"I finally have all the ingredients, and before I go, I'll make Sister Ele's medicine."

The day after the jizz dismantling noise. In many ways, where it has settled down, Hiroshi says something like that. Most importantly, the reaction of the members who heard it

"I can finally treat Elaine."

"It took longer than I thought"

"Now the king can rest assured."

"I'm pretending to be okay, but sometimes it seems like a lot of work, Master Elaine."

Like that, I'd rather make it out of it, but it's an attitude.

"So, all you make is a primary potion?

"That's what I'm gonna do."

"You don't make weapons or anything?

"A little suspension, all over the place. I don't care if you make it, it's like a knife."

I was just wondering if today would be a day for making things, words like shoulder watermarks. Spring vegetables with a suspicious face, giving cabbage to potato worms stuck on the back of a macro, to such a magnificent language.

"Primary potion, does it take that long?

"Do it normally, in roughly fifty units for thirty minutes, all over the place. I can shorten it, but this is the first time I've made it over here, and the equipment is a little out of rank, and I'll be careful just in case, so I thought it would be about 45 minutes. Adjusting the number of bottles is almost the same time, so unless you have enough ingredients, it's not more efficient to make them in fifty bottles."

"From start to finish, can't you just stick around all the time?

"After fine-tuning the reaction, hold on from start to finish, Akane."

"Oh well. You don't make soma or anything?

"There's no way we're all gonna get together just in the Great Spirit Grotto. Soma and Amrita have to go to Faldania and Marcto to find the material."

We'll hear that explanation and convince ourselves why we narrow it down to just the primary potion for now. Together. There, even more macros pinch comments.

"So, after noon around the end of the three types of potion, if I plant the branches of the world tree, I think I'll be able to get to the jizz dish, it feels like a lot."

"Ah, speaking of which, there were also branches of the world tree, weren't there? Are you all right here in the garden?

"Lime will do his best. Solomycen will purify it."

"It is. I hope so."

A story about planting a world tree in a garden ends with a conversation of that degree with a Macro and a Spring Vegetable. As always, they tell stories that are likely to be fussy if asked by outsiders.

"Master, what about the soul crystal?

"I want to divert Soma's ingredients, so this is also a pass today. If I make the same thing, I want to make it as good as I can."

"Roger. I mean, potions in the morning, garden teasing and culinary research in the afternoon?

"I don't know."

Hiroshi snorts at Mio for summing up his plans for Sakuri. To sum it all up, it's a day's plans like nothing, but it's all really interesting where we're stepping into the legendary world.

"So why aren't the fam and the others here?

"I'm already at work"

"If you mix up with our meeting, you're going to run away because you're going to hear what you're not supposed to hear."

Fams showing great escape legs. I know royalty has gotten used to boulders this way, but you honestly don't want to touch stories that seem to concern the backbone of the world, such as how God is how the world tree is.

"Well, I don't care. Yeah. In the meantime, make a sakuri potion."

Clean up the escaped disciples in a nutshell. If your arms go up, you'll be in a world where you don't want to be involved. They decided to leave it because they didn't have to drag it in haste either.

"Well, we'll dismantle each of the monsters we shot down, and then we'll check the jizz area for some detail."

I'll take care of that.

Spring vegetables that I declare I will try a lot about ingredients for now while the Hong can't let go of my hand. Twenty meters is more than enough for an intact Lesser Dragon, etc., but dismantling that size now is not a big task. A combination of spring vegetables and Mio can be dismantled without scratching important ingredients, as long as the whole head is thirty minutes.

Most individuals are worn out and can't take very good materials because they are tailored with demon-guided lasers and magic missiles unlike before.

"Me and Makoto are going to say hello to the people who helped us yesterday."

"In the end, no one received the money, and we have to thank them properly."

Tatsuya and Makoto, who are not competent enough to be involved in productive activities, seem to go around greeting yesterday's relevant departments and collaborators as elders. That's all the noise, though there's nothing I can do. Even if no one is losing money, if we don't put it through our muscles properly, we have a bad reputation and we feel uncomfortable.

"Don't drink too much because dinner tonight will be cooked with new ingredients"

He said, "I know."

Makoto is stabbed with a nail by a spring vegetable and raises his hand gently with a bitter smile. Makoto, who imitates like a banquet every time he greets you, has no credibility at all at times like this.

"Here, do it."

Where the elderly group has left, with the voice of temper, the ambition to declare the start of production activities. Preparation to fly around the world was to go a little further.

"Now, I wonder how to distribute fifty one-lot pieces of all species as well as make them."

With the potato worm stuck on his back, he figured out what to do with the delivery destination of the potion he made while under-treating the basic material, Roxtan grass, to be used in all types of primary potions. Experience to date understands that if primary potions are supplied to certain countries in a detour, that can trigger war.

When I was flown into this world a year and a while ago, Randy and Kurt, the first inhabitants of this world I met, explained the same thing, but at the time I didn't pin it. I thought we would normally produce and secure first-degree potions when the boulders are in the upper echelons of the country.

But the reality was harsh. Even large countries like Farlane can produce in their own countries up to the fourth level at best. Then I wish I could make ten bottles and make two, and the only thing I can make steadily is a body full of five grades. Even Lauren, the most productive in potion-related matters, is unproductive and almost legendary for more than three levels.

In such an environment, it can be a war of usurpation without jokes if you sprinkle with a first-degree potion that can cure everything but sickness and curse by using three kinds as long as you live.

Moreover, if a primary potion can be produced, it can also create a primary panacea that can treat almost all of the abnormal types of conditions, including illness and curse. There's no way it won't be a source of trouble.

There are various limitations to saying boulder is first class, but that limitation is an element that cannot happen without being attacked directly by the Evil God class, so it would not be a matter of concern.

"In the meantime, even if Farlane gives some preference over its home base, the question is how much it will accommodate the three countries of Dar, Faure and Lauren."

Think about it for a while as you finish the under-treatment of Roxtan grass and take out Barcela, a highly effective moss, for treatment. The ingredients themselves are well secured, so if they are, they may need to be made additionally, but that is a troublesome place that is likely to become a new spark.

Moreover, only those four countries currently have direct ties, but after this they will undoubtedly face Marcto and Faldania. If we're going to get along with you, we're going to need more first-degree potions.

Besides, we have to think about what we're going to use. In that case, in the number of fifty one-lots at a time, it is obviously too little.

I don't know if I know what's bothering me, but I crawl around the edge of the table with potato worms. Seeing them plain away from the work space, they take care not to interrupt them for once.

"Today, as a matter of fact, when the world tour is over, I'm going to have to sit back and make it."

A macro who decides it's going to take quite a huge number and will consider various things, including material collection, in his head. Even in the meantime, no hand in potion making stops, and immense magic continues to pour in without stopping for a moment.

Every time, the task of making things drains far more energy than bad combat. Even if the maximum health and magic consumption is no longer proportional, the amount of energy required to make one is terrifying in the first place, so the cost is not lighter.

Simply because the cost of depletion without a second is overwhelmingly lighter for the average person than a percent of the maximum for a macro, it is relatively much easier, and it is unlikely that anything that can be produced with advanced skills can be made with lighter depletion than grade VIII or out-of-grade potions. In the first place, if you make a grade six or less potion with the skill of a macro, you won't consume any health or magic trying to make tens of thousands.

No matter how unfamiliar you think about it, it's a strange story to have so much extreme L.A., but it's going to be hard to decide to say that laws of physics and stuff like that are different there anymore.

"All this time, I miss the stock that's flooded the warehouse of the game..."

It's been a long time since I've thought about the contents of a warehouse in the game, mixing Roxtan and Barcela pastes, adding some medicinal herbs, monster meat and other things treated there, diluting them in the sea of life to make basic stock solutions. Primary (level 8 notation in the game) potion made at least 10,000 copies of each kind to improve your skills. I don't think I'm going to run out anyway, so I really think I want it now.

If we scatter as much as we can convince each country, that's how many we're going to need.

Most importantly, considering that this warehouse is in a rather chaotic state, it is difficult to make the warehouse hold a large number of human heads on the day it is brought here, such as the contents of the warehouse over there.

"Well, yeah. Make a little stamina potion."

The other materials are also finished processing and the raw solution is adjusted for stamina potion by mixing the basic materials made from gelt grass. This gelt grass, or equivalent, is used for all primary potions like the basic stock solution, but it is a very troublesome material with varying formulation ratios for each type of potion. Moreover, in order to react as soon as it is mixed, it can not be imitated by adding the missing amount later, and the required amount must be put in conjunction with the potion to be made before the reaction is over.

The recipe for the primary potion needed to be self-developed even during the game, and the determination of the gelt grass and equivalent blend ratio was done very painstakingly by the potion maker, which is new to the memory of the Macro. It is really hard to create a high level item because even the Macros actually wasted about three thousand copies of the ingredients by the time they determined the formula for all the potions that are likely to be in demand.

Although these recipes are basically published among artisans, they are not very widely known because the conditions for entering a published bulletin board are that they have multiple advanced production skills. There's nothing particularly wrong with publishing it unconditionally, but I narrow it down because I don't want the public to know where and what I'm picking because of the problem with how I'm pulling it.

Perhaps even here the publishing conditions will be narrowed down, but it is suspicious how many people reach the area where they can make it in the first place. Before that, given the need to go to the Great Spiritual Grotto, it would be impossible to produce it first, even if the recipe was known to non-Azma Workshop humans.

"For now, this completes the stamina potion. Why don't you have someone take it with Sister Ele?"

Complete the stamina potion, considering that there is no such benefit. Forty-five minutes exactly from the start of the work. The processing of the bottle I remembered along the way was fine because I messed with the one for the tertiary potion with divine power grant to enhance it for the first degree and mislead it. It is in the form of making the most of the benefits of extra skills that almost all enchants can do without a catalyst.

Even one bottle is so laborious, it seems a long way from a day when other than a macro can make a primary potion.

"Is Octogal here?

"Called ~?"

"Whoa. I'm sorry, but I need you to deliver this to Sister Ele. Yeah?

"Rika ~ i"

"If you come by noon, I'll reward you with a prototype Jizz meat dish."

"I know."

Think about who you ask to deliver the potion to, and leave it to Octogal because it's a hassle. Passing it through a person is likely to expose the presence of the primary potion to a large extent on top of all the difficulty of the process, and it takes a lot of work for the Macro to go directly. I also thought about contacting Tatsuya and Makoto, but if you do poorly, you could already be done greeting the castle, which could be a hassle twice.

One of the great advantages of Octogal flights is that you can reliably avoid all the hassles you said so. Octogal is only the family of God and never only delivers dangerous goods. What they bring is basically guaranteed to be safe because the person resolutely says no. For this reason, when you want to give away something quickly and without getting extra prying, relying on Octogal is the least of your hassles.

"Well, now we can make sure it reaches Sister Ele, and let's go next"

(i) A macro that moves to the production of mana potions that seem to be frequently used for the time being while feeling finished with work. In the meantime, the potato worm, which had been back at some point, had been sticking to the back of the macro and making it big.

Its octogal appeared in the royal palace at the end of the tea party, when Tatsuya and Makoto tried to take their seats.

"Octogal Express ~ su"

"Oh, from who?

Elaine responds to Octogall as abruptly as usual, in a way she's used to. Rayot and Aeris, who were present, don't look particularly surprised because it's common.

"From Hongchan ~"

"From Hiroshi? Could it be, Potion?

"Because of me."

Just what was on the table at the tea party right now. Elaine rounds her eyes that it was delivered early.

"I heard from Tatsuya and Makoto that I would make it today, but I could already..."

"I'll be careful. It'll take about forty-five minutes, so I'm ready for the equipment in front of me. What do you mean, just about now?"

"Right. That's about as long as it takes."

Potion delivered too soon. In contrast to Elaine, who is confused by it, Tatsuya and Makoto are convinced that it is such a thing on the time schedule.

Perhaps it was also because Tatsuya and Makoto could have left the royal palace that they deliberately let it be delivered to Octogal. I can't deny that it's quicker to call Octogall, so I'm not going to go into anything here.

"Drink. Drink."

Octogal demands that Elaine's confusion be taken out, handed over and drunk without knowing where she was storing it. Elaine stares bewildered at a bottle about half the size of a nutritional drink, given to her. A potion bottle that exudes even more appalling magic than that of the tertiary potion I had a chance to see before. Perhaps the contents would undoubtedly be a secondary or higher potion.



Layot and Aeris speak with a worried look to Elaine, who doesn't move with a bewildered look. Elaine takes the gaze of her brother and sister and never spins words of her will.

"Is this really something I drank..."

"... I don't know what you care, but that's what Hiroshi made for you. My sister doesn't drink, who drinks?

"But this is quite valuable, isn't it?

"No matter how valuable an item, it doesn't seem to make any sense not to use it when it should be used. Besides, the healing potion is still too healing, and the mana potion and stamina potion are too healing when they reach that rank. Unless it's something like this, I don't have much use for it."

To the words of Rayot, Prince Wang, but still unmoved, Elaine. The expression is slightly riddled with the colour of anxiety.

"Sister, that was made by Master Hiroshi. It definitely works right."

"I don't doubt that much. However, the third level stamina potion was ineffective…"

"In the third level, it was just too much time and couldn't be cured. Master Alfemina is also giving me a heartbeat that I'm absolutely fine this time."

Aeris, sensitive to Elaine's anxiety, gently takes her sister's hand and overlaps words. The anxiety Elaine has. It is only a matter of concern to the people of this country, rather than to those around them.

In the first place, there is no human being, noble or civilian, who complains about how precious it is and uses it to treat the son of the current king's rightful chamber. It is common sense to do all that can be done to treat the royal family, and it is also an opportunity to show the royal family that it has the power to do all that, so there can be no complaining in a country like Farlane that is now consolidating ties under the royal family.

Also, the after-effects that are afflicting Elaine have not even been found a way to alleviate them at the moment. That's all the harsh symptoms, so even if the primary potion was useless, no one would be angry that it was useless to be discouraged.

First, at the moment, Macro is not charging any costs. Whether you succeed or fail to use something that hasn't cost you, there's no point complaining if it doesn't even get worse. I may apologize to Elaine for not being able to cure Hiroshi, but at least Elaine is not to blame, and there is no need to apologize for Hiroshi and essentially.

As a matter of fact before that, I don't think that anyone other than Elaine would be cured in the first place.

"... ok"

Losing Aeris sincere eyes, he drinks up the potion ready and thoughtful. Even at the first level, I thought the flavor itself was the same as other grades of potion, etc. The stamina potion's characteristic sense of vitality throughout the body, together with weakness, tiredness and intermittent numbness and pain that had been attacking the whole body, all faded away lightly as if it had never existed from the beginning.

I didn't realize immediately at first that all of those elements that were slowing down and inhibiting behavior with the accessories that Macro had made for me and cutting Elaine's appetite had disappeared for the first time in about a year.


Health that I haven't had an edge on for over a year. Elaine leaks a confused voice when she understands she's got it back. Even though it's short as an after-effect, I forget about when I was healthy in a year or so. Because of this, I don't know how to react to the fact that all the sensations that corrode me are gone.


"What? Oh, wait a minute"

I finally return to me to remove the auxiliary made by Horn with a trembling hand to Aerys' call, which has caused Elaine to raise anxiety without much response.

"... it doesn't hurt.... It's not bad.... Nowhere Numb"

Elaine sees how it goes for about a minute with all the aids removed and tells the results with a trembling voice.

Definitely. It's completely healed. At the same time that I am so sure, I twitch and weep.

"Congratulations, sister"

"I wasn't so worried because it was made by Hiroshi, but I was in a bit of a hurry because I wasn't responding too much"

A healthy body that had given up half of it. Though the moon itself is a proper visit, Elaine can sometimes be half prepared to no longer endure the child, and no more joy can be put into words. Aeris, who hugs such a sister with a smile, and Rayot, who jokes with a smile as well and conveys joy in the form of a complaint.

Though I was sure that this would happen, I saw that the results were right, and Tatsuya and Makoto were relieved.

"Oh, yes, Your Highness"


"Today, you said you'd do a lot of things with jizz meat, so why don't you come to the workshop to celebrate Elaine's pleasure?

"That's nice"

"... right. It's a corner, so let's have a treat."

At the invitation of True Harp, dinner is scheduled for the three of us. Contact Honda by correspondence about the matter, and go to the next greeting with Tatsuya and Makoto.

"... Julius"

"What is it?

"Now I can go to your wife with my chest up, too."

After Tatsuya and Makoto leave, Elaine grins and tells Julius, who has been silently refraining as an escort until now. There is still nothing we can call affection for each other, but even if not, even before we buried the outer moat and forcibly decided to get engaged, there has never been a single element that could be drawn down.

It was Julius who showed such joyful Elaine's smile that she seemed to illuminate to such an extent that only rare and intimate things could tell.

"Now it's time for a genuine extra-large egg pudding."

I look at dozens of eggs, from quail size to human size, and proclaim that. Apparently, he still remembered that he couldn't make pudding out of the eggs that had Hirohito in them.

Time to get ready for lunch. Hiroshi finished making potions and was mixed in with the cooking group.

"Right. If that's all right with dessert, what else should I make?

"If you do it with quail sizes, don't you use Leviathan shrimp and behemoth meat, kamikaze or kamikaze and not many eight treasure dishes?

"Ah, it looks delicious"

"Afterwards, if you want to see the taste of bird meat, grilled chicken and fried chicken must be done."

"Yeah, yeah."

Nod to agree with Macro and add to the menu schedule.

For the record, there are abnormally many parts of Leviathan that enter the warehouse under the name Leviathan's OO, such as Leviathan's shrimp for nothing but shrimp, and Leviathan's magpie for fried or open magpies when cooked.

Leviathan's ajifried meal was also only called Leviathan's ajifried meal because the area in the warehouse ended up being Leviathan's ajid.

Let's just say Leviathan's fly, a futile variation but a late circumstance.

"If you're going to make eight treasure dishes, you might want some fuzzy soup made with Leviathan strands."

"Let it go. You want to make dumplings with Behemoth meat, Leviathan shrimp and scallops?

"Right. Plus, if you add shrimp chili and hemp tofu or hemp aubergines, the classics are likely to be roughly the same."

"Later, the vegetables are also watered down with bird meat salad and seafood salad"

Mio sandwiches his mouth that way where the menu is about to harden in China except for yakitori between Hongkong and Spring Vegetables. Sure, I was just wondering if I might run out of vegetables, so I accept Mio's suggestion, Hong and Spring Vegetables.

"Is this the place for dinner?

"I think so. You won't be able to eat a lot of extra, and I guess I should make some Chinese porridge or something later as a rice dish?

"Hey, why don't you make it from birds to simmers at noon?"

It's delicious, isn't it?

Spring vegetables in light agreement with the macro proposing something slightly laborious to make from noon. When it comes to making menu decisions, someone would be more thankful to say what they want to eat. Therefore, regardless of the romantic feelings of Spring Vegetables or Mio, it is automatically decided to boil down to boil down when Hiroshi says to boil down.

"Yes, yes. I dismantled the dragons, but what are we gonna do with them?

"I don't know. Lesser, yes, Greater Dragon at the place, Behemoth and Leviathan are better as leather materials."

"Ah, I knew it was"

"Behemoth is, well, there's a young individual at our place, and ultimately, it's a big difference from the Greater Dragon. Even so, if we use Leviathan and Jizz skin to match the skin, we'll have to tailor the named Dragon Lord on top of it."

I can't waste it, and I think about what's wrong with talking about materials that are very difficult to handle. Meanwhile, I won't stop cooking hands for now.

"I don't know. Do you want to mass-produce even Dragon Skyle Mail and push it against the Knights around Farlane and Dar?

"That, Absolutely His Royal Highness Rayot or something complains"

When in trouble, push it all against the state. Mio plunges in with a frightened face in an ambitious attempt to act on such a policy. No matter how rich Farlane is, there are proper limits to national finances. Or we're having trouble disposing of ourselves, what a reason to move every time for free, and that's not good for each other.

Originally, the free transfer of primary potions would be a major problem in itself. Only one of the many made is not a problem because the purpose was to treat Higashi and his good friend Elaine, who went free to appeal to her technical skills. Normally, if you do that for free, it could be a gap that goes in against either the Farlane Royal Family or the Azma Workshop.

Most importantly, the governments of the three western countries and the Azma Workshop are already in a long relationship. It's not stupid enough for governments to mistake it for a single primary potion or dragon Skyle Mail to be viewed as a problem right now, and the principle of behavior is basically to make whatever they want and push things that are difficult to dispose of, so just listen to anything, etc.

In that sense, it's not going to be a big deal where the Macro did it, at least while the current members are holding it down on top. However, it won't be a big problem, but the government will be the wings of all sorts of stomach aches, so it would be genuine to want them to be adults if possible.

"All the time, I made it into boulders, so I'll sell it, not all the time."

"Before that, how do you price it?

"I don't know. We don't have a workshop or a merchant."

Wall of the market, standing in front of the production of a macro. It's like there's no market originally, and if it's about all kinds of boost items that don't have a huge impact because they're consumables, then there's no doubt that complaints will fly from all sorts of places on the day you put a similarly discounted price on weapons and armor.

You're doing it during the Great Martial Party, they're going to say, but at that time it wasn't that much of a rushing performance except for fate, and it was just enchanting and deluding weapons made of immature spring vegetable arms into first-class items, so it was somewhat acceptable. Because there are quite a few used markets for things like that, and even bazaars and sightless weapon shops that go from pin to kiri often sell as many items at similar prices as they do.

But the story is different when it comes to equipment that is now almost extinct of the humans themselves who can make it, such as spears and swords made of Lesser Dragon fangs by Dragon Skyle Mail. I know it's horrible just because any blind amateur sees it, and annotations are the only thing that can be made if it's a price in the range you can buy, but it's naturally a substitute that I can assure you that there are people who will definitely buy it no matter how much you plump it.

Complaints undoubtedly arise from commercial guilds on the day I can assure you that I put such a thing on at a price that is higher than demonic iron full-body armor or or something that annoying and without thinking about it. I also know that I can't afford to sell it at a reasonable price this time.

It was a troubled azma workshop in many ways if my surroundings didn't at least level up a bit.

"The more I think about it, the harder it is to use it."

"It's good and bad not to spend money on your day life,"

"Even if you make money, use it."

In the end, that's where the biggest problem lies. Hongda's life is already complete at no cost, combining supplies and production capacity that we can do without sourcing any food or groceries from the outside. We only spend about taxes, port royalties and various fees where we earn money, and we are certain that it will have a negative impact on the economy.

Moreover, this trend is the same not only for the main members of Hongda, but also for the fam and staff. I'm doing a little eating walk and buying fashionable clothes with the salary I got once, but if I care about that along with the clothing, I can care less with the material that is piled up in the warehouse, so I don't have to spend a dime at worst to get my life done.

Even for entertainment, unfortunately, Fam and Lime show no interest in playing with money. It's too bad in so many ways that their biggest entertainment today is work and study. Therese and Nola have been to the theatre, etc., but soon tired of a lot of similar things, so they are usually throwing all they can at work and studying these days.

Gambling is only a bad or wasteful place, so officials are not trying to get close from the start without fear. Other than that, it still doesn't cost money because kids are the only ones running around the near field or going underground and playing athletically.

Ingredients that make flavourings once are bought from the market and seafood from the port, but at that level of expense they are not enough to circulate huge amounts of money. Urs, the home base, is tough on basic corruption and doesn't pass under the sleeve, so there is no expense on that side. Gifts are more appreciated for their homemade condiments, accessories, cosmetics, etc., so I don't spend a lot on making friends either.

Aside from purchasing ingredients for taxes and condiments, it would probably be true harp drinks that spend the most money on Azma Workshop officials. With about two digits suddenly dropping compared to the previous two, the low cost of the Azma workshop has been a real problem.

Honestly, I'm just working and studying and I don't spend any money, so I guess the spring between Terez and Nola is a long way off.

"In the end, it's a matter of entertaining clothing and lodging, bribing them all for free. I don't mind saving up a lot of money."

"Do you want me to mass-produce Dragon Skyle Mail and push it on Ray's and get it on some land?

"What are you gonna do with the land?

"The castle of God, I want to build it, so I guess it feels just right."

"Ahhh, you have that too. How long will it take to build it?

"Maybe a month or so"

Throughout the Game Age, no one has ever built a Castle of God other than the Skill Acquisition Quest. An ambition that finally begins to think about actions to build it. Spring vegetables begin to make a savory stew, thinking blurry, because of the performance of God's ship, which will be another hell of a substitute anyway.

"Well, come on around here. Think about it, do you make another dish or something?

"I'd be happier to have one."

"Here, let it go. Let's make Takano tofu and beans with eggs."


In the end, this word of Mio completes this day's lunch with a combination of rice, stewed bird meat, Takano tofu and bean eggs, and fragrance in miso soup.

"Is it because we don't have enough vegetables? You don't feel like you're still developing skills."

"Well, you're gonna grow up at dinner?

I used beans with eggs, boiled vegetables, miso juice utensils, etc., harvested in the shrine, but I don't feel that I can use extra skills during work, either because I used a small amount, or because the meat is only from jizz. Macro and spring vegetables.

Still, the lunch was delicious and the people at the Azma workshop were satisfied with the flavor from the bottom of their hearts.

"You attacked me from China?

"There was an egg the size of a quail egg, so it felt like this naturally when I talked about it, maybe eight treasure vegetables would be nice."

At dinner, Spring Vegetables explains the flow up to the menu decision to Tatsuya, who sees dishes arranged in the dining room and tells her honest thoughts.

"So, since Elaine said she was coming, I made the rice dish look like Chinese porridge or medicine porridge, taking into account the sickness."

"It usually looks delicious, doesn't it matter?

While listening to the description of spring vegetables, Makoto already has his gaze locked on dumplings and shumai. What works best with real alcohol is the food around there.

"So, once it's Chinese, I've prepared an impromptu drink that looks like Shao Xing liquor..."

"Spring vegetables, I love you!

"The instant fermentation is a good way to add and subtract, so I can't really guarantee the flavor," says Hiroshi, who made it... "

"That's okay!

To explain the spring vegetables, Zhenqin theorizes with all his strength. To the habit of being underage and not being able to drink, all the liquor planted by Hong is luxurious and very tasty. Young liquors become young liquors, and properly aged ones give great flavors to mature ones. It would probably taste better than the liquor made by a middle-sized brewery in places such as the addition and subtraction of good fermentation.

"Later, I have the biggest egg-made pudding for dessert, so be hungry for once."

"We also prepare regular white rice, so eight treasure dishes and mahjong tofu are acceptable."

Mio supplements the description of the menu of spring vegetables that follows. There is also white rice, to the word, Tatsuya worried about porridge and dust. I like the Chinese bowl, but it bothers me that the porridge seems really good too.

"You can eat as much fried chicken as you like. After that, the soup is also changed, so tell me if you want it."

"As always, that's a brilliant dish that doesn't seem like a prototype"

"True. I think I accidentally ate too much"

At the end of the description of spring vegetables, Layot and Elaine share their thoughts sighingly on the relatively rare menu of Chinese subjects. There's no reason why people here should serve dishes that fail to season or that kind of dish, and it's already guaranteed to taste as good as it looks or better than it looks.

"Look, I've gone for drinks and soup, and it's time to eat"

"Before I do, I'd appreciate it if we could behave as well."

When we tried to say hello, Alanwen, who appeared abruptly, demanded our share.

"Oh, Lord Alanwen."

"Sorry about the meal, princess. This smell is just beautiful."

"I don't care, but Master Alfemina has bent his navel a little."

Aeris responds in a flat manner to Alanwen, who abruptly manifests himself. It is a great and accustomed attitude.

"In the first place, I'm not the only one here."

"Actually, there are some of us!

"The things that Iglesios does all the time..."

"Mm-hmm. There's no one else. Elsa isn't the only one who's here. By reluctantly sharing the taste of the princess, Alfemina seems to be trying to distract the grievances of the gods who are not connected to you at the moment. Probably a waste of effort."

Elsa comes out truly shy of Daljan's words, which followed Igleos. If it includes Alfemina, which will probably be coming down to Aeris' body, all the gods that Honda met and connected will be in place.

"So, it's totally a problem to have your share, but what kind of noise is this again?

"That's what I know. For the first time in thousands of years, dishes worthy of the Gods' Supper. How can we be patient with that smell that reaches our realm beyond time and space?

"Besides, it is the acquaintance who prepared it, and even if we eat a little, it is prepared in sufficient quantities. Don't you think it's fate to come and eat?

"In short, is it because I was wheeled by a delicious dish..."

"That's what I'm saying!

Tatsuya puts a stunned penetration into a god who even likes it very much. Elsa doesn't take her gaze off while still locking on the dish while she looks shy of such a colleague.

"Well, there's plenty available, there's plenty of room at the table, and eat as much as you like and go"

Spring vegetables arrange the dishes removed from the food bin on a table for gods, even though they are slightly soaked. Elsa, who seems more and more sorry for the way it is. Common Sense Around the time we couldn't beat our appetite by having a divine girlfriend, this is the only story that subtly insides that we may have cooked a hell of a dish.

Before that, the appearance of the God All-Stars has been completely constricted except for the Japanese line and the noodles accustomed to the existence of God: Aeris, Lime, and then Hitohiro and Tartarus, so the spring vegetables that are on the dishes we make are adorable.

"That seems to be the case, so I wonder if there are any problems with Alfemina."

"... ok. I'll give up my futile resistance."

In response to Aeris' call, a heartbroken alfemina finally appears at the table. The figure is once the same as when Aerys grew up using presents for Lyme.

"Everyone except the Lord Hiroshi and the Spring Vegetables, who made it, and then the Mio Mio Mitsu. Be prepared when you eat."


"Yep. If you eat this, you won't find any dishes other than those served in this workshop tasty enough to be appreciated again. I can't tell you that there are no exceptions, like the dishes at the back for Lord Tatsuya."

"So much..."

Alfemina answers politely to the question someone whined about. Ginos and New American employees whose faces are subtly drawn to its subtle content. Conversely, other members have the look of saying, "What are you talking about?"

Especially for fam and lime, the food eaten in this workshop no longer tastes like home. Where I fell, there's no way I could eat any more delicious food.

"Perhaps it tastes more than you all think..."

"This is all because I understand everything I try. That's destiny."

The Royal Palace group of boulders also gets a little anxious about the chase of Elsa and Darjan. Conversely, is there some kind of enlightenment that Fam, Lime, Therese, and Nora's direct disciples and Aeris are flat.

"It is the limit of impatience. Let them eat fast."

"Let it go. Here, this time, I'll have it."

In accordance with the decree of Hiroshi, I will have it, but I will summon it. And the moment you take a bite, everyone except the cooked Hong and Spring Vegetables and Mio loses their words to too much delicacy.

If you eat something really yummy, you can't comment on the flavor or anything. I can just say it's even delicious. No, in the first place, the word "delicious" doesn't even come up. Leaking unspoken words, we even keep cooking together. Only Tatsuya is relatively calm in uncooked humans, and even Tatsuya keeps quietly eating her favorite eight treasure dishes.

"Is it still..."

"Lyme, this is delicious too."


"This is delicious too!

Aranwen and Igleos continue to cook even to Lime, who at some point abducts Elsa and puts her on her lap, sighing small at the reaction as expected. Lyme flattens her dishes more and more as she is fed by the two gods.

The potato worm is eating octopus cabbage, secretly divided into dishes, but no one cares because it is no longer half landscaped.

"I was a little prepared..."

"But we have ingredients, so why don't we just make this our goal?

"The fams are fine, but I'm a little bit harsh, aren't I?

Fam tells such an unfamiliar word to Nora, who finally leaked so somewhat calmly. Apparently, there was some age and accustom, and like Lime, there was less impact than any other member.

Terez, who shows how he's pretty much damaged by Fam's unfamiliar words, is truly pathetic.

"Whatever it is, I'm glad you like it."

"I'm going to have a hard time praising what other nobles are going to eat in the future..."

Finishing a meal that didn't help us at all, such as our own readiness, Rayot smudged and blurred to answer the words of spring vegetables. Without a doubt, I don't get to eat anything better than this. It's very troublesome.


"I thought it would work, but if it does, it's something I think a lot about."

To Rayot's blur, Darjane and Alfemina, who were indulging in shrimp chili while having a glass, pinch their mouths in a way that feels like a man. The same gaze I hear about it concentrates on the seat of God.

"The Grand Hall. You can no longer go back completely. Are you ready?

"No, are you ready?

"That, of course, is ready to cease to be a person in the true sense"

"Hey town, I'm too scared to be able to go back after that!?

"What, you've already come from before to the point where you can go back half way. It's only hard to be human that you're no longer human, and you can't get involved."

"Probably a big difference. So, that!

The gods who shed the screaming screaming screams of the macro and normally enter the banquet. I'm pretty flashy because I'm stressed out by evil gods.

As a matter of fact, at this stage, not all abilities are yet anchored in the existence of a macro, so even though I almost became a god, I'm still at a stage of fluttering over the boundary, but from the gods, it seems to be a matter of time, so this is what I'm saying.

For the record, it is not only the "Dinner of the Gods", the extra skill of cooking that Hiroshi acquired at this time, but also the extra skill of the Making Mastery, "The Mason of God," but at this point only the Gods are aware of that fact.

"Hey, Hiroshi."


"My feelings will remain the same no matter what you are."

"Me too, Master Hiroshi."

"No, that's no consolation."

Spring vegetables and aeris that in many ways run into the words of gods like the death sentence for more honesty and further pursuit. Is Mio correct for not daring to say the same thing while secretly thinking about it?

Ignoring such a mascot, a potato worm silently eats the lettuce from a salad I got from Hirohiko. It's quite an odd sight to think about in the food chain, but honestly nobody cares because it doesn't matter.

Thus, the dinner party that inspired Hiroshi to fall out of the human category in many ways ended when Fam and Lime flagged him as mastering the extra skill "Dinner of the Gods".