"No, you didn't introduce yourself. I'm seamless. I run a blacksmith in this village."

"I'm Donghong. I'll do the Azma Workshop all the time in Urus. The four of us will be in the workshop together."

"Fujido spring vegetables. I'm an artisan and accountant at the Azma Workshop."

"Mio Mizuhashi. Craftsman."

"It's Makoto Mizoguchi. I don't know what kind of escort you had when you picked it."

"It's Alchem. We take care of the courtyard and deliver the materials."

"My name is Josette. We are the deputy head of the Difortia"

Complete the introduction to Hiroshi and Josette, other than Seamlit, which is not a lie, but not just that.

"So, I'm in a meeting with the village chief right now, but another Tatsuya Kazuki told me that your brother was coming here all the time."

"Well, some men do."

"Personally, the opposite is easier for men and women. Yes..."

"Ah, I feel lucky in women's relationships, you..."

A seamless, somewhat sympathetic gaze at a macro who mourns over his body without remaining smudged. Although I am an age-appropriate female lover, they go through a lot to the point where they don't think women and the kind of romance are unconditional and wonderful, and while they are noticing how the Spring Vegetables are subtly turning their thermal gaze on the macro, they don't seem to be going to side with you.

Similar to Tatsuya, at the moment, she is a wife's newlywed, and honestly she is hit by the beauty of her wife to the bone marrow. Currently, it doesn't matter. Seamlit, other women, etc., but she has the kind of delicacy to the extent that she is unwilling to talk about the beauty of marriage to an unmarried person who is punishing a woman.

"Well, I'll put that around because it doesn't matter what we're going to talk about. First of all, as a prerequisite, I don't understand the situation until we talk about what this village is about, okay?

"That would be better. This village looks a little special."

True Harp agrees to Seamlit's offer on his behalf. Inside, it was only here that I was upwardly modifying Seamlit's impression from a seemingly light-hearted brother to a properly well-informed figure by ending a topic that was mine-rich but likely to attract interest.

"The main industries in this village are agriculture and unicorn forest-related. Unicorns themselves are forbidden to hunt basically with phantom beasts, but there are a variety of special plants just because of the forest they live in. The industrial resources of the forest are more that way than unicorns.

So, I think we talked a little bit earlier, but this village of Olga comes quite a few adventurers because it's a day's walk from the unicorn forest and it's located conditions. The adventurer's aim is basically a special plant in the woods that we've just talked about, but don't come over here for anything else the kingdom is asking for.

The contents of the request made by the State shall be escorted to Alphato as a criminal, after the main protection of reckless poachers from unicorns. "

The seamless lite begins to talk about the industries that seem to be important first, saving crispness about the location of the villages. True harp accidentally waits for that unexpected content in the middle of the conversation.

"Wait a minute. Protecting poachers from unicorns? Not the other way around?

"Um. You can't scratch a single team of twenty or so co-adventurers, can you? You think poaching's gonna work?

"... ah, a unicorn is that much of a rampage horse..."

"Oops. Besides, if you're just going to kill him, it's still okay, because a guy with a rough temper digs a hole in his ass with a horn. You don't want to touch an ass hole digging horn, do you?


They asked me why I protected poachers, and I accidentally groaned True Harp. However, it is not concealed that my eyes were shining a little the moment I heard they would be dug.

"I don't know what you liked so much about unicorns digging their asses, but let's move on."

"Oh, yeah. Don't worry about me. You can move on."

"I just got Sister Makoto's illness, so nothing's wrong"

"What kind of illness is that? Oh, I mean..."

"Of this continent, and I am enlightened and convinced that I am a man!?

That's all I learned and convinced Seamlit to fight, and True Harp screams unexpectedly.

"This place is also Marcto for once. There are quite a few people with certain illnesses who are glad to see the story of men getting involved naked and dug around Rufeus lately, which is secretly popular..."

"Besides, I understand it very accurately!?

Makoto holding his head with all his might in the seamless light that stabbed me exactly in the stop with distant eyes. I'm not ashamed to be a rotten woman, but I just feel so sorry for all the propaganda and infection that I've smashed into, such as anticipation.

Besides, I hadn't noticed Jinqin at this time, but around Josette, who was present, he had an equally distant eye, he seems to be in a pretty serious situation.

"Sister Makoto, how do you feel now?

"You're a little afraid of the depth of your business on the boulder..."

True harp answers Mio's question with a slightly vain eye, with a more vain eye. If it's animation or something, the highlights are completely off.

It's a different matter from not being ashamed of being a rotten girl and being treated in a strangely gentle way because you know and know by the average person who met Nonke. Unfortunately, True Harp hasn't reopened unless his heart is strong enough to make him proud at times like this.

Instead, because I couldn't reopen it there, I pulled it off about as much as my scumbag ex-husband scattered me as a sore kind of rotter.

"It doesn't matter what you're talking about. Just put it away, please."

"Oh, right. How far have we talked?

"I think I did a nagging job protecting poachers from unicorns"

"Oh, yeah, yeah. So, there is a village in the Unicorn Forest that houses a tribe of deer beasts called the Deer tribe.

The Dia tribe is a tribe given by Master Alanwen the role of maintaining the harmony of the Unicorn forest, the basic task being to monitor the outsiders from being unscrupulous to the Unicorn and vice versa, from selling fights to outsiders until the Unicorn leaves the forest.

He also gets in and out of Olga Village well because of his work, and redeems forest grace with the Adventurers Association and grocery stores or, conversely, buys groceries and tools needed with that money. It's one of the reasons why shops and lodging are strangely abundant, even though it's a village of this magnitude and the streets are more and more packed from the point of view. "

Higashi, who listens to Seamlit's explanation and is convinced of a lot of things. After all, there are quite a few reasons why shops should be enriched.

"So, I will omit anything that stands out in relation to agriculture because there is nothing in particular other than the lumerci of the ingredients of the liquor I just ordered. This is still irrelevant."

"Not yet? What do you mean?

"He's out on unicorn forest soil. So, because the anomaly is still in the woods, and it also fits within a five-kilometer range, mainly where unicorns are flocked, so far it hasn't even affected rural agriculture."

"The whole time I go out into the soil, it's a pain in the ass..."

"That's right. Fortunately, so far, the soil and unicorn are just affected, and the water is fine, so the village doesn't have to panic, but the unicorns are going crazy, so we can't get around until the Deers are all over us to pursue the cause of the anomaly."

To a rather serious situation, a line of expression becomes sinister. Alchem said there's not much respite, but there really doesn't seem to be any respite.

"Personally, the real problem is that my daughter-in-law is a Dear warrior, and she can't come back to the settlement for a week or two every now and then because of this problem. I've only been married six months and this is honestly hard, and I don't care because every time I come back my weapons and protective gear are pretty hectic, so..."

"That's... hard, isn't it..."

"Oh. So, honestly, I'd appreciate it if someone came along that might lead to a resolution at all."

To Seamlit, who says with heartfelt happiness, Higashi recognises the seriousness of the situation. Seamlit says it's a real problem personally, but I guess it's a pretty nasty situation to be driven out even by people who got married and left the village.

"Come on, get in the woods early and keep up the cause. Alchem, did Master Alanwen or the World Tree tell you anything about that tangle?

"Well, there's someone over here who's itchy about me, and he's already working on things, so he can rendezvous with that person and hit things."

"I see. But a man with an itch in Alchem doesn't always have an elf who escapes Ortem."

"Escape, Mr. Hiroshi. Ortem Village doesn't prohibit villagers from going out."

"There's a lot of difficulty from there to the crowd, and I kind of have an image of escape. When you leave, you go home. That's what I imagine."

Alchem deceiving with a subtle troublesome bitter smile, unable to argue with the words said to the macro. I can't help it because they told me and I thought so myself.

"So, what exactly does a freak look like?

"Well, in a nutshell, it feels like the unicorn that was white until yesterday is turning black, making it impossible to speak and ferocious. But this is what the report says, and technically, it's different..."

"Like what?

"It's not exactly the same as saying that the words no longer make sense. The words are clear, and it's not like we can't communicate. We just can't have a conversation."

"The conversation is over. Well, in short, if you think about it like you're trying to convince a selfish, solitary asshole. Yeah?

"That's the way it is. However, it is subtle why the conversation does not take place..."

I have a bad feeling about Seamlit's story. Anyway, such a hunch makes Higashi's back sweat unpleasant, a bit of a serial story so far about to collapse all at once.

Somehow, I could read the story. Such ominous images, including the elves in the village of Ortem, that the fantastic images of the so-called general fantasy collapse away in an instant, which I seem to regret all sorts of things when I hear them, creep into my head and I can't get away with it.

In particular, what we are talking about this time is a unicorn with a remarkable image drop in recent years. I honestly wouldn't be anxious to hear what the hell they're talking about.

"In the meantime, before we talk about the reasons around it, we should sort out the difference between your unicorn image and the actual unicorn that lives in the woods. What's your unicorn look like?

"Uh, it's our home town, and it's the basic image of a temperamental horse who only lets his unclean maiden touch him, right?

"What? Don't you have a beam weapon that feels magnum, or you're not sure. It's solidified by bees in a system, and you can't move it on a regular pilot, or suddenly that system starts up and runs wild with strange deformations and red light out?

"I thought I'd tell you, Mio. If something like that would have wandered around in this world, Marcto would have perished a long time ago or he would have been the champion of the world."

"Well, honestly describe it as a virgin cook"

"... I thought about the same thing. What am I supposed to say, but it's not an evaluation of phantom beasts..."

In response to the basic image of Spring Vegetables, Mio, as expected, speaks of a kind of bokeh and lack of body and lid that will never work in this world, and is plunged into the true harp in various ways.

It will be your love that Alchem is black-and-white with his eyes, unable to keep up with the currents of his fury. Ra, who tends to be forgotten at times like this, has learned to ring when he threw up in a doll dungeon, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi.

"I don't know about the beams, but the basics are like what Harna says. In fact, what I don't like about unicorns is the guy with the so-called vulgar spirit, like losing greed and trying to poach, cheating and having one physical relationship after another. In short, if you're a woman with no physical experience, you're only talking about a low probability of having that personality."

"The unicorns that we manage in Difortia and Sebastian are certainly very temperamental, but we don't let them touch only the unclean maiden."

"Because it doesn't feel like nobility cares much about having a proper side chamber within common sense or anything like that. It's important to be spiritual, and even in cases where people tend to think you're cheating, it's also normal to be unicorn."

In response to the general image of spring vegetables, Seamlite and Josette explain the actual product and make some modifications.

From that correction, it seems that the unicorns of this world, unlike elves, are not so much those who are selling fights against fantasy. However, it doesn't seem to be what the general fantasy imagines.

"So, there's a weird, blackened unicorn..."


"Oh, it feels like I don't recognize any non-virgin humans, and I don't listen to anything human. You're gonna unilaterally declare what you want to say, and you're gonna destroy everything but the virgin."

The Japanese team listens to the strange content and understands that the unpleasant feeling has been brilliantly centered. The unicorn Seamlit talks about is a vulgar creature of the virgin cook himself, often rattled in Japan in recent years.

"... was that what was happening?

"Oh. Wasn't that in the report?

"Yeah, unfortunately"

"Ah, if it's the guy who investigated it, it might be difficult to write in the report, so I don't know..."

To a seamless blur, a silent nod Josette. In fact, even if the report had a virgin nagging on it, I would have had trouble reacting and dealing with it.

"So. As a matter of fact, that kind of unicorn can be produced about one head every few years for a long time, but as soon as it was born from the mother, the top of the herd hands down and disposes of it himself, so it was largely not a problem. Until now, though."

"Until now, it will be..."

"Oh. On top of the numbers this time, the white normal unicorns go black, unlike before, and you're crazy. No, maybe it went black because the order was reversed and the spirit went crazy."

"... well. If an adult becomes a mutant, not a newborn, it doesn't mean he can definitely be at the top of the herd..."

That's what I'm talking about.

Around that much we talked about, lunch is brought along with booze. Because of the country liquor store where you can't choose any menus other than drinks, all the lunches that come out are the same, but the menu that seems to be in the local culinary center is appetizing.

"Oh, good timing"

"Because you heard the story somewhat. Seamlit doesn't stop when she starts drinking, so I was expecting the right time to cook."

My aunt, who brought the dish, says so with a shrugged shoulder. I could have predicted it thinly at the time of my intentional meeting with True Harp, but Seamlit seems to be quite a soldier.

Sometimes the story was surprisingly lengthy, and when the food came out, it was time for an early noon. Even in that sense, I can say that the timing was just right when my aunt brought her booze and food.

Doesn't matter, in fact, what Seamlit ordered was booze and a suitable knob, not lunch. At any rate, the menu was the only place that didn't exist except for drinks, and they distracted me there.

"So, as you ladies know, are you sure you want some tea?

"When we get back to the country, we're still underage, so why don't we just drink?"

"Nothing, I can't blame you for drinking here, but I'm going to have a hard time when I get back from being a habit, so I'm going to have to put up with it until I'm old enough to drink it,"

Nodding as convinced by the answers of Hon and Spring Vegetables, the aunt turns her gaze to Alchem.

"I'm not very conscious, but I seem to have a bad liquor habit, and they tell me never to drink outside."

"I see. If that's the case, I don't know what else to do."

I'm just running a liquor store, and there's no point arguing that my aunt will be given a liquor habit, either. I'm used to drunk opponents, but if I don't have to, I don't want to.

As a result, Alchem's liquor habits are not the type that Alchem himself causes problems with. Instead, he or she just had a little booze in him or her, which is not at all the same as usual.

However, the erotic problems that usually remain with only one or at most two Alchemists involved arise randomly and inexhaustibly.

If you are in the village of Ortem or in the workshop, it will not be a big problem, but when it occurs on the go, things are bad. There seems to be as much common sense and good sense as that, and when Alchem works outside, it will be interesting that every human being in the village of Ortem sours his mouth whenever he sees his face.

"Well, this is the Le Merci that Olga Village prides itself on. Later, your pie was the guy with the lumerci, and this is another subtle sweetness and deliciousness."

"Oh, hey, look forward to it"

Spring vegetables increase their expectations of Le Merci more and more while being blinded by the many dishes lined up in front of them.

Because the dishes prepared this time are lunch, or not so many dishes. There is no meat, it is simple in proportion except pie: stewed yam vegetables and soup with bread and lemerch pie.

However, it is a common story that it is not necessarily bad or out of hand because it is a simple dish. Besides, simple dishes are often better suited to seeing flavors such as specialties.

"Kah! I feel alive for this one!

After turning the dessert-like pie, next to the spring vegetables I tried to get my hands on the soup they used weed for now, Makoto, who drank the first cup all at once, spits the old man's words.

"Sister, you have a good drink. You want another drink?

"Of course!"

True harp quickly drives this into a corner of his head, including an investigation into the anomaly, and into the liquor in front of him. Le Merci liquor served at noon is not that tough, so I'm pretty sure you won't get drunk no matter how many drinks you take if you're a true harp drunk. However, if you don't get drunk, it is a different matter than drinking enough to bathe from daylight in a village visited in the name of investigation.

"I wonder if Tatsuya would like to meet such a good alcoholic beverage when she's working."

True harp that doesn't loosen any hand that opens the cup, etc. It is completely damned human behavior.

"Because of this, the guy who matured a little bit more at night and got a few steps tough on alcohol becomes the main one. You can go that way, but people who give their guests grandeur in the middle of the day don't want to be in this village."

"It's obvious. Yeah, that's fine because I'll do it after work. I hope this is such a small village where you can afford to bring in the grain crushing that will be soaked without work in the daytime."

"Have you been drinking and working in the daytime?

"Seamlit is silent. You know, even if you got drunk drinking the strongest lumerci, you wouldn't miss as much as fixing it, would you?

"Hot Pot Hole Fusakura"

and so on, while talking absurdly, Seamlit drinks up his third glass of Le Merci. Apparently, this rabbit man, drinking from daytime is a habitual offender.

"You're still drinking."

Lunch was also largely over, when True Harp was in the eighth cup and Seamlit in the sixth cup, and at some point the burst that appeared called out as if it had been stunned.

"Brother, when?

"Where I came from"

Burst responding to Seamlit inquiries as if they were dating rendezvous. That reassuring attitude and the matching of racial characteristics, plus the call for a brother. From there, a macro, presumably related to blood, opens his mouth for confirmation.

"I'd like to hear it just in case..."

"Oh, this pervert is my fruit brother"

"This drink is my fruitful brother."

To the enquiry of the Horn, brothers it is time to speak unequivocally the word of affirmation. I drank it with a pervert, socially more useless would be my brother, but in general the difference in degrees, either, is a race that is not treated as a human being.

Around that kind of thing we have in common, both have to be very similar brothers.

"I see. Any other brothers?

"I have a brother who does clerics. I'm just so unlucky to suspect you're being cursed for a cleric."

"Yes, yes. I don't think he's our brother, he's serious, he's quite a brilliant penetrator, but he's so unlucky that he's on a training trip right now to overcome it."

"It's thick again."

Macro takes a slightly distant look at the burst and seamless description. From the way things are going, we can't feel any sense that we can't talk about people either.

"Come on, brother. I heard you're back with the investigation team, but how about by now you show your face to me?

"Brother, you were still working a lot on this?

"I don't know what your brother's job is, but today it's about connecting the investigation team with the village chief, right? It's not like this is going to take so long. And the transfer wizard, once a year, why don't you come face to face about New Year's? Marya cared, too."

As it is, bursts and seamlits that the rest of us break into and move into a brotherly talk that feels hard to get into. The Japanese group and Alchem agree on the contents that are getting more and more subtle, because this place is through.

"Sister Chun, sister Chun"


"Can't this lumerci be grown with fruit, virus or something?

"Next time, let's grow it with Dorfett."

Following the policy we have just decided in Eye Contact, Spring Vegetables and Mio will not comment on the bursts in any way and will discuss what to do to secure Le Merci.

Pinched by two pairs of my-paced people, Josette, who is having trouble reacting, invites strange pity. It was such an Olga Village first day lunch.

"So, while I was packing a lot with the village chief and the investigation team, he said he was whaling with me for a drink."

"I'm sorry. But I'm making sure I'm getting my drinks right."

"That's okay, but you haven't forgotten that the original purpose wasn't alcohol, rice, or fruit, but to investigate the anomaly, have you?

"Daiji-kun. I knew I wouldn't get drunk like that, so I let him do it because I just felt like I could drink it."

Burst told me, waiting for Hiroshi, who had travelled to the investigative team's garrison, was a cold gaze from Tatsuya after a job.

"So, what are we gonna do after this?

"I threw the map of the neighborhood round Lainey, and the village shops and other placements were led by a drunken rabbit. If I were to, would you like to drive out and take a look in the woods?

"Well, something like that. You mean like an hour on foot in a box?

"Maybe we should do that"

Honda discusses her plans for the future, sidelined by a team of investigators who are preparing for her stay. Since it is impossible for everyone to stay in the Inn this time, both in numbers and in quantities of materials and equipment, it is necessary to rent vacant land in a village that has not yet been opened and prepare tents and other items.

Hongda, who doesn't need that kind of work thanks to a portable cottage, and who has also been refused help with the installation, is still halfway out of time after this. Then it would be more constructive to act as a complement to the investigation at all.

As a result, Josette is turning to the installer. Unlike Honda, he's a person integrated into Markt's chain of command, so at times like this, he usually goes into setting up and other jobs.

"If you're going to the woods, you want to come with me, too, okay?

He was listening to Hiroshi's consultation, and Burst offers to accompany him. Face to face with what happened to Honda to the offer.

"Ahhh, I know how alert you are, but brother, you're in serious mode for now, so we're not gonna do anything this time?


"No, no, no. The only time your brother touches a woman is when he can palpation, help her change clothes and research. So, regardless of palpation and help with dressing, the research needs to get permission from the other person. I'm doing the palpation before it comes, and you won't need help with dressing now, will you?

"Very serious, very perverse thing to say, don't you think?

Together we listen to Burst's claims and get a very troubled look on our face. To be honest, persuasion is devoid of shards. I can't even trust you subtly. Yet, for some reason, I'm convinced of everything. This strange feeling, which is not convincing or credible yet convincing, is difficult in many ways.

"I don't think he's going to get his hands on it, as he claims..."

"Anxiety is anxiety. As far as I'm concerned, even if we can compromise until we get in the car together, I just don't feel like being seated next door."

"Ah, yeah. I guess that's me too..."

Anyway, to a subtle opponent, a very troubled story ensues. The male side can really snort the opinions of Spring Vegetables and Makoto, but it also makes a lot of sense to take the burst, so I worry about it without drawing conclusions.

"Go out of the sky or something"

Mio, who seems to have gotten into a lot of trouble, proposes quick solutions in many ways. To be clear, there is no particular reason why we have to travel in a one-box car.

"Let it go. They don't know we have a flying ship, so we can fly out of trouble."

"Hong-jun. God's ship, like, five minutes?

"I don't know. I can shorten it to less than a second."

A day's walk is only five minutes away. When you have a means of travel that allows you to fly at high speeds, the world is incredibly small in a distance sense.

"Look, we're going to fly, so we can ride together. Yeah."

"I appreciate that. I mean, it's convenient after all. Your brother's not magical either. I want personal means of flight, truthfully."

"This guy can't make cancer like that, so I'm sorry, but give it up."

"I know. It's like your brother, but before he comes around, the country has to get a number."

Tatsuya wants to ask the burst, who knows better, why she throws away common sense and good sense and such in a woman's beauty scene when she can make that kind of decision, etc., and all sorts of questions for about an hour about whether that tangled statement is a perverted chick whose choice of words is very misleading. I don't do it because I can see him relaxed when I ask him, but I'm very concerned about why he did this.

For the record, Burst will secure personal means of flight in various ways, but that is still a story ahead of us.

"Well, here's a little bit of that, so why don't you go outside the village"

"Right. There's a lot going on here."

Spring vegetables propose where various decisions have been made, and Alchem agrees. In fact, getting the boat out in the village gets in the way intensely in many ways. Though it's a short time to fly, it's not a good issue to take into account.

"Oh, if we're going near the woods, it would be helpful if you put this at the entrance."

"Then this guy, too, please"

"Roger that. Sounds like you might want to set up a simple transfer team."

"Can you?

"There's a lot of restrictions, but there's a lot of problems."

"Then please. I'll take the cost out of my budget."

I hear that Honda is going to the woods on God's ship, and the face-to-face of the investigation team asks me to do some errands with him. Those meetings missed the departure time, and it was only half an hour after that that that we would leave the village.

"Here, ahhh..."

"Yeah. I don't know if I can get into the details, but it's pretty bad..."

"Master, it's more urgent than I expected."

The moment I saw the unicorn forest, the three people with high abilities around the senses, Hiroshi, Spring Vegetables and Mio, say something serious with a serious look. When the forest leads to a specialty alchem, he is silent with such a scary face as he has never seen before.

The appearance and atmosphere pressured me, or Tatsuya and Makoto turned their gaze away at the burst.

"... Honestly, all I know is that your brother is going crazy, can you tell me exactly how bad it is?

"I don't know the details yet. However, we can say that this anomaly has not been discussed for such a short period of time since the beginning of this year, and that if we leave it like this, we will not be able to take it back in many ways."

"Can't take it back, uh, can it even be a dungeon?

"If that's all you have to do, you can still do it."

"Brother, I'm not familiar with that area at all, is there something more irrevocable than alienating and degenerating into a dungeon?

"There are about three patterns. The first is the case of the whole forest monstering, the second is the case of this forest degenerating and becoming a monster or a frenzied land the moment the creature enters, and the last is the case of a barren land so tightly cursed that it doesn't even touch the evil gods.

None of them will be the last. God can't do anything about it, and if you're bad, it keeps spreading. "

Hear the explanation of the macro and turn in a sword swallowing direction up to the atmosphere of the burst. Knowing that his birthplace is in danger of survival, he seems to have switched completely to serial mode.

"For once, if you keep explaining, in the case of a dungeon, the monster inside will never go outside unless someone takes him out. When the whole forest monsters or the land degenerates and is no longer there, the monsters born there usually rumble around outside.

Besides, there are so many cases of monsters born in places like that that that are strong enough to laugh with their field bosses' noses, and there are so many guys who can desperately use them as ingredients, whether they're tailored or decent. "

"I'm not sure if it's a good idea not to be an ingredient or something, but I generally understand everything else."

"Ingredients and other ingredients are quite lethal in parts other than our hobbies. It doesn't matter how much you put aside, it doesn't lead to income."

"Honestly, at that rank, I don't think it matters much, because I can't process or cook human nymphs at all."

"The truth is that it doesn't correlate with strength or processing or cooking difficulties. Besides, in the first place, it doesn't matter if you knock them out, it doesn't make anyone's income. Whenever you reward them and wipe them out, there's a limit to the money you can give them. Besides, the opponent springs up inexhaustible."

Burst understands what Hiroshi is trying to say and realizes once again that something is going on that is quite nasty. Apparently, he's in a situation that could develop into a crisis of Markt's survival, rather than his hometown.

At the end of Macro's explanation for Burst, an alchem of how he decided to do something comes nearby.

"Mr. Hiroshi, I'm just gonna come in and see how you're doing"

"Alchem, are you okay on your own?

"It's okay. In the first place, the forest is our field of elves, and this time I'm not alone."

I anxiously take confirmation to Alchem that I'm going to see how things are going by myself. To relieve that anxiety, Alchem invokes his own Guardian.

"... wolf?

"All the time. Same type as staying in the Great Spirit Cave."

"Yes, I got it from the Guardian of the Great Spirit Cave"

Arcem surrounds the called Guardian, and Spring Vegetables and Hiroshi interact like that with Arcem. I didn't even know it existed before, Guardian of Alchem. It is only natural that the guardian of the Great Spirit Grotto should be interested in it.

"... I'm worried about a lot of things, but first we need to make reconnaissance a priority."

"Right. I'm just a little nervous about letting Mr. Alchem go through the woods..."

"Master, Sister Chun. I'll follow you."

"I'm coming, too. I originally put you on board because that's what I'm here for."

I'd like to ask you a lot of questions, but first solve the immediate problem. Burst comes up with an offer to Spring Vegetables and Mio that follows the suggestion of such a macro, slightly forcing him to switch the mood he is about to be attracted to splendid fur.

One nod to that offer, Higashi enters into other consultations that decide what to do other than Mio and Alchem. Because of the atmosphere, the tone, and most importantly, the element that leaving it alone could destroy my hometown, they trust me about Burst this time.

"Then me and Tatsuya will investigate the outside of the woods."

"Right. If you want to be safe, we can all work in the woods."

"Well, I..."

"Spring vegetables stay, Hiro's help and escort. To be precise, escorts seem more supportive and firepower."

"Yeah, I got it."

Only for more than another year, Hiroshi decides to share roles in no time. Seeing it, he has the look Burst was impressed with under the mask.

From that standpoint, I've seen a variety of teams from the Knights, not just adventurers, including academics, court magicians, and assassin guilds, but it wasn't surprising that there were so many teams that could decide on a smooth division of roles so far when dealing with these kinds of anomalies.

And a team like this is strong without exception and not easily damaged. To be honest, Burst thought from his usual behavior and other things when it comes to the Azma Workshop, as an adventurer, they were just people pushing off with tools at their disposal, backed by extreme technical and productive skills. Recognize that the evaluation is clearly incorrect and fix what is in you.

All right, let's go to crisp.

"In the meantime, we'll be working on it for an hour or so, so we can gather around the corner."

Copy that.

A line descending from a ship that is a safe area to decide what to decide and move on to action. There was no such thing as loose air.

Meanwhile, around that time.

"I've been waiting for you"

"I'm sorry. Take care of him."

"I can help the true ancestors of vampires, their oldest survivors today. I've never been more proud of you as a Daljan witch."

"I'd appreciate it if you could say that."

In Loufeus' workshop, Hendrick was joining Sasha to use the Great Library.

"Well, I appreciate having access to the Great Library, but it hurts that Angelica's not here"

"Hidden, is it?

"Hmm. For once, the people of the land were intercultural, so they left no one behind and left them with the people of the earth. Honestly, it's not like I can keep it too long."

"Then it's a library, so you can use your worst lending hand."

Hendrick looks surprised at Sasha's suggestion. Even though books are no longer as valuable as they are for a while, what the big library houses is still predominantly scarce and luxurious. Depending on the object, it is the only book that exists, such as a book, and I don't even think it can be lent out so easily.

Most of the books that are no longer available seem to have finished their copies, but there are not many of them either. If you lend it to the detour and it's damaged, you can't take it back.

Hendrick, who is just old and meticulously sensitive around it, thought Sasha's offer was surprising because of his sensitivity.

"Lending and all, are you okay? There is no guarantee that Noh will give it back properly, and the books we keep in the big library in the first place are not the main ones that are not suitable for borrowing?

"Because it's only Master Hendrick, that means. Besides, books published in some large quantities in print, which are not scarce, are normally lent after depositing a guarantee fee."

"Hmm. It's not something unusual in the world..."

Hendrick listens to Sasha's explanation and feels smug about the change in phase.

In the first place, Hendrick knows that the outside world has a low literacy rate even in urban areas. Consequently, few humans themselves used the library before lending the book. Because of the low literacy rate, the number of books written in a year was low, and it was hard to just store enough books that libraries could call them libraries.

That is now issued in large quantities (albeit in small quantities not comparable to the developed countries of the planet) due to printing technology, which the general public normally reads to their hands and gets lent from the library. It is still an incredible change from Hendrick, who knows the old days, even though it is a Loufeus-specific circumstance in which there is a large library.

"Well, if that's the case, why don't we just pay the bond?

"No need"

"Hmm? Didn't we just talk about that kind of system?

"Master Hendrick is an introduction from Master Aeris. Besides, there are no more identity guarantors: the Azma Workshop, and most importantly, the true ancestors who lived thousands of years. There should be no rough handling of the book, or not returning it as borrowed."

"Even if you're going to give it back, there's a chance you won't be able to give it back because of an accident or incident?

"At that time, that book must have been destined to be lost there."

In response to Hendrick's question, Sasha answers clearly in the words Darjan is likely to say.

It's not just books, any of them are gone. A book simply means that a copy has a long life span, and when it is lost, it is lost.

When a Darjan witch is in a position, it makes her feel painfully real. I can't help but mention books that have not been properly managed and have been devoured by paper fish, and have been lost because they can no longer be restored. That number jumps more if you include accidental accidents, war fires, burning books for evidence obliteration, etc.

"Well, even if we're talking like this, there's no kiri. Let's head to the Great Library. Even so, it's not that far from this workshop."

"Uhm. Please"

Apparently, he convinced himself of Sasha's words a lot. Hendrick honestly asks Sasha to guide him to the Great Library.


"As soon as I went outside, I smelled really appetizing..."

"With that said, it was time for the opening hours of the Azma Dining Room"

"Hmm. Is the dining room open at lunch?"

It just overlaps with the timing of the opening of the next Azma dining hall, and it will no longer go with guidance.

"... right. Do you want to finish your meal here?

"Do you mind?

"Yeah. It's just the difference between being a big library cafeteria or being here."

In the end, it was Hendrick making a stopover for rice, as if Honda had taken over.