The day after the first intrusion of a hidden dungeon.


A giant wolf who gets a third smash and is slapped flashly against the ceiling. Currently, Honda was in an admirable struggle.

The reason is simple, and because you can't rely poorly on the extra skill of the offensive system, you don't have enough firepower to pin down an opponent in a hundred meters.

If Hiroshi or Tatsuya use the extra skill of the attack system, they will soon be triggered, but if they do, their opponents may disappear without a trace. Then it's a pain in the ass to try again, so I'm holding the cap to about the Holy Heaven octopolar cannon, but I can't think of any of this. The exception is true harp disease slaughter, but unfortunately the blade did not reach the carotid artery even after using it overlaid with ignition soul and over-accelerate shortly after opening, as this size would cost a lot of negative correction.

Oxide circles due to magic compression would have no effect on this wolf, neither oxygen poisoning nor acid deprivation, and it would be the beginning of the beating that ended up.

The opponent's attack is only predictable from appearance, and the attack pattern is not that complicated. Powerfulness is a dangerous level for Spring Vegetables and Tatsuya, but it's relatively easy to deal with, I can assure you that a tank you're accustomed to won't go through any attacks behind you unless you die yourself.

Speed is fast for a giant, but on the contrary, it is easy to crush an attack with a smash or something because of a giant. Attackers are not exposed to attack without even a lack of focus, but that is still the only strong thing.

I couldn't get my sizable defensive and vital werewolf opponents to accumulate any damage, and Higashi had already been dating for, like, an hour.

"At this size, I'm probably helpless too..."

Put in a blow to the neck several times, blurring true harp as you leave. When the size exceeds one hundred meters, there is more or less a negative correction due to the size difference, other than the weight weapon as used by the macro. Therefore, proximity attackers tend to be powerless at this size.

Most importantly, if we are to talk fundamentally, being slashed by an opponent over a hundred meters is in itself the extreme of nonsense and is only a trivial problem, such as negative correction of weapons and moves. Even though he's just bouncing off with a smash, there's something wrong with that giant opponent who's establishing the White Soldier War.

When you make it that big, you can simply play it with a smash, and you can't do damage. Unless you use Titanic Roar, you probably won't be able to compete forever. Weaknesses that have no significant attack power other than super Special Attacks have not been overcome to this day.

Until now, the super giant boss has always had no incentive to realize that the fishing line happened to be tangled around his neck, but if he collided and crashed so he didn't fall, he broke his neck bone, because there was a lot of flow through which the battle could be decided without a proper fight, such as an oxide circle caused by magic compression, but bumping into each other from the front would have made him struggle to this extent.

"Like dropping a giant dragon, you want to go?

"I don't know where to pull it out."

Spring vegetables that activated about three crippling magics in laminated chants present the problem to Mio's proposal. Though extra skill and great aftermath damage, dragon drop is basically a dot attack. Unfortunately, a bad place to hit would be extremely ineffective.

"... I just thought that most of the people this size have ever had their neck bones snapped or something like that."

Spring vegetables whining as if they noticed something while inflicting even more crippling magic to reduce their opponents' abilities. Makoto looks somewhat surprised when she hears the twinkle.

"Spring vegetables, what the hell are you thinking?

"If you wrap a shorter rope around your opponent's neck and jump with a smash by securing the other side disappointingly, you'll break your neck bone with your own weight, I thought..."

"... you know, sometimes I think about things..."

For the thought of spring vegetables, Makoto divulges such thoughts in a subtly dry voice. Spring vegetables that snare and obstruct the wolf that was about to fly, whilst clawing his neck at the reaction of the true harp, I wonder if it was that dark.

The wolf, clinging to the front in a good way, has been bounced up to the wall by a smash put into the counter by the macro, feeling concussion and stopping moving.

"In the meantime, sort out the problem"

Mio decides it's fine if you leave it to the macro for a while, and suggests sorting out the problem after putting in a lightly towed arrow. Even so, there are not so many things that are likely to be a problem.

"First point. Who's gonna rope it around his neck how?

"After stopping the motion with a similar procedure as now, over-accelerate Hiroshi or Mio, then can't you?

"Maybe I can"

Mio nods to the proposal for spring vegetables, to the extent feasible, and presents the following problems: Rather, this one is more important as a problem.

"Second point, add up to the Smash momentum to that weight, and the fixed side doesn't come off?

"I have an idea about him."

"Like what?"

"The magic I learned in the Great Library was Grand Pillar and Stacisfield. The Grand Pillar, as its name suggests, is a magic that sets up large columns of earth attributes, and Stacisfield is a magic that keeps the specified object unchanged for a certain amount of time. So if you make sturdy columns with a grand pillar and secure the rope there, and prevent interference from the outside world in Stasis Field, even if you hang a Leviathan or jizz, it won't snap during effect time"

"I see."

Tatsuya's suggestion would also apparently be implementable without imposition. When that happens, the biggest problem is......

"Conditions are in place, but about a smash, neck bone, breaks?

End of story. Even if it comes with a rope, it doesn't mean it can be securely fixed that far, nor does it always pin the rope. Even if I say it so that it tightens with impact, I don't even think it squeezes that far considering the target's physique and the thickness of the skin, as if he bounced it off once or twice with a smash.

"Instead, there, if I put it in the pit, yeah?

At the end of the day, Macro presents such an outrageous idea for the biggest problem. Looks like the wolf is not back on his feet yet and can afford it slightly, a macro who will continue to participate in the conversation with his gaze pointed at him.

If you do take advantage of your own weight, drop damage is the quickest. That's for sure. But is there an easy means of making it, such as a pit that fits more than two hundred meters of wolves?

"Master, how do you know about the pitfalls?

"That's easy. With the magic of Pitfall for all humans who can use it, you can afford to dig it. I don't care what you do, zoom in on special teams. Yes."

Mio the thought of a corn falling out of his eyes in a way that, if you ask me, Apparently, there are no obstacles to implementing the idea of spring vegetables.

"Brother Ho, a guy named Grand Pillar, please, can you do that in wall-to-wall form?

"I can't, but why?

"It's better to hang around the middle of the hole, it works. Absolutely"

"Oh, sure..."

Tatsuya nods to Hiroshi's opinion and sneaks through the pillars near the ceiling. Mio climbs onto a pillar that has been made and puts the spiritual thread rope on the pillar according to the jade hanging instructions.

A wolf who passes under a pillar unaware of it and tries to strike a macro without punishment. He switched to a policy of shaking down and squashing his forelegs because he learned when he got a counter when he jumped.

"Sweet cunt!

A horse who rips off his shaken forelegs with timing and smash moves. Smash Horizon is a horizontally specific move that I learned because it would be more convenient to have another variation.

As it is, to adjust the position of the unbalanced wolf, add or subtract power and bounce it off with a normal smash. Mio flies to a wolf who has been flown beneath a pillar in good condition.



Spring vegetables and Tatsuya who watch Mio jump and activate magic on the meeting. Mio accelerates with magic and quickly ropes around his neck. Just leave for later work and let them know you're ready by releasing the magic.

"Go, go! Pitfall!"

It signals the magic of Hiroshi, almost simultaneously activating the magic of Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables. I thought it was probably not enough to stay that way, but apparently Tatsuya was thinking right about it. Magic compression enhanced the effect, further simultaneously expanding the activation number to five, and further interacting with the pitfall of the macro and spring vegetables, which transformed almost the entire square into a "pit hole" about a kilometer deep.

A wolf whose scaffolding disappears in an instant and falls into a hole. The limit of the length of the rope arrives a few meters after falling, and it stays hanging. In doing so a dull sound echoes, twisting to an angle where the wolf's neck and torso cannot possibly be.

"... apparently, you're done"

"I did a terrible job with him"

Around where I could observe for about a minute and be sure that there was no way to play or move, Makoto and Hiroshi pull out of their shoulders and leak a sigh. I was reminded that when I left the body as much as possible and showed what color, the difficulty would jump as soon as possible, and I felt very considerate first.

On a day when I struggled so far to say this and couldn't get useful material, there is going to be a riot around the true harp.

"So, how do you pull this up?

Spring vegetables mention the underlying problem when we see a wolf's body dangling in the universe and swinging in the plain. of suspicious weight whether it can be lifted even on heavy machines. Pulling that up is sure to be quite a struggle no matter how many horses are no longer human.

But even with regard to the problem, Macro gives a light answer.

"Sure, Pitfall should have gone back to the ground after the effect time."

"Am I?

"Mr. Spring Vegetables, have you used it much?

"I mean, I hadn't mastered it myself until Elsa gave it to me. The same environment as the snare is limited, and if you don't use it well, you will involve your allies, and if you are a person like me who feels like a semi-fixed party, you feel that there are problems with collaboration and it's really not easy to use."

"I see."

The magic system is a spring vegetable with a strong impression that it is mastering skills from one end, but apparently there are quite a few that were intentionally through.

It is only natural to make some trade-off choices, because no matter how many skill acquisition does not require special points or the like to acquire without a cap, it takes time and reward to be taught. But it's a little unexpected that it wasn't like spring vegetables that it was going through this magic, which has many uses depending on the ingenuity.

"Well, I'm a little suspicious of my brother's, but if you unwitch that too, you'll see."

That's what I say, a macro that unlocks his pitfall. Hiroshi also cancels Spring Vegetables and Tatsuya. The moment it is released, the ground rises, and everything that was in the hole is pushed up on the ground.

"And then when the columns are gone, it's easy to retrieve the rope."


A macro that finishes the stiffness and aftermath and begins to dismantle the crisp wolf's body. Due to the shortening of time, the kidneys and lungs, which were slightly uncomfortable, are carefully scattered when demolished into the warehouse by a very large amount of clutter, except where it seems important.

"I knew there was a strange crystal."

"So, what can you make?

"Maybe if it was in my lungs, I'd brush it, then soak it in purified behemoth blood, Sirius heart, my kidneys more brushed, soak it in normal behemoth blood, Fenrill blood, all over the place."

In response to Hon, the true harp will have the same expression as he drank with a stick.

"Well, they're both artifact materials, but you're kidding me if you don't get them that way."

"I don't know about games. In the first place, that wolf is in a game."

A macro that puts so much into the thoughts of the true harp while also treating other materials. In the first place, it is fundamentally different to the artisan player of the idea of processing the material and the combat-based player who uses the drops as they are.

For combat-based players, the only way to do this is to aim to drop it as a finished material, but conversely, if you just knock it down because you don't need to leave a body behind, it's easier. Naturally, it cannot be processed where it was obtained, such as pre-processing materials like this one.

"But as for the material, it's subtly off."

"Right. Sirius can be used for Rapier, but Fenrill is a spear?

"Basically, let it go. Unfortunately, I think I can use it from where I made it. About Doga's old man. I can make another one for Spring Vegetables, but it feels so subtle whether Spring Vegetables can be used."

"One more thing? What's that like?

"Minegosh or. Mr. Haruna's left hand is empty right now, so if it's just fine, it's fine, but I've been using it so far, and I'm going to use my weapon now."

"Oh, sure."

In the words of a very luxurious macro, Makoto is normally convinced. No matter how broken the performance, the unusable weapon is worthless. If you are clever and remember good spring vegetables, you will probably use them as soon as you train a little. However, there is still a good chance that there will be a lot more to it than a dramatic change in the style of combat.

Even an artifact, I don't know if it's enough to fill that risk. It would not be in vain to make it, but from now on there will probably be a slight hesitation in the face of an all-out confrontation with the evil gods.

"Well, I'll put you on hold about this guy. Maybe I can come up with some other uses."

In the meantime, the macro that decides to shelf about the subtle artifact material as it stands. In the first place, I just said that it was the material of the Divine Armor Ostosol because it was best suited for use in the artifact material of heavy armor, which is the equivalent material, and it's not something else that I can't use.

The use was fixed when it was a game, but that was due to the limitations of the game that ended up having to be tied to data, and there's no need to be tied to the settings around it, even in this world where it's real and not in the data and can be made fine.

Rather, it would be the way to show the true value of being an artisan to make something that cannot be made in the game age with this hand material.

"In the meantime, the processing is all done, and we're going to go to the back"

A line that follows an ambition to declare the end of the work and takes its feet down the back aisle, which would probably be a shrine. Since entering the dungeon, Ra has continued to sleep gooseka in her feathers.

"My witch."

At the time Honda stepped through the ice dungeon, a commission from Alanwen descended on Alchem, who was working on rice around a field in the former slum district of Urs.

"Master Alanwen?

Aranwen speaks to me during my work with a thousand teeth, and Alchem stops by accident and looks up at the sky. It's not like I'm beyond the sky, but I stick to it because it's easy to understand things.


"What's up?

Chet and Govejon, who had been dispatched by the village of Ortem, speak out with a strange look at such an Alchem appearance.

I know very well that Alchem is Alanwen's witch, but he rarely encounters a scene in which Alanwen's personality is the only one doing something like that, so it just seems that Alchem suddenly stopped moving.

"Eh, Master Alanwen commissioned me..."

"Right. Well, the work will take its place."

"Oh, please"

Sweet to Govejon's offer to hear Alchem's words, he deposits the final straw of rice he was carrying, goes out of the fields and concentrates on the temple.

Covered somewhat in area, but honestly rice from the old slum district this year is clearly not a huge harvest. When comparing in the same area, it is about 10% of the village of Ortem. Therefore, there will be no delays in the overall work where one Alchem has fallen out.

In the first place, rice this year has a large surface cultivated to check soil, climate, water quality, etc., and see if it grows properly. It will be important for the comebacks we have just harvested to be used as an indicator to adjust the soil for next year over time until the next planting season.

In this way, it is the main purpose of this rice making to accumulate rice making know-how, including soil production, over three or four years to farmers gathered from all over Farlane, so the low yield in the first year is not particularly problematic. Rather, if it was a rich crop from the first year, it would be harder to get the know-how around it, so it would be more difficult there in terms of the spirit of the experimental farm.

When it comes to dispatching to the entire region suitable for rice making in Farlane, there are a few missing elves in the village of Ortem.

"Dear Alanwen, what can I do for you?

"My witch, hurry to the shrine in the Great Spirit Cave."

"The Great Spirit Grotto, is it?

"With the transfer formation of the Azma Workshop, we arrive quickly without having to climb mountains or anything. So as soon as you clean yourself up, head on over. '


Without any foretaste, Alanwen abruptly drives him to the Great Spirit Grotto. Alchem, who somehow feels something stinky about its rapidity that never happens.

"In the meantime, I'll be right back in the workshop"


Alanwen doesn't give any details in the end and just cuts off the conversation. Alchem deepens his certainty about the smelly things he just felt.

"Excuse me. On Master Alanwen's orders, I'm going out for a moment"

"Huh? I don't give a shit. Yeah."

"Hmm. It's my first year, but it's not a good year to spare. And after that, it's a simple task. It doesn't matter if you lose one person."

Chet and Govejon send out Alchem who tells them they're sorry to leave on the way. In fact, the work with a thousand teeth is almost complete, after which it is sorted with a tang chin after folding, and then just put it on the bag and carry it into the warehouse. I do nothing difficult.

As a matter of fact before that, today's work itself is almost a simple task that just needs a little trick, but that's a promise not to go into it.

"Well, after you, please"

One last time I bow my head again and hurry back to the workshop. Rent a bathroom to quickly remove mud stains, dry it thoroughly to avoid catching a cold, and then put on a cold jacket to the limit just in case, to the transfer formation.


Extreme cold strikes Alchem the moment he travels to the transfer formation in front of the Great Spirit Grotto. In front of the Great Spirit Grotto, which has high latitudes and elevations, there seems to be no such thing as the insulation function of a cabin built solely to protect the transfer formation.

Alchem, who is not a workshop worker, does not carry clothes or other items enchanted by Hiroshi. I have therefore worn cold clothes to the limit of being able to move properly, but near the summit of the Great Spirit Peak, it was cold enough to mock that such measures as cold protection to that extent were futile. Interpretation, normal cold clothing seemed helpless before the Great Spirit Peak.

"may freeze to death..."

Alchem jumps into the Great Spirit Grotto, trembling with rattles. Eventually, you see Alchem going to the excess cold and about to fall, or a fox the size of an elephant retrieves her and wraps it around her own fur, presses it with a fox (although it's usually the size of an adult male), protects it from the cold and transports it to the shrine.

For the record, it is characteristic of Alchem that clothes naturally fall off in these circumstances for some reason, but this time because if they did, they would die, or until the end the clothes remained well worn.

"Oh, thank you, thank you..."

Alchem, spared frozen death and safely transported to his destination, thanked him with trembling. Though I had it warmed up enough with fur, my body, which cut cold to the core, did not seem warm enough in this short period of time.

"Is that it? It's warm around here...?

I tremble and step into the divine area, and suddenly I crush surprised that the temperature has changed greatly. External temperature twenty-three degrees. The sweat starts to creep into the temperature just about easy to spend, and he hurries off his coat and puts on his bag. I take off about three pieces worn on top, dress about normal winter clothes, and then walk towards a giant tree that I think is the world tree that came out to talk about Honda, which would obviously have something to do with Alanwen's business.

As for the clothes, I need to take off the sweater or so. It is still hot, but if I take it off any more, I feel like I will have trouble later and I am patient with the heat.

Well done, witch of the woods.

Alchem was abruptly called out of something when he walked a few dozen more meters in front of a giant tree.

"Oh, are you a guardian?

'Mm-hmm. I hear the story from Master Alanwen. Given his temper, he probably won't get any explanation, but if he touches the world tree, he'll know everything. The time remaining is a little short, so it would be helpful if you could touch it quickly'


Without even showing surprise at the guardian-like giant wolf, Alchem honestly touches the world tree as he was told. The moment I touched it, an overwhelming amount of information poured into Alchem.

"... ahhh, I see. Master Alanwen is in a hurry."

"Mm-hmm. If you miss now, you don't know when the next cycle will be right."

"But are you glad I inherited the wisdom of the world tree?

'Nothing, because that doesn't mean you're gonna lose something from the world tree. Besides, both cycles coincided at a time when the new gods would challenge the evil gods. There's no reason why you can't inherit it it. "

To the words of the giant wolf, Alchem snorts that too.

The inheritance of the wisdom of the world tree is like some kind of privilege allowed only to the witches of Alanwen. Nor can it be done at any time, but for the first time when the world tree is ready and the witch has the qualities and abilities to be accepted at the time of an acceptable cycle.

It is in fifty years that the world tree is an inheritable cycle, and the witches are individual and their cycles are different. Sometimes the place is the top of the Great Spirit Peak, and even if it has a cycle, it often does not inherit. Meanwhile, even when a cycle has arrived, the period of time that can be inherited varies depending on the time, and can be as long as six months or so, or just a few seconds.

The wolf's opinion is truly correct that although it is said to be a cycle, there are also quite large errors, and that if it is inheritable, it should not be inherited, than there have been terrible cases where it was not inheritable due to deviations or delays of just a few dozen seconds due to the strangeness of various combinations.

Besides, it is now a situation that gives a sense of the quiet before the storm, the kind of smell. It's never going to be in vain for Alchem to power up.

"I'll go back to the workshop and take care of the young trees of the world tree for now, what..."

Alchem sighs small as he looks towards the cave. I'm very concerned that I have to go through the Great Spirit Grotto with my life again. Honestly, I don't feel like I can break through.

"Hmm. Then let's put on my split. It's time for your Lord to have a dedicated escort, but Octogal is convenient, but not suitable for escorts. '

"Uh, okay?

'First of all, I'm sure you'll need it. Tomorrow, you should replace the cold gear to get out of the Great Spirit Grotto.'

A wolf who perceives the depression of Alchem and prepares a split about fifteen meters in size. The hair is adjusted longer this time so that the alchem is buried.

"Its size is the biggest, but if it's less than that, I'm free to change it up to puppy size. Other than that, I was also somewhat free to change the length of fur hair and other details. I've tweaked it to link it to the witch house consciousness, so change it to the size you need from time to time. '

"Sorry for the inconvenience"

"What, no problem"

That's what I said, giant wolf returning to field work. Drop it off, put on the cold gear you were taking off, and then make the wolf about three meters in size and stick to your back, Alchem. Where the position has settled, make it bigger up to about ten meters so that other than the face is completely buried in the fur of the wolf.

"Well, we need to get home soon"

When one rings in response to Alchem's voice, the wolf goes solemnly through the Great Spirit Cave. The return was somehow an alchem that was able to travel to the cabin without being hit by the cold.

"Totally, it's a shrine, isn't it, here"


The passage that appeared behind the boss room undoubtedly led to the divine domain.

"The question is, why was it behind a hidden dungeon, right?"

"Ice dungeons are clearly of a different type than the Great Spirit Grotto..."

"The Divine Domain and the Qi Dungeon, Normally, do not go hand in hand"

Tatsuya and Mio also tell you that they are concerned about the point that Makoto does not fall into the heart of his mouth. In terms of content, it goes without saying that it is important in these cases to put it to the mouth and carry out a mixture of perceptions and reflect on it, even with questions that anyone would definitely have.

"It seems possible that this dungeon may have blocked the entrance to enter the Divine Domain. Even during the time of the Temple of Elsa, the tunnels for going to the Temple, which should periodically purify as much as possible, were completely alienated with temper."

"Back then, Bardo's boss used the curse that Elsa's predecessors had put on him to turn the aisle into a dungeon, didn't he?

"Elsa's story and you did it like that."

"So this time too?

"I don't know. That's the only way to ask anyone who knows how to establish an ice dungeon."

One of the hypotheses made by Hiroshi is reinforced by Spring Vegetables asking various questions and confirmations. There's persuasion there. One snort at its content.

"Another possibility is that God is using the ice dungeons that have occurred by chance to protect the Divine Domain"

"I don't mind if you think about how to protect the Divine Domain, it looks like you have one too."

Tatsuya nods in the same way to the second hypothesis Mio has put out. The other members are convinced that both are likely.

Like the world tree in the divine realm of the Great Spirit Peak, each of the divine realms has good reason to try to cut off as much contact as possible with the outside world. It's unclear what conflicts with regard to remote island shrines, but there's no doubt there's a secret to trying to protect them until they kill the shipwreck who arrived by accident.

Given the elements I said so, I can't say enough not to imitate that there is an ice dungeon that makes the divine domain this way.

"Well, in the end, either way, if you don't talk to someone who knows the establishment process, it's not going to be the same.

Spring vegetables to conclude by seeing that the hypothesis was also able to extract doubts. If you make this level of speculation and extract doubts, you should be able to carry things smoothly when talking to people involved in this matter, including guardians.

However, while I was listening to the details, I was sure that new questions would arise and the conversation would be sidelined.

"So, who knows the process of its establishment?

"As a candidate, I wonder if God, who is in charge of this divine area with the Guardian who would be ahead, the royalty of this country, and later the Daljan, the database?

"Isn't the royalty of this country much of a guess as a source?

Spring vegetable answers to Makoto's questions, where Tatsuya's penetration bursts.

"Uh, how is that again?

"The founding years of the dungeon are too old. After a thousand years, I think it's enough time for the information to deteriorate or degenerate, what do you think?


I can't deny Tatsuya's words at all, Spring Vegetables. History won't convey the exact contents in two hundred years, even if there are paper records. When it's a thousand years old, it's not a strange time, no matter how perverted it is.

Even a species as long as the elves, when it comes to the millennium, it is doubtful whether the parties are alive. Not to mention that the royalty of the Kingdom of Crestor is not usually a human species, but a clan with a long life span, like the Farlane royal family. Given the rather short average life expectancy due to the harsh land, there is no doubt that there is no accurate information left in the message game first.

A record as a nation would no doubt be untrustworthy.

"Well, there's got to be a guardian or god ahead of us, and we just need to hear it from you"

It's time for the exit of the dungeon, so Makoto suggests so. As a matter of reality, it is obviously quicker to meet a guardian who would be in a shrine that is already here in front of him than a royal who has a busy day of doing his affairs during the intermission in the dungeon.

There is no particular reason to disagree with True Harp's suggestion, and I have seen the light plugged in from the exit, a line that once finished the conversation hurries ahead.

Outside the dungeon, there was a slightly different view than expected.

"... private homes"

"... or a settlement, right?"

"But definitely the Divine Realm"

A group of students who show confusion at how the shrine looks from a place just outside the dungeon. Because of unprecedented patterns, we can't seem to decide how to react.

So, I don't know about the elderly group, but this one seems to have a very subtle and unpleasant feeling, especially Tatsuya.

What you see is a small settlement, with a dozen or so private houses lined with snow-covered strawberry roofs. Tatsuya's vigilance is breaking the max, as those strangely Japanese-style houses are not welcome, which is likely to appear in Japan's old stories.

"... what do you want?

"Around the right, there's no reason to..."

"If that's what you want to do, don't worry about it."

Tatsuya's vigilance has shifted or Hiroshi also begins to hesitate to move forward subtly. That kind of air was contagious, and the women were also trying to come to the idea of turning back like this.

Most of the time, it's the world that gets too late. Even this time, it was already too late to get here.

"Welcome Customer!!

Using whatever means, I tease the radar of the Hong and Mio, and a girl about the same or slightly older as Lime jumps to the Hong from around the entrance to the dungeon. Sometimes he wasn't alert behind him, a macro who was totally poked at the void and allowed to make contact.


Obviously, though a child, a woman suddenly jumps at me, and the horn screams for real. It's not like she's a big tit for nothing like a Laphia witch, she's usually a toddler-shaped girl who's old enough, but she seems like a girl to the point where Macho screams and reacts to rejections.

"What? Huh?

"Ugh, I didn't realize you were here..."

Mio pulls the girl off the hong without hiding her rugged face with spring vegetables that are suddenly full of surprises. A girl with a body as cold as ice is pulled off by Mio without showing resistance.

"... this is a child whose age and impression do not mesh at all..."

"... hey, true harp. I have a really bad feeling about this with kids, but what do you think?

"I agree..."

Tatsuya and Makoto observe carefully the child pulled by Mio and confirm the match of each other's perceptions. Whatever you look at it, kimono, it's still like a Japanese old story kid wears, it looks very cold given the outside temperatures. The girl who wore it had rarely exuded a luscious, man confusing atmosphere when she did it. It would also be natural for the macro to scream and rattle and tremble.

"Wow, I've never been so vigilant"

A child who feels a line of alertness and smiles at the likelihood of a pseudonym called Nippa sounding funny. Even though he looks seemingly innocent, he still inspires when he does and what the man lusts to do.

"Hey, is this really a shrine?

"I have no temper at all, so I'm pretty sure it's a shrine..."

Spring vegetables answering Tatsuya's question, though confused by the young lady in front of her. The toddler girl mouths the answer, laughing at the pieces, wondering how one line of the Azma Workshop looked like that.

"Don't worry, this is a proper Dyne-like shrine. We're a species protected by that dyne, and we call ourselves snow ladies. Perhaps you already know why you're protected?

"... Snow Lady means Snow Woman..."

"If it feels the same as the Japanese heritage, then it will be isolated and protected..."

Japanese together convinced in many ways by the words of a young girl. There's a lot of inheritance in saying it to a snowwoman, but it's true that there's a lot of content about soothing a man and connecting his life, or exposing a man to be a child because of a race where there are only women.

If you have a species trait close to it, you're in a lot of trouble. I would snort if I had no choice but to be quarantined.

"It sounds subtly misunderstood, but the only time we need to breathe air from a man is when we're in a warm environment like normal human race living in. If you don't, the fever will melt you down."

"So, as a result, I smoke too much and the dead come out,"

"Yes, yes. Trouble is, somehow you can only suck from a man of the human race, so get stared at in that country over there. Come on. Because your ancestors are hanging around too much, they treat you like half a monster."

Tatsuya unintentionally suppresses her forehead to a young girl who says something that can't be done with a blatant laugh. The Macro has yet to recover subtly.

"Except when we make kids like that, it's because we decided not to go out of the basics and defend ourselves."

"Can't you just make sure you don't smoke too much?

"There's no point in adding or subtracting that to a life crisis. Besides, because that's the kind of relationship that makes me suck, it's not an easy story to surround enough to add or subtract enough so that I don't die. First of all, the man's side is no longer self-restraining."

Though racially incapable of doing so, True Harp accidentally catches his face to the fact that words he doesn't want to hear from the mouth of a toddler fly.

"Even us, if we're in love, we have a desire for exclusivity. There's no reason why anyone should."

"As a result, you wouldn't take care of yourself if you were isolated here."

"That's where our business is."

With that said, a young girl advances to the settlement to guide the line. I feel the air that I can't turn back now on the attitude of that toddler girl, and probably follow her later.

"Because I'm as old as I look, but I can actually only make kids anymore. Because of their race traits, they tend to be one-off, so they can make kids at about five years old, and then they can suck their backs, their breasts, etc."

A young girl who hasn't even been asked, but who is happy to share information about her reaction when she is spoken to by a child.

"That's why. Either of your brothers, you can give me a child, okay?

As it is, it gives me a flushing eye that has slowly entered the hall. A decent man would be seduced in one shot, and would be attacked as such without lettel being a pervert or a criminal, slightly more colorful and erotic-rich luscious. It takes it, and Hiroshi freaks out and hides behind Spring Vegetables and Mio, and Tatsuya's face is lusciously distorted.

"Or how serious are you to do something like that to a child, even though you want to be unscrupulous inside? If that's what you mean, you're uncomfortable."

"You know what? My men hate that kind of talk, so you should leave it at that."


"I don't know, if you do it too persistently, maybe Tatsuya will get really mad, and I suggest you stop there because Spring Vegetable Sister, who is supposed to be warm and awfully sweet more than that, will be a ghost"

"If you don't want to get a butt slap that's going to shatter your tailbone, it's time to shut up"

True harp and Mio turn their heartfelt advice to children who continue to seduce them without proper observation of how they are doing as well. He seems very frustrated from Tatsuya because he looks like a child. Spring vegetables are also very popular now because the other person is a child and True Harp is paying attention once and for all, but he doesn't know how to transform on the day when he approaches the macro too persistently and even vomits.

When Hong is involved, spring vegetables can be drastic. It's not Mio's word, but there's no denying the possibility of pressing for reflection with corporal punishment of his hand, such as keeping him hyperligenic on the target in an over-accelerated state, and continually slapping him in the ass.

"It's what kids do, so I'm gonna miss you so far. But there's nothing more."

"... uh, sorry..."

"Don't let the kid talk like that. If you do, grow up properly."

A toddler girl completely freaked out and bowed her head at the rare and very compelling words of Tatsuya, who seemed to have been deeply frustrated when she rebelled against the embarrassing words of True Harp and Mio and tried to seduce them by overlapping more words. Seeing that, the spring vegetables, which have been looking a little troubled before, sigh small as relieved.

Honestly, I didn't feel it was too good for a kid like Fam or Lyme to talk like that, but I was having trouble knowing if I could be careful, given the nature of the species, etc. It is also difficult to leave it unattended because as it is, the Macro causes more and more mental damage to accumulate.

Because Tatsuya, the elderly person, told me that the area was Zuba, I felt strongly that it was helpful in the genuine part even though I thought it was something I shouldn't do.

"But at this age, this doesn't seem to go well with the Macro..."

"Adults can only hope for a little more moderation."

Makoto and Tatsuya sigh deeply when they see a toddler girl who is really pissed off and finally grows up. Queen Micheira of Dar has a similar personality, but by the time she was shallow, she made mistakes in discerning her, but it's much easier to hang out with her than this young girl because she knows that there's a good reason why she's not so serious about the basics.

In the first place, Queen Dar hasn't had that kind of sexual stuff with Hiroshi or Tatsuya lately. True harp and Mio and I seem to occasionally thrive on erotic talk, but we only shake that kind of stuff to the extent that 90% of humans are soaked with spring vegetables. Perhaps shaking a story like that in an informal setting is her own means of identifying people.

Compared to that, a young girl in front of her who doesn't seem to be willing to give a damn about the convenience, personality, etc. of the other person, besides saying it in a hundred percent seriousness, doesn't fit in with words such as bad nature from Tatsuya's point of view. There are parts of me that I can't help because I'm a child, but I'm not willing to stop until Tatsuya is angry even though Hiroshi is genuinely frightened, and it's not something I can look at that doesn't have any ears to listen to even if they are molested by the elderly.

Even though there is no other way to be loose and aggressive with regard to sexuality due to their racial characteristics, at least adults pray from the bottom of their hearts that they will see their opponents react properly and weigh themselves down.

Knowing or not their mood like that, two women came out of a slightly splendid building behind the settlement, advancing in front of the Hiroshi.

"Welcome aboard."

"Apparently, the child inside worked the coarse phase, sorry"

A woman with two melons on her face and back length greets her frightened with a voice that looks so alike that she can't tell the difference at all.

Most importantly, the face and back length are exactly the same, but it's not hard to distinguish between the two. Because one is in a rather mellow gravure idol shape, and the other has a so-called model shape that is properly irregular but basically soothing and slender.

She wears a kimono that feels quite worn out, perhaps more so than the original design, but I don't have the impression that she won't slouch either of us with wonder. If I did, I'd just say that I'm wearing a luscious atmosphere because it's no longer that kind of race.

"We are the representatives in this, and we are the witches of Lord Dyne. My name is Flora."

"My name is Aqua. Flora and I are twins, and I will be my sister."

"It's probably doubtful, so let me explain something to you, we inherited a little special qualities, and we can both act as witches for the first time."

"So we will be alone."

Two women who finish introducing themselves in one breath. It is a slender model shape to name Flora, and a Gravia Idol shape to name Aqua.

Maybe it's because I'm apparently a witch, even though I don't have the impression that it's a garment that people would say is sloppy or mundane if I took a wrong step. Most of all, it's a long way from the word "racial" or "clear."

For the record, Raifia is definitely better up there when it comes to color. Yet, the reason that Hiroshi was relatively fine with Raifia was because he was pulling a glass of the limit with a series of these starting from the ground floor before him, so he was no longer concerned about the problem of how the excess color was.

More to the point, it would be the truth that the reasons and circumstances that led me to see you on top of what you're doing is too pompous, spinning you out of the female category in a different way from Lime. Where colour is not likely to be possible even if there is colour, it may be the reason for the lack of vigilance on the part of the macro.

For coming directly to act as a woman, Snow Lady is so much less of a nature for Macro, but the rare raifia of being that she is colorful but no longer counts for a woman is subtle as to whether she should be happy or depressed.

"So let me confirm one thing..."

"... what is it?

Tatsuya accidentally checks the content of the question, knowing that Flora has been given permission to ask the question because she feels terrified. His face makes a very strange look, but he complains that his eyes are obviously thinking crappy pranks. These two, obviously, have different contents from both appearance and atmosphere. Definitely.

In contrast to Tatsuya, who finds herself allowed to ask questions like that, Aqua takes over her sister's words and mouths them with the exact same look.

"I asked you if the new God would give us a child, is that a fact?

"You know what I'm saying, you guys!

Tatsuya puts in a fierce penetration into Aqua that says things that aren't even as busy as expected, still thinking these two are snow ladies.

"Well, who told you that?

"Dear Dyne told me that in the home of the new god, this is the kind of thing you promised to say in these cases."

"That way!!

Tatsuya lays more penetration on Flora, who answers all the prank success to the penetration from Makoto. It can only be described as a sad penetrating constitution.

"What if you said it was true?

"Of course, I'm really determined to have a child"

"We've only counted so much in our long history that it's okay for us to narrow down to our limits."

"Until then, as a servant of God, there will be no more praise than to have children from God."

"If you can really have it, let me try to conceive it in one shot, even if it's mean"

"These people suck..."

Aqua and Flora return the answers as expected to Mio's questions, largely with an understanding of the answers that would come back. Hiroshi is not a problem because he freaks out and hides behind the spring vegetables as soon as he hears it, but if this is what we're going to do, it's bad nature that he's going to have taken the word for it.

Most importantly, Mio is not in a position to blame Snow Lady for saying it sucks and thinking it could be a breakthrough.

"No more, these people..."

It was a spring vegetable that commented so tiredly to the snow ladies who even wanted to take the contents of the joke to make a child.