A heavy mall swung out by the Macro in full swing shatters the body of Jewel Golem, the boss in the table of doll dungeons. With that blow, Jewel Golem was completely silent.

The day after the party. Hongda dived into the dungeon early in the morning to attack the normal doll dungeon promptly, which was also in Urs from the time before the sun rose.

The current time is about lunchtime. The majority of the tricks were made whole naked in pre-investigation, but the boss battle took nearly two hours because today was his first.

"Is that it?

"Their magic disappears, and maybe it's over."

The remains of the jewel golem disappear before the end of Macro's words to Tatsuya's doubts. Later, huge sapphires were left about two turns smaller than rugby balls as drop items.

"It's a huge jewel, but when it's so big, I don't think it tastes like it's the opposite."

"Gems come to this size too, they're not easy to use due to weight and other issues."

Tell True Harp what he thinks as he nods. This sapphire, the finest in color and shape, is too big to seem very usable for regular jewelry. The fact that it is not just a gem and has special abilities, nor can it be used for some kind of motivation or something like that also promotes poor user-friendliness.

At least as Bosgolem did and showed it, if it had enough features to fire a seven-colored beam, it would have been used in your play, but this is just a beautiful, big, normal stone with no such abilities.

"Well, why don't you just collect it and go for a crisp next time"

"Right. So, Hiroshi."


"I don't think so, but if I cook this, I can eat it, or something, right?

"Some of the parts are dropped. I can't say for sure I'll try it, but I'll just eat it if I cook it like this."

Apparently, if it's not what you get from dismantling it, cooking it normally won't be food. For that, subtly relieved spring vegetables. I'm not going to cook it because I can eat anything, but when I can even eat something like this, I feel like my eyes on the gems are going to change.

"Whew, Hiroshi, Harna. Can you eat Golem parts?

"I've never tried it, but they can eat it."

"Guys who have moved as golems, there are restrictions all the time, but with all the equipment and cooking arms, you can eat normally"

"Well... can you eat..."

"When I finally say it, if you leave a puppet or a living doll or a mimic or even a corpse, eat it."

"... you tried?

"I know someone in my hometown. Difficult to cook, he did more than Wyburn. I don't think it's easy to cook with just a single piece of inorganic food. Well, you know. Aside from the hassle of eating dragon meat."

Listen to the description of the macro and Angelica comes up with something. Because of the seriousness of its face, it seems to be quite important.

"One more thing, I want to make sure, okay?


"I don't know, but can you eat your golem, too?

"Eat it."

"... well... can you eat..."

I can even eat a golem containing orihalcon. To that fact, Angelica's expression becomes somewhere hopeless.

"Well, we can cook it so we can eat, maybe we'll just do it."

"I'm not really comforted at the point where I can eat..."

Angelica sticks her shoulders down but that's how she sticks to the following of a macro that hasn't been followed in any way. I don't think it's possible, but it doesn't necessarily mean there won't be any idiots out there attacking Hendrick to eat the golem. This information needs to be told only here.

"Trick discovery. Startup"

While Hiroshi and Angelica were doing such comic talent, Mio, who had a boss room on my pace, was activating the trick and appearing an entrance and thoughts to enter the hidden dungeon.

"Was there a trick to go to a hidden dungeon, as expected"

"Mr. Makoto, was this even the case over there?

"That's not what I remember. But the boss himself is different in the first place, so maybe it's a different route in the same hidden dungeon."

"Well, the dungeons weren't attacked all over the place."

Even so, a development where the knowledge of the harp cannot be guessed about hidden dungeons. I don't show how anyone, including myself, cared about that.

It is also natural in some ways, in the case of Faircloth in the first place, that there are fewer dungeons with stereotyped strategies. An internal structure that changes terrain from time to time, in monsters and crates with considerable width in both emergence patterns and lipop spacing. Even if it is an individual battle, there are cases where when a combination of monsters changes, the glitch and behavior patterns change, and as soon as they have gone through it many times, they respond to the player's movements.

As for hidden dungeons, even things that are almost certain how to get in change the type and ability of monsters that appear at every party they enter. There is a certain degree of convergence in the tendency to say that there will be a change in rash, so there is no reason for the previous knowledge to be wasted at all. I don't, but it doesn't change that I don't really guess.

That's normal, and I haven't really guessed it from the beginning because I've confirmed in ice dungeons that even the premise is a big deal from the time of the game.

"Mio, from here on out is an unknown realm, so be careful"

"Mm, I know. Sister Chun, please map"

Copy that.

A hidden dungeon that is, in a sense, the real deal. It was a line to go ahead without even trying to hide the exalted mood in a situation that inspired gamers' instincts that it might be an undiscovered route until now.

"I didn't expect Sergeant Ashidaka to come out in the doll dungeon..."

"I'm surprised too..."

The giant Acidacagmo, whose encounter succeeded in a surprise raid of Shira, disappears with a head to belly cracked by a Paul Axe blow carried out by the Macro reflexively as a counter, becoming a corpse with a grotesque feel inside. While observing the condition, Hiroshi and Makoto were subtly frightened and blurred about unexpected events.

If you're going to say it as a monster, it's not going to be so threatening. Not so bad if you compare it to a monster in a table dungeon, but at a time when the jewel golem that should have come out as boss on the first floor is strawberry as a miscellaneous fish, it's definitely the lowest contender as a threat.

But it's true that you're just not strong enough to be pretty surprised when you get out all of a sudden. At any rate, Acidacagmo is classified as one of the spiders who looks quite disgusted. If that goes in close to two meters in size, even the owner of the extra strong heart flinches for a moment.

Even though it's probably just an ambush of a giant acida cagmo, the fact that it was raided in an unexpected location called a doll dungeon, where only inorganic material systems should have come out, as the name suggests, also applauds Higashi's surprise.

Something seemingly raids when you eat an ambush where you have no mind whatsoever, you're about to freak out and scream. That blow, which is true to the fundamentals of dodginess, did a great job.

"I don't know, I feel like I totally ambushed you, but Mio noticed?

"Mm-hmm. I didn't realize that at all"

"Sora is another pain in the ass..."

Macho holds his head in Mio's honest confession with a rarely drawn look on his face. Clearly, it's a monster with no harm whatsoever but disgusting, but it doesn't happen when it comes to being ambushed every time.

"Here, preconceived creatures that seem to be in old halls and ruins usually come out, you should think so."

"Right. If you say so with your word, there will be bats and rats."

"And then there's insects other than spiders, specifically muckads and ants, and I don't really want to think about that, but I guess around cockroaches"

"It also feels nasty that those hands come out with golems and puppets..."

Makoto is obnoxiously blurred by the creatures mentioned by Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables. As for the true harp, whatever the bat is, I want the cockroach to give me a break.

"Hmm. You don't want to run into those guys?

"Guys like spiders and cockroaches just now, who look and move like creeps, I just want you to give me a break"

"Well, I know how that feels. Besides, it's a hassle to get stuck in that amount of miscellaneous fish. I'll do something about it."

"Can you?

"Hmm. I still have three thousand years of true ancestry, so I'll have that kind of art."

They don't even appreciate Angelica's slow exploration of the Honda. That's what I propose when I hear the story and call a bat over my palm.

"Speaking of vampires, what about bats and wolves?

When I say that with a slightly proud smile, I fly the called bat.

"Well. This whole area should end the extermination. Let's get to the next one."

"... pup"

Go on, a few, send out the bats in the same way, and then, uh, just stick your chest out and subtly say it out great. That attitude that normally gives the impression of being busy, unfortunately surprisingly deliberate, doesn't look prestigious at all.

For the record, Angelica's current appearance is lolita mode where Mio says it is. Therefore, where I stretched my chest, the child just seemed prestigious, and there was nothing like feeling erotic except for some pervert type of person who wrote it and read it as a gentleman.

Mio erupts uncommonly into that strangely suited but hopelessly unsuitable attitude.

"A net story would help in many ways. The body's disappearing, so it's just creepy in ingredients and ingredients."

"At least, if it's going to be one or the other, I can put up with it..."

"... I wonder what that is. Am I crazy?

"No, probably normal..."

Angelica's and Tatsuya's penetration bursts modestly into Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables, whose mourning points are subtly off. There are so many things that make me feel sick because I'm a corpse that won't be made of material.

"So, there's a dole system fifteen across the door. There are no traps and keys in the door."

"It would be a hassle if I had a gimmick. For now, I'll go in first. Spring vegetables, Mio, get ready."

"Mmm. Copy that."

"Leave it to me."

In response to Mio's report, Hiroshi enters while giving such instructions. At the moment of entering, all kinds of attacks from the doll arrived with a grand slaughter.


A knife pierces his eyebrows like a cont or gag cartoon, and the macro groans unexpectedly. In the meantime, Mio shoots through the target of the three dolls with a bow, and Spring Vegetables and Tatsuya magically finish the seven dolls with no attributes.

There are five dolls left. The inner unit reflects the magic attack after disabling the projectile, and each of the four bodies disables all attacks in a different way. As a result, I was unable to finish everything with my first hand.

"When this is the case, this is mostly the case!

To confirm the often gimmicky pattern of this hand, beat the magic brit in a row as spring vegetables move around to dolls that reflect magic. Spring vegetables that reverse the characteristic of always reflecting to track the direction in which the person you shot, so that the bounced magic brit hits the other dolls.

The aim is medium, and magic lands on all four puppets, of which two are crushed, that did not pass the attack. As it was, I just stepped in all at once that I had nothing more to do with it, and Spring Vegetables truncated the reflective doll under one knife.

"Back two!

"Leave the rest to me!

Receiving the voice of spring vegetables, which are rarely active in extermination, Zhenqin exposes himself to the attack of the two remaining bodies. The beginning and end of an incompatible gimmick has finally come to pass.

First of all, one of the two, lets deliberately attack a doll who looks like a knight, and grabs the other one of the gladiator-style and shields it. The shielded doll is lightly slashed and discarded into two pieces and vanishes in an instant.

The last remaining doll is slashed again. True harp that avoids it in sidesteps and takes a slight distance, posing the same as a doll. Keep going, like a pantomime or something, through the exact same movement.

We meet for a few matches in the exact same move, swinging the knife down to hit the opponent's sword in the same move while secretly activating his skills, as the opponent has put in a massive blow to decide his battle. Under the influence of skill, the doll's sword disappeared after each doll body had been severed, and later only the bracelet and thought left something behind.

"And, well, this is how you do it."

"Something strangely brittle."

"Yeah. You used magic reflexes to knock him out. You can knock him out with one magic brit."

"If you take steps or take a weakness and defeat that hand's gimmick, you can drop it in a single blow, regardless of the power of the attack. Even if you don't follow the steps, I'm sure you could have disarmed it around the dispel magic, but I've never tried it because the way I did it greatly strengthens my combat abilities and eliminates drops."

"I see."

Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables listening to Jinqin's commentary and sneering convincingly. The special monster in this hand is a classic that is surprisingly weak when you fight according to your decision. If you take steps, the attack won't go through, so you should have some weaknesses.

Finally, if you cancel your special abilities, you can also promise to achieve significant power gains.

"So, Hong-kun. What kind of bracelet is this?

"... this time, for what it's worth. This bracelet has 20% more Magic Resistance and 10% more Critical Damage, then features a Magic Pool. There are some odd disadvantages. He's purely fortified."

"What function exactly is a magic pool?

"On this bracelet, I can transfer magic and accumulate it. Capacity, in numbers, is about a thousand, five hundred points."

"That's pretty big. It could be about insurance in times of need."

Spring vegetables seem a little happy with the performance of the bracelet. As for performance, honestly, the one made by the Macro is much more powerful, but I'm quite happy that this hand's performance pulls the hit with random gear.

Especially if the magic pool is now equipped with a quarter of its magic consumption, you can accumulate just enough magic to shoot a few Holy Heaven octopolar cannons and get a change. For potion conversion, it would be something like a fifth grade mana potion made by a macro. Not enough to count on as a trump card, but enough magic to buy time to escape at times of need.

Tatsuya, in some cases to the extent that it is used up lightly in a single magic chant, is a promise that should not be said.

"Let the newcomers use it, it might be just fine"

"Let it go. Magic resistance and critical damage are delicious to us, but if we do it, we'll make it faster with the same policy."

"No, can the magic pool have more capacity?

"It depends on the material. If you do this size bracelet in Shinto Steel, it's about 500,000, and you incorporate magic crystals there, and you specialize in magic accumulation, you can do it up to 10 million, all the time."

"There are too many tens of millions, and there is no need for accumulation specialization using Shinto steel. If you want to make it, it's fine because it's normal."

Even 500,000 is more than the magic of the original Tatsuya who came here. When it comes to 10 million, it's not something I know how many days I have to save.

"If it's not magic, if it's sanity, I can act the way I am."

"Is it about precision? I'll do some research before Waldis finishes his errands here and Marcto."

"Can I ask for it?

"I'll try my best. To be honest, Angelica wanders around like she is, but I want you to give me a break..."

"I don't mean to put an extra burden on the female phobia lord. As far as listening to the King Prince of Farlane is concerned, the current situation in the area stinks as much as I would like to strike a measure to that extent"

"Seya Nen. Because I have it, I'd rather do it than not. Absolutely. Yeah, all the time, it's difficult."

Even Angelica, who is a friendly opponent and shows no more sexual elements or feminine parts than she needs, is instinctively frightened and takes a step back. It's only natural because we haven't been together for less than a month and we haven't built that much trust, but excessive fright of friendly opponents at Angelica's level can eventually lead to fatal events.

In that respect, Angelica, who is free to change her appearance, albeit only at her age, and whose contents are mature and honest adults enough, may go some way on that side if she is convenient to the new rehab opponent of the Hong and is able to act from time to time as she should be.

"Well, the details, after I've run errands. First, we need to attack this dungeon."

"Right. Things were unnatural when they took over here, and there might be some clues left about what the hell was going on in this hidden dungeon."

"Even if I stay, maybe it'll help me get this place back..."

"It's no longer three thousand years. I've settled into the world and I'll give up there. However, if you have a clue and you have someone to fall for, and if you know it, you don't have any particular complaints."

This whole hall thing is nothing but my own sentiments. Just because he understands that, Angelica is not willing to tell Higashi she can't. Even if there weren't any clues left, that's what I'm breaking it off from the beginning.

If I tell you, I'm letting Angelica accompany me to the dungeon this time because I thought it was a good opportunity for Angelica to set her apart from herself, who's been alive for three thousand years and still obsessed with Uzi. It is also true that I have always wondered what state the mansion is in, but I have also repeatedly understood that it cannot be helped.

Not Hendrick, but the arrival of Honda was a good opportunity for Angelica in many ways.

"So, where do we start?"

"Make it from the dining room and the kitchen, just like it was when you were normal"


There is no particular indicator, so we snort at Tatsuya's suggestion. The dungeon's strategy was to move forward into the tunnel.

A week after the Hidden Dungeon intrusion.

"The intensity of this temper, definitely the boss room."

The line finally succeeded in dragging the boss room out, struggling with specifications that all tricks had to be found and disarmed.

"Honestly, I was worried about what to do when the classic Japanese entertainment came out rather than the so-called riddle, even though it was a mystery."

"It was also, 'Take the pervert and take the gentleman, the heart of it', what a fight-and-sell content you can only think of."

"I honestly thought Mio would be the best answer to the question," I like both kids, "or something. Besides, it's not gonna be a mystery."

"Instead, after that, 'How is this a shield even on the side?' All the time, it was more subtly troublesome for another genre of problems to fly instantly."

"Master, as soon as the problem often arises," Even in the middle, it's called a bridge, "what an answer."

"Well, because the problem itself is basic, the answer is basic."

A hidden dungeon with all sorts of tricks. Together, we stick around and talk about what we thought was the most subtle of all.

"And quite often, you had the turn to cancel perfectly."

"Well, there's no harm in raising them if you have the chance to raise them."

Some tricks failed to disarm and spring vegetables were re-divided with perfect cancellation. The majority of them were monster relationship schemes, and due to compatibility issues, Spring Vegetables could be reordered with simple annihilation with little impact, and even if they failed, they were actively challenged for the price.

As a result, there is also a rewind in the second half with a total win rate of about 50%. Proficiency has grown considerably, and both recoil and cool time have been shortened to the point of cutting off twenty minutes.

There were quite a few tricks that weren't monster related, but around showing incredible pulls and winning them all, like the glamorous leap of spring vegetables with a lot of amplitude of luck?

"So, you want to try right away?

"Oh, wait a minute. It's time for lunch, and we'll be out in about three minutes, but there's still a little recoil left."

"I see. Well, let's make it dinner"

After waiting for spring vegetables, Tatsuya makes a light meal decision. As usual, there is no tension about the boss battle.

"... um, you got a minute?


"Boss fights in the dungeon, isn't there more nervousness or something like that?

"I don't know, I don't care if we ask for it"

Answer questions like Angelica's General Theory and Correct Theory with the truth that Hiroshi has no body or lid. I can't remember when it was already, such as when I was trying with the tingling air because it was a boss fight.

Before the boss fight, I don't know what, but if it's time for dinner, I'll have dinner. That is the behavioral principle of Higashi, and its attitude consistently continues to persist except when we can't really keep time.

Like this one, when there's no reason not to eat, it's just as obvious to them that humans can't live without oxygen or water.

"You're going to be exercising, and you should be lighter, right?

"Right. Good digestive absorption and intense exercise will not affect you."

"Well, whatever you eat, you should put an interval about thirty minutes after you eat it,"

Spring vegetables were prepared with gratin soup of rice cakes, etc. She took the oven out of her luggage on purpose and shortened the time it took to cook with her hands to find out that the recoil had fallen out in the middle of the meal, so she was still a woman who could not help herself with the meal.

"Every time I think, how dare you prepare such hands-on dishes on the battlefield?"

"If we're a normal human race, we don't eat as many meals in our lives as we think, do we?

"I know what you're trying to say, but what the Lord and Hiroshi call a normal human race is something I'm very uncomfortable with."

"I've been certified a new god by all kinds of gods, Hiroshi. Regardless, I'm still a normal human being, should be, maybe, I'm sure"

"The same goes for the princess witch in Farlane, but at least in terms of life expectancy, I can assure you that it's impossible for you to honor the common human race."

"I don't want that affirmation..."

I get an unhappy assertion from Angelica, and she goes around handing out gratin soup with a soggy look. It's convenient if you think about the macro, but it's not a very pleasant condition when you think that the damage will be many times greater than that of a normal person when it doesn't go well.

"Well, in the case of spring vegetables, you stick to your diet no matter what your lifespan is, right?

"I guess. That's unlikely to make Hiro less likely to look at the material."

"Spring sister who doesn't cook in a cookable situation is not Spring sister"

Even though Angelica's words alone are devastating, the pursuit flies even further from other members. It is hard not to argue with them all just because they are conscious.

"... I think it's a minimum of courtesy for the life that has become an ingredient to work hard and devise a meal to eat deliciously, I"

"I'm not told it's bad just because I'm stunned, so you don't have to say anything else."


Spring vegetables that twist out comments trying to resist the status quo as they are told and are eventually crushed by Tatsuya. Poor minutes in many ways this time.

"It's delicious to eat, if you complain."

"I wasn't complaining. I don't know what the battlefield is, but I was just talking about the fact that spring vegetables will definitely stick to rice."

Unusual, Tatsuya tries to make a single objection while reflecting on whether she just made too much fun of Hiroshi, who embarrasses the elderly by following others. I'm not willing to deny or disagree with the very words "don't complain about being able to eat something delicious," but I'd like to avoid being misunderstood when I'm complaining.

Spring vegetables smiling delightfully at such a macro follow-up and sneaking more cheese into their own discerning macro minutes. Scorched cheese is a favorite of the macro.

"... I got a slightly heartburning sight in my eyes..."

"... unfortunately, we deserve it..."

When we realized the look and behavior of spring vegetables, Makoto blurred with a face that seemed to stick even in sugar, and Mio, caught in a subtle outpouring sensation, put a self chase into us. Boss, even though it was before the war, it was a bunch of highs who had enough for normal driving.

"You've kept me waiting..."

One man who walked into the boss room and opened one shot, sitting on something like a throne, complained in a fed up face.

"Nothing, I don't care if I eat about rice. Yes, I do."

"Normally, where is the adventurer who comes to the dungeon offense and eats dinner before the boss battle...?

"Keep it in front of you, give it up"

A man who sprinkles a tremendous amount of annoyance and is clearly not a concurrent monster. Life energy in the negative direction by being awesome with a majestic attitude. There should be enough piercing locks as a boss, but the question with Hiroshi was quickly taking away all of that piercing locks.

"I thought you looked familiar, but are you Philip?

"Oh, yeah. Or did Angelica come too..."

"Hate haters who took away people's memorable mansions, I thought you might get a clue, but I didn't know the Lord was the clue"

Suddenly he lightly controls the macro that started a loose conversation with the boss, and Angelica begins to question the boss with hateful eyes. Higashi, who had to understand that there seemed to be some complicated circumstances to the condition, clutched his mouth and watched the story change.

"I thought it was weird. Though he was still a young vampire under the age of a thousand at the time, Ji-sama had the strength to take over the mansion and the head of the clan from Zeng Ji-sama. We're not so sweet as to be recognized as the length of such a dump that they take over the mansion by letting the dungeonist be careless."

"Hmm. At a time when you don't realize the betrayal within you, Hendrick is just incompetent. I don't get it, no, around only seeing things from the point of view of being a grandchild, even after 3,000 years, is your little girl a little girl?"

"Ji-sama thought of me, but he always noticed the possibility that his body was fascinated and distressed. You probably noticed at the time that either you or Diana were guiding you."

"I just noticed, it doesn't mean anything if you can't prevent it. That kind of incompetence has left us flag-wielding, so our true ancestors are almost doomed by now, right?

"Even if I have noticed the bugs in the lion, I will try to understand with you that those elders couldn't move as easily as they could. No, rather, you are the one who would have understood best.

At the time of my birth, limits had already come to the clan. Whoever succeeded the chief would have destroyed us as a group, either early or late. Still, I would have kept the mansion and the territory for another thousand years if it hadn't been taken by the dungeons. "

Higashi completely turns into a gallery into a serial conversation that gives a sense of age and race, its causes. Because we are entering our own world, neither Angelica nor the boss named Philip have noticed, but at some point we are in relaxing mode with a paper cup with a drink in our hands, and the tension is completely ruined.

Most ruined would be where spring vegetables began to give divine cabbage leaves to Ra, who suddenly woke up to his appetite. While feeding Ra on one hassle, its gaze is on various unfortunate pictorial surfaces nailing vampire-to-vampire conversations.

For once, if I were to say so in the honor of Hiroshi, until Angelica said, "We could have maintained it for another millennium," it was getting harder to hang out with two people who had entered our world from around five minutes later, a conversation of causes that continued to prolong. In the end, it was this situation that Mio decided to be completely thorough with the audience of the play, regardless of whether he had taken out the juice.

"So, it's Philip. Who put you up to this?

"I wasn't put aside. I chose it on my own."

"So who showed you this path?

"... a man named Bardo"

"So, what did you get? Is this the mansion? Or is that the power that can kick the Orihalcon Golem in the ass? Because it makes me laugh."

In Angelica's words, Philip's expression is stained with hatred and despair. Apparently, some of the words now contained something that I would never want to be told.

"... nothing, nothing gained. Oh, you didn't get anything!!

"Do you regret the path you chose?

"I regret it, I do! A very unlikely mansion you've got! Power that can be amplified but at best kill the elders, only to the extent that you can easily get it if you normally work out for three thousand years! I'm so sorry I stopped doing people for that and regretted my detours tied to a dungeon that I couldn't die!

Blood-soaking expression, Philip exhaling his own remorse with a voice squeezed out of the bottom of hell. Show so much that the vivid look really replaces the resentment and hatred towards his own clan who regretted his choices and made him choose his path.

"Aside from going out of the mansion where no one visits you on the day you come or come, you can't even get out of this room, and you can't die or go crazy. This pain, you know it!

"Hang on, you deserved it, fool"

"If you think the adventurer has finally come to the challenge, just call the door and never come in, and if you think you've come in, relax in one hand with a drink in the dish with people's questions and feed the potato bugs at the end of the sentence! He said he had been locked up for 3,000 years and was intent on at least ravaging him like a boss when he could finally do his job as a boss, but if you open the lid, this is how you treat him! This humiliation, this sadness is so blue, you don't understand!!

"... sorry. There's no objection to the boulder, and you can't follow it."

The cry of Philip's soul, crushing the serial content so far at the end. I can cut and throw away most of the content I deserve, but even Angelica, who hates and disdains Philip for the last word, feels terribly sorry for me.

I'm sorry that I said I was sorry, but I was responsible for this air, this single rod that makes this flow. No matter how much I hate them in the heart, no, I don't like them, so I can't say "no" or anything like that about them in this matter.

The aroma of fragrant coffee amplifies such Angelica's uncomfortable.

"How long are you going to relax, my lords?

"Wait a minute, because Mio is almost done drinking"

"Don't be silly!!

"No, no, no, no. I took it seriously."

Though the cause has lasted three thousand years, that is only for the parties. It's nothing more than a spectacle, according to Hiroshi, who is just another human resource.

"All the time or ourselves, we've been talking a long time. Whatever. About half an hour."

"Damn, you've spoken so much to a guy like this..."

"Don't tell me he's like this!!

"I mean, in the end, this air was probably the primary cause of your stupidity and resentment for so long, too! The fact that Ba-sama married Ma-sama and her mother fell in love with her father was the result of our conviction! Shaken man gudda gudda gudda. Shut up!

"Don't say it!

In summary, the contents of the thirty minutes of long-lasting compatibility also seem to be to that extent. In the end, the only important piece of information is that Philip, who is somewhat of a triple smell, seems to have been exposed to Baldo.

If you're listening to motives and behavior, it just seems natural that Philip was defeated by Hendrick all the time, and that he wasn't even dealt with by the elders. Even if you get angry that you won't be treated like a boss, the base is too much for you in the first place.

"Enough! I'll make you all vampires and snore you out! The pain that will forever be captured in this mansion, taste it for you too!!

Eat this waste from your enemies, Philip runs out of reverse and enters battle mode. I thought it would strike me as it was, and the first hand he took was the summons of his family.

Philip puts up a defensive junction to keep the summons from being obstructed and continues to chant to summon his family. While activating this, including auxiliary magic, Honda began discussions to determine the course of action.

"The smell of a snail is drifting, but even then, once an undead vampire, he's an advanced among them. Wrong shouldn't be weak..."

"Instead of being weak, he's evolved to no life king with 3,000 years of resentment. If you go that far, you can't play it instantly where you ashed it."

"That's a hassle..."

Tatsuya looks at the information from Angelica. It's also troublesome to be purely defensive and hard to get through the damage, like the Golem, but it's also hard to get it back on track as soon as possible, no matter how much damage you do.

Ask me that information or not, Spring Vegetables starts singing sophisticated Morio Menstrual Gospel all about the basics of anti-undead.


Philip groans at the same time as the Normal Menstrual Gospel sounds. They never seemed to be purified with the first three sounds like Carsdoll on a boulder, but they couldn't even get it done unaffected at all.

Still, it seems that the resentment of the three millennia was not Dade, and Philip had the guts to only summon his family.


At the same time that Philip summons his family, Ra squeals. Large amounts of yarn were thrown out of Ra's mouth before she could penetrate it even though it was a potato worm, ringing, etc.

"Why not!?

"Ah, was that a sacred attribute too..."

It turns out that Ra's yarn is a sacred attribute not only because of its mere entanglement, but also because of the way it is damaging his family's bats and wolves. For once, I guess that means God's family candidate.

"Well, fine! You're gonna be crispy!

Tatsuya barks and activates the Sacred Wave of Prison Flame in order to maintain the situation that has prevailed in the collapse. Deal damage to Philip by annihilating the enemy's family at once.

Most importantly, if it is a no-life king, it will not be a great deal of damage in the Sacred Wave of Hellfire. Ra's yarn remains slightly, and the spring vegetable song dominates the field, so it doesn't even play in an instant, but it accumulates damage.

Most importantly, no matter how dumb you look, Philip's out of Hendrick once, too. Not as incompetent or weak as the impression.

"Don't mock me, mock me!!

Philip shakes off the jailflame holy wave in temper and begins to bulk away the attack magic of all attributes with such density that he can't see before. My family is wiped out, so I'm shooting as much as I can without worrying about stray bullets or anything.

Most of them are held back by a macro who came forward at the right time and are cancelled without reaching the spring vegetables behind them, but some magic that flies with a special trajectory slips through the guards of the macro's iron wall and lands on other members.

Attack magic that is shredded in power by Guardian Fields and inhibited by a variety of high-altitude protective gear, including spiritual cloth clothing, while still causing slight damage to all members. Seeing as both the Guardian Field and the Magic Defense of the Armor are showing effect, they are apparently disabling the auxiliary magic of the defensive relationship.

Only Angelica, among the humans who expected it or were behind it more than the Macro, was unharmed by nullifying all the magic that had flown on herself with her previous magic resistance and anti-magic system defensive magic. Best.

"Where's Philip!?

Under the influence of the barrage and defensive magic now, Angelica completely loses sight of Philip and becomes the feather of his defenseless appearance.



Aim for Angelica's neck muscles, which look defenseless, and intercept Philip, who used his metastatic abilities to go around behind him, with the Macro jumping with a smash. I don't expect you to see through the timing of anything now, Philip, and I unwittingly raise my wolf voice.

"Sorry, that helped!

"Don't worry, I can prevent any such discovered metastases"

A heartless word of a macro that crushed Philip's metastasis lightly. To that absolute reassurance, the impression of the macro is corrected upwards in Angelica.

Even before, I wasn't insulting you. As a craftsman, of course, he also recognized himself as superior as a wall actor. But I didn't expect to crush a metastatic attack without warning.

Saturation attacks like those earlier on boulders can't help but be retrieved due to fundamental body area problems. But conversely, if the opponent is alone, there can be no other reason to prevent the attack, they showed so much power.

Then I wouldn't think about it other than minimal defense myself, and I wouldn't have a problem turning almost all of my resources to attack. Think so, and get ready for an attack that could be considered a natural enemy for the undead.

In the meantime, Tatsuya knocks in the Holy Heavenly Octopus cannon, Mio unleashes a major trick with a bow, and True Harp slashes it many times. Once again, Philip, who tried to use some magic, is thwarted by the perfect cancellation of spring vegetables mixed with songs.

Thus, Angelica's grand moves were finally completed in order to stab a stop at Philip, who was persistently and persistently regenerating without being able to do anything.

"You thank Harna. I don't think it's possible for me to do this in a dungeon."

"Become!? You, no way!!

"No way. Holy world!

The power of purification drifting around. Bind it, compress it, mix it with your own precision, amplify it and tap it into Philip. Due to physical problems, the highest blow, except that used by witches, is released from the entire body of Angelica, a purifying system move that is only possible for a clan of old vampires now called true ancestors.

Philip eats that blow decently, defenselessly. If this were outside, the battle would probably have been decided at this point. But...

"Nah... meh!!

Driven to the verge of extinction, how dare Philip show off the sacred world with only his temper and resentment. Even though Big Book is just a rebellion and an eight-win, it's a fine thing if you give it this far.

Unfortunately, no one praises the original.

"Shit, wasn't it enough!

"I'm sorry to hear that! The move drains a lot of precision! Now you don't have the means to defeat this Philip!?

"Ah, it's a delicate place indeed."

Hiroshi agrees with the vitality of the no-life king, which shows more bumpness than expected, with a subtle look of trouble.

The first thing I can assure you is that in a game way, perhaps No Life King cannot be defeated simply by zeroing in its vitality. Therefore, perhaps with a pure physical attack, but also with a disease slaughter/ground that as an attack is only a mere slaughter, the dropping of a giant dragon that is basically only a physical attack of a dot will be equally decisive.

If Titanic Roar or Energy Ryatt could wipe out the opponent without leaving a single shard, it might be possible. But then again, there is no certainty, and regardless of Titanic Lore, Energy Ryatt is at great risk because Tatsuya may become incapable of fighting.

So, when it comes to Titanic Roar, I have the impression that the human-sized opponent is not as powerful as it looks. Hiroshi only sensibly understands that Titanic Roar's power over large players seems to be due to the fact that his opponents are hitting multiple stages. Therefore, just because it doesn't attenuate like a disease slaughter doesn't increase the damage that much for a smaller size opponent.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the opponent will not be resurrected when even fragments have been left to disappear. Troubled there, Angelica, feeling exhausted, came up to the side of the macro and whispered small.

"Hiroshi, do me a favor, would you mind?

"... what?

"Excuse me, may I have a little of your Lord's refinement, please?

Surprised by the words, the unwittingly gazing at Angelica.

"I'm aware it's a thick favor. Normally, it's a suicide act, such as getting refinement from an ally in this situation, someone who is also stopping the attack. In the first place, there would be so much insanity and shamelessness in making such a request to the Lord, who is afraid of women. ……

"... now that I say it, how do you have the means to turn this situation upside down?

"... oh. If you think about it from your earlier convenience, and perhaps the maximum output as it is, you can purify it without allowing it to regenerate. Honestly, I wish I had done that from the start, but the drain was too intense and I stepped on two legs..."

"Well, I don't know. So, I'm the only one who ever tells me anything, right?

"... oh. It sounded like an earlier mistake. If you ask someone else to give it up, it's not enough to give it up to a point where it won't all be a force. It's life-threatening to get even a blow in that state, and it doesn't make sense to get half of it. I really made a pitiful mistake..."

"Even if I do, I won't. If that's for sure, if we do it all the time, we'll have to do it."

Macro affirms, indicating the situation in front of him. While Hiroshi and Angelica were talking, True Harp had already unleashed a disease slash to slash and carve Philip, and Tatsuya had to accumulate damage with a series of Holy Heaven octopolar cannons. However, although the disease slaughter was immediately revived as expected, and the Holy Heaven octopus cannon is slightly more than regenerated and twitchy and shredded, it cannot be that impotent without a ground vein connection.

As it is, it will soon be pushed off. Then you'd better be ready for Angelica while the Macro is holding back even without turning to defense. Think so, a macro that encourages Angelica.

Nodding at his ready expression in many ways, Angelica gently touched the back of the macro as she seemed sorry.


The moment Angelica touches me, there is simultaneously a reflexive rejection of fear rooted in a zombie sensation and instinct, of being sucked up by it, only for a moment, stifling myself. Even if you are prepared, even for a short period of time, it is still fear for the Macro to be touched by women.

But not just this time. Compared to Spring Vegetables and Aeris, the fear is much stronger, but that is not the situation I am talking about. Because the enemy endures with guts and obsession, this one also has to contend with temper and guts.

Whether the direction to confront with temper and guts, what you are doing with guts is being touched by young girls, this picture surface is bad in many ways, I've thought about a lot of extra things, but somehow I succeed in holding back my fear with guts.

As soon as he guts to hold back his rejection at the fear and instinct levels and accepts what Angelica is trying to do, something flows out of the body of the macro with tremendous momentum. If you sensibly say so, you just pulled a small waterway from a huge lake in a high position and gently opened the weir. It also just moved a little overflowing minutes to another place in the form of a waterway.

Therefore, there is no great influence on the side of the macro, even if it is said to have great momentum. Dozens of times more expensive when you're working on a Shen Iron and making a Shen Steel item.

Even at that level of depletion from the macro, Angelica's side had a lot of impact.

"This is amazing..."

"What no?

"Never in my entire life have I taken in so much refinement"

"Really? I don't know what it feels like to be pulled out just now..."

"It was a short time.... but just touched it lightly and had the surplus split just a little. Is this it? On the day you drank your Lord's blood, you didn't know what would happen."

"I didn't mean to scare you, but I did. You just give me a break for biting directly, and if you really need it, don't make about a mild cut?

"... no, no need"

My heart flickers for a moment at the gracious offer of the Macro, but I cut off the temptation with the will of steel. Return to the way you are so that you can use the energy that is still going to burst.

"I think about getting blood when this was no good. Most of all, when you're a no-life king, it's not as powerful as you can stand."

Concentrate on what you should do somehow without controlling yourself as you become intoxicated by the feeling of almighty until horrible. Though it remained almost inside, Angelica, who has been alive for over three thousand years, let's just say she didn't have to get drunk on violence.

As a result, a brutal ending could wait for Philip.

"Angelica, you! What does that look like!?

"You look a lot like your mother, don't you? It's a little fuel-efficient, but I rarely see it everyday."

"You! You conspired!?

"Think in common sense. I don't know if it's possible to live for more than 3,000 years and not grow up as a young girl."

Philip gets very upset about what Angelica looks like as an adult. withstand the onslaught of Tatsuya and even forget they were in some sort of stash of moves and twitch and scatter.

Not fitting such a Philip, Angelica was pale and ready to activate her major moves again.

"I've never used it before either, but apparently this is the complete sacred world. If you have endured this, I will admit your resentment and obsession, and I will make it your way."

Whether it was reset on return to its original appearance, or if it were to be released in this appearance, it would be another move treatment, completely ignoring the cool-time that should be needed if it were true, and once again Angelica would activate the sacred world.

At the moment when the moves were solved, the boss room was purified to such an extent that the divine realm also devoured all resentment, and sacred pressure ravaged the scene by the time it was overwhelming to give peace to the undead.


"Exactly, isn't there an undead who can eat this and keep himself..."

Philip, who was uprooted and purified of existence itself and vanished without preserving himself. Says Angelica, who turned into a child, as she answers to that shamelessly crushed spring vegetable at the end of the day, stirring her tiredness.

Mio returns to me to that Angelica word and picks up and confirms the treasure balls left behind after Philip vanishes.


"Nightmare Seoul. It's powerful around magic amplification, so if you turn it honestly to your brother's wand, you'll be fine."

Ask the identity and use of the treasure balls from the Macro, and this time subtly relieve them of whether it's a hit. Because Fenrill Blood was subtly off, if it was off again, it almost bothered me again as to where I should go to the dungeon next.

"I'm sorry this time. I took care of him in many ways."

"No, no. I didn't know if I could take it down without the last one."

"No, what. You gave that to me, didn't you? I'm not so busy."

"Sure, there were still bills, but there was no guarantee that I could take them down..."

Honda's face becomes a little reluctant on Angelica, who is somewhat highly regarded. Before that unusual ability to play, Higashi was getting stuck without joking.

The truth is, if there was nothing I could do, I would have run to the back waza of asking Aeris to prepare about ten super powerful holy waters in great haste by Octogal communications.

"Nevertheless, does the dungeon remain a dungeon, even if it uproots and wipes out a guy who looks like it"

"I guess it was too late for boulders. Well, I had my revenge, and I'm just happy with it."

"It's a home of memories, isn't it?

"For 3,000 years, I've had memories. If you don't graduate, there's more to pity."

"Nothing, I don't feel sorry for you..."

There were things I thought were different, but Tatsuya stopped saying anything more to Angelica's strangely bulky expression. He put his mind in order. There's no need to say anything extra about the field.

"Well, from now on, this is all I took care of. Together with you, I'll help you deal with Waldis. Once again, we would like to gather information in Marcto and work with you on a different route."

"I appreciate your cooperation, but Angelica doesn't know anything about Markt, does she?

"In fact, on that side, it would be better if the men and lords of that prince did it. I'm only old for this, so I have a lot of bills. Besides, if you're not a long-lived species that's lived for over a thousand years, you don't know what it's like."

"Well, maybe that's true"

"I don't know where Marcto is or where he's going, so I'm going to have to accompany him there."

Laughter leaks to Angelica, who tells Serious things she doesn't know. Thus, there were more companions in Honda for the time being.