The entrance to the doll dungeon was just a cave that opened into the hem of the mountain, no matter what you might think.

"Mr. Makoto, are you here?

"The geography is different from when we were playing games, so I can't be absolute..."

Since there is nothing around this as well, and the cave looks like nothing more than a cave, I don't feel very confident that Mayuki, an experienced person, is in that cave that doesn't look like a dungeon at all.

Just over five minutes on a God's boat getting in and out of Beryl, thirty minutes for a one-box, and a dungeon in pretty good location that would arrive in two to three hours on a regular carriage, but without villages and towns that are likely to be relay points, adventurers don't get in and out frequently. Now it is natural to wonder whether it is here even if it is not spring vegetables.

"Sister Chun, Sister Zhenqin. Somebody's coming out."

Just in case, Mio speaks that way to Spring Vegetables and Makoto, who were having such a conversation while making sure they were within sight of each other that it might at least be a resting place somewhere.

"How many?

"There are six signs I picked up. I think it's time to see it."

Mio answers the information he knows quickly while being questioned by Zhenqin. Slightly earlier than Mio's words ended, a pair of six adventurers came out of the cave in their late twenties or so. Because of this, it is a fairly balanced organization of all men, two of them with large profits, two of them in light attire, and two of them who seem to be wizards.

"Whoa? Is that a new face?

"That's unusual."

Two men carrying a large hammer, though not as big as the one from the Macro, speak that way to the friendly, acknowledging the appearance of a row from the Azma Workshop. The scores used are the same, but one is a human species and the other is a bear-based beast man, which is also a species called the bear itself, except that the structure of the hand is capable of using human weapons.

For the record, even the seemingly bipedal animal, a species classified as human, men and women can largely tell. All I can say is that I can tell where to tell.


"Oh. This place is a little inefficient from the point of view of making money."

To Tatsuya's question, a bear man tells us why it's a big mess. It's inefficient, I think of it a little bit, and it comes to the presence of the golem.

"Is the golem that inefficient?

"The magic here is hard to work on. There are a lot of people who are distant because they tend to drain their weapons, and the debris they get doesn't sell that high."

"I see. Are you the exception?"

"Oh. I found a hole where the golden golem would go out. If you hunt it down there, it's black enough to pay for your gear repairs."

"Yeah, but if you can hunt the golden golem, there's a precondition for it, so who's the adventurer who can imitate it?"

To Tatsuya's words, the grinning bear man. No human being is happy to be recognized for their strength, but that seems to be the same for them.

"Don't you aim for drop gear or something? I've heard that there are quite a few puppet-based products out here, so I think the accessories they turn into sold for a good price."

True harp that hears the golden golem as the main one and confirms the original reason why doll dungeons were popular during the game years. The golden golem is certainly delicious in terms of golden measures, but the rare drop golden hammer was a typical off-drop, useless because it is cheaper than the normal drop of golden and the performance is also a piece of pure gold to be sampled. If you want to raise the rare element, the NPC buyout price in weight ratio is significantly higher than the gold mass in the normal drop.

Instead, the players were killing for you because the accessories and special gear that various puppet-based, also gimmick-held guys have a two-hundred-fifty-sixth chance of dropping, have features that are random in content but extremely good. Besides, even an iron golem or some kind of drop weapon performs much better than anything you can normally buy from NPC. It was still more popular than the Golden Golem because it could be sold to players around the middle for the price there.

Until the golem of a hidden dungeon, Rare Drop is a powerful metal gear on-parade. It's impossible without considerable strength to randomly capture top metal golems on boulders, but there's no other way to get gear in the current situation where the craftsmen are pulling. The doll dungeon was therefore an extremely popular dungeon.

But I hear these adventurers aren't either. Even from the statement that new faces are rare, I guess few adventurers act with that idea.

"How many hunters the hell are you hunting? Even the hammer of the golden golem, we've been doing this for a year and today it's finally the second one, right?

"It's an item to peel off from a papet or a golem below a stone, it's not for sale except for rare drops"

"I don't even know if I'm going to be able to mass produce garbage for an item. I can't afford to miss it."

One word of denial is thrown at the question of the true harp. Again, probability seems to be a problem.

Naturally, the people whose lives are at stake don't seem to hunt for a thousand or two bodies a day at a pace that only gives them what isn't a basic sale.

"No, I've actually seen a golden hammer. Oh, hey, what?

"Hmm? If you want to see it, I'll show you, okay?

"Let me see. Yeah?


Of the wizard-style men who have two, the one wearing the white robe receives the hammer taken out and observes it shiatsu. That look gradually turns into something that seems interesting.

"I see. This is a weapon that turns into a plain body. If you can't modify it, it's just gold."

"What do you mean?

"I'd be quicker to do it and show it to you, but even if I remodel it. Yeah?

Adventurers face to face with a bewildered look at that sudden offer of the Horn. It's easy if the guys you seem to have now are relatively dull and can just take it back, and I did enough to show them because Rare is a substitute with no big deal in size financial value, but when it comes to remodeling, they almost step on two legs.

Even if I say that financial value is no big deal, gold is gold. Even if the six of us distribute it, it will be enough to stay in a somewhat more grade inn for a week and play with better rice and booze than what we usually eat.

It's just not easy to say when that could be a Buddha. It's hard to trust a stranger that far.

"What did I do, if I failed, even in the form of buyouts? Yes. If I sell it like this, there's no market for it, huh?

"That's about 40,000 yares. The truth is that it sells more as a decoration than as gold."

"All the time, about eight hundred kroner. Hope, for a thousand kroner, including the nuisance fee. Spring vegetables, that's about it, right?

"Yeah. Or lack of change, so I'd rather pay a thousand kroner for one coin. It's more helpful exactly."

Spring vegetables take out a thousand kroner gold coins, sneering at me when asked by a macro. Though the adventurers do not look greatly surprised by the light appearance of the thousand krone gold coins.

On average, gold from regular drops can be sold for between double and triple the price. I am accustomed to seeing the amount of money and so on, and I can easily see the way the people in front of me would be able to pound out a thousand kroner and that money there. The only thing that's easy is getting the hammer back, and to the extent that they don't feel like they can fight and win, the adventurers also see through the strength of Honda.

Rather, it would be surprising to note that the sum of a thousand kroner, which is never too small for them just because they are accustomed to seeing it, is not different from the attitude of the spring vegetables and other members who try to pay for it as a later end in the event that the Hong fails to modify it.

"... right. We're interested, and if you can buy it out when it fails, you can modify it."

In the end, the adventurers lost their curiosity and decided to ask for a modification. The deciding factor is the attitude of the spring vegetables.

I also thought to myself that the people in front of me who were so flat were going to do something that they had not complained of violence. But if you're gonna do that, you're gonna come right from the start, and there's no reason to bother showing you a thousand kroner gold coins.

Perhaps you're not thinking about the possibility that the modification will fail. I have so much confidence and trust, I guess I have a relationship that I can just say that in case I fail, there is not enough to offer a thousand kroner to wipe my ass.

The adventurers also felt like betting there.

Hey, wait a minute.

When the GO sign comes out, the macro goes into work crisp. Remove the demon stone from the bag, adjust the size and shape with paper, sledding and grinding wheel, and insert it into the indentation. At the end of the installation of the eight large and small demonic stones, connect the conduction line and gently flush the magic.

After several turns on and off to check the conduction, remove the incorporated demon stone again and perform some more sorting. After fine-tuning, carve a little pattern onto the surface of the demonic stone and check the conduction again. Repeat the task sufficiently.

Explaining the work seems very easy, but molding the demonic stone with Yasuri or something in the first place is not in itself that easy. Although battery-type magic props made from demon stones become relatively expensive, they are also due to the difficulty of processing and molding demon stones.

At the very least, it's not the kind of task that an adventurer would do on the spot with a nose alternating, trying to challenge a relatively challenging dungeon of this hand.

"Oops. No problem. You know, experiments."

A macro that succeeds in making it function as a magic prop and moves on to testing whether it works as expected properly. Remove from the luggage objects that are in difficulty in use such as scum iron, subtle portions of end material, or skins that are useless if not successfully connected, and arrange them one after the other.

At some point after arranging, activate the hammer function and hit it from one end to the other.

"What... so...!?

"Does this guy have this feature!?

The galleries turn a blind eye to the changes in garbage items that Hiroshi hit.

Yes. All the hammer-beaten objects were turned into gold the same size.

"Depends on the strength of the opponent, but turn it into gold, even humans and monsters"

"... Isn't that bad?

Tatsuya unexpectedly puts a trembling voice into a very scary thing to say. He remembered the tragedy of a cursed king, where everything he touches becomes gold, and stories around it.

"If the average person does it, it'll be easy gold. Let's do it, but one arm in a shot with an adventurer in the seventh degree or so is the limit."

"No, it sucks enough, it..."

"Well, even ordinary people can cut the magic of the Demon Stone before turning it into full body gold."

"I'm saying it sucks at the point where the human body becomes gold..."

"Because if the human body does it, it can be cured with curse removal and petrification treatments."

Hiroshi puts a true harp in and tells us what to do that hasn't been saved. Apparently, the function of this hammer is a subspecies of state abnormality and petrification.

I thought you said making gold with alchemy was inefficient, but how about there's a way out that if you do it with a state anomaly system deformation, it's possible with cost performance there, etc. If the students at Loufeus College had watched this scene, they probably would have run to the inquisition that way with a whole body of spirits.

"All the time, the modification was successful, so I used it carefully."

"Ah, oh. Okay."

"If you use it for monsters or living things, it's an abnormal state, so if you're not too overconfident or abusive, don't worry."

"I know. Redeem scrap items that you can't help, or use them to crush them."

They are very aware of the dangers of this hammer without having to undergo the penetration of Tatsuya and Makoto. An adventurer who was returned a hammer in the finished state says it out that way. Finally, we also intend to hide as much as possible the existence of the hammer itself.

"So, how much do I pay for the remodel?

"With information and nuisance fees. Yeah."

"Annoyance fee?

"We're the hidden aim of this dungeon. In the course of that investigation, it could be the hunting ground over there, and in some cases, it might not be disturbing, so with all the nuisance fees."

"I don't care about hunting grounds, but if that's the case,"

Adventurers who listen to the description of the macro and honestly decide to receive it for free. If you think about the production costs and performance of this hammer, even if it gets in the way of hunting for a week or so, you'll get enough of it.

Thanks for everything.

"There are many strange monsters inside, so explore carefully."

"Tell me if anything happens. I'll give you as many hands as I can."

The adventurers, aggravated by the rare drops they didn't expect, walk away with their mouths full of voices in a row of azma workshops. Honda could not be discovered because it was from the sky, but there is a boarding carriage parking station about an hour away on foot, from which the adventurers working here travel to the nearest town.

After dropping it off, the macro opens his mouth again.

"Yes, yes. There are signs of people walking in and out of here quite often."

With that said, there's a little trail ahead of us that the Horn pointed to. From the experience of exploring here and there, including the village of Ortem, it is a clear difference for Hiroshi, who is accustomed to discerning this type of path, but it is probably the only path that would appear to be a normal bush unless he were an adventurer whose main activity is on that side.

"Hmm. That's pretty unnatural, considering the situation around here or something"

"Let it be. Just wondering."

"Then we'll find out from you first."

I declare that Tatsuya will give priority to investigating trail marks if I am as concerned about unnaturalness as Hiroshi. Around where no other member or anyone disagrees, they're all the same that still bothers me when I realize it.

The hemline of the mountain, it's just not a dryland like Dar's either, the plants thrive a lot. To get in there, we need a little prep.

In a handy move, he was ready to tread through the forest, and the line was to go completely through the puppet dungeon and into the sidewalk.

"Thank you for your hard work this time"

Marcto Station. Upon being contacted that Princess Leafa had settled down somewhat, the Marcto Assassin Guild executives were calling themselves brothers.

"Farlane's snitch did a great job, and I'm horrified, too"

"Oh. Princess Leafa has nowhere to be included, but it's our honest feeling that we've saved her from one less trouble. I'm sorry, given the princess's circumstances."

"It's shabby. That princess has nothing to do with her personality or anything like that, because existence itself is troublesome. I couldn't overlook the boulder and did a lot of things, but if it wasn't for me, it wouldn't have been weird to run to a compulsory elimination decision."

"That's why I shook it at you. If you think only of Markt's current circumstances, you are certain that the decision to eliminate compulsion is a mistake."

To the words of the executive, shrugging his shoulders calling himself brother. There is a part of the guild executives' difficulty that gets to them just because they are in a position to know some of the thoughts and feelings of each country.

They seemed to have intended to be on guard, but by the time they entered Marcto's territorial waters on the ship as a matter of fact, Princess Leafa's line had already been marked Marcto's Bandit Guild and Assassin Guild. I didn't get my hands on it simply because I didn't know what information they had and I couldn't tell if it was okay to pull it off by direct means.

The information inside Waldis still hasn't come in properly. The organization behind Marcto was able to detect Princess Reefa's presence also because, after leaving Waldis, there was always a port through which Marcto would pass, and he noticed that there were people aboard the ship who were constantly lurking there, so when it came to Waldis, the current situation, however much more than Marcto's, had not been able to gather information.

If it had not been for such a situation, perhaps Princess Reefa would have been expelled from the country at the time of the Droit, without treading on the soil of the capital Alphato, or at worst would have just been eliminated.

As a result, the value of Princess Leafa's presence soared thanks to the information she possessed, and she became a person who should not be scratched for the future of her name and force formation against Waldis, but it was the unanimous opinion of the upper levels of the countries and the Union of Marcto Back Organizations that she would be relieved if she had interrogated him in captivity in order to extract that information.

"So I did my best until I sacrificed the time to devote to Diffortia's sister. Can you tell me what happened to the princess after that?

"Oh. That said, it hasn't been much time yet. The princesses of the Farlane Royal Family are trying their best to defeat them, so they are much more mentally calm than they were when they fell so far, but they still don't seem to be year-to-year."

"I see. Well, I wasn't so worried because I was protected by a deeply loving Farlane royal family, but if it wasn't for the first time, I did my best to keep the princess alive."

"There's a side to it that was saved without a joke, but my head hurts..."

"Looking ahead there, it was me, wasn't it?

"No, you, when I detected Princess Reefa's presence, I was about to run to manage the princess's health even after eliminating my countrymen, so I just took the lead for now..."

My self-proclaimed brother brings a good look to the words of executives who seem to have a headache. Even though its face is a great aesthetic shape, its expression is ruined in many ways.

In fact, among the members of the Marctoassassin Guild, a group of peasant assassins and highly habitual people, this self-proclaimed brother is so difficult to handle that he enters his fifth finger.

Wyburn in Qatar as long as the conditions are in place, which is also hard on the outer skin and thick on the neck, even the size of a black Wyburn that is even bigger than once. The ability to fight flying with a single blow, the lurking ability as if it were loved by God, and the number of skills acquired in vain and extensively, stands out as being extra difficult to handle, only to get into three fingers on its own.

If necessary, fly the neck of the woman you brushed up with your hand salt without hesitation, and you are still an assassin, especially around feeling guilty, but it takes a lot of work to take there.

Though a rare breed born of a substitute that I don't think is the Assassin Guild's policy of not receiving assassinations for political struggle, and of not receiving assassinations of the Marctoes unless there are other ways, there is nothing I can do to make you want to mourn that as an executive you can do something about it.

For the record, the diffortia that your self-proclaimed brother has spoken of since earlier refer to an organization called the Samurai Knights Diffortia, one of Markt's three main special forces. It is a special unit that protects the interior of major facilities, including Alphato Castle, composed exclusively of women with first-degree strength, whether as samurai or dancer, who can sing and dance.

Note that the other two will be about the deacon Knights Sebastian, the male version of Difortia, and this Markt Assassin Guild. As you can see, the Marctoassassin Guild has a long relationship with the upper echelons of the country, so the perception of a national force specializing in illegal activities, mainly assassinations, may be common between the Guild and the Marctoassassin upper echelons, on both sides.

Why that happened also has to do with the process of establishing the Markt Assassin Guild and being a bunch of idle farmers assassins, but I will discount it here because it will be longer.

"So, what are we gonna do with the other two?

"That's a follow-up. Tao Yorja in particular could be a beneficial outcome for Marcto, depending on what evil upset he makes without the princess"

"I see. Whatever the old man is, shake on the other guy as much as you can about the samurai's sister. Well, I'm just an amateur, so anyone can do it if they want to. The old man is quite handsome. Aftercare means I can do it if you want."

"When it comes to women, it's rare and pale."

"Well, you're like a dead man in a different way than a princess. There's very little I can do to turn you into a kind of dead man who doesn't understand a word."

Show how the executives were strangely impressed by what your self-proclaimed brother said. Apparently, he was impressed with what he said strangely to his perverted habits.

"So, what's your next request?

"It's the end of this case. It's been a while."

"Copy that. Well, I guess I'll qualify for another correspondence course while I'm waiting."

"You take all that, and it's still not enough?

"In pursuit of women's beauty, it's not enough yet.... Ok, I don't have enough time before to make you a makeup artist I gave up"

Brother who selects a new qualification with a full through-the-executive squeaky face. Only, they don't intend to change the attitude of women in their pursuit of beauty.

"Well, you can qualify as much as you want, and you're free to make rough money with it. Don't put it over there and drill into our work, codename burst."

"I know. I don't intend to lose touch with your work so that my beautiful sisters and pretty ladies can safely pursue their beauty and future."

That's what I said, and I'm going to spiral out the application form that wrote down what I need. My self-proclaimed brother. Code name Burst. He was an Assassin Guild executive who shrugged his shoulders and proceeded, as usual, with the reward process without even trying to hide the appearance of his hindsight.

"Here's another stunning hiding place..."

Earlier, following trails that could not even be called the Beast Road, there was a village so splendid that it was not an eye, such as a coarse countryside.

"It doesn't seem as big as the village of Ortem, but it's about 2,000 to 3,000 people who are self-sufficient."

"Let it go. There seems to be a connection between the payroll systems along the way, and I can't see it from the sky, and it feels like there's a lot of small work going on here."

Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables looking for people while admiring the breadth of the interior you've been looking at. There must be a race closer to a bipedal human being than there is a field.

"Probably not according to your reaction, but this isn't a shrine, is it?

"First of all, I'm sure of it. The shrine feels cleaner. It's not much of a temper here, but it's a long way from the shrine."

"I don't care if they say so. Well, I don't know that much of a fine difference at best..."

"Am I to that extent?

Seniors who accidentally leak complaints at the ambition of their attitude just saying it's not time to figure it out. Even if it is sharper than the average person, it is not as sensory as the Seaf system, and the priests who continue to live like that and become somewhat more sensitive are not as familiar with the sensation of temper. As for the body, it is difficult to distinguish it from the divine domain when there is less temper around this area.

"Master, signs of people"

Smash out a subtle situation, and Mio tells you the results of the detection.

"How many?

"Two, one positive people-shaped thing. It's still about a kilometer away, but it's coming this way."

"If there wasn't a hostile presence, yes, I would."

Knowing that we are nearby, I am worried about how to respond while expressing my desire for this to happen. We don't know what they are, and if we say so, we're trespassers. I can't complain no matter what kind of response they take.

Besides, the Mio sensor also seems a little less stable thanks to this, including the payment boundary, and has a significantly shorter range to detect than it should be. Thanks to this, it also seems impossible to imitate, as usual, that the signs alone determine the general race, etc.

"Just keep Guardian Field for now, just in case the weapon is punished"


A line of sneaking weapons into baggage to crush the reasons that are likely to be used as a pretext for contention as much as possible. Maintaining Guardian Field is insurance, but thanks to the field, it's easy to make excuses for leaving it unfolding as insurance.

Anyway, the fields of this world are quite a danger zone.

"It's time to see it from the other side"

Packing everything that is likely to be a weapon in a bag, and then observing the crop type closely enough in the distance to avoid the danger of accidental strikes, the report enters from Mio, who was constantly exploring its position.

"For once, crops are just nonaggressive guys. Depending on how the variety improves, it usually becomes active."

"The man who mutated a scattered normal tomato or something in the middle of the night is convincing."

"I don't know what to do."

"That's why I don't do dangerous imitations like that in the inn room or anything. So, even if I'm not willing to touch the crop, should I stay alert?

"You don't have to."

That's how the inhabitants of the hiding place, who showed themselves, would hear the exchange between the Horn and Makoto.

What showed up were three romance grey dandy gentlemen who looked the same age as Doga, a beautiful girl who looked the same age as Aeris, and a perfect maid from wherever she looked. However, if Mio's words are correct, it would mean that at least one of these people is something that is just human.

The dandy gentleman is quite dignified and elegant, so elegant that he would be a painting if he made a beautiful girl and even tea around Elaine, but all three of them, including the maid, carry a large basket and hang a hand-drawn around his neck is all ruined. The outfit itself would be extra because it wears what looks like an outfit, no matter how you look at it. The pretty girl is dressed in a type of gothroli costume that originated in the form of a demonic modification in Japan, and it would look good if it did, so the surrealism is blue ceiling.

Hi, the three of you are showing signs of falling out of all sorts. That was Mio's assessment at first sight.

"It would be a rare guest to wait outside the boundaries of the payroll, and purposefully to observe the crop after disarming it"

"Oh, I'm sorry if I bothered you on my own"

"No, no, no. It's not like we're doing spatial quarantine. Sometimes we get lost. Besides, if you're hostile, you've been fighting the gatekeepers for a long time."


"This is him."

Lighten the ground with the pattern of bamboo that the gentleman had in his hand so as to answer the enquiry of the Macho. Then the ground flourishes and a golem is created. That number twenty. Besides,

"Master. That, Orihalcon Golem?

"Let it go. At least, the surface can be orihalcon or"

The golem was quite advanced.

"Uhm. Even so, the content of the orihalcon itself is about five percent by weight, and the contents are almost just a strain of demonic iron."

"I think it's hopeless for 90% of humans, even if it's just surface coated"

Mio puts a pale penetration against as many as twenty orihal congolems, gentlemen who light expose their tease, into the side of 90% due to the weapon's properties. The Spring Vegetable Rapier and Mio Bow are really not compatible with the Golem system. When it is coated with Orihalcon, albeit only on the surface, and the contents become almost a mass of demonic iron, it becomes an opponent who has to decide that the fight itself should be avoided.

"I know about putting you in the remaining 10% if you care about it. I just got something like this out, and it's gonna be a mess, right?

"No, no, no, no."

Spring vegetables shaking their necks and hands left and right in a great hurry to the gentleman who will probably overestimate them. With hardness and power surrounded by a prized golem about three hundred and sixty degrees, it's half-packed for anything but a macro. On the contrary, the current situation is normally an annihilation course.

"Ji-sama. Shouldn't we just introduce ourselves and show our guests home instead of standing around forever?

"Oh, yeah."

A beautiful girl enters a halt to a gentleman who was playing with a menace that had not even been threatened with tea glare. At that time, it's hard to figure out how to undo the golem, which can make your heart certificate worse.

"Non's name is Hendrick. I'm a vampire doing the lord of this hiding place. Dungeons take over the mansion I lived in about 3,000 years ago, but I'd appreciate it if you'd do me a favor."

"I'm that dumb grandson, Angelica. It's time for some elves to live longer than I am, but I'm glad you don't treat me like a woman."

"I serve you both, my name is Automata Reset. If you need anything, just let me know."

The gentlemen who introduced themselves quite shockingly. Normally, I guess there are too many places to go in and worry about where to go from, but it's about time I was introduced to Higashi, who is becoming what I can call Hundred Wars Smelting. You no longer deserve to be surprised about this.

"Thank you very much for this. I'm going to do the Azma Workshop in Urus, my name is Donghong."

Following the very normal introduction of the Hiroshi, the Spring Vegetables will also finish introducing themselves in turn. Hendrick and the others, who seemed to expect surprise or penetration at the appearance, look dismissed and blatantly sorry.

"I'm just a little rusty when I hear about vampires."

"No, no, no. I don't even know what the mines are, but I can't react badly."

"We've been living for thousands of years now, so you're not gonna be so narrow minded as to be angry at the approximate disrespect, are you?

"Ji-sama, you failed to be dodgy, so don't say bad things about your forelife."

My granddaughter tells my grandfather that there is too much bad riding. It would be impossible for Hongda to accidentally turn a raw and warm gaze at the appearance.

"Nevertheless, you're right, we're good old too. I'm not as narrow-minded as I would be angry to be asked what I would probably normally question, so I want you to ask me anything you care about."

"Most of all, I don't know if I'm going to be able to ask questions. Do you want to tell us about what you think is generally the most rude question? Non and others suck the blood of creatures as a source of nutrition, but they are not undead. A little tricky is that some of the undead types can only be called vampires, but they have nothing to do with you.

The biggest difference with them is that they can keep their lives even if they don't breathe blood, and they don't increase their numbers by breathing blood?

"Ji-sama. I don't get the tone."

"Mm, have you failed"

Angelica relentlessly penetrates Hendrick, who was in an old tone from the middle of nowhere. I decided that apparently there would be no problem with the condition, and I decided to make sure that spring vegetables were of concern to me in time.

"Eh, this may also be a bit of a rude question, but even though vampires have a lot of inheritance of being fatally injured when exposed to sunlight, are you two okay with doing field work or something at this hour?

"The undead may not be able to do it, but they're classified as human. About fifty years after childbirth, when the skin is weak and exposed to strong sunlight, it bears burns, but in a hundred years, it can also have normal flour skin."

"That was really hard. It hurts when the water swells quickly if you don't keep a proper shade in the summer. or so, the comfort of the sun's light still emits an unbearable charm, and those fifty years were truly hell"

"As somehow I can see the burns are spicy, wheat skin......?

"Hmm. I appreciate it for healthy wheat skin, but it's physically hard to cook in the day. Because of the whiteness of that skin, would Harna and I do the same?

"Ahhh, I remember so much..."

At one point in his second year of secondary school, he worked hard to rise to a healthy skin of wheat and also used sunburn salons and so on, and Spring Vegetables, completely defeated before his white skin so that it was uniquely white, had to agree with Angelica's words. I hope I don't pay particular attention to the color of my skin nowadays, but the stiffness at that time was hard to exhaust in my brush tongue.

Spring vegetables still had strange complexes.

"Later, the mirror doesn't show that you can cross running water, which is the characteristic of the undead. Garlic is a range of personal differences, and piles in the heart are already decent creatures at the point of death after being hit with it, right?

"Pile in the heart, rather die. Tell me who he is. I've stuck him all the time."

"Well, well, well."

Macros and Hendricks who are tempted by something they don't know very well. They've already given up on fixing the tone.

"After that, how many people are in here?

"In the sense of a population that needs food and drink, it's about 300 people at the moment. More than a thousand if you want to include automata, golems, pappets, etc., but it's inevitable that you will tend to shrink because all the races are gathered that make it difficult for children to be born"

"What about vampires in that?

"It's pure blood in here - just you and me. It's difficult to find son-in-law of the same race now, so I'm not obsessed with them, but no matter how we say they're the kind of people who can have children until we die, they don't seem to have them at exactly this age..."

Angelica answers a spring vegetable question about the population and the number of vampires she was concerned about because of the size of the inside, with some distant eyes. Mio's eyes shine when he perceived something in that Angelica's answer. However, if the brilliance is expressed in a phonetic tone, it is sparkle, not cupine.

"Does mourning that mean maybe a virgin?

"Although it would be natural. There's no reason to negotiate prenuptially, even though some men like it. It's an existential sacubus to snow ladies and men of color madness, and don't be with the elves who will loosen up there as soon as parenting is over."

Angelica is stunned by words that Mio has so much to say about rudeness that she trumps them with plain rudeness. Mio trembles with joy at Angelica's presence, which contains even its scornful eyes.

"Properly virgin legal loli, Kiter!!


As it is, Tatsuya immediately slams Harrison in the back of Mio's head with a full swing, screaming at him for no good reason. The movement no longer reaches the realm of ripeness.


"Don't laugh relentlessly at me about my grandson, who would apparently be saying dishonorable things..."

"Not since other personnel."

"This jizzy thing is out of words..."

Angelica drops her shoulder unexpectedly disappointed at Hendrick, who laughs off without hesitation or mercy. I don't mean to offend you in the first place, but there's just something I miss when I get treated so luxuriously by other personnel.

Most of all, I was accompanied by my grandfather and grandson for three thousand years and a little over a hundred years. There is a difference in age of about 700 years, but there is no such thing. Given the relationship that is no longer through maturity and reaching fossil levels, it is also irresistible not to defeat cuteness or be angry at being insulted because you are now a grandson.

"So, if that legal loli is referring to what my toddler looks like, it's just this look because it's fuel efficient. Because that's what I am."

I assume they said something dishonorable because she looks like a child at all, and Angelica stops looking about the junior high school grade she was taking to save energy and shows it back to what it was.

Angelica, who had become the figure of a woman around the age of twenty, had become a beauty who, as the adult female vampire imagined, was long and felt like a boncubon. I have the lustre to look like, but because of my age or the calm atmosphere, I hardly make you feel the color or eros or anything like that.

It's an interesting thing that Macho isn't too alert because he saw Snow Lady or because he's much more decent than that.

"Spring Sister, Spring Sister, Great Discovery"

"... what?

"Even adults, luscious and boncubong, there are people who look good in gossip. It's not like a pretty shop."

"... Mio, it's time to weigh yourself a lot..."

Spring vegetables that understand and admit what Mio is trying to say, but are embarrassed when they overlap too much disrespect. It's not a problem because you're someone who won't be angry if they say something presumably rude, whether it's the work of the year or originally that kind of personality, but that doesn't mean you can say anything.

Most importantly, it would be true that having a back length that does not extend to spring vegetables but approaches Tatsuya beyond the dormant chest and alchem, it is rare value that frill-rich gosloli does not hurt. In any case, the outfit of the hand is fatalistic and can easily feel sad in many ways as soon as the appearance falls out of the target age. If it is a miracle that a luscious adult woman wears gossip and is not like a special sex, it is where it may be.

"Nothing like this is my hobby right now. It's simply the clothes that I liked to wear when it was really about the look of earlier, and the tailors inside made the clothes just like they used to. I've only made this type so many times I've just given up and left it at that. Performance is great, so it's hard to complain too much."

"Isn't that because you look like a basic child?

"I guess so. Well, since it's a hard time trying to be a fashionable beauty, I don't think that's a good idea."

Answer True Harp's point with low tension, Angelica returns to energy-saving mode looking troublesome. I'll be around ten years old like I was earlier, and I'll take a breather.

"... hmm? Hey, what's up?

"Chest, as an adult?

"Hmm? Yeah, because I always set my age for the big mess. It shifts around a year, so the back length is about the size of the chest."

I say it doesn't matter, I take something like Sacranbo out of the cage that Reset is carrying, and I eat it in one bite and spit the seeds out on my palms.

"It's been a long time since I've been back, adding and subtracting makes me use my energy. Jason, can I smoke the seeds too?

"Nothing, if you don't mind about one thing, just smoke it."

"Well, I will"

Angelica takes her grandfather's permission once and for all, just in case, to absorb the biological energy that was in the species. Seeds sucked up all their energy instantly become dust and collapse.

"For once, I'll tell you what, if you let me breathe blood or stay like this, I don't need this imitation. In the first place, drain is only possible after straw or something after pruning is done, or creatures the size of a normal egg to the bottom. Beyond that, they absorb it by simply refusing to allow it from the bottom of their minds rather than being resisted."

"Besides, this is the better reason why Nong and the others are pulling themselves into hiding than sucking blood."

I perceive the astonishment of Hongda for what happened to the species, and that is how Angelica and Hendrick explain it in the same way they did earlier. I hit it earlier and it changed, and it has a subtly serial story in it, but I can't eat it where the air hasn't changed at all for it.

"Well, more than a snowlady for moderation, huh?

"Sure, it doesn't change where you absorb precision in skin contact, but don't put us together with that."

"Or Hiro, they won't be able to do it in the pre-precision part"

Penetration from Angelica and Tatsuya pierces Hiroshi, who concludes without showing surprise or great vigilance. The perception that it's rude to vampires to put snow ladies out to attract them seems common, and it's interesting around the fact that Spring Vegetables and True Harp have the look that they won't be able to do that until Mio.

In the end, I was just surprised by the plain spectacular sight in front of me, and Higashi doesn't seem to be afraid of the vampires as anyone else.

"Now, after a long story, I've told you what you need to talk about, but will you hang out with me for a break for tea or something?

"Exactly. Don't tell me you miss me just standing there or something, do you?

A row of azma workshops sneering bitterly at Hendrick and Angelica's subtly truthful requests. I am familiar with the fact that the species that live in this kind of place are hungry for external storytellers, and there is no reason to say no more than to be a friendly and harmless opponent.

Apparently, going into the doll dungeon is going to be a little further. It was a Japanese team that came to a tea party with the vampires without thinking that way or paying any particular attention.