"Farlane's policy has been decided"

At the same time that Honda has his head in the words and deeds of the snow ladies. Rainey was talking to her own brother to protect only Princess Leafa in Farlane.

Marcto's upper management has already spoken, after which only meetings are held on the site side. Unfortunately, Marcto's upper management doesn't seem to bother to pass the story around the scene, and the proper explanation is a round throw at Lainey.

"Policy, hey. If I were to put the princess out on Waldis, or assassinate her to say no to her hindsight worries, would I interrupt you, brother, against Marcto?

"It's okay. It's not"

"So, you'll pick it up at Farlane, or something?

"Only Princess Leafa accepts it in Farlane. The other two, you just have to do what Markt likes."

To Lainey's response, self-proclaimed brother who narrows his eyes more on the back of today's mask (note, today's crown mask). Though one of several assumed developments, I honestly thought Farlane was unlikely to take that choice.

To put it this way, Waldis, a line can only be an extra risk to any country. It's just a pretext to be attacked where you put it out on Waldis, or if you lose your life in the country, that still makes it a pretext for war. Pushing it into the country would be best to push it to Marcto in the ordinary judgment, since it is a mass of risk in itself.

Yet Farlane says he accepts the risk. I don't think cheap emotions and ethics alone work when I think about the stories that can be heard leaking about Farlane's current top overall. They tend to think you're a sweet royal in your emotions when you look only at your response to Catalina, but you're not foolish enough to move just with a raw sympathy to someone who's not even your own people.

First, they were the ones who didn't show a deadly gap against other countries, even though they were known to have a sweet response to Catalina and were also known to be tied to bees by law. It can't be risky without a core benefit either.

Perhaps the part that leads to that convincing interest is the basis for the decision to protect only Princess Reefa.

"Farlane's policy was understood. However, there are various points that do not fall in the heart. Can you tell me why you only protect the princess?

"The biggest reason is because I don't want to put them in contact with the Azma Workshop, which is definitely coming to Marcto sooner or later"

"Then why don't we just take it all on?

"You know why Farlane doesn't accept it."

Lainey and her brother trying to push each other with all the hassle besides. Tao Yorja will undoubtedly try to make you take extra risks for your own revenge, and the only downside to protecting it exists because the woman with you is originally someone you want to dump somewhere soon. Just to be clear, they're both just in the country, and they keep taking unnecessary risks without benefits.

Most importantly, it is just rude to Tao Yorja to lump together Tao Yorja and the woman accompanying you. Because Tao Yorja is a man of plenty of strength and judgment, and if he is not even within his own country, he is a useful person of all kinds.

"I know why, but if you decide to protect me, I think you're irresponsible to the boulder if you don't take it all together."

"Protecting those two together is more irresponsible to the princess. In the first place, leaving those two and the princess together is bad for the princess's education"

"Ahhh... when they bring it up there, your brother can't argue..."

If your bosses on both sides were listening, they'd say, "Don't you say that!" For the reason that he would go into it with all his might, "the fieldside agrees to protect only Princess Leafa in Farlane. It is pitiful that Tao Yorja and the woman accompanying him have been affirmed to be bad for the education of their children, even to the perverts who are not bad for the education of their children in the direction of obscenities.

It is undeniable when it comes to the woman you accompany, but it will also be an element that promotes pity.

"So, how are you going to get it to Farlane?

"I have a good way to get around it."

Your brother, who stopped disputing Farlane's policies, turns to specifics. Rainey answers that brother's question pale as he shows something like an octopus. My brother recognizes that he has the means to travel for now and decides to move on, even while his neck is small on the takotsubo he is shown.

"When are you taking the princess out?

"I'm ready. I want to set it up before Tao Yorja returns."

"Oh well. So, should your brother distract you?

"If possible, I want a pull from the Princess's side."

Copy that.

My brother nodded at Lainey's request as he moved his hand away for some reason. After all, perverts were perverts.


Thirty minutes after I encountered the Snow Lady twins. Accompanied by this tiresome conversation, I am finally called to a line in front of the building where they came out with a sinister voice that I would like to call a warrior warrior warrior from nowhere.

Honda responds to that voice and confirms the area as mundane. There is nothing people-like around that building that is more splendid in the distance. Instead of being people-like, there's nothing like this other than buildings in the first place. If there is, at best, one slightly out of place human-sized snowman.

If you want to describe the shape of a snowman, he's a good snowman with an aluminum bucket on his head, eyes, eyebrows and mouth on black coloured paper, and a bear-hand poke in his arm. Unfortunately, I haven't got my nose on carrots or anything. This can be taken for granted because it will probably not be land that can be harvested, such as carrots.

I've never seen an aluminum bucket in this world before, and while I was thinking about something subtly irrelevant to the situation, I tried to look around again, and the snowman started to move.

"It's been a long time since I said I'm just going to show my guests this far."

"I've explained everything."

"I guess we're not trying to get Snow Lady to help us increase the population or anything, just because he's a guy from the outside world other than the king who hasn't shown up in a long time?

A row of Azma Workshops, who suddenly moved and had a void poked at by a snowman stuffed by twins, unwittingly distracts from the snowman's dialogue. The snowman, who seemed to have realized a lot about the guests, cleverly lifted his eyebrows and approached the twins.

"You pressed for help, didn't you?

"I just followed the promise of the New God's homeland."

"You're on the verge, aren't you?

"It's a promise joke, so we're not imposing it"

"So what were you going to do when you got on the joke?

"Naturally, you've helped me make a child."

The snowman swings his arm luxuriously through Aqua's head, his breasts stretched out to emphasize. Aqua, who made a really good noise with Pacorn and got hit in the back of the head, groans as he accidentally dives into the snow and holds his head down.

Because Aqua alone is unfair, or a snowman who doesn't kill the momentum that has swung through his arms, and Flora also keeps his back of his head with his bear arm. It's a rather unforgiving blow.

"That kind of induced interrogation. Don't imitate it, it can't be!

A snowman with a crisp look and a drink of Flora and Aqua. Even though you're a snowman, you're absolutely right.

"I showed you an ugly place. I'm sorry."

"I don't know about that, but I don't know how a snowlady who looks like a human can say something more ethically decent to a snowman..."

"I apologize for the overlapping inconvenience apparently caused"

"No, no, this is the one with the sweet penetration..."

Macro lowering his head in the same way to a snowman lowering his head with a dust. There is a very big question about whether or not what Hiroshi said while bowing his head is reasonable in the first place, but no one on this occasion bothers to get into such detail.

"Snow ladies aren't all like this..."

"What? Really?

"Uhm, but from the guests who came from outside, it wouldn't be a big difference..."

A line at the Azma Workshop that scares me to find out more about the words of a snowman with a subtly sinister face. This place sees it as a good idea not to touch it poorly, and explores a shift in the subject.

"Um, speaking of which, I was wondering, pretty rude question, okay?

"What is it?

"I knew Snow Lady was a human classification for once, but you guys are human in classification too? Later, Hiroshi called you a snowman, but is that okay?

"Speaking of which, you had a rough explanation about us, I'm sorry. We are a species called Snowman, and only men exist, but once classified, we become human. The name Snowman is not an insult or anything to us, so I'd appreciate it if you could call me that a lot. Instead, you can call me a fine snowman."

A snowman who answers rude questions about spring vegetables with dignity if he does. Different races make different elements of landmines, but they were lucky enough to avoid them.

"Yeah, well, you didn't even introduce yourself yet. My name is Freddie Snowman, and it's always my pleasure."

To introduce himself to the snowman, Mio with a subtle face. Apparently, there was something in her that touched the story.

"I'm Donghong, the representative of the Azma Workshop. My pleasure."

Fished by Freddie, Pekopeko heads down and a macro returns his greetings. Now if I had worn a suit and given it away with a business card, I would have been a mediocre salarier with a soaking back no matter where I looked from. At least, there are no shards of majesty, as they call the New God, etc.

"Well, I'm spending a little too much time on the boulder. Guests, let's not get cold. The temple is a comfortable space for us, our guests and both parties, so I'd appreciate it if you could relax inside."

Spring vegetables then introduce themselves so that they are caught by the hong, and the snowman takes them that way at the end of the street. I nod at that thankful offer and walk into the temple as I am guided. Together.

The twins rush after them, but no one cares there because they've already deposited the lead with Freddie.

The inside of the temple was even wider than it looked from the outside and, as Freddy put it, the temperature was comfortable.

"Welcome aboard, Lord Macho. Let us welcome you as head of this divine realm."

Interesting observations of the interior of the temple, once again a wonder space, following the temple of Lephia, when it appeared, when it did and the majestic snowman greets Honda with a majestic voice.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Donghong, the representative of Azma Workshop. May I speak to Master Dyne?

"Mm-hmm. I'm grabbing the snow and ice, it's Dyne. Since roles and others are limited, there is no great power compared to alfemina and lephia, but it is still a stage device (god)."

"Honestly, I don't know what to expect around there..."

"What, it's not like Lord Macho cares. It's a rule that only goes through this world."

This is God, Dyne, who continues his conversation with the Horn so majestically that he wants to say it. Honestly, there will be no mystery as to why he is a minor god with limited roles, not the Lord God or the Great God class.

Sniff out the questions of those hounds, or Dyne starts explaining what's going on around there.

"There's nothing shriveled and busy about being too strict at the helm. Besides, you can act like that, but you can't play the role of the Lord God class because of the snow lady you're protecting."

In Dyne's words, his gaze concentrates against the two witches. Take that gaze, and when you do, you two proudly chested witches.

"And what does Snowman look like, for a reason?

"Because you are a god of snow and ice, isn't it so plausible to take the appearance of a chunk of snow and ice?

"That's what it is..."

Then Dyne preaches the logic of things to Hiroshi, who inquired through two proud witches. If we are to follow that logic, I wonder if Raifia, the marine god, might have to be at least a mermaid or half fishman figure, but it seems pointless to stick there against Dyne, so we shall keep quiet for now.

"Well, what are you doing here, but there's very little I can teach you. The power I can teach is largely taught by Rafia."

"Nothing, there's no way you can get away with God in search of strength, so don't worry. In the first place, I'm not going to take the test to have it taught."

"When it comes to trials, you don't have to worry about it because it's the very thing about entering this divine domain. However, it's a pitiful and depressing story that you came here and there's nothing I can give you..."

To the snowman who shows disappointment while maintaining his majesty, Higashi also finds no words to speak and shuts up. After a moment of silence, he comes up with something. A macro opens his mouth.

"Speaking of which, what are the people who live here eating?

"... right. They do not eat vegetables and fruits grown only in cold land with wheat called snow wheat. After that, this isn't food, but you're growing a few ice flowers with special powers."

"You know, I'd like you to hang on to that hand. Yes?

"Is that what you want?

"That's what I'm talking about."

When I heard about Dyne, Hiroshi said all his strength as he clenched his bush. Although Dyne knows nothing about the narrow scope of power and how neglectful he is about making things, ice flowers are essential to the ingredients of several consumables bearing the name of God, including Soma.

From a macro standpoint, ingredients and ice flowers are tens of thousands of times more important than battle-based skills that you don't even know if you want to use.

"I see. Then let my witch and Freddie guide you. And I'm sorry about that. It's only a respite, but let's teach you how cold resistant you are to not freeze to death or get sick from the cold in your natural environment."

"That's very helpful."

At least for the rest of my life, I respond to Dyne's offer with a heartfelt gratitude. It's not like you won't feel the cold anymore, but it's a pretty big advantage to stop freezing to death. If Alchem, who was nearly frozen to death in the Great Spirit Cave, would definitely say that only Honda was sloppy.

These days, there are also many opportunities to work in cold places that could freeze to death if you take one wrong step. Even though I usually say that I maintain an environment that has no problems with survival with a thermoregulated enchant, I can't say enough that its functionality will not be lost due to damage to the equipment. Given when that happened, the cold resistance that Dyne offered me would be greatly appreciated.

It's not like I won't feel the cold completely, but all I ask for is luxury. Just to be clear, it's enough to have it.

"Okay, I'll teach you, so just relax."


A row of Azma Workshops told by Dyne and relaxed out of strength. Dyne's eyes glow for a moment where extra power has fallen out of Higashi's body.

"The professor has been successfully completed. This should have made you a lot stronger against the cold."

I don't know what happened. I look strange. While with you, Dyne marks the end as if nothing had happened. Unlike before, I can't feel any change at all, and Honda can only be confused.

"Okay, Freddie. Later, please."


While the hosts are confused, Dyne gives a sawdust instruction to Freddie, who has been silently withholding until now. It's interesting to see that Freddy, who was instructed, looks like he might have stretched his spine properly, even though he's a snowman, no matter what he looks like.

"Now let me show you to the field. This way."

Freddie speaks to me, and Higashi switches her mind if she goes outside and wonders if she can tell. If you're ever confused about what you'll soon find out, it doesn't matter how much time you have.

"... Sister Makoto"

"... what the hell"

"... it's so uncomfortable to be a snowman and still be nice but not capable weather"

"... I'm subtly uncomfortable there, too."

True harp and Mio whisper something like that as they look at Freddy's back, who stretches out his spine and guides Honda. It is completely forgotten that the snowman, plain and dignified earlier, planted an extra story on the witch sisters.

In the end, the fact that Snow Lady taught the story from Dyne was simply watching the material footage coming around from Daljan, the funny relational stuff in it, together, was buried away in the dark.

"Start working ~"

Back when Honda was talking to Dyne. I hear such powerful weather voices in the ears of Princess Leafa, who had reached the limit from mental fatigue and was grumpy.

(... your job?

In a somewhat surfaced corner of consciousness, I somehow shake my neck. With a head that doesn't turn at all because of drowsiness, I don't even realize that I don't know the Lord of my voice in the first place. Because of its whispering voice, I'm not sure if I really heard it in the first place.

It's fatal not to be able to maintain a sense of crisis at such a pivotal time, but Reefa is unfortunately just a nine-year-old with the title Princess. Rather, it is commendable that we have been able to maintain a sense of crisis and tension.

Before that, the limits were exceeded.

"Reefa, secure."

In the end, I couldn't resist drowsiness, and something winds up one after the other on Reefa's body, which remains a dream. Reefa still doesn't wake up when she says she's completely tangled up all over her body because she's gently wrapped around soft.

"Start of transport ~"

"Metastasis ~"

Something that carefully lifts and transfers as it is so as not to wake up an exhausting reefer. Someone who was looking at it in a corner of the room takes out the card and sends a communication somewhere.

"This is Lainey Moon. Octogall has now metastasized '

"This is the embassy. Currently checking. … Confirm arrival '

"This is Lainey. Confirmation of arrival, roger. Moving on from this to post-processing '

"This is the embassy. Post-processing. Copy. Wish me a good fight. '

Rainey stands up about the person who was seeing the end of the whole thing, finishing the princess's identification, which would have been the most challenging at one time.

"Thank you. Rewards"

Thank you.

Lord of energetic weather voices, Lainey gives Marcto's famous goat's cheese as a reward to Octogall. For the sake of following up later, there's only one thing left.

"Unusual flavour ~"

"Didn't you like it?

It's delicious.

"Yes, good"

"Takotsubo standby ~"

Oktogal quickly finishes eating the cheese he receives and dives into the octopus. The behavior is very smooth because there is a convergence of opinions in that it is more convenient for the other person not to know they exist.

Most importantly, there is not much overlap between the convenience content and Lainey and Octogal, but the results we are looking for will be roughly the same, so we are somewhat aware of the contents together, but we do not care at all.

While I'm doing that, I hear a man and woman arguing from the next room, and the door opens without even knocking.

"I'm already at the limit of being here! Your Highness, I'm getting out of here now!!

The woman with you jumps in, turning her face bright red and twitching in her tall voice about what the hell happened.

Run straight over to the bed where Reefa is supposed to be asleep and pull the futon like that. There is no consideration for children who are not even old enough, nor any respect for royalty.

As Rainey observes such a woman in fright, she finally seems to realize that Reefa, who is supposed to be taking a nap, is absent, looking around at you and your surroundings with a twitch about something unintelligible.

A woman who searched around looking for it in a closet just under the bed, and for some reason, put the trash can away, and turned right and left in an incredible way that she wasn't in the room, and started looking for it as if she couldn't find the accessories she wasn't supposed to have, without looking at Lainey for nothing that was erasing the signs or hiding. To that appearance, Lainey moved to the next room, throwing away various follow-ups just because she couldn't get along.

"What's it like?

"I'm looking for a place where even babies can't dive, confused and hysterical."

"What the hell?

"Honestly, I don't know why you're taking him away."

Tell your self-proclaimed brother, who was waiting next door, about the woman without even trying to hide how Lainey was stunned. Seems unexpected that his boulder brother couldn't make it that far, and he sighs deeply at the behavior of a woman who has enough confusion.

"That sister felt like she was accumulating a lot of things too, but not that far..."

"I know it's hoarding, but I'm not willing to complain because I'm not trying to put up with it at all"

"Well, yeah. Humans, I don't know if they're going to do much."

"Even though the princess is patient, there is no reason for her to be with me."

"Kah, that's tough. My brother agrees with you around here."

Your brother also shrugs his shoulders and agrees to Lainey's particular language without an island. At the very least, if what you claim takes into account the princess's health or whatever, you're also a little willing to listen, but it's only her own desires that make her squirm.

At a time when such talent is attached to a princess, Waldis' internal circumstances will be known.

"What's the fuss?

There, by way of example, Tao Yorja came back after contacting the collaborators and finishing some sort of meeting. They hear a woman whimpering outside, and the look on her face is very scary.

"As you can see, he's waking up a hiss again"

"I'm in total trouble"

"... cause?

"Ask the person."

Tao Yorja's opponent is dealt with by a back-runner who is completely clueless. While so subtly caught on to their attitude, for now, Tao Yorja decides to give priority to deceiving women and tries to get out of the room.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Princess, I was protected by Farlane earlier."

"... what?

"Brother, I didn't ask you about the place or anything, so if you want to know, ask me about Farlane's sister there."

Hearing your brother's words, Tao Yorja stares Rainey in a ghostly shape. If you're a regular person, if you do poorly, that's all you're going to lose your mind about. You know, I flushed that flat out, and Lainey was exploring the signs around her as she was natural.

"... Markt, have you got more personnel?


"The people who were gathered in the noise from earlier, because they're getting fewer and fewer before they get closer this way"

"Well, I'll probably increase the number of escorts. Sooner or later, it was more obvious than watching the fire."

"I used to come this far safely."


Rainey and her brother, who ignore angrily burning Tao Yorja beautifully and start checking the status quo. Tao Yorja, who seems to have had a lot of piercing things in that conversation, swallows his wrath and breathes deeply, opening his mouth to see what needs to be confirmed.

"When did you protect Your Highness?

"It hasn't been half an hour."

"What did he do then?

"I'm so tired, my brother was massaging me. I was a grown man on the way, but suddenly I got angry."

"... I can generally predict why I got angry, so I won't touch it here, but I can't believe that no matter how the guy is a pit saver, he was able to carry His Highness out with a means that I can assure him in such a short amount of time that he couldn't help but be completely unaware.

Whether transported by metastatic magic or not, this compartment should have applied a metastatic defense at the time of their escape. It's not like it's completely preventable, but it still leaves traces of metastasis. Until it is outside the scope of metastatic defense, it is impossible to have one child or then thirty minutes. What the hell means did you use to transport His Highness to a place where I can assure you I protected him in this short time?

"Trade secrets around there. No authority has been given to explain from my mouth."

As expected, the anger and frustration that I should have swallowed at Lainey, who is not going to tell me any details, will reignite. I can't contain that frustration, and I get my voice stuffed with absurdity.

"I took His Highness away in silence to a certain one. That purpose, whisper to me, Lainey Moon!

"Ah, I knew it was you, Lainey Moon."

"I was wondering when you were going to check, it was too late to show off"

"No, well, that's mutual."

"I don't care about the identity of a secret agent or an agent or an assassin if I can carry out my mission."

"Well, it sure is."

Rainey and her brother continue the extra chat in such a way as to ignore the stuffing Tao Yorja. If I didn't mean to provoke anything else, I wasn't thinking about turning Tao Yorja around, but it turns out to be a brilliant provocation, reversing Tao Yorja's nerves.

For the record, Rainey's side also knows everything about his brother's identity. However, since it is only during this mission that we are involved, we did not obtain confirmation when we were alert that we were not interested or willing to go deeper.

Honestly, a man doesn't care about everything equally except Rayot as his boss and Honey, his beloved.

"Back to the point, the purpose is simple and clear. I wanted to keep the princess away from you and protect her alone. The reason is simple and clear. Being with you is bad for the princess's education."

"Truth is, even as a brother, you agreed that you should pull away as soon as possible ~. For educational reasons"

"Whichever mouth you say it with!!

Before I open my mouth again, I will tell you why Lainey and her brother evacuated Princess Leafa to Farlane alone. Hearing why, Tao Yorja's anger explodes.

In the first place, it's Tao Yorja himself who said he wanted protection for Reefa alone, so it's odd to blast his anger here. Leafa is undoubtedly protected under Leiot, beyond the fact that Rainey is Leiot's most important handkerchief is behind it.

But being completely crushed by the prospect he secretly had, Tao Yorja was now completely bloody on his head, and he was unaware of any inconsistencies in his words and deeds.

"Whatever it takes, I'm not going to let you guys use Waldis' second heir to the throne any better. This is Farlane and Markt, the general thrust of both countries"

I'm sorry, but you guys can do something for yourselves.

That's right, the backyard team poking at the final notice and trying to walk away from the spot. No more, when you get attached to a personal revenge play, you don't know when you're going to get caught up in every country.


"Are you back by now, Tao Yorja!!

Tao Yorja tries to stop Rainey and her brother from walking away and misses the opportunity with the intrusion of a woman with her. Seeing the Rainies just walk away in the meantime, they bite their teeth.

"I temporarily protected you at your request, and you can abandon me?

"Your brother loves any woman, but he can't save anyone, this is it."

"Irresponsible man's say"

"Exactly, a woman who keeps getting hysterical without listening to what people say can't help but have your brother's love, this is it."

I convince my brother, who says thoughtlessly from the bottom of his heart, that's what it is, Rainey, for some reason. It's quite a special pervert around what I'm saying and doing is definitely perverse, but I'm just convinced what to say about not having any lust involved in the principle of behavior.

Because of that peculiarity, Lainey finds that her brother really had to abandon the woman because of the thought of a severance, but perhaps not so many people can share this view.

"Well, report to your client."

"This way too, check about the princess"

"Then you say goodbye here."

"I hope I never see you again."

"Right. Even if we need to see each other next, I hope we don't have to be hostile."

Due to the nature of their duties, the situation is not favourable, even if they are coincidental. Therefore, I have to pray that I will never have to see you again, independently of my feelings of good and evil.

He was Rainey and her brother, who exchanged farewell greetings, arguably promises between such undercover detectives, and took a different path for their respective duties.

Meanwhile, the Farlane embassy during the time Octogal abducted Reefa.

"Secure ~"

"Capture ~"

"Abduction and confinement ~"

"Ransom ~"

"Body abandonment ~"

"I would like you to be cautious of associative games that are likely to be an international problem on top of not being sprinkled"

An ambassador stationed at the Farlane embassy complains with a reluctant face to Octogall, who has metastasized with associative games that have not spilled anywhere in the situation.

Reefa, who listened to such a conversation in her dreams, realizes that her body was gently laid on top of something. From the soft feel, at least some kind of rug would be laid. While I'm about to lose the temptation to stay asleep, I realize that it's time for the boulder to put myself in a special situation, and somehow try to get myself up against drowsiness.

"You don't have to wake up."

Such a leafa hears a gentle woman. From the feel of her voice, she is probably the same old girl as Reefa, but given her own environment so far, she is the kind of person that could never exist anywhere near her. He has an object in the way he talks, so he's probably an upper-class person. In a way, it's the most alarming type of presence for Reefa.

Tao Yorja and the woman you accompanied were driving you away from one end during your escape, so you've never had a child your age close to being able to speak directly like this. Even at the moment, when a secret detective was sent in with escorts from Markt and Farlane, the response probably shouldn't change anything around it.

Think that far with a head that doesn't turn to drowsiness, and in an instant drowsiness blows away when you realize what it means. Leave your body in the rug without waking yourself up and jump out of exactly the position you were about to fall asleep in at once.

"Where am I!?

"This is the embassy of Farlane."

"Farlane's embassy? Am I the only one here?

"Yes, the two of you had a lot of problems accepting at Farlane, and I'm sorry, but we're only going to take Master Reefa."

An earlier girl's voice graciously answers Reefa's question, which she tries to grasp by looking around. I checked all around me, and when I grasped that I didn't have a single face I knew, I turned my gaze to the Lord of my voice.

Observing the girl by the bed where she was being put to sleep, Reefa was stunned.

The girl, who supposedly stayed by to take care of Reefa, looked still unusual but truly beautiful, with deep blue eyes in beautiful silver hair. As I expected from my voice, I was still about a little above Reefa when I was old. Better developed than his age, but still not as old as three or four.

A loving smile at the elegant stand-up behavior, that word that feels caring for every word. There is only one person at the moment, such as a Farlane associate who matches those characteristics.

"Maybe, Princess Aeris?

"Yes. I am the princess witch of Master Alfemina, this is Aeris. At the request of my brother, I welcome Master Reefa."

Reefa complains again about the outrageous person who has come to pick herself up. Aeris has now come to a position where he tries to stand alongside most royalty in terms of authority alone. For various reasons, it would still have been King Lauren's self-harm that made the decision.

He is unconscious, but in that one case Aeris has proven himself to be capable of even flirting with kings of other countries. Until then, there have also been various achievements, large and small, whose influence, alongside the Azma Workshop, has already been beyond the borders.

Such a person comes all the way to pick you up. Regardless of what Aeris herself thinks when she comes to pick me up, it is likely that she has made various and unexpected advances on the political front.

"Um, I..."

"I know there are a lot of things you might think about, but don't think about it now. It has nothing to do with political value, and the Farlane royal family has decided to protect Leafa."

"But even if you accept me, the benefits to Farlane..."

"That's all my father and brother think about. Now Mr. Reefa, just think about your own safety. Farlane is prepared to take on all the problems that have arisen, and she will not ask Reefa for anything about it."

"There's no consideration to pay, but it's so generously sweet..."

"Master Reefa wants me in Farlane. That's the biggest consideration."

Aeris says it out loud and clear against Reefa, who butts in. As a matter of fact, Waldis' title as second heir to the throne is worth more than Reefa herself thinks it is in the present situation.

Besides, even if that title makes it worthwhile, it's the only way to protect a young, powerless girl named Reefa from a so-called big country like Waldis that increases the reputation of a country called Farlane and improves its international voice. More than that, it is quite important in terms of mental health to take risks and make this kind of humanitarian decision once in a while, from the national centre, which also has a lot of black stories on a daily basis.

Whatever happens, Waldis and I are finally getting along. The current situation, the disadvantage that we will suffer by protecting Reefa, is no longer detrimental.

Most importantly, when Rainey decides that Reefa's personality is not a problem per se, it's only a secret here that Farlane's best interest may be that he can have a close royal friend of his age who has a decent sensitivity to Aeris on the same sex.

"Regardless of whether the country or not, I would be very happy to have Leafa in Farlane."


"He's here, would you?

"... Yes"

Reefa accidentally blushes and nods at Aeris' straight fast ball. Perhaps no human being is so dictated directly from the front by Aeris that he doesn't shake his head vertically.

Even more frightening, the moment Reefa fell, Aeris' expression dramatically changed to a smile with a dusty flower. I can't wait because I looked straight at that smile. Its truly innocent and delightful smile completely took Reefa's heart, which was rough.

Until then, it was basically Aeris who kept smiling, but the look on his face was only for diplomatic purposes to keep him from giving him extra vigilance. As much as I can do that, I know the Virgin in front of me is an experienced and persistent person, but regardless of that, Reefa had become fond of Aeris just because of that smile.

"Well, I'm sorry to blame you, but let's get to Urs quickly. Everyone in Octogal will be ready for you at the Temple of Alfemina, so please wait a little longer."

"Obuba ~"

"Tamaru? Tamaru?

"Mountain Love ~"

"Curry Nanban is good."

I hear buckwheat, and until then Octogal, who had read the air and grown up, suddenly makes a scene. Surprised by the mysterious creatures that never realized they existed before, Reefa accidentally said they were circling their eyes.

"For all of you Octogals, let me introduce you when I prepare a meal in Urus"

"I don't mind that..."

"We'll use metastatic magic, so it's right up to Urus. I will fly to the Temple of Alfemina once to help you get to know yourself, but don't worry, the Temple and Urs Castle are connected."

"Eh, can you jump with metamagic from here?

"Because it's Farlane royal lineage magic. Then I'll go."

In that word, Reefa recalls that the Royal Family of Farlane inherited the protection of the space-time god Alfemina in colour. Direct attack power is low Farlane royal lineage magic, but in total it is much more troublesome and combative than just a royal with attack specialization.

It reminds me of Royal Farlane's information, which has been confirmed to be turned to the enemy, and leapha wonders how the people fighting for power in Waldis are aware of it. But I think it doesn't matter anymore at the next moment.

The surrounding sights change while the consciousness is there that way, turning it into a hall that strikes a majestic atmosphere.

"What do you do with your meal, Master Reefa?


Aeris asks me, opens my mouth to try to think a little and respond, nodding without words as I try to speak to her. If you think about it, it's been a long time since I last ate. Thanks to the jet lag, it seems time for dinner in Urs, and the scent of cooking faintly emerges in this hall as well.

"Okay, it's not a big deal, but we'll prepare a meal"

I look at Reefa, who nodded honestly for a percentage, and give instructions to the cleric, who was somewhat happy to smile and refrain.

"Now, this way, please."

Leafa is guided by Aeris and sent to the guest room. Because of the temple, it is a room that is neither so magnificent nor splendid, but if you try to connect it until you get in touch, it is not too much to say that it is excessive enough.

"I am now instructing you to eat and change and then prepare a bath, please wait a little longer"


"... you don't have to get too hard"

"... Huh?

"This is not an official place right now, and if we are going to talk in our original capacity, I will be in a lower position than the heir to the throne, Lord Reefa. So it could be so tough, it's fine with the usual language."


Reefa leaks several confused voices today to Aeris, who smiles at Nico and says that. Technically speaking, Aeris is certainly right, but if you think about reality, there's no way Reefa can give Aeris a cheap mouth to his opponent. Trying to say so, I squeeze my mouth directly at Aeris, who smiles sadly.

"I will try my best…"


Aeris smiles small and bitter at Reefa, who ends up saluting her by trying to speak in the same tone she was dealing with Tao Yorja.

"Obuba ~"

"Mountaineering ~"

"Sawdust ~"

"Moonsight ~"

"Curry Nanban ~"

The Octogals, who have gotten their buckwheat in the kitchen, jump around the two girls who continue to be subtly clumsy in an attempt to get along. Reefa's tummy rings small on the strange scent that drifts from the long one in its hand.

"I think it will arrive soon, just be patient"

"... yeah"

Reefa blushes for leaking tummy sounds and responds cheerfully to nature and aeris opponents. When I realized it, it was just the girls we were getting along a little bit.

"This is the field where the ice flowers grow."

"... wow"

Various types of flowers were planted before Freddie showed them to him. It's all made of clear ice, with a pretty good looking view.

"This flower grows only in environments where average temperatures are below fifteen degrees below freezing point and in the divine domain, where there is constant snow. At the end of the Great Spirit Grotto, the power of the world tree makes it a suitable temperature for normal crops, so it's practically the only place to grow it."

"Get me all this. Yeah?

"Oh. There are as many species as there are, and even the environment will grow in a week. It's just a flower for us, but is it worth it for our guests?

"Some very important supplies."

Answer Freddie's query that way, a macro who begins to root and collect blooming flowers. It is usually necessary to pay attention to the storage of objects only, but even when this is the case, the anti-corruption warehouse exerts its power. Ice or snow, but if you stick it in an anti-corruption warehouse, it can be stored without melting.

"Speaking of which, does it make any difference depending on the type?

Spring vegetables, who were helping the macro to harvest flowers, mouth the question I thought. It's all ice, so it's not as uncomfortable, but it's wrapped in tampons, roses in lilies, pansies, and blooming flowers are varied in type and season. It would rather be natural to assume that it makes any sense.

"I'm going to use it a little bit, but I don't even know if I'm going to seed it"

"For once, the seeds are different from species to species. Sometimes different kinds of flowers bloom, but for us, the price of wholesale to Crestor varies slightly depending on the time of year, so I don't particularly care."

"I don't know. I don't know what to do all the time. I don't know if I can improve the variety."

"It's not so flashy and demanding."

"Well, let's do it."

A macro convinced by Freddy's supplementary explanation nods so much that he sees a mixed lily in the pansy. There may be mixed species, but it doesn't seem to be a big problem, so stop pursuing it.

As for the mixing of flowers that are not of the kind that increase in seeds, it would be impeccable to penetrate them because they are different plants that just look alike in the first place. It looks like a lily, but there's no guarantee that it's grown from a sphere root.

"Yes, yes. What kind of snow wheat is that?

"It looks like normal wheat, but it's characteristic that you can eat it without having to put it through fire. Rinse and mix in the snow to mold the dough, let it dry for about an hour and you'll be able to harden and eat"

"Heh. Can I see it?

"I'm running to Flora and Aqua to pick it up, thinking you'd say so"

They were prefetching the demand for spring vegetables, and Freddie had already run to pick up various specialties, including snow wheat. As soon as he answers that to Spring Vegetables, the twin witch carries a cage with all sorts of things and returns to his hands with a bath wrap.

"I've got a lot for you"

"First, it's a bun of snow wheat"

Spring vegetables that say so and take the handed buns and observe shiitake. When I cracked it, it contained something like a sharp, sensational hiccup.

"This, what?

"It's a hiccup of ice eating birds' breasts. It's a valuable source of protein for us, eaten without passing through the fire."

"Ahhh, I can't use fire for cooking, so it has to be raw meat to eat..."

"It's not like you can't use fire at all, but at best it's the limit of making a single dish of baked goods, and even that's hard to eat if you don't cool it completely after you put it through the fire"

Spring vegetables that convince me of Flora's explanation and try to grab the manju. It's a good match for the crisp, quirky texture and the chicken of the bird that tastes firmer than I thought, and it's pretty good.

If I say difficult, would it be a tough dish in many ways for the common human race to eat at this temperature?

"We have prepared a whole range of other ingredients available on this land, such as ice vegetables and snowstorm potatoes"

With that said, Aqua handed more and more ingredients to Hiroshi, who interrupted harvesting operations. Higashi confirms the ingredients handed to her and tries to taste them in small pieces.

"None of this tastes the way it basically looks, except it freezes."

"I appreciate you being able to eat without passing the fire, but is it difficult for your body to cool down"

"I'm going to take a lot of care to cook."

Tatsuya and Mio will also take a ride to share their thoughts on Hiroshi. If it is characterized by being frozen, it seems that a lot of ideas are needed when heating, which is the basis of cooking.

"It looks like this strawberry. It's starting to shuffle like carbonation."

"What? Really?

"Really. Try it."

Spring vegetables curious about the words of true harp and grabbing the strawberry-like fruit I hadn't tried yet. Indeed, carbonated irritation spreads in your mouth at the moment of twitching.

"This is delicious and funny!

"Looks like we have a breed that won't be. I wonder if that's the ingredient of the shrine."

"If this is it, you should eat like this without getting bad hands on it."

And so on, caught in the spring vegetables and the trumpet, completely embedded in the strawberry seaweed flavor, I took it in my hand to try it, and the movement of Hiroshi and Tatsuya stops.

"Hmm? What's going on?

"No, at some point you realize you're surrounded by sight."

"If you ask me..."

Tatsuya tells me, and at some point we realize that we are surrounded by a true harp. Spring vegetables and Mio also look surprised and look around.

They decided they could do something about themselves. A hidden snow lady shows up from here and there. That number, more than fifty people.

"Here you go again for a drink..."

"I'm sorry. Racially, when I hear about men, I don't know why they're here..."

"Why don't you go snowman?

"We have decided when we can mate and what conditions we can mate. If you're not a snow lady, you can mate regardless of your race, but unfortunately not at any time."

"Heh. I thought it was something similar because it's set with a snow lady."

"Perhaps you should add it up and divide it by two."

Freddie says even more subtle things to True Harp's rude feelings without being particularly angry. I hear this snowman doesn't mean he's serious.

The situation moves into a new development in front of Makoto and Freddie, who were subtly talking about energetic weather like that. One slightly younger person walked forward from a group of snowladies who were fighting each other.

Spring vegetables women who will not hesitate to watch the unexpectedly bold behavior of that girl with her adult appearance and atmosphere. I move to front of Tatsuya, feeling surprised, without stopping my legs while freaking out at such a gaze.


"I can generally predict, what can I do for you?

"I don't want to bother you too much, so could you compromise in the form of putting a child in this?

That said, a single test tube was offered by a girl who was combining a luscious atmosphere with a seemingly adult atmosphere.

"You end up demanding a child!

"In the outside world, I heard that it would not be cheating if it didn't get to the real deal, so I thought this would be if I decided to stay in my heart..."

"That's not the problem!!

Tatsuya screams seriously and unexpectedly at the rather out of focus demands. With that in mind, there is a debate between the snowladies.

"There's so much rude about test tubes!

"Yes! You demand children unilaterally, so it would be a natural courtesy for you to offer your body and enjoy it!

"If it's enough to delay an act of mindless body alone, it would still be less rude to have only children!

"In the first place, how many families do you think were broken because you offered us children through deeds!?

"For the most part, it's not acceptable no matter how many kids you want, such as being held by a man you don't even like!

Snow ladies dignify in front of a man an argument that involves both rudeness additions and subtractions if you ask. The more I listen to the conversation, the more I can't save around at least bringing Fam and Lyme in first feeling like that.

From an older person's point of view, I would have preferred Mio not to, but honestly, I decided not to think about it because it was already too late before I got here. Perhaps no one can blame for that.

"Come on!!

"Really, let's not these people..."

Freddie, cut to an argument that is too naked and has no body or lid, lights up at high volume. Backed by that thunder, it was a spring vegetable that exhaled the same sentiments from the bottom of my heart as when I met the aquas.