"Finally, I have a date for my son-in-law."

The day after there was Elaine's treatment and the dinner of the gods. Honda, summoned under the pretext of thanking Elaine for treating her body, is asked such a thing by Avin at a tea party after seeing her.


"So, if it's all right, but I'd appreciate it if you guys could come about Faldania."

To Avin's offer, face to face. I needed to go to Faldania sooner or later, so it's convenient. I just don't understand why it would accompany Avin's son-in-law.

"Presea wants me to bring you in, if possible. She's interested in what kind of talent she helped her lovely sister-in-law."

Seeing the confusion of Hongda, Avin explains the situation. Apparently, the presence of the Hongdas has caught the interest of the next queen of Faldania quite a bit.

"If you can't, you can't. As a presea, I know you really want to say, but you don't want to screw up the relationship as much as you do."

"Well, the accompaniment itself is not scheduled?

"Because the place is the place. The day after tomorrow, the premise of sailing is going on."

"It's sudden."

"To be exact, I was ready to sail at any time, and Elaine healed, so I said it was just fine as a hang-up, so I sailed the day after tomorrow to get the conversation together. It's steep on the schedule, so you can say no, and in some cases, it's fine to shift back a day or two. For the convenience of a long voyage, I've been looking at the room for ten days and more."

On such a steep date, Hiroshi sends his gaze to Tatsuya and Makoto. At times like this, Spring Vegetables and Mio do not dispute the judgment of the elderly group or the Hong.

Only this time, I need to hear Mio's opinion, but I decided to ask Tatsuya and Makoto's opinion first, including around it.

"I'm sure it's a good opportunity. Faldania cannot enter on its own ship without entering once on an official route."

"If it's not the day after tomorrow, I have absolutely no reason to refuse..."

"That's right. Mio's birthday celebration, he's shifting the day after tomorrow..."

Tatsuya and Makoto take the gaze of a macro and dare to speak out about the problems they all know. You can sweeten it off with Avin's generosity, but I'm a little sorry that the dates here and there change dramatically for our own convenience.

Mio's birthday itself was originally the time around the completion of God's ship, but he insisted that he shift back because new ingredients might come in, for example, in the Great Spirit Cave.

As a result, in addition to the Great Spirit Grotto, the shrine, and Jizz encounters, we have also purchased various ingredients from the settlement of the High Elves. Furthermore, the three men, Hong, Spring Vegetables, and Mio, have gained the Gods' Supper Skills, so on one side Mio's judgment can be said to have been greatly correct.

However, Mio himself once again said how it feels to have a treat for the party two days in a row, and I left the interval for about two days at a time because no one disagreed with it, but that would be the difficulty of this time because it came out brilliantly behind me and followed His Highness Avin's offer.

"Nothing, I think you can sail the day after tomorrow"


"Depending on what you think, cruise on a luxury ship to celebrate your birthday"

"... oh, I see"

Makoto is very convinced by Mio's claims. It's a world if you ask me, but there's no way the Farlane royal ship carrying a son-in-law prince can be poor, and if you say cruise on a luxury ship, you're right.

Its luxury ships are equipped with a combat capability that only kicks through a coarse fleet of pirates on their own, but there are no ships in this world that have no combat capability. This is the first luxury ship to be named, combining high combat capability with great riding comfort.

"Ask Lela and the new Americans to leave a message and get the fam and the others on the boat only during the party, and when we're done, we'll go back with the transfer stone, okay?"

"Well, we can't do that without permission from His Highness and the people involved."

Mio's birthday celebration and accompaniment to His Highness, Honda twists wisdom into both. To that plan, Your Highness, smiling and nodding.

"Of course, it's no problem. We'll have the boulders do something about the party ingredients themselves, but in the first place, in your case, we don't need ingredients of the quality that we can load onto the ship, do we?

"There's so much room for other people to provide more ingredients than there is for quality, it's the exact place."

Just knowing the jizz noise the other day, Avin, who has no choice but to convince himself of the Macro's statement, nods bitterly. I say there's about the same amount of Leviathan ingredients there, so I guess there's no room for them to be served elsewhere.

"Is that why you hit the tail of the Lesser Dragon?

"No one can cook, so don't worry about it."

Avin politely declines the ingredients that Hiroshi said he would provide. In any country, the limit that a cook with can cook is from Wyburn to a few ranks, specifically about Hellhounds and Bomber Bears.

Hellhound class monsters are a strength that an average fifth-degree adventurer can normally defeat one-on-one if equipped with the right gear. Grade 5 adventurers are so powerful that they stuck one foot in the top of the line that inevitably that ranked monster meat doesn't circulate so luxuriously. Plus, if you're one-on-one, you can defeat normally, so if you have one more opponent, even if it was a monster of strength that you could defeat sparingly, even if it was a rush like Farrabit, it suddenly gets tougher.

Given the low encounter rate and the fact that even the Royal Palace can not always be defeated in edible conditions, this rank limits the ingredients that can be prepared on a daily basis. It would also be natural if national court cooks could only cook to this rank.

If only it were crusaded once every decade when it comes to Wyburn, naturally no one can cook properly, so the meat has to be thrown away. To the dragon, there have been no crusade reports for the last half century, not even the weakest species of Lesser Dragon or its son Dragon, Dragon Pappy. Unlike Wyburn, dragons are rare now, and there is no special reward for stopping them because there is no crusade request. There are basically no humans who can cook or process it, even if it is an ingredient, and there is no such thing as buying it in the Adventurers Association. Therefore, there is nothing to gain other than the fame of defeating the dragon, and there is no crusade report because no one is challenged to move on.

That's why I honestly can't help but get the tail of a Lesser Dragon.

"Well, the day after tomorrow, I'll be back in Faldania, and I'll be ready."

"Sorry for the rush."

"No, I always felt like I was going to Faldania or Marcto, so I did a boat crossing."

For now, when it comes to dragon meat, put it aside and wrap up the sawdust. Aerys, who was listening to that exchange, stares at Avin with a few words.

"Aerys wants to join Mio's birthday celebration, too?

"Yes, but that's just what interrupts me..."

"That's not a problem. In the name of a representative from the Farlane royal family attending my wedding, it's not unnatural to be on a boat."

"Are you sure?

"I got in touch later, but I was actually planning on getting Aeris to come from the beginning. As a temple or as a royal family, you were just fine in many ways. It's just that the timing of the call to the Heroes hasn't been confirmed, and I'm late to talk to Aerys."

Avin explains why he's late in speaking to the person at heart, and seems a little sorry. Originally, as of last night, when the schedule was almost certain, we were supposed to talk to Aerys properly. It's just that Aerys came back a little late last night, and I couldn't get through to him until this time without getting in touch well.

Aeris, who has also been working quite busily in diplomatic relations lately, is actually the result of going forward with everything that can be defeated before for this time. It was therefore a busy day, but it was also last night that Farlane was seriously understaffed, as no one noticed the unlikely malfunction until recently when the party concerned was chased on the same schedule to attend Avin's wedding.

Most importantly, the biggest reason for the serious shortage of human resources or for the leakage of the trivial, but important, contacts mentioned here is the result of the chaos in Catalina and the ensuing shortage of manpower caused by massive solemnity, which has been felt by all humans. At present, the department in charge of human resources employs and educates newcomers who are likely to be trusted with full rotation every day, so they should settle down in three years, so they are somehow stuck without breaking into a black working environment.

It would be the unanimous view of all humans affiliated with the Farlane government to say that if they stood by their salary, identity and hardship, they would be promised birth, and the working environment that is established because the top, the royal family, is taking the initiative and the meal is moving around there, but if all the royal people are gathered at night in the room of their eleven-year-old daughter, the environment that is making up for the full dinner with instant ramen, prototype retort foods, etc., is not too nice.

"I'm just adjusting my schedule. I'm sorry I'm late, but that's why I want you to attend my wedding."

"Of course, brother."

Aeris nods happily in many ways to Avin's offer. That's how all the stories are decided, leaving from Farlane for Faldania in two days, as planned. The incident occurred around saying that it was time to go on a cruise party to satisfy the person as Mio's birthday celebration, digest the itinerary smoothly for about a week and arrive at the Lidona Islands, which is the midpoint.

"... don't be ridiculous"

"... it's time to see the shadows"

I see land in the second half of the day or so. At that time, we felt signs of marine life that could be a threat to the ship.

The size of the ship is approximately two hundred and fifty meters long. It's a much bigger ship than the ship of God that Honda uses. A creature that poses a threat to such a ship. All in all, if we also consider that it is a marine organism that tends to become enormous, it would be of considerable size.

With that in mind, a huge shadow covers up beneath the ship. I don't feel strange and angry, but it doesn't really matter about this one.

"... all the time with this ship. Fortunately, it's considerably smaller than Leviathan..."

"Hong-jun. I'm not comforted at all."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who said such things without alarm with their weapons in order to cope with the shadow that appeared, perhaps a monster. A few minutes later, he appeared as the large passenger ship waved.

"... of the so-called Great Squid?

"... as a marine monster, it's a promise, right?"

Without alarm, he turns his gaze to the giant squid that emerges, and Hon and Spring Vegetables exchange words as he waits for his opponent to come out. In the case of marine monsters of this hand, it is fundamental to prevent them from reaching out to anyone other than the opponent who is clearly in a combat position or who knows that if discovered, they will definitely become a battle and will not be able to escape without being discovered.

Originally, the sea is their territory. It's basically overwhelmingly unfavourable at a point when you can't move from the top of the ship, so you don't have to bother following a snake out of it. There is no future but the total annihilation of the crew on a day when the ship is badly damaged and unnavigable.

Needless to say, unless you are such a species from the beginning or have equipment that can move and fight in the same way as land, it is the pinnacle of stupidity such as jumping into the sea from here on out. It is the same thing in this world and on Earth that creatures who live in the water from day to day cannot easily beat creatures who territory their land without proper equipment.

In the first place, most marine monsters do not advance and attack ships unless attacked. Because if you sink a ship and your territory gets contaminated, it's not a hoarding thing. Therefore, active monsters, such as sea serpents and lesser dragons of marine species, are limited to very few.

"... Coming!

As is the case with most ocean-based monsters, the wish of spring vegetables, which I was praying just happened to come to see because I encountered them, is muddled, and the giant squid waves up its tentacles and stretches relentlessly toward the macro and spring vegetables.

Spring vegetables fly up the first hand to avoid it, and the second hand is played and flushed by a macro in an axe pattern. Aeris, who came up on the deck together about Tatsuya and Makoto, called by Mio, speaks to the two of them as they manage to prevent a squid attack that for some reason still persists in targeting only Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables. If you look closely, there's a potato bug in that hand that should have been on the back of a macro at some point.

"Dear Hiroshi, Dear Harna! That one...!

Words are interrupted even when Aeris says something, because the giant squid rocked the ship heavily with a leg he didn't use to attack. Spring vegetables, which have just been avoided by teasing the third toucharm, fall completely out of balance with that attack of giant squid, and are entangled in another toucharm.

"Let me!

Hiroshi luxuriously chops off the squid's tentacles trying to abduct the spring vegetables as they were, with Paul Axe. He panicked when one of his tentacles was cut off, or the giant squid swung the rest of his tentacles wide away, diving straight into the ocean and walking away.

"Dear Hiroshi! Dear Harna!"

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables are knocked down by the sea after being ripped off by the touch arms, along with some luggage that was on the deck. Fortunately, only minor material damage was needed later because only two people were in the range of attack, but from Tatsuya, who was knocked down by the sea in an irrecoverable way, luckily, his mouth can't even be torn.

"Hiro! Spring vegetables!

"Mio! I don't know where you are!?

"The sea level is too rough to be seen! Besides, the currents are fast, the signs keep moving away......!

All of a sudden, there's a lot of noise on board. Anchor down, secure the ship, float the raft for a search, and summon the sailors to search for the two men. It is common sense for the sailors that this area is terribly fast in currents, and although it is probably no longer within the scope of being able to search, there is still no option to say that we will not look for Hongda, an important guest.

"... through Master Alfemina, that's a stern protest"

Words squealed by Aeris with a rare and angry look on his face. It is dispelled by the haste of the deck without anyone asking.

An hour later. Even though it was only confirmed safely by the correspondence sent by Horn desperately, we had no further idea of each other's position, and the life-killing situation continued for an entire day that only survival reports would continue in regular correspondence.

Spring vegetable consciousness surfaces rapidly on the aroma that stimulates appetite. When you open your thin eyes, first the figure of a macro standing in the kitchen, then the walls and ceilings of the cottage come into view. Apparently, he was put to sleep in the portable cottage he always used, a simple bed installed in a position where that kitchen could be seen.

"Wake up, good. In the meantime, drink this, Mr. Spring Vegetable. Where does it hurt or something?

I just woke up and checked the situation a little bit more, and Hiroshi, who was making something like soup, comes to see how it goes. Perhaps you heard a very moving noise. In your hand, a glass with sports drinks.

"I just feel a little overslept. There's nothing wrong with my body, but what happened after that?

Spring vegetables remind me of how I fainted the moment I saw the face of the Hong. Because I remember the general matter, I drank up the beverage offered and asked the customer what happened after that.

"Let it go. In the meantime, it was just me and Spring Vegetables who fell into the ocean. I'm on an island a little big right now, but I'm going to investigate whether or not people are here. The ship's safe, and I'll keep in touch with my brothers. I've been flushed all day, but I don't know how fast or how far."

"Oh well. You've been flushed all day and you've been well..."

"I kept Guardian Field with my guts. When I was attacked by about fifteen meters of wax, I thought it was just gone."

Spring vegetables that unwittingly blues your face to say something horrible. I know I've managed to say that we're talking like this now, but I'm pretty sure it was very dangerous.

"What's the matter with you?

"Thanks to Guardian Field, it looks like I couldn't get my fangs through the bite. I put a knife in it so it wouldn't go all round, and I ran away in a hurry."

"Oh well..."

If I do poorly, I will know that it was possible to say that in the stomach of the fish, both the horse and the horse, and I will mock the miracle of being squeamish and safe now.

"It took only twenty-four hours for a bunch of other things to crash into a tuna herd, or a whale to swallow it with Plankton, and so on, and there was a bunch of stuff like that, but it all worked out."


Spring vegetables that make me feel sorry for everything when I hear about the Macro report that was not over yet. I'm sorry to say I'm sorry, I was passed out and in complete luggage.

In just twenty-four hours, when it comes to experiencing the majority of the trouble that seems to be a shipwreck-based marine adventure novel, I dare to ignore it because I have not been told that it is due to the fate of the intense amplitude of spring vegetables.

"Well, it's been a long time since I woke up, and I thought it might suck, so I waited."

"Uh, how long has it been since you landed where you are now?

"Two hours and a half. I was unconscious for more than 24 hours, so I checked her out to the extent that she was not sexually harassed, such as to see her pulse and breathe while she was asleep, or to see her body temperature or magic circulation. I was worried about a lot of things because I didn't wake up from anything in that range."

"Oh well. I'm sorry."

"Well, it's because of force majeure. At this time, Mio or Makoto could at least have done a more detailed examination..."

Spring vegetables that remind me of some of the details of the examination, such as the human dock, when I hear about the detailed examination. Sure, there are a few acts that wouldn't be strange to be treated as sexual harassment if they were done by people who don't even have a doctor's license, but the nature of the sexual harassment problem is a part of trust and compassion. If Hiroshi is your opponent, I can tell you that's why I don't care about spring vegetables for sexual harassment purposes. Instead, you don't mind doing more and more.

but I know that if you say that, it won't be trusted, but it will be pulled at all costs, so I'll say that I've reconfirmed that Hiroshi was a gentleman here.

"Well, that's why I haven't slept a single night in plain sight, so I'll go to bed for a bit if I drink that soup. If you want, make something appropriate and eat it."

"Mm, roger. Sorry, useless."

"Never mind. Yeah."

Half-through several apologies for the spring vegetables, a hong with soup poured into an appropriate mug. They don't have enough boulders in one cup, pour another, and now taste it a little slower and start drinking.

"Speaking of which, what happened to my body while it was being flushed?

"For now, after roping around my hips, I tried my best to hold him in so he could hit a driftwood or something?

"... Huh?

"Blah blah, it almost feels like a hug from the front or something. I didn't have time to feel scared or anything because I was desperate, but now that I think about it, I've done something terrible..."

Spring vegetables dyeing their faces bright red by listening to Macro's responses and imagining what they were in. Sometimes my heart seems to work out just imagining it, but I'm pretty sure I was under a hell of a strain considering my macro feminism.

"Really, I'm sorry..."

"Well, think about it. Bye, good thing Spring Vegetables passed out, it feels like a lot of burns. Even if we were both poorly conscious, it couldn't be a lot of trouble."

"Still, sorry..."

Spring vegetables that keep even apologizing while being saturated with various emotions. With such a bitter smile at spring vegetables, a magnificent man drinks up his third cup of soup and goes to bed. Honestly, it's time for the limit.

I'll take care of the rest.


Spring vegetables that nod at the words spoken by the macro and little by little drink soup in an attempt to calm your mind.

"I might really suck..."

It was a spring vegetable that went to the bottom even though I felt sorry to faint all the time while I was being embraced, with all the strain on it.

"So, how do we meet?

"I've been flying to Ursus and then on God's ship, all the time. It's subtly alienated here."


I woke up. Spring vegetables to discuss what I'm going to do as I grab a meal with Macro. I get a sincerely troubled look on the report from the first macro to come out. No more metamorphotic magic can be used than it is alienating, and if you look purposefully at the use of cottages, it is probably a land with all sorts of obstacles to invoking God's ships. I had to give him a troubled look because I knew it.

"There are signs of monsters and such, so I don't know if my temper will cause the alienation, but I don't know what to look into."

"I mean, I'm not out of the cottage, so I don't know, what's the terrain like right now?

"It's all over the cave on the island's coastline. Since the timing of the flush was near full tide, I know the tide is going up until now, but it's just a matter of getting more and more clogged up."

"I mean, you have to travel through the ocean to get outside, right?

"That's the way it is. Finally, even when the tide is full, the submarine is big enough and deep enough to be used, but even when the tide is dry, maybe we're deep enough to submerge completely."

Spring vegetables that just think a little bit into stories that seem like you need to travel underwater on your own no matter what. Honestly, I don't care about a short underwater trip. But I feel conveniently guided and somehow honestly unwilling to travel in the ocean.

I really don't care that extra traps seem to be planted in the ocean.

"Can't you dig a wall and climb up there or something?

"If you dig a groundwater vein or something, it's over, so don't do it. Yeah, do it."

"After all, you're most certain to swim in the ocean?


In the case of civil engineering and other genres of this kind, it seems natural to think of something that spring vegetables can come up with, and they waste it lightly.

Absolutely not that it feels so nasty that I assure you that you should avoid it, so I don't have to force myself to twist out other ways to try it, but Spring Vegetables that I don't care enough to find ridiculous myself.

But I can't help but do it all the time in a place with all this anxiety. Give up and honestly decide to be ready to enter the ocean.

"Well, we'll get out of here after dinner."


As a result of coming up with a few more ideas just in case, I had to decide that the extra small workmanship was useless, so I just finished my meal on this occasion, Hong and Spring Vegetables. Because the situation is too bad to be aware of being alone, other than when I heard that I was hugged all the time while drifting, the love of spring vegetables, who immediately wanted to take their thoughts on the color mess, is also hissing.

"Hey, you ready?"


Flatten the breakfast made with extra juice mainly, store the cottage and move it on the wave beat. Into the sea thoughtfully. No matter how enchanted the underwater adaptation is, it's not too good to move around in the ocean with metal armor, so for now, I'm pulling out the Wyburn leather armor and wearing it.

Strong enough to drift around the outer perimeter of the island, struggling with attitude control thanks to the speed of the currents that were alive.

"You finally made it up to the beach."


Finally finding the shallow waters, using hevyweights and other means to escape the current, and somehow landing off the sandy beach, Hon and Spring Vegetables were resting for a little while.

"I knew it would have been nice to have a breast plate..."

"Yeah. Honestly, it didn't feel like I could swim or anything..."

Fast currents, merging more and more from the outside. That had caused some places to swirl violently, making it increasingly difficult to maintain an attitude in the water. That speed is a dimension that I honestly think weight might have been more important than ease of movement.

Moreover, because of the flow joining us from the outside, it seems impossible to escape from the periphery of the island unless it is either a ship of considerable size or flying in the sky, which in the case of ordinary humans drifted on its own but, finally, it would undoubtedly be impossible to escape on its own. The currents in this neighborhood are so terrible that you wanted to self-admire the goodness of preparation in your heart that you were right to rope each other in such a way that it didn't slip away.

"So, what do we do?

"As it stands, it feels like a submarine and God's ship could be used as a means of escape, but I wonder if it would honestly allow me to use that hand of escape from what I've felt so far..."

"That's right."

and so on, a macro trying to take them out. Spring vegetables to check the situation once and for all with flying magic for when the macro was no better. The result is…

"I thought it was canceled."

"The flight could only go up to some height, and I hit something like a wall trying to get out of range of the island,"

In a way, as expected, anything that might be used as a means of escape is normally disrupted. Conversely, the cottage person usually sees where it could have been deployed, and it seems it only takes a travel relationship to cancel.

"When this happens, I wonder if I can make a ship and escape with the ingredients here, all the time."

A macro that throws a spoon at the island's environment, obviously holding it back from trying to leave, at a fast stage for the price. Spring vegetables also agree with that decision.

"There's probably an equivalent of a god or a guardian here, because it's air close to the shrine or the Great Spirit Cave or something, right?


"Well, maybe not until I talk to you."

"Let it go. Let's start by exploring the island."

When they find out they can't escape, they switch to exploring Sakuri. Travel from the sandy beach to the plains and decide on a big policy first.

"In the meantime, depending on the case, we'll need to split it into two hands, so let's make it a base camp here for once."

"Right. This island looks pretty big, and without a reference point, it looks like it's going to stop."

"Whatever you do to the point where you find the point, you're totally willing to end up in a day or two with a detailed exploration"

With that said, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables will set up a temporary base in Sakusaku. Even if I say temporary base, to the extent that I put on a little roof to make it easier to rest and arrange the table, but if it just makes it the magical goal of the location, that's enough.

After setting up the temporary base, contact Tatsuya and the others, then look around again, and the two of us will sort out the next action.

"First, go around the outer circumference and check the size and shape of the island and the terrain."

"Right. I guess I can go around in half a day or so, thinking about the view I saw when I flew earlier and how fast it was being flown?

"Probably do that. I don't know, I want to think so."

Even so, it's like I don't have a choice, so I'm quick to get my opinions together.

"Mr. Spring Vegetables, when you saw it from above, what happened to you?

"I wasn't sure it was coming from the sky. Maybe he's camouflaged by the feeling he doesn't know it's coming from the ground."

Let's do it.

In order to proceed with the investigation in the shortest possible time, Higashi discusses again what can be ascertained at the moment, whilst increasing the speed of walking using the item of disposable "march", which is also a quaternary high performance. During that time, we will not fail to observe the surroundings.

While observing the surroundings in that way, walking for an hour and a half on grasslands with subtle climbing slopes at speeds of just over fifteen kilometres per hour and at speeds that I don't think are pedestrians. Obviously, we find traces of someone moving toward the center of the island.

"What do you think?

"In the meantime, what are you talking about?"

"Right. Until now, I haven't been anywhere near sight, no trace of it."

"Shh. So, the problem is, I don't know if I could honestly go ahead."

"I haven't checked the perimeter yet."

Macro and Spring Vegetables discuss the traces of their first animal since they began their investigation, sipping the water they magically served to the glass. Sometimes we haven't finished circling the island yet, and discoveries at this delicate time can be troubling.

"Three-fifths of the time when I say it all around the perimeter. I don't have a true circle, so it's strictly, but when I say it at the angle I saw from the base camp, it's between 200 and 220 degrees."

"It's a subtle distance, isn't it? Besides, there's a cliff over there, so in some cases it feels like we might not be able to move along the outer perimeter."

"Well, it's high enough that I can manage with Falling Control. I'm pretty sure that climbing that cliff turned into a necklace."

"Right. I think it's probably the most expensive part of the periphery."

The two of us will sum up what we have learned from our previous observations and what we have confirmed at this time. Unexpected misperceptions can arise and become dangerous if these things are not properly voiced and confirmed.

"So, I don't have much, I guess. The flight will be cancelled soon, doesn't it feel like it all the time?

"Yeah. Maybe I'll be fine for flying around the outer perimeter of the island"

"Look, why don't we bury the map first, then fly back? Observe. I walked from Nakan, but once I did the flight, I could get back in about five minutes because I could speed it out faster than a single box."

"Right. There may be other suspicious places."

In the end, this time, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, who decide to pierce their first ambitions. We are flying on a cliff about twenty meters high with Falling Control as it is, walking on the ground, which has become half rocky, and taking another hour and a half to get back to base camp.

"The outer circumference is about fifty kilometers. About sixteen kilometers in diameter."

A macro that uses the extra skill of civil relations and the ability of God's way to determine the general breadth and distance traveled. They continued to maintain speeds of more than fifteen kilometres an hour, even though they had been walking in poor scaffolding places for a long time. Though with the help of disposable doping items, you can't trample an evil path with so much speed unless Honda is fairly healthy than she was.

Even so, there is only so much experience that I have stepped into an inexplicable difficulty because of the ingredients that I am healthy enough to laugh with my nose, such as adventurers with whom both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables are side by side.

Most importantly, it is not possible for a human who does not follow the southern Great Forest to reach the village of Ortem, or to break near the summit of the Great Spirit Peak and enter the Great Spirit Cave, so it is only natural.

"The river and the example beast path, if you're wondering."

"Yeah. It's just, I don't know, but I think you're going to be in the same spot either way."

"Let it go. After that, which is easier to walk."

"And is it easier for the river to travel closer to here?

Eat a seafood roasted buckwheat for lunch and discuss which river you will follow to break into the heart of the island, the first river you discover on the way through the beast path and rock. Close to the base is the river, but it seems to be easier to walk on the beast road. Probably walking either way will get you into weird trouble, but the easiest way to deal with it would be a beast path that doesn't have to be afraid to fall into the water.

However, the island is covered in lush forests everywhere except the outer periphery and the base camp. It is possible that climbing along the river towards the centre is easier to obtain unusual materials. Regardless of other adventurers, this benefit cannot be ignored for Higashi.

"There's no difference if you fly anyway, and this time it's a priority to explore, and it's a beast path."

"I don't care either way, but is that okay?

"I will worry about my brothers, and I will wait for His Royal Highness Avin, and I will not delay the collection of materials."

Spring vegetables that round your eyes with a grandeur that rarely declares to give up the ingredients. While the situation is the only one that seems to be a margin of error where we have taken a little time to gather the material, this time according to common sense and good sense, escape from this island seems to be a top priority.

But even so, if you find something rare or important, you can't help but collect it regardless of the situation. It's the business of high-level players in the production system of nettles. Spring vegetables that I somehow know will probably stop exploring along the way this time.

Even if Hiroshi forgot his original purpose and ran to collect it, he's going to tolerate it thinking that something might grab a thread from it, etc., Spring vegetables are also likely to be enough qualities to damage the man.

"Well, that's what it is."

"Exploration resumes."

Hokkaido and spring vegetables that flatten the grilled noodles and dance well in the sky for the sake of energy. He was in sudden trouble, but somehow he managed to open up the future without snagging.

Meanwhile, around that time, in Faldania.

'That's why, in some cases, we're going to be about two weeks late'


Presea sighs a subtle mixture of disheartening colors in relief to hear from her beloved man, who will be her husband in the near future. The relief was that all the people in trouble were safe for now, and the disappointment was that Avin's arrival was delayed as a result and the time to stay before marriage was likely to be drastically cut off.

I am greatly appreciative of the success of Hiroshi in that sense because I hear that Hiroshi, who was knocked down by the sea, is safe and searching vigorously for a means of escape from the island, which is why I am discouraged that time will be shredded for Yichi.

On a day when Presea, who is used to having victims on a voyage, and the benefactor of a man or sister-in-law who becomes her husband, ceased to be an accident that occurred on a voyage to attend a wedding, she would not have been able to be very, but honestly happy with her marriage or accept the words of celebration. Even if Presea wasn't bad, I'm pretty sure she was sorry and didn't soak up the celebration mood.

Besides, I finally got a bright smile on my face, and when I saw the cloudy face of Aeris I learned to be sweet to people, I wasn't sure I could stay calm. We'll look fine on each other's surface, and we won't resent Presea or Avin because it's about Aerys, but we don't have the means to relieve guilt at all.

I'm sure nothing is best, but at least you can honestly thank God for what didn't suck. Presea, the next queen of maritime states, well understood that maritime casualties were such a thing.

'So, is your ship really going to be okay?

"I'm doing an inspection just in case, but the railings were partially damaged and some of the loads on the deck fell into the sea, and they haven't done that much damage."


"At least you weren't experiencing any particular problems for the day leading up to your arrival in the port of Rijar."

'Yes... But you're a little worried. Whatever it is, I'll get the ship out of here...'

"It depends on the results of the test. If it's going to require repairs other than railings, I'll ask for them then. '


Nodding at Avin's words, Presea concludes her story about the ship on this occasion for now. Most importantly, since it will be late to hear from Avin, the ship picking him up for the port of Rijar has already been sent out at the time of the first report of the accident. Even if it was not necessary, it would only be necessary to have it turned back after replenishing it in the appropriate harbor at that time, and it would not be a waste of money because it would be a bit of a commercial loading stock for that to happen.

To be honest, Presea herself just wants to pick her up, but it's very bad for her to move under this circumstance. So I sent out only a crying ship.

"Nevertheless, it's a difficult situation to know where it was flushed because you only know you're safe."

'Totally. It's tough not knowing where to go to rescue him or where he was flushed in the first place.'

"I was shown a nautical chart, but the sea areas I encountered with giant squid have fast currents over complex tidal flows, so it's impossible to rescue them first if they fall into the sea by birth. Now it's time for ships and sailing technology to develop, so we're almost out of shipwrecks, but we used to have ships wrecked around there. '

"Some of them, though, seem to involve that squid."

'That's unspeakable. However, whatever the cause, no action can be taken from here, so I apologize to Lord Hiroshi and Lord Harna, but I have to ask them to rendezvous on their own or even to a place where they can rendezvous.'

If you try to go rescue him in a detour, the mummy removal becomes a mummy. Presea is used to pushing and killing toothpicks just because she knows it from past experience and history. But this next queen is not a woman who is glad to give up, as much as she just looks at her hands twisting.

"In the meantime, we've roughly identified the places that are likely to be flown in a day from the current stream, so we've arranged for a search party to be sent out to the islands and harbours close to them. We're talking about not being able to get out of the island, so if there's an island we can't get close to, or an island no one's coming back to, we're asking them to tell us, too, so we'll wait for information."

"It's a hassle."

"It's my responsibility, and I personally don't feel comfortable doing this."

"Still, that'll help."

'It's not the kind of thing you'd appreciate given the history. Instead, I just did the obvious thing, but I'll take that word for it. Well, we need a meeting about the future, so we'll hang up here.'

My dear man says thank you, Presea, who is about to climb up in his heart. Twist down such a Ugly Maiden-like reaction at the will of steel and cut off communications. Then, with Rin's voice, he convenes interested parties and begins various responses, including rescheduling. Fortunately, schedules are set quite sparingly for participants from other countries, so it probably won't have that much impact.

The dates are set in conjunction with the farthest marcto of the countries that would participate, so it is enough in time to see it as a week for the rendezvous between the Horn and Avin and a week for the voyage from there. Even if there were any further delays, we could do something about it if we shifted back two or three days at most.

Another fortunate thing is that since I am a son-in-law this time, a woman who takes longer to support is already on the ground. Much of what needs to be prepared, such as wedding costumes and accessories, can be advanced more and more while waiting, and because it is not the same as during the journey, it is relatively easy to maintain your physical condition and shape.

"During the period leading up to the ceremony, I wanted Lord Hiroshi and the others to fully explore this country, but this time it seems harsh..."

I had to calculate future dates in my head by the time the meeting started, and Presea leaks a sigh of sorrow. Later I heard the upside of the matter and seriously worried whether or not I should rescind my gratitude to God for the fact that Honda was safe, but now I was the next queen who had no choice but to turn right and left to solve the problems caused by the giant squid.