"Mr. Burst was exposed to Wyburn!?

"Again, under what circumstances did we talk like that..."

Leaving Alchem and Cecilia in the woods that there was work to do separately, waiting for Hiroshi, who had recovered the unicorn's remains and returned, was a report from which he did not know where to go.

"In the first place, why did you attack the Wyburn herd?

"Perhaps the crookedness of the cult"

Rainey answers the macro question forcefully as she shows the heads of her best balls and thoughtful demonic monsters. As it is, explain to Higashi what happened and under what circumstances the burst was taken in as much detail as possible.

"... well, it seems like they wandered around in the woods too, so it's not funny that they're going to take any action."

"I just don't know why, by now, that was also a very unnatural Wyburn, what..."

"I don't know what happened to them."

Hiroshi crisps out the words of Spring Vegetables, who tried to explore the principles of action of the cult. Even now, why do you have to do things like this at this time? I can't help but think about it this time.

"But if we don't find out, we don't know where Mr. Burst was taken..."

"Even if you figure that out, maybe you won't make it to your perverted brother's rescue. Too much time has passed since they took me away"

Macro pokes a harsh reality at Spring Vegetables, who seemingly were looking to go help Burst plainly. The probability of survival and survival times vary depending on the reason for taking the burst away, but the point of being ultimately baited remains unchanged.

At best, if we take him away for food for the winter season, there is a chance that Burst's power will allow him to survive.

Above all, Wyburn has a wide range of actions. I don't know where the Evil Gods called from, but I'm pretty sure there's only a fair distance from this base camp, no matter where the residence is. Assuming we could identify where it came from, it's hard to find bursts from the countless Wyburn nests there in many ways.

In most cases, more than those negative elements, the lack of any particular positive reason to help bursts would be the reason why the opinion to rescue them other than spring vegetables would not thrive.

"Even so, if it's possible, we have to do something about it..."

"Sister Chun, sister Chun"


"I don't think that pervert in that hand is going to die as close to being eaten by Wyburn"

"No, no, no, no! Because you die normally!

Spring vegetables rush into thin words in the midst of Mio. The moment Mio gets that penetration, Rainey and Josette, who were thinking the same thing, look away softly. Tatsuya and Makoto also smile small and bitterly when they were thinking about being close.

Even the irredeemable perverts can't help but wonder how they've stuck to the attitude of Spring Vegetables, which puts their lives first.

And as a personal representative there, Marya pinches her mouth.

"Mr. Harna, as a matter of reality, I think it's hard for us to find your brother and help. If you can help, I'd like to."

"I know. I know, but at least just consider if there's any way..."

"As your brother's body, let me dare say. In the case of your brother, it is better to trust him and move on to other matters of high priority than we move poorly, without interrupting. I think so ~"

Spring vegetables shut their mouths to the irresistible opinion of the words in their bodies. The conclusion is the same, but it was a backwards reason for something like that because other humans don't feel the need to do it because it's too late, whereas Marya's opinion is based on a certain line of trust in Burst.

When people tell me not to get my hands on it for that reason, Spring Vegetables who just don't like to die facial acquaintance for the reason they want to go help, can hardly claim rescue.

Besides, there are a lot of things that Honda needs to move and that only Honda is likely to be able to solve, and at best we can't afford to narrow down Wyburn's whereabouts in the direction it flew.

"... I get it. I just want to make sure that if anything happens to you about Mr. Burst, you can move quickly, okay?

"Of course not. No matter how perverted or perverted you are, you're the one who got help. There's something I can do, and I'm not sleeping well."

Hiroshi accepts requests for spring vegetables with pleasure. I just don't feel like being aggressive, and if I want you to be safe and I can help you, I want to help you, it's the same thing.

As a feeling, would it be close to praying for the safety of the Japanese involved in the incident abroad? The difference between Hiroshi and Spring Vegetables is that, if Hiroshi says so, he feels the same as the majority of Japanese, so to speak, that if he was working in support where he could see it, Spring Vegetables is the type of person who actively looks from himself for effective types of signing campaigns, fundraising, soliciting relief supplies, etc. to cooperate, and in some cases also participate in volunteer activities that go directly to support him.

Tatsuya feels the same or slightly cooled down as Hiroshi, and Shinqin has a tough opinion on cases where she thinks she is classified as weak because she is the type who cooperates with her. Exactly, such a far-fetched person should die, no one thinks about it, but it all feels unconditional and sympathetic to the victim, not so.

Most of all, Spring Vegetables was focused on rescuing Bursts in a strong way, considering the feelings of Marya and Seamlit in one way or another. Even though it's just spring vegetables, I'm not willing to move aggressively from one to ten until it involves my buddies, just for the perversion of spicy plus or minus zero when my liking goes hand in hand. I was considering if I could do something about it because I didn't want to see some favored acquaintance grieve.

Regardless, if you can rescue me, I'll rescue you, and I'm not the person you hate enough to want you to die otherwise. I want you to be safe for this reason, but then when I say how it would have been if you hadn't been face-to-face with Marya and Seamlit, perhaps I would have asked Rainey or Tian and the others to investigate at the time the Macro decided there was nothing I could do about it, and it would have been behind me to make my own move.

It is interesting to note that, thanks to Marya's embarrassment of spring vegetables, it turned out to be the same as in the case of how it would have been if only bursts.

"So, there's a pile of things to do, but which one do you give priority to?

"I don't know. In order and urgency, Pegasus or Griffon. I hear Carbuncle's close to the border with Waldis, so it might be too late if it's bad, and it's a little risky for us foreigners to move even if we don't."

"Hmm, if it's possible it's not too late, shouldn't we do it that way?

"That's what's bothering me."

In the meantime, we will put the burst behind us and meet up with future policies in the form of answers to True Qin's questions.

The revival of Xanaphel, the underworld god, the manufacture of the highest ranking production equipment, including the Spiritual Emperor loom, the production of artifact class equipment and consumables for the divine liquor class, and the strengthening of the refuge places are some of the priority tasks to be given, but at the moment, naturally, the investigation and resolution of the anomalies of the phantom beasts will be a top priority. Because Marcto has publicly asked me to come to the point where the anomaly will not be removed for the price.

The question is where to start, even if it's the top priority. As for unicorns, even if we have to leave the rest to the flow of time, there are still three more places left. Like Unicorn, the three remaining locations have not been able to investigate exactly what went wrong with the first team, and we cannot determine what is happening if we go on the ground.

Geographic factors also overlap there, making it very difficult to make policy decisions.

"As far as I'm concerned, Pegasus seems to be working with Unicorn, so I think I can leave it to you for once."

"I guess so. In fact, even the Buddhist unicorn scriptures seem to work, so it seems to be okay to ask for some."

"So, the erasure method, Griffon?

"Oh, yeah."

Spring Vegetables confirms what Hiroshi decided based on Tatsuya's opinion, just in case. Nobody in particular seems to disagree with that conclusion, so I'm going to decide to resolve Griffon's anomaly first.

There, Alchem and Cecilia, who have been running errands in the woods, return and speak to the Honda.

Mr. Hiroshi, this is a message from Mr. Alanwen.


"Carbuncle and Griffon have the same roots, so give priority to Carbuncle, which is the main cause. And then the unicorn forest was removed, and the Pegasus mutation stopped, and after that, if we reprocess it, maybe time will fix it."

"I see. Did the unicorn forest and pegasus herd do the same lineage when it comes to ground veins?"

"Looks like it. Especially with the thick, unbranched bottle connected to the central point, and from there, the perverted energy poured into the herd, accumulating all over the ground, and with a little time lag, driving the Pegasus and the others crazy."

Aranwen's announcement and his own investigation at the end, Alchem tells Higashi. Listen to the story and confirm that you are curious.

"Is the pegasus herd fabric actually close from here?

"It's not close, but they say it's about a day on the feet of a unicorn because if you go through the woods, you can bypass some difficulties. Unicorns can run all the time when traveling through the woods, and the speed of running long distances is very much the same as golem carriages, and the speed of running in the woods and flat spaces is no different."

"I see. It doesn't take that long to get out of the sky."

Based on that information, Higashi grasps the general positional relationship. In fact, the distance from the Alphato to the pegasus herd is due to the fact that there are many places where you can bypass that way or where you need to proceed cautiously where you can't get speed. Given the linear distance, the required dates are shortened to about half.

An empty journey would make it there in less than an hour. When Wyburn comes out, it needs to travel quite a bit further from there.

"Whatever it is, it's all settled, we assign a team of investigators, we move."

"Right. Just give me one day to reconstitute the investigation team and prepare the report"

"Panic, but yes."

Accept Tian's offer, the head of the investigation team, with a bitter smile from Hiroshi. Even for Hongdae, we need time to see where the Carbuncle herd is and build piles of holy silver just in case, and before that, Hongdae has consumed tons of energy earlier.

If you think about those things, you should definitely allocate one or two days a day for rest and preparation.

"In the meantime, we'll contact your family about the burst."

"Please. Honestly, look at the crime scene. I don't know how to explain it."

"I'll take care of it. Whatever that existence must be, it is an event that has contributed to resolving the case. The end is what we should do, who is in charge."

That's what Josette says about Burst, in a mistake with Tian, who started restructuring the investigation team. With that offer, Honda will be free for now.

"I am truly sorry for this incident."

'If only the awkward had a closer look...'

'It is not your sole responsibility.' Cause I put in a chase with an awkward man to make sure I shoot him down on your Lord's ass horse. '

"I can't help it in that situation. That pervert was just unlucky. No, maybe it was more because of the bad conduct of the day."

Rainey comforts the unicorns, who are holding a reflection in some serious way, like that. In her case, she doesn't have any sense that she couldn't talk about people a while ago.

"In the meantime, let's go back to the village"

"Let it go. Even when I'm mostly back, I only recover about 30% of what I still use."

"Rather, I'm surprised you're already recovering 30%..."

Spring vegetables that round their eyes to the same macro's unusual ability to recover, but with a slightly more considerate gaze. In terms of the expected resilience of the macro, perhaps the energy he used, both magic and stamina, ranges from 30% to 40% of the largest.

This consumption is just about the line where the penalty due to the consumption occurs or not. Once a penalty occurs, it doesn't resolve unless you force yourself to get fit or be sure to take a break with stronger medications.

Since the intrusion is the lightest penalty, there's nothing so problematic about ignoring it otherwise. But since the situation is the situation, it is important to rest and stay fit.

Before that, spring vegetables, with or without penalties, do not worry about the body of the macro. Even if there is no correction by one-sided filters, they usually use the amount of energy they should worry about.

"In the meantime, let's just go home and rest. Especially if Hiroshi hasn't taken a big break, he'll be shoved down by worried, worried spring vegetables, right?

"Sora noise. You want to pull it up early?"

"I think it's terrible to say noise..."

With that said, he was a master who completely changed his mood from something about bursts and returned to rest his body.

"The Unicorn Forest, failed. The Lord's shards fell into the hands of the Azma Workshop"

"Oh my..."

Waldis Domestic Place. In a certain land that was alienated, a group of apparently obedient people were discussing it with a serious face.

"Again, the Azma Workshop..."

"I thought our petition would finally go a long way when I heard that I had found a reaction like that to Marcto's phantom beast flock fabric, a shard of the Lord that I hadn't found in 3,000 years of searching..."

A bunch of people who just seem to be a bunch of monsters from wherever they look in such a mood that the average person would just go crazy to get close and not be able to be a person at the time they step in even one step, spit out the words in a real abomination.

"After all, we should have done whatever it took to get the princess rescued."

"Sure, but it's too late to say it now. Besides, those people weren't in the mood at the time either. The stage devices interrupted me from time to time, and the seventh Waldis erection had just brought me back to life decently. It confuses the eastern part of the continent to hide what those people have been revived and restore their power, corrupting them as they wield destruction and despair. I'm not gonna tell you I forgot how much manpower and energy it took to do this?

"I know you won't even tell me. In the western part of the continent and the central part of the continent, there was no more interference than that. However, however unexpected the consequences may have been, there can be no excuse for others driving one plan after another."

"You can't leave me alone any more. Whatever you do, we have to get rid of them."

As the loss continued, I finally grasped Waldis as I wanted him to, and I rebuilt the situation by confusing the East to a good feel, another great failure. It was the moment when the Azma Workshop finally became a group to be crushed with the highest priority for them, supposedly close to the centre of the cult.

Now, to the extent that the gods of this world couldn't afford it, they couldn't afford it either. If you think about the three western powers that failed greatly as a result of plunging halfway through resources, you can't say that the decision to focus almost all of the resources you can have on Waldis was a mistake first to consolidate the scaffolding.

"What are we discussing crap with the mess?

"Dear Oldia!?

"Are you okay with being moved already!?

"I can't even say it's complete, but you don't need a finger to turn those towns into holy minds."

With a smile on her face, a woman called Oldia answers her men with a voice full of pheromones.

Most importantly, colour is not the only thing a person with a decent sensibility would feel when they hear that voice. A voice that sounds somewhere mesmerizing, yet gives a clear fear to what you hear. A voice that paralyzes thoughts so unclear that the zombie sensation that runs through the spine, either because of its fascination with color or because of its instinctive fear.

He also specializes only in appearances and hanging out with men. A sweet beauty that even seems to remain somewhere young, like the only way to appreciate it that way, and a rich ripe limb that is crisp. A decent look paralyzes a man's survival instincts.

The same goes for Spring Vegetables and Alchem if you just say a slightly crisp limb with a child's face, but no matter how you stand up to them, it's impossible to show such an overwhelming hue and eroticism that just smiles like this Oldia robs a man of his reason.

Unless you're the kind of man who can get in and out of this place and stay sane, there's no way you're going to have to hang out with Oldia. It doesn't matter what your appearance preferences or your sexuality are, you'll fall in no time.

At first glance, it appears to be merely specialized in colour, but it turns out that the human eye, not bewildered by it, has such a lethal combat capability that it does not even reach the foot of a dragon.

Oldia, a top executive of the cult and one of the bellies of the cult. She was also, in essence, destructive.

"So, I've been hearing a little bit about you guys, and you guys are having a really crappy discussion."

"Also, sorry!

"Sure, the Lord's shards have never gone beyond that if you can take them back, but if you waste any cost there, turn them to those who destroy, burn and confuse them somewhere for that matter. It's got to be more powerful than taking back shards."

"Exactly what you said!

Oldia observes her men's frightened appearance with a cold, frightened gaze. Honestly, I don't know what the miscellaneous fish here do, but when these guys fail and the ends drain, the power of the evil gods drains in vain too.

In that sense, it is not good to dispose of these guys on this occasion, even though they are unsuccessful incompetents. If you are going to dispose of the same, it is many times better to use it in a way that runs around somewhere, wields destruction, and drains the faction of stage devices after generating plenty of negative emotions.

"In the meantime, I'll take care of those people named Azma Workshop. You guys, yeah. First, some of you help me figure out what's going on. For now, the rest of them will wage civil war in this Waldis, invade and crush the surrounding states, and focus on increasing holy temper efficiently. In some cases, another country could fall like Waldis."

That's what I'm telling my men, Oldia, trying to get outside. After that, my men follow me.

"Now, when you're done confirming the world situation, first check your information about the Azma Workshop and what you did. There's no way this Oldia could do such an unusual imitation of moving back without knowing the other person."

Even as he dismissed his men as incompetent, Oldia never took a sweet look at the humans and at the Azma Workshop. It was all caused by human hands that the Evil God became disadvantaged and that we were hurt to the point where the belly of the Evil God could not be resurrected inside.

Sometimes humans can become so uncomparable as to be gods, which are stage devices. Oldia knows it painfully well, having fallen asleep in defeat of the battle against the founding king of Farlane.

"Is Octum or Zarvald able to move?

"We have not received any such reports yet"

"Yes. When they wake up, tell them first. If we do this right without our cooperation, it's gonna be two dances to our last defeat."

Oldia flies off to a place that can be called a sanctuary for us, while giving the necessary instructions and organizing the information that is sent into our heads.

For the Evil Gods, an environment was finally being created in which they were likely to be able to demonstrate their original specs.

Two days later.

"Is this the only way to get to the carbuncle herd?


"Are there enough personnel for follow-up?

"We have already made additional arrangements. Besides, Dear tribes, Unicorn himself and Cecilia will be working together, so there's probably no problem."

"Right. Let's get out of here and load it up."

After enough rest and preparation, Honda finally decided to move to the herd of Carbuncle. When the ship is taken out and loading operations have begun, the seamless lite that was somehow deposited with the investigation team will come to Hiroshi.

"There's something about your perverted brother in the unicorn, so I'll be back here after Carbuncle to set up a transfer team."

"Are you sure? Is it important to set up a transfer team?

"Regardless of whether or not we are responsible for the subtle perverted brother, there is no way unicorns are irrelevant. Because of us, they can be crazy in a different way."

"Sutra, I started to say things like that?

"Seya Nen. It seems to have an extrapolating effect, but it's a lot to do again."

I'll tell Seamlit I'm coming back to drop him off. A seamless look, just because that's why. From his point of view, Unicorn still feels sorry about his brother because his perverted brother bothered him.

I don't feel so seriously concerned about it, but I care about it for the amount of time I've dealt with it. How well for such a pervert, and as a brother, I'm really thankful. I'm sorry. It's a complicated mood.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Marya left a bunch of horns with the unicorns yesterday. I've asked you to load it up, so check back later."

"Oh, thank God. Will you thank me instead?

"Okay. It's like a nuisance fee, so I don't think I need anything else."

"Whatever the reason, I'm not happy to have it, so thank you."

Thank you for what you did. Speaking of courtesy of course in a way, I don't think of Hiroshi as the craftsman who runs an up-and-coming super-class workshop that doesn't disappointingly grab and let go of the upper layers of the great powers.

It's called bursting, and I'm starting to get worried that you're going to be okay, and I'm going to drop a bomb that worries me even more about going ahead.

"Yes, yes. Connect the corner transfer team, so you can train a little while you're at work. Hmm? We're a little short on talent to inspire our disciples with blacksmiths."

"... a charming invitation, but can I have a soldier like me?

"Problem ahem, problem ahem. In the first place, the real foray of blacksmiths and the basic blacksmiths are the drunkards of big drinks."

"Okay then. Are you going to tell me this in person?

"No, I can't do it for the time being. However, brother, if you still learn, there are elements to stretch, I want you to teach our disciples there and instead plant the relationship between blacksmithing and refining in them. Once Mr. Kakashi, there are some Orthodox blacksmiths who come from Faure, but he has a little less magic. I'm twice as smart when it comes to using magic to grant from the refining stage."

"That's the same guy who says it's better to work out iron and make something than me, right?

"In fact, Mr. Kakashi is better off in that genre. All the time, my brother's arm is bad, but Kakashi is just crazy."

A seamless lite that hears the explanation of the macro and feels excited to come when there is something you can steal from it all. When I was working in the DUI, I heard a hanging voice saying, "It's not mine!" Even so, artisans still seem to be craftsmen.

"Well, that and this, since Carbuncle and Griffon are over,"

"Right. No, it looks like it's time to finish packing, okay?

"Oh, really. Look, I'm just gonna go. Making a pile, thank you so much. Mr. Kakashi was magical, and the people who trained in Ursus did it out of the question in the first place, so I thought it would suck if Mio and I didn't do it alone."

"If you don't mind, call me anytime."

"If anything happens again, please."

That's what I said, a macro trying to walk away from under Seamlit. There, someone's moving in.


"Mr. Angelica, are you hungry?

"It's an emergency! Give me a hand!!

"An emergency?

"The village we headed for in our intelligence gathering is surrounded by a bunch of humanoid monsters we've never even seen!

The human movement on the spot solidifies in Angelica's cry, which has changed blood phase and metastasized.

A disturbing sign that was hidden from sight. That was what rapidly revealed the appearance.