"Because of that one thing, the college is pretty bummed."

Three days after Rainey served as a member of the Evil Gods Order. Urs' workshop. Zhenqin so divulged the current state of the college against the spring vegetables bookkeeping in the Japanese room.

"Oh, I knew it?

"Fortunately, there are no cases of faculty missing so far, but the office seems to be making a fuss."

Well, the secretary's under arrest.

While doing a lot of work so far, I ended up finishing the conversation without having to set something up by Hongda. In a hurry to get all sorts of information out of the cult, he blew himself up with an extra tease that I wish I had grown up with.

It's virtually like Lainey solved everything, but if you look at people who don't know the back, it just looks like self-destruction. Well, originally, I was ready to move as soon as I had a hang-up, except inside the college, so it's not just Rainey's handle.

For the record, the hardest thing in fact is the judicial relationship that turns out to be thought-induced, but all the people involved, including Rayot and Rainey, are a lot of bummer, and the information around it hasn't even reached the Spring Breweries yet.

"In the meantime, it looks like we won't be able to sell food for a while, and until things get better over there, it looks like we're gonna have to be receptacles."

"I mean, when the Azma Dining Room was open, it was practically like school food wasn't open, was it?

"Well, the status quo doesn't change anything, does it?

To the sharp penetration of the true harp, I honestly say that while the spring vegetables slightly distract me. The Azma Dining Room was now a thriving restaurant serving more than a thousand meals a day. Because the food service is hard to catch up with, but I don't really have enough seats, I'm temporarily making available space for now.

"Well, it won't interfere, and it's not a bad location, so we can have other stores before it's that far?

"I hope so. I mean, I did when I was in Faure, but if I make too much money, they'll look at me from over there."

"I know. For now, it's a receptacle for employment, and I don't think it's such an amazing profit margin."

Zhenqin tells me, and Spring Vegetables answers as he shows the books. In fact, unlike medicines and items that we source everything from our own materials, the Azma Dining Room, which buys ingredients at fair prices from farmers, ranches, etc., and pays more for colored labor than the market, is not making that much profit.

"Nevertheless, an evil sect. Ah..."

"Well, I thought you were there, but you were halfway and monkey compared to before."

"Yeah. Honestly, when I heard the story, I didn't know why it wasn't eliminated immediately."

"Really hey. From what I'm saying, maybe Bardo's not involved."

"If Bardo was doing it, would you take a little more polite and careful time to do it?

True harp nodding to the opinion of spring vegetables. It seems that the way things have been done since the head chef of the school food became his current generation, but still, in the first two years or so of his tenure, he was an adult compared to the last six months. By then, the quantity had decreased, but it didn't seem as bad as it is now when it comes to flavor. Although it was not delicious, it was quite edible even if it was not impossible. Even though I said it got twitchy and bad, I maintained the level I could eat if I couldn't until it suddenly went bad all at once last year.

It wasn't until around November of last year that the content of the dishes became even worse, and it was about that time that the few cheap restaurants that were left, and the smaller ones that were not the kind of restaurants that would serve as receptacles, were driven away. Including items that were obstructed from opening new stores, five houses went out of business in three consecutive months.

As a result, the guild masters of commercial guilds, who had been suspicious since their predecessors were chefs, had a complete grasp of the behavior of learning food, but unfortunately at that point it was not too late to punish them. Because of its subtle location from the beginning and its small size, by then there were considerably fewer college officials affected by bankruptcy, which is also why the story was not very exciting.

Had Bardo been directly involved, he probably wouldn't have imitated the likelihood of bankrupting five houses in a row. I must have spent more time driving out all the luxury stores around, crushing the surrounding stores in college-driven for high school food preferences at the end of the day. Or twitch and eat there to other districts and royal palaces and let them rot in centuries for decades. At least Baldo, relative to Farlane, was competent enough to do so. It was a trinket, but to that extent, the spring vegetables also appreciate it.

Either way, it was definitely awkward and cluttered.

"Then what happened to Bardo?

"I don't know, but maybe I'm not in Loufeus right now. Otherwise, I won't let you get into this mess."

"I guess so. The question is, what isn't..."

"I can't even guess what's going on over there, but if you say around November, sure, it's about right after we defeated Bardo in Farlane, so that could have something to do with it"

"That's possible."

Zhenqin agrees with Spring Vegetable Opinion. As a matter of fact, the opinions of spring vegetables do not strike but are not far away. The trigger is certainly the Baldo of Farlane, which was enshrined in the Honda, but it was simply an excuse, in fact, that the Lord of Darkness, who perceived that the plan was about to collapse, moved it to another area in the form of revelation. Bardo himself, who was executing the plan, was also burning his hands at the extra greed and retardation of the substitute chef, thus honestly following the revelation and moving to a nearby country.

In the end, he was pulled by an incompetent ally. Most likely both of them are incompetent at a time when they are abandoning the project en route and inviting incompetent allies.

"Come to think of it, you didn't even see Bardo in Fore, did you?

"If you say so. Why not?"

"I don't know, but do you think Faure is still a hard country for a type like Baldo?"

"Well, Bardo doesn't seem to like banquets or anything."

I don't know how to find my belly! The temperament of Faure and, if anything, the system to be solved at the banquet, would be really difficult for Baldo to do. Even if you tolerate a lot of tangled liquor and whisper a lot about crying, laughing, drinking and drinking Uedo, you forget everything the next day, it's not worth it because it was completely unproductive.

It's bad for us because when it comes to people like Higashi, we remember and give preferential treatment no matter how much we are drunk. Coupled with the positive air of the banquet, Baldo was a country that could be described as a gateway.

In fact, Baldo, who was leaping in the Faure, has been eyed from here and there where he was struggling to eat at the banquet, and has eventually been found trespassing by Faure hero Merquard while Higashi was playing in Crest Cave, shattered by a single blow without even giving him time to transform. Regardless, because it was an event while in Crest Cave, Hongdae doesn't even know that Bardo was playing at Fore in the first place.

Apparently, Baldo in this day and age can't escape pitiful treatment anywhere.

"Well, as it doesn't seem to matter Baldo"

"Right. Besides, if Bardo was here, there's nothing we can do until we set him up directly."

I don't care. They treat me, pitiful Baldo everywhere. No longer is the shadow of the boss, who once hunted Farlane down to one more step until the overthrow of the state, dust remains fine.

"It's almost our birthday."

"That's right. What do you want me to do?

"It's hard because it's a macro. Even if it's a gift, it's mostly made by him. It's the best design and performance."

"Makoto-san draws a comic strip that Hong-san seems to like, because some hands are still fine. In our case, there are limits to trying to cook."

"That's the way it is, cuisine is not good because we still have room for ideas. Compared to His Royal Highness Rayot and Elle and Tatsuya, I think you're pretty good, huh?

Birthday of the Horn, which would boast the greatest difficulty in relation to birthdays. Spring vegetables and genuine harps entering the meeting for the day approaching. I seem to have touched on this topic for the first time now, but it just doesn't mention anything in particular, and in fact when we face each other without a macro, we are always talking on this topic.

"For one thing, I'm pretty sure he's going to say that he'll make whatever he wants without putting any orders or constraints on him for a week or so. How about that?

"I'm sure it's the best gift, but I'm anxious to not be able to predict what I'll make with it..."

"That's right..."

When it comes to manufacturing, Donghong, a man who can't be trusted in any way in this way. There are numerous priors, including heavenly and earth ripple cannons and submarines, so there's nothing I can do.

"Well, because of the limitations of the material, I don't think I can make anything worse than I've ever done."

"I don't have to agree with you, but there are some aspects of Japanese craftsmen that can't be caught off guard because they sometimes pervert those limits with great passion and unlikely ideas."

To a word of spring vegetables, a true harp that silences unexpectedly. Even in a corner of my mind, I was always pointed out to think that it might be possible.

"But I'm relieved in that respect because we're not going to make anything that's harmful to us."

"It doesn't have to be harmful to have an extra impact on the world..."

"I think that's where it is now."

True harp pointed out by spring vegetables and with a bitter face. There are quite a few catastrophes that would have been stopped if I had noticed and put in the penetration so far so early. It also scatters things that are irretrievable like oversized pomegranate, which makes me hesitant to let go of the macro again. So far, it's enough to snag the craftsmen of this world at best, but I don't know when to make something that overshadows the social fabric itself from the ground up.

For now, I close my eyes to the fact that I have already created a system of mass-production and mass-consumption, an instant ramen factory, which has largely escaped from domestic handicrafts, and I think of Makoto with such concern in mind. We never want to think that we couldn't take it back because we didn't stop.

To tell the story, it was too late to hire and educate Terez and the others at the request of the Farlane royal family.

"Whatever it is, I don't think it's easy to come up with other ideas because we can't have a gift that looks like a gift."


True harp nods unacceptably to the conclusion of spring vegetables. I can't help it, because I can't come up with any other ideas.

"So, well, later on, as I try my best to cook..."

"I don't mind, Spring Vegetables"


"You, you're not in a more unscrupulous mood than you were when I was?

"I didn't mean to, did I?

Zhenqin points me out, and the spring vegetables snap my neck and listen back. In fact, I'm beyond tempered or anything of that dimension, and I'm even making you feel a certain sense of purpose that anything satisfies the macro, but I'm completely unconscious of the person at the moment.

"Well, given your feelings, I can't help it."

"Nothing, that's not why I try to cook..."

"You can say it. First of all, it's definitely impossible to be exactly the same as a man you fell in love with."

Spring vegetables that look so embarrassed and subtly unconvinced by the true harp. Sure, Spring Vegetables love Hong, but I've never made a difference in cooking with others because of their emotions. At best, the flavoring is to the extent that it suits the taste of the macro, but then again, the preference of spring vegetables was originally just about the same as the preference of the macro, and there love has nothing to do with it. That's the kind of flavor I've been flavoring ever since I was flown here, so there's no room for romantic feelings.

Most importantly, I am not aware of spring vegetables at all, but because I have lived with Hiroshi for a long time, my tastes and flavoring habits have already changed dramatically. It is no longer an exaggeration to say that the dishes we are now making in this life are flavours that we have built up in the home of Hong and Spring Vegetables. And when it comes to the taste of home, the flavor of fudge, for people in the Azma Workshop, it is becoming the flavor of dishes made by Hongya and Spring Vegetables, other than Tatsuya.

Even here, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables do things like a couple unconsciously. Perhaps without female phobia and the resulting distrust, Hong and Spring Vegetables would stick together a long time ago.

Unfortunately, that fact proves how difficult it is for a macro to fall in love with someone.

"Well, I'm barren any longer, so I'll put it away"


"It's dinner. What?

"Tatsuya says she wants a menu for drinking every once in a while, so I'm a little worried."

For drinking, I heard, a true harp that sparkles my eyes. Spring vegetables with a subtle bitter smile when you see it.

"I'm a little worried about Fam and Lime saying that it's easy to eat, and on top of that, it seems like it's in a tavern or something."

"Yakitori or something?

"That's already confirmed. After that, I'm going to put a lot of vegetables on fire, but they said," One more time. "

"How about a stewed moth?

"Hmm, that's fine with me..."

Spring vegetables with a slightly troubled face to the suggestion of true harp. True harp with pins and things to come.

"Maybe you don't like the Macro or something?

"Not only Hiroshi, but Mio says she's a little bad at moths and hormones. Lella said she couldn't eat it, but she didn't like the texture, so I'm worried."

"I see you haven't made a lot of stewed mochi with that. Surprisingly, a lot of people don't like the gut system."

"Yes, it is."

While any ingredient or dish is somewhat divided in likes and dislikes, the visceral system will be an ingredient that emerges particularly prominently in meat. The extent of this is also because I have a sense of rejection from the image of gut. Because I hate eating very little, I have had experience carving out the impression that the taste and texture are useless after eating several times and that the treatment is not good for eating a lot of food. This is also a wide range.

For this reason, in the case of Lela, besides the texture, it is also a reason why I was not comfortable having eaten around in the slum era. Needless to say, the processing was caused by being fed something gruesome. Instead, I'd say she's quite a tough woman around to say she can't eat with that background.

"Because Hiroshi said he didn't like levers before. Well, I don't know, but it seems a little strange that he doesn't like Mio."

"Mio, there's something I can't quite eat with that. Peppers and carrots are fine, but you can't just cook them."

"Heh. You mean, in short, close to a childish taste?

"Isn't that it? Well, Mio's bad stuff is basically just the same category as the rice noodles and natto, because it doesn't make me angry because I can't eat it"

"Well, if that's the only way to eat a potato stew or a hormone, it's something no one cares if you can't eat it."

Spring vegetables nodding to the conclusion of the true harp. That said, I haven't solved the problem after all.

"Mm-hmm. I'll also prepare a simmer of suji meat and have it eaten as you please."

"Isn't that a hassle?

"The way you look at it doesn't change that much anyway, and it won't change that much hassle because it's basically abandoned until I treat it and boil it when I season the dashi, which is fine. Besides, I still have the stewed potatoes that I served to Makoto and Tatsuya before, so if you pour them into it, it won't be too much trouble to make dashi."

"I hope so."

True Harp of Losing Mind thoughts on spring vegetables that increase the number of products according to the likes and dislikes of the people involved. He doesn't seem to feel bitter because he likes to cook, but still almost every day. Moreover, spring vegetables are classified among this member as busy. I don't even feel defeated because I think about the preferences and physical condition of all the humans I eat and continue to cook so that my nutritional balance and the like don't bias me, even in such situations. I feel distressed that I only eat and drink.

There are people who say that true female power comes out in places like this, but as a true harp, I strongly agree with that opinion. True harp's assessment of women's power is not that she can't cook, but that she can continue to worry about the details even though it's everyday.

"With that said, you didn't sell stewed moths or anything at the stall because you don't like the hong?

"It was curry bread and skewer cutlets at first, so while I didn't do it in combination, I kind of lost the time to serve it in the street."


Indeed, I have to agree with the true harp that I wonder whether skewer cutlets are a combination of curry bread and braised moths anyway. Moreover, even if it is a skewer, the main reason is that it was an American dog, and I still don't have a little doubt about combining it with the simmering of alcohol.

"Well, shouldn't we have done it in Stillen?

"Somehow, I had a feeling it was going to be catastrophic..."

Spring vegetables answering that with some distant eye to the point of true harp. It is a totally undeniable reason.

"Well, I'll take care of dinner with that, hopefully"

"Mmm. Copy that."

"As for that, I have a tart that I made impulsively while I was looking at the fruit in the warehouse, but I overserved the fruit and it turned out to be very voluminous. Besides, I overmade it, so I can't finish eating until I feel pretty good about it, can you help me, Mr. Makoto?

"Of course!"

"Good. Because the quantity is high, I felt like serving it as a dessert was a bit too. Hey Elle, call it in, and if this is the case, we'll all have a snack."

That's what I said, call Octogall, and ask Aeris to give me a message. When we ask Aeris to give us a message, Octogall doesn't ask for a replacement.

"Dear Harna, is it true that there are delicious treats!?

"Sister Chun, when were you making mega-plated tarts?

Ask Octogall to leave a message long enough. Aeris and Mio enter the Japanese room.

"Mio's in the middle of coaching you hard, Gino? Unexpectedly impulsive because I'm a little out of hand."

That said, via the bag at hand, take out the fruit tart stored in the food bin and show it. Thirty centimetres in diameter and about twenty centimetres high at the top of the fruit mountain, it did boast a beauty that could be called a mega platter. Its tart, which contains a number of fruits that may exceed thirty if only within sight of at least twenty and overlapping parts, was also truly beautiful in appearance and colour balance.

"Actually, there's about five more of these, right? I wanted to use up half the fruit and stuff, so I made a little too much."

"... Spring vegetables, how were you going to eat this?

"Yeah. I wasn't thinking about it at all when I made it"

A glimpse from all of us concentrates on the sweet white spring vegetables. That said, before this beautiful treat, such a gaze quickly loses its power as well.

"Well, that's why we'll call the Limes and eat as much as we can."

"What's the difference between the master and his brother?

"Do you think we can eat alone?

Mio's penetration of spring vegetables just to try to eat it all just by the women, against which a clean counterattack is decided. Given the amount left, you can't eat it without eating close to each hall. Probably eat until Mio is satisfied, but he definitely stays about a hall.

It should be noted that the zinos currently being collected are not in the count because they are not yet familiar with each other's existence, and in this case, they are often forgotten to be in numbers. It's a pitiful story, but newcomers will often be like that.

"For now, let's start with the first one"

That being said, spring vegetables are cut so that fruits go as evenly as possible. In the meantime, I'm going to get you some tea and a plate. Makoto and Lime are going to get you some. Everyone, including Alchem, who was just in the face, behaves the first hall to everyone.

"The sweetness and acidity of the fruit matches the toothpaste and slight taste of the tart fabric, very nice"

"This custard cream, not sweet, enhances the flavour of the fruit"

"Wow, this tart sucks. I would definitely eat too much and get in the way of dinner..."

After such an admirable storm, the tarts made by Spring Vegetables for stockpile disposal were brilliantly hazardous.

"That's right. Did you ever serve Elle a coke or something?

Dinner that day. Spring Vegetables speaks to Aeris, who decided to go home after eating a meal and exchanging information.

"These guys, are they?

"Yeah. A drink from our country. It's not very good for you."

Spring vegetables that explain that to Aeris, who looks strange while eating a stewed moth.

"I want coke!!


My favorite limes and hiccups react instantly to the word Coke,

"Just one cup after dinner,"

"Have a proper meal first."

Spring vegetables and lella crush me. Basic listening lime and hitohiro, but due to their weak self-control only in children, juice and sweets are made into a system that cannot be spoken without the permission of the spring vegetables.

"Well, it's bad for you, Lyme, so I'll serve you after dinner."

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it"

Aeris nods joyfully at the words of spring vegetables. A macro watching it runs the extra thing here.

"Actually, there's a lot of new drinks."

"Is it new? For example?"

"Let's start with lactic acid bacteria drinks. Try to reproduce both Kao Piss and Su 'l. And then there's sports drinks. As far as I can think of, I've made about three kinds. After that, I'm gonna feed the nutritional drinks to the punitive games, warm them up, all sorts of things."

"I wonder if I could make one for punitive games before Faota or something, me"

"It's easy to make that kind of thing for you, so it's not easy."

Hiroshi returns a reply full of such penetrations to the truly correct point of spring vegetables. Prioritizing things that are difficult or require unusual technology without thinking about demand or anything like that is, in a sense, Japanese.

"Well, whatever it is, new soft drinks are after meals. Or do you want me to coke high or something?

"If that's what you divided the liquor by the drinks in that hand, in Kanto, that's what you typically call a cola sour or a kao piss sour?

"Yeah Yan, even if you use shochu to shochu hi kao piss or kao piss hai. The contents are unchanged, and the real name is"

"... well, that's fine..."

The difference between Kanto and Kansai, who occasionally show their faces. The first time I came out in a long time, it didn't matter what the liquor was called.

"Well, you were over there until middle school, weren't you? How do you know how to call a sour system in Kansai?

"Well, when you go to dinner, it's up to you because your father and you asked me to."

"... I see"

"My parents are a lot of loose people, but the drinking relationship is neat."

Neither of Hiroshi's parents will ever drink alcohol when they drive out. I basically don't drink during the day or at night, with some exceptions, if I'm at work. Even when relatives get together in law and elsewhere, they resolutely stop when they try to force minors, people who can't drink, people who are driving here, etc. And that's how they take a strict attitude toward alcohol. So it can't be the first thing to make your own kids drink.

Most people who drink alcohol despite being stopped from drinking because of liver disease, diabetes, etc., even if they are strict about alcohol, are basically left alone just with caution. Because it is easy to develop into rubbing after not asking, and because I tend to be made a bad person, I decide to make an alibi that I stopped once and then at my own risk.

"Well, leave our parents alone, ya. Do you want to go?

"No, no, no. If it's like that here, I'll do a lot of things first. I'd try that juicy drink when I don't have kids."

"Let it go. He said he tried it later with the right knob."

"Copy that. I'm looking forward to it."

and for now, I was just about to finish talking about a new soft drink.

"Uh, if the liquor earlier uses shochu, could you try it with me because we have a new shochu in the village?

Alchem throws down more extra information. The expression of Tatsuya and Makoto, who heard it, was truly correct as a soldier.

"It's polite to try a new drink while it's still raw, right?

"Right. It's basically rock first, then divide it with hot water and carbonated drinks, and then add plum and everything."

"So, if you're gonna try it raw, you're gonna have no problem drinking it now, right?

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with having alcohol at dinner."

"That's why, Alchem."

"Take one."

An elderly group that creates a stream of drinking with stunning drunkenness theory and showcases new liquor to Alchem. Though it maintains a minimum degree of moderation, it is basically an adult who cannot do so in alcohol relations.

"... well, my brothers have changed the subject a bit, let them like it."


"Lyme, how's school?

When left alone, Mio stomped when the conversation continued indefinitely due to booze, forcefully changing the subject for the price while pinching the roasted vegetables. He was concerned about Lyme's school life, and Aerys and Alchem will also pay attention to the workshop staff.

"I don't care what you say..."

"All I can say is that it's probably what Mr. Harna and the others expected."

Terez and Nola suddenly get noticed, mouth feel, and give badly chopped answers. Lyme looks at the look of it wonderfully while eating a stewed moth. Hirohiro is following the roasted chicken without my involvement. No one is going in now that Hirohiko eats grilled chicken.

"What do you mean, as expected?

"Well, naturally, a guy who harasses a kid like me or Lyme, he's definitely coming out. Whether it's going well or not."

For the most part, when the predicted spring vegetables overlap words for confirmation, they stop the hand eating the suji stew and tell what the fam would affirm.

"Hey, are you being molested?

"No, rather, the main target is Lime..."

"Is that it?


Honda sees that sisters interact and understands the general situation. As expected, but I am concerned about the bluntness of the lime.

"Sister, I wonder if Mr. Lime hasn't noticed..."

"Well, I know you think so in Alchem, but hey..."

"With me, my sister is terrible..."

"You were probably blunt about that, too."

Alchem, who speaks of what Honda cares about, is shot down beautifully by Therese. It will also be apparent from the fact that Alchem is dull against mischief and harassment because he doesn't care at all about the old man's sexual harassment attacks or is completely unaware of his gaze when he is being taken around by Doga as a samurai for Aeris.

"So, the truth is, what's missing?

"I can't harass and certify that. If you want to harass me for growing up in a slum, you have to burn my stuff without asking questions."

"It's totally lukewarm compared to when you're being caught by a slave trader."

"Well, not because I'm an elf, but if a woman is traveling alone, there's a lot..."

The three fams who are asked by a macro and speak of a rather spectacular answer. I tend to forget because I live not bad now, but if all three of us live in a peaceful and safe environment, we are people who are not in this place. There's no way we can effectively harass people who don't lose anything in the warm environment inside the college, and where they've been kicked out.

"Um, can I ask you one thing?

Aeris, who finished her baked pomegranate, pinches her mouth with a slightly strange look on her face. As for basic lime school life, outsiders have refrained from pinching their mouths so far.


"When I asked Mr. Lime what was going on at school, how did there come up with a story about harassment first?

Unexpectedly everyone is silent on Aeris', somewhat very correct point. Normally, when young children like Lime mix up with adults to study, will the first thing they care about be keeping up with class? But nobody's worried about it. It's not strange at all that Aeris wonders.

"Well, it feels like an exam, and I thought Lime might not be able to keep up with the class or something."

"I'm a beginner."

"Because history is history in the first place, I'm pretty sure you were more concerned about the behavior of a professor or something you were opposed to than whether or not you studied."

"Instead, it's better that way."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables mouth one end of the story so as to answer Aeris' question.

"There were quite a few students who had a great sense of crisis when they saw that there was a question lime that didn't come out unless they understood the content properly."

"I'm here"

"That's what they do again, because they're priceless in vain, they do extra things."

"So, you're going to destroy yourself."

The fams ride on one after the other to a word of Makoto satisfied with the flavour of the new shochu. Aeris can't stop laughing at the fact that she ended up talking back to her original content. That said, the flow so far has allowed me to largely grasp the circumstances. Therefore, the next thing I know is that I am concerned.

"But I don't think that story would be a reason for the professor to turn to harassment."

"It depends on what you ask."

Aeris is going to listen to Nola's answer and look very convincingly and far away. Perhaps Lyme relentlessly goes over the part where he is innocent of children, and when he is followed there, his face is rounded up as a teacher. Moreover, he/she has difficulty dealing with it because, as part of his/her study, he/she questions purely in doubt, not harassment or anything. The point is that Aeris also remembers a lot.

In the first place, the race of professors is all about pride. Therefore, if you think of it as a teacher, you seem to think that being able to understand your classes by a young child like Lime is such a low dimension that your specialty will be understood by your child in his/her capacity as a professor when he/she is in an understandable class.

Regardless, not everyone does. Some people do it thoroughly until they find out outrageously that pride is high but therefore they cannot understand what they have explained, while others do it thoroughly by the next time to fulfill the snowflake, ashamed of themselves for not being able to properly respond to what has been penetrated.

Lyme is a very grateful student for such a professor, so naturally some people are very cute.

"In the end, for better or worse, Lime stands out, so you're really in a position like the flag of a factional struggle. I don't understand him."

"Ah, don't worry about the details of the lime. You just stay where you are."

"? I don't know, good luck"

"Ahhh, you're so cute already, the lime!

True harp tells me, lime with a strange neck. He seems to understand that he is at the center of the conversation, but he doesn't understand the content. This kind of place doesn't have to be year-to-year.

"Well, it's not El, and you don't have to understand at that age that Lyme is behind factional struggles."

"Um, Master Tatsuya. Then it sounds like I'm living a very dirty life..."

"Whether it's dirty or not, at the same age as Lime, you tried to understand your position and situation and act as if you could keep your eyes out of it, didn't you?

"Yeah, well..."

"In Elle's case, his life was at stake, so he would understand and respond. Lyme doesn't, so you don't have to understand. I suppose it would have been okay if Elle had grown up a little while ago, because she had a sister..."

Aeris gets more and more air in Tatsuya with some distant eyes. Together with the Japanese who turn their blame to such Tatsuya. It's unusual for Tatsuya to soften these kinds of aphorisms aside from provocation, but it's no reason not to have to be blamed.

"Anyway, if anything goes wrong with Lyme, if you stop going to school and pull into the workshop, there's no problem, so I don't think there's much to worry about.

"Lime, are you quitting school?

"No, no. If anything happens, yes. So far, so good."

Tatsuya can laugh so as to reassure him of Lime, who hugs Hitohiro after his meal and looks up at Tatsuya and asks questions with a little concern. Lyme smiles when she hears that. Again, children, smiles are the best.

"I'm done eating dinner and I want coke!!

"Let it go. It's time, yeah. Do it."

I'm getting tired of difficult stories, the ambition to give permission with a bitter smile to Lime's demands. Spring vegetables pinch my mouth that I was hearing about.

"Hong-jun. Wouldn't it be nice to have a ka-o piss soda or something today?

"I don't know. Lime, why don't you go fresh?


A lime that gleams and snorts at the suggestion of a macro and a spring vegetable. Make sure of that, and I'll pour the classic Kao Piss Soda into the cup. Hand over one cup after another to the other members who are paying attention. The fam, which does not like carbonation, divides the stock solution with normal water.

"Oh, this is delicious too"

"It's just a little bit more acidic than Coke."

"I prefer this"

"There aren't many sweet drinks like this other than fruit juice, so it's kind of a fresh taste. Dear Hiroshi, can you also mass produce and sell this or something?

"It's delicious, but everyone in the village is going to tell me that it's just me and Sister Terez who tasted it first again."

The major Lactobacillus drinks in Japan seemed generally popular. A macro that grins at the reaction and takes out even more extra.

"Look, why don't we try the classic guy in the punishment game too? For punitive games, no lime."

Aeris brightens her eyes for some reason on all kinds of warm carbonated beverages that she has said and removed. She loves punitive games anyway because she is rarely treated like this.

"Wait a minute, parent!

"Punishment games, Nora didn't do anything wrong!

"Punishment games have a lot to say and a lot to say, so let's just say it's an experimental bench."

"It's worse!

Macro, who receives fierce protests from workshop staff with a fine face and prepares them one after the other. Aeris takes the prepared Me O 'er and Doctor O 'er first and drinks them all at once before the perimeter stops.

"... if you cool it, I feel like I can drink it unexpectedly"

"Elle, you're a big man..."

Makoto has an unexpected look on Aeris, who seems fine. Aeris, who eats basically anything these days, doesn't feel like the bad eating of spring vegetables is contagious.

"Wow, this is maz..."

"Sure, I feel I can drink it if I chill..."

"It's a little impossible to drink raw warm with a cheerful face like Elle..."

"Sora Punishment Game"

Unlike Aeris, the fam and the others, who reacted as expected, are told something totally unparalleled with a Doya face. Spring vegetables thinking about something completely unrelated, such as the fact that it's getting a little hot lately.

"Oh, yes, Hiroshi."


"I also want you to tell me about the anti-tarnish enchant."

"Well, if you do Spring Vegetables now, you can afford it. Yeah, but why?

"Girls have a lot going on."

In that dialogue of spring vegetables, the gaze of the woman after the beginning of the secondary sexual traits, excluding the alchem, concentrates on one point. And...

"Sister Chun, I just need to be taken by Pie Tao..."

Mio mutters such noisy words.

"Dear Mio, what is Pytho?

"Traditional craftsmanship of applying ink to breasts and pressing half a piece of paper to copy"


"There, don't tell Elle lies!

Mio blows extra into Aeris, which is eaten by the word Pie Taku, and Tatsuya rushes into the full force. but without worrying about that, Mio, who invited True Harp, starts making extra calculations.

"Spring sister seems to have few gaps, so practice in Alchem first..."

"Right. So, that's why I feel like I've been growing up lately. Nora, you want to go too?


"I don't know, it's not like you're about to be able to do the valley either..."

"I'm fine. Normally Elle's about to pull me apart."

I picked up all the conversations between Makoto and Mio talking in a whisper, and the macro starts to shudder grudgingly. Tatsuya, who has a sense of crisis in the way it is, is forced to finish the conversation, and for now, the place gets nothing...


"What, Sister Jinqin?

"You're not normally going to be about a C-cup!

"Still about beyond the middle of b. I'm already in C, El's growing faster."

"... before spring vegetables, should I have you?

"Opposition to violence"

It was found that Mio had grown up to B above C in plain sight, and a crack would occur between him and True Harp.

Meanwhile, around that time. At the Professorship of the College of Loufeus.

"Dean of the College, I have one favor to ask you"

One of the professors who did not feel comfortable with the intervention of the Azma Workshop rather than the presence of Lime was trying to hold a proposal to the College Director.

"What is it?

"More and more students who have enrolled from the Azma Workshop have made claims that conflict with what we've been researching for hundreds of years."

"Is that what the problem is?

"Unfortunately, their explanation made it impossible to prove whether it was right or not. That's why I can't even cut people off for lying or being wrong"

"I mean, let the lord of his workshop explain at the academy,"

To the words of the Dean of the College, an opposition professor who shakes his neck beside him. Look at that, the dean of the academy and Professor Flute with a strange face.

"It doesn't make sense to just explain to us. So I was wondering if you could give him a special lecture."

Opposition professor coming up with such a suggestion with some nasty grin. To that suggestion, the Dean of the College shows a little thought.

"... right. It will suit our convenience, but if you take it, it will be a plus for Loufeus College."


"Only, if the other side takes it, is. They are all kinds of busy people with that, and this one is in a position where I've already asked for a lot of imposition. Think you can't help it if they say no."


An opposition professor with a somewhat dark grin at the words of the Dean of the College. If you don't take it, you can say you ran away and discredit me, and if you do, you take it. So, anyway, it's a human lecture that's not a real job. I don't care. That idea looks clear.

A certain degree is acceptable even in Lauren, if there is no contradiction of opinion based on the facts. If you do it well, you'll hurt their authority somewhat.

The Dean of the College takes a small sigh inside to the professor who stirs up such blatant thoughts.

"Professor Flute"

"What is it?

"As he thought, do you think it would work?


Dean of the College and Professor Flute to communicate like that in a low voice so that his professor doesn't hear me. Indeed, the Azma Workshop is only a bunch of craftsmen. Teaching people is not a real job. But it was Hiroshi and Mio who raised Lime to its present level. I have the ability to educate young girls to that level, so I wouldn't have a problem thinking I could give some lectures.

Besides, I can't give them painful hands or anything where they say no. Since the essence of the Azma workshop is only a group of craftsmen, the main object of the evaluation will be the products made. In terms of product quality, functionality and performance, only a large number of consumers have evaluated it. There is no greater impact than the human assessment actually used, such as the comments of the College of Loufeus.

And no matter how much, they're actually making third-degree potions, making Orihalcon gear, and making golem carriages of unprecedented performance, so they'll just be laughed at where the Loufeus College has now made a scene of escaping requests for lectures. From the user side, it doesn't matter if the theory is correct or not, compared to whether it actually works or not.

"Whatever you do, I hope you'll do me a favor for this college."

"If you ask me, I'm sure this college environment will change for the better."

He was the Dean of the College and Professor Flute whispering to each other that way, bypassing the professorial council where the discussion ensued with irreplaceable content.