"Is that it? To Mr. Govejon, Mr. Foredan?

The dining room also managed to take shape, and later one day we just waited for the store to open. Govejon and Foredan appeared in Loufeus' workshop.

"I came to see how things were going when I heard you were going to start in the dining room."

"You're doing great, huh?

"I have a little anxiety, but so far, so good."

Spring vegetables answering the questions of Govejon and Foredan carrying a large package with a smile and confidence. In fact, the preparation of the dining room was going smoother than expected.

One of the ingredients of concern, securing a cook, also used a college handout, and about ten very skilled cooks gathered quickly to find out where they were hiding. Thanks to them, who were full of motivation, it is likely that all the menus planned can be served without problems.

"We've got enough vegetables, right?

"For the time being, I've stocked enough over here, so it's okay. I'll tell you when purchasing is going to be a problem, so help me out then."

"I get it. It's all vegetables. Well, you can count on me."

Spring vegetables answering Govejon's query with a smile. With the backup of the village of Ortem, which stockpiles a wide variety of vegetables, only a few hundred to a thousand people can afford to cover their dining room. As such, agricultural production in the village of Ortem is excessive.

"Still, you smell good. I'm kind of hungry."

"Then do you want to eat something at the store? It's just a tasting, okay?

"Yes, but don't worry too much. You guys have a lot of money."

I am so embarrassed that Foredan, who complained of his hunger, laughed bitterly at the fact that Spring Vegetables offered him a free meal.

As a matter of reality, both Govejon and Foredan have a lot of money. At any rate, even though the village of Ortem is large enough to be classified as a city, the monetary economy has not been established. With the economy turning around in basic barter and isolated from the village's location and exterior, the money earned by the merchants also has no place other than buying seafood in Ursus. These two people, who often go to earn money as a result, have a good amount of money on hand.

But as a side of spring vegetables, I don't care if I get the money. Besides not having much trouble with gold at the moment, Govejon and Foredan gold should have been circulating within Farlane. It doesn't seem nice to take any more money out of the country because you're winding up quite a bit of money from Farlane even if you're not.

"When it comes to tasting, I expect it to be an opening cost, and it's something I'm making in practice, so it's a little bad to take the money."

"Is that what you're gonna say?

"That's what it is."

Spring vegetables to seal the question by saying so clearly in response to Govejon's questionable remarks. No matter how much pocket money you say you have to fund your opening, accounting is also a pain in the ass when you have income at this stage. As for spring vegetables, which I want to keep clear, I want to avoid getting money from Govejon and Foredan in many ways.

"That's what I'm saying, so please eat a lot and think about it. Because it's flavored to the taste of the Loufeus people, so it may not suit their taste, but that helps."

"Okay, I got it."

"It's a treat."

Govejon and Foredan snort honestly for now, while I feel subtly rounded by spring vegetables. Relax and wait for the dish while sitting properly in the guided dining room.

It's a simple building.

"Lots of seats. Guys, can you judge me?

"That's how it's been since the store opened. There are only about seven types of menus at the moment, the money is paid upfront, the dishes are cleaned up by myself, and the system says, so I think I can do something about it. Dishes are also automatically washed and sterilized. Besides, depending on the situation and the sale, you can add more people."

Govejon and Foredan explained to Spring Vegetables and somewhat convincing. They seem to think a lot about building a system that does something without people.

"No, what are we going to do with the pay?

"I'll have you pick it up yourself after I pay you, though?

Then we'll go get it ourselves.

"Oh, today's fine. Because it's going to be an unusual configuration."

That's what I said, spring vegetables that bring trays with tons of dishes on them. All of this is quite voluminous.

"Lunch sets are basically one of these dishes with this bread and this salad, and then cheap tea."

"That's a lot of volume."

"This volume is for some reason."

Govejon and Foredan appropriately divide portions of dishes that would be appreciated for the young stomach, listening to the commentary on spring vegetables. I can definitely eat it because I have Foredans, but if I were one Govejon, I wouldn't be able to do a third of it.

Moreover, the bread and salad that he said would be on the set is also a splendid portion. Bread is normal black bread, but it's much better quality than what we serve in college food, and it's bigger than regular bread in size. The salad also has enough to be divided if you feel like it, and the nutritional value doesn't seem to be extremely biased.

This stew is awesome.

"All baked goods are salt and pepper, right? I don't really like it. It's flavored."

Govejon and Foredan to split them up and make sure they taste one by one, etc. Don't forget to check to dip the bread in the stew or pinch the baked goods.

That's how I checked it out in all sorts of ways, and the conclusions you two came up with.

"I think you like it, but what did you think of Foredans?

"Don't you like it? I'm a little short for you guys. It tasted good, didn't it, Govejon?



"How much for this?

"Twenty-five tyrols for a stand-alone item and thirty tyrols for a set. If you reduce the amount, it will be five tyrols cheaper, and if you make a big meal, it will be five tyrols higher."

Spring vegetables answering Govejon's question about the price you plan to pay. Govejon and Foredan to hear that price and be convinced it is cheap.

"At this price, it's pretty cheap. The taste is going to divide foreigners' taste, even if it's so sudden that it can't be eaten. So if you think about the price and quantity, you won't be complaining."

Govejon snorts, too, at Foredan's words. I know the general market for restaurants because they both eat here and there at the end of their trade in Ursus. It would not be the same in Urs and Rufeus, but there was not so extreme a difference between Urs and Dar, Urs and Stillen, such as the price of a cheap rice restaurant for the common people in this hand. A restaurant of the same rank would have no problem thinking it was more or less the same than the same currency.

As a result, the market for Urs is roughly about 35 to 40 Tyrol. In a dar with high groceries, two to three tyrol high in tyrol conversion, the fore has a wide market width of around five tyrol. In addition, cuisine in this dining room is 30% to 50% more than the average dining room in Urs, so in total it is a lot cheaper.

"Later, it's spicy that you can't change bread."

He said, "I'm going to be free to bring the bread in, so let's do something about it."

"Free to bring in bread? That's unusual again. Hold on to the rice, too. Yeah?

"I think a rice balls would be nice. However, I don't eat rice at all, and it was quite repugnant when I cooked it, so I wondered if it would spread."

Spring vegetables that answer Foredan's question and finally explain the current situation in this country. When Govejon heard about it,

"Well, we don't eat like we eat in another country, and we don't eat rice over here, but that's good."

and make a truly discernible statement.

"Depending on what you think, Farlane or Fore, which usually embraces the habitual taste of miso, is more special."


If things change, the product changes. Spring vegetables feel stingy in terms of taste about the size of the world and regional differences.

"After putting measures in place so I can't bring it up later, I think I'll arrange various tabletop seasonings."

"Tabletop seasoning? Soy sauce or something?

"Well, let's just put down four types of soy sauce and uster sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup."

"Advertise on purpose..."

"If I don't spread one or so of them, there won't be more types of food I can serve in this dining room. I guess it would be appreciated if ketchup was spread if possible, because I would be able to serve a stewed tomato-based dish. Ketchup is considerably cheaper than soy sauce, so it helps in terms of cost."

I thought it was the usual cultural invasion, they had plain and real problems. For the convenience of not being able to cook as laborious as pie, it would be greatly appreciated if there were more types of condiments that could be used to give it a look and breadth of flavoring.

It should be noted that the cheapest of all kinds of condiments held by Honda is mayonnaise that does not involve aging, needless to say, but that tomato ketchup, which also basically does not have to age, is cheap enough to compete with mayonnaise. The price increases slightly for more processes than mayonnaise.

"Well, you're going to see it in the long run. I can make a lot of things as I am now."

"Huh? Well, good luck there."

Govejon inadvertently leaks a bitter smile on a spring vegetable that tells a long story about his share. For looking for a way back to the country, it's a really relaxing story.

"Well, I'm here, so I'm going to take a look around."

"If it's an unusual crop, I'll buy it and go home and grow it."

"Yes, please go."

Govejon and Foredan will be sightseeing lightly before returning, as we have nothing to talk about for now. It is only here that some vegetables brought back at this time imitate what farmers in this country often do, that in three years' time they will have enough harvest to ship on an experimental farm in Ortem Village or Urus.

"Well, there's a lot of people from different countries studying at Roufeus College in the corner, so I'll have to consider if I can cook anything other than Roufeus for a little while."

and spring vegetables that the average cook would get depending on the amount of work they do. Because of this woman, the business of the cafeteria can be difficult, but only those who were feminine because of happiness or misfortune, especially those who silently accepted the policy without anyone complaining.

"Tomorrow, Hiroshi will be free, so you can help Tatsuya."

That night, when I refrain from opening the store the next day, Spring Vegetables finally declares so.

"I appreciate that, but are you okay?

"Well, there's not much you can do when it comes to opening an actual store."


Tatsuya doubts the words of spring vegetables and confirms them to us. Asked by Tatsuya, Hiroshi nods small.

"When it comes to actual business, the main thing is dealing with customers during business hours, so there's not much you can do. I don't care what I do. I don't care what happens in the middle of the night after business hours."

"Besides, whatever the prototype of the dish, you can actually go into the kitchen and cook because there's something going on in the future. Otherwise, you just have to deal with it when something happens, so it's enough for one person."

"Oh, I see"

Listen to the commentary on Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, and Tatsuya speaks convincingly. Sure, it's not a good idea for Hiroshi or Spring Vegetables to serve customers and cook directly, because it's not like the two of them will always be involved in the store. If there is any trouble, it is likely to be the customer. And when it comes to the trouble of the Guest, the Macro has a half chance of becoming useless due to female phobia.

Prior to that, it was impossible to ask the Macro to deal with the customer's complaint in the first place. Though I haven't seen much lately, I'm still alarmed that a heckling bug will show its face. If you are a strong, loud Kramer opponent, there is no chance that the opponent will be heckled regardless of gender.

Then it is definitely easier for Spring Vegetables, who are accustomed to the appearance of guests and are usually more capable of fighting, to be in charge. Besides, few human beings can continue to complain with sincere apologies for the beautiful and soft atmosphere of spring vegetables rarely even seen in the national royal family of beauty shapes. Based on that, there will be no turnover for the talent to look after the store.

"If that's what you're saying, thank you for your cooperation."

"All the time, I don't know much about research in the library, so my brother gave me proper instructions."

He said, "I know."

After a lot of convincing, I will finalize my visit to the Grand Library of Hongkong as a staffing post tomorrow.

"So, no Mio?

"Since the Gino is in the out-of-rate potion, a follow-up about a day tomorrow. So if that doesn't sound like a problem, I'm gonna go around to the library the day after tomorrow."

"I don't know. It's going pretty well."

"Mm-hmm. His Royal Highness Rayot just brought him in, honest and enthusiastic. Just snap right in."

"Don't shake it. Now is the time to fail, fail, and the human race doesn't."

Hiroshi follows Mio's assessment of immediate snagging with a bitter smile. In the first place, even during the game, there were many frustrators in the production relationship. Instead, you should think you can just not throw it out.

"Whatever you do, even the busy Terez can follow you if you go to out-of-rate potions"

"Let it go. Later, according to the case, I will take care of Mio directly, and Mio will go around to help his brother."

"Personally, I think the mentoring of the master should be better after at least what he makes is above grade eight"

"Nothing. That's what I'm talking about, but why?

"Thinking about the future, I think it would be better for the master not to coach very politely from the beginning as the top than with a mentor named Bok."

Together that normally convinces me of Mio's strangely well thought out objections. Even though on a current scale there is no problem, there are certainly a lot more compelling ways for workshop owners to coach new talent with clarity and courtesy than it is certain to increase in numbers in the future.

"How are we going to tell middle school students about developing talent and authority in the organization?

"Sure, it's a solid content for me to think about at Mio's age, but as far as I'm concerned, I rather think that Hiroshi hasn't been thinking too much before?

"Deny it there. Heh, heh, heh."

Using Mio's theory of organization as a story, we have a conversation that Hiroshi and Makoto don't seem to have the opportunity to have with normal teenagers or early twenties.

"So, there's something else you didn't say that's true, right?

"Mm-hmm. With more direct disciples of the master, there's probably a lot of problems besides authority"


"Skills are acquired too quickly when taught directly by the master"


To Mio's point, the true harp cannot be disputed in any way. Spring vegetables, guests from unknown continents who frequently teach directly, are not to mention, and even for Therese and the others, it is strangely quick to master and develop their skills when it comes to the content that Hiroshi has taught directly. None of the content taught by Hiroshi would normally be properly mastered in six months and a year.

Even though the technical level of the Azma workshop has already begun to protrude, it can cause a lot of confusion for all the apprentices who come in to grow at that pace. Therese and the others will be bad at raising guns so that they can mentor their juniors, but otherwise they won't have to go with the policy of mentoring their juniors.

Before that, neither Hiroshi nor Mio will ever be able to raise the people of this world, so it's time to properly develop the system around it.

"But Therese and the others are practically Mio disciples, right? Whatever Mio's instruction is, so we're not together after all?

"In what I taught and what my master taught, my proficiency, my ability to apply it, and the exploration involved are very different"

"So different?


While there is something somewhat understandable about it, Makoto and Tatsuya think that Mio can't talk about people, having reached out to the three amateur Teles to create a seventh level potion in less than a year. There, Mio utters words like stabbing a stop.

"An example of this is Lime."


"Master, I occasionally put you on the lime knee when I teach you something. I don't give direct instruction to Lime because I watch the master's magic work procedures in the special seats, but I can remember it on my own."

They shouldn't take a sweet look at the child's absorptive power and curiosity. Lime is able to do most of the work that doesn't affect her health and physique much better than the average artisan there. These days, when there are many friends I can't play with, etc., I use excess ingredients on my own to make out-of-rate potions, or to make yarns and paper from weeds I collect when I help with grasshoppers in the open spaces.

There's also a reason why Gino snaps, but somehow no one realizes that because Lime has the image that it's normal to learn to work on his own and help or make things on his own. It is the adults' perception that we need to not even do it out of sight.

It should be noted that the potions made by Lime are of sufficient quality and are therefore normally delivered to the Meriza Chamber of Commerce. If you're cautious, you can make an eighth grade potion on your own, so that's all you need to be aware of.

"Master Terez, it's time for the elementary walls."

"Well, let's do it. Instruct them to turn their free research time around blacksmiths, woodworking, and furniture making for the time being. And if you gather the ingredients for it in Ortem Village and Crest Cave, in many ways, it feels good."

To Mio, who points out the problems caused by the rapid progress, Hongkong informs him of the work as a measure.

"I'm partially catching up with Spring Sister, but what about you?

"Spring Vegetables, too. If I'm free, should I make a little boat? So maybe we should get to the making mastery."

An ambition to propose the development of a new genre for spring vegetables that are plain caught on the primary wall. Spring vegetables nodding to that suggestion. I just do it every day on boulders, and Terez and the others have caught up with spring vegetables when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Nothing. I don't have a problem with that, but because of that, you should keep your mentions as a senior who can.

It should be noted that although fishing is often forgotten as a production skill, there are times when spring vegetables were fishing at best to procure ingredients when working out their dishes, so the conditions are met even if they do not work out now.

"In the meantime, I think I've been somewhat convinced lately about the conditions for obtaining a making mastery."

Let's do it.

In order to have something one high specialty and make full use of it, we will need a wide foundation. Perhaps the making mastery was such an idea that the acquisition conditions were troublesome. Spring vegetables are stirring up that fact whenever one new field can be created.

Most importantly, if all the fields that are named production are extremely expensive, as in the case of Macro, I don't think there is a foundation or a shitty place.

"So, well, back to the dining room, Mr. Makoto"

"That's where we're talking about. I'd appreciate it if you had a choice other than that bad learning meal. You said half the people I've been friends with are going to eat."

"The other half feels like I'm making my own lunch?

"Or it feels like I'm sourcing it or I can finish it with my purchasing bread. With that said, the bread from the purchase seems to be selling great because the contents are better. Thanks to you, there are quite a few kids out there who say they don't have to rely on learning food."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables face each other unexpectedly for information on the true harp. Honestly, purchasing bread wasn't meant to do damage to school food separately, rather than as an aid to securing food on campus outside of school food opening hours, but it's ironic that that's becoming the main thing.

"It doesn't feel so problematic on campus, but how does it go with the stores around?

"When I'm talking about Professor Flute, it seems okay because most people say that the main target is different or that they wanted to stop lunch sales because they don't have a good rate. Seems like the students weren't there originally."

"Well, I don't even have a new store for it."

"Strange story, isn't it?

In response to Zhenqin's question, Spring Vegetables tells the story he heard from Professor Flute. There is nothing that I think is different about the frigidity of its content.

"Well, that's why I think we should be on guard from tomorrow."

"Right. Do you have any precautions?

"I'm prepared for a lot of things on the premise of relying on public power to some extent."


"For a while there's talk of renting some knights from the castle just before business hours, along with a cleaning relationship. If something that can be classified as raw garbage is dumped on the road around the store, it should have a system for transferring it to a raw waste bin and processing it into fertilizer, immediately. Isn't that right, Hiroshi?

Spring vegetables subtly tell you what to do because you are not confident, and make sure that's okay with you. One nodding macro against it.

"Later, we generally used it as an ingredient. It was bound up with insects and vermin species. I'll do it with a pretty fuzzy theory, so I'll be flexible with the grey zone."

The harassment that is likely to be done is largely predictable, and the response of that hand seems to be to some extent pre-prepared.

"Well, before that, there's been a lot of talk about people in the store, fighting in front of the store, having trouble jamming the store, trying to forward it to the jail without asking questions."

"If we make that happen, we'll have a lot of trouble very easily."

"The people at the clock are going to be really busy."

Makoto basically shows his willingness to agree to the very noisy idea of a macro. Most importantly, since we are still in the discussion stage, there is no reason to execute it on our own.

"Later, in the case of arson or physical attack, if the same person, or the same group or group of people who have been determined to have attacked more than once, we will cancel until the third time and make sure that everything is reflected from the fourth time."

"That's going to give you a good reason."

"It's time, I'll rely on state power. In the first place, there's no reason why we burn or beat other people up."

"Well, what's the reason since the fourth time?

"Even the face of the Buddha is three times, all the time"

True harp about to penetrate into the words of Hiroshi, wondering if that really is the face of the Buddha. Looking around, Tatsuya is doing the same.

"Well, that's the place to take precautions. Later, we can incorporate security cameras and recording systems to prove that they can be tampered with, that they can be tampered with, that they can be used as evidence by the Knights and all around them."

"Ah, because of that, you mean you can honestly rely on state power when you're put on a claim"

"That's what I'm saying. I recently ran a few tests in Ursus. Thanks to Ray's tattoo, I was able to get the evidentiary credentials so smoothly."

"You were doing it in Urs..."

"Especially around a lot of trouble, or a precisely guarded Akan place, and that's where I focus on running the exam."

Together with an unexpectedly far-sighted look at the ambition that presented the most elusive crime prevention measures in a sense at the end. I'm pretty sure it's worse to do crime and stuff, but still, it's all sorts of terrible how much and everything the end is definite at the time you get your hands on it.

"Well, not from me and Mr. Spring Vegetables. Mio told me earlier. Yes, do you have a brother and Makoto?

"There's nothing I can talk about yet. I feel like I can use magic somewhat efficiently now, but to the contrary, to that extent. I showed Tatsuya the text, but if you're a good magician, it only seems to say what you're doing."

I also nodded as I agreed to Makoto's report, which was waved by Hiroshi.

"I don't know. Let me see the text later. Maybe I'll write something that'll help."

"Well, no problem, but it's a junior, isn't it? You know, if I had a Magic Mastery junior, I'd think all I'd be doing is normal, right?

"Well, let's do it, just in case."

"Copy that. So far, there have been no particularly flashy developments regarding relationships. For once, we're starting to look like two or three factions with Limes on their axes, but that's not how it stands out."

Makoto nods to the demands of the macro and goes on to talk more. Faction that came out there, Tatsuya moving her eyebrows for a moment into the word.

"Faction? What exactly does that feel like?

"Well, it's not that hard to talk about. It simply feels like a party that wants to adore Lime and a party that wants to get rid of us under the pretext of Lime, rather than being neutral in the middle of it. As things stand, we're only about to have a group like that, so we haven't gotten to the point where something happens."

"I see."

Tatsuya listens to the explanation of the true harp and gets a general picture of the situation. There's not enough to call it a hang-up yet, and it doesn't seem like it's a situation where things happen or you get tied up as a faction, but it's not a good idea to leave it alone. What a delicate situation.

"I can't even get my hands on it badly, but it feels scary to leave it alone, sora."

"I remember a lot of things, too, but in an organization like a school or a company, things get too big when a party moves, and it's not going to be a lot of talking from the outside."

"I don't know. Well, this time it seems like it will only need to develop into a factional struggle, and if we withdraw the Lymes who are likely to be flagged at worst, we can't jump over here. Heh heh heh heh heh, so it's easy to deal with the problem in itself, but salvation."

"Whatever we are, it's not going to be easy for the Dean of the Academy or anything like that to push us to the end after that, is it?

"All the time, the original purpose over there is that, and I need you to do something about it yourself. For the most part, don't hang out with school reform and the factional feuds that come with it until we push the burden on our age-digit children outside. My brother-in-law, my responsibility."

To the rather irresponsible words of the Macro, but no objection. Although Macho's statement is irresponsible, it is to be expected that the extra confusion will probably just get worse, rather than saying that he will hang out until the others in the pompous get confused, but there is nothing he can do. I can't say anything about that when people ask me if I have a responsibility to stick a strain on Lyme until I get along with it, and I don't think that after I withdraw Lyme, I can even get the Azma Workshop, which is just an outside vendor, to recognize my right to pinch my mouth, and I don't feel the need to pinch my mouth.

At the end of the day, there are no countermeasures that can be taken, other than the claim of a macro that only needs to be slightly scratched by the sign because of the assessment that it is irresponsible. I made it into a sign wound, probably concerned officials from the three western countries, and the technical skills and influence of the Azma workshop are not so small that even the upper echelons of other countries can be hostile with that degree of reputation.

I mean, it's like there's no such thing as the damage to the hosts.

"Well, Mr. Makoto's story is that. Yeah, what about your brother?

"I don't care if they say so. Unfortunately, there are still some legacies that we can finally sort out."

"Because of that, you don't feel like it?

"Right. Three things could definitely be confirmed as players. One of them was a separate story that we couldn't find in Farlane's library. So, the Abandoned Wizard, who is probably the most influential, and the players who are believed to have been flown with him, are still getting some clues."

"I see."

Tatsuya briefly explains the content of the survey for more than half a month. From a huge amount of material, it's hard for him alone to pick up what he thinks the player did to him.

"Well, the number of people is almost certain, and the inheritance can be grasped by a big mess."

"How many did you do?

"There's only twenty of us here. One newly found Marcto, three and four confirmed. The other seven are in the process of taking backup now. But it's over a thousand years wide, so it hasn't really moved on."

The breadth of more than a thousand years and the astonishing magnificence I hear. A thousand years is a very hard time to say about jet lag.

"I don't know how to tear you apart..."

"Not at all. Well, we're all about six months wide."

"It's a little troubling whether I should thank you for that miracle or complain about being flown over here in the first place."

I can't argue with Tatsuya and Spring Vegetable's comment, which came out of a time difference of more than a thousand years, as one person.

"Well, that's why it's been awhile."

"I see. Is that what you're looking at, brother?

"I looked it up lightly in the general library, but there were too many extra materials on top of too few cases. Even to the extent I looked in the General Library in the first place, there was no uniformity at all in the appearance or ability of the Divine Beast. I've been doing some digging, and I'm really suspicious if you can guess the data?

"I don't know. Maybe later."

"At least that's what I decided. Well, if I can borrow Hiro's hand from tomorrow, the player raving will be over soon. Then why don't you just...


Nobody disagrees with Tatsuya's decision. This conversation will determine the policy from tomorrow.

"Hey, if we have dinner, shall we make a boat for Spring Vegetables?"

"Copy that. How long is it going to take?

"Well, I have the ingredients, and I'm just going to do the processing, and if I do it in a week or so, I'll be done."

"Oh well. I'll do my best."

It was strangely a spare bunch of hong taeks, even though the store will open tomorrow.

At the same time, a room.

"Those are abominable people, not at all......!

The chef of the Loufeus College Catering Hall throws up hatefully. In that hand, the books of the last few days had been held.

"Can't we get rid of it like before!?

A chef who speaks that way to a man with a bad face, staying in a tremendous shape. In the words of the chef, a badly resembled man shakes his neck beside him.

"Unfortunately, there are strangely many people's eyes this time. If we get our hands on it by the start of business, the guards will be flying in no time."

"Damn! That's a serious and abominable story!

The chef who hears the answer is scattered as he hits the table eight times.

"Can't we at least stop selling purchasing bread?

The chef, who had been whispering unsolicited words for a while, finally calms down and skips the question to the tiny looking man. He's usually an official.

"I guess you can't. Unfortunately, we had a request from the source, and unless food poisoning happens, we won't be selling it solemnly."

"Then why don't you put some clothes on the bread?

"That's hard, too. The current method of selling bread has been changed to that of taking it out after receiving the order, and the delivery has been held in a completely sealed anti-corruption bag. Above all, because of the example man's wisdom, all the bread is individually packaged and sealed again, and if it's not sealed, it's made to be seen at a glance, so if you work from the outside, you'll know immediately."

"What puts pressure on the bakery?

"It's going to be difficult at the moment for the same reason that we're going to give it a little bit of a go at the store."

"Abominable everywhere at all!

Chef who asks what is already taken care of exactly and throws up enough hatred to likely kill people.

For this reason, the bakery that makes the cream bread and delivers it to the purchase is the same as the bakery that holds the bread in the learning food. Making that bad black bread is also the result of being priced to the limit. Even if we cut a deal on a matter of conscience, we can't execute it because of suspicious incidents around us when we try to say it, and we're baking and delivering bread called better than weeping garbage.

When they brought the cream bakery in, they told it to Hongkong as a pretext to say no, so they entered the ears of the Dean of the College, who had originally had a lot of doubts, and quickly took a variety of measures, including a patrol.

For the record, the way to seal bread in a bag is that kind of machine is made by a macro. It was designed to simplify the structure so that Terez and the others could make it, and then simultaneously apply anti-corrosion, sterilization, and sealing determination enchantments, so if you want to, you can also produce some mass.

The bagging system has a good reputation from professors and students of field work subjects, not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of being able to eat bread without so much concern for the dirt on their hands. It is only here that some humans are already interested in this machine by looking at the bread of purchasing and taking the talk to the macro via the purchasing manager.

"Well, if the store starts, we can do as much as we want"

A man with a bad face pinches his mouth so he can fool the chef.

"Wouldn't that be true?

"Oh. It's not a big job to crush a restaurant."

"Is that true? I hope so."

"Leave it to me."

When a poorly resembled man says it out powerfully, the chef is finally in a good mood.

"Well, suppose we go home for tomorrow's planting"

"I often say to the habit of not grubbing up"

"I'm getting some, rude"

"Because if you don't, there 'll be dead people in the people you eat, won't there?

"Sort of."

The chef laughs at the words of an unfamiliar man and leaves the room intact.

"Totally, I told you to keep it that much..."

"It's time for that guy to get to the tide."

"Right. Well, as an example cook eliminates, then look at the fold..."

Yeah, I know.

As soon as the chef leaves, bad-looking men and officials whisper at each other with a very bad looking face. Apparently, he intends to dispose of all responsibility for a series of irregularities by pushing them to the head chef.

Then meet up with a specific plan after crushing the store, badly resembled men and officials who mistimed and left the room behind. Until the end, they didn't realize the presence of someone who was documenting their entire conversation.

"And it's supposed to say"

"This again..."

"I thought this was happening anyway, but I didn't know the secretary was so deeply involved anymore..."

Early the next morning. Rainey, who was recording the whole story, had been instructed by Rayot to complete a report to several of the reformist pivotal members, focusing on the Dean of the College and Professor Flute.

Regardless, all the members here are human beings with no one behind them, such as in the dark. Otherwise humans have already been sifted by Rainey's hands and sneaked out of the center.

"Finally, here, I have prepared a back book of school-food. This is the secretary's back book."

"Thank God, is it that easy to find?

"An amateur wouldn't have deceived someone like me into hiding."


The Dean of the College is accidentally silenced by Lainey's comments, which he brings in a lot of readiness.

"... if we find something we haven't been able to find so far in our investigation, we'll feel sorry for our incompetence."

"I specialize in it. Suitable Materials"

"That's right..."

"I can't do scholarly work, and scholars shouldn't do this kind of work. Scholars pursue academics and look for tips on how to achieve a good life at all"

Lainey tells the director of the college, who is so depressed, that she is faintly so genuine. If the scholars do it perfectly until the back run, the Laineys are nowhere to be found.

"So it shouldn't be possible in this country to punish you with this degree of evidence. What do we do?"

"Right. It will be difficult to punish the judicial officials because they can't even confirm what they are ordering directly and say is solid evidence unless they hold it down where it is being executed."

To Rainey's inquiry, one nodding college director.

"It's possible to check where you're giving direct orders and let them step in there."


"All their strongholds are washed out. There's no security, and the sensing system is weak. Give Honey a little help and he'll sneak about twenty of the average person in at leisure."

"... that body, that's something you haven't caught well before..."

"If it wasn't for this country's unstoppable justice system, it would be so ruined."

Dean of the Academy who really wants to hold his head against someone with a small odor to the point. As a matter of fact, it is Lainey's view that it would probably be possible even for the fam to sneak into the room where that meeting was, but the dean doesn't know that's all because he decides it's information that doesn't need to be said and shuts up.

Most importantly, the base is all washed up, but we can't be sure until when to order it. It is also difficult to determine where to net and infiltrate justice officials, given that it is impossible to keep them lurking for days, no matter how Rainey and Horn work together to disguise them.

"Well, from here on out, it's going to be a patience comparison..."

"The Honeys are pretty good at that. It's just not a lot of time, so I'll set up an information war over here."

"... please"

The Dean of the Academy bows his head to Lainey's offer. Thus, the handling of trinkets reminiscent of someone was held by none other than Higashi at will in total force battle.