Fairy Tale Chronicles

Number one.

"I haven't had a human guest in three hundred and fifty years! It's a rude feast!

"Whoa! Hey, I brought you a secret barrel!

"Our secret Gorona grilled and roasted! Feed me hungry!

The Great Forest Zone near the altitude of the Great Spirit Peak of 5,000 meters. In the village of Highland Elves, around which the position that can be expressed by the word "middle belly" is also getting closer to turning around, a grand banquet was prepared in order to welcome a group of human species from the sky.

This village has a total population of about 600. Growing several alpine crops to support the population, mainly grazing, is a small but relatively large village in this world as a settlement for Highland Elves.

"Ah, this alcohol looks delicious. Can I taste it?

"Whoa, keep going!

Again, without any particular difficulty, the lightly familiar Makoto rocks on and storms the rare liquor in the condition of the village, which quickly became a banquet mood without having time to pinch its mouth.

For the record, the word used in the conversation between the Elves and the Makoto is Elves. The language of the villagers is usually lost as elf language.

Elf language is a language with a large number of masters, even the fair clock of the game, and Higashi is worn by all the basics. As with the native language, it is not at the level of speaking, but it is enough to be heard and spoken normally if it is not a quick or difficult rhetoric.

When I was staying in the village of Ortem, Honda couldn't hear the elves on several occasions simply because they were standing around early or deliberately making difficult rhetoric to catch them so that they couldn't understand the content.

"I've decided that elves in this world are the same as dwarves when it comes to alcohol."

Spring vegetables, which were watching a series of streams in a slightly dazzling manner, snapped small and puffy in Japanese, leaving them somewhat out of place.

They live in a land isolated from the lower boundary, where the common name among the elves is High Elves. According to an elf in the village of Ortem, he said he was hungry for more entertainment than the elves in the southern Great Forest, but he was expecting a little more elegance in terms of booze.

If you're going to say the result, that expectation is betrayed by no skin, and nothing is different from Dwarf's wanting to have a banquet as soon as something happens. It would also be natural for spring vegetables to be so blurry in Japanese.

Most importantly, it is a boulder problem to combine a dwarf who drinks as much as possible and cannot tolerate it when the customer is drinking it, but therefore cannot have a restaurant, with an elf that restrains itself to the extent that the restaurant can.

"When I think about it, as I imagined, an elf that leans and drinks quietly in a glass of wine is something I've seen."

"Master, I have never had an elf outside the village of Ortem in an alcoholic environment."

"Well, let it be."

Basically, the Hongda group of students have little chance of going to the tavern. Therefore, I have never encountered an elf drinking scene outside of a banquet. Mio pointed that out and turned his gaze to Tatsuya with anticipation...

"I basically only know about three people, too..."

"There aren't three of them. What?

"When the booze came around, it felt like reaching for ale or something. At that time, I was wondering if it was dyed because it was about the adventurer..."

"In reality, is that why you did it?"


A group of students with a lot of tense down to report from Tatsuya. Apparently, there are no smart elves in this world that you would imagine hearing and imagining as elves.

While I'm saying that, drinks also come around to Honda. Regardless of Tatsuya, the group of students seems to be properly non-alcoholic, so I'm relieved about that.

"Have you gone for a drink?

"The more you start!

Where drinks and dishes have gone, the village chief and elders proclaim exaltedly. The feast of the High Elves was no less than that of the Dwarves.

"What the hell, I did the high elf just like I imagined it to be..."

Three days later. Say goodbye to the carefully interacted high elves, and that's how the hong spills in the ship aiming for the summit of the Great Spirit Peak.

Around here completely isolated from the lower boundary. The air is also thin to the extent that it can normally result in alpine disease in places where, in some days, it can hide completely in the clouds. Even though it is such a land, forests thrive at densities that are no different from those of the southern Great Forest Zone just because the plant phase is different.

The High Elves taught me one end of the reason, but that was convincing content, while at the same time sufficient to make me feel like an earlier macro had leaked it.

"But World Tree Hey"

"You got it right in this world, too."

Why the Great Spirit Peak combines blizzard and the Great Forest Zone even near the summit, boasting the height and peril of overtaking the Earth's Himalayas. That was the presence of the world tree that the High Elves spoke of.

In the first place, the Great Spirit Peak is called the Great Spirit Peak because the world tree grows on top of the mountain.

"Oh, no, Macro"


"You've trampled the Great Spirit Cave many times, haven't you?


"You haven't seen the world tree?

"Maybe we should do the conditionality thing. The Great Spirit Grotto itself, the place only clears about the production group and its body in the place, and the production group is basically, there are a lot of people outside of the quest for extra skill tears, so there is a flag for god tears. If you do it, you can do anything. Me, too, but I've done a quick grand quest to flag God or something, with a rough human clearance status up to a preface or a chapter at best."

True harp snorts that too, to the words of Hiroshi.

As a real problem, the majority of VRMMOs, including the "Fairy Tail Chronicle," have NPC's AI almost unchanged from that of humans. Therefore, anything that involves a relationship in the flag, the verification team is also in the mood to throw verification.

That's going to impress me a lot, splashing the Grand Quest across all the players, but I'm simply doing something about this in the rough way of classifying NPC and player relationships into several typologies and developing scenarios to match the closest typologies. Therefore, while it is the way relationships are constructed that remains the out-of-the-box advice, otherwise some detailed tactical data is validated for each route.

Regardless, that's going to be a lot of bankruptcy, so when it comes to collecting general items and quests that aren't miscellaneous fish crusades, you're deluding yourself in a way that generates individual maps for each player, or for each party, to develop the story after making sure that no players are involved once you've completed it.

So if you don't try to move on, you don't know which route the player side is going on either. Yet one factor that makes Faircro's grand quest hard to move on is the specifications that players who are going on different routes can't work with each other.

For the record, the validation of production skills has not progressed, simply because it takes a tremendous amount of time to develop skills. Still, when it comes to the early stages, you can train your skills discreetly, and with the hands of a new validation team that doesn't involve ancient ginseng artisan players, it's time to narrow down the very conditions of the making mastery. Later, we are entering the stage of who realizes that the existence of civil engineering, which is a minor skill, fishing and enchantment, will also enter into production skills, and who will hold on to the figure of proficiency of more than fifty for all production skills.

"There's a lot going on over there this time, and if you step through the Great Spirit Grotto, there might be something."

"Right. You'll never know until you clear it first."

In the end, the conclusion settles there.

"So, what's it like to get to the Great Spirit Grotto?

"I'll fly slowly now, but if you still have an hour, well, you can discover it."

Before that word ends, the ship jumps into the clouds. Continue to rise straight up for a minute or so for safety and discover a string of highly-high mountains around the altitude of the altimeter greatly exceeding 10,000 meters.

"Maybe somewhere around there."

"Hey, Hong-kun"


"In the game age, how did you get here?

"Sora, make a lot of gear and climb the mountain."


Spring vegetables and Tatsuya cease to be insensitive to Hiroshi. In fact, the height is much lower when it is a game, so it could be reached without imitation like rock climbing. True harp and Mio are normal because they know that the games were not as unscrupulous an environment as the sight we are now seeing.

Still, most players have never come to the Great Spirit Cave because climbing through Mount Fuji where there are no hiking trails is difficult enough, and usually Wyburn-class monsters strike along the way.

A good number of tactical teams have stepped in before the Higashita Artisan players became immersed, but they are never coming again after holding out until they are able to use the consumables in hand because of the extra inconvenience and the first items available. If at least the collection and mining are not advanced, the specification that lower dungeons are better for items available in the Great Spirit Grotto makes the offensive team stunningly wasted.

When this becomes a group of craftsmen, because it is a mountain of treasure from the road in the first place, it is a ritual of passage for senior craftsmen to hold on to items like simple cottages that also take care of the spring vegetables and strive uncomfortably for the Great Spirit Grotto while picking up what they can pick.

"... so how did the members to step through the Great Spirit Grotto

"I'm building a hut for transfer point records in front of the Great Spirit Grotto, so I'll meet you at Urs and Stillen when I'm on a full-scale offense, and one trip with a transfer stone did the basics."

"I see. What was it like in the Great Spirit Cave?

"Monsters have a lot of basic non-actives. The strength is roughly as average as Cerberus. More importantly, moss and ore that can be picked inside. It's just that the boss was pretty good."

Mostly non-active, I hear, true harp with a strange face. She has never been to the Great Spirit Cave herself, but her fellow abolitionists have told me what's going on inside. From what it looked like then, at least none of the non-active monsters should have existed.

"Macro, is it true that almost non-active?


"... that's crazy. Looks like it was all an active monster when I heard it from Gilmen..."

"... I don't know what the terms are. Maybe it's different from the area where we artisans come and go and the area where Makoto's Gilmen attacked."

"Ah, it seems possible..."

Faircloth is the place where these mean specifications are planted. That much will be done normally.

Arriving at the summit of the tallest mountain in the middle of that conversation, a row discovers a large, pompous cave. From a somewhat clean spatial situation, this would be a good place to go in the Great Spiritual Grotto.

"Well, I've discovered the destination, and if I make a cabin for the transfer formation, I'll eat and explore."

"In the end, you're gonna build a cabin?

"Come here once and it won't end all the time, will it?

"Sure, you are"

Spring vegetables that do agree with that assertion of the Hong. He decided not to say anything about turning it into a hut for setting up a transfer team instead of a hut for recording transfer points for now.

Three hours later, a row finished eating a mixed sandwich inside a splendid makeshift cabin where a transfer formation was set up went into the Great Spiritual Grotto with exasperation.

"Hey, dig around here. Yeah?

Break into the Great Spirit Cave for thirty minutes. I waited for the third time from the Macro, but it takes.

"I don't mind because material collection is the main thing, but now what?

"Maybe there's a mineral vein of iron ore around here."

Take out the stirrups and answer that as you gently dig the walls. A line that listens to the answers of the macro, nods small and decides to watch the work.

Unfortunately, most of what's in here is beyond the reach of a macro. Mio will also be somewhat of a force for taking moss, etc., but only a macro can dig walls.

"I knew it was divine iron. Pretty pure, too."

"What do you mean?"

"Somebody make one weapon for now."

"Right. Finally, we're going to be a weapon made of Shinto steel."


Finally, the highest metallic materials that can be used for weapons will come to the Macro in sufficient quantities. Unfortunately due to the lack of other materials, it is not yet possible to create artifacts, but nevertheless even those made of amuon steel can create weapons of performance that draw apart greatly in all respects.

"Whether to collect artifact material and process it all at once, or simply make a weapon made of Shinto steel as a stepping stone"

"Ahhh, I'm definitely worried about you there..."

"It's a short period of time to use it, but I'm worried that maybe I can make it and collect the materials myself. It's possible."


True harp that similarly haunts your head to a magnificent announcement of troubling issues as you continue to dig through the cancer walls.

If this is a potion-like consumable, let's just make it and there's no problem. Because I can always use it if I want to.

But not when it's a weapon. A very difficult question arises about what to do with objects that are no longer in use. You can choose who you want to sell, at best what you sold off to the adventurers for a joke at the Grand Martial Party in Faure. When it comes to what you're using now or what's made of Shinto steel, even if you choose someone, it's just dangerous stuff that you can't give away to the detour.

For example, the dagger Mio uses is so much a product that lime may be able to chop off Wyburn's neck, and Spring Vegetable Rapier could be tailored to an extremely incompatible metal golem system even when rushing out. Mio's dagger, Spring Vegetable Rapier and, of course, True Harp's knife are likely to be completely truncated from weapon to weapon on the day they receive it with a normal weapon up to about Magic Iron.

It is also natural that a concern arises as to how to dispose of such a thing.

"Well, I'll think about that later, ya. If we can pick the latter kind, then maybe if we break through to the middle level here, we can make a variety of first-class potions."

"What do you mean, maybe?

"I can finally cure Sister Ele's body"

"Oh well. Then we have to work hard!

Spring vegetables temper the good news brought to them by Hong and Mio. Most unfortunately, there is nothing in her arms she can do but fight.

"But really all the monsters, non active hey..."

"Something about you guys. I feel like you're acting like you're doing it as soon as I see you"

"Why don't you just flag it..."

Tatsuya and Makoto can only blur with a subtle face when they see a wolf as high as a silver elephant lay low as they see a mahogany and a spring vegetable, or a golden fox pave the way, acting what they obviously only think they recognize as their superior. Hiroshi also seems to be having trouble reacting to the attitude of the too obvious monsters.

"Mm-hmm. But these kids are so mundane and they feel good."

"Normundane is justice"

Spring vegetables and Mio, who had hand-minded wolves and foxes because Hippo was mining, say such things happily as they nodded their whole bodies at the giant fur. He rubs his body with a strangely pleasant attitude that doesn't even seem like a wolf or fox on the caress of spring vegetables and Mio, which he does not want to describe as exactly fluffy while nodding his whole body.

"In the meantime, I've dug up the mines here, so it's time to move."

"Ha ha. See you later."

Spring vegetables prompted by the macro and remnantly pulled off the body from the fur. Mio also unfortunately frees the fox. The liberated wolves and foxes also sit a little lonely somewhere.

Most of all, it is doubtful whether carnivores the size of elephants can be represented by a slightly pseudoacoustic sound.

"... Master"


"I think what we've been missing is a lot."

"What's suddenly abrupt..."

A macro that puts a penetration into the Mio on his face, which is still subtly melted out, in a frivolous fashion. But unexpectedly, backup against Mio flies from Tatsuya, who is supposed to go around poking around with us at times like this.

"No, it's true, a fuzzy fur worn pet didn't have any connection at all..."

"Octogal is a mollusk, and Hirohiko doesn't have a slightly different touch with his feathers..."

"Pome is a vegetable, and because it explodes in the first place, it's not the object you love."

A dialogue emerges affirming the opinion that not only Tatsuya, but also true harp, spring vegetables and Mio's are not fuzzy enough.

"Well, Hiroshi, don't you like animals?

"Ainya. I have a cat at home, and don't hate dogs if they're crushed."

"... Could there be any trauma?

"When I was in elementary school, when I was playing with roller skating, I had a fried phrase that was paid for by the huskies, and then I got carried away..."

A dog bigger than Mio right now. A macro who answers with a bitter smile the experience crushed by it. It doesn't matter now, but once upon a time, all the slightly bigger dogs were scary.

Honestly now, I'm not scared at all compared to women and chocolate as much as dogs crush me.

"Well, I don't think you're scared right now."

"... well"

"Spring Vegetables and you keep something?

"I guess we're cats, too. We all have to vacate the house, including me and my sister. Sometimes, the dog can't be left alone for a long time, so we can't have it for a bit."

"I envy my master and my sister Chun..."

Mio, who was not a pet because of his own physical problems. I listen very jealously to talk about having a cat at home.

"When you get better over there, why don't you give it a try?

"Mm, I will."

If you can keep going over there, your body will heal properly sooner or later. Mio, who knows that, nods at Spring Vegetable's suggestion. There's a lot of potential for the dreams I gave up, just for one thing, that it was worth coming here for.

"Hey, stop"


"Grow up there, gelt grass all over. I'll be the one with the applied recipe, but that's where the primary potion ingredients are complete and"

Copy that.

Treasure trove of premium materials, Great Spirit Grotto. So at last, the materials of the long-awaited primary potion for all kinds of humans are in order.

"... boss, is this your room?

"… maybe. But in this case, what happens to the boss?

Six hours later. Hand-written maps are also buried in the foreground, a line that secretly consults where it is no longer the last place. I'm about to explore from corner to corner, finish collecting tons of material, and decide whether it's time to go back to the workshop or not.

At the end of the line of sight is a fairly large square. Sometimes the lights are only on hand and cannot be seen from the position of Honda to the back. The ceiling is also quite high, and there is usually enough room for a monster in a feature film to storm around. The entrance and exit are also about twenty meters wide and 10% wide, and I don't have that much trouble fighting.

In time, it is troubling whether or not to deal with the boss. Before that, considering the monsters on the road who came to nostalgia aggressively rather than without any hostile reaction, it is also a delicate question as to whether it will be a battle in the first place.

"So, what do you want me to do?

"If you take too long, you'll be late for dinner..."

"After all, it's rice..."

"Rice's important, isn't it? Especially for Mio growing up."

Spring vegetables that don't just stop worrying about eating under any circumstances, even though it's not like they're tense enough to eat. Initially when I came here, the main thing was to improve the menu, but now they care about the body of the younger group. Tatsuya and Makoto have a lot to think about in their thoughts like a mother, but I dare not say anything here.

"Sister Chun, I'm hungry"

"Right. I'm hungry, too."

Time outside is about seven o'clock at night. I'm hungry, and I just want to finish dinner because of other circumstances.

"It's just that fighting after eating something decent is pretty tough..."

"You have that. I don't move too flashy positionally, but I do move around a lot."

"Oxide Circle, if it's a cluttered fish with a single shot, it's fine, but whatever it is, it's not the boss."

Decent rice and boss fights, Tatsuya and Makoto honestly spitting out their shaky minds. After all, it's rice, etc., but I still want to eat something decent if I can eat Tatsuya too.

"... I can't seem to afford to say the mess anymore"

Before a conclusion can be drawn as to what to do with the rice, a messenger announcing the expiration of time gently puts his head out of the boss room.


"Here's another big wolf..."

It was a giant silver wolf with a width of more than fifteen metres on his head alone who came to see the hounds that would never come in.

'Aren't you coming in?

"Telepathy, I can do it."

"Exactly, the structure of my mouth doesn't allow me to speak human language."

Spring vegetables that suddenly surprise wolves who have spoken directly into their heads and divulge their honest thoughts. As I care about you more than I can communicate with you, the point is off the same as before.

"If you go in, don't you suddenly get attacked or something?

What do you think I am?

"The Lord of these caves and such somehow has that image..."

"This will be the case with less intelligent dragons, etc., but once the protector of the Divine Realm, we have no reason to attack what smells like a thick god"

Wolves urging you to come in early, saying things you shouldn't listen to in plain sight. A line that looks at the word and goes in fear.

"Well done. Let's Welcome '

Just inside, the silver wolf speaks a welcome word. I had expected it from the size of my face, but it is quite powerful when it comes to wolves over two hundred meters long.

Leviathan, caught by the Horn, is exceptional, besides being the largest creature they encounter. This hall, where such a wolf can normally move around, is large enough to enter a city of what can be called a city, no matter how small it may be estimated.

It is strangely mysterious thanks to the slight light emitted by the wolf on a very wide, but on the contrary it seems to be a very murderous landscape environment, depending on what you think, even though it is so wide.

"I don't care what you think, I don't think you can get out of here. Is there any inconvenience?

"Is that where you care first"

"Don't worry about it. Intellectual life forms that seem smarter than humans are trapped in places like this, and are mentally okay, including all kinds of problematic environments."

'Normally, you would certainly be going mad or starving. Unfortunately, as long as I'm in this Great Spirit Cave, I don't need a meal, and as a guardian, I have no other work to do, so I don't have any crazy elements. Besides, in the first place, you can only get in and out, and you can keep it together as long as you can get in and out.'

"I see."

A wolf who returns largely the necessary answers to what Macho cared about. Given the size of the body and the type of organisms and number of individuals living in the Great Spiritual Grotto, I had generally expected that there would be no need for a meal, so there is no particular surprise there.

'In the meantime, the Lord is qualified to enter the Divine Domain. Therefore, there is no need to impose a test on your lords as guardians. Also, there are limits, but I don't care if you bring up what's in the Divine Domain as you please'

"Lai Lai Fat Yan"

'Cause that's what I do. However, if you want our furs, fangs, etc., you will let the boulders fight a battle.'

"It's very troubling..."

The wolf stabbed me with a nail, a macro that honestly seems to bother me. I want the wolves fur. With dragons, behemoth leather, and the like, you can make the best performance leather materials. But hunting for non-hostile creatures that are able to communicate or miss their will and stripping them of material is where they learn a little resistance.

"I fought the creatures here. I don't know..."

"The creature here is not technically a life form, so I hope I don't feel comfortable fighting it?

"That kind of problem. Oh, my God."

'Is that what this is about? So you can fight and strip them normally if you let them attack the split I created?

"Yes, but it's more belligerent again."

To the wolf who pushes the battle if you do, a macro that leaks bitterness. I almost suffer from understanding why I want to fight so much.

'Let's be honest. Only a few times have I fought properly to say I grew up fighting as a guardian. The last time I fought was about three hundred and fifty years ago, it seemed rusty and troublesome. "

"No, no, no. If the normal opponent does it, it will be lightly peppery with its forelegs for a moment."

"Is it that easy for the lords?

"Let's think about the weight difference..."

Wolves wasting their plain battleholic thought routines leaking. That story An ambition that keeps the person in a tired manner. Tatsuya is also subtly frightened.

Note, especially when I say what were the women who had no sign of trying to make a comment......

"... and the tail is tight"

"If you're a wolf this size, you might be as shark as you bury your whole body"

"Just shake it gently and it's going to blow up to the wall, but I'm really worried about the touch..."

He had taken all of his interest to a fat tail as much as a house.

"Nevertheless, your fellow Lord can't seem to help but care about this tail"

Thermal gaze to be poured. A wolf who takes it and waves his tail small with a bitter smile. The women's gaze is nailed to their gently shaking tails without shock.

"I want to touch it...... I want to touch it..."

Mio flutters closer to his tail as he leaks his desires in vain. A furry creature not hostile, completely obsessed with its magic.

"I don't care enough to touch your tail, but be careful not to bury it and choke it."

That's what I said, a wolf who softly offers his tail in a lying down position. On the tail offered, the women cheering and going to bury it. Unexpectedly, the length of the hair did not seem so long, and if it is Mio, the whole body is buried, but if it is spring vegetables, it is usually escapable.

The women who keep forgetting me and playing with that superb touch and fluffy feeling. It was not until thirty minutes later that I remembered the meal.


"Are you awake?

I don't know. The next day. The first spring vegetables to wake up greet the wolves in the morning as they prepare for breakfast.

'I also thought yesterday that in a place like this, you cook slowly and thoroughly. Are all the adventurers in the lower realm now?

"Maybe it's just us. Our team has plenty of cookware."

'Is that what this is all about?

"Yeah. He's been sticking around a lot over there, so it's got to be for sure"

Set the rice in a rice cooker, pick a sizzy one from Leviathan's seapillars and finish the undertreatment to make it into a miso soup utensil, and go into the preparation of other freaks while taking a dashi with kelp and a pastry. Spring vegetables that honestly tell the words of wolves who were observing the hands-on work that they were deviating from the public.

The other dish suddenly loses about two hundred grams of Rockbore bacon when I peek at the food list wondering what to do.

"Ah, Hiroshi, good morning"

"Good morning."

"Do you feel like bacon in the morning?

"I just think it's time we had this rock bore bacon. Yeah, I always felt it."

"Ah, speaking of which, this is the rest of the bacon I made out of the meat I hunted during my escort request before Farlane left."

There is a huge variety of ingredients sleeping in the Azma Workshop's food pantry. Because the fruits of the hunt will basically be in one unit, meat will not be converted to money outside the stall, so it cannot be consumed.

Still, the consumption of monster ingredients that are less difficult to cook than troll birds is quite progressing because the workshop staff cooks and eats them on their own. The problem is that the staff are somewhat overwhelmed, like Rockbore, but the ingredients that Hongda would prefer to consume, such as local ingredients, to Behemoth, Leviathan and Galvalenzia, will be hard to look at. This one is no longer consumed at all, as the pace of consumption dropped gakungly from around the area where Hongdae hunted Behemoth too much on track and was stabbed to a halt by Leviathan.

As a result, processed foods like Rockbore bacon, when they were made, what verbal language comes out, become all sorts of warehouse fattening.

"I used a lot of baked fish for breakfast here at Leviathan's place, so there's no way I wanted to change my mind every once in a while."

"Well, you have to look between them and forget about these fine things."

"I don't know. Bomber bear meat, I still have about two heads left."

"Ahhh, I have one Pieranok leg left in plain sight..."

Hiroshi and spring vegetables that do not stop the cooking hand and sigh by checking the ingredients inventory. No matter how much anti-corruption you say it won't rot, it was about another year ago when you put Piaranok in place. I wouldn't be able to help but leak a sigh.

I was only blinded by the ingredients that I have secured in 10,000 tonnes, and I can only say that I failed to consume the fine ingredients of this hand.

"For ingredients with little left, let's use them for breakfast"

"Let it go. I can't do it all, but I can use the rest of the kilo or so tomorrow or so."

Spring vegetables that, if that's the case, start to loosen themselves up to make Piaranok's leg meat a salad. The finished product will taste like a salad made with crab cama.

Rather than honestly making Rockbore bacon into bacon eggs and tailoring them together during Pieranok, I serve a pile of potatoes seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce made with Giant Hornet honey, which I have been honorably sacrificed to make spider silk.

Then, where the miso soup is completed and the breakfast is ready, before the other members wake up, they remove the epidermis of the desert monster, Hujcactus, and cut it into corners, dare to finish dessert or snack with yogurt with Giant Hornet honey, and finish cooking in the morning.

"Giant Hornet honey, about half of it."

"It feels like Pieranoke's leg hasn't lost a dozen percent. I wonder how many days it will take before I finish eating my first joint..."

"Evil Tiger's meat, bacon or not, will increase consumption."

"Ahhh, booze knobs, I've been biased against Leviathan's Geso lately..."

"You're talking a long time."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables are experiencing helplessness before ingredients that are likely to be edible and inedible. To both of them, the wolf pinches his mouth as if he were frightened.

"There are many things in the shrine that guide you after a meal that can be an ingredient, but are you okay with that?


"I'm glad to have more new ingredients, but I'm a little troubled at the moment that I haven't been able to use old ingredients..."

The future of Honda seems difficult everywhere.

Unfortunately, I almost deserve it, so there's no room for sympathy.

"Oh my goodness. Meat this morning?

"Ah, good morning, Makoto. I just remembered there was some rock bore bacon left."

"Good morning. Leviathan's not the main course today, is he?"

"Morning, Tatsuya. I think we should sort out the ingredients a little bit."

As I rethink my plans for future food consumption, I will comment on the main dish that hasn't been Leviathan in about two weeks since Makoto and the others who were still asleep woke up.

"Leviathan? Sure, that'll take a long time to finish eating. '

"Have you eaten?

"Only once in the age of mythology, yeah. It's a good memory that it took me about three days to mobilize and consume guardians like me to finish eating."

"It took me three days..."

Spring vegetables leak their thoughts along with a slightly drawn bitter smile to the big story on various scales. In the first place, I wondered why I was feathered eating Leviathan in the mythological era, but I decided not to comment because I was afraid to put a snake on it.

"Sister Chun, just eat and move to the shrine"

"Oh, yeah."

It was accompanied by a flavor of a menu breakfast aimed at consuming defective stock, stuck in a belly peppered Mio.


The shrine visited, guided by wolves, was precisely paradise.

"That tremendously convincing tree is the world tree. Yeah?

"Oh. Most of the trunk is underground due to general circumstances, but it's a world tree."

A vast meadow that I don't think has been moved from the summit of the Great Spirit Peak. A wolf answers a supplementary explanation to the question of the grassland, which the Ursus would softly enter, a macroscopic question blinded by the great tree, which once again gave rise to a sacred atmosphere in its center.

Looking back, you can see the summit of the mountain where the snow will linger, and you can't see the clouds at all when you look up at the sky, but you can see a lot more clouds when you look down from the gap between the mountain and the mountain, so there is no question that this is the place surrounded by the highest mountains of the Great Spirit Peak.

But the temperature that the macro is feeling is about twenty-three degrees. I dare to adjust the enchant to be somewhat linked to the outside environment, so if the temperature we are feeling is twenty-three degrees, I guess the temperature in this meadow is twenty-three degrees.

Furthermore, the concentrations of barometric pressure and air are not very different from the lower limits. Without the perennial snow behind it, and without the presence of the world tree, it is likely that you would normally be fooled into lying that it is a meadow near Urus.

"So, I just realized..."


"Fields and fields over there, who manages them?

'I told you I was the janitor, right?

"Are you working in the field..."

'Cause that's what I do. "Home gardens are a lot of fun."

Home garden by a giant wolf. Tatsuya feels something creepy about the words. Even though I have been properly fantasized so far, I suddenly feel all kinds of crazy.

"Do the breeds that grow here grow properly on the ground?

"I don't know if I can try. It's just a normal transplant."

Exactly through the term wolf's home garden and take steps that the Hong and Spring Vegetables bring out all sorts of things. There are a lot of people who are too late to think about growing up first.

"Well, let's just, uh, harvest the guy from the time."

"Right. How much can I pick?

'You can take everything that is fruitful in the fields and fields. There are as many seeds as there are.'

"Well, sweeten to your words"

Sweet for the fat words of wolves, spring vegetables harvesting potatoes, cabbage, onions, beans, etc. The hong that was concerned with rice is a full pitch in the rice pruning.

True harps moving to farming, caught up in the horns and spring vegetables. Although we became anxious to see whether we could harvest crops grown in places like this in our own capacity, the harvest would proceed without wonder or particular difficulty because Hong was being treated as a work supervisor.

"Much has been harvested, and to some extent moved to the warehouse"

Copy that.

The harvesting operation will continue silently for about two hours, where all several crops have been harvested, and will be housed in the food pantry as suggested by Spring Vegetables. If the macro is not expanding its capacity with divine power grant, it will once again store one vegetable after another in an amount likely to compress the warehouse.

"Hey, hey!

When the storage work is finished and we have ascertained how much it has become, Tatsuya puts all the effort into the name of the displayed crop.

"Uh, what...?

"Divine rice, divine jaga, divine cabbage, divine onion..."

Spring vegetables and Mio, attracted by Tatsuya's all-powerful penetration, make a sinister face by checking the name of the crop.

"What's this straight name..."

"Hey, I think this is terrible"

Spring vegetables and Mio painfully understand why Tatsuya would want to go into a crop with a name that is too clueless and completely open, which she thinks should be godly about anything.

I don't know who gave it a name, but a few more twisted names won't get me punished. That is the unified view of man, who has confirmed his name.

"Oh, but this bean has a different name."

"What name?

"Uh, Xian..."

"Sister Chun, that name is absolutely dangerous"

"Really? I changed my name."

The moment Mio puts him in, the bean is changed firmly to the name Divine Bean. The faces of all parties involved become even more sinister in a stream that obviously just seems to be waiting to penetrate.

"So, but... Doesn't this give you the 'Dinner of the Gods' skill?

"Ah, maybe. After that, I wonder if it's about bird meat..."

Later, in the words of bird meat, spring vegetables, for some reason something cold runs on the spine of everyone except the macro.

"Hey, bird meat doesn't end up like behemoth or anything...?

"I don't know, but for now I can handle the warehouse capacity up to the same size as Leviathan..."

"No, that's not the problem, that's the problem"

Tatsuya hunts him down with relentless penetration into spring vegetables that return a missed focus answer to the point as he swims his gaze. If I don't like it here, I will regret it. Forget the word that such obsessive-compulsive notions are a handicap to Tatsuya.

"Hey, hey, yeah?

"Duh, what's wrong, Hiroshi?

When the bird meat came into contact with the four spring vegetables, the hong, who was working a little far away, returns and speaks.

"In the meantime, the world tree gave me about four branches, so it's some kind of tree-planting idea. Akane, what's going on?

"He gave me a branch..."

"No, I don't. I stopped nearby and it wobbled. It broke like four bottles and rolled to my feet. It's got leaves on it, too. There's still healthy branches."

"Well, that's for sure..."

"Once I checked, I swayed like I was holding it, so I got a thank you."

Four branches so thick that I want to say that they are round-tails that I carried on my back, and a few branches of just the right size to tangle with, he fell with me at that time, a macro that goes on to explain. They are all branches that still look healthy, enclosing so much sanctity that I don't want to lay flat with the power of not being sprinkled just by looking at them.

"Well, isn't one good for Urs' workshop yard?

"I don't know if I'll have three left, if that's all there is to it. For once, I've never thought about one..."

"Two bottles left? Well, come on, why don't you just think about it?

"Let it go. So, there's another one..."

Spring vegetables open their mouths, whispering the macro trying to keep explaining.

"It's about that potato worm, right?

"Something sticks to my back at some point, get away from me..."

"You're so calm."

A potato worm the size of a thumb, clinging to the back of a macro, just around the shoulder strap of his back. I'm pretty sure it's not just a potato worm more than being here.

In the first place, I say potato worms, but their appearance is deformed to comic book ticks, not to the Merchen lineage if that is also to be exact, but to gag comics. It is not vivid for that matter, but it seems odd to say that the potato worm has a thick face on it when it is done with an eyeball called a bug.

"Do you think I lost it?

'Shall I take you?

"Why do you always say that..."

"No, it's time for you guys to become family. You need a candidate."

"Humans don't need that..."

A wolf who says things that should not be heard down, the man who is supposed to be a mess enters without power. After I finished my errands at the Great Library, the people at God's Side always have trouble treating this guy like a human being.

"In the first place, why the potato worm?"

"Craftsmen would use as much cloth as they wanted."

"Does this guy throw up too..."

A potato bug that responds to a macroscopic blur or makes a piggy, subtle squeal and spits out yarn to show. It makes me cry where delicate communication is established.

"... Hiro..."

"Ah, yeah. I'll give up..."

Apparently, he doesn't have a choice but to take him home. Spring vegetables, which at some point were approaching a distance that did not put any pressure on the macro, feeding the discarded part of the divine cabbage's outer skin, somehow make me feel destined for the future.

"Spring Vegetables, I'm going to feed you, but at least stop doing it when you're on my back..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I can't stand watching..."

"Well, yeah. Back to the top workshop..."

Where spring vegetables showed that they were generous and well looked after by insects, it was for now a line to cut up work in paradise once.