"... and we're in trouble."

"In the meantime, tell Honey when he gets back. Just in case, I've got some writing for you too."

"I understand."

Same time that Honda entered the forbidden library. Lainey was coming to tell me about an important thing in Lauren to Nora and the others who had left a message while working in the workshop.

"Later, His Highness contacted me. For about three days, don't answer Loufeus."

"You don't have to tell me. I know. If Lauren's great man caught me in the middle of nowhere and Nora and the others were treated like what they said in the workshop, it wouldn't have happened."

"We're just craftsmen, so if we're gonna get into politics, I want you to just be in charge, not at all."

"Where did we really step off the road that even mere sentiment could be used politically...?

Returns the blur of the Trinity to the words of Rayot told by Rainey.

"Whatever it is, the lecture will be off again for a while."

"Don't worry, the next day or so after Honey's lecture, the whole college's on summer vacation."

Rainey pokes at the fact that she has no body or lid against a fam that seems unfortunate anywhere. Fam, who had no connection to something called a long vacation, usually seemed to forget that fact.

"But yesterday I felt a little strange, but it was a miscalculation that I was coming up with that much,"

"I was concerned, too. So I was going to do a lot of things soon today, but they acted faster"

"... this is why cornered humans are troublesome..."

To Nora's blur, Rainey nods deeply and agrees without moving too much expression. Even though we have not made any wrong decisions, if we continue to be held responsible for the mischievous things of the people who ignored the orders, and if we are fully pursued to the detriment of what has already been going on since our predecessors, whoever gave the instructions, would not have been able to prevent it, then let us also abandon it.

Most importantly, it is not natural for the King to take responsibility for the incident on Dorte Island either way. The difference between whether the responsibility to be taken has allowed for an immediate response, or whether the analysis and evaluation of the information has accidentally increased the damage, because at a time when we were unable to move Hongda early, the expansion of the damage was definitive.

The problem is that even though some aspects of force majeure were not so big because they were the only ones, by then the king's retreat had virtually been decided, overlapping with the result that the rapists had done whatever they wanted to shield the judgment of the Legal Bureau.

If the Spring Vegetables hadn't stopped by, as in the example, to tear out the cult, the king would already have been executed by now for the crime of dictatorship by dictatorship. It is the same as it is now that a new election for the prince would not be established, but it is not difficult to imagine that, unlike the current situation, the throne would have been completely vacant and the country would have been in havoc and had all sorts of damage been done to the surrounding countries.

There is no immediate mayhem at the moment, as the new Director of the Rule of Law has stopped all counts of guilt and pursuit of responsibility against the current king, but if you still make a mistake, the country named Lauren will perish. How in places like Lauren's Known Country, the public's awareness is still low to make the transition to democracy by ordinary elections, and the world as a whole does not understand the concept of democracy.

"Honestly, I hope it doesn't matter too much..."

Understood that the current situation was critical at a global level, and Teles blurred with a reluctant face. Against that Terez, Lainey relentlessly chases him.

"As of now, it matters which way you fall. At least it's certain that a storm of solemnity will blow inside Lauren."

"I want you to spare me the bloody..."

"Perhaps almost certainly, the King's execution will be dismissed. It's just a subtle line between maintaining the kingdom and whether the king will be in place until the next candidate grows. At least, I think the Duke system itself has to change a lot"

"Can we just hope that we settle for a moment..."

"I, Your Majesty, and Your Highness will do all that I can to make that wish come true. But the situation is very delicate"

To the words of serious Terez, Lainey honestly tells him so. Therese's sincere wish, it will be the sincerity of all human beings who know what is going on this time and can do nothing while it is established that they will be affected.

"In the meantime, here's the story you can hold from me at this point. I'm going to investigate a lot of things, so I'll keep you posted on anything that might have something to do with you."

"I get it. We're going to dig in the Crest Cave mine for a while so we don't get involved."

"Mm-hmm. Roger. I'll keep His Highness informed."

Lainey nods small to Nola's plans. In the meantime, the problem at hand could be sent forward.

"... you want some candy?

Ji, the girl staring at herself as she said in her mouth all the time. Sasha told me she was a guardian. A troubled macro in her presence takes the candy balls out of the pochette with the idea that when it comes to children for now, candy.

"... candy?

"This guy. In the meantime, what I just pulled out was the taste of Micah and strawberries."

"... what kind of stuff?

"Sugar, fruit juice and other sweets boiled and hardened, all over the place. If you peel it off, the contents will look like this, and you can leave it in your mouth until it's gone."

"... candy balls?

"Saya. I don't know, I know. The red one's strawberry and the orange one's Micah, but which way?

Asked by the macro, the guardian reaches out to the red one for now. Look at that, a macro that puts the rest in his mouth.

"Master, because of this, can we have it too?

"If you like, yes, you do."

Mio begins to pick his own candy balls with subtle disappointment, against a macro who openly doesn't understand his maiden heart. A guardian who begins to lick candy balls, watching wonders about such a Mio.


"Well, candy."

"More complex flavors than I thought"

"Sometimes it's simply sweet."

"I've never used a taste before, so I can't express this feeling or feeling"

"Eat something, first time what?

A guardian nods in the face at the enquiry of the Macho. Given the history of more than two thousand years of the Great Library, there seems to be as much chance of eating something as there is, but it doesn't seem to be.

"People coming to the forbidden library, about three pairs a year. People who come to this area one of these days, around 10%. People in contact with this one, a handful of them. This character has a 30% chance of being non-combatant. As a result, is there an opportunity to get in touch in the first place with the terms on which the negotiations will be concluded?"

"I see. But what have you never been fed by the people who were able to make contact under the terms of that negotiation?

"Humans, I can't afford that much food. I know this one's not a creature. As a result, not a single person has ever offered groceries"

"You got all the typical scholarly idiots."

"I have no words to give back"

To Macro's comment, Sasha leaks a bitter laugh. It's a completely undeniable word, but there are limits to the food that can be held up as a real problem, and knowing that they don't have to eat it will not force them to even think about keeping the food warm at all.

"So, how many cases have been negotiated so far?

"In this area, three times in two thousand years. However, two of them disappeared in other areas, and none of them came to this area about five times after the negotiations were concluded."

"I see. I wish I had studied all the books here because I had successfully negotiated a corner."

"Unfortunately, there were few materials and books here that the two missing people were looking for. People who didn't disappear also recovered all the materials and information they needed on ten occasions."

"I can understand, but the thinness of it is scholarly."

and so on, a macro that begins to take out cookware. A guardian who looks surprised at the way it is. It is more expressive than Mio or Rainey. Pretty surprising, considering the name Guardian and the role he's been given.

"In the meantime, don't use fire. Yeah?

"Never mind."

"Here we go from the heirloom's treasure knife, curry bread"

Apparently, curiosity arose from previous stories of guardians. To feed her, she begins to fry some of the curry bread, American dogs and skewer cutlets she was serving at Farlane stalls.

"Oh, shall I make something too?

"Let it go. Baked Monkey, please."

Copy that.

Apparently, there was something nagging about the hong who started cooking, and Spring Vegetables quickly joined the battle. Not so long after breakfast, Tatsuya and Makoto accidentally swallow their noodles at the various smells that inspire their appetite to drift around. Out of the question, maybe this is the time when you get hungry.

"Curry bread, fried ~"

"I can't think of a dish that would go with curry bread, so I tried baking basic egg rolls first. The meat system will go through the fire in a few moments, so wait a little longer."

Macro and Spring Vegetables finishing the dishes one after the other, saying, etc. In an instant, a dish full of large plates is served before the guardian.

"Curry bread, spicy. But a little sweet? Egg grill, sweet. Sweetness different from curry bread and candy. American dog, red on the outside and applied is sweet. It has a flavour that cannot be described as moist inside."

"Damn, I want to eat...... But now I have lunch..."

"Maybe we can have lunch first..."

"Brother Da, Sister Zhenqin, I will put up with even candy."

"Oh, may I have one, too? I'm a little tough on boulders..."

Appetite rampant in one dish after another. Members who do not participate in dishes that mouth candy balls in order to deceive them.

"Why are we staring at dishes like this when we're here looking for books..."

"Brothers, it's better than fighting a guardian."

"No, it is..."

A guardian who eats the dishes that come out of one end and keeps stating thoughts that can't even be called thoughts. Tatsuya feels like she can't do anything to herself playing candy watching over it. Think about it, this would be the first time you've eaten this level of safekeeping since you were flown into this world.

"For now, Tatsuya"


"Why don't you explain to me that you're working on it again to change your mood? Eventually, when I was on the move, I was crushed by confirmation of plans and meetings."

"Oh, right. Well, let's start with the guys who are pretty much certain. Hiro and spring vegetables, just listen to me as I cook."

Copy that.

"Yeah. Explain, please"

Tatsuya started explaining what she knew at the moment based on the material that she had recapitulated after riding on Makoto's suggestion and confirming Hiroshi and Haruyaki's reply.

In summary, Tatsuya's explanation reads as follows:

First of all, the Japanese flew here from the game Fairy Tail Chronicle, saying that there were twenty people in all, including Honda, and six as a group. One of them is Honda, so there will be fifteen of them who have been flown in the past.

Of these, the trio that appeared in Farlane about a thousand and two hundred years ago and the quadruple that appeared in Lauren eight hundred years ago, and then one that appeared in Marcto about three hundred years ago, are almost certain of the time of appearance and what happened at the end. Together with Farlane and Marcto, the four returned after an extra bend, and on the contrary, Lauren's four apparently had full tenure with their possession.

Of the rest, the quartet, including the wizard abolitionist who showed up in Dazen, a small country sandwiched by Marcto and Waldis, six hundred years ago, has been interrupted by an unnatural record of what happened to frying phrases caught in all sorts of sudden stinks. At best, to the extent that some fairy tales suggest a slight story like that.

From there, about a hundred years later, the three of them flew to a country called Durancell, and after standing on the arrow of Waldis' razor and the monster's great offense, this one, on the contrary, is beautified by the unnatural to convey the end in many patterns. About a group whose material is frigid, both are stories that make people think a lot around a country called Waldis involved.

Four people in Dazen and three in Durancell should be checked in the forbidden book Fairy Tail Chronicle. In Alanwen's mouth, these seven people, who would not have had a busy end in how they were murdered or taken in as puppets, are eventually returning safely to Japan, but it is not enough to question Daljan unless we have ascertained what end they have achieved.

As important as it is, we need to check in the Prohibition that the details of how Farlane and Marcto's group returned are not recorded. Most importantly, they don't expect much from Tatsuya about this one. In any case, the founding years of the forbidden book Fairy Tail Chronicle were four hundred and fifty years ago. There is definitely no mention of one of the marctos who has been flown since then, and it is likely that the record before that is not that detailed, given that the reason given for the prohibition was also presumably due to the fact that the case of Dazen and Durancell was given too precisely.

"So for the hassle of it, we're just going to have to answer each other about a few things."

"Well, God over here is basically a strong habit, so if we don't do that, we can't move on, can we?

Makoto follows up with Shinji shrugging his shoulders in such a way that he talks about the fact that the harvest seems to be small for the sake of effort and danger. A guardian listening to the conversation suddenly pinches his mouth.

"Are you looking for this?

Suddenly I wonder if I've pinched my mouth, when will I ever show it over an old book? On the cover of that book is the title "Fairy Tail Chronicle" in the old language.

"... I don't know what I'm looking for all of a sudden. The shortcuts are terrible..."

Brother Da, I haven't decided yet that I can show you.

"That's right..."

Once the guardian is satisfied, the investigation begins, and so on. Mio gives a nail to Tatsuya's blur, which took the form of being exposed to water. More guardians continue to speak as they affirm Mio's words.

"I don't mind showing it. If there's anything else you want, I'll have everything in the area. However, there is one replacement condition"

Whatever we can do?

"I don't know if I can. At least, as far as the record goes, it never existed in this world"

"Suddenly the hurdles seem high, but you have something you want?

"I'd like to try a set of dishes, ramen and fried rice, dumplings that you're looking into, guests from an unknown continent, of which Farlane people said they could finally eat before returning"

A row of Azma Workshops where the hurdles lifted as much as they could lift in that conversation at once feel lowered. Nothing I can do, I've already eaten many times since I've been here, something that Hong and Spring Vegetables have specially drained.

"Confirm one thing. Even when I say ramen, there are various variations, like designating combinations?

"What the returning guest said was tonkotsu soy sauce, noodles added thick noodles, flavored eggs and seaweed,"

"Mm, roger. Wait a minute, I'll make soup."

Spring vegetables that go into preparing soup as ordered by the guardian, whilst subtly shuddering about whether such a record is also kept. Seeing, the hong is already in the preparation of fried rice and dumplings.

Note that I say tonkotsu, but pigs in the Faircro world can't take lard or tonkotsu soup. Therefore, what is being made now is strictly something else that has only been reproduced by collecting substitutes.

To the extent that ramen experts only think it is ramen, it is reproduced as a substitute.

"Master, Sister Chun, do you want to help?

"Oh, then please prepare the char siu and the taste balls"

Copy that.

Mio starts making flavor balls, following the directions of spring vegetables. The air of the venue is no longer a Chinese or ramen restaurant at the end of the venue.

"This is all I smell, and the farmers over there are unresponsive."

"That's just a trick for untrapping"

"Ahhh, so you're talking to someone who just bargained and got permission, like Hiroshi did?

"So you're right."

True harp who listens to a rather intelligent story and still thinks this place is not what it looks like. I can't wait to smell the ramen soup and dumplings baking in many ways, but this is a much more patient child, and without checking, I take out the candy balls at random and put that in my mouth, which was green.

Makoto screams voiceless at the spiciness that struck his mouth the moment he put it in his mouth. A flavor that doesn't seem like a candy balls bullies out the alarmed true harp to the point.

"What the hell did you eat..."

"Wah, wasabi flavor..."

Makoto answers Tatsuya's query with a faint voice as she accidentally spits out candy balls. The spiciness of freshly grated fresh wasabi stuck all over your mouth makes you persevere and persevere in the true harp.

"Sister Makoto, For That Punishment Game"

"Punishment games were not a level of spiciness..."

"I mean, you made it into candy balls while maintaining a lot of spiciness."

"That's Craftsmanship"

In contrast to Tatsuya and Makoto's penetration, Mio proudly puts his chest up when he does it while adjusting the taste of the taste balls.

"Dumplings and fried rice, wait!

"Tasteball done."

"Wait a little longer. Because it's time to boil it up."

The dishes are completed one after the other as the true harp is reworded in tears. After finishing the boiled noodle water in a flowing motion of spring vegetables and putting it in the soup, and quickly finishing the toppings lined up, there existed a no-show ramen set there.

"I'm wearing chopsticks for once, but do I look like I can use them? Because if you can't, you can have a spoon and a fork."

"I checked the past materials to see how to use them. Challenge."

That said, guardian who unexpectedly cleverly pinches dumplings and puts them on the sauce. Apparently, Japanese people in the past have made similar chopsticks themselves, and there are still quite a few examples of their use. That said, it seems difficult to eat fried rice with chopsticks on boulders, though I use the accompanying spoon.

Spring vegetables were also considered based on the unfamiliarity, as they were not lentils and were easily spilled when they were unexpectedly stingy. Perhaps it is necessary to eat ramen.

"How do you eat this elongated one?

"In our hometown, we basically rinse and eat. Sometimes people take care not to make noise and not rub it in."

Copy that.

Get a description of the spring vegetables and rinse the ramen without any particular concern. You realize that eating ramen is a speed battle, or you are careful not to stand so much as a sound, but its eating speed is a remarkable word.

Fifteen minutes from serving the food. All the ramen sets made one serving at a time without adding or subtracting any amount quickly disappeared into the guardian's body.

"A flavour I can't describe in a word. But I understand why you said so many times that you would definitely eat when the guests left. This makes me want to eat."

"Oh well."

Japanese national food alongside curry apparently greatly satisfied the guardian. This is my first meal, so I'm pretty sure I had some sort of blur, but subtracting it is pretty aggressive.


"I think you like it. Because Japanese people have quite different preference criteria, I am confident that it will suit Lauren's taste."


"Well, if it was, why don't you make it later? Honestly, we can't stand it, so if it's no problem, we're gonna have it prepared instead of lunch."

"If it's not a problem, I'd like to get along with you."

Hearing Sasha's appetite and curiosity, requests from both sides, Tatsuya turns her gaze to spring vegetables. In response to Tatsuya's gaze, spring vegetables nod. Now lunch is a decision on the ramen set.

As promised, this area will be fully open to you.

"No, no, no, wait a minute. I promised you I'd just browse forbidden books."

"Before I ate, I said I'd have all the materials I needed"

"That's what I meant..."

A very pitiful aspect to a guardian who all of a sudden turned up the story. Even with the usual pattern, I want to get myself into it, wondering if it's too mannered to bring about this kind of presence in the dish every time.

"In the meantime, I've got a copy for you, so you can take it"

"You're early, dude."

"That's the role of guardians in their abilities"

"It's convenient enough to cry, seriously, given the hard work you've had in the special library so far"

Tatsuya somehow feels something uninterrupted in the copy given to her by her guardian. With her abilities, it couldn't have taken nearly a month to expose the inside of the special library, etc.

"Precautions. Copies are copies, so any special abilities the original has will be lost."

"I guess the majority of the books that are stored here should be that?

"I don't deny it. In fact, most of them are stored here because they can't be left outside poorly."

Guardians who affirm the sentiments of spring vegetables and say even more noisy things. Essentially, that's what forbidden books are for, but it's a discouraging story even if you know it is.

"And the reason you're here is because of that book, but the book you really need, the book you need, is hardly in this area."

"... what do you mean?

"Meaning as it is. If you need it, I'll forward it to the most concentrated area, but what do we do?

True harp with a harsh face to the guardian who has said something that is understandable but unconvincing. A guardian who makes such a suggestion, not reluctantly via a true harp who smells troublesome and cures his attitude. Together with starting consultations on the proposal in a serious manner.

"What are we gonna do?

"I'm curious, do you have trouble judging?

"Brother Da, sister Chun. Time limit is a week, including today"

"I know. So I'm having trouble judging you."

In a week of time limits, Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables have a troubled look. Perhaps I regret choosing either. Therefore, it is unlikely to be easy to draw conclusions. It's not even lunchtime yet, but it's still nearly half past.

"I honestly don't really care. What about the Macro?"

"On hold, it feels like a lot. Whether you want to go or not, even after Lyme's birthday. Yeah? I don't care."

"That's true, isn't it"

Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables are even more disturbing to the conversation between Hiroshi and Makoto. Around not pinching his mouth at the look of it, Mio is apparently on hold as is Hong.

"With that said, there's hardly any books or anything in this area that we really need, right?

After extracting the pros and cons for a while, I noticed the spring vegetables once the general opinions were reached. He decided that the word was an inquiry into himself, and the silent guardian opens his mouth.

"There are few books in this area that you really need or that really need you"

"Almost none," you mean, a little?

"Yes, one of them is in its forbidden book Fairy Tail Chronicle, and there are three other books"

"Then why don't you check those three books before you make a decision?

Get an answer from the guardian and Spring Vegetables suggests that to the other members. The proposal for spring vegetables with no particular reason to object is unanimously accepted.

"Well, let me see those three books"

"Copy that. I'll have the original, not the copy this time."


Spring vegetables that inadvertently scream in a cloudy voice at the actions of their guardians. Due to the compulsory acquisition of skills and knowledge by the book prepared by the guardian, he was Sasha's feather to remember the extra skills that he was not expected to use by eating the convolutions, together with being skipped consciousness for about an hour.

When the Hongdas were being skipped consciousness, the Law Enforcement Bureau was in the kind of fuss that had bee nesting.

"Is this the end of the dossier from His Majesty's inauguration?

"It was in this room too!

"Two years after taking office, the Senate and the Council of Elders must have been giving us a glimpse, right? Why are there so many cases?

"That complaint should be addressed to our predecessors, not us!

extreme idealism and narrow horizons that had spread throughout the judiciary. We managed to get a chance to correct it thanks to the fact that it was a conspiracy by the cult, but by then a surprising number of problematic rulings have been issued. That is also a remarkable number of months since the current king was delegated real power, most of which is an illegal verdict on parliamentary decisions and King's orders.

The majority of the sentences issued have been investigated from the outset on the assumption that the King is breaking the law and wielding power, and the last two months have not even checked how things went in the first place, and he has issued an unconditional and illegal verdict simply by saying that the King has issued an order.

Some of them have been applied for by the people by lawful means, and they have voted on it in favour of the procedure laid down in the law, even like they are trying, by unanimity of a majority in Parliament, to have the order issued by the King withdrawn definitively and illegally for reasons that can only be described as an enlarged interpretation that would put a heavy box in the corner.

Parliament has consigned itself to resist the tyranny of justice that has been said, and the orders that have been issued have been solemnly executed, but that is what is considered a disobedience to justice and the decision to punish them has been further taken.

Because they all count as crimes committed by the present king, even without the Dorte Island incident, the King's national treason had already come to a point where it could be said that it was almost certain.

If the information is tabulated so far, perhaps even children will understand the meaning of the King's actions.

"Totally, I didn't know we were going to be limited to His Majesty the King of our choosing because of some of the idiots..."

"His Majesty is still destined. While we're connected by a single neck skin, we'll thoroughly wipe out the abalones!!

"I know you don't have to tell me. Let's start by punishing all the people who gave this verdict right."

"Before that, it was from the punishment of those who caused harm by ignoring lawful and reasonably issued orders. We don't have time, so we're going to detain you in a case that doesn't even need to be contested in a trial first!

The bureaucrats of the nascent law enforcement bureau scream with a look that was murderous. In fact, I don't have time for this without joking.

The merely dismissed predecessors are trying to imitate the law extraneously, and they are also limiting themselves to which the king was powerless to the end.

The time limit is either the Chancellor and the Dean of the College of Loufeus will be unable to contain the King, or the sinners will initiate action. At least by the end of the day, if we don't arrest the former members of the Legal Service, who were the Lord, as criminals, that's why even the Chancellor and the Dean of the Academy can't stop us.

"What about the Intelligence guys?

"Once you have a temporary cauldron and you've filed for dismissal from the military, you'll be executed individually. The kind of traitor who bares up intelligence agents from another country just because the new king doesn't care, can't even defend him."

"I wish I'd grown up until then."

"I'm sorry to be honest about that, but we've already been able to agree to a temporary cauldron with Farlane and Dar. This mess, it's not human resources in any country. Especially for Farlane, whose legal system is close, and Dar, whose power the royal family has finally regained recently as a suppression, a previous problem that does not make loans to Lauren."

Officers who quickly review materials and share policies and information while producing the necessary documentation. No matter how many elders and college directors of the council of elders keep an eye on the sidelines, he is the man who has completed preparations for the dismantling of the Duke and Lauren royals without enlightening anyone. I can't be alarmed.

"Hey, happy. A new job."

"I guess it's a really delightful job, huh?

"The former Law Enforcement Bureau and the judge's rebellion charges were confirmed. Apparently, he wanted to legally dismantle the royal system"

"... Democrats, those guys?

"Oh. When I re-hit the dossier, there was no one left but Ping's bureaucrats. They were from that faction. With all the evidence out there, it's impossible to escape."

The words of the new bureau member entering the room make his face even more sinister, even if it wasn't.

"I have no idea what those people are trying to say..."

"The people decide what they do, for God's sake, that's all the knowledge and readiness the people have. Without it, we wouldn't be too busy putting in systems like that."

The evidentiary minutes, the bureaucrats throwing up to be annoyed at the increased work as they look at its contents. If the situation is because of people who are headstrong and have not seen reality, it will also be a lot tougher.

There are certainly many problems in deciding everything solely by exchangers like kings and nobles. The current traders know that. But that's why, if the people, or the representatives chosen from them, decide everything, all the problems will be solved. There can't be such a sweet story.

Because what a creature is, even a pair, the smallest unit of a group, cannot fully unify the opinions of a group.

"In the first place, it should not yet be necessary to abolish the royal family altogether, until we have taken power from His Majesty the King. The Royal Family and the Duke Royal Family don't survive just to do politics, do they?

"I don't think they have the importance of the royal family in diplomacy, or the importance of the royal family as heirs to lineage magic."

"Sure, you shouldn't have the chance to use blood magic like that, but it's not like you don't need it if you don't have the chance to use it..."

The bureaucrats completing more and more documents instructing suspects to be detained, stupidly against the headstrong and narrow-minded. The new Director of the Rule of Law who will decide that from one end to the other. Since the King is the supreme power man before the building, it is a document that would not otherwise be as effective as the King's decree, but it would still be noble, but it is strong enough to be allowed to detain him for now.

In the present situation, where the King's orders are ignored and the King cannot be entrusted with administration because it is not strange to harm himself at any time, it can be said that it is rather the most effective document in the country.

"Well, can I ask you for this?

"I understand."

After the disposition of the criminals, negotiations on the revocation of the waiver of the right of inheritance and others await. I don't have time to do it if I get to the previous stage of work. I entrust a bunch of documents that I have completed my ruling to the head of the Kingsguard Knights, who was waiting for me at some point. He also understands that time is limited, so as soon as he gets the paperwork, he arrows his men and gives them an early order.

"Now the least that needs to be done by the first time limit is almost certain to work. The next time limit is the Soul Relief Ceremony. By then, at the very least, we will have thoroughly improved the environment so that His Majesty and the Chancellor can carry out their affairs without fear of being wronged!

To the words of the Director-General for the Rule of Law, the bureaucrats raise their momentum with a grumpy eye. It doesn't matter if you have loyalty to the current king or not. As a group involved in law and justice, mistakes must be made no matter how many days and nights we spend together.

There was not a single person willing to forgive those who trampled the law with arbitrary operations through enlarged interpretation for a new statutory bureau consisting of groups that had until now been rational and realistic, but had therefore been cold-treated.

"Aren't you busy, Dean?

"I don't care if Professor Flute is here on my behalf."

"Prime Minister, you're selling oil here, and you're not behind in your affairs?

"Don't worry, we're in a situation where we can't do our affairs properly or anything like that today or tomorrow. It's no different with or without me."

This exchange was repeated so many times in the Loufeus Castle VIP room that counting from the end of the meeting until now would also be ridiculous.

"No one has come now who needs to be entertained in this room, but we still don't know when a sudden visitor will come. Wouldn't it be nice if I were to leave the king and give my neck to the bereaved?

"Under these circumstances, we cannot invite anyone to this country to entertain us in the VIP room. So it's okay for you to occupy as much as you want until things are sorted out."

The Chancellor informs the King who tries to remove surveillance at another incision of his dismissal without a scratch. Anyway, don't leave the king alone. This is an opinion shared by the whole government.

"Come on, you're getting hairless."

"If His Majesty gave up on trying to harm himself, we would no longer have to repeat such barren exchanges, though?

"If we don't do this, no one's going to be desperate, right?

"I won't deny it, but you don't need your majesty shielding your life anymore, do you?

"We need to be ready to scratch our throats at any time until we get results, so we can be spotted and boned out."

In utterly irrefutable terms, the Chancellor and the Dean of the College have no choice but to answer with silence. In fact, I have not gone as far as to pledge allegiance, even to the now desperate Office of the Rule of Law, or to show a certain respect to the present King, who has continued to write an order without the slightest revelation of his assessment or his life in order to contain the damage to the state.

This is even the case with the most critical law enforcement bureau. Other departments can't deny the possibility of going into hand lukewarm action, perhaps if the king finds out he's no longer willing to harm himself.

"Besides. Where the Law Enforcement Bureau worked so hard, I can't overshadow the fact that I rambled up an order, or the fact that I couldn't stop a breach of an order from continuing. It would be difficult for me to remain king, as long as I can't afford to have a massive amendment to the law?

"And it's a different matter from what you do to yourself. Or are you sure that our country has become a territory such as Farlane, Dar, Faure, etc?

"If we can continue to govern only form on incompetent ornaments, then how better? At least, Farlane, Dar and Faure can't rule like that. Besides, all the successors of every country, unlike me, are quite capable."


The prime minister, who has come to his head to denigrate his worth thoroughly. If you give me this far anymore, I'll be no different than a waster.

"Do you abandon a people who admire and support themselves!? Are you going to trample the efforts of those who are working in shreds to save your life!?

"Did you think I wouldn't think about it!? How sorry I felt for the presence of a people who admire even such a king! How sorry I was for my helplessness! How miserable is the supreme power who knows and can't help a national bandit who does no harm to his country!

"So didn't you try to correct the country by throwing yourself away! If they thought you were just an incompetent ornament, no one would be more desperate than this, even if the Royal Crisis of Survival were involved!

"A king who can't execute one national bandit if he puts his country in a crisis of survival will never be able to show that he's in power! Under the current system, this incompetent king has to take over the country for three more years unless I die!?

"This is the time, this is the time we stand by you! Even if this man tries to get the sleigh of tyrannical power, he will never let such a fool go free again! I know a lot more than I can say right now! But trust this old man, and yourself a little more!!

A genuine word filled with regret and determination on the part of the Chancellor. It is often a cry at last.

The Chancellor said no, all the decent nobles at the heart of the government regretted it from the bottom of their hearts. Pushing the present king, who is only a young and famous power, to take full responsibility for all that is left of our infirmity. Tell me that there were as many things I could do, but if they ignored the order, they wouldn't even try to help a young king with no hitters at all, and they would look down on me without even cooperating in rooting.

To be honest, if the king wants it, there is no denying that the royal family will move to a system that has no power or responsibility whatsoever as a symbol of the nation. It's been sweet on him ever since. From here on out, we do not object in any way to replacing ourselves with a system in which we shoulder all our responsibilities and are constantly exposed to judgment from the people.

But we can never accept the total elimination of the identity of King Lauren for that, nor the death of this young king as its victim.

For that matter, I shall bear any stigma again. The Chancellor spits out his readiness to that point with impatience and slowly lowers his back to the chair. Right there.

"Customer ~"

"Important Person"

Octogal intrudes without reading the air or daring to ignore it after reading the air.

"If I go in too far on my own, I'm in trouble in many ways..."

"It's okay, it's okay."

"Farlane Regular -, Farlane Regular"

"Dar and Faure are free passes ~"

Octogal swoops around in the air returning unanswered answers to a king who complained only of form for now about a mysterious creature that appeared abruptly.

"Hmm. Surely, you were the family of Lord Alanwen"


"Then it's just about us."

"It's okay, it's okay."

The Dean of the Academy relieves the King and Octogall of a few moments of conversation that has not been meshed with the flashy Prime Minister. While Octogal is here, there will be no king freaking out on the boulder.

"So, who are the guests?

"Wait a minute."

"El, duck ~ n"


As soon as we get back to the main point, Octogal will transfer someone here. None other than the King ceases to speak to the man whom Octogall brought.

"I'm sorry for the slightest outfit. Sorry to disturb you."

"Hmm, King Farlane also strikes a thoughtful hand"

"You were in trouble, so I took the liberty of sticking you in the neck."

"Right. I'm sorry in this situation, but my country welcomes you, Her Royal Highness Princess Aeris"

It was in a sense that the final weapon was put into the crisis of Lauren's collapse.

Meanwhile, around that time.

"I thought Tonkotsu Ramen would be nice."

"Tatsuya, you said you liked tonkotsu, so I thought I'd make it a little dark-eyed. I'm sorry I dropped off my favorite salt from Tammen and Mio that Makoto likes."

"It's not like I don't like Tonkotsu. It's okay."

"I'm in the mood for soy sauce and tonkotsu, so don't worry about it."

Hiroshi finally woke up, turning the lunch she had prepared for dinner and enjoying the ramen set.

"What do you say, Mr. Sasha?

"I'm concerned about being a little persistent, but you'll like it. If I had something with a lighter flavour, I would think this dish called ramen would be acceptable enough. The dumplings are also reduced in garlic and put on. If you devise a dahle, something like that. Fried rice usually seems fine."

"Oh well."

Ramen set with half the amount other than dumplings for women. Sasha eating that looks delicious. It's time for spring vegetables to become convinced of the tendency of a country called Lauren.

"Nevertheless, peace."

"You didn't expect me to be so calm and have dinner in the forbidden library."

The fact that I don't know is horrible. A row isolated from the outside could not have known about a storm that was isolated but could therefore blow Lauren away, and even enjoyed a relaxing meal.