It's time for the Temple of Iglesios.

"Oh, speaking of which, the lake was untouched."

A few days after the Macro finished forging the core. Mass production of Dragon Skyle is also over, and when I finally take a breather, Hoang declares so.

"Surely there's a pyramid at the bottom of that lake, and Master Zanafel sleeps in it, isn't there?

I don't know what you're talking about, Iglesios.

"Like the resurrection, you think you can do it?

"Depends on the state. However, as far as I can tell, at least it doesn't seem to disappear or anything."

Tatsuya snorts small at Hiroshi's words. Before the stage device or something, even if the gods are little gods, the balance of the world breaks dramatically, even if only one pillar disappears or becomes so weak that it cannot be revived. When an important god like Zanafel is extinguished, this world will be extinguished long ago.

That's what's going on so far, but it's turning around well, so at least it shouldn't be that weak.

"I don't know how long it's gonna take to get to Master Zanafel, but when I get back, the core feels just fine."

"Are we done with this already?

"Core. There are treatments for the land, but don't do it before you install it."

"Are you waiting to hear from His Highness?

"Don't be."

Knowing unexpectedly that the work is in progress, it is time for Tatsuya to feel signs of an end in many ways. Even if you can come and go properly, unlike other members in Tatsuya's case, it is quite subtle to be asked if you will come back here once you have returned over there.

If you go back over there in a way you can come and go, you seem to be going to bring the abilities you acquired here straight to the other side, but Tatsuya is a magic user. Unlike the other four, they don't have so many skills to improve their physical abilities that they are also unlikely to have trouble adding or subtracting incorrectly. At least as of now, we don't have that ridiculous flesh together that can gently grip an unopened steel can with contents like a macro or a true harp.

You won't have to use it in the other life, even when it comes to magic. Unless you get attacked by robbers, such as attack magic, there's no turning up, and all kinds of convenient magic can be adequately covered with goods that can be bought in a hundred yen store. If I were to use it, it would be about healing magic, but that's also too bad in front of me, and that's not when someone gets injured that would be life-threatening, I wouldn't be willing to use it aggressively. As far as metastatic magic is concerned, the risk of a car accident is greater than the risk seen, so it is out of the question.

Given all that I said, unlike the other four, there are few elements that make it difficult to live in Japan. I can't deny the possibility that I won't ever come to this world after returning to Japan because I'm not as stuck in dotsubo as I am in relationships or as much as I am in Hong and Spring Vegetables.

Say what it is, more than a year. Naturally, there is a lot of attachment. Fam and lime have a feeling of being half irreplaceable with their own children, and some of them are lonely when it comes to being completely interrupted. But to tell you the truth, that doesn't make a big difference to my best friend in middle school, who's broken up with me now. Even if you're lonely and concerned about the news, the more you lose your mind when you don't see him, the less so.

In this sense, I feel that Tatsuya's activities in this world are coming to an end.

"Then tomorrow morning at first light is the temple of Iglesios?

"I'm going to. I'll ask Octogall to contact me later."

"I see. Is there anything we need to get ready for?

"Nothing in particular. I'll go to the bottom of the lake with a submarine, and I'll take an enchant for underwater behavior on all my gear, and I won't be able to decide how to revive Master Zanafel."

"Then go to bed early today and start investigating early tomorrow morning."


Tatsuya will shake off a little loneliness that can be said to be too far ahead of anything she feels right now and confirm her plans for the next day. Awareness around it would be a story at least after resurrecting Xanaphel and completing the castle of God.

"Why don't you do me a favor? Yeah?

I'm coming now.

When did Oktogal finally start living normally in the workshop, when he hears the request of Hoang and transfers. I don't seem to ask for special rewards for each request, either because I usually get rice or play with it.

"Well, why don't you take a bath and get some sleep?"


"Come in with me."

"Growth Check ~"

"I'll give it to you."

"No sexual harassment"

Octogals getting pinned by Mio in an attempt to hitch a ride with Spring Vegetables and Mio trying to take a bath. Since the bathroom is taunted directly here and there, there is also a danger around the water on top of not getting all kinds of spills.

For the record, the current Mio is up about two if only cup sizes from the bust size that initially needed a bra. It still doesn't reach the D-cup, but if you put on proper underwear or bend forward, it's usually about the size of a valley you can do without having to force your back or strawberry meat over it.

However, it basically doesn't change the physique that can stop you from being pathological in no time when you start to lose weight and the lean shape that your ribs are going to float and your waist is going to crack forty-eight centimeters when you get alarmed in that condition, so it's about the same as a B cup for an average woman volumetrically because of the underbusting problem, or an A cup if you do poorly. It would be pitiful to have a body shape that cannot be called minus milk, but still looks like a toddler body shape depending on the outfit due to the problems around it.

No malice, but a terrible reason why Octogall wants to be naughty is to tear me up because it's funny to mess with the part where he says so.

It could be an eternal agenda to get into the awesome classification if you take these things off too.

"Look, I'll just check the tools while the women take a bath."

"Well, I'll use the Gino and the Project to prepare for Dragon Skyle's delivery. It'll be a pretty good job because it's 10,000 units, this"

When you have a shabby time, what is the only job you will always be looking for, Hiroshi and Tatsuya with the shadow of a worker holic. As a result of their struggle, the work they found was finished for nothing.

"Where is this loading?

"It's from Dar. Thousands of tons of stone."

"... Whatever it takes to get it down, don't take two days to get it all out of here"

"I guess. Well, we got it later, and we're just gonna get it down and we're gonna get the hell out of here."


Ships from various countries, including the second flight from Dar, continued to arrive in the makeshift ports of northern Marriage.

"And even though it's a makeshift harbor, there's a lot of stalls and stuff."

"If you feel like it, we'll be there in half a day or so from Marriage. It's not like they're paying for a place or anything yet, and I'm sure it's not a bad time to get in."

"Everywhere you say that, you mean there are people out there who want to."

A stall that forests around the dock while leaving a place open to not inhibit the loading and unloading of luggage. It is noticeable that the people and feet who are apparently getting daily money for the pioneering work are eating skewers and other things while waiting for the unloading from the ship to finish.

"Unfortunately, the inn doesn't feel like it can be done at the moment, but thankfully it's all surprisingly delicious when it comes to eating."

"Hmm. But so disappointing, do the rice served taste bad or low in quantity?

"Ainya. As for the meal that you can feed me at work like this, it's impossible. Don't drink too well. It doesn't mean I'm tired of it. It doesn't mean I'm unhappy with the amount. Simply because I have a complaint about rice and I want to eat it is another problem. You remember a lot of things, don't you?

"Well, yeah"

The captain and attendant continue the chat as they watch the work after completing the procedure and giving instructions to unload their luggage. The portions are just for the portions, and it takes a lot of time to unload.

"Then why don't we go all the way to Marriage? Or don't you have time off?

"I usually get the rest of the day off, but it's pretty hard to get to Marriage. It's enough here to have a drink, and it's affordable."

"I see."

"Well, the guy with the guts, he even goes to Marge to buy a woman."

"Well, some people would say that"

While chatting with others, the unloading and unloading of stone ends. Farlane's harbour facilities, albeit temporary, are excellent and can be unloaded as quickly as possible, be it in tons of luggage.

"Well, I'll just set sail, because I can hold on to it later. Bastards, get ready to sail!

Make sure the work is completely done and the captain speaks to the sailors. Carriage carriages loaded with large quantities of stone set off one after the other, so as to match that voice. By the time Dar's ships had departed and the ships coming from Faure had entered the port, more than ten carriages had departed altogether.

"Now, what do you mean," Fore "? Then I hope you keep it loaded around there."

An attendant who takes a look at the status of the baggage unloaded to the port and decides where to unload the next baggage. The iron relationship has just been transported in large quantities yesterday, so there is plenty of space just with some steel loaded.

"Nevertheless, building a castle from scratch would require a lot of material."

"Mm-hmm. I forgot because there hasn't been a new castle or anything like it in the last few decades, but because in some cases the state mentions the aspect as a fortress. I'm sure it's only natural that they should eat surprisingly good ingredients."

"No, no, no. I have trouble thinking of Urs Castle or Stillen Castle as a reference. At least Castle Loufeus wasn't the size to use this kind of material"

At the instruction of the attendant, the unloading of the steel had begun, and at some point a group of several people, of varying gender, age and race, who appeared, told such stories behind the attendant's back. There's nothing in common with gender, age, or race, but it's definitely a group that probably belongs to a considerable upper class because of their physical status and standing behavior.

At least, one of them was seen several times at a festival or something by an attendant from Ursus, because he's the greatest person in Farlane that should be.

"Nevertheless, when it comes to carrying out all this material, the carriage alone will be hard. What about that place there?

A woman who, supposedly Dar, feels slightly toe standing wielding a strangely ripe colored incense suddenly asks the attendant that. An attendant who thinks about how to answer as calmly as possible, sweating cold into that troublesome situation.

In fact, the woman's point is indeed correct. The wagon used is specially made by Lauren, and as a wagon, I can carry out ten tons of broken materials at a time. The number of units is also too accommodating if it is normal to have about fifty units, but it is in the hundreds to thousand tons that they are transported at a time. To be honest, it's not enough at all.

Wherever you try, the carriage is a carriage, and the maximum speed is 25 kilometers an hour. The problem of hauling distances exceeding thirty kilometres makes it impossible to make one round trip in two hours. Loading and unloading are involved there, so the amount of one carriage can carry is fifty tons in two days, and a thousand two hundred to one thousand three hundred tons a day is the limit of the amount of carriage, as having put all the carriages into full operation.

Regardless, that calculation can only be established on the assumption that horses and humans will be used in full. Even if a horse is far more resistant to cargo handling than an Earth horse and the human being doing this hand job is far tougher than an Earthling, it is not something that can be worked so continuously and so on. I haven't made it that wide on the road, and it's not enough to let a bunch of cars run at once. Given them, working efficiency would be limited to about thirty percent of the theoretical maximum.

Moreover, even though a carrier can normally be pulled with two regular horses even if it is loaded with ten tons, it does not have zero weight. It is a vehicle with luxuriously weight-loss enchantments, but still heavy to the extent that it is almost impossible for a person to push that it is the maximum load.

If there are dozens of those going back and forth a day, there's no way there's a current road that's not even paved properly. Currently, morning and evening time is allocated to the task of filling in, and a significant number of people are put in there.

I also thought about using stone to pave the road earlier, because the stone brought in with Dar's manpower and feet was not suitable for paving the road due to size problems, and also because the part where I said how to treat the road to the land I had pioneered was vague, for now it was to proceed in its current state, which could be easily modified and maintained adequately by man-made sea tactics.

If there was a miscalculation, it would have been stable here if the sea route had done it, and the material would have arrived very fast and could not be transported in time. If we had come here as expected, we wouldn't have had this much to drink.

"Right. Sure, the carriage alone is tough. But installing a transfer gate from here is also a little inefficient."

"I guess so"

"Just about as far away as the cost of startup jumps. If you put the gate in a position where the cost is considered, this time it will be cumbersome to manage it halfway from the port and from the pioneering land. Difficult story."

A large old man and a darling woman who seems to be a Fauret who agrees with the attendant's explanation. Given the distance, management becomes a little cumbersome, as women say, because no matter how they divide it, they are at least one kilometer or two away from the pioneering areas and harbours.

"Do you want them to carry the materials?

"Ultimately, that's okay, but there's not enough room in this port to stack up the material by then. Even if we build an extra fine harbor before we can even anticipate future demand, we can't sustain it."

"If we're going to make a city in earnest after their work, won't we have the same problem again then? Then the concubine thinks we should just cut it off from the beginning and expand the harbor in that direction and build the road."

"In the end, it's only a matter of somewhat less carrying capacity."

Even while the great men argue, for example, the stone is carried out one after the other, and the steel is unloaded from the ship one after another. In the end, what is the conclusion that came to….

"Well, in the future, there will probably be so much material gathered so far in a short time. As for the rest, I just want to do something about it now and then expand it in line with demand and city design."

"Right. This is not the only time we've mobilized a fast ship for the transport of materials, and the state of the ocean will always be good."

"Besides, it's not just for this period that Nong and the others prioritize turning materials."

Maintaining the status quo was not going to solve anything.

"Whatever it takes, we'll need to start designing the city early and move forward on a decent path. It's a corner, and I want Lauren to lend her wisdom about industry and other things based on the characteristics of the land."

"Oh. Let's talk to the Dean of the Academy and send scholars soon. But in that case, there seems to be some kind of abdominal proposal..."

"Sure, there isn't. There are a few crops that come to mind. However, there is no guarantee that it will work because it is still being tested and cultivated in Ursus."

"Around there, you can talk to the scholars you're sending"


The great men come to their own conclusions as they watch the materials being brought out. He was a pathetic attendant who had no choice but to keep an eye on these people as soon as they returned.

"You've come a long way!

As soon as Honda entered the main temple of the temple of Iglesios, Iglesios, who was waiting, gave a warm welcome along with a hot and painful pose.

"Now Xanaphel can be resurrected!!

"There's no way I can turn it around right now."

"Still, we make more progress than ever before we couldn't even reach out!!

I smile bitterly at Igleos, who is somewhat excited, and go into organizing what needs to be done first. There is one issue that needs to be checked, but one of particular priority.

"I left the first aid alone for a long time, but then there were no shards of the evil god in the treasure hall?

"We are losing a lot of power. You just said," Push one more time. "

"Come on. Well, it sounds like we should do something about that first."

Confirming about the shards of the Evil God that I had previously left behind in the first aid because I didn't have time, those words come back light. A macro with a subtle expression on the word for a moment, then dividing it if that's okay.

"Hey, let's stop it for a second."

"Um, please. Not that I can do it, but I'm afraid I'll be weak enough to keep Xanaphel down."

A line that nods at Igleos' words and moves to the Treasure Palace first. Some of the treasure halls, which were properly organized over time after that, were in a slightly different state.

"Again, I can't tell you anything..."

"By the time I heard about first aid, I had generally predicted it, but I couldn't stand it..."

"All the time, it's supposed to be a recording, but it's more powerful than before?

The center of the treasure hall, a shard of the Evil God resting on a cloth with a surprising spell sewn in. Double junctions are stretched to cover it pointy with a very disgusting feeling, and multiple surgical ceremonies that enhance and amplify the sacred attributes fill the junction. General Young Menstrual Gospel sounds good in that space.

Even just the sound that should be considerably diminishing the power leaked from the junction will probably purify the intermediate undead about Ghoul or Wight in an instant. No matter how much it is amplified into bees by the power of Igleos, it is not a power that can be put out by the general menstrual gospel of the recording. At least, it's impossible with spring vegetables when I was in Fore.

"I don't want to complain because it was a first aid, even when I was in Fore, but I wonder what my singing is..."

"Sister Chun, don't think deeply!

"Yes, yes! Because values are simply the opposite!!

Mio and Makoto desperately encourage spring vegetables that are likely to enter the downer state for the handling and nature of their songs. By now, we won't be willing to take a temporary bad ride just because we know we're going to react the same way.

Perhaps the same reason why Hiroshi looked so subtle to Iglesios' words earlier. I still have that subtle look on my face, like I'm in trouble that I'm sorry for.

A song that ascends the undead and pays for the filth of the earth. Why would it be an unfortunate impression as soon as you write that the content of it is general menstrual gospel, that the treatment is a weapon for anti-undead and evil god officials, and that undead and evil god monsters even suffer when they hear it?

In any case, there is also the aspect of the result of the bad rides of spring vegetables that caused the burns with regard to the current situation, so I cannot say that I deserve some kind of it.

"Well, for now, ya. Spring vegetables, he said he wanted to go into the junction and really sing as much as he did in the other village."

"... yeah"

Spring vegetables that kick out all sorts of unexplained thoughts with one sigh, switching feelings with a deep breath and nodding. Get in the inside of the junction with your guitar and stand in front of the microphone that the macro prepared for you.

Close your eyes once and lightly temper yourself. Open your closed eyes and gently send your gaze to the macro.

A gazed macro stops the playback of the general menstrual gospel, sounding a genuine singing voice at the same time as the sound aftertaste disappears.

"... Wow..."

A real raw song about spring vegetables. Before the sacred and overwhelming energy it possessed, there was not a single shard of the Evil God.

The colour bleaches at the same time as the first sound, cracks enter the surface with five sounds, collapses with ten sounds and is purified with twenty sounds without leaving a trace.

Spring vegetables whose abilities had grown unknowingly. If it wasn't named like a macro, there was no such thing as human separation at first glance, but she was also in a state where it was not strange when she became called God without realizing it.

"... Aren't Spring Vegetables Enough for the Evil God Opponent?

I don't know what to do.

Macho raises his scepticism about Makoto's thoughts on hearing the song to the end.

Sure, there's something overwhelming about the Spring Vegetable song right now. Perhaps we will not be able to resist anything with half-breed negative energy.

But still, the spring vegetables have not yet, physically, exceeded the range of organisms. If you're not even someone you can purify in an instant like this one, you could be killed in a counterattack before you finish singing. Besides, this is the result of exposure to a song for a few months and weakening it. Essentially, the evil god body that is rapidly regaining its power on Waldis will undoubtedly not have a dramatic impact to this point.

"In the meantime, don't be afraid to push just one risk if you actually did enough on your own, Mr. Haruna"

"Well, I am,"

Spring vegetables take a deep breath over and over and cool down and come out of the junction while Hiroshi and Makoto talk about their subtle irresponsibility.

"Maybe that's it..."

"Let it go. The fragments that were here will no doubt disappear completely."

"Then report it to Master Igleos, and the lake will be next."


Spring vegetables that just didn't listen to the conversation between Hiroshi and Makoto and, for now, urge them to move on to their next action while scooping the received throat candy. I don't know what to say, but pieces of evil gods and such are merely extras.

"I was watching, so I don't need to report it."

"Is that it? When, Master Igleos?

"He came here in the middle of the song to see how things were going. By the time he arrived, the shards of the Evil God had already disappeared without skin."

Mio is voiced by Igleos, who never realized he existed before today, and shows a subtle rush. There are various problems given her standing, such as not noticing God showing so much obnoxiousness and presence.

"It's all that song. Being belonging to God is so close in nature that it is so hard to sense because of the energy of the song."

"That kind of thing?

"Hmm. That's what it is"

Igleos explains such a fact so as to shelter Mio, who showed no strange lapse when he was said to disqualify him as an opponent.

In fact, the sacrifices performed by divine songs and divine dances are of a nature that integrates the human being on the spot with the god who is worshipped. Because of its nature, it is not uncommon for God to become too familiar with the air of the field and, in some cases, not know when it appeared.

"Whatever it is, the problem on this occasion is cleared up. I want you to take a look at Xanaphel."

"Okay. I'll be right there."

"Hmm. I asked for it."

A line prompted by Igleos to leave the treasure hall and move to the lake.

"Here, let the submarine out."


A submarine with a drill that appears neglected in a desert lake. The submarine dived quietly into the lake without anyone penetrating its tremendous discomfort.

"Nevertheless, when I saw it from the temple, I thought it was a big lake."

"Mm-hmm. Maybe we can compete with Lake Roudell"

"It won't take long, but definitely a couple of Ursus soaks in."

Called the lake of the Temple of Iglesios and without the unique noun I said this, that lake was so large that it did not seem to be located in the middle of the desert.

"Still, you don't have much fish or anything for the big one"

"It's either because it's a desert or because it's a sanctuary," he said.

"It could be the influence of evil gods."

Makoto and Tatsuya say such considerations with a strange look on their faces that little fish shadow is hooked on the fishfinder radar. This is all the lake, so normally there should be enough fish for fishermen to live in. Yet the number of fish caught so far is hundreds at best. It was quite a size, but not the insane size characteristic of fantasy, only the number and size that would seem to be exhaustive if you were in a herd, just putting in a net once.

Just to be clear, fish density is a good place for skulls. As far as the state of the lake bottom shown on the monitor is concerned, there are not that many aquatic plants, shellfish, etc. I can't say for sure that the whole lake is in this state because it hasn't gone half way yet, but it is a situation that can only be described as unusual no matter how understated.

A creature is a strange thing, and if there are no water quality or other problems in a water field that has never existed before, at some point aquatic plants will grow, shellfish and fish will inhabit and often establish ecosystems. Furthermore, if water is available at least, it is the organism that adapts itself to the slightly harsh environment and the offspring thrive.

Yet there are few creatures. It is also inhabited by a few rather than none. Less so far would be more natural to be a lake of death where no creature lives at all. Essentially, if you insist, given the so-called quality of water with creatures and not surprising, the water temperature and oxygen concentration at which seafood can normally survive even if it is not fantastic, which is extremely unnatural to drink to the extent that it is lightly filtered and boiled just in case.

This state of affairs is strange if for no reason.

"Well, the reason around it, I don't even have to think about it right now. We need to find the underwater pyramid we're looking for first."

Hiroshi says as he takes his path towards roughly the middle. The market is determined that the unnatural situation of this hand involves God or something fantastic in that hand. For once, it's Igleos' knee, so it's not a fatal reason for Higashi.

"I wonder where it is around here?

"Well, if you do what the market says, it's roughly around the middle."

A macro that lightly increases speed while appropriately answering spring vegetable questions. There are few fish and aquatic plants, but less irregularities at the bottom of the lake than that. It's a very shipwreckable lake with almost no elements to collide with, nothing to mark the current location. Given the size, you will probably get lost even as you travel by boat on the lake.

At least, within sight of the Temple of Iglesios, there were no islands, rocks, etc. that could be marked.

"Still, you really don't have many creatures"

"Plankton concentrations are pretty thin."

"Less plankton means less food, right?"

"You will. I don't know, I kind of figured it out. Overall, life activity is tremendously slow, breeding and so on. Here, don't be completely intentionally controlled."

Suddenly, in the form of a gavel on spring vegetables, I say something abruptly horrible. A little on the content of the word, everyone's gaze concentrates on the macro.

"Master, what do you mean?

"Well, it's a big story. There's a cell division of bacteria that's stuck inside you right after you go in. It's almost over."

With that said, I will display numerical data to Mio so he can see it. That data showed little progress in cell division, which had already ended more than half a dozen minutes ago.

The question that even bacteria are organisms with rather huge cells is completely denied because the data specifies that they are the size of common bacteria. Before that, if you have huge, complex cells that take hours from the beginning to the end of division at the rate of division of common bacteria, you can probably see them with the naked eye if you have Mio's vision.

"From the feel of it, the diet and reproduction and so on go very slowly around it, and the number of organisms grows inside and out. Is it because of your powers that you can control this kind of thing, Master Alfemina?

"... I assure you that God did it."

"I can't do it with a human being, and if the Evil God fragment did it, then I'm too uncomfortable. God is involved in the establishment process, so be God's work and judgment all the time with the erasure method."

"I see."

Spring vegetables give a convincing voice to the discussion of the macro. The other three seem to have no particular objection.

"I was just wondering. I'm not familiar with God's powers, but did Alfemina have life-threatening powers?

"God, who belongs to the five great gods and is responsible for the four major attributes, the five lines, and the attributes involved in the gossip, should probably also have power over life if they are by strength or weakness."

"Hong-kun is right, God, with his attributes around him, has some power over life. On the contrary, there is no god in charge of life alone."

Hongqin and Spring Vegetables answer the question of Zhenqin. The contents around here are the last thing I found out in the Great Library's forbidden library with information pressed against me by a dominant individual. However, there was a personal difference between the information obtained at that time and the content involved in the gods was hardly obtained except for Hong and Spring Vegetables.

Perhaps it will be the result of a focused push for information on the Macro and Spring Vegetables, which are likely to become gods with various powers as well as combat.

"I just don't know what it's all about, even if I can think about it all the time."

"In the meantime, why don't we just ask Master Igleos in person later?

"Let it go. I don't know if she'll tell me the exact truth."

While nodding at Tatsuya's words, Igleos' own characteristic nature and the rules of the gods, the ambition to question whether information can be obtained from Igleos on both sides' issues. While we were talking about that, there was a change in topographical information from various sensors.

"Looks like there's something like that."

A macro that discovers a cone-shaped building in a position with too much range of detection and tells its members that as it points its way there. The map is then enlarged to make it easier to understand even from the back seat.

"Hey, Hiroshi. Where are you now?

"I don't know if I can see the point from the sky by floating at the top, but if I think about the speed of travel or something, will it be around the middle?

"Does the middle mean that the land feels invisible either way?

"Maybe I can't see it. Five kilometers, ten kilometers."

"That's a bit of a hassle, isn't it?"

Where the destination is visible, the spring vegetables confirm the positional relationship. While I'm doing that, I get close to the pyramid until I can see it on the front camera.

"It feels like I saw it from this side, and it looks like the entrance is awesome. Just checking.... I feel like I've seen it, and the entrance is very easy to understand. Well, there's a temple for Lady Raifia, and if you do it without water penetration, why don't you make an entrance into the water?"

"Master, how do you get in?

"If it wasn't for the entrance, I'd go from the ground."

Spring vegetables suddenly open their mouths as they examine suspicious places in the near field, saying, etc.

"Hong-kun, turn left about thirty degrees, go about thirty meters."

"What happened?

"I said there was, I said I saw..."

Unexpectedly turning to those strange words, the macro ends as it is.

That should be it, too. The blue eyes of spring vegetables dwelt in a strange glow.

No, if you look closely, the eyes aren't the only ones that host a strange glow. Its golden hair and white skin are glowing. To the extent that you can't tell from a glance at it, it's probably just the macro you're noticing.

But if you realize it, you can't ignore it. The atmosphere that spring vegetables have today is very similar to that of Aeris when the alfemina is descending.

"What's going on? Is there something on my face?

"Something, all the time..."

Regardless of the atmosphere, words and deeds are obviously the usual spring vegetables. A macro who switches his head to be fair while being subtly confused by the way it is. Even if you don't think about it, Spring Vegetables sometimes end up in this state. When it comes to mystical elements, Spring Vegetables looks much more like it than the Macho, who is said to have become God no longer.

Is it too much to say that the mystical and mystical inherent regrets that can be treated as radio waves if you make a mistake also best match the personality of spring vegetables that show regret in strange places?

"Well yeah. Thirty degrees to the left, maybe thirty meters?


In the meantime, he breaks it off that would be the case, and Hiroshi stops thinking deeply and follows the instructions and moves the ship.

A series of these about the Evil God shards and Xanaphel in this Temple of Iglesios treasure trove. That is the moment when the changes that are taking place in Spring Vegetables are clearly on the table for the first time, and it will also greatly affect her choices later, but it will be quite a while before the Macho learns about them.

Even if, at this point, Hongda noticed a change in spring vegetables, there was probably nothing she could do. Because this change in itself was something that Spring Vegetables unconsciously wanted, and it didn't stop where they wanted to if they weren't willing to stop it in person.

"Shake it forty-five degrees to the right from there and dig a little where it went about five meters"

"Yes. Around here."

Three people, Tatsuya, Makoto and Mio, finally notice how spring vegetables look when Hiroshi starts digging the ground. But I won't say anything in particular because it's not the same as when the atmosphere is bogged down or angry.

There were many times when spring vegetables became the god-suspended state of this hand, including when they wore over-accelerate in Urs' forbidden library, when Judith inherited Elsa's witch, and when she gave her sutra to Unicorn. Not to mention that none of the three of us are ubers enough to get into a penetration about this.

If Tatsuya or Makoto had noticed the strangeness of Spring Vegetables at this time, he would have put some penetration in it. But sad, neither Tatsuya nor Makoto feels as sharp as Hiroshi. Even the Macro is so different that he can finally notice the current spring vegetables from the front. It is impossible for seniors inferior in feel to understand it simply from the side.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You got a big cavity."

"Do you think you can get in on the submarine?


In the end, the change in spring vegetables went deep and quiet, but greatly, without being deeply conscious of anyone, including himself.

"Something like this, the premise that we're coming, the kind of structure..."

He surfaced where he believed to be directly beneath the pyramid, and descended from the submarine, saying that the Macho was pompous with questionable words.

"That's just what I'm trying to say..."

"You can't deny it or affirm it..."

To Hiroshi's words, Tatsuya and Makoto also say what they think with their frowns whispered. A submarine of considerable size had holes in its passage that could normally pass through. Something is wrong with you if you don't think it's strange.

"Nobody's in trouble, even if it was otherwise"

"I certainly don't have a problem with that."

"That's what God is, but if you knew we were coming at the pyramid-making stage, you wouldn't have been able to handle it any more..."

I agree with Mio with his reluctant face to reach an opinion without a body or a lid, and complain even though I know it's just futile for Makoto to say so on top of it. Though there is no reason for God to think about human convenience, if he knows he's coming, he won't be able to help at least a little more.

"... maybe it wasn't a premise that we were coming."

"What does that mean, spring vegetables?

Spring vegetables say no to Tatsuya and the others' suspicions. Maybe I'm concerned about the strangely confident attitude, and Tatsuya asks the question.

"Before we talk about it, first of all, I want you to recognize the condition that God other than Alfemina may not have the ability to travel through time, and that the past and future are as uncertain as they are from the present."

"... what do you mean?

"It's a bit of a tricky explanation, but even if I say time travel, the future I've seen from the present is all branched out, and there are all kinds of routes in the past that are connected to the present, right? For example, if you say it in a very low-impact part, the pattern that Elle ate yesterday and the pattern that she ate otherwise, both lead to the timeline that we are now in, and even after this, even after what we or Elle eat, it branches out quite a bit."

"Well, sure you will. It has little effect."

"Yeah. With the current pattern, history basically has almost no impact from the point of view. But let's just say this thing moved back in time before we helped Elle. If you go the wrong way when you come back afterwards, it's also possible that Elle will move to a future where Farlane is dead and doomed.

Conversely, there are some fine differences that we don't know we're in, and other than that we helped Elle, we almost move into the past separately. That's what I said about the past and the future being as uncertain. "

Tatsuya roars with a subtly unconvincing face at the understandable explanation of spring vegetables. Not that I don't understand it, but if I think about it too much, I'm going to fall into the dots, and True Harp and Mio actively renounce their efforts to understand for the sake of preservation. The first macro to speak of suspicion, the fine penetration is listening quietly as he moves on, trying to do so after the explanation is over.

"If we're only going to travel around here in time, that doesn't mean that the history we've been walking through will change itself. Only, the only thing that the story just now involves is the existence of freedom to move around the timeline. So, as I said here, only Alfemina can travel in time, and the conditions are involved."

"What's wrong with that?

"Perhaps Alfemina knows everything that happened, could have happened, and could have happened in this world in a different way than Daljan. You can travel on the timeline, naturally, right?

But it's not like we can interfere with the world just because we can grasp it, so at the time we created this pyramid, we couldn't have determined if we were going to free Master Xanaphel. 'Cause it's uncertain how we're going to branch out until now.

So, when we made the pyramid, I wonder if Alfemina let us create a passage in conjunction with the intruder by the biggest means of travel in size, of all the beings who could possibly come here to free Master Zanafel.

I say that other gods may not be able to do it, simply because I feel that day to day words, deeds and reactions do not have the kind of power to be able to travel absolutely freely through time. I mean, I think Alfemina seems oddly busy because she's probably ahead of us with that power and crushing the glitches that occur in the world. "

"... well, don't feel like you're through. But then, why didn't you give us more support?

"Maybe I can't. Assuming we went back in time and acted in such a way that any minor behavior would be exactly the same, it doesn't necessarily lead to the present. We do the same thing, but it doesn't necessarily mean the people involved do exactly the same thing.

Besides, we should naturally be looking at a future that leads us poorly in a ruinous direction. So I think I'm trying to keep my mouth shut as long as I can, except for the pattern that I know will definitely ruin if I don't interfere like Hirohime did.

The rules of the gods are also the most significant, in fact, to keep Master Alfemina properly tied up as a stage device, right?

Tatsuya listens to the explanation by Spring Vegetables with an indescribable look. It is also difficult to determine if it is contradictory because there are too many elements on the body that can only be thought experiments no matter how hard you try.

"Oh, my God, I've said a lot of things, but this is mostly the aunt of my relatives for sale. Honestly, I'm not sure I understand."

"... I don't even know if I understand you properly. Will you tell me your reason?

"Mm-hmm. Well, yeah. However, I assure you that it is not a premise for us to come, and that Master Alfemina, and perhaps even Almighty God, will not know perfectly how we will move until that moment. Most of all, I'm not entirely sure which of the multiple patterns is going to be until the moment, which is the argument that there is no God Almighty."

There is no big deal about God, and a small, bitter smile about the statement of Spring Vegetables that somehow understands its inner self. In fact, when it comes to the God of this world, who is calling himself a stage device, it is clear that we cannot do a great deal, and that at a time when other evil gods are at their disposal in this world as an issue before that, Alfemina does not have the power to freely determine the future.

"Well, I think it might be time for you to leave Alfemina alone for a little while."

"Let it go. Something tells me it's hard to express."

A macro nods at the words of spring vegetables and turns his gaze to the source of the very hard to describe signs mixed with authenticity and evil. Beyond that, there is something strangely divinely and strangely perverse, a figure of someone who has no constant appearance or impression.

"This is going to be quite a hassle."

"... Hong-jun. I need a lot of favors, okay?

"Nothing, but I can't do what I can't do with my tools."

"Yeah, I know."

Spring vegetables that seemed sad to see Xanaphel, who had already even obscured his appearance, nodded small to the obvious saying of Hong.

"Now that I know the song I have to sing, I need you to create a little concert venue"

"... is that what you came for..."

A word full of spring vegetable certainty. When I heard it, Hiroshi sighed at all things.

For Hongda, and for Spring Vegetables themselves, the moment was approaching when they would not be able to go back in many ways.