible rate, even after deducting the fact that there was a macro involved and the field work was unusually fast. In addition to the presence of the macro, considering that it was a project that should be handled as soon as possible, it was a project that ended with an impetus that would not normally have been possible.

From around there, Farlane now probably has a lot of understanding and anticipation for these large projects.

"Others asked Hiroshi to develop various portable foods. If possible, I want Harna to help too"

"Portable food?

"Well, the basics are like retort food and canned food. There are also balanced nutritional foods of the block type."

Hiroshi explains supplementarily the spring vegetables that make me wonder about what Rayot said. Spring vegetables that are very convincing to hear about their content.

"Smoked meat and dried bread on boulders are tough."

"Dry fruit, it seems, is only made in a few parts of the village, including Ortem."

"Well, that's surprisingly difficult."

Hiroshi and spring vegetables mourn inconvenience while arranging various portable meals that come to mind. Using extra transportable capacity and convenient equipment as a shield, they eat dishes that they don't think are outdoors, so they want to know which mouth to say.

"Later, we'll talk about the workshop craftsman and the janitor, but this is something the rest of us are involved in, and it's not something to talk about in a stand-up."

"Oh well. We talked about that."

"Unique. The candidate will be coming, but for now it will take the form of good offices from the country"

"I see. If you're a candidate for Your Highness or King, you can rest assured for now."

"As far as my country is concerned, let's promise to do our best. But when it comes to Dar and Faure on boulders, I can't say anything from my mouth."

"Dar or Fore?

Spring vegetables unexpectedly frown upon words popping out of Rayot's mouth. I didn't immediately understand why those two countries were coming out.

"It's a matter of international relations. That said, it's not a good idea to have a disagreement with the people who are supporting this workshop right now. We need to explain that to Terez and the others once before the race is over."

"Then I think I should do it today"

"Are we all here today?

"They don't check out the place for the night out, and Mr. Govejon and Mr. Foredan are coming over for dinner because they think they have business. So, why don't we have dinner with His Highness, Rayot, too?

"Right. That said, I have business to finish in about thirty minutes, so I need to go back once. I'll come back here when I'm done, okay?

"There's nothing wrong with this one."

One nod to Spring Vegetable Answer and the greeting is there too. Reiot magically returns to the castle. Clear all errands in about thirty minutes, as promised, and even ask King Regnus to keep the selection of personnel to manage Farlane's workshop going through the conversation. And when I go back as it is......

"To His Majesty Micheira. Your Majesty Gout? Slightly faster, but Aerys and Octogal?

There was a mix of people who were already standing by in the dining room who shouldn't move that way.

"Oh. Looks like the princess has asked Octogall for a messenger. Before the Lord spoke to King Regnus, he had permission to come through Octogall."

"Same goes for Non. This workshop and Octogal are very convenient in some ways."

The Queen and King Faure reveal themselves subtly boring to Rayot, who doesn't even look very surprised at his presence. Thanks to Aeris these days, Rayot is quite resistant to this type of dodging.

"But I thought the Terez and the others were more constricted, but out of the picture. Looks fine, huh?

"I can't believe the royal family is coming to this workshop. There's no reason to shrivel because you're both in a workshop on the property of another country, and you don't seem to be disrespectful enough to be a little disrespectful when you're here."

"... really, you're scared to say you're used to it..."

Nola and Therese are pointing water at Rayot and answer the reason with a bitter smile. To Fam and Lyme, they sit on the laps of the kings, so there is no disrespect or crap. As for Govejon and Foredan, he left the workshop before face-to-face with the Kings because he was able to run errands at the village as soon as he returned.

Though there is a considerable difference in temperature between Fam, who seems adored and subtly uncomfortable on King Faure's lap, and Lime, who is relaxing on the Queen's lap.

"When it comes to disrespect in the first place, the workshop owner is quite something, because there is no complaining about being disrespectfully beaten normally. If you're angry at these things, don't do it to the queen."

"That's not what I meant. Don't tell me you don't know how much rumbling is going on in the middle of the banquet?

We can only laugh bitterly at the opinions of the kings without their bodies or lids. As such, the trouble is that my mouth cannot be torn apart if I am wrong.

"Nevertheless, Lime is cute. If I could, my concubine would have wanted as many daughters as she wanted."

"Non, all my children and grandchildren were men. He's always grown up to be a big man with no scratches like me, and he can't be nasty."

Lela, her mother, looks so troubled by the words of the Queen and King Faure as she adores the young group on her knees. I'm not the kind of daughters who get arrogant where they are now spoiled, but as a mother, there are many things that make me angry.

Spoiling Fam and Lyme is not limited to the Queen and King Faure. The Queens of Farlane, who occasionally come with the King of Farlane and the King, also tend to adore the youths of the Azma Workshop to the fullest. As for Lyme, I get in trouble as a parent because they even spoil Aeris, Elves in Ortem Village, Forest Giant, etc.

Thankfully, I know that Fam, Lime, and I are in a special position, and that's why special treatment is not natural. Lyme is honestly sweeter than Fam when spoiled, but that doesn't make him selfish or treat others aggressively. Even if the other person is a great person, if the other person simply wants to spoil him, he is a child who doesn't seem to be a toddler about to turn six years old, firm enough to sever the temptation while at work.

"In the meantime, the subtle realities of each royal family have also emerged, can I bring you some rice?

"Oh. Please."

Apparently, I realized that I had made him wait because of his circumstances, and Rayot nodded one sorry way.

"Sister Chun, dinner what?

Mio speaks up on the back of the spring vegetables I'm going to pick up the dishes. Because Terez and the others were begging him to deal with Tatsuya and Makoto and the Kings, he is not involved in today's cooking.

"It's a corner, so Farlane's mountain sea delights and Dar's are the delights of a burning desert, and then I've made a three-country course with all the delights of the mountains and caves of Faure."

"Well, that sounds like a sign."

"I don't know, I think I'm sorry about the alcohol."

Tatsuya and Makoto listen to the rough outline Spring Vegetables said and make their hearts jump in anticipation. King Faure shines his eyes when he hears of booze, but he dares to be through there.

"This is, again..."

King Gout, who would be accustomed to lavish meals and such, accidentally leaks the word. The cuisine that deliberately arranged it all on the table was a brilliant word, saying that hunger would be the limit for all.

A salad full of fresh vegetables from Farlane is mixed with a relaxed sandmanta and chopped sausage from Fore. The soup is soaked with sand cucumber fudge, the appetizer is served with a little crab balls made from dessert club, rockworm meat dumplings, edamame, etc. on a stick stick bird fritter made from Wyburn sausage.

Other dishes include tempura with ingredients from the three countries, steamed tea bowls full of ingredients, jatte, burfuche, and grilled meat and vegetables pinched as typical dishes from each country. But no matter what, the eyeballs would be Behemoth sirloin steaks cooked with just salt and pepper without any extra effort.

A menu that can rarely be eaten by royalty and in some cases is only described as stunning in terms of number and contents, with plenty of rare ingredients such as those that have never been eaten. Perhaps the fact that rice is mixed where I used sneaky wheat rice there is my self-assertion as a Japanese.

"Eat a lot."

"As always, it's brilliant."

"I also got a good cup of ingredients at Fore, so I tried my best"

Rayot greets you with a bitter laugh and chopsticks on his chest stretching spring vegetables. The pre-meal rules in this workshop are completely stained. For this reason, the chopsticks in hand are good mai chopsticks that have been carefully painted and given to me by the Macro during practice.

"Hmm, what do you eat cleverly with a stick like that?

"You can't do this to Non or his sons. Perhaps with such a luxurious stick I will definitely grip it lightly"

The Queen and King Faure leak words as impressed by the Azma Workshop officials who cleverly eat most dishes with chopsticks.

"When you get used to it, it's more convenient than eating with a knife and fork"

"Is that what this is about?

"Oh, I wouldn't be bored if I didn't practice that much."

That's what I said, Rayot, pinch the beans that were inside the salad and show them. Likewise the lime that pinches the beans and doya faces.

"It's so clever."

"These days, more and more knights have been able to use it. Perhaps in years it will be a common dish in Urs"

The queen nodded as she was even more impressed by Rayot's words as she relaxed the jatte of Udeyamame.

"Perhaps the chopsticks and the dots will take root in Fore. If you want to eat something like that right away, you can end it quickly with a clue."

"If so, is udon and buckwheat difficult"

"Udon or buckwheat? What kind of food?

"It's a noodle dish in hot soup. It's not like eating with a spoon and a fork, but I've never been able to use chopsticks before, considering the equipment."

"Is it in the soup on top of the hot? Sure, then you can't eat by mistake."

Unexpectedly a bitter laugh leaks to King Faure, who looks oddly sorry to hear Rayot explain. He is a king who, as he looks like a bear, is overprivileged.

"Still, do fams and limes eat this stuff every day?

"Not every day on a boulder, the only dish I've had so far is when I have a parent or Mr. Harna, and some kind of switch on."

"You don't have to talk in that tone, do you?

"I can't, I can't, I can't!!

A fam who immediately and with all his might rejects the Queen for disrespect. To that reaction, a queen who truly regrets it.

"Well, I eat monster ingredients every day"

"Someone else is in good shape. Please supply the pantry with something every day..."

Tatsuya and Makoto unwittingly turn a blind eye to Nora and Therese's comments about their daily meals. These two people, who only have basic hunting to do, are on crusade duty in their spare time, and have three Hongdas process them into ingredients when they bring in anything other than proof sites.

As a result, monster ingredients that can't keep up with consumption pile up in the warehouse, and they feed on the market through the Adventurers' Association and others, such as workshop staff and Ortem Village collaborators.

Thanks to this, flavoring and other arms remain no big deal, Therese is only coming up to cook them simply so they can be eaten. Her life as a cook is negative because she looks subtle every time she makes it.

"Even if it's a monster ingredient, if the magician has it, it's usually classified as a luxury ingredient."

"Of course it is. At least a troll bird or something, I want you to give me a break. Because we can't use it for money even if we sell it, so if you're kidding, we want you to spend it on your own without pushing it over here. Every day I luxury more than my strength, as an artisan or a member of society, I am strangely narrow in my shoulders."

"This bluff is sake and sake."

"Really. I'm happy to queue something like this..."

Tatsuya and Makoto hit the run on the pretext of booze and cooking to pursue Nola with the Queen's comments. He is tempted by spring vegetables in an attempt to push the Dwarf slaughter on King Faure, who devoured the word. Mio continues his meal with a very good smile in an attitude that does not involve himself in a series of noises.

"At any rate, it doesn't seem to be a problem to keep my concubine's former men here. Why don't you accept the request of the workshop owner? King Gout?

"Right. I'm a little hungry to eat better than the others, but why not leave everything to Farlane?"

"So it's Lela. Dar's workshop will be under the control of his concubine's former men, while Faure's workshop and outpost will be under the control of King Gout's associates there. You got a problem with that?

To the words of the two royalty, Lela nods quietly. It's about time I couldn't get around on my own. There is no reason to dispute Hiroshi's decision, his boss and benefactor, more than not being able to hire people on his own. Even for Therese and the others, I have said a lot in my mouth, but I fully trust Higashi, so I am not willing to go against what they have decided.

"Well, that's rude from here. If you have any other liquor to suit your dishes, prepare more and more. I'll pay whatever it takes."

"Hmm. As a Fore man, the unknown booze is not meant to dominate."

Thus the Queen and King Faure, concerned with the superb food and the flavour of the liquor that brings it to life, go home to taste the flavour of the Azma Workshop until the very beginning.

"Well, I have to go home and finish my candidacy. For that matter, if you're bad, you can't bring your candidate here tomorrow."

"I don't know. I'm sorry, but he said he worked hard."

Macro asked me to, and Rayot snorted as he grinned bitterly. At this time, I completely forgot that I was trying to order Rainey's gear, and I ended up with Rainey face to face the next day.