Inside the pond, it was clear everywhere.

"Amazing transparency."


"It's about time we had this deep pond..."

'It's true. Can I say this depth, pond?

'I don't know. But if I saw it from the shore, it would only look like a pond...'

Aquatic grass swinging on the wall. Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables continue to chat in their personal mode chat function while observing that vegetative change. I can't reach my voice because I'm underwater, so I'm using the Adventurer Card feature.

For the record, we try to keep each other in the corner of our sight without looking directly at each other as much as possible except when we have a conversation. For both sides, each other's swimsuits seem a little too irritating, and when looked at directly, they are too consciously thrilled, and the surrounding observations are gratuitous. This pond is deep to the extent that it may be detached when completely distracted. The corner of vision is an emergency evacuation measure to that end.

Even during the conversation, I try not to turn my gaze as far as I can besides the other person's face. Honestly, as for spring vegetables, it's hard to stare into the face and talk, but I'm still much more used to it than I am in a swimsuit. To the macro, there are no elements that upset me at all to see the face of Spring Vegetables, so I can't move my gaze at all when I'm talking.

Because of the circumstances around here, even though it is the same thrill, it can be inferred that the proportion of negative elements is overwhelmingly high for the macro, so he is prepared and likely to remember pity for spring vegetables in his main swimsuit.

Speaking of which, you don't even see fish.

'Maybe it's too narrow. Or is it too pretty? "

"Later, it's too deep to lay eggs, or something"

"Let it go. It may be hard to lay eggs because the floating grass and the grass that drifts in the water are mostly there."

"Even the walls aren't filled with aquatic plants."

I dive deeper and deeper, saying what I thought was strange to observe. I also don't see shellfish or crab species that seem to stick to the walls because they only grow aquatic plants.

In the first place, the aquatic plants that grow on the walls are strangely frigid in themselves, but what I found out after collecting them was that they were plants. Because it is frigid but not monster-like and does not self-propel or stretch its stems to drown Honda, the detailed investigation is behind us.

"The water depth is one hundred and fifty meters. Yes, it's time to see the water."

"No matter how transparent, there's refraction."

'I thought it was deep, but a little too deep?

'That's right. It's too deep for you to dive alive.'


In a pond where you can't see the bottom no matter how much you dive, it's time for the anxiety to start soliciting the hong and spring vegetables. In the first place, even amazing divers know how deep they can dive and operate. When the bottom is not yet visible at one hundred and fifty meters, the bottom will be at a depth beyond the control of the living man.

This world is a fantasy, with several different laws of physics, including the existence of magic and skills, but it still doesn't change that ordinary people can't dive ten meters unless they train properly. As such, it is possible because it has a relatively high ranking enchantment that solves the problems of water pressure, breathing and buoyancy, namely underwater behavior, in swimsuits, although it is a macro and spring vegetable that comes up to a depth of one hundred and fifty meters.

Perhaps you're hiding something important ahead of you, but you can never reach it in depth in a land-based species, and the aquatic species definitely have a good character for the existence that would have hidden something here, around setting the island's land as a barrier and a place where it's difficult to come to the pond.

"It's time for two hundred meters. What is underwater behavior like, limit depth?

"If Spring Vegetables put it on herself, maybe between 300 and 400 because of the relationship between her arms, I think five hundred is definitely impossible."

"Oh well. I mean, if there's nothing like that in about a hundred meters, I'm gonna be retarded."

"Let it go."

Spring vegetables that inadvertently darken their expression when asked about the limitations of their swimsuit and the possibility of being made to wait alone in some cases. Now I don't know what I squeezed my courage for and became ready to look like in my swimsuit.

"Well, you don't seem to have to worry about that."


"I don't see the bottom yet, but I see the horizontal hole. Look, ahem. '

"Oh, it's true."

At the tip of Hiroshi's finger, Spring Vegetables looks somewhere relieved to see the horizontal hole around fifty meters dived by the sight of Spring Vegetables. The size is not pinned because there is still quite a bit of distance, but the ability around the senses is enough to find inferior spring vegetables, so I feel quite large.

"I can't really afford the depth of Spring Vegetable's bathing suit."

"Yeah. It was really good."

'The problem is, what is that horizontal hole, the burn...'

"That's all we have to do now."

"That's the way it is."

With that said, we dive even more about seventy meters. Finally we arrive at the horizontal hole.

"It's bigger than I thought..."

"Hey, hey."

"Something in this pond is going to drive you crazy."

"There are changes that can easily be marked."

Horizontal hole, which was quite a bit deeper than the sighting. Spring vegetables leaking blur in their positional relationship. Hiroshi also looks a little reluctant that she couldn't afford a spring vegetable swimsuit, as expected.

"Take a look. About twenty meters. If this island were all built by some kind of hand, it would mean absolutely nothing to this size. '


A horizontal hole that greatly exceeded the sight of spring vegetables and was about the size of the Great Squid to go in and out at leisure. Given the significance of its size, I can only think of a less thankless conclusion.

"Well, if I did a living thing the size of which I could get in and out of a hole of this magnitude, compared to what I've encountered before, it wouldn't be a big deal."

'If this isn't the water, and your gear isn't in a round waist swimsuit, I'm fine with that conclusion...'

Spring vegetables with a sigh of sighing into words that can't even be called the optimism of a macro. This swimsuit in spider silk has no significant performance as a protective device. I also have minimal enchantment considering the possibility of being in battle at once, but it's just better than naked.

For a bikini, it has little exposure and strangely guards the essentials closely, aside from the result of the late Goto, which was intended to make it look macro, it is only intended to prevent polarity from happening even if it moves violently unless it is deliberately targeted and worn down, and not in any way considering its performance as a protective device.

I've been seen almost naked before by a macro in a polarized place, and I don't care how much they see me as a macro if I don't, but I'd like to give someone else a break to see me. In addition to such authenticity, if left beside the polarized spring vegetables, there have been times when Hiroshi feared that feminine phobia could be disturbed and mentally dangerous, and it was the current spring vegetable swimsuit that worked hard to crush the possibility that the swimsuit could be unintentionally removed outside of damaged while maintaining the bikini design.

However, I would like to forgive my encounter with an organism that is far more gigantic than I am in the water that has advantages to its opponents because it is only damaged, and is so inferior in terms of endurance compared to clothes I usually wear due to the area and thickness of the fabric and the limits of the material, such as eating a boulder and ripping off my shoulder strap, or being pulled off one side of the cup.

"Even if you don't have enough, it's tough to dive any further with Spring Vegetable's swimsuit, so there are other options. I can't even begin to make a mess of it, so why don't we check this hole?"

Copy that.

Spring vegetables that get a very right word from the Hong and go into a horizontal hole about the Hong when they are ready. The survey of the island entered the good realm.

"Ship repairs are likely to take longer than expected"

Lunch seats. With a slightly more serious look, Avin cut it out that way.

"Brother, was the damage done to the ship so great?

"It seems that the damage is more a matter of materials than I don't know the details about the ship because it's not specialized, but the materials used on our ships and their similar types of ships seem a little special. Even if it's part of a railing and deck, it doesn't mean it's a match."

A line that listens to Avin explain and subtly becomes a sinister face. Even with money and manpower, we can't repair it without materials. Powerful, I don't know, but before that principle, it's powerless.

"Ingredients, or..."

"Mio, you don't have it in stock?

"By things. If Hunter Tree is fine, there's as much..."

To Mio's words, Avin shows his head shaking left and right. In reply to Avin, the Azma Workshop group with the expression after all. If it's such an understandable material, there's no reason it can't be predicted because Avin is supposed to check inventory in the first place.

"I took confirmation because I thought it would probably belong to Hunter Tree. Apparently not. I just couldn't get the details."

"I see. So, Mio, you didn't get it when you got on the boat?

"Shipbuilding is about intermediate, so I can only give a rough prediction"

"You know what..."

"Yeah. I know a master would do anything with the ingredients in his hand, but even though it's part of me, I can't mess with a fast ship that size in that way"

I almost forget because I'm usually rambling along with Hiroshi or serving as a mentor for Fams and staff, but Mio's production skills are high and middle-intermediate, except for the ones he often uses. When it comes to furniture manufacturing, there is little difference between a variety of spring vegetables that I make in my free time combined with my hobbies.

Besides, there were few opportunities to use it when it came to shipbuilding, and Mio was a little too busy to take a job at the port to train, so his strength hasn't changed at all since he came here. Even if they combine their studies, they are hesitant to engage without a mentor because they are likely to pull a leg.

If I tell you about the railings, they are handrails, so replacing them with skills per carpenter seems advantageous. It seems advantageous, but the carpenter also Mio has just entered the advanced stage. Since the difficulty of the opponent's ship is the difficulty, it is subtle whether it can be covered when it is necessary to process it internally for special surface treatments.

In the case of the Farlane Royal Rapid Ship, at least the surface treatment uses advanced carpentry technology that has never been used before, so Mio can't handle the area.

There are quite a few things Mio can't do, however comprehensively he says he has outstanding power, because his total playing time and degree of specialization are inferior to his own.

"In the meantime, I'll check directly even after dinner"

"Right, I'll take care of that one. So, Your Highness. If you can't check directly, how long is it going to take to repair it?

"Four to five days," he said. The ingredients themselves have already been arranged and will arrive in three days. They just weren't in stock at the dock in this harbor, they're in another harbor. "

"Then you can assume that we can leave next week at the worst."

"You will. But at that point, it's a question of being able to rendezvous with the Heroes."

Aside from repairing the ship, another neck issue. Avin leaking it with a sigh. According to Aeris, it seems to be a Raifia associate, but I have to wonder if even an associate of God can imitate that other god witches might sink the ship on.

At least, Aeris seems to be protesting exactly about it, and the story that can hear the leak is that Alfemina is barely from Elsa, Daljan, etc., and Rafia is under intensive fire. As far as asking, it seemed to be an act that also had a lot of problems as the rules of the gods, but then why did you do it or couldn't you stop it? It is also a matter of concern.

Think that far, decide you're off your own territory any more, and switch your thoughts, Avin. Now it's more important if Honda can rendezvous than a rivalry between the gods. In polar terms, we have no choice but to leave the matter of the giant squid that seems to be Raifia and its associates to the gods. That's how we split up on this occasion, keep the word going.

"So, Hiroshi and Harna, what's the situation now?

"I don't know until the exact status quo because it seems to be being taken in and I haven't heard from you, but from the last report, isn't that where you're diving into a pond of talk and investigating that it was at the center of the island?

Makoto tells Avin's inquiry about the status quo he confirmed in a party chat. Most of all, even for the Japanese members of Zhenqin, there was a pond, so I dived and looked into it.

Due to shame and other problems, neither Hiroshi nor Spring Vegetables have talked about how swimsuits are or anything like that. If I had, the air on this occasion would probably have been significantly loose instead of being greatly screwed.

"I see. I hope there's some progress there."

"Right. Well, no matter how you fall, you just can't seem to make a move today"

Tatsuya agrees with Avin's smug words in an equally smug tone. Only potato worms that keep quietly eating cabbage like I'm not involved are the same as everyday things.

In the end the day was reopened and a line of time spent sightseeing the port town.

The horizontal hole was very long.

"Also on a large scale..."

"If you hadn't put this on your bathing suit, you'd definitely be drowning."

"At least it's suspicious in terms of whether or not one aqua brace is enough."

I've already swimmed more than two kilometers, but I'm not out of poke yet. A lot of anxiety comes up in a big horizontal hole of that magnitude. Already the light from the outside has been completely interrupted, and the magic of the light has long been the only source of light.

A good amount of time has already passed since diving into the pond in the first place. I have no problems thanks to the enchant I applied to my swimsuit, otherwise it may be time for my body to become cold and life-threatening.

Besides, it's usually impossible to dive into the water for so long, unless you're an aquatic or a surface duplex species. Apart from the water depth problem, a few small craftsmen are exploring the water for just enough time that breathing can't be helped.

If you're a consumable item aquabrese that can breathe for six hours on its own, you can still afford it for a long time. But if you don't see the right time to turn back, you can still drown after the effects have expired along the way.

Based on this information, it is predicted that someone who is trapping the admirer here is definitely looking for a special presence like Honda.

"... I knew it was a subtle bend"


"Later, until just now, I felt up, but now I feel down."

"It feels like I'm about to lose track of where I am."

"Let it go. The space itself is twisted by alienation."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables line up various anxiety-provoking elements and discuss it as a troubled one. Say what the trouble is, it will be time to get hungry.

I am not in a situation where I can eat or anything else, but I still get hungry. I hadn't even thought about developing something to eat underwater, but I might as well have it ready if I can build on my future possibilities.

"... I'm hungry..."

"I'm starving..."

We check each other's hunger like we're hanging up to the status quo where we're not going to get out of the ground yet. If this is incredibly busy, pressing, or focused on something like eating, you don't have to recognize hunger in the first place. Even if you don't, it's not so bitter to put up with that much if you see a goal.

This time I'm not seeing an end, and if I'm not busy, I don't need focus. Also, because the sight of scarcity for change persists for a long time, tension and other things that I said are rather loose. For that matter, it's not an environment where you can take a break that looks like a break.

I mean, it's time for consciousness to turn to fatigue and hunger. All this has nothing to do with actual physical fatigue in spiritual strength, in a sense due to natural mental activity as a human being, so I can't help it.

Conversely, if you don't feel anything in this situation, there are problems in many ways.

"I don't know how much I'll have to put up with it later, but it's very hard..."

"That's right..."

"If we do it on land, we'll also find compromises and cuts..."

"It's in the water..."

Blurring about the current situation, I aim ahead as I hang on to my hunger. Ever since I was flown here, I've only had trouble eating plain meals with Hongji and Spring Vegetables. Even on the first day I was flown, if I were to close my eyes to the taste, I had something to eat, such as bear meat and fish, and I was able to ensure an eatable environment.

Those two people have been forced into a situation where they can't even eat, even though they have enough food. Its spiciness is hard to exhaust to the brush tongue.

"It's finally the end of the line..."

"I'm seriously hungry..."

From the seemingly small puddle exit into the cave, finally taking a breath of Hong and Spring Vegetables. Quickly and just take the lights out of the pochette, the table and cookware, and start talking about what to eat later on, all dressed up, etc.

In the end, it was an hour and a half after the two of them started feeling hungry to land.

"I don't know. My body gets cold in the water until just now, and I figured this place would be curry?

"Not bad, but I'd like to stick to the spice a little bit if I could, so this time it's something else"

"You know, I'd say Oden, but it takes a lot of time, and then it's ramen."

"Right. Ramen can do it right away."

And so on, I took it with a stewed behemoth bone soup and Leviathan alla, which I stock in a tight and large quantity, and spring vegetables that mix the jizz bird glass soup and add soy sauce and flavored vegetables to taste. However, there is a lot of stock in itself, but since it is stored in a basic stand-alone product so that it can be used in addition to ramen, it is a hassle when it comes to having to adjust properly.

"There was divine wheat, so I should probably have prototyped the noodles new..."

"Speaking of which, yes."

"Well, you can hit me right now, and I'll be patient with you this time."

Boil the noodles for two, and prepare the ramen utensils while the hong is blurry. This time all the utensils are also named God, and even seaweed was specially made that grew on Leviathan's body. Obviously, the noodles that are supposed to be the subject are the most inferior.

Even when it comes to meeting each other, it is a handmade product made by our own hands from a place where Hong and Spring Vegetables thoroughly taste ingredients, including wheat, and grind powder. Noodles that such a cook has beaten with care, where you can cook the Gods' supper as long as it inspires you. I can't even rip my mouth off if it's just a meeting. Naturally, noodles are no worse than those of famous stores that boast, such a specialty.

It's just that no matter how much good wheat you used, the intrusion is regular wheat that can't be crowned by God. It is inevitable that everything else will be inferior when it consists solely of things that can be used for the Gods' supper.

"Noodles boiled up, but not you?

"I wonder if this is what soup looks like. Boiled eggs are also complete"

"Here, top it up and eat it"

A macro that eventually loses to hunger and completes only regular ramen with noodles with second degree of completion. I can't get one more step to the ultimate cup, and I just can't wait to say it.

"... it's delicious, but..."

"... yeah. Maybe if I were normal, I wouldn't have the muscle to complain..."

"Oh, my God, it feels so subtle."

"Yeah. Seems like a subtle waste"

It was the feeling that flattened about half at once and came out of their mouths.

"I wouldn't mind if I didn't..."

"But you're clearly out of balance..."

"Really, I feel like I'm just a little short..."

"Yeah. Probably to the extent that most people don't care, but the noodles just feel a little cheap and not enough"

Perhaps the completeness of gathering and feeding a hundred Japanese ramen tongues to see if one puts an ass on it. The ninety-nine will admire it as perfect, and after admiring it with all their vocabulary, one who might cheer, they will mention the subtle lack of noodles, knowing that they are impotent after prejudging that they speak of greed, a delicacy that cannot be made unless it is in this world.

I'm not convinced by making all that stuff, and the Macro and Spring Vegetables are a hard place to judge whether the focus on rice is too strong in this case, or the artisanal temperament of not being convinced that you could make the perfect thing but didn't make it.

"If we get out of this island, we need to make everything from udon to pasta to soba first with Divine Wheat and Divine Soba."

"Right. I'm sorry about this."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables who are unwilling to compromise on anything they are not going to get like a bean, but on anything they are getting. Again, these two proved the temperament of starting from a place that searches for varietal improvement and satisfactory famous water for a glass of lactic acid bacteria beverage without any further ado.

"That's a long time..."

"From this point on, there's a lot of space to alienate..."

A path that goes nowhere on foot or on foot. It's been a long time since Hong and Spring Vegetables have exchanged words, probably around ten kilometers walk due to their physical senses.

Fatigue all the way down a path that is dark, and completely unchanged by the scenery. Physically, it would be quite a burden mentally anyway. That was surely taking the word from the mouths of the two.

Most importantly, that's not the only reason the two mouths get heavier. A highly exposed appearance that we would never normally do where we are dealing with each other. The only source of light is the magic of the lamps and lights in your hand, a dark path. Those synergies make for a strangely adult atmosphere that's unusual, and words don't come out.

Especially since it was flushed onto this island. Spring vegetables that twitch adolescence can have unlikely expectations in this adult atmosphere, desperate to distract consciousness from mouthing it incorrectly, and can't afford to come up with topics that are very, but attentive. It is the story that being in that air and wary of all sorts of hypersensitivity on that side is the cause of the mental fatigue of the macro that cannot be saved.

That said, if the unlikely expectation is that even elementary school students are at a normal level if they still do poorly, if they want to go a little further if they are of spring vegetable age and standing, surely nobody will complain about it, is it your love?

To be more precise, if the other person is not even a macro, by the time Spring Vegetables becomes aware of their love heart and goes into concrete action, it is definitely happening first by the first date, and it is to such an extent that no one will ever say that it is a disgrace to see it.

Rather, if you find yourself in the same situation, as much as Mio has more ethical problems with what he expects, the phenomenon of reversal of what he looks like around here and what he wants from dating a man and a woman is going to be a very headache issue for those involved.

In the first place, I would not dare to touch upon the fact that matters such as Mio expects, regardless of age, will most ethically be wasted.

"... you've changed the air flow. Maybe a room or something."

"... well. Maybe the end point."

"... enough possibilities."

In addition to the cave itself, Hiroshi, who was also wary of the behavior of spring vegetables, finally senses a change in the situation. To its content, spring vegetables that tighten their expression slightly. Even if my head is occupied by the thought of puberty twitching colors, and I am in a mood, there is no reason to say that there is a new development under this circumstance in boulders, but the colors remain bogged down.

"Probably hostile. Let's get out of here, but we need to be careful."

"I'd like to get dressed if I could..."

"Instead of cottages, I can't get out mosquito nets or accordion curtains..."

"Hidden will also be cancelled..."

Spring vegetables I want to wear at least about clothes because something unknown comes up. There are also shame and defense issues, but most importantly, it is time to de-alert the macro.

But when you try to get ready to get dressed safely, all the means will be crushed. Weave the bath towel like a poncho, and when you try to change under it, always only the bath towel is around the hock off for some reason, then promise not to look at each other and distance yourself, and when you start changing in the direction of the day after tomorrow, something like killing will occur and you will be geared up to pay attention to each other, and even in that state, when you try to distract yourself, it is a rockfall or an earthquake, and you try to hold them in a state where you have to look at them. It doesn't make sense because where blindfolded, the lethal part always comes off at the time of exposure.

When I try to cut it off and wear my regular outfit from above my swimsuit, this time the automatic sizing will no longer work and my sleeves won't go through. Trying to weave a hoodie or something on top polarizes all sorts of deadly things before you finish putting them through your sleeves.

It felt like Spring Vegetables forced me halfway there because I was fine to be seen, apparently I could change my clothes themselves if I didn't hide them. If the macro hadn't rattled and trembled in the corner of the room, he probably would have forced it as it was.

Unfortunately, I gave up and put it back in my swimsuit that it would be better than my battle underwear on a boulder because the macro was about to pass away completely around wearing my own battle underwear bra (a clear but appropriately adult design), but when I changed to a swimsuit, hiding it in a towel and changing it didn't interfere.

In short, while I'm here, they need to be prepared for that to be anything but swimsuits and naked.

It should be added, just in case, that when spring vegetables force you to change clothes, you are approaching the agreement of a proper macro. If I looked away at the moment I took it off and the moment I put it on it alone, later it was a step toward being able to move so that I didn't have to see some lethal parts in my posture and behavior, but they weren't that easy after all. It was a series of currents at that time that Macro, who was forced to stare from where he was just going topless in the end to where he was about to put on his battle underwear, rushed back to his swimsuit because he couldn't stand all the pressure and began to rattle and tremble in the corner of the room.

"... you see the lights"

"Is it outside?

"No, the room itself glows"

In the end, I don't think about dressing for fear of the two earlier dances, but I go ahead in my swimsuit. Light that gradually becomes stronger. When I went out into the space that was the square, my surroundings were as bright as they were outside.

"... Temple, is it?

"Well, that sounds like a story."

At the time of seeing a square of considerable size, a building in architectural style likely to be on the ruins around the Mediterranean built in its center, the main part of the investigation here is finally the Macro and Spring Vegetables, which I understand comes to an end. It's not my fault that that look seems somewhere relieved.

"Perhaps Lady Raifia would like to do something about it, but do you know why I deliberately make it impossible to get out of here?

"Naturally, I'm willing to explain, but what?

The voice of a strangely refreshing man responds to the soliloquy of the Macho. Turning your gaze to the voice, there's...

"Half-fish man?

"It's easier to think about the whole thing in a human frame."

There was a half-fish man who was brilliant enough to understand. In general fantasy, it is a species known as the so-called Sahagin or Gilman.

Tight, puffy and tight torso for a smooth tail, eyes that are hard to see where you are looking due to placement issues. A shaped blue fish that would probably be quite a fine fish if its hands and feet hadn't grown, but the knowledge of hong and spring vegetables makes it impossible to tell if there are the same species of fish in the original world. The limbs and feet growing from the torso area are quite massive, but what is in their hands is not a trident or a jaw, but only a book. That was him who emerged from the temple.

"The human frame?

"I've talked to these half-fishers before about human species and other human beings, or monsters all the time."

"In the meantime, if you don't really feel like a fish or a normal monster about culture or intelligence, maybe a monster frame would be a good idea," he said.

"Hmm. What would have happened if it was a monster frame?

"We'll see if we can make it into ingredients. I wouldn't bother to fight and sell it from myself."

A half-fish man who, very honestly, tells the content of the conversation, lets Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables subtly attract his expression so that both clever and human can see it. Usually Hiroshi doesn't develop a rude story about Spring Vegetables against them anyway, but this time he talks about it because he's mentally tired of being walked a very long way so far, or because he's relentlessly black and rude for the price.

"So, well, leave it around there."

"I have enough ingredients, and I don't need to bother eating someone I can communicate with in conversation."

"Is that the standard of ingredient or not for you?

"Is there a problem, too?

A half-fish man whose face cannot be stopped from catching on to the words and deeds of the Macro and Spring Vegetables, which were neither of colour nor Sense of Wonder.

I've been flying to this world for over a year. The time has passed for both Hongkong and Spring Vegetables to determine that they can't eat because of their appearance already. Even if there is considerable resistance to eating a race that can be classified as human, it is not a reason why we cannot eat simply because we are human.

"... I'm starting to feel a lot more dangerous digging stories around here."

A half-fish man who realizes that Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables have a rather unique nerve when it comes to eating and decides to stop talking about this any longer. I assure you I won't eat more than I can communicate with you, so you'll be fine, but I can't wait in case they do.

"So, to get back to you, why can't you guys get out of here, huh?

"Yes, yes. There's a reason why you don't want us out."

"You are right not to say that you have been adrift on this island, but that you are unqualified."


Spring vegetables inquiring with a serious look into the words of a half-fish man. That's all I've been talking about lately, but it's not calm to not let people outside who have been adrift even though they don't deserve it.

"It's a bit of an abstract way of putting it, except for being able to live on land and coexist with water. But there are people who really come in because of an accident or something, so at least we can't get out, so this is the kind of specification."

"Co-existence, given what we've been through, is that we can't finally operate in the water the same way as we did on the ground?

"That's the thing. The test for that is that pond. And the fact that you're demanding a bathing suit has something to do with it. Because it's basically normal for people who are in the water not to wear clothes or anything. However, we know that people on land are basically a culture of clothing, so as a compromise, we made a demand to wear clothes to operate in the water."

"I see. I had an unnatural tablet over there for that. So, if you arrive at this temple, you'll have been able to prove that you're qualified?

"Of course."

Get a sigh of relief for the clear answer of the half-fish man. In the meantime, escape from this island is likely.

"Assuming you try to get into the pond with the gear you usually wear, what would have happened?

"I'll let you in, but I was trying not to reach this temple. So you were probably supposed to dive to the bottom of the pond and just turn back."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables sigh deeply and deeply for a pretty terrible conditioning setting. It's nice that I didn't bother to change into a bathing suit, but if I was in the water with my usual gear as an investigation, I would be pretty wasted.

"Why don't you allow me to change here?

"It's the heart of the divine domain, so there's a defense system to that extent. Because, with some exceptions, what you're wearing was completely damaged."

"So, what makes you want to get that far and lock up the unqualified people on this island?

"Well, it's decided because this is the realm of Lady Raifia. There are so many precious things here, there's no way to let the ocean and those who can't really coexist."

"Obviously there were traces of animals and all that, but why didn't there be any signs of this being an animal on the island?

"You're new gods and you're half-god people. I was temporarily locked up for now because I don't know if I should apply the rules, but I decided it was too risky to bother letting the animals out for elimination, like the rest of us, to avoid it."

In the face of a situation where you can't treat me as a human being even if I were to be a god again, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables exhale a different kind of sigh deeply and deeply than earlier. Honestly, as for ourselves, we don't think anything has changed from when we were flown, but God and his family and the others on that side treat us like that with their mouths shut.

It's time for someone to treat you like a human being.

"So, can we get out now?

"Oh. From the sky or from the sea, at your disposal. However, due to the characteristics of the island, only the family of Alfemina, the witch, and for some reason, the family of Alanwen, who have a powerful ability to transfer."

"I'm still human when I hear that."

"Just that I can't do it now, and then I'll be able to. Guaranteed as guardian of the Divine Domain"

"Trouble if warranted"

A lot of disappointment that you can't be treated like a human being anywhere.

Technically, there is no sardine that is not treated so far as humans if it is true, because the macro is still fluttering between a person who has only fulfilled the conditions and God, and even if it is springtime, the royal hand still takes several hands to fill, even if it is springtime. No, but unfortunately, Spring Vegetables is the same thing anyway, because Hiroshi is totally a matter of time.

"Later, if only we had a transfer team now, that would be the area in the dungeon but it would be a completely closed shrine, but we should be able to get out easily. The New God has that power."

"... I don't know. Sure, I can."

I checked with the ingredients at hand to see if I could put up a line when I was told, and realized that there was really no problem. At the time of Crest Cave's mining dungeon, he could not even attempt to set up a transfer formation inside the dungeon, so he assumed that the same specification, the kind of shrine, was impossible.

Until now, of course, when installing the transfer team, when installing it completely new, as was the case in the village of Ortem, and when adding new destinations to the existing transfer team, as was done in the workshop in Loufeus, it was necessary to move directly to the two parties with the transfer stone, etc.

However, although it is now limited to adding destinations to those installed by Hiroshi himself, it is normally possible to make Hiroshi function as a transfer team by touching only the new team.

"That's crazy."


"I'm not going back to Ursus, but I think I can connect the formation."


"Sometimes I could have done it in the Great Spirit Cave, but I don't know why..."

Spring vegetables that make me look somewhat sinister in the cumming out of a macro that feels so troublesome. I'm not going to change the way the Macro hangs out, no matter what happens, but honestly it's not much to be thankful that it feels like he's going in a straight line in a direction that he doesn't like because of a different issue.

"Well, if we can do the transfer formation, if we can get back to Ursus in the transfer formation, yes, we can even put it up here..."

"It's okay, because from here to the ground, you don't have to bother to come and go through the pond easily"

Seeing the concerns of the Macro, or a half-fish man leads him inside the temple. There's something there that looks like a metastatic formation.

"If we go through here, we can get to the work shed that's hidden a little off the center of the island."

"Work shed? Is that what happened?

"About three hundred meters southeast of the pond. You came in from the north side of the road, so maybe you didn't understand."

"Another handful of imitations..."

Though to protect the Divine Domain, I can't even think of imitating how to manage it. Sure, there's something precious growing here, but if you just happen to hide it from a drifting human being who wouldn't be able to go home anyway, you definitely don't need to go this far.

"Well, if you do that, I'll thank you for letting me use it here."

"Go ahead. Oh, and I'll bring an apology from our Lady Raifia's family for this incident."


"Yeah. Apologies to the coarse minister of the Witch of Laphia, who started flowing to this island, and to the fact that she locked herself on this island for two or three days. As for the coarse phase of the witch, Lady Raifia herself said she was going to say hello again. He was actually going to face down here right now, but he hasn't caught a witch yet and he can't come. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is."

That's what the half-fish man who said and went behind the temple brought...

"Maybe this!

"Xiaodou Yan!!

"It's a little different from what we have in the New God's world, because it's the same ingredient"

"Hey, what about the whole thing?

"You know, it's kind of a slime core. I can grow it for some reason."

To the words of the half-fish man, the unexpected endless horns and spring vegetables. The fact that the beans came out and the identity of their shock completely blows up the word Rafia's coarse phase of witchcraft.

"If you're going to grow it, basically, just bury it in the soil and water it up."

"I've seen a lot of shocking ingredients, but this was the most shocking one."

"Oh, there's one caveat. Once grown, the slime will fall from the pod of the beans, so retrieve it by clamping it down. 'Cause I can take about 10 capsules alone."

"I knew it was a monster crop..."

Spring vegetables that listen to precautions and have some distant eyes. I'm going to be sick and tired of the hassle of harvesting when I grow it.

"If you leave it in the slime state, it won't be there?

"It should have increased on its own due to division"

"Really, it's an unidentified ecology..."

"I just don't think I grew up so easily as a plant, even if that slime died in some way and it was just the core. Well, it's probably why I live in basic water."

In addition, we teach the ecology of sesame seeds and beans from half fishmongers, and then we also give away dozens of kilometers of spices of all kinds with the crown of God, setting up a transfer formation and just returning to Ursus, the Hongkong and Spring Vegetables.

"... Something's happened, but I blew it all up with my last bean. Are you crazy?

"Right. Well, it looks like we're gonna make it, so let's do it right."

I lost my mind when I came back to the familiar workshop, and I accidentally leak those words.

"Oh, my parents, Mr. Spring Vegetables. Have you arrived in Faldania yet? And what does it look like..."

"Oh, no. I had a bit of trouble and only me and Hiroshi came back here once. Swimsuit is about that trouble. I have to hurry up and rendezvous with Tatsuya and the others, so I'll be out of here in a minute. I'm not greeting the fam guys, but tell everyone I said hi."

"Sorry I'm in a hurry, but I'll ask you later."

"Really, be careful"

I just ran into Lela when she came out of the transfer room and explained the situation lightly and left the workshop as it was, Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables. It's not good to get to know each other any more and eat time, just transfer magic to the meadow outside the East Gate, it also moves to a place where there are absolutely no people in time, just take out God's ship and enter the empty journey.

For the record, the swimsuit ended up dressed in God's boat. I couldn't get dressed in the transfer room, and if I moved to the workshop's own room, I might encounter Terez or Nora, and if I didn't explain it properly, the tail would be stretched and spread, so I avoided the hassle.

Lela doesn't make strange mistakes about that area and doesn't bother to say extra information about her outfit or anything like that, so I appreciate everything at times like this. In fact, even though I told her that Hongchi and Spring Vegetables had come back with a little trouble this time, I didn't say how they looked or how they dressed at that time, and the fam and the others didn't extra reckon.

"Curry powder and bean relations, which one do you want to get ahead of?

"Is it curry powder for dinner first? But you can't even throw strawberry Dafu away for a snack..."

Two people consult like that during a journey of about thirty minutes in the sky. In the end, I realized that the occasional craving for fillings in the discovery of beans was on the verge of explosion, and gave priority to making Japanese sweets such as lamb and tungsten to Dafu. I realize that the spring vegetables that went into the kitchen to mess with me for a little while until the rendezvous are also ingredients with God's crown, but I'll leave them here for now.

"Hiro, spring vegetables!

"Master, Sister Chun!

"Good! You came out safely!

"I'm sorry to bother you. We had a lot going on, but we got out of here safely."

"It's just that most of those things don't feel like blowing up with the beans and their ecology the last time I got them from the protectors of the Divine Realm."

"If Hiroshi and Harna are safe, I don't care about the details at this time."

Delighted to reunite as one,

"When we went up from the pond and tried to get dressed, we didn't care how we watched each other's dressing scenes."

"In the end, I did my bathing suit until I boarded God's ship in Urs."

"What the..."

A busy line of frightened and sinister faces for stories after diving into the pond.

"So, there's no sign of the ship. What?

"It's a little damaged, but I don't have the materials to repair it. I'm sorry you guys came back safely, but it's going to take a little longer."

"I don't know. Look, I'll check it out tomorrow."

"Whoa, please"

Higashi falls asleep after completing each other's status reports and deciding what to do from the next day. In the end, the reception sent by Presea arrived earlier than Hiroshi began to repair the ship, and after this it was possible to arrive without any particular major problems until Faldania.