"Looks like Waldis' monster soldier finally attacked Marcto"

"I thought you were coming. Well, a little earlier than I expected."

The next morning. I get a report from Rayot at the breakfast table, and Tatsuya tells me what she thinks honestly.

Given that Waldis and the areas Waldis is invading are blocking communications from all kinds of items, there is no doubt that military operations are almost over at the time information is being received under Rayot.

Besides, Waldis' army is a monster soldier. Since the march speed is significantly faster than the average army, and the problem with the barracks is a monster, it is therefore not established in a normal way, so there is no waste or other pulling legs. In Rayot's and Tatsuya's view, there seemed to be a respite of about a day later, but it's not surprising that there wasn't one.

It should be noted that the other kings are returning to their country once they have received that information from Rayot first thing in the morning. As a matter of fact, I planned to return to my country once I had had a light meeting after breakfast in order to confirm the detailed instructions and the progress made.

That timing was only quicker because Rayot told Waldis of Waldis' marcto offense via Rainey.

"So, there are two things I want to make sure of."


"Where this castle is currently coming from, and to what extent we are allowed to use it."

"I don't know. As far as position is concerned, around eleven o'clock, over the Alphato, if we keep moving, we'll be near the border by two. I've set Laurier up as an administrator, so much of the speed goes up."

A macro who says that much and cuts words and looks a little contemplative. Keep your gaze on Tatsuya.

He nodded small at the gaze of the macro, and Tatsuya opened his mouth.

"Regarding the extent to which I can use the castle, I'd like to check with you before I do."


"To be honest, Waldis himself has no cause for this, but to what extent are you going to let him hang out?

"To what extent, …"

I sense what Tatsuya is trying to say, and Rayot is silent with a difficult face.

"Brother Da, to what extent?

Mio confirms with a small neck that the meaning of the word did not come a little pinned. In her perception, Waldis, the cult and the cult are completely united.

"It's a little tricky because Waldis' king is turning into a monster, but what we're supposed to have to deal with is the Evil Gods and the Evil Gods, and Waldis isn't a country, you know?

"Mm-hmm. But if Waldis' king is a monster of the cult, he's bound to work with Waldis, right?

"I'm not mistaken about that perception, but what we care about is after we eliminate the evil gods and the false kings and drive out all the monster soldiers."

"When that's over, what's the end of the war with Waldis?

"Not necessarily. I can't say enough that the forces unrelated to the evil gods have been wiped out, as the princess Reefa people lived. So, I can't even affirm that its surviving forces are cooperative with the five powers and Markt, including Farlane.

Assuming the original Waldis had no ideological connection to the cult, and if a party survived with more than that amount of military power, there's no reason for us to do things with them now, you know?

"Mm, I understand. If you ask me, Waldis, nobody's saying it's all a cult."

Where Mio is convinced, Tatsuya turns her gaze to Rayot. Rayot opens his heavy mouth, prompted by Tatsuya's gaze.

"First of all, at least the three western powers and Faldania, far from Waldis, are not willing to let you get involved after the elimination of the evil sects within Waldis.

It stinks, but if you make too much war work out of it, it will be difficult to be more vigilant within national governments. And the discussion about what to do with Waldis' territory will inspire me to rely too much on you.

But if you guys want the old Waldis territory, you can get as rammed as you want. For the sake of later, you will need to marry someone from Princess Reefa's bloodline to the head of your country, or his children. "

He said, "Is there a territory or something?"

"If I wanted to, I'd expand this castle, so I wouldn't bother. It's people's land."

Rayot nodding at the words of the Macho. The castle of God, once connected to the world of the Rayots, but half of it is an independent otherworld. With enough material and energy, we can expand substantially indefinitely.

Just because they explain and understand that, the Kings and Rayots participating in the Azma Alliance are convinced from the bottom of their hearts that there can be no such thing as Honda having territorial ambitions. Instead of that, it's hard to actually look at the Great Plains and Great Seas Plains that were spreading outside the gates and doubt the word "expand" if you want the territory.

However, it is also true that explaining it to people who are not directly involved does not convince them.

Then what do we do? All you have to do is try not to be as adult and aggressive as possible.

"So, to what extent can we let them use us?

"Blah, blah, blah, blah. I'm not going to lend you more than a temporary refuge for refugees and injured people at best. If I wanted to, I could transport large numbers of soldiers and supply supplies, but if I did that, I'd go beyond our area."

"Right. Even this one, it would be more appreciated if you could contain it to that extent. To be clear, this castle's defense and your supply capabilities are fascinating, and it would be very helpful if you could use God's ships and one-box car weapons.

But if we actually do that, the political aftermath will be troublesome for our debt to increase dramatically. Even if it doesn't, I rely on it unwillingly, so I can take faith with my hand where it's no longer for real.

If you ask me now, I'll tell you now. "

Now, if you ask me, I can't help but laugh at Rayot's self-derisive expression.

The depth of the relationship between the Farlane royal family and the Azma workshop draws a line with the rest of the royal family. As a result, it is the Farlane royal family that benefits the most from their activities, and it is now impossible for Rayot to mock himself for borrowing a hand where it is not for real.

However, from the perspective of the Farlane royal family and third parties, things will change again from the perspective of Hongda.

In other words, Higashi is a very successful user of the Farlane Royal Family to make a decent and significant profit.

For example, there are a number of cases where we only want to do large projects that we want to do but are not on our own, such as Instant Ramen Factory, by involving the Farlane Royal Family and throwing all the trouble round them. Even with the expansion of the workshop, the Royal Farlane and Melissa Chamber of Commerce have broken my bones on their own to repay the debt, and they are moving around behind me to avoid being even more unnecessarily jealous, so I don't have to do any extra work every time.

Also, the behavior of saying to push the gear cheaply may at first glance appear to only benefit the Farlane kingdom unilaterally, only physically troublesome what I made to consume its real material but had difficulty compressing and disposing of the warehouse without causing any disruption to the monetary economy.

Unilateral because of different values, but general status, honor, gold, etc. are not profitable against Hongda in the first place. There were times when gold could have been in the interest of Hongda, but then it was only a short period of time before we got our first workshop, and after that it was in our best interest to say that it would not be a problem to do whatever we wanted to do to some extent, and that the country would do what it wanted to do in the end.

Only the interest part is not meshing, and Higashi is moving with a proper consensus of interest. All I had to do was laugh bitterly at Rayot's way of thinking, just because I was aware of it.

"After that, I'd like to check for now, but setting up a Waldis monster soldier is not a problem in itself?

"Oh. The army seems to be in shape once and for all, but in the end, they're just monsters wherever they go. There's nothing like someone saying something to me because I set it up as an Azma workshop. In the first place, you guys have your side as adventurers.

However, you should only go directly to Waldis' territory after you have this permission. "

I see. Copy that.

So, Higashi regains consciousness of the meal, just saying that what we need to check with each other now is done. At the end of the meal, Aerys opens his mouth, keeping his mouth shut until then.

"Dear Hiroshi. Shouldn't it be time for you to speak up to the other witches and get together once?

"I don't know. I figured that 'd be better. Yeah?

"Yes, this castle is a moving vein if you say so, and some things you should perform rituals as close as possible if you think about fighting against the cults and monster soldiers. Besides, we have a cathedral in our initial settings yesterday, so even in terms of equipment, it doesn't look any different from the main temple of each temple."

"I see. Look, I'll give you permission, so just call me instead. I'll leave it up to you to decide who to call."

"Okay. Right, Mr. Alchem and Mr. Judith are confirmed, and it would be better if Mr. Nazaria and Mr. Sasha were there as well. Mr. Primla is still tweaking as Zanafel's witch, so it seems better to stay with Mr. Zanafel until it's over."

"I mean, the basics are all over the usual members. Okay, so, please."


With permission from the macro, one bows down and Aeris transfers. After seeing it through, an ambition to think about the next action.

"After all, no matter what you think, you're understaffed. Until we get to Alphato, we can make as many Doll Servants and Automatas as we can."

"Well, after yesterday, I'll make as much wild food as I can."

"I am the support of the Fams."

"Well, me and Makoto, with the help of the evacuees over here, maybe."


Anyway, there's as much work to be done. He was with the Japanese who worked with great diligence so as not to waste as little time as possible.

When the castle of God arrived, the front line was in this state of clothing.

"Here we go again..."

The Marcto army is desperate to keep the front line while being in turmoil with a large number of monster soldiers. See how it goes, the macro landing the castle in the rear, worried about how to get his hands on it.

The only matters that Honda asked for when she stopped by Alphato were the protection and treatment of wounded soldiers. When it comes to combat, they haven't even told me not to intervene.

In some cases, they are also asked to temporarily retrieve the soldiers and cage them until the elite soldiers arrive, but as things stand, they don't even seem to be able to afford to escape into the castle of God.

"Hey, Hiro. If we keep this up, it won't take that long to wipe it out?

"I don't know. Even in the midst of massive attacks all the time."

"Right. At least, I can't attack more than a heavenly and earth-moving cannon. The aftermath also involves Marcto soldiers"

Hiroshi and Tatsuya quickly throw aside neutrality theories and other things to think about intervention, obviously to poor minutes of war.

If this was a normal war, I wouldn't have thought about shoulders on either side. Before that, there would have been no involvement of Hongda. As involved, about treating the wounded at best. I never brought a castle of God to a place like this.

But no matter what the situation looks like right now, it just seems desperate and the army is resisting a massive outbreak of monsters. If you look at this scene, no one can accuse the Azma Workshop of intervening in the war with Waldis.

Most importantly, it was almost certain that this would be the case that Honda was deliberately bringing the castle of God to the forefront.

"Well, with monsters, couldn't we have had these massive wars?

"Sister Makoto, there's no point in saying that right now. We need to decide whether to intervene first, or what to do to intervene."

"Mio is right. For now, if there's anything I can do, I'll amplify Spring Vegetables' song and let him hear it."

"Right. I don't know, but if it's a Normal Menstrual Series or a hymn, it's going to only weaken them properly."

Spring vegetables that go into the preparation of the song, etc. Communication enters from the roots of the world tree, Aeris, who was standing by in a diocese on the other side of the core room, as if drawing on its intentions.

"Master Harna. I think I'll put up an enhanced field of holy attributes throughout the battlefield, how about that?

"Please, are you okay?

"Yes. For times like this, we have them all here."

"Well, please."

"I'll take care of it"

Aeris receives a request from Spring Vegetables and cuts off communications to enter the ritual.

"Master, I'm ready for the stage. Dear Harna, please go to the Great Hall."

"Step by step. Yeah, that would help. Speakers or something?

"You have already started, and tested. Remotely operated speakers have also been released and positioned to reach all areas currently in combat."

"Roger that. Here, Spring Vegetables."

"Yeah, you guys, let's get something else going here."


Laurier, who is defying the Lord's intentions and getting ready around first. As of yesterday, it was a possible absurdity because quite a few doll servers were available.

"Later, I don't know how to protect the wounded."

"You can't protect them unless they pull it off."

"There's no way they're going to pull it off, even though they're not at a disadvantage. Or in the first place, what's going on with their chain of command?

"Master, Brother Da, Sister Zhenqin. Commander, I think that might be it."

Protection of the injured person being requested. While discussing how to fulfill it, I discover the kind of presence Mio mixes among the monster soldiers. At that time, the Saint Attribute Enhancement Field covers the battlefield, and the Spring Vegetable Hymn echoes.

Even so, the exterior is still a monster, no matter where you look from. However, it looks like you're giving instructions to other monster soldiers in the sense that you're watching the movement, and although it's a difference to an extent you wouldn't know if you didn't compare it, it looks stronger in itself than the rest.

"Is that all? I think there's something else."

"Maybe there 'll be more if you look. However, I don't think the General is on the front lines like this."

and so on, check the entire battlefield again. It's something that makes it easier to discern as strange once you find it, and Hiroshi discovers commanders one after another.

There were twenty-five commanders in all who would probably hit about a platoon leader to a squadron leader.

"Now, as an elimination, there are two problems. I wonder how they're gonna get rid of it and how they're gonna move if they get rid of it."

"Master. Currently, this castle is unavailable for attack means. You need to get out of the castle to attack."

"Let it go. Unfortunately, not from the safety zone."

A macro that nods at Laurier's point and thinks a little. Unfortunately, at times like this, the Hiroshi don't have just the right means of attack.

"The Mio sniper..."

"There's too much distance to do it"

"Yan. Heaven and earth ripple cannons, like I said at first, the aftermath is too bad and out..."

In the end, the story of Honda moves on with the flow of attacking somehow. Due to the effect of the Spring Vegetable song that the enemy's movement was dull and that the brawl was too harsh to reach a detour, the discussion proceeded in a truly relaxed way with the urgency of the situation.

In the meantime, it reminds me somewhat of the story about making someone huge with a magnification light, or miniaturizing the enemy from one end to the other.

"Let it go. If you think about it, will the missile of God's ship be just as powerful?

"No, you were armed."

"I rarely use riding weapons, so I tend to forget."

With that said, Higashi is going out of the main palace just to get God's ship out. Due to the fact that it can attack from the sky and the limited range of explosions, as well as the considerable inductiveness of the missile itself, the risk of accidental firing and entanglement is low for an individual commander in the rear.

Higashi tries to act a little forward by finally finding a modest means of intervention. To further hasten them like that, the magic swells abruptly near the center of where the Waldis army is deployed.

"Oh no! Hurry up and crush it!

A magnificent man in a hurry to get God's ship out and get in and take off in a great hurry. Marcto Army shows no sign of pulling any while feeling desperate, to a magic that is enormous enough for anyone to understand. Multiple large shadows running through the sky.

The magic builds up as if to bruise them like that......


Sound familiar voices echo across the battlefield, while magic spreads in an instant as if it had eaten even obstructionist skills.

"We trample upon the crying innocent people and ravage them with laughter. Know that taking another man's home to satisfy his desires is also an act against the beast.

People, call it aggression!

A large flock of white Wyburns who showed up on the battlefield at some point and landed on the ground. Among them, a man overhead of a huge individual speaks frankly.

A mysterious figure that manifested itself too abruptly. Thanks to the backlight, which completely ignores the direction of the sun, the only place I can see silhouettes, no matter how hard I try, applauds its mystery addition and subtraction.

Such a bunch of monsters and Wyburns. In synergy between the two, the fighting had been completely interrupted.

"Who is it!?

Apparently, in a creepy silence, he was about to slap a giant magic force earlier, presumably a Waldis army commander or something, but for the first time in this battle as a Waldis side, he shouts in human language.

If you're a human being, you've always been a commander pretending to be a monster with a smile that made people look like little fools to avoid making them think you're the person the conversation could possibly lead to. Apparently the appearance of this Phantom was so shocking that I did him like that and kept my voice up.

"If you follow style beauty, say, 'There is no name for you!' I'm about to say, 'let's dare to name this place. All female servants, brothers!

At the same time as that voice, an unnatural backlight disappears and the appearance of the Phantom is exposed without being spared.

There was a pervert (burst) without a problem.

Not if it just showed up abruptly. The problem is the current appearance of the burst. Burst currently overlapped with a number of circumstances that he could not do with his own efforts, dressed as though he would otherwise be very unable to get out in front of people, saying that he was almost naked except for boomerang pants and some clothes wreckage, and for some reason an intact mask and Qatar.

And the troublesome thing is, "It's your brother!" At the moment of his exalted name, the last fort, which was painfully and properly functioning, either too temperamental or too forceful, begins to fly like an exhausted effort.

For some reason the mysterious natural light works on Wyburn's head or mysterious from any direction at present, and the key part is helpful because it can't be visualized how, but it doesn't look like a good human being to exist on the battlefield, even if it's wrong.

To the full appearance of that pervert, even a monster soldier who wasn't supposed to have the ethics of his hand from the beginning was utterly silent and completely stopped moving.

It should be noted that, quite irrelevant, the game Fairy Tail Chronicle has many story skills that I can only assume have been implemented with Nori momentum. One of them is a story skill/local fix for the naked people. The effect is really easy to understand, hiding places that should not be seen in hot air, natural light, leaves, obstacles, etc.

It is an idiotic skill that everyone acknowledges: the higher the skill level, the less hidden the range, and ultimately the hot air and natural light cover up and hide just about the same range as when equipped with an inner.

It just feels like Burst is only exposed to the extent that it completely maximizes its skills. There is a question as to why you are mastering such a skill, but it would just be useless to care because it is already a burst there. Most importantly, in this world, there is no evidence that Burst likes to master and nurture skills that he should not have even mastered because one day he is very rarely suddenly growing to the maximum level. Since the direction is not the same as the perversion of burst in the first place, when it comes to mastering and nurturing on its own, it does not come subtly tight.

"Let's go, Waitaro, Waimei, Waiji, Waisuke, Waika!!

"" "" "Que ~!" ""

Don't miss that gap, a burst that hits the Waldis army in solidarity with the Wyburns. Countless Wyburns relentlessly devour Waldis' army, as follows the five voiced.


In the meantime, we leave the miscellaneous fish to the Wyburns to dismantle under one blow the monster soldier Burst tried to fire the great magic earlier. As always, the blow from the unintentional strike seems to be alive and well.

It is a spare activity to be a naked pervert, no matter how you look at it, even though there is a reason why everyone will probably be convinced that there is nothing they can do.

For the record, the mysterious natural light and others continue to work all the time, even as the burst moves around endlessly, and this is the only story where you can't see the area at all, no matter which moment you cut.

"... I'm somehow so angry that perverts do that"

"... timing and behavior are oddly perfect, but you're going to be extra nervous about people, that"

"... right? Something very important feels so inexplicably tainted."

"... I haven't seen a bad parody in a long time."

Higashi comments a little grumpy because she feels all kinds of things unintelligible about Burst's work. In the meantime, Burst will finish off one Commander Monster after another.

It was a pleasure to have Burst safe, and it was gratifying enough that many of the injured and dead had come out and changed the situation, which was a straight line of the annihilation course. But how can you honestly say that you're not willing to thank me or rejoice?

"... well, my perverted brother will do his best to take it, and recover all the injured people we can help right now!


"Oh, yeah!

"Work, work."

Higashi, who had completely forgotten the situation due to his perverse and unusual activity and his vicious parody, finally recalls his work and begins to act. This time, I decided it would be quicker to use the castle transfer function, and I hide myself with various stealth items and scatter them to the battlefield.

"All units retreat!

At the same time, the commander of the Marc army who returned to me instructs him to withdraw. Seeing that move, he unlocks the castle and his own stealth mode, moves in front of the commander and the macro speaks up.

"This is Donghong, the workshop owner of Azma Workshop! I'm here to support you at King Markt's request! That castle is a safe zone, so please tell me you escaped over there!

"... Can't you afford to doubt it! You heard me! Everybody, run into that castle!!

Commander who considers the situation of his own army, which is being devastated, and accepts the offer of the Horn in one or eight. Behind it, the Wyburns are ravaging Waldis soldiers from one end of the spectrum, as if to support their retreat.

The Marc army was thought to be devastated. Almost simultaneously, when all its survivors fled to the castle of God and Honda recovered all the remaining treatable injuries, Waldis' army, which began to crush, was wiped out without a single soldier in the total attack of the Wyburns.

"Hey, thank you."

A burst that confirms the end of the battle and jumps out of Wyburn's head and speaks to the hosts. Still natural light keeps working hard.

Officer, this is the man.

"Officer, it's me!!

Burst returning such a story with a good voice that rarely passes well against Mio, who has never accidentally bumped a story for the pervert who went into that extra hall.

"You were aware!?

"No, isn't it beautiful?"

"That's not the point!

"Well, that's not the problem. Honestly, I'm glad you didn't have a sister named Harna. With that girl, I feel a little sorry for her."

A burst of scratching his head with polypoli and saying so, showing a rare and slightly troubled appearance. I have done a lot of things in the situation and in Nori, but I have a good sense that I am naked. No matter how unnatural natural natural light is at work, that's not what you're allowed to do.

Most importantly, when it comes to True Harp and Mio, I think that even if they are naked and rampant, they can be sprinkled, and the treated ones who are sprinkled should go into all sorts of things, even though they agree with each other on the inside.

"So, I'm sorry, can someone give me my clothes?

"I thought so, I'm ready now, so wait a minute"

Hear the burst request happily and take the man's clothes out of a few bags. No matter how much unnatural natural natural light is at work, it's not something I want to see as serious, such as a skinny, naked man.

That's how I tried to give you the clothes I prepared.

"What are you doing, you rotten brother!!


He is blown away by a rabbit beast man in a monk's uniform who manifests himself from nowhere, and the burst screams indescribably to become a star.

"Sorry, my lady shows you how ugly she is..."

"No, well, I generally predict why I did it naked, and if the reason was right, it would probably be force majeure for my perverted brother, and I really care about the mentz here..."

No, that's not the problem.

A monk's rabbit who says it clearly with a slightly firmer face, in the words of a transcendental grandeur. This was the meeting between Evas and the Azma Workshop, a burst-only penetrator and sanctioner.

"I don't think blowing it up before you listen to people is just as good, brother."

"Normally, if your body were naked in front of a woman and you acted perverted, you'd blow it off without question first."

A burst of coming back and properly dressed hits a complaint against his brother first. Evas shows an attitude toward that complaint that there is no island to tackle.

Interrogation into the burst, which takes place without reading the air, as the elite troops who have finally arrived are preparing for confirmation of the damage and future aggression. The fact that Wyburn's flock is watching very closely is really surreal by creating a different kind of air.

"You know how I felt when I saw my real body jumping around the battlefield naked? Honey, I'm so sorry."

"Even your brother wasn't going around naked like anything else. In the first place, there's no way a disposable assassin like us is wearing protective gear that's about to be eaten by Wyburn."

"Well, maybe so, but when I put it out, why were you safe with Wyburn eating you in the first place?

"Well, you're my brother."

Unexpectedly holding between the eyebrows to an answer that hasn't become Burst's answer, shaking his head left or right as he gave up all sorts of things to continue interrogating.

"Well, I don't understand, but that's fine. Why didn't you have any spare clothes?

"That's easy. He was abducted without his luggage. In the first place, this is Assassin, right? No matter how much, I didn't even carry my spare clothes while I was escorting you to base camp."

"Even if you don't have it, you can procure it locally!

"Um. I'm not your workshop owner, and there's no way your brother can process the skins and fibers you get in places like Wyburn lives in, is there?

"Why can't you just cut it properly and wrap it around your hips!?

Evas' line of sight pierces that dialogue with Hiroshi, Mio, and Burst. Around Tatsuya and Makoto have some distant eyes, I guess they have failed to think about the same thing.

In fact, any monster up to about a troll bird, a monster that Wyburn can hunt on the land where he usually lives, is impossible without any simple workmanship when dismantling is processed anyway.

Until the demolition stage, there are no problems at all, even without production skills. At best, the dismantling itself can be done normally enough to waste without knowing the precious material.

But once dismantled and made into material, this time suddenly even simple machining becomes unacceptable to amateurs. For example, in the case of skins, even if they are cut to the right size, the blade will not pass, or the blade will be cut in an unexplained manner, and for some reason the level cannot even be called machining will not be successful.

It is also very difficult to wash it and remove the smell of blood even if it is done well there. It is also a big problem around here that the opinion is not viable that we just have to cut it to a moderate size in the middle of demolition. Especially in the middle of dismantling, the problem becomes even worse because if it is cut off weirdly, the smell of blood will stain more easily.

Nothing but suicide, even if it's not Assassin, in an environment where Wyburn is flying around and the top species of Ibil Tiger and Hellhound roam around, wearing skins that scatter the stink of frightened blood around whether this is it or not. It would also be natural for Burst to give up.

It's about Mio at best, even if he works hard, who can fly to the map in the second half of the world to secure clothing and shelter in local procurement.

"Hey, pervert brother. Brother Tsukomi over here, maybe the experience of trying to process after a hellhound or something?

"I don't even know my brother's personal life properly, but I probably don't have that experience. If there was, I wouldn't say such a retarded thing."

"That's right. If you're going through that, it's a dialogue that never comes out. Hey, that."

"Mm-hmm. If it was that easy, I wouldn't have a hard time with my master, me, or my sister Chun"

Evas eats a futile intensive fire for reasons he can't really understand himself. For some reason, I don't have a single ally, so apparently it's impossible to just cut and wrap it around my hips, but I feel something that doesn't make sense.

"... if that's not possible, why are you riding Wyburn naked and rambling around here? You didn't think about procuring clothes somewhere along the way?

"At first, we were going to procure it in the village of Olga. I had no clothes for the same reason that I had no clothes, so I was going to collect my own bags or write them down at the worst seamless house and borrow some clothes. Let me tell you something, even in the worst case, it's just bad for my brother to take it on his own, so we were gonna make it up to him later, right?

"No, well, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be alive, so I'll offer you as much as I can for my clothes and my Seamlit brother. Then why didn't you?

"Waitaro couldn't resist the instincts of Waiburn's, or the big, advanced monsters, and he went straight into a massive battle here. I had to rely on Waitaro to prevent it because it wasn't a long walk to Olga Village."

"... how did you get to communicate with Wyburn in the first place? I mean, Wyburn, why don't you have a piece of chi?

"Well, Waitaro and the others are awake to the teachings of your Buddha. Besides, I can communicate with your brother because I've lived with him all my life. Hey, Waitaro?

"Kuke ~!!"

Waitaro rings softly with his chest stretched out on the street and all called for by Burst. Looks like we're very close. I don't think it's Wyburn. The crushed eyes are really lovely.

"Honestly, I'm still untrained on my sweet honeymoon days with Waitaro and the others, but the result is that I decided it was time to come back to serve women other than Wayburn."

"Nothing, I think I could have spent all my honeymoon days just like that"

"No, honestly, there's a place where Wai-mi, Wai-ka, Wai-ye, and the other Wai-bahns have done their quest for beauty that they can. As a brother, it was time to get back to life, not to rust your arms, not to brush up Wye Mei and the others more."

That's what I said. A burst of gaze toward the female Wyburns. At the end of his gaze there was a group that could only be described as beautiful Wyburn from the eyes of humans with different values, with sparkling scales and neat nails and fangs and, above all, beautiful bodies and crushed eyes depicting graceful gentle curves not only of Wyburn and others.

"If you're a woman, you can have Wyburn..."

"Your brother is the servant of all women!

Burst making such a declaration with a chest up against the true harp who comments as tired of seeing the achievements of Wye Mei et al. When it's so thorough, it's as clear as it gets.

"So, why did you hit me in the mouth with such a glorious look until I bothered to expose you completely naked? Since you're Assassin, do you mean Akan's from a standpoint?

"If I went straight into it, it would have caused extra damage to the Marcto soldiers. Whether it worked or not was pretty good, but I tried a little way to make a sound that could crush the magic buildup while drawing attention. Even this, for the Waitaro and the others who woke up to the teachings of your Buddha, I thought all kinds of things wisely, without trying to curb the damage at all?

"I mean, it worked better than I thought, so I tried to imitate a clown to screw the other guy's mind, you know?

"Sort of. When I came on board, I was going to make money, and I tried to imitate the climax scene of a story told by a legendary guest, and it matched Waldis' monster soldier habits beautifully in style. That's why I pushed it off."

Burst explains what he thought and imitated like that naked to confirm Hiroshi and Tatsuya. Regardless of whether you can issue a full acquittal, there is a harsh side to blaming Burst, given your history.

It's easy for people who just listened to you to do it later, but when you become a party, it's something you can't think of or even think of that you can't do.

Besides, just because Wyburn kidnapped me in the first place and I survived that Wyburn in my hand, it's already a kind of feat that I can't normally do. Besides, this time there was no problem with the behavior other than being completely naked, but rather completely annihilating the enemy forces, even though only one unit had greatly reduced the damage.

Considering even the circumstances that had to come naked and dressed alike, Burst has done nothing worse than blame only this time. No matter how bad the day does, that alone would make total denial as unjust as anything.

There are various thoughts about the parts of the mouth that are irritating and what almost naked bursts have done, but the fact that they were naked in the first place is force majeure in itself, and conversely, the only thing that can be unequivocally condemned is that they were naked. It's what Evas has already done to you once blown up, and it's really too unjust any more.

"Nevertheless, Wyburn is Buddhism, hey..."

"Oops. I can talk about my general sentiment. See?"

"" "" "Que ~!" ""

A burst of voice to the Waitaro and the others to prove how Buddhist they are to Tatsuya, who saw Wyburn with a subtle look on his face and so spilled.

In response to Burst's words, Waitaro and the others start to chirp out their general sentiments after a shout.

"You're really young..."

"That's just what Wyburn says, you can comment through the sur..."

"Master, Sister Zhenqin. In the first place, with the structure of Wyburn's mouth, how can you accurately recite the general menstruation?

"I just don't get it..."

"It's an eternal mystery..."

Hongda gives a very troubling look at the brilliant chanting of the general menstruation. Similar to that of unicorns, I'm worried that it's likely to have a decent effect.

"... Hey, Hiroshi..."

"Spring vegetables, when...?

"I just got here. I wanted to talk to you about treating the injured..."

With that being said, Spring Vegetable's gaze nails Wyburn, who chants his general sentiment. That, somewhat sad look, makes me wonder what it feels like to say spring vegetables.

"I guess I end up..."

"No, spring vegetables! Don't think deeply!

"Yes, Spring Vegetables! This is more than how you are. Simply Buddha was great!!

"Sister Chun, it's okay!

Spring vegetables are shown one monster after another turning to the Buddha Gate and begin to have serious doubts about their identity. I feel a little over a time, no matter how much karma, that the result of the bad rides I did back in Dar is this.

Makoto and the others can rush to get rid of such spring vegetables. Now that the war is pressing, it's not a little bit of trouble that the spring vegetable tension is so far in the negative direction.

"Hey, Spring Vegetables. There's nothing wrong with you, and I don't know if you care too much or feel depressed."

"Well, yes..."

Spring vegetables that don't seem to make me feel better, even if they are tempted by a macro. From what I saw earlier when I asked Aeris and the others to perform the ritual, there seemed to be quite a fold in this aspect of general and emotional relations. Still, it was a shock to see Wyburn working with humans by turning to the Buddha Gate to summon his general sentiment.

Spring vegetables nowadays are in danger of leaving home with their heads round in order to take responsibility for what a nasty spreading of Buddhism if left alone.

"For now, honey. I understand what happened earlier. I know it's probably too much, but it's a day job, so give it up."

Next to the struggle to comfort Spring Vegetables in the factory outing, defuse them, and make them change their mind at all times, Evas was beginning to continue his earlier story against Burst.

"Give it up, it's terrible, brother."

"But, honey. This is the only sanction for the increase in the Magic Book. Especially even though only someone from different cultures could do what they didn't want, touching their thighs with dignity in public is just a case that needs to be sanctioned exactly, right?

"Wouldn't that be good for just a minute and offset?

"It's a no. That's it, that's this, that's it. I'll sanction you in cumulative instalments for three more rounds."

"Wait a minute, my brother. Talk abe too tyrannical about how much and everything!?

Burst's claim of desperation is also mundane, as promised, to Evas, and the first shot, not to Waitaro, is bounced big in the tail.

Evas, who doesn't think his work will be sidelined by Wyburn anymore, flashes for a moment. But soon he regains his mind and makes the burst even more starry.

When they do that, Wyburn and the others, who have finished their euphoria, fly one after the other, leaving Waitaro behind. The flying destination is their nest, the northwest mountains, not, for some reason, the southeast.

"Ooh, Wyburn's flock flies"

"Does going that way mean Waldis is coming to the southeast as well?

"Yeah. I just heard from you, and it's been confirmed that the Waldis army is breaking in from the southeast as well. I'd like to talk to you about the treatment of the injured, but it has something to do with that."

"I see. Let's get to work, including your response."

"Yeah, please"

Listen to Spring Vegetables and start acting in a big hurry to get the cure on your face. The war between Markt and Waldis was well on the way to scaling up.