"Finally, we can have a birthday party."

Two days after returning from the island. Immediately after breakfast, Spring Vegetables declared with a slightly more temperamental face.

I don't mean to force you to celebrate your birthday, but yeah, no.

"As I said before, Hiroshi, your position is no longer acceptable, is it?

Spring vegetables proclaim in a temperament to a subtle and troublesome audience. Although it is obvious from the look on the face of spring vegetables that the standpoint is a pretext.

"So, when did it end up?

"The day after tomorrow. I contacted you via Octogall yesterday that I was done with my work, and Octogall told me that I had decided to do so."

"Rapid, huh?

"That's what I thought, too, but it seemed like a conclusion that it should be as steep as possible because it's a lot of noise if you shift it too far back. Looks like there's a lot of other things going on here."


Hiroshi is accidentally convinced by the explanation of spring vegetables. Though personal, it's a party where the kings of the three western powers gather. No one will trust you to say that you have nothing to do with politics, and even if you did, the value of being able to participate in the personal gatherings of the Kings is not shaken by fine dust.

To avoid bringing in the extra elements to say so on the birthday of the Macho, only keep the existence of the party down to the brink after making the dates as cynical as possible.

Even if we don't celebrate that much, the person being celebrated is frightened, but the value of the Azma Workshop has already reached that point. This much needs to be done as a restraint in order not to make the field do anything extra.

Regardless, the three kings and Rayots definitely want to celebrate the Birthday of the Honor. However, there are troublesome elements attached to that, and the political problems stick together even if the kings don't celebrate. Then it would be the greatest gift as kings of the great powers to close their eyes to the main fall of taking care of the person to be celebrated and show clearly inside and out that they will come out if they give us an extra little. That's what the kings decided.

"So, Mr. Spring Vegetables shouldn't?

"Yeah, I'm fine. The preparation itself will only ensure that you procure more ingredients the day before or on the same day, and the location is Ursus' workshop, so there's no problem at any time."

"I don't know. If you do that, yes, I do."

Listen to Spring Vegetables reply and let them convince you for now. I had shown an attitude that I had never cared about before, but I didn't like the party or dress it up, I just didn't like the burden on the Spring Vegetables. I think it's a bit of a pain in the ass to have a relationship with a royal state, but I'm usually happy to have it celebrated for my birthday.

"And after this incident, after we've recovered the bodies of everyone who's disappeared and ID 'd them, and the survivors are back in shape to some extent, so they're buried tomorrow."

"What about us?

"This time, he wants only those whose bodies died directly. So we end up delivering flowers in advance."

"I see. Well, I'd buy a funeral for someone who died in a massive disaster if someone pushed him to the point where he volunteered to help cook it out."

"I guess that's what you're saying."

A bizarrely convincing look at the additional information on the example case brought from Spring Vegetables.

"Well, that's what I'm saying, so I'm going to buy and plant a little bit, and I'm going to start what I can."

"I'll take care of that. This time with your hands, Kinya Candlestick."

"If the person to be celebrated gets his hands on it, it's ruined in many ways, so give it up this time"

"I know what you mean."

Spring vegetables stabbed me with a nail, and I grinned bitterly and nodded one big time. At best, it would be acceptable to do so to the extent that the ingredients obtained from fishing and so on are sneaked into the reservoir.

"Well, I'm totally ready for tomorrow, and I'm gonna get a new fishing rod and I'm gonna go fishing."

"That's good, but what are you going to make with a new fishing rod?

"It feels good to make two fishing rods and a knife, subtly extra muon steel."

"Hey wait here..."

Tatsuya suddenly and unexpectedly puts an instant penetration into Hiroshi, who suddenly mentioned that he had run.

"Yeah, no. Fishing line becomes a spiritual yarn, which has just begun. This way, fishing rod is a problem with about this kind of spec?

"In other words, if you combine the ingredients used for those two, you can make about one decent knife or something..."

"The rest of the ingredients are a little subtle when it comes to knife striking, and even if I make daggers, I don't use only Mio, because it feels like it's time to make a new knife. Yes, I did."

To Hiroshi's reply, Tatsuya worried about where to go from. Shinji pinches his mouth where Tatsuya's penetration is interrupted.

"Hey, Macro."


"I'm not opposed to knife new, but maybe you didn't make a new one at Orihalcon before?

"Well, you made it, didn't you?

"Then why..."

I was just trying to make sure I was making a new knife out of Orihalcon and yet see why I was trying to make a new knife out of even more superior materials, and something hooks up in the true harp. Spring vegetables give the answer before confirming it.

"Oh, I've been cooking a little more strong monsters lately, so my knife is draining heavily. I take care of it, but I can hardly get the sharpness back."

"What's that strong monster, Behemoth?

"Is the main thing around? Garvalenzia and so on, and the knife is quite damaged plain."

"Ah, I'm convinced."

For the declaration of spring vegetables, Makoto has convinced me sincerely. Even Honda is a monster who took the trouble to dismantle it. Even cooking would be tough without the right utensils.

"Well, that's why I'll make as much for demolition as I can."

"Yeah, please"

That brings the story together, and Tatsuya loses the timing of the penetration. Eventually, I realized that I had missed the pursuit of the fishing rod after the Macro had finished processing and went fishing.

"Damn, my liver's cold, though it sounds good because you're back safe."

"I'm really, really sorry"

"Well, I know the king wasn't involved, but I'm pretty sure he was a little overwhelmed by the boulders."

"Dar's and Faure's don't have to blame too much on the young man who's just been delegated real power? It's the path we took, and instead, for three years or so, it would be difficult to immediately investigate and stop the information you said. First, it was the Adventurers' Association, which was originally a separate organization rather than Lauren's, and the officials at the desk were stuck with their feathers and arbitrarily led the way. If the upper echelons of the association are unable to make a calm decision, they can quickly come up to the king with information."

"That being said, King Farlane. I came back because this is the workshop owner's house, but what would have happened otherwise"

"That's true, but the punishment for the association and the internal disposition of the association have been done, and if it's nothing like ours or this one, it's a lightly intervening organization, so why not pursue it any further?

After ten o'clock in Urs time. At the Azma Workshop Urs headquarters, talks between the four countries were secretly taking place, taking advantage of the gap between the absence of other than Hiroshi and Lela being chased to prep. The content, as you can see, is the hanging of King Lauren, who failed to stop the Adventurers Association from acting.

Most of all, the Queen and King Faure are the only ones hanging up, and King Farlane is turning to advocacy one way or the other. With regard to this one case, I am not directly involved, but there are a number of hateful mistakes myself, and I believe that I cannot blame King Lauren very much.

In particular, knowing that Hiroshi is using the oversized pomegranate of the demonic modification as a means of attack, but not assuming one thing about the possibility of other organizations making something similar is the extreme of hatred, biting into his own detours. Because the incident happened to take place in another country where Hongda stayed, it was possible to deal with it to a certain extent before a similar incident took place in her own country, but because of the awareness that she could not do anything to make it the other way around, she cannot attack as much as the Queen or King Faure.

"Indeed, it is a fact that the new king is immature. Due to the system of public royalty and the convenience of taking over, it will be sufficiently circumstantial that it is virtually this year that the new royal hall began to operate properly as a king. As a shortcoming of the Duke's system, I don't know that the back shield tends to weaken. But even if you think about it, can't the foundation be too weak?

"Hmm. It's true that a king is not an absolute power, but it's a different matter than not being able to control the bottom. Just because you're young, don't wait for the situation, okay?

The Queen and King Faure harshly reprimand King Lauren for his weak power base and intelligence skills as a senior position. They've both just gone beyond the more frivolous training grounds, and they're worried and careless about the unreliability of the young King Lauren.

Besides, the fact that Rayot, who is much younger and not a king when it comes to intelligence skills alone, has already been proven. Rayot, who masterfully uses display and trump cards like Lainey and the fate that is causing him to dive in everywhere, securing solid information from multiple muscles and imitating them in the interest of the nation in a fine and nasty manner accordingly, has already begun to have certain fears from all over the world.

It's not like there's such a difference between a weak power base or a rigid country, or King Rayot and Lauren. Yet the difference in abilities is so clear that it is also not clear that the Queen or King Faure would want to reprimand the young king harshly.

"Not at all. I'm sorry to hear that, but I still haven't even mastered the intelligence network that my predecessors built. On the contrary, it is about the head of the Chancellor and external organizations, such as people who give decent information. It's so pathetic, I'm even ashamed to call myself King. If we push this far, we can't even afford to be ashamed of the help of His Highness Rayot..."

"I don't think it's the word of a king. My concubine says," I'm going to be out of line, and perhaps you'll be aware, but as you are, Lord, someone will kill you. "

"Rather, you chose me wrong. If I were killed, the killer would be more right."

King Lauren takes a throwing attitude when he says he has practically done nothing yet except give orders to stop some of the runaway aristocrats. King Farlane enters arbitration by feeling the anger of the Queen and King Faure swell against King Lauren, who irresponsibly takes such an attitude, and decides that it is no longer for anyone in many ways.

"You should keep Dar's and Faure's that far. Lauren's, too, is just getting started, so I'm not impressed with you being so throwing."

"I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. But if you think about the national interest, it's harmless for me to continue to be king. If there is no restraint by law, give me something to give this neck back my throne..."

"Lauren's, don't say that too much."

King Farlane desperately embarrasses his oldest son, King Lauren, who is no different from Avin. I feel a lot caught up in King Lauren's attitude so far, but I'm too short of information to judge.

If this King Lauren were to be said to be competent or not, he would undoubtedly be incompetent at this stage. I am disqualified as a king at the point where I say such a cry to my king counterpart in another country. It would be a previous question of whether my men have mastery.

But behind the dialogue and atmosphere, King Farlane does not see this King Lauren as incompetent as he is in the present situation or in words and deeds. In the first place, it is a public royal system for playing incompetent or harmful kings. There is no point in carrying out a duke royal system if an incompetence is chosen as a king to do such a thing and make him feel persuasive about it.

The discomfort around here seems to be connected to the impeccable circumstances of a country called Lauren, but pursuing it is like putting together an oversized pome to explode downtown.

"I apologize to all of you, but in this one case, almost all of my real rights are gone. It destroyed one island, made numerous sacrifices to the Knights and civilians, and forcibly sent low-ranking adventurers to the crime scene with power. Those who obeyed even the slightest will now depart completely. No, before that, I can't complain whenever I'm executed, if it's up to Lauren's law."

"... Well, how about that?

"This is the result of the first time a king with no track record has wielded power. There is no excuse for actually wielding one form of power, etc. Now the fame of the fool king, who hastily expanded his damage, is immovable."

The Kings of the Three Kingdoms can't help but feel something dangerous in the words of King Lauren, who gave up something.

Sure, if you look only at the results, he's right. However, it is a type of incident in which the origination did not come back on schedule with one ship, which was all completed at the original site level and, if poorly done, would not raise the report of rough results with the King either. No matter who is at the top, the damage will remain little different until it is resolved.

In the first place, additional investigations have shown that the cult facilities found in the report have existed since previous generations if poorly done. Because of the incident at the facility, if we pursue the King's responsibility, we must also pursue the incompetence of our predecessors, who could not be discovered and dealt with before the reign.

Before that, in the first place, the subspecies of Pomegranate scattered abnormalities themselves, a substitute that could not be prevented without the drugs and tools to make a macro. If we don't move the Azma Workshop in the first place, just expanding the damage where how many personnel were sent in won't lead to any resolution.

"Lauren's. That case is no other HR for us either. In the first place, knowing that Hiroshi is going to do a lot of damage to Baldo opponents in our country using extra large pomegranates, he didn't even envisage the same imitation by the cults and other criminal organizations, so the rest of you can laugh at the Lord in this matter."

"But you would have asked Azma Workshop for help earlier, wouldn't you? Even if we were to capture the signs of the incident, information should have come up on hand from either route at the time the first investigation team went missing"

"Whatever the information, it will only make a difference about the light weight of the Knights' damage. After all, whoever did it would have destroyed one island. You'd admit Dar's and Faure's there, wouldn't you?

"Sure, you can't deny it."

"Mm-hmm. The idea that the ship didn't come back on schedule for a similar incident in Fore, and the degree of information alone doesn't make it possible to ask the Azma Workshop for help"

King Farlane told me, and both the Queen and King Faure honestly acknowledge that point.

"And, well, I can't let Lauren's be held accountable by herself because even people who are quite in power and have experience and proven track record make the same decision. From that point of view, we're going to support the Lord, so why don't we think about it sooner?

"I'm still not willing to hurt myself with the boulder. Even if he's about to be assassinated, he probably won't resist."

That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying.

To King Lauren, who is in danger until now, the three kings will even perceive the situation in the upper Lauren. Looking at him as a king, who talks to the peppers about things he should not have said to the king of another country, Lauren's government seems to be pretty dangerous, unlike the Loufeus College and the Commercial Guild, where the goal of reform has been.

"As for Lauren, she shouldn't have flaws in her predecessors, who were famous for being King Xian. Besides, I was chosen in the first place because it was convenient for all principals. You'd be good at pushing sin."

King Lauren's words almost affirm the situation in the upper Lauren now that the three Farlane kings anticipated. There is no doubt that the situation is much worse than the information the intelligence agents have picked up.

"At the very least, I wish I could be about stone thrown away..."

King Lauren keeps saying noisy things like accepting everything in a throwing tone. Its eyes no longer pass through despair and giving up, and it belongs to a kind of enlightened human being. I can see that everything is already better with my life, my fame and my authority, as I take it in my hands.

Congress stiffened by factional strife and the resultant runoff and confrontation between the extremist idealists. A schematic where King Lauren stops but no one listens, and all the damage that comes out of that habitual rampage is taken responsibility for being decided that he gave the order. That suddenly got worse from the purification of justice by cult picking, resulting in a huge amount of damage in this case by sending out additional personnel who were forced to pull off a macro even though no one had ordered it, perhaps not necessary.

If this pushes all responsibility, then whoever becomes king is the same. If you denigrate each of Lauren's reputations as a nation as a fool king, no matter how you fall, let's at least use your incompetence as a pretext to exert pressure from the outside, or try to provide information so that foreign countries don't suffer extra damage, is probably the throwing attitude at this meeting.

Keep the king who is supposed to be the supreme power up to this point, and push all the blame for what he did on his own without permission. I thought Lauren was not as prone to corruption as Farlane and Dar, but I have to change my perception.

"... ok. Apparently, under the circumstances, scolding him is a mystery."

"But I want to help you if I can, but I can't pinch my mouth directly when it comes to other countries. Unfortunately, you have to do something about Lauren yourself."

"Never mind. All you have to do is think about it so you don't get caught up in this stupid young creation. What, I have to give you my neck anyway, so at least let me take one or so of them on the road. Even if you don't worry about it, I think we can keep it from causing any major problems until the birthdays of the workshop owners and Lord Lime."

The three kings feel something dangerous about King Lauren's attitude, which he has spoken out of in a frantic manner, and decide to strike their hands as soon as possible. I can no longer say that I have fallen asleep because it is about another country, so I don't pinch my mouth. The problem with this hand will undoubtedly first fly to all the countries concerned.

"So, if that's the case, attending the workshop owner's birthday party seems like an obstacle, but what do we do?

"Because I'm incompetent anyway, they tell me to come straight to diplomacy. Besides, authority other than stamping the verdict is now frozen, so it doesn't change anything with me either way."

"Oh well..."

After that, we shelved what we wanted to talk about, and on the surface, we discussed how to celebrate the birthday of the Macro in a soothing manner.

"Clear, I'll give you a drink!

"Ki Woo!

A lakeside forest near Loufeus. Lyme, carrying a collection cage, was gaining momentum with her overhead hiccups.

The school seems to be undergoing some sort of restructuring or something as a result of the lecture by Hiroshi, and a good number of lectures have been suspended, mainly in granting magic and biology. Since it was originally about the history of short-term courses for incoming students that were not suspended in the lectures being given by Azma Workshop staff, and that was also separated in the last lecture, and the timing was Baton Touch for another lecturer, the holidays go into the acceptance period for freshmen several times a year.

As a result, they were all free, and it had been a long time since we had all come to collect them.

"Lime, Hirohiko. Don't go too far."

"The monsters around here haven't been able to grasp it properly yet. We need to take care of Gino and the others, so we want them collected as much as possible."

Terez and Nola gaze at the atrophied new Americans, embarrassing the lime that tempers tend to empty. The new Americans, who have had quite a bit of experience in the vicinity of Urs, are really freaked out when it comes to collecting in new lands.

To be honest, it would be Urus, but it would be Dar, but Loufeus, in the woods and meadows near the big cities, it doesn't come out that way, such as life-threatening, ferocious monsters. Before that, there are not that many creatures themselves that aggressively attack humans. Unless you accidentally irritate them when picking, etc., they usually don't eat counterattacks, to the extent that they heal quickly if you eat counterattacks or drink them in out-of-rate potions.

And yet it shrivels to that point, let's imagine how much the Ginos rookies have softened.

"And, Lime. Wouldn't it be the kind of material that would please our parents if we took it?

"That's not true!

To the negative word my sister told me, Lime rebels with all his strength and storms right into the smudge in front of me. Fam chases the lime, who starts running in one word of his own, in great haste. But such a fam feeling, Lyme, who had already found something, quickly digs back into the roots and collects a whole strain of some grass.

"This is an ingredient that can be used for third level potions!!

"Ki Woo!

Terez and Nola sigh small to Lime, who proclaims grandiose with his chest stretched. What Lime found was a rare variety of Selfa grass. It grows mixed with regular Selpha grass, the proportion of which is less than one share in a hundred shares, etc. There is little difference in appearance even with knowledge, so no special name is given.

"... suddenly a rare material or something..."

"... well, I expected it. I was..."

Lyme's rare discovery rate has increased even further since she began to act with Hiraki. No longer are you more right to say that you are attracting than you are discovering.

But no matter how rare the material, it's just grass without the right knowledge. Being able to discover it one after the other also means that Lime has acquired that much knowledge properly.

In fact, in her head is engraved most of the explanations she heard and the procedures she saw on the lap of a macro. Now is not enough magic, control ability, and stature to practice, but if we grow three more years, Lime wears something that can normally be made with some stability even in the fifth level, without failing about the sixth level in terms of training in magic control.

Though rare, it's not that hard for Lyme to find something that can be taken near a big city.

"It's okay. Collect more and more!

The lime, which has secured the rare material from the beginning, starts to lighten up even more. As it is, one rare material after another is discovered and collected to an extent that it is not depleted.

"… Nora and the others collect normal materials."

"Leave it to Lyme to be rare and we'll get together enough."

Terez and Nora leave the lime to Fam to collect valuable materials with tremendous momentum, and take regular materials with the guidance of the new Americans. Rare materials are basically no different from normal materials in terms of raising the arm of the collection, although they can be made above the material rank or improve the quality of properly ranked items. If you're going to train a rookie without arms, it's quicker to let him collect the very normal material until he falls.


"Is that a question?

Newcomers who came in to pick it up quickly. After a while I settle down and one crack of the poor aristocratic twins, my brother's project speaks out to Nola, who is terrified.

"What was it that Lime was picking just now?

"That's a rare species of Selva grass. The main use is grade six to five potions, but when mixed with premature Timberry and converted to the top in alchemy, it becomes a substance called Willow, used for grade three potion materials and others. Most importantly, Willots can be made in other combinations, so you don't have to stick to the rare species Selva grass. Instead, the difficulty is increased in vain, so it is normal for the materials in that hand to be made by reacting the appropriate materials."

In Nora's commentary, the project brings to mind a pseudo-tone that seems to be heard. From him, who still can't make decent out-of-rate potions, I guess lime, who can discover such advanced materials lightly, and Nora, who can normally explain the use, are too awesome to react.

"I'll be honest with you. The premature Timberry is still alive, and the rare species Selpha grass is still in the hands of Nola and the others. I can't even imagine when the Willots on it will be able to make items with it."

Nora honestly confesses her skill with a grin on the look on the face of the project. Nora, Terez, and Fam are actually around 90% successful even in the seventh level that the material yield is too bad on top of whether the success rate reaches half or not, so the footsteps continue without much arm up.

Most of all, it would be strange for a college professor or student to reach that rank in less than a year.

"In the meantime, if you do it seriously hard, you'll be able to make it as quickly as an out-of-rate potion. Gino hasn't been here a month."

"To do this, the first thing you need to do is work out the ingredients you use so you can collect them yourself"

Nora and Terez drink to newcomers who have been drained of their liver by lime for various degrees and have subtly moved poorly. Terez and the three of them had the same period. While I'm inert and doing this every day, my arm just went up this far at some point.

Making things is habit, guts, giving up and inertia.

"I've got a drink!

"Ki Woo!

As I gathered the materials I used a lot while coaching the new Americans for a while, Lime seemed happy to be back in good health. Over the head of the lime, I try to stretch the area that I think is the chest with the face of the doya.

"... so who uses this?

"I don't know! But if you have the material, you can spread it!

Terez and Nola shrug their shoulders like a shrug in the lime that showcases a pile of rare ingredients in cheerfulness. Sure, it's all used to make advanced items, but Spring Vegetables and Mio, anyway, are just not enough for Hongkong to use.

This is going to take a lot of work to use.

"So, what do the Ginos look like?

Leaving Therese and Nola alone in the lime, Fam confirms the current achievements to the new Americans. I have a certain sense of purpose, either because of my own origins or because I want newly-made juniors to wear arms that I can eat as quickly as possible.

"Uh, here's the thing"

Gino showing the contents of a cage prompted by fam and almost full. It contained many materials of the highest quality. It is indeed collected with careful work and the sorting is carried out perfectly. Three weeks ago, I never thought about sorting while collecting, so if I grow up, I will.

"You can pick a lot now, don't you?


"Yeah. You didn't even get this half day before."

Fam who sees the achievements of Gino and praises him so. In fact, working carefully and filling the cage with almost a full cup in two hours is quite a working speed. Today, the other newcomers are halfway through the cage together, and not many people, even those who are collecting with the fam and the others in Urus, can work carefully enough to maintain the finest quality and fill the cage in two hours.

It is ironic, though, that it is responsible for floating the position of the Gino.

"So it's time to get back to dinner, huh?

"My parents aren't fishing today, so they said they'd make it a prototype of the dish they're going to serve to their birthday party."

"Well, you're definitely in the mood."

Fam comments on the information brought to him by Nola, feeling half uneasy about expectations. For spring vegetables, this is one of the few opportunities to appeal to a man who can fall in love. Where I put in one or two tempers, it won't be enough at all.

The problem is you don't know what they'll eat as a result. Spring vegetable dishes are delicious in everything, but unfortunately she herself is a race that eats anything if the conditions are in place: she doesn't die - she doesn't get sick, she doesn't have an ethical refusal to eat, she doesn't suffer from eating.

That is what would encourage creative cuisine if there were no rejection of the human meat level, unless it was so unsavory that it could not be eaten and unless there was a problem in the poisonous and diseased sense of eating it, cockroaches, but spinach, which would be a diorgy cougar, but would be fine. Her skill and taste are trustworthy, so anything that comes out would definitely be delicious, but I'm afraid I can't predict what's in it for that matter.

Creatures with the creeps of deep sea life classes are also spared, but I would also like to ask for plenty of meat from isolated beings as creatures like Behemoth. Especially with regard to the latter, it is also difficult to develop a very luxurious concern that it is too delicious to eat anything else for a while.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to decide in many ways,"

"Being served something delicious and complaining is wrong. Even if it's Ibil Tiger or Hellhound or Behemoth or Manateur, it's not for Nora and the others to complain."

"So make sure everyone's ready."

Take over the words of Terez and Nola and encourage Fam to be ready for the new Americans. Lyme is prepared and nothing, and is thrilled no matter what comes out because the dietary standards are close to spring vegetables.

As such, the staff returned to the workshop with anticipation and anxiety.

"Well, here we go. Yeah."

At noon, when he sent out the Kings about an hour ago and saw the spring vegetables and Mio returning, who had been out to procure ingredients and other things, he had landed on an island near the centre of Lake Loudel, with a set of fishing gear he had created, with an entire diameter of about four kilometres almost flattened. Lunch is done before landing, in a submarine.

Lake Roudell is an area beyond the Caspian Sea, as we call it on Earth. Most of them are freshwater, rivers are flowing out of Lake Roudell around Roufeus, and if you have never said that your location is inland and that Daljan is a lake, it is likely that it was called the Roudell Sea, not Lake Roudell.

Naturally, there are countless islands on the lake, some of which are calling it a big city and building cities of unsupported size, and others, like the one on which the Hiroshi stands now, which for some reason is uninhabited, even though it is huge enough to cover an area.

Most importantly, there is a clear reason to become an uninhabited island when it comes to this island, chosen by Hiroshi as a fishing area, where there are strangely huge aquatic monsters in the surrounding waters that, depending on weather conditions, will completely submerge. It's hard to tell because I've been underwater on a submarine, but the flow of water near the surface surrounding the island is weird for me.

As a result, there were few boats passing through this area, which was an excellent point for unscrupulous fishing.

"Around here, it sounds like it's deep enough, and we'd rather fish at a distance from the shore."

Recall the submarine bathymeter and decide how to fish. We didn't dive that deep to find a good island, but there should be at least seven hundred meters or more, possibly over a thousand meters deep, to see figures such as Fish Explorer Radar.

It's still better because the land is superficial on the water, but it's almost a ninety degree cliff to a depth of at least three hundred meters below the water, which is deep enough to be unknown by all heavenly short-range fisherman radar from that point, so if it falls, there are signs that it's going to be difficult to crawl up.

"This is what the trick is, if you're after the big guy, the bait will do this."

The macro snaps as he removes the fat of the behemoth from his luggage and puts it on a needle that is more gigantic than a person's face. The aim today is the top species of the aquatic Lesser Dragon, known as Aquadrake, which is said to live under water at depths of more than a thousand metres. With a body of tens of meters in omnivores, that dragon is the finest goal for fishermen. The common sense that there is no way humans can catch such a big one with a pole is helpless before the reality that the game's strongest fishing idiot player (with his fishing skills kanst, but extra skills unmastered) actually caught it.

Because the target prey is prey, we have an amuon steel rod and a huge needle that strengthens to the limit, and the fishing line is deliberately crafted from specially processed spiritual yarn to make it stretchy and easy-going. Except that the yarn was not a spiritual yarn but a metal wire under one rank, which is exactly the same fishing gear that the fishing idiot used at the time.

The same thing naturally involved the dragon fishing team and helped build the fishing pole. It was more than a year ago that we formed a manufacturing team in the game, so even if we made it the same way, the performance is about 20% higher here.

"Well, go fight what you can catch!

A macro who assembles the trick and punches one in the face and tempers him when he finishes the set of bait. As it is, take a position to throw the needle in about ten meters from the water's edge,


Swing the fishing rod through as hard as you can. Together with its power, the tip of the rod stretches at once, and the bait falls into the lake about a hundred meters from the shore of the lake. The moment you enter the lake, the weight of the hammer increases all at once, and you sink your bait towards the bottom of the lake with tremendous momentum.

"Full plate mode, deploy or!

Deploy full plate mode where yarn length exceeds five hundred meters by sight to prepare for various things. The environment is the environment, the bait is the bait. It's no wonder what's eating up.

"It's time not to exceed a kilometre in yarn length"

depths that would probably be almost capped as lake depths. A macro that concentrates on the bare hands on the pole, wondering about the yarn that still stretches past it. Threads continue to grow in length, and the entire rod is affected so vividly that the expression is intense where its length exceeds three kilometers.

"Heavyweight! Spike Expand!

Secure the body so that it is not taken, roll up the thread as you step on it and repeat the loosening. Before the overwhelming power that is likely to be broken if even caught off guard by an amuon steel fishing rod, the macro continues to manipulate delicate threads in the tunnel.

The overwhelming power that would have ended with either a broken rod or a shoe spike if the macro hadn't enhanced durability with a simple enchant. If proficiency had grown to its fullest, and there had been no correction of fishing skills that had been enhanced by the advanced makingmastery, even the muscle strength of Kunihiro would have definitely taken the pole with him at the beginning. From that fact, it is definite that it is at least the biggest size of Aquadrake.

"Something like fishing on an island..."

The kind of hassle that I feel when working on civil engineering, I accidentally whine about such a thing. It will undoubtedly be the creatures that are caught in the fishing needle because of the intermittent and random application in all directions of the impact of trying to drag them into the waves. That contradictory feeling runs a little cold on my spine.

If you could see the status screen at this time, you would have quickly figured out what the hell you were trying to catch by mastering a certain skill. The skill must have given absolute certainty that it is gaining tremendous momentum in its current progression.

Unfortunately, however, this world is not a game and inevitably cannot see the status screen. As a result, the lost horse will continue to fish extensively.

"In the meantime, there's definitely no such thing as Aquadrake..."

I can't even decide to let go of the pole right now, and I don't feel like I can fish even if I keep doing this. I wave the rod in even delicate motion and keep manipulating the yarn while doing it for that reason.

A full-plate man hands the yarn as he moves the giant rod in place. If someone you don't know from that outside sees it, if you decide not to see it or do it poorly, it won't be strange to get rid of it as a suspicious person for about three hours. Where the Macro also began to wonder it was time to continue this battle with inertia, the movement of something the size of an island that was rampant with what seemed to be an inexhaustible strength suddenly began to show decay.

"What, you suddenly got weak..."

He wraps up the thread saying he can't wait to be resurrected again for now, whilst strangling his neck at the weakening of his bare hands. Even though it weighs a lot more than a coarse forest giant in places like weakening, it feels very different now.

"What a bad feeling..."

I can't stop having a bad feeling that the resistance completely stopped while I was winding it up, Macro. What I don't like is that the resistance has stopped altogether and the feeling that we may be fishing on the island has not disappeared. That's why even a turtle the size of an island caught it, and while you're thinking about it, the water surface starts to go wild like a tsunami.

"Even though there are still about fifty meters to go, is this noise? Seriously, what did you catch?

A macro that freaks out at the flashness of the situation on the rest of the water and slowly and delicately pulls up its prey by slowing down the winding speed more than ever before. Successfully pull some of the prey out to the surface while bathing waves all over your body for another two hours.

The prey pulled out was a giant snake with a dragon-like head, wondering if the area of his face alone would be more than 10,000 square meters.

"Why is this happening here..."

Unexpectedly blurry macro while removing the rod and spike and traveling to the centre of the island.

This size, this face, for sure. What I caught would be a creature called Leviathan. At the time of the game, existence was made clear with screenshots from the operation, but in the end it is a boss monster that remains unknown until now.

"Suddenly the resistance weakened..., oh, I see. Did you choke with a thread around your neck..."

A macro who sees a fishing line heavily tangled around his neck and concludes that way. Technically, the spiritual yarn's properties just made the circulation of magic and temper crazy and unconscious, but it won't be that problematic because it doesn't change much as a result.

"About 80 meters in diameter around the torso? The total length of the island is about four kilometers in diameter, between two and three thousand meters long."

An ambition that continues to observe strangely calmly creatures that are too silly and impossible to take fish exploration. This is the only story that uses God's castle skills to determine size.

Compared to Behemoth, the same God's grocery series that Honda has tailored, the operation made it clear that the size of the digits is different, but unexpectedly, during the game, the combat ability itself is significantly different from Behemoth.

Best of all, it's this size. Even if the set number is, the actual attack force will have a size correction. It would not even be a comparison of the correction value itself with the young, small behemoth for which Honda called the ingredients.

As a matter of fact, Behemoth is only at the top of his abilities in the depths of an unbroken special dungeon, and his size is about 2,000 meters long. He is a creature that can only be considered a mountain, so he can't go wrong with Leviathan's ability to fight.

"I'll still live for now, or I'll make it stop and scatter..."

A macro who observes Leviathan still moving tingly with his belly up and concludes so. In fact, when they breathe back and move out, they don't get shaky.

"I can't do it without a new knife for now..."

After fixing the stronghold with a rope of spiritual thread, of the two knives struck before coming, take out one of the blade knife types and extend it to about a meter across the blade with a mode change. The mode used to dismantle big guys like tuna, but to that extent, of course, instead of dismantling Leviathan, it's also impossible to stab a stop.

Eat that long knife around the area where Leviathan's carotid artery is located, and further change the mode around the area where about 80% of the blade was dived in, extending the blade length to 100 meters over. And


Run about fifty meters at full speed with the pattern and push the knife in as hard as you can, pulling the blade at once. In that one time, the feeling of severing the cervical vertebra is transmitted to the hand, and the neck is cut off by about 60%. Leviathan's tail is about to jump big once he regains consciousness in doing so, but he can't afford to care.

"One more!

Pushing the knife back in, running again and completely chopping off her neck, she returns the knife to its original length to distance herself and waits for the postmortem cramps to heal. No matter how perfectly fixed and unravelable it is, the size is the size. Simply cramping has enough energy for the whole island to shake.

For the record, I wouldn't be able to cut off Leviathan's head so lightly with a mere knife if it were normal. Because demolition skills are inherently only effective against the person who stabbed the stop properly.

However, demolition skills are effective against the living person only if the person with culinary skills possesses the fish caught. In that case, you can choose from a manual mode where you work manually all the way from one to ten when playing the game, and an auto mode where you simply stick out a knife for dismantling or a knife for cooking, like normal prey dismantling, and it breaks down completely into ingredients, but in the first place, the dismantling itself has to be all done by your own hands from one to ten, so manual mode has nothing to do with it.

If there was an auto mode, even this size Leviathan would stick out the knife and turn it all into material in about thirty seconds, but the reality isn't that sweet.

"In the meantime, open your torso next"

Apply the magic of draining blood to the chopped head and decide on the next step as you bleed into the bag that led to the super large tank because it is a corner. I should have also drained blood from the torso, but the size is too large, so I plan to open it before doing so.

Thus, after the unimaginable hassle of taking even a macro more than three hours, Leviathan was dismantled every rough block.

"Master, it's late"

"Really, what are you fishing for?

When the Horn was manipulating the dismantling of Leviathan. Spring vegetables and Mio were worried about Hiroshi, who never returned from fishing. When it's summer and the sun is already full, and Lime's bedtime is few hours away and he still hasn't come back, no matter how sturdy the horse is, he does one of his worries. I won't put it in my mouth, but Tatsuya and Makoto seem pretty concerned, too.

"Why don't you just get in touch?


Like the Spring Vegetables, they take the suggestion of Makoto, who is getting a little worried, and the Spring Vegetables invoke the Hong in the partychat mode of the Adventurer Card. If I was in the process of taking it in, I thought it would be bad if I interrupted it.


"Oh, Mr. Spring Vegetables? Sorry, I'm a little late to dismantle. '

"If you're safe, that's fine, but you're in trouble, what did you catch?

"Well, it's quicker to take a look at the warehouse."


Spring vegetables told by Hiroshi and checking the list of warehouses.


'Well, that's what I'm saying. It's almost two kilometers long, so we're only about half done dismantling it...'

Hongchi tells Spring Vegetables, who look at the list and cease to exist, how sorry he seems to be. Surely with this, it would also be natural to be late to return.

"... I caught it..."

"I caught it..."

Hoang replies bitterly to the words of Spring Vegetables finally squeezed out. The other members who were silently listening to those two conversations check the warehouse's list of storage items and complain in the same way.

Somehow there was a line in the list of "Leviathan's Blood: 30,000 Tons," "Leviathan's Egg: 10,000 Tons," "Leviathan's White Son: 10,000 Tons," and other things that made me want to scream so-so.

It should be noted that there is oddly little blood, because it is magnificently wasted in the midst of demolition. Leviathan's dismantling won't go on, either, as the bleeding that he bleeds is about to cause his body to bleed.

In the first place, just riding on the belly would be about the height of the roof of a skyscraper, so it would take a day to climb up without correcting your demolition skills. You can climb that height in five or six steps, so you have different demolition skills.

"I mean, you're in the warehouse a lot..."

"I'm glad we built more storerooms and warehouses for each hub, for real."

"Tens of thousands of tons in boulders..."

From the reflections that nearly devoured the free space during Behemoth, we have created a warehouse of considerable capacity with regard to the base of Stillen and the base of Loufeus, and have allowed the village of Ortem to create one large building as well. If we put them all together, we can barely afford to tailor around Behemoth for another one or so.

but if you don't know what you're going to end up with in the future, there are things that don't bother you about boulders. It is clear that Leviathan's fish meat cannot be consumed, which is why care should be taken about capacity.

"Honestly, I don't know if I want half a body or not, but I'm afraid to leave things alone."


"Well, that's why it's still going to take this one."

"Roger. Shall I go help?

"This is the only knife I can use to dismantle it, so if Spring Vegetables and the others wait for me, yes."

"Ah, well..."

Spring vegetables told by Hiroshi and he decides he has no choice but to wait. At that point, I notice something serious.

"Maybe if I hadn't made a knife..."

"Maybe you left him here to stab him too..."


Unexpectedly, the worst thing to say is spring vegetables. The faces of Tatsuya and Tatsuya are also attracted.

"Well, if you say so, take the rice or something."

"Copy that. I'll make something easy for you to eat, too."

"That'll help."

"Never mind. Just be careful, don't push it."

"I get it."

That said, the conversation is interrupted. I didn't even stop the demolition hand during the conversation, because of the list of warehouses with more contents and the noise during the conversation, everyone on this scene is guessing. That's why I told you not to force Spring Vegetables, but you probably wouldn't listen.

"Well, that's what I'm saying..."

"You should be angry, I don't know..."

"It seems true that this is an unexpected circumstance even from his own mouth..."

Tatsuya and Makoto come up with the expression that they talk to Spring Vegetables and have trouble judging them. As I went out of my way to make an amuon steel fishing pole and fishing needle, I'm pretty sure I was after a big man out of common sense from the start. But it would also be another undoubted fact that we do not expect this kind of thing to be caught in boulders.

Perhaps the prey I was after was Kraken or the discernible big guy around it, or even on top of that, the big guy in the water snake system per Aquadrake, which would have been so good that it wouldn't have reached fifty meters in total length. The water snake system is always the only way this guy would be extremely capable of fighting if he got out of the water, and the octopus system is actually a natural enemy of a combination of cooking skills and knives, so you didn't need to worry so much.

That's the end of this if you open the lid. I hope you were safe, but it would be natural for you as a human being to give up and release it without trying to fish at the time it took you in the first place.

"Well, it's my birthday, and maybe this time?

"Brother Da, Sister Zhenqin. This is where I'm happy to be safe."

"... well, yeah. If you squeeze it up just because you didn't call me, are you happy that you're safe?"

"Right. At least we need to keep it tight so that we can contact you properly in the future."

Tatsuya and Makoto accept the opinions of Spring Vegetables and Mio and decide their policies. In the end, it was sometimes two hours later that the Horn returned, and it was to end with a mild sermon.