When I woke up, it was no longer in the library.

"Hmm, are you awake?

As soon as the macro wakes up, an old man with a bald head and muscular flesh, who I don't think is very human, speaks up.

In many ways, it seems to be compassionate to think of an old man as a human being who perfectly purifies one side of the room and constantly dissipates the power to establish it as a divine domain.


"This is not a temple shrine dedicated to Non. In the meantime, I'd rather not say it's a ceiling I don't know, or a classic line in that hand. Yeah. Because the classic is slippery, and the damage is huge when you slip."

"As soon as I woke up, I saw God for the first time, and I didn't have to tell him what to do about being gagged..."

"That is the fate of the Lord."

A macro that is pressed for strange fate and unwittingly gives a softened look. What is it to say that there is no one but Elsa who has had a decent character in God who came out with flesh before the Honors?

"Let's just introduce ourselves because my witch is still awake."

"Oh, if I do, I'll wake the others."

"No, except for my witch, she'll be up soon."

Spring vegetables wake themselves up and shake their heads gently as they leak a strangely colorful groan at a time when God's Word ends or does not. Flaky, cheeky hair completely overshadows the everyday shame, making you feel like a strange erotic that usually doesn't even have shards.

Most importantly, to be confused by the erotic colour, I have not yet overcome the feminine phobia of the macroscopic, and I am full of hands to suppress the fear that springs up reflexively in the appearance of such spring vegetables, and I cannot afford to feel anything else.

"... eh?

"From now on, where I hear God introduce himself. All the time, if there's a god out there in this situation, it's decided. Sasha is my witch."

Macro briefly explains the current situation to Spring Vegetables who are awake and have not grasped the situation. Even so, it's easy to see that this is a safe area, so it's just what we're going to do.

Mio et al., who have been awake following Spring Vegetables, also hear the words of Hong with the expression of dreaming. There is a lot of pressed information and skill and I guess I'm not familiar with it yet. I'm very dull.

"Well, it's not all happening, it's not introducing ourselves. Well, I don't know what to expect, but it's not Daljan. Let me do the god of knowledge."

"Oh, I knew it. Should we introduce ourselves, too?

"No. Because all your information is at hand through Alfemina. It's a waste of time, and you can skip that."

With all the attitude, Daljan goes on to talk crisp. Because of this, it doesn't seem to be the case, but due to the number of projects to be handled, it probably gives certain consideration to Higashi.

"Now, first of all, shall we answer each other about the otherworlds who have come here in the past, of whom you and your lords are in the same position?

"Copy that. Brother, please."


Tatsuya, whose head is finally clear, comes forward at the request of Hiroshi.

"Let's start with the first threesome to show up in Farlane."

"Right. It was a thousand, two hundred and thirty-one years ago that I showed up in Farlane, with three men. Toshi Akasaka, sixteen. Luntaro Koga, twenty-five years old. Matsuwa Ahei, twenty-one years old. The place that appeared was the Urs Castle courtyard at the time. Immediately protected by the Temple of Alfemina, after being educated in the Temple for about a month about the social situation and general common sense of the time, he joins the princess witches of the Alfemina of the time, the witches of Elsa and the witches of Laphia in solving the anomalies at the Great Spirit Peak.

He then settled a number of cases filed by the cult and crusaded Bardo at the time in cooperation with the commander of the Kingsguard, court magicians, princess witches, etc. A ritual of return was held in the former shrine in the middle of Great Spirit Peak and returned safely to Japan. This is about a decade's stay in the world. "

"Um. So, in Lauren, what happened?

"I showed up to Lauren eight hundred and nineteen years ago, three men and one woman. The men are Nobuo Takaoka, thirty-six, Changgo Nagata, nineteen, Toyotomi Mizushima, twenty-five. The woman is Miki Yokoyama, seventeen years old. The location is the village of Salé in the northern part of Lake Roudell. After being protected in the village, he normally learns common sense while familiarizing himself with the life of the villagers.

He did not protect the village of Salé and the nearby villages from several monster outbreaks, and was born with the back shield of the lord of the region where the village is located. All get companions in villages and regional cities, and spend as Laurens until Shinhui Takaoka, the oldest, is eighty-three years old and Miki Yokoyama, the youngest, leaves the world at eighty-five and the other two at seventy-nine. Even though it is inferior compared to the top of the Knights, it is still spoken of as a team of legendary adventurers because at the time it was committed to stabilising security in the region as a force with two heads jumping through "

"You're right. Sounds like you're getting some knowledge. So, you know what happened to the Dazens and Durancells, too?

Together with the Japanese who nod to inquiries from Daljan. I didn't really want to know. Finally, the expression is stiff.

Two pairs of men and women, flown by Dazen, have been executed in a rather terrible way after Bardo's leap and Waldis' offense, a fling phrase stood on the arrow against both, handed over to Waldis at the time of the end of the war agreement to torture the man as a major sinner, and the woman as a show after being exhausted of all the degrading qualities. The record is unnaturally erased because the way it was executed and how it got there was enough to call into question the character and ethical and moral conduct of the country itself for hundreds of years.

Chiaki Namoto, a high school girl who did deadly damage to both forces, especially as a wizard abolitionist, ended up being epic and killed in a way that could not be written. Though he was a completely unfamiliar opponent and was only pale informed as a sentence of what had happened, the mundane end of the human race in his hometown was a great shock to Higashi. Spring vegetables, women, etc. and in some cases, I think we might have been in the same position, which is something that I'm sorry about other personnel.

The three Durancells are similar, once again trapped in the hands of the last and sunny Durancells where they can return in a few moments after stopping the King of Waldis, driven by territorial greed, with all his might for his own safety, and sacrificed on the pretext of defending the country. The oddly beautified heirloom remains because Durancell twisted the truth to hide the fact that he betrayed the Japanese who worked hard for his country.

Most importantly, in both cases, each country receives a corresponding reward. Waldis had two capitals at the time and three other places, a land where creatures could not even enter, where no undead or monster would even occur, and Dazen had already become one of the cities with hundreds of inhabitants and perished as a country, and Durancell was constantly starving because the barn zone was no longer in use.

The "Fairy Tail Chronicle" was banned because there were many other events that could not be left for future generations, and all but Farlane, Faure and Lauren were to seal it as banned by unanimity of interest because of their scratches.

The special function of the book of being able to track down what actually happened with regard to the stated facts is also why the prohibition document had to be designated.

"The last one, as expected, was not listed in the Prohibition"

"If you go to Markt, you'll find out soon enough. Because Marcto has a complete record."

"Does Marcto manage records so strictly?

"Ah, he's a hero to Marc."

Tatsuya can't help but have a subtle look at the word Daljan hero. I just spread the dance, and I can't understand why I'm a hero.

"In the meantime, let's put aside the incident at the time. There is nothing the Lord can do now. Especially in the case of Dazen and Durancell and Waldis, which are no longer deeply engraved into the earth as a curse, and which have now rewinded time, are in a state of no avail."

"Rewind time, is it?"

"Alfemina would be possible. Besides being engraved as a curse in the world itself, even if we stopped the incident altogether, the land would never be lost."

"That's it..."

"That's it, bye. Whether you have the means to pay the engraved curse and purify the land, reaching out to the fools can do the same again. It is unanimous that no evil god without reason can be touched, and we can leave the evil god alone until we do something about it."

Apparently Waldis was resented after all. Even the text of the forbidden book, which was just pale in the hands of a third party, was impatient, so naturally speaking, it is an indelible story.

"To get back to you, I don't know what happened to the other people who died in this world. When Zanafel was alive, it was Zanafel's hand, and since Zanafel was sealed with a fragment of the Evil God, Alfemina has rewound it to the state just before it was flown here, returning it to its original world in a way that has no effect on the worlds of either side as far as possible. The Japanese killed by Waldis have healed all the soul wounds inflicted on that country, made them forget everything that happened, and restored it almost to its original timeline."

"... can you imitate that?

"It's impossible now. But even though it's a stage device, it's not a god. Regardless of the inhabitants of this world, the inhabitants of other worlds are outside the realm of post-mortem rules, so it's not as difficult to revive and restore them as it is to preserve their souls."

"It's impossible now, what?

"It's easy. The way with the Lord's world is closed, and some of you are incomplete in preserving your souls. I don't mean to be blunt, but can you imagine who's responsible for the incomplete conservation?

"... somehow"

Tatsuya answers Daljan's words with a dry voice watching Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables. Given the matter of the final trial, these two are sure to have different hairs in many ways.

"As for the road, it is difficult to open it without doing something about the evil god that led to the moon. Things are leaning towards us because of you, so it's going to take a while, even if you can do something about it before your lords get their full life."

"In that case, what's happening to us over there?

"Because the timeline is now disconnected. That should mean going back to the timeline that's passed enough."

I mean, it hardly affects me.

"Conversely, if you go back now in any way, there won't be?

Hiroshi, who listened to the story in silence, cuts off what he cares about. Enough time has elapsed over there, but even Tatsuya and Mio, who have spent the shortest time here, are almost a year away. Mio, in particular, can be a feather that causes all sorts of annoyances.

"For the sake of twitching, I will physically be rewound to the state just before I was flown here. Because the three of Farlane and one of Marcto, who returned before you, have also changed their flesh to a state long after enough in the original world."

"You don't have the abilities you've acquired over here?

"What has become familiar to the soul does not disappear to the extent that it has rewound the flesh. Those who have returned, those who have died here, will continue to hold them for about 10% to 30% of the time after returning to the other world."

"What about Mio's body..."

"Rest assured. As long as we can go back, we'll be able to move around when we get to Farlane. It will take some time. To that extent, the information on the flesh here is anchored in the soul"

Mio's body was of the utmost concern in making the choice to go back over there. A line about it that is heard of a very bright future and brightens the expression.

"Well, for little one, it's not entirely positive."

"... delicious rice and a lazy, sloppy life, certainly troubling problems"

Crush the bright information in the corner with unfortunate remarks made by the person in question. It is a real shame that it is genuine in a fairly small proportion, even though there is also a shade of lightning.

"But if you go back in any way, does that mean you're going back?

"To be exact, maybe we can come and go, it's a lot of talk."

"Are you ready to come and go?


Suddenly Daljan looked surprised when he said something heavy in the noise. I don't understand why you have to be asked why you're prepared when you're simply talking about making tools.

"To come and go means, as far as you are concerned, to anchor your present power to a hundred percent of your soul. I let you settle down, and you can live your normal life over there?

I stop at Daljan's heavy enquiries and try to draw conclusions by somehow trying to think about how I'm going to panic.

"Hey, Macro."

"... what?

"It's true that I've never been able to go back close to a normal human being, but with 10% fixation and all fixation in my current ability, isn't it that big of a difference when I go back over there?

True harp makes a strange pointer to a macro who tried to utter an inconclusive conclusion. Macro pounding for a while without understanding what he said. Aside from that macro, other members understand the meaning of the word first.

"If you ask me, in Hiro's case, even 10% are usually superhuman."

"10% of the masters are at a level where you can keep an eye on weird organizations if you don't hide them carefully"

"Sorry, Hiroshi. I want to deny it but I can't deny it at all..."

I agree with the words of Tatsuya and Mio, who were pointed out by Makoto, that Spring Vegetables seems sorry. Most of all, not even our own macro.

"Sure, getting stabbed to death with a knife and eating missiles and dying is a big difference for everyday life in Japan..."

and so on.

"Hmm. Well, it's also the fate of the Lord"

Daljan watches with raw warm eyes over the Hiroshi who has convinced him in strange directions. In fact, it's not such a tiny problem to be able to get eyes on weird organizations or anything, but it's also the kind of thing you can't really feel until it's too late, so I'm going to stop messing around here.

"Dear Daljan. For now, I think it's your bad habit to put a piece on fate, right?

"Oh, you're awake, my witch."

"It was happening when the answer match started. I kept my mouth shut because it wasn't the kind of situation where my mouth was pinched."

A sharp penetration flies from Sasha into Daljan's dialogue, which grumbled heavily.

"Oh, Mr. Sasha, are you all right?

"Yep. Why now I want to say. It took me a while to be able to move thanks to learning magic, but for now I don't have any particular problems"

"Oh well, that would be nice"

"Again, unlike all of you, the low foundational abilities resonate. It's hard to settle on your body when you're made to wear big magic or something the way a guardian does..."

"Maybe there's something wrong with that way, me..."

Sasha cares plainly that it will be the last time she wakes up. In the first place, it's about Alchem and Judith in the new America, such as a human being with adventurous physical abilities among witches, so it's strange to compare them to the Horns themselves.

"Well, that as such, ladies and gentlemen, I think it would be better not to take too truly the term Daljan's fate. Master Daljan has a habit of getting rid of everything in a word of fate, and if I say it, it's the same thing as the word for the abandonment of Octogal's body. It would be difficult to assume that one of God's pillars tells you that you don't care about fate, but most things don't mean much anyway."

To Sasha's rather terrible words, Higashi is taken by surprise. I wonder if it's terrible that anything is the same as Octogal, but unfortunately Sasha's face is 100 percent serious.

"Lord, are you not sure what to say for the witch of Non?

"Either way, there is no gentle lingering touch for those who say everything is fatal fate and are confused or annoyed to see if the person said makes any sense"

"What are you talking about?" I'm not just saying that any choice is fate. I don't care how it affects him, but that's his destiny, right?

"That, in short, is no different than confessing that the word" fate "as Daljan said makes no sense at all. Or do you say that you don't even know that while you're naming God of Knowledge?

"Seriously, the Lord is tough..."

"That is the fate of the witches of all time"

Hongdae gets pompous without pinching her mouth to a god-witch who interacts with her quite reluctantly. God and the witch have ever had a cheap interaction with 10%, but this is the first time a witch has unilaterally dismissed the God she serves so far.

"How can you say that you can't attack a kid like he's a tough habit?

"We're gathering information on how to attack. If you have a feminine phobia, you have nothing to be too busy attacking."

"As a result, you can't bury yourself without making a conspicuous move."


Sasha puts in a tight penetration from Daljan and gets stuck in words. I can't argue with you just because you think so yourself. Having realized how bad the minutes were, Sasha decided to change the subject and move on.

"So, Master Daljan. Once you've survived the trial, you'll never cloud your tea with that much information, will you?

"That's not true. Besides, it's not all over yet."

"Then it's fate. Don't play with what, just get it all done"

"It is. We need to explain why the lords flew over here. It's gonna be a long story there, so can Sasha come get us some tea?


Daljan asks me, Sasha leaving the temple to make tea. God opens his mouth again after confirming that his own witch has left.

"The reason your lords flew over here is because if you say no first, it doesn't involve any development or operation of the game. This world is so similar to the games you've been playing, that there were simply people in the designers who had wavelengths with this world, that's all."

"Wavelength? Is that what's happening?

"Sometimes in your world, you say that God comes down to pick up waves of ideas for creations, right? In the case of the game's designers, the radio waves that they picked up, or the gods that came down, were the information that overlooked the world. Not all fictional stories are, but this pattern is much for creations."

I'm not sure if it's convincing or not, Higashi worried about how to return it to Daljan's explanation. Daljan ignores the reactions of such magnanims and goes on to talk.

"However, I will not deny the causality that the game has brought your lords to this world. Whatever, in that elaborate computer world. I'm not into connecting and dragging you in."

"Can I assume that dragging in involves something artificial?

"Well, not in this world, but in another world, and the killer is completely destroyed."


"The truth about the big mess is that you dragged the lords who happened to have wavelengths in the game in the guise of coincidences in the frying phrases that pushed you into another world, that is, this world, without looking at the evil gods born in your own world, and threw them all round the end. That's what he did when a guy named Grand Quest of the Game led a designer to look very much like this one."

The Japanese are told stories that are irresponsible and have no choice but to put an end to them. Neither this world pressed nor the players caught up at the end of the day are honestly accumulated.

"Originally, the boundaries of this world were a little loose. There have long been aspects of how easy it was for humans from different worlds to flow. It's not like they used it nicely."

"Do that, and with what did that god perish?

"Stupidly, the way in which the art of dragging your lords into this world has been rampant in frying sentences that violate the common rules of the world has greatly deprived you of your power in the form that your ability to play games resides in the Lord. It became suspicious to maintain its own existence, unable to cope when the Fragments of the Evil God returned, and fell together."

To Tatsuya's most serious question, he tells the fact that Daljan has neither a body nor a lid. To that pathetic end, once again a line of Japanese will cease to exist.

Darjan didn't dare to tell at this time, but in fact, there is not less to the cause of that God's inability to maintain his own existence, but Higashi is also involved.

He was caught up in a defensive system that was stretched out as a line of prevention and was forced to squander a great deal of energy because he tried to drag the spring vegetables in which some of his associates were not human. Once activated on the detour as well, he used a method of a kind that could not be cancelled, so he was shredded a lot.

The surgery went wild because of mutual interference with its defensive system. As a result, strange mutual interference resulted in the creation of as many as twenty heroes, as well as the human beings in front of them, who took such power to maintain their very existence in conjunction with the depletion that they tried to drag spring vegetables into it. It can also be said that it was unlucky for the killer's God that there was one human being in it who could be comparable to a god named Hiroshi, and two more steps or three to reach the realm of God: Shinji and Chiaki Nammoto.

It would be neither doomed nor deserved to be destroyed because it drove the evil gods out of its own hands into other worlds and gave them extra little bits against multiple worlds.

It should be noted that the existence of a defensive system capable of grinding itself to the existence of the Creative God class is no longer too different in scale to say why we are not currently serving this world, because at this time we cannot interfere without having a lethal effect on both sides, and so on, for the reason that we can only say yes.

"Something sounds like a terribly convenient story, but how can it affect you enough to gain that power just because you played a game and were dragged into it?

"If this were a type of game that normally plays with controllers, keyboards, mice, etc. without VR technology, it would not have been possible for the Lord to gain so much capability with that degree of surgical rampage"

"VR, no?

"Uhm. Especially the ones in your world, because they're the type that connects directly to the spirit. You have a lot of influence over your soul. Besides, the games you guys play have higher specific gravity than other games that move and accumulate your body. Inevitably, it's easier to be engraved into the soul and the world not just as digital data, but as information with all sorts of passions."

In Tatsuya's inquiry, Daljan explains with conceptual elements.

"It is no exaggeration to say that your world's network systems and VR technology are no longer creating a new world. Therefore, when these incidents and accidents occur, they are easily defined as being across multiple worlds and are more susceptible to game-side influences. Before that, did you ever realize that you yourselves were physically affected by the game in your everyday lives?

"... Sure, there are some verses that come to mind. That's fine, too."

"Well, if there was a verse that came to mind, it wouldn't be a big deal, but if there was an act of the Creator involved there, it wouldn't be a story."

That's all we've talked about, Daljan, who senses that Sasha is about to change her blood phase and come back. Apparently, we're running out of time to tell all the stories.

"Well, I'd like to tell you more about the evil gods if they were supposed to, but apparently they're going to run out of time today. Lauren's been through a lot right now. Thanks to the princess witch of Alfemina I have settled down somewhat, but the spark is still there. The Lord has nothing to do with this, so we may have to prioritize you after this."

"Are you going to be in such a difficult situation?

"Oops. Get the details from my witches and associates. When Noh talks, he's going to run out of extra information. So, since I don't have time, I will teach you the moves that you will need first. Well, to be exact, you don't just have to unlock the moves you've already mastered and locked so you can use them."

With that said, Daljan lightly raises the wand he took out of nowhere and shines light on all of Higashi. Hiroshi in the light turns his confused gaze to Darjan somewhere. I don't feel like something's changed.

"Now I should be able to temporarily remove both physical and mental limiters of my own volition. Like the little Titanic Roar, you'll be able to use moves you couldn't freely use."

Titanic Lore, a macro extra skill whose conditions of use were unknown for a long time. Its conditions of use are finally apparent. That's not all.

"Ah, the magic of Master Alfemina, which I couldn't use either, seems to be ready to use"

Spring vegetables will also be one of the last of the four, disabled magic that has never been activated before.

"In short, I couldn't use either Hongchan's or Spring Vegetable's because I couldn't remove the limiter, could I?

"Probably so"

"Oh, yeah."

Perhaps the Macro has been able to activate until now because he had unconsciously removed the limiter only for a moment. That concludes.

"Apparently, the lock came off safely. Other than that, let's get God's moves in the last trial of the forbidden library, so we should calm down and make sure. Because some of them were meant to be taught by Non."

At the same time that Darjan's words are over, Sasha rushes into the divine domain.

"Lord Hiroshi, ladies and gentlemen! Three days ago His Majesty the King declared the dismantling of the royal family and the abolition of the royal system, and took responsibility for it and harmed himself!

"Sora again, you're making a scene..."

"Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Dear Aeris, His Majesty has withdrawn his willingness to self-harm, but the situation is still fluid! Please go back to Ursus until things settle down so you don't get caught up in something strange!

"Have you heard everything about Daljan?

"I'm sorry, but they already know I'm back. If we don't go back now, we could even be caught by strange forces the moment we leave the Divine Zone!

A series of disturbances rocked all of Lauren while Honda dived into the forbidden library. The necessary Solemn Qing is largely over, but it's not all over yet that some big men are letting them go.

"Let's talk about Nong in time after the situation has settled.... right. A new Elsa witch, who is currently on provisional immunity, will be tested for this license soon. I'm sure your lords will be present at the exam, so I'm going to go and talk to the Temple of Elsa after it's over."

"So yeah. If you do it, I'll do it for you. You're going to get in trouble."

"Mm-hmm. After that, this is a big bleeding service. I'll take you to the transfer room in the workshop."

Don't restrain Honda too much from Lauren's affairs. That kind of judgment worked, or the spatial system is offered that way by an unprofessional Daljan. Even though they are out of expertise, the extent to which they send people into the Roofeus, no matter how much the bees have a metastatic defense, is fine.

As it is, activate the transfer and evacuate Higashi before he responds to the offer.

"Well, it's Sasha. You know what I mean when I dare to block information?

"Yes, in the meantime, after checking the status quo with my own eyes, let me set my attitude as a Daljan witch"


Apparently, Sasha isn't going to involve Higashi in the story about Lauren's hub either. He leaves the divine domain wearing an air of fortitude as a witch in order to get a quick fix on it.

"Well, what kind of fate is it this time?"

The far-reaching whining of Daljan left behind melted into the divine realm without anyone ever asking.

"In the meantime, there's only one way to look at it"

"Now you don't have to bother your majesty."

"I can't be alarmed yet because Keri isn't on..."

The afternoon after Honda came out of the forbidden library. In Lauren's king's office, the king, with a gentle expression, talked about the royal issue where the college director's opponent finally saw an end.

"From one month onwards, with the exception of some, authority and responsibility will be transferred to Parliament over a period of three years, while authority and responsibility in matters of emergency command and diplomacy will be transferred to each ministry over a period of 10 years. Since then, will the King only work to monitor Parliament and ministries? That's what they used to drink for me."

"It's much better than losing a royal family."

"If you depend so much on the existence of the royal family, you just have to repeat your disregard for orders until then..."


King and Dean of the College blurring with sighs, remembering the rebel forces who had finished their captivity and some executions had begun and those who were in the sun against them.

"At any rate, my role is in about fifteen years"

"You will be."

"So far, you've supported a young man who had no power whatsoever"

"No. This old man, after all, couldn't do one thing. He's an incompetent grandfather who couldn't even put together Loufeus College as a back shield while His Majesty was being hunted down that far. Now the result was taken by His Majesty himself, ready to abandon himself."

"But without the Dean of the College, I probably wouldn't have been ready to go that far. You would have abandoned your country and just harmed yourself."

Repentance for his own powerlessness, and it was the King's act of abandonment that opened up the difficulty. The King leaks the truth to the Dean of the College who tells him so.

"Dean of the College. In the political arena, you are the only one who has always sided with this shieldless young man. Honestly, without you, I would have thrown out whatever happened to Lauren."

The king knew. Only the Dean of the Academy will always take the King's side. Yang in the shadows, please move for the king.

No matter how influential the Dean of the College of Loufeus was on each side, in his power as only a scholar, he could hardly do anything about those who did not listen to men, but the King tried to minimize the damage to the country until the end, because of the dedication of such Dean of the College.

"Thank you so much, Dean of the College"

"No, no. That word is enough. To an incompetent old man, the words are too exaggerated…"

To the King's heartfelt words, the Dean of the College brings a tear of gratitude. They didn't realize until the end that Octogall had observed the two of them creating air like their real grandfathers and grandchildren.

"... there's been a lot going on in about three days."

"Really, a lot has happened..."

Ask Rayot what's going on when he welcomes the hounds back to the workshop, and leak the hounds in his glamour. It should be noted that Rayot was in the workshop in good time because a message from Daljan had reached the royal family of Farlane via Aeris.

"Really, after all, there's no what?

"First, the eyes of His Majesty the King's self-harm, or execution, are gone. In order to avoid confusion with regard to the system, it took about a decade to gradually transfer powers and responsibilities while abolishing the Crown. However, the Royal and Duke elections are traditionally planned to continue in the future. In short, they made the choice to separate the king from politics as a mere symbol"

"So the king who thought about suicide was convinced?

"Neither did he force himself to commit suicide or execution to escape his responsibility. If we simply dismantle the royal family, we are also well aware of the possibility that the stalls of a state called Lauren could sway. This time, he had to take that risk, but he had to give him a rough treatment."

"I see. But if we do that, we need to be quarantined here.

"When you guys say something poorly, this time the solemn people will twist the word and not use it for convenience. Even if I say it will be solemnized, at the moment it is only to the extent that the confiscation of the confiscation of the property of the house, which has been decided to be crushed at best, has ended. Until their punishment is complete, I don't know which way the opportunists will move."

In Rayot's commentary, a macro with a face named Uheh. Honestly, it's out of hand for people who haven't graduated high school either.

"In the meantime, we're all out of mosquito nets."

"Oh, it's not what we say when we use politics, but it shouldn't be about politics in your shoes. Unlike my country, where Aeris was protected, even if it had to be involved in response, we also had to break bones for Lauren's politicians."

"I don't dislike that king, so I don't think it would break my bones..."

"At least you gave us the incentive to get out of a situation where we were just being used, so we can assume that we've already broken some bones."

Layot tries to manipulate a macro that has a verse that he assumes needs to move either from what has been going on or to some extent about political frustration. It's troublesome when a macro who underestimates their influence moves poorly, it's likely to get twisted in an extra direction.

Although he is unconscious, Hiroshi already has his own faction in Loufeus College. With the exception of some professors, even opposing factions acknowledge their presence and strength, as well as their statements, on more than a certain line. Perhaps if he made any remarks against Loufeus College, 70% of the college professors and students would support the word.

Getting 70% support at Loufeus College makes an impact that Lauren's politics cannot ignore.

Therefore, do not let Hiroshi say bad things now.

"Why did you let the predecessors go wild after making them do it?

"Apparently my predecessors were suddenly ill and didn't have that much leeway. The Senate knew what the current king was capable of, but was therefore terrified that they would solve it and embezzle their achievements. He didn't think the justice guys were that crazy while they were in power."

"Add or subtract again..."

"If that's not the case, why can't we get rid of those idiots with that king's strength? He's the kind of king who gets ready for the demolition of the royal family, both inside and outside the country, without any enlightenment whatsoever?

"Well, let it be... In the first place, I can't understand the fact that such assholes hit the upper echelons of the country."

"At least, ten years ago, it seemed competent. You can be sure because your father and King Faure said that you were made to struggle a lot with that ability. The old age of incompetent workers who were capable in the past, but who would run wild without acknowledging their surroundings with ideas that did not follow the course of the times and were biased, and only influential and executable, what a time, not uncommon in any country. It just so happens, those guys just concentrated."

Honestly, Rayot lightens up the story, which is not a hoarding one as a country. It's actually a rare story, and it's a difficult story to grab on top to not give way as far back as such a human being.

"Nevertheless, after all, what did we ask of the King..."

"To give him a track record in fighting fools, wouldn't it?

Layot makes a comment about the blur of a macro with no body or lid. In the end, as Honda remained outside the mosquito nets until the end, the storm raging into Lauren's politics left with deep claw marks.