"... lecture, big?


Three days after the decision was taken to ask Hiroshi for a special lecture. At last, the director of the college, who had no hands at all because the college had settled down, had come to visit in the morning to request directly from Hongkong. Appointments are made properly in advance, through the true harp.

"It's an abrupt and impossible favor, so it would be natural to be offended. So I don't have any problem at all with you saying no..."

"No, no, don't worry, I'm not sick or anything like that."

The Dean of the College carries on his words in a great panic at the moment's silence of the Horn and the bewildered look of the time. The look on the face of a macro who hears the words replaces the grin, slowly stopping the Dean of the College from trying to bow his head.

"I just thought about it when I heard it and it came to crushing me blatantly again, so it's not a problem in itself to take a lecture request. It's time for you to make some moves. I've always guessed."


"It's like Lime's gonna do it flashy, or it's gonna move, right?

A college director who can't do anything but snort at the words of an ambitious man with a bitter smile. It is a heartfelt feeling that we will swing our feathers everywhere for our own convenience.

"So, well, as for lecturing, say it today, and tomorrow, you can't do it all the time."

"That's for sure. Even this one, not so suddenly."

"Even if we're going to prepare it, we're not going to even be able to decide what we're going to do or what we're going to do."

"Right. To a boulder, it would be irresponsible to leave everything there to you. But even here, I don't know which areas you can lecture in, so could you tell me the first areas where lectures are possible?

"Alchemy, pharmacy, and granting magic can be instructed even at the level of making a first-degree potion or its rank if you do it all the time. Magic basics, mathematics, biology. Well, it's probably all about intermediate. Magic itself should probably teach your brother something thicker."

"I see..."

The Dean of the College will be full of staying calm on the surface for more answers than expected. The Dean of the Academy also understands that Hiroshi is not lying. I get it.

Given Lime's comprehension and depth of knowledge, there is no doubt that instructional skills are sufficient. But wouldn't this mean attending Loufeus College at all?

Such suspicion can't be plucked up and I really can't stop snagging inside.

"Well, I can only teach you, I can only pull you up to that rank, even for those who can fail to make the fourth class, but I won't look at it for five to ten years."

"Of course it will."

"Why, I just want you to say no to that level of boulder."

"Even this one, I'm not going to say I can't make it that far"

"Conversely, if I just performed that if I did the Azma Workshop, I wouldn't be able to make this - would it mean enough for about ninety minutes a comma?


They're guessing what the college wants, and they're going to present it one by one to pack the breadth of the content. The Dean of the Academy solidifies the bones of a sloppy lecture as he listens to its content.

"Right. Teach all the technology, which is a good story for bugs, but it also makes little sense given the spirit to end with mere performance. To put it this way, is it possible to lecture on advanced content that can be shaped to some extent by future research?

"I wonder if there's anything I should do with a ninety-four comma, three days of intensive lectures, all the time. However, higher alchemy and higher pharmacy basically come into being alone, so whichever way you do it, the content and conferring magic on the other comes out of the lecture. Granted magic can also be taught as a single lecture, but I talk about it quite a bit thin in both medicine and alchemy, so I don't know if I'm going to do much about it, but it feels like a lot."

"I see. Okay, right. While this decision is not yet in place, can you ask the spindle for alchemy that seems to have a wide range of applications?

"Okay. When prepared on that premise."

In the meantime, the Dean of the College will be able to decide on the contents of a huge clutter of lectures and grate his chest. A macro who sees it and goes into the next decision while taking note of what has been decided.

"So, yes, I'm going to lecture, but I'd like you to avoid too many people or something, just for our convenience. Especially if there are a lot of girls..."

"Is that a stance that women can't teach?

"What I don't know is, when you see that your disciples are basically all women, you know what I mean? It's simply a condition that I put out of my confidence in enduring a large number of women with feminism."

"Ha ha..."

"Even if women let in, up to about five. I'd like you to avoid anyone who says or acts as aggressively as possible or has a tough personality. The overall number of people is good. I'd like to ask for up to twenty people. Can I?

"Include it in your recruitment policy."

The Dean of the College can't even get away with it because he is in a position to say he can't do it while he has his head on the content that is likely to lead to new rights. The weakness of the Sakuri taught macro is also not particularly pleasant or manageable because there are no matters that seem to be available.

"Later, it's a date..."

"Right. Three days is too short, considering recruiting students and setting up venues. Or two or three weeks, for your convenience, because it's tough. So how about I set it up in a week from today?

"Well, I don't know, it feels like it all the time from this convenience, but is that okay?

"There will be no more problems because the number of recruits is low and because of the content, the target audience will automatically be limited to people who are studying advanced alchemy and pharmacy"

"Here, so."

The director of the college successfully determines the planned content of the lecture and draws strength from the whole body. Although there will remain a slight dissatisfaction with the small number of people, it will be sufficient for the reform of the College's consciousness.

"In the meantime, I'll make the materials early. So would you like to give me the materials in advance when the students decide?

"Yes, I understand."

Hiroshi tells me, the director of the college nods with ease. Preliminary materials for the study prepared the next day would have enough impact on existing research, which would be quite a fuss among the professors' union that saw it, but it was a circumstance that was not known to Hiroshi.

"I don't have to lecture you in a week."

After dinner that night, I was in the Japanese-style room. There is a subtle silence in the words spoken by the Macho.

"... Well, as for the college, it's just time to cut into the main circle..."

"... and it's crushing me blatantly..."

Spring vegetables and Tatsuya divulge the same sentiments as Hiroshi told the College Director. Honestly, I won't be crushed by this level of crap now, but if I badly respond properly and thoroughly humiliate you, it's going to be a pain in the ass that this one could be a villain.

"What, a week from now, wasn't it your birthday?

"Oh, no. I forgot."

"Something's about to go away, okay?

"Well, I'll do whatever I get as a birthday present, and I'll do my best."

In reply to Hiroshi, sighing spring vegetables and Mio. True harp was also crushed on the day due to timing issues, but for that matter the celebration at the high store and the date shifted backwards to the real party, where some follow-up was possible. but this time it is difficult to celebrate the front because the preparation of the lecture is involved, and even if you shift it back, it can be busier after the lecture, so you can't even shift it back in a detour.

A birthday party is a good place for a most recent holiday when it's off. With exceptions such as destination restaurant birthday courses, they usually don't take as wide as two or three weeks before or after.

"Whatever you do, you won't be able to move away for a little while because you'll be getting ready to actually use the material in your lecture."

"Right. Well, it's time for me to sort out and analyze the copied materials until then, as the birthday relationship is judged by looking at the situation. I'm still untouched by the divine beast, but I still have quite a few guests, and the forbidden library probably looks like we should all dive in, so I don't have to touch the detour alone."

"Let it go. I'm sorry I stopped you..."

"Don't worry about it. I originally planned to do all the research in the library on my own, and from the amount of material I put in, it was just the right time to sort it out."

In addition to plain and authentic work, there are not more things that can be reported without organizing, so little progress can be shared, but Tatsuya's investigation is well under way.

"I just don't have any forbidden library material, so don't expect much content, okay? I'm only going to look into it that way, because it's only a guide."


Makoto strongly affirms Tatsuya's annotation. Weird way to put it, guest teasing from an unknown continent is only part of that investigation, looking for ways to return to the original world. Therefore, there is no need for such a neat dossier from the beginning.

"I'll be finishing the course just by the time Hiroshi lectures."

"Speaking of which, right? Like what?"

"The efficiency of magic swords and attribute swords is quite different before and after learning from boulders. I felt it wasn't working because I didn't have the time to take it, but the magic mastery works surprisingly well."

"Yeah. Well, having it doesn't affect stamina consumption, and since magic swords and attribute swords don't originally consume magic as heavily as I do, unless you're the type to hit magic swords and attribute swords in a row, it doesn't make that much difference if you don't take it. If it's a magic sword or an attribute sword, it grows slowly, and in its beginners, the correction for power is small."

Spring vegetables annotate the confirmation of the true harp.

As Spring Vegetables annotated, Magic Mastery is not a skill so valuable when melee physics is the main person. For this reason, it is a skill that is not as laborious but difficult to acquire as the making mastery, where the mastery method is either apprenticing to NPC intermediate or higher wizards, learning at Loufeus College like a true harp, or cultivating the magic of all categories and attributes to proficiency max one at a time.

So abolition-type melee physics like true harp, most of them don't feel the need to bother mastering. Auxiliary magic becomes a necklace for those who perform magic, and because apprenticeships and learning at Loufeus College have a long detention time, and you have to actually study properly to break through poorly intentioned paper tests, you have a bad reputation for melee physics, which has a lot of brain muscles that you hate studying.

"Still, I haven't finished the exam and it feels like it's working, okay?

"Because whenever I'm better at manufacturing new genres, it's easier to do the genres that I used to do, so I guess I can think that part isn't the same as when I was playing games."

"If spring vegetables are the same, I guess so."

Makoto makes a convincing appearance on the Spring Vegetables report. As a matter of fact, spring vegetables noticed the feeling around them only after the blacksmith improved, so it's probably after building up all production skills that has a clear impact.

"It looks like the boat will be finished, and Spring Vegetables will be wearing the perfect making-mastery already."


"The boat should normally float in the water if it can do that, so it should take 50 proficiency. Hey, Mio?


Against spring vegetables, Hong and Mio press the heartbeat. Spring vegetables with a slightly more complicated face on a pressed heartbeat.

"What, you don't look comfortable?

"I'm not dissatisfied, but when I can do it, it feels like a clap."

"Well, I don't think that's what a mastery is all about."

While I am so embarrassed, I don't know the discontent of spring vegetables, Hiroshi. Making masteries is a plain result for what it takes to master them. It is desperate to acquire because the effects are immense and truthful in many ways, but the original plain production skills, even if raised to the bottom, are difficult to realise.

In the first place, the mastery system, including basic attacks, is just a skill that represents how well the foundation is built. Although it affects a wide range, its effects are only bottom-up. Due to its plain nature, there are not many people who have not grown up with the backrest of what they do not despise.

In this case, the inability to confirm on the status screen in addition to its plain nature would also be the reason why spring vegetables clap out. There's no sense of accomplishment.

"In the meantime, if you want to make spring vegetables from here on out, yes. Making Mastery is a fast-growing skill, so if you take it, you can do it right away."


Whatever it was, it came out with a big ink. Now you should just put your back in for a while and immerse yourself in making underwear that was your original purpose. I can't seem to get underwear in a spirit cloth by the time I get home, but for now I should be able to manage to make one made of spider silk that feels good on my skin.

"So, what's it like to be a little bit out on Lime in an offensive way to change whether we're going back to talking about it?

"More than the privileged class, that seems to be more of a servant or something, but a member of our family. The professor feels that the biology professor is hostile to Lime or the Azma Workshop."

"Oh well. I heard there was something about granting magic that would turn the theory upside down, so I thought your professor was turning to the enemy..."

"The magic of granting seemed rather delightful. Because until now, there have been quite a few people who have felt uncomfortable, including the professor himself, but I don't know where that discomfort is and I haven't been able to prove it to refute the theory. Rather, was there anything wrong with Fam and Lyme every time? They're stuck."

When I hear that story, Hiroshi looks surprised. With as much manpower as Loufeus College, it should be as easy as discovering such a preliminary inconsistency.

"You must have been uncomfortable with the professor himself, but you wanted to find out."

"I think I checked it out. Catalysts and subjects in any combination you can think of."

"I don't know. It's a weird story."

"The Enchant failed Rikoki, saying the ingredients weren't used much in Lauren. Besides, it seemed to be a blind spot because the applications were just consumables and I didn't bother to make them more durable with enchants"

"I see. Really, it almost certainly fails, so I can finally prove what's wrong, all the time."

Sounds like it.

A macro convinced by the explanation of the true harp. Sure, it's not normal to apply an enchant that increases strength to materials that aren't used much, which are also only used for consumables. It's natural to be blind spots.

Blind spots like this are hard for even scholars to notice. Moreover, in the case of grant magic, the combination of subject, catalyst and grant is enormous, and some arms do not work. It's just a job to see which ones are properly verified.

As for the other genres, there are probably as many of these issues rolling around.

"You said that since math beginners are about a year old in middle school, and magic beginners are really early beginners, it's more like Lyme's questions are easy to connect to supplementary explanations. History isn't that familiar, so he hasn't asked that many questions, except for the simple question, which is pretty troublesome."

"Oh well. Yet it seems strange that hostile factions are formed."


"And given the genre of the course that Lime's making me take, I don't feel like I'm doing any damage to this blatantly crushing place."

Analyzing the situation brings up a strange story.

With regard to the course that I am currently taking, there are three subjects in which Limes have been fatally injured by skipping questions: Grant Magic, Biology, and History. In the meantime, history was a question of the type involved in the forbidden library, so there was no particular problem because the exact history was not conveyed and it was also used among scholars. There are other sesame answers and hard questions flying by, so I don't know if I want to shake them to another professor if I can, or if I'm so repentant as to crush them.

As mentioned earlier, Grant Magic has no reason to bother crushing the Azma Workshop because it rather seeks questions that would be fatal, and it is a difficult impression for a biology professor alone to rough things up to this point.

"It's even stranger. Professor Flute's story is that most of the opposing factions are made up of professors who are not directly involved."

"It's a really weird story."

Lectures include Professor Olster, who is responsible for one of the alchemy beginners, and Professor Lester, who is responsible for one of the pharmacy beginners, who reigns as the head of the opposing faction. Neither, at this stage, has personnel come out of the Azma Workshop due to the convenience of the schedule. Therefore, Spring Vegetables and Makoto do not know why they reign in the opposing faction.

Most importantly, Tatsuya is somehow guessing the situation behind the fact that she just didn't pin it on Spring Vegetables and Makoto. Tatsuya's theory is that the majority of students take three or four courses on the same day, so some of the students who take the same classes as the Limes usually mix people who take alchemy and pharmacy beginners. That said, even though I'm guessing it, I feel weak as the reason why I bothered to crush it so far, and I won't say anything because it doesn't change where I told Spring Vegetables.

In short, a student who took a lesson in Granted Magic Elementary is hitting the professor in charge with the questions that Fam and Lime bumped into during these two lectures. Moreover, there are quite a few students taking courses of the same content for which different professors are responsible for comparing class levels. From such uplifting students, the strangely advanced questions that members of the Azma Workshop fly will be a test of how to dress looking for a professor to apprentice.

As a result, people whose research to date and other forms of denial are blatantly crushing the Azma Workshop. About half of it is due to pointless pride, but the other half is due to a sense of crisis as an academic because it is becoming possible to unconditionally accept the content brought in by the Azma Workshop of unknown origin, regardless of whether his research will be wasted or not. Around that time, it would be a pain in the ass not to deny their humanity in general.

"Well, I don't know exactly what kind of thing they're going to put on, but it's nothing. It's not a big deal where it's argued, okay?

"That's right. In the first place, even the general theory analyzed the rules of thumb and experimental results, and then twisted that theory. With the exception that reproducibility is not secured, the basics are that the phenomenon that's actually happening comes above theory, so it doesn't make much sense to argue with you."

"Why the premise to be debated?

Hiroshi asks Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables whether they are debated or not, with an uninterrupted face.

"No. You know, most of these academic school professors are reasoned professionals to argue with, right? You're not the same genre as Hiroshi, the craftsman, so you should think you can't win."

"Yes, yes. Besides, it's a pretty nasty decision whether or not it's been disputed. It's a common story that even if it doesn't look like it's been disputed from the side, it's been disputed."

In this way, I am convinced that Hiroshi is satisfied with the answers to the objectionable and spicy spring vegetables and Tatsuya. In the first place, it is the professor's job to muscle and spill students. There is no reason for a macro who only does the tutor-level thing to beat those who are accustomed to attacking a little inconsistency and uncertainty to the point.

"Nevertheless, I think every time I take a class in college,"

After being thrilled with the response after one was debated, Zhenqin mouths where he thinks he is to change the story.

"I go through the erasure method, but if I were, Mio should go to school at my age, right?

"Well, yeah."

With that one word, I perceive what Zhenqin is trying to say and pay attention to Mio together. In the wake of that air, True Harp continues his words.

"How's school, Mio?

"I want to go if I can, but I don't like Loufeus College"


"Oh that kind of academic school, I don't want to touch it yet"

To Mio's proclamation, I accidentally joined Fuku. Surely, the school Mio would want to attend is not the number one tingling thing in academia, but a school that feels like it's singing youth, like the same age getting together and doing wierd during the holidays. There are quite a few things like that in some of the lectures I get, but it's also a pain in the ass to look for them.

After this, this day was made even more exciting with what a good school would be like if it were here.

"Doctor, if you do it to Rirondori, how can the line be weird?"

The next day, Lyme, who was attending a lecture on grant magic with Fam, was launching a questioning attack based on the results of an experiment in the workshop with Professor Emile in charge by way of example. Since it is no longer the norm, there are still a significant number of students who do not plan to take lectures after this.

"Hmm. I'm sorry, but could you put it into practice?


The professor urged me to show it to Lyme in practice. Fam's skill will be intermediate by Loufeus College standards, so Lime will do the trick in this case.

"This is the place. This is crazy."

"Well, I see. Indeed..."

Look at the conduction line that Lime showed, professor who accidentally roars. Not to mention there's no problem, but it's definitely a little different from the theory.

"Unfortunately, I've been doing this for a long time. It's my first look, but what did the workshop owner say?

Professor confirms to Pham, not Lyme, the views of the two masters, Hiroshi. It's not that I don't think Lime understands it, but because Fam can better explain these kinds of questions. The reason is simple, it's a matter of vocabulary.

"The quality of the material and catalyst is amplified and out," he said. If you do what the theoretical formula says, some combination and quality may cause disturbance. "

"I see. Because Loufeus College uses as few quality braces as possible, the phenomenon didn't occur without an external disturbance factor coming in"

"He said he couldn't be sure that his parents were right either..."

"Examining it is called academia."

Let me give a strong affirmation to Fam's supplement, Professor. Thanks to Fam and Lyme, various blind spots have been found and there seems to be more to study and much more to be done, which is very lively compared to when they first took the lecture. Some studies have helped break the stalemate, and they say that life is just as fun as it is in full season, even though I'm already old.

"What else?

"You know, you know. You're an enchant who used Merrill Dot's leaves for a long time, and the way they do it is with me, but when Lime does it, it works better the other way, not the other way. I wonder why?

"How do you do that?


Lime to apply an automatic restoration enchant to the feather pen that was on the teaching table at the request of the professor. The automatic repair is simply because it is the least touching of the enchants that use Merrill Dot leaves as a catalyst.

"Let me get around here like this, and it's easy to connect like this from here on out. Why?"

"Hmm. Sure it's not efficient, but is it thicker and firmer to let the line bypass like this?"

"My parents said that if I could get through, I'd be stronger every day."

"The description of the workshop owner is correct because if the line stretches, there will really be more L.A. but if you want to make sure you succeed, it's not a mistake to do it in an easy way to connect.... Right. Will future elementary courses also teach you how to connect lines on this route?"

A professor who sees how Lime did it originally and decides it that way. Enchants, even elementary ones, require very delicate magic control. Therefore, methods that are as successful as ways to increase effectiveness are also being studied in a focused manner.

It's easy to do and show for you, but Enchant is not as easy as being able to make practical products at the age of fam and lime. Thinking about the amount of magic required at one time or even the stamina used to control it, you can see how strange the youngest sisters in the Azma Workshop are.

"That's right. The workshop owner is going to give a special lecture next time, but before I do, could you please give a light lecture to me, the professor of magic, etc.?

"I wonder if you would like me to negotiate that with him through the Dean of the College. We're only disciples and employees, so we don't pinch our parents' actions."

"Well, that's too bad"

"Oh, but he said he was going to give you the pre-handouts, so if you use that as a basis..."

The professor's face changes to the word pre-handout spoken by Fam.

"Is that true?

"Ugh, yeah. He said he'd finish it by tomorrow..."

"Right. Speaking of which, I wonder what scope you have heard the subject of the special lecture is?

"Alchemy and Pharmaceutical-based, six-level items are stable and likely to reach level five," he said.

"For example, will you be the only student studying advanced alchemy or pharmacy? In terms of number of people, at most thirty."

Fam who hears the number the professor has started out with and finds it surprisingly low. All members of the Azma Workshop can also create grade six potions and boost items if they close their eyes to success. It's only a matter of time before you become a hundred percent successful, given that you understand where you might be stumped, even if you can challenge one ten times.

Approximately six months after the fams were hired by the Azma Workshop to reach that area. The period of direct instruction from Mio, a master and sister disciple, is probably less than four months in total. Because even to that extent we can reach the realm of today, it would be odd if students at Loufeus College who are dedicated to their studies do not have a higher average level. At least, that seems like it to Fam.

Fam hasn't noticed. Normally, students, even professors, don't make tons of pills or use enchants every day. For if we have no magic in all that work, we cannot secure so much material. How advantageous would it be to manufacture large quantities of medicines and items with a stable and creatable line of limits from day to day in sharpening your skill? It doesn't seem to be perfect for Fam after all.

"Hmm, you look unexpected, but anything strange?

"It's the best college in the world, so I thought if I was an advanced student, I'd be able to afford grade five."

"I bought too much of that for boulders. In the first place, it's not entirely possible for Loufeus College to realize an environment where materials are lubricated and there's no problem with failure, is it?

"Huh? Well, I understand that we're a lot special."

Professor with a bitter smile at the fam who obviously doesn't understand. Given the number of people studying pharmaceuticals and alchemy at Loufeus College, you can make more and more because you can fail like an Azma Workshop, and there's no way you can train with what a policy is. The fact that the Azma Workshop is making it possible is more effective than all of us can collect it ourselves.

"Ask your parents or the Dean of the Academy for more information as you put it aside. I've only heard an overview of special lectures, and we're out of scope in the first place."

Fam changes the subject when he realizes that Lime is starting to get bored because of a missed conversation. To be clear, for a fam in a position to be taught directly from a macro, I don't care what the special lecture is about.

"Let's experiment with what we have today, and we'll sort out the questions again by next time."

"Oh. I'd appreciate it if you would"

Professor nodding at the words of Fam. Fam and Lime, who are professors and godchildren on the one hand, but are essentially no different from co-researchers. I find strange strength in its existence.

"Then you're going home with this today. Lime."

"Ha ha. Goodbye, Doctor."

"Oh. Take care and go home."

A professor who tries to send out a set word as he narrows his eyes to Fam and Lime, who bow one head and greet him home. Usually the two of us go back to the workshop like this...

"Hirohiko, I'm leaving."


"Huh? Running errands for the professor?

"Ki Woo!

While Fam and the others were talking to the professor, Hirohito, who had decided not to disturb me in the rear, rarely flew slowly to the professor. Apparently, he was waiting for the story to come to a paragraph.


As you land on the table, gently snub your own wings with a beak and pull out a feather that feels very different from the hairline. Apparently, it was falling out for growth, and I can't make a sound like I was forced to pull it out.

There is no point in questioning why you can still fly with feathers that are not very different from those produced. Because a creature called the Divine Beast, so to speak, is the same mysterious biological classification as Octogal, which always runs in the direction of the day after tomorrow from the apparent ecosystem.


Place the plumage removed in front of the professor, and when it rings, it returns to the head of the lime. Professor confused by the way it is. Unfortunately, like Fam and Lime, I don't seem to understand what Hirohiko is trying to say. Rather, it is more strange why the members of the Azma Workshop understand so much detail.

He said, "Give the professor his wings."

"Hmm? Sure, Hirohiko. I remember you were a toddler of the Divine Beast, but isn't that blade something plain?

"I'm not sure about the overall value, but I'm pretty sure it's a catalyst you can't use if you suck at it. Though it's a bit extreme and tends to split too clearly between those who can and those who can't."

"Lyme is usually practicing with this."

"It's..., again..."

Professor to be stunned by Fam's commentary. An amateur's unusable catalyst is a complete substitute for previous common sense. The boulder fam also understands how outrageous it is as a catalyst, and suddenly he has a jitsu eye on Hirohiko, who gave it to him unconstitutionally, but the one of his own is groaning over Lime's head without my involvement.

In fact, the catalyst of the enchant does not wear off in the work of the enchant itself just because it is called a catalyst. Because it is only about connecting the line between what you want to enchant and the operator, aiding it and facilitating the reaction. Thus, in theory, permanent enchantment is possible even without a catalyst, and there are several historical figures who have been told the legend that they did it without a catalyst.

So why does Enchanting drain the catalyst? The reason is simple, because the great magic that occurs like a penetrating current when connecting a line causes damage to the catalyst. Granting magic skills includes not only the effect of the enchant and the path when connecting the lines, but also how to reduce this penetrating magic.

So when a macro does it, it basically doesn't drain the catalyst. However, even if it is not worn out in the enchantment work, the amount of catalyst or liquid catalyst that cannot be used without being powdered is really reduced due to scattering and evaporation during the work. Moreover, because there are many materials that can be used as catalysts for some reason, no matter how big they are, they do not wear out, but once you have a catalyst, you can infinitely enchant them.

"Awesome stuff is awesome stuff, but I don't think you have to worry about it because it's just hair loss for Hirohiro himself"


"Oh well. Well, let's just let them use it."

He agreed to follow Fam. Hirohiko's chirping. A belly-up professor listens to it and decides to accept this abrupt gift.

"Well, it's time to go home."

Goodbye, Doctor.

"Oh. You're going home careful, really."

Gaze gathered in fam and lime in a series of interactions. A fam and lime who ignore exactly the gaze mixed with different emotions, including hateful things and things packed with desire, things they seem to envy, things they just say are cute regardless of new facts, etc., and go home full of energy.

A professor who looks worried about that appearance. I felt totally worried about my grandson, Grandpa.

"... this is...,... again..."

Two days after the special lecture of the Horn was decided. About twenty A3 forms of material submitted by Horn as pre-handouts caused a severe earthquake to Loufeus College.

"... if this content is true, half of the research so far will be overshadowed from the ground up..."

One of the alchemy professors whines in a dry voice as he glances through the material. Since there are 20 sheets of A3 paper, the contents are considerably narrowed down from the macro. Even its contents contain things that some professors can wreck.

"… First, we need to verify that this content is correct."

"… but with our hand-held equipment and materials it is impossible to verify everything perfectly by the time of the lecture"

Carefully, the opposition-leading combination of Professor Olster and Professor Lester squeezing out words as they groan, staring at the material described up to what is necessary to confirm the theory. In the first place, a number of things assume that a difficult to handle aging accelerator is required. At this point, it becomes unclear whether the theory is wrong or whether the treatment of the aging accelerator has failed. Because the number of attempts will inevitably increase if the investigation is carried out, it is more likely that the verification will not be completed in a few days or so.

Like other top conversions of materials, it is headache that Loufeus College also contains truncated content as an empty theory on the desk. Perhaps to some extent it would be possible if we did what it says, but until now it has been the aesthetic treatment on the desk. It doesn't take a year or two to validate and train researchers as new research items.

There is nothing that can be verified in less than five days, far too far from the technology previously held by Loufeus College. Unfortunately, all they can do now is follow the pre-handouts and see what they can confirm.

"... Hmm, let's say we reach out to one saving hand"

"The hand of salvation, is it?

"Yes. The granting relationship described in the second half of the third to the first half of the fifth sheet has, fortunately, already been somewhat verified. After the lecture, Fam, it seems to have been quite helpful to experiment with you guys."

"Is it true?

"I won't lie in this situation. The association that has been sporadically described since then is where I am currently experimenting as a research theme in my lab. However, we don't have as many people in our lab who are good at pharmacy and alchemy, so we have to sit back and touch it as a long-term theme."

A professor of granting witchcraft, who has the fam's, really reaches out for salvation.

"I appreciate that there is something that has been verified, albeit partially. However, this dossier seems to describe what Professor Emile is currently experimenting with as a fact…"

"Even if that proves true in this special lecture, it makes sense for me to study it. At any rate, his workshop owner is only an artisan. You don't seem very interested when it comes to fine theory. Therefore, studying and supporting the theory in this college will also be necessary to assist the Azma Workshop that brought this information, and in doing so, we will repay you in any way."

Other professors who were whimpering a lot on the spot will be silenced by Professor Emile, who will speak peacefully about what is to come. In the end, whether we deny it or affirm it, we have to verify it ourselves.

I guess Professor Emile is positive about the Azma Workshop simply because it has been verified to some extent and is factually certified. And since he has a long background as a researcher, even though he is certified in fact only in his area of expertise, it seems likely that other contents will follow this course, with exceptions.

"Hmm...... In the end, we just have to sit back..."

"You're going to deny what's actually happening, so it's going to be the muscle to prepare a proper basis."

Professor Olster laughs bitterly at Professor Emile's words. I don't deny that he's rebelling against the Azma Workshop based on his vested interests, but he still hasn't stopped being an academic either. Turn your stomach and dare to ride Professor Emile's provocation.

"Right. Now, let's reveal the seeds they show us."

"I hope so"

Professor Emile laughs and provokes at Professor Olster's mundane attitude. The reform of the College of Loufeus began to take its final steps by means of a dramatic drug called Hiroshi.