"Yep, yep, yep, yep!?

"I knew it!!"

Shortly before sunset, Aerys and Alchem scream in the ears of Honda, who was coming to the collection yard to confirm the material that could be picked. At its feet, there is a massive collection of potato worms at some point.

When I say why Higashi is here throwing out potion making, it's simply because some of the potion material above the fourth level is completely depleted. Finally, there is also the purpose of ascertaining whether there is no material growing in the eastern part of the continent, which has not been able to be collected in the end because the situation has become all at once pressing.

Tatsuya and Makoto are together this time. Assuming something changes, in some cases we all need to move quickly, so unless there's something else we need to do, we're basically acting together.



At the feet of a confused, staring up at the sky, a swarm of potato worms roars and spits out yarn, creating something like a safety net in an instant.

At the same time that the safety net is complete, Aeris and Alchem, which had falling speed due to various means, dive into the safety net with considerable momentum.

Moreover, since then, many potato worms have fallen into blues, which can only be described as horror for humans who do not like insects.

"Eh, Elle, Mr. Alchem, it's okay!?

Spring vegetables rush to voice Aeris and Alchem in a way that was too unexpected to appear.

"Yes, I'm fine."

"I was just so surprised and scared..."

Aeris and Alchem answer that as they manage to get up, looking blue. Alchem is still tattered about the day, and it is rare for Aeris, who is always smiling, to give this look unless there is more to it.

Aeris was also quite scared to be forced to fly (eye canvas fly) from tens of meters in height.

For the record, Aeris and the others fell off their buttocks with their feet facing down, so the secret garden in their skirts is properly kept secret.

"So, why are you flying in a bungee jump all of a sudden?

"Oh, I was!

Asked that by the Horn, Aeris and Alchem mumble remembering why they were looking for the Horns. This is also a rare attitude for Alchem as an aeris anyway.

"Um, dear Hiroshi, ladies and gentlemen! Master Alfemina commissioned you earlier, and if you keep doing this without any preparation, your lives are in danger!

"Sora again a noisy shrine, but what exactly?

"Woman,... yes, evil or disastrous or something raw in such a language, but there is a woman who makes such an evil impression that there is nothing else in human vocabulary to describe it..."

An earthquake strikes the entire castle where Aeris is about to say so much.

At present, the castle of God is descending to the ground in its present state. For this reason, if there is an earthquake outside, the castle of God will also shake.

Unfortunately, external influences cannot be completely blocked during the current world.

"What? An earthquake?

"Huh! The entrance to the dungeon has been crushed!

Sudden swings, which also confound the spring vegetables for a large amount of money, make a rugged face when they perceive the anomaly against the isolation dungeon.

"Laurier! Check the situation!

Anyway, if we don't get the status quo, we won't talk about it. Think of it that way and the Macro calls Laurier.

"There are currently multiple externally powerful adversaries. Earlier earthquakes were due to enemy attacks. Because the full number of occurrences has not yet finished, the number is currently searching…, we have just confirmed the full number of occurrences and the search has ended. Fifteen in all."

"What kind of guy came out? And when the entrance to the dungeon is crushed, we'll take it, but not the last people to lock it up?

"As for enemies, we are currently preparing video information, so we will report on the dungeon first. It's a dungeon, but it was erased at my discretion to reduce costs because the entrance disappeared and someone jammed it making it impossible to reconnect. The last monster soldier trapped inside has disappeared without trace due to the impact of falling into a hole generated by a heavenly and earth-opening cannon. Therefore, there is no effect of erasing the dungeon"

Laurier, who appeared soon after being called by a macro, lightly explains the current situation. Around not being able to provide real-time video information immediately, the castle still doesn't seem to function well enough, but still seems to be able to gather the minimum amount of information required properly.

"I see. In the meantime, the people I've isolated will be resurrected. There won't be a problem if I do it all the time."

"There's no problem around there. … ready for video information. Display."

"Oh, please."

Encouraged by the macro, it displays real-time footage so that Laurier can see everyone. It was somehow the Lord of Darkness during the ritual who was there.

"... this guy got a little jump on the main temple of the Temple of Elsa, do you want to be Bardo's boss?

"... right. Fifteen of them, huh? That's tough..."

"I have a lot of skills compared to you, but the gear is a little too much..."

Honda remembers the battle at the main temple of the Temple of Elsa and makes a reluctant face by accident. Even at the pre-amalgamation point, it was made very difficult by the saturation attack, and if the Macro hadn't mastered Extra Skill Guardian Field on his own, he was also the opponent whose party could have been devastated while still in Jilli poverty.

Compared to those days, there is also a great deal of skill and, above all, much reinforcement of the missing firepower. If we don't even let it merge, the better the chances are that we'll be able to take it down without any more difficulty.

I do, but the number of fifteen bodies is a little heavy to hold without ever merging.

Most importantly, due to the specifications of the merger of the guys to capture their core as an energy source, it would be a troublesome place to not necessarily only be able to do it in two.

"... in the meantime, we'll have to leave too..."

"That number makes it tough enough for Uncle Dollar's class to unionize"

Mio honestly mouths his real feelings when he once actually fought, nodding at Tatsuya's words. If you want to describe the strongest forces in each country, headed by Doga, it will be just about halfway between Tatsuya and Makoto. Much above the volume zone at the time of the game, but not enough to reach the top scrappers.

For the record, the fair clock union of the game (teams that organize in multiple parties) has a cap of fifty. In Faircro, the number of parties is capped at ten, but since the Union is determined by the total number of people, not the number of parties, the Union, which is buried up to the cap of fifty, is not necessarily a combination of five ten-parties.

If you think about it in terms of your combat abilities at the time of Fore, I'm pretty sure Higashi was stronger for his gear and some of his skills. However, given that the strength of the Doga class is tougher than spring vegetables at the time when even magic users do poorly due to the simple problem of physical sturdiness, as long as they fight in a way that does not allow them to collaborate, three to four Dark Lord in one group of about ten people will be finished without any problems.

But that's only if we fight in a way that doesn't allow us to work together. Fifteen of them will be assigned three to a group. Whatever the hell you do three times at a time, it's impossible to deal with three at the same time, no matter how brave the Doga and the others are in the war.

In order to reduce the load at all, Higashi undoubtedly has to take part in the fight.

"Oh, the...!!

Aeris tries to pinch his mouth in the middle of nowhere in a stream where he could go straight after being busted.

At that moment, a large amount of information flows into the back of Aeris's brain, where the trans state was still subtly ongoing.

The first thing we saw was a future in which the strongest warriors of all nations, including Doga, came out in battle while we were pulling out the Honda, wiping out a few dark lords, and leaving the castle of God behind nearby as it were.

The future of many other patterns brings to mind, but they were all connected to the end of massive deaths and devastating damage suffered by the eastern Marcto, whatever the difference in the light weight of the damage.

When he blued into a future that was likely to happen and Aeryth turned his gaze to Alchem, Alchem was similarly blued and speechless.

Unlike the trusts they usually receive from the gods they serve, a trustee like a threat that only seems to be an end in stopping the witches from acting.

The fluctuations received are not evil and do not show any signs of impatience. But it's not as warm as God or the rest of the world emits. Some kind of defensively reactive fluctuation that aims to reduce the most sacrifices and survive the world, offering a light sacrifice without any distress.

Seriously, my ability as a witch was disastrous, and we were both completely swallowed by that fluctuation.

"We don't seem to have time to talk about it, and we're going out early and we're going to reduce the number a little bit!

"Shit! Laurie! We'll do their opponents, so keep the rest of the country on notice like Mr. Hand Out!!

Copy that, sir.

"Sorry, El! Alchem! I'm really curious about the shrine, but when I hear about it, it's going to be ugly! As much as I can. I'm coming back, I'm sorry, but wait!

Things also move while Aerys and Alchem are losing their words to a new divinity, and to a situation that is clearly imminent, a just-bellied Makoto declares his departure.

Instructions are given accordingly to ensure that the macro does not cause extra damage, and words of apology are addressed to Aerys and Alchem. Everyone deploys their gear immediately, taking a panacea and marching on a transfer.

One of the elements that the macro got a bit of. That is the emergency deployment function of this equipment. Also, because of the pressing situation that has persisted over the past few days, commonly used consumables are always ready to be taken out immediately and no time will be taken to confirm that.

Aeris and Alchem, who tried to pull it together again, flinch into the image of Marcto's doom, which makes him look like a threat, stuck in words. In the meantime, the figure of Hongda had finally disappeared completely.

"... Mr. Alchem, what shall we do...?

"In the end, you couldn't pass on proper information..."

Every time Hongda takes any action one by one, the prophecy of the future disappears, and at the time they leave, only the image of the first tragedy they were watching remains.

Aeris and Alchem stunned unexpectedly when they realized that they had failed to play their part when all the images of the devastation in the eastern part of Marcto disappeared. Laurier, who was looking at those two, opens her mouth to give advice to them.

"We will activate the castle's support function, so would you two like to request a ritual at the altar?

"Oh, right! Best wishes!

Aeris jumps into Laurier's saving hand. I can't afford to talk in more detail now, and it's dangerous to talk poorly and lower your morale.

In this way, he was forced into a troublesome mid-boss battle without information and without preparation.

"Out of the way. Hey!!

Strike Titanic Lore in as the macro barks. In that blow, the first Lord of Darkness vanishes.

Honda was attacking from the beginning at no cost.

"That would have worked just this time!?

Another Lord of Darkness, who was crushed by the Horn, devours fatal damage from Tatsuya's ultra-magnetically compressed Holy Heaven octopolar cannon and all four simultaneously fired bullets, and is purified with additional damage of the Purification Attribute, which is an added effect of ultra-magnetic compression as it is.

Basically, Tatsuya's magic attack power was about the lower limit of a magical abolitionist, even with equipment, and because the boss class that fought was always the ones with high magic defense and magic resistance, the Holy Heaven octopolar cannon has not been a prominent activity until now. That seems to have finally shown some decent results.

Most importantly, a decent balanced RPG would be an online game, but it would be an offline piece, but it is normal that no moves or magic are available that would allow you to defeat the boss in one blow after the middle. Until now, Holy Heaven octopolar cannons have a feeling that their effects are slightly too thin, but on the contrary, this time they will be overpowered in balance.

As far as extra skills are concerned, keep them sidelined for now. That's basically because inflation is not a level of skill for dealing with obsolete end content, and we're not balancing the content that normal users are playing with in the first place.


True harp pulls the knife out of the knife pulling structure at once with a sharp exhalation and slashes the third dark lord until it becomes dust. It is the first disease slaughter, the top derivative technique of the earth, the disease slaughter, and heaven to be used.

As far as performance is concerned, it is a top move, increasing the density of slaughter all at once, and also reducing attenuation due to the size of the opponent so much that it is not comparable to wind slaughter/ground. As for the moves, I actually had already mastered them in my game days, but I had never had enough disease slaughter/ground proficiency on top of similar locks as Titanic Roar, and I just couldn't use them because I was mastering them the same way as Spring Vegetable Extra Skill Ultraslaw.

The problem of proficiency had been solved around releasing the disease slaughter and ground to Philip's opponents, but then there was no chance of a boss battle that he would have to let go of his extra skills, and he had died before.

In the first place, Zhenqin has not realized that the disease slaughter/heaven could not be used before. That said, until now, Zhenqin has been using a disease slaughter while checking the degree of growth of the Hiirokane knife, and until the last time, he had determined that the knife was likely to break before activation.

"Master, time is up"

That's what Mio tells the Lord of Darkness in an extremely evil and costly way called Infinity Mirage and Giant Dragon Drop combined moves, as he gazes at the remaining ten.

At the end of his gaze, the remaining ten united lords of darkness had begun to merge early after the ceremony.

"... Akana. I can't interfere from the outside."

"Well, the basic rule is that you can't give it away while your enemies are powering up. As for watching over the power boost, I can't be honest with you..."

Consider if you can't stop the merger somehow, and the ambition to make the decision that it is so impossible. Like answering that ambition, Tatsuya mentions the promise with a sinister face.

Where I said how I became God, there are limits to what I can do. In the case of a macro, it is difficult to say that the sun is shallow in the first place and that it has mastered its own power, but it can only exert its power as a god in a way that basically makes something, or functions of what it has made, because it has become God by making things.

Quite a wide range of applications, on the other hand, are really lacking in instantaneity. That is the ability of the current macro.

Therefore, in these circumstances, we cannot reach anyone who is obeyed as a firm rule of the world.

Assuming I could have mastered more of my abilities and gained more experience, I would have been able to create an item under this circumstance to immediately stop the other person from merging and use it to crush my actions.

However, it is not possible to do so much to a macro that is still heavily tied to common sense as a person in a new America.

"Honestly, you wanted to cut a few more numbers..."

"I would have liked to have done that, but given the cool time and cost, this would be the limit to how many you can shred at once. Honestly, I think three of us could have been the limit if we had used a cooling canceller or done it right."

To the blur of the true harp, Tatsuya pokes a harsh reality. In fact, all of the skills you tap into as a leading must-win are extra skills or equivalent. Even the lightest supposedly super-compressed Holy Heaven octopode cannon quadruple has an irreparable wear and tear in the fifth degree mana potion. To Mio, it's not the way to use three or four shots in a single battle.

I just made it cool time, and even the earliest reusable Holy Heaven octopolar cannon takes twenty-eight seconds. Everything else exists hourly cool-time except that for some reason the titanic lore can be reused enough.

And when considering cooling cancelers, physical attack-based skills that do not generate advance preparation time other than attack motion are more tricky and advantageous than holy heavenly octopolar guns where magic compression and magic chanting are involved.

Given all that hand, even if it was in time to put another blow in, based on the combination of cost and the speed of exit, it would have been the limit of a single shot of Titanic Roar and other major moves at best if it could have been tapped in. If it went well, Titanic Lower's third shot might have been in time, but still I can't get rid of it all.

With regard to Tatsuya's energy ryat, it was not thought that the merger could be stopped from happening, and there was no option to use it before the merger.

When it comes to power, however obsolete the boss may be, it is too much to use when the Lord of Normal Darkness.

"Wow, wow!

It is about two minutes to continue the Yotai Talk as you re-engage in reinforced magic just in case and prepare to move to counterattack at any time. Huge up to about two hundred meters long, the Lord of Darkness, who has become a bull-headed demon, barks loudly as if to announce the completion of the power-up.

Higashi, whose movement stops unexpectedly, so loud that it involves physical shock. To the extra volume, the spring vegetable song is also completely undone. Shortly before the voice breaks, a small, cracking sound reaches the ear of the macro.

"Huh!! Shit!! In my current voice, they used the death cancellation enchant!!

"This way too!

"I'm a resist failure too!

"Me too! Hiroshi!?

"I'm okay!

Apparently, the scream now had the effect of instant death, and everyone but the Macro consumes the death cancellation enchant.

"Not good! Exactly, that's not a tank skill you can prevent!!


"It is! I'm not eligible for the Around Guard because I'm not dealing with attacks, and because the state anomaly in the loud system is not magical, it's highly resistive. I can't use a range magic measure like that in public!

Honda's face is frightened by the explanation of the true harp.

A state abnormal move that I have never encountered as an enemy before, not treated as an attack or magic. Because I had never eaten properly other than the Pome subspecies, I don't know what kind, and I haven't taken any measures at all.

As a matter of fact, it's not like I've ever encountered anything other than a subspecies pome. However, unfortunately, all other cases were perfectly disabled only by resistance including equipment, so there was no recognition that they were eating abnormal state moves.

"Even if it was a nasty state anomaly, and we got caught up with each other, I thought it was nasty, and I notified everyone to get out, but honestly, you did the right thing."

"Right. If I did it badly, it could have wiped out the elite just now..."

Even the Macros, who were reinforcing their resistance with auxiliary magic overlays, were wiped out, except for the Macros, which were unusual from the beginning. If the Doga and the others were out there, they would very likely all have died in the immediate death roar earlier, as Spring Vegetables put it.

"Finally, the time has come to clear the mindless of our countrymen!!

The power that springs up. The Lord of Darkness who is pushed on the back by it and screams the thoughts he has been grumbling about. Along with that voice, there is a massive distraction.

"Here, you seriously suck...... My brothers should go back and deal with me alone...!

Whatever you think, it's only a long-term battle situation. Uncovered immediate-death moves with incomplete countermeasures. The space is greatly distorted by the only combination that I have a bad feeling about.

"They did it!! God's Castle Location Lost or!!

"What do you mean?

"They could've done the same thing we did to the monster soldiers! Plus, it combines metastases, so I can't open a gate here with a castle of God with incomplete links and features!!

Everyone's complexion changes to the words of a screaming macro. Honda had now been completely cut off from exit.

Basically, the Range Magic class is mostly the resistance of a macro that can crush the activation itself, but only magic can crush it. In the case of alienation or dungeonization, the occurrence itself cannot be helped by a macro if it is caused by a large amount of divinity or agitation rather than by magic.

Also, the resistance of a macro is ineffective in cases such as moving the alienated space itself or mechanically to a specific location.

This time, it's in the form of one after another getting poked through these loopholes. It was also a sort of bet for the Dark Lord, but rarely did it seem to achieve a successful outcome.

"When this happens, Hiro, I'm going to stop you before you get hungry and can use a scapedoll or something!!

"I get it! That's all there is!!

A macro that sets up and prepares Paul Axe. Spring vegetables that start singing more forcefully than usual so as to be in tune with it.

"Shit! Can't you connect the ground pulse!

"Because of the thick concentration of air, you should also stop collecting air!

"I'll give up from the start!

Tatsuya and Makoto notice the problem and interrupt it, trying to use the type of skills that collect energy from the outside in an attempt to get as much attention as possible at once. Now it has been established that the maximum power energy ryatt cannot be used.

"Hey, Master"


"Can't I use my personal Heaven and Earth Wave gun now?

"Let it go. I'll cover it. Let go of one shot!

"Mmm. Copy that."

Smash the smashing blow of the Lord of Darkness, and howl at Mio's suggestion as he pursues it with a smite. The space we are currently fighting is a complete mystery space. There is a sense of ground and gravity, but nothing in sight, including the ground, seems to matter. The surrounding spaces also continue to sway in every way, with the impression of instability coming forward in many ways.

In this situation, there will be no winding up dust or spraying rocks or trees. Either way, there are no substances that could be scattered by shock waves.

"Ready. Maximum output, firing"

As usual, the macro uses smash, smite and provocation to immobilize the movement of the Dark Lord and guide him to create a decisive gap. Even if the Lord of Darkness repeatedly beats up the state abnormal moves/death roar in a saggy manner, he will at some point be erased and completely crushed by a spring vegetable song that has been prepared up to the speaker and turned up the volume.

That's how Mio makes the opportunity created by the Macro accurate.

The two-gate heavenly and earth ripple cannon, shot out narrowing the range after carefully adjusting the firing angle so that the aftermath could not turn as unnecessarily as possible, captured brilliantly the center of the torso of the Lord of Darkness.

Mio continues to illuminate the heavenly and earth wave cannon while fully opening the burner thruster of the flight unit on the back and cooking to the afterburner to withstand recoil. Continue irradiating until the charged energy is empty and slowly descend to the ground.

"The bargain is there. Shouldn't be intact"

"Let it go. Sharpen quite a bit. It just feels so far from fatal."

"I don't expect that much"

Hiroshi and Mio talk about no such benefit while waiting until the aftermath completely fits in. As expected, heavenly and earth ripple cannons did only enough damage to what could be termed a hand wound.

"In the meantime, I've come up with something, so I'm just gonna get ready under there."

Say so quickly, or before the aftermath can subside, a macro dares to storm towards the Lord of Darkness, who has not yet been able to regain his posture. Soon, in its hands, a large pile bunker stands by.

"My dear, darling!

I finally smash the head of the rising Dark Lord and let him fall again, install a pile bunker around each of us, and relentlessly pull the trigger to pierce it.

Stick more pile bunkers into your palms, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, groin, throat, forehead and one after the other and sew the Lord of Darkness completely to the ground.

"Okay, ready or not! One box and a submarine, so he said he was in a big hurry!

One who perceives intent in the words of the Horn and hurries into the vehicle before the Lord of Darkness regains his posture. Where everyone gets in the one box, the macro manipulates the one box touch panel.

Note that the reason I got in a one-box, not a submarine, is simple. The submarine is a little tricky to get in smoothly, because boarding procedures are tricky.

"Go! Combination sequence initiated!

At the same time that the macro pressed the first button, the one box becomes huge and will be about the same size as a submarine with more than double the size difference.

The submarine drill is increased in two following subtle morphing deformation as it is, and is divided into five parts: a cockpit portion and other parts.

While the submarine is doing a surprising before-after, the one box unfolds to about knee where it was folded, hips creasing into a shape that stretches slightly longitudinally and twists the upper body, deforming so that the driver's seat comes around the chest.

The cockpit of the submarine docks behind the driver's seat around the shape of the one box now established as a large torso. Furthermore, size expansion and morphing deformation occur, and parts such as heat discharge plates with the Azma Workshop logo are mounted so as to cover and conceal the driver's seat.

The parts of the quadripartite submarine are then connected with both arms and legs, moving to the back so that once the drill parts are out of the way, heavenly and earth ripple cannons rise on both shoulders, and the head grows and deformation is complete.

"Ugh! Combined Success!

"Seriously, we merged..."

The title of the work bears a four-word vernacular such as Brave O O O or Absolutely Invincible, a merged robot whose pilots basically transformed into a similar robot and lineage design fuselage from three to five students in elementary and secondary school, posing as they were. Either to fight with the Lord of Darkness, or its size is pretty large among several animated combat robots about two hundred meters long.

In fact, the deformation merger itself is completed in less than a second, and its surprisingly complex and physically suspicious elements everywhere. The deformation merger sequence may not be clearly ascertained by Higashi, who was inside, but also by the Lord of Darkness, who had to watch from the outside.

However, only the design is displayed on the panel, and I do not suspect that it has become a robot because the sound of deformation merger was often heard.

"So, Master, what's the name of this robot?

Especially if you want to. Yeah.

"Well, then tell Betta, how about at the Brave Workshop Diazmer?

"Hope so."

A macro that incorporates a very sticky name as it is presented to Mio. In the case of a macro, it is fun to make, and I tend not to pay attention to names or uses.

"That's okay, so..."

"That's the name, isn't it, like, right after the merger...?

"Or any other name. Yeah. What do you have in mind?

Tatsuya and Makoto put all sorts of things in their too betty names and silence after being asked by Hiroshi for other names. Because of a name that has a strange impact on Beta's normally nasty habits, other names don't come out puckered.

Apparently, the amalgamation sequences, designs, and other things in the amalgamation robot were shocking enough to start derailing the Tatsuya and forget they were in battle with the boss class.

"I don't care about that area right now for now, let's do something about that soon"

Spring vegetables embarrass other members who have begun to derail in extra directions during the battle and return to what needs to be done now. If you spend your time on crap and eat even an instant death attack, it won't spill.

"Let it go. Spring vegetables sang as hard as they ever did."

Copy that. I'll take care of it.

"In the case of merging robots, all of a sudden, the big move is a loss flag, and we start by checking to see how common the weapon is, and then we start by scraping the target."

"Right. You shouldn't be so bad."

"All the time, I swing firearm control appropriately, so I said I saw a gap and busted it."

The fundamentals of a super-based giant robot, a macro that knocks the beam from the eye into the dark lord while appropriately turning the operating panel to other members who are likely to be out of hand. Members other than Spring Vegetables who take it and, as I was told, thoughtfully tap into the current attack on the Dark Lord in his state.

"Yes, chest hotwire cannon"

"Isn't that brace-o-fire or something?

"It's the manners of robotics to name them so that they don't even wear weapons like nagging, or to call them names like hotline cannons or beam cannons with nothing on them"

"Right, something like that"

"Mmm, that kind of thing"

"I thought you were going to fly with this punch ejected, with the drill on, but you're not."

"If you just punch and fly, you can't still be treated like a pack if you do it with a drill on."

In such a loose conversation with others, he ejects punches, showers a large number of demonic missiles, knocks in heavenly and earth ripple cannons, and continues to attack all he wants by drilling.

Lord of darkness who tried to rebuild his position once along the way and move back into a counterattack, but soon

"Mmm, spiderweb ejection"

"Hit confirmation. Keep going, hardener and demon seal."

When I let him take a blow, he knocked me in for behavior inhibition and crushed my movements, and I stayed up a pathetic growl.

"Well, it's time to go big moves"

"Master, what's the big move?

"I have a pole ax of this size for once, so I'd like to see if I can get a Titanic Roar. Just like that. Cool time's over."

"I see."

Where Mio is convinced, the macro deforms the heat dissipating plate of the chest to create a giant pole ax. Its well-dressed yet elusive shape is sufficient for its style as a Special Attack.

"Go on. Start pilot sync mode, start tuning! Special Titanic Roar!

After the macro manipulates the panel, he rises and wields a non-physical pole ax in his hand. The seats of the other members move diagonally backwards and upwards at the stage when the macro rises so as not to interfere with its operation.

The energy meter on the fuselage panel diminishes dramatically as the macro swings down the pole axe, and the whole fuselage rocks dramatically at the same time as the flashy impact sound.

The Lord of Darkness, who just kept getting hissed, except once he managed to strike back directly, closed that lifetime as an experimental bench without even being able to achieve what he said of this other than wasting his instant death cancellation enchant.

Seems like he had something to say...

"Shit! The bills to ensure survival and the effects of the scapedoll have been erased with the put souvenir!

"Oh no. All auxiliary magic and enhancement buffs are crushed, and all items that were ready for use are destroyed. Since all the immediate death avoidance systems are crushed, it hurts like this for 24 hours..."

Chip your life and leave a strong putting souvenir behind. Neither will the alienation be lifted, and all insurance will be crushed. There is no choice but to make the expression of Hongda more dangerous in the mid crisis situation.

Exactly, the Lord of Darkness, it also seems that more than a dozen merged bodies have only put their lives at a price and bumped them as souvenirs, and have been able to unilaterally destroy even items with a higher rank of macro properties.

"In the meantime, robots don't store. I can't fool around with the damage I've taken along the way, and the energy's almost empty."

"Right. Honestly, I don't have a bad feeling about it, but it feels the same whether you're inside or out..."

"Hey, Spring Sister. Does that feel like the difference between having a robot replaced by a coffin without an escape, or being naked alive?

"Probably like that..."

Safe defeat of the Lord of Darkness, but survival instincts are more dangerous after defeat. Hongda worries about how to get hungry for such a spring vegetable look. At this time they did not realize that the effects of the panacea had also been cancelled together until the end of a series of things.

In the end, the worst thing about getting God's ship out and running was that it was a Japanese team that decided to get out of the robot and check the situation for now.

"Damn, this is why I don't like to deal with people I can't predict..."

Rarely struck by the Lord of Darkness by a giant robot. Oldia, who was observing it, seems sincerely obnoxious. As soon as we observe that we will not have to deal with that energy quantity.

Besides, with that amount of armor, Oldia can afford to bump through with Octum or Zarvald anyway, and so far there are few attacks that are likely to be damaged, except two or three.

So you don't have to be so afraid while you're on that one.

However, the mere fact that a handbill is used that does not understand the whole story is psychologically quite a load. Not to mention in the case of the guys, they move that stuff after they build the castle of God, so I don't know what else pops up.

Really, it's no bother.

"Oldia, it looks like it's time"

"Right. Apparently they haven't noticed, and the Dark Lord, who turned it into a dumping pawn near death for nothing, is going to be able to make the most of it."

"Hmm? Yeah, I see."

"That's the thing. With all that sanctity and resentment, even if I remotely amplify it and give it direction, it won't be detected by them."

Saying so to Zabaldo, Oldia fortifies the souvenirs placed by the Lord of Darkness, which were extinguished by the great moves of a giant robot, releasing all the aids and enhancements on the Honda, and destroying all the consumables not stored in the warehouse.

Item-breaking traps are common in Rogue based games and unenhanced commonly used in RPGs in general. The most effective attack in a sense against the extremely outrageous, which is also dedicated to production capacity, the Azma Workshop, of its combined moves.

This is another way of poking the way out, that because the subject is not the macro itself, it can completely destroy the magic that was on the macro or even the items that the macro had. It is impossible to achieve results without sacrificing more than ten Dark Lord bodies, or Ordia Class's direct hands, which is why we have not even noticed that Hiroshi has not been able to take measures until now.

Though there was a basement that accumulated authentic preparation to go into the library of the Loufeus Grand Library or to investigate the tunnels to capture behavioral patterns and personality trends, given what has happened so far, this time the measures have been unilaterally successful as rarely.

"Well, that's probably it so far, but next time it won't work anymore. If we don't make sure we get what we want this time, there's definitely no next time."

"I know."

"One battle, common."

I agree with Oldia before the final battle that Zavaldo and Octum show no alarm or optimism.

Until now, he has cut his power by taking a little bit out of consciousness, which means that he is aware that in a head-on battle, his opponent has no chance of winning.

Previous tricks are also just like getting blocked in no time if they find out it's a way out. At best, measures increase resistance, like the roar of death, to the extent that there is only about anything left, otherwise it will never be used again in the future. The only thing that has remained of the way out so far is simply because only about Ordia and the others put it on there at a level where measures were needed.

As far as the vs. Azma workshop is concerned, this is our first and last chance. If you're underdeveloped, you'll have to try from the front next.

"It's time to set it up. Are you ready for this?


"No problem."

"Then do as you're told. I'll take care of the timing and the rest."

It's the temper, but there's no way I felt it, and Oldia transforms herself into a figure for the operation with a floating attitude somewhere, finishing the last meeting that's not even a meeting and entering the setup. Just in case, don't forget to put on a state anomaly that drives your thoughts crazy to an unnoticed extent right away to make sure you've passed to a target other than a macro.

The biggest pinch for the Honda Japanese team was about to start now.

"Well, there's nothing creepy about it..."

Makoto, who had his hands on the knife and was vigilant around him while in a state of battle, intensified his vigilance against what was too little.

Most of all, we have not noticed that at this point we have narrowed our horizons of consciousness or overlooked a lot, either because we have overreacted to the obviously disturbing air, or because of the effects of the thoughtful turmoil that was being secretly put on us.

"The core of the Dark Lord is that the guy right in front of him just went big as it was."

"At this stage, nothing's caught on my sensors"

I mean, you don't have a clue.

Hearing the answers of Hiroshi and Mio, Tatsuya faces. It is in many ways quite stressful not to see the means to get out of this unsettling space.

"However, the fact that alienation persists with just this much strength is that there are people who take it over, all the time."

"I don't know, it's totally fitting."

Perhaps a series of events, with a strong feeling that it was done only to drag the Hongdas out of the castle of God. There will definitely be a must-win strategy around pinpointing Hiroshi, not where it's easy to aim and sharpen.

You'll have to win a must-have measure in targeting the macro, when it comes to female phobia. The prophecy Aerys was about to say was like that, too. I can imagine that far. But I can't predict by what means they're going to set me up.

With so much time, magic and stamina recovery is not enough, but the majority of extra skill cooltime is over. So even if the Macro becomes temporarily incapacitated, there is ample chance that it will work out without even letting the opponent attack.

Based on the not bad conditions around it, it should be noted that only the unpleasant feeling keeps swelling up.

Even though I didn't have time, it hurts so much that I couldn't properly listen to Aeris.

"Whatever it is, if we don't find the guy who's pulling us out of the way and stopping us, why can't we talk about it?"

"Let it go. Honestly, there are absolutely no signs that the link with the castle of God will recover. Fighting in enduring battles until you recover, if you say so, it'll take you a long time on an annual basis if you're bad."

Hiroshi gives me troublesome additional information to Tatsuya, who has consolidated his determination to find the boss even though he doesn't feel comfortable. Food and other things are fine on a yearly basis, but to say years into this space is honestly mentally impossible.

Considering the feelings of the Aeris and the others, it is impossible to say that it took years to escape. I only have a bad feeling about the situation, but it would still be somewhat less risky to move aggressively than to act passively.

We all agreed with that idea of Tatsuya and started moving to find the boss of this space, but the action was a little slow.

"What are you doing here?"

A woman who sounded abrupt, rather than say, turned hastily to the girl's voice, at some point a stranger stood about eighty-five centimetres from the macro.

When I was about fifteen to eighteen years old. Japanese no matter where you look from. The back length is about the same as the true harp, and the hair is light black to the extent that it appears brown depending on the addition or subtraction of light. Faces fall within the range of beautiful girls once, but honestly not so much from the many beauties who have seen beauties around Mio, Alchem and Sasha, usually isolated enough to be willing to compete, such as Spring Vegetables, Aeris and Grown Up Lime, who are not spared the appearance of wearing a crown that says they are extinct.

It would be a good battle per Judith or adult fam, but unfortunately nine out of ten would decide that it would be too rude for them to bring Judith and the others to a comparative standard.

For the girl's expression is distorted to abusive joy, and the light that dwells in her eyes is dark and staring. I don't even feel that what you say about character is a shard or anything, and I give the amazingly ugly impression that the only thing you say about human beings can be so ugly by now.

To be clear, true harps and lellas with mediocre looks are tens of thousands of times more attractive.

"... Huh? Hey, why...? Why is Yoshimura here...?

A macro who sees such a girl blues in an instant as if he had dripped an alkaline solution onto a litmus paper, quivering and blushing in his faint voice and mouthing such a pointless inquiry.

"I don't know that. Besides, why don't you just drop me off at the hospital and let the three women go, Harlem? Really creepy bugs."


"No, is that rude to Uzi worms? It plays a solid role in maintaining the ecosystem. Really, living like this is nothing but a waste of oxygen, energy and food. I really don't understand why so many people are being wasted in their lives because of him."

The woman, called Yoshimura, snuggles up to Hiroshi and laughs slightly, taking something out of her pocket, butting the spring vegetables who are stunned by the excess ramblings and forget the behavior they were about to take for a moment.

Assuming, yes, that there was a time when we could have prevented a tragedy after this, perhaps until just before this, while we were rambling.

If you had blown this woman away at that point with a disease slaughter and an energy ryat, it's likely that the tragedy after this could have been avoided somehow.

But unfortunately, he was completely paced after being a perfect unintentional blow, and even more so because he looked Japanese, he was distracted, upset and completely missed the time to be able to stop by a macro who showed too dramatic a reaction.

If you are an opponent who looks completely human, it will be a weakness that can't even be described as the fatality of the Honda Japanese team that can often not be immediately transferred to an attack unless it is too much time away.

Spring vegetables once attacked unquestioned in the library's forbidden library, it seems likely, but at that time they were attacked by something that looked like a macro beforehand, and the guardian who was giving a little hint at a macro was something that was disastrous, with his right arm not entirely human. There were several other elements that convinced me that I was clearly not human because I was on the verge of moving into attack mode. Therefore, the premise is different from this one.

Furthermore, no one noticed until the end, but it was also fatal that, in fact, cats were being deceived of an even more mild state of confusion anomaly in the encounter. Usually someone should have taken action at the time of rambling even if they could not react instantly, but the anger caused them to turn completely white in their head due to the effects of a state anomaly, and as one person they could not turn their head to the action to stop them.

The indeterminate name Yoshimura, whose contents are best suited for thought induction through psycho-manipulative skills that are not perceptible by humans. I can't completely relax the other person's thoughts in about this amount of time, but I can do as much to empty my thoughts and slow down my actions.

With multiple methods of strengthening and weakening, the indeterminate Namiyoshimura completely dominated the situation.

"Look, I ate this and apologized for sitting down on us as I stuck my face in dog shit. I apologize for making people's lives unscrupulous when it comes to inferior to garbage!

That's what I said and took it out, trying to force a very disgusting shaped chocolate into Hiroshi's mouth, the indeterminate name Yoshimura.

Spring vegetables knew nothing, but the chocolate was shaped, sized, smelled, and everything else was dimensionless with what Hiroshi was forced to eat in that incident.

Most of all, knowing it or not, Spring Vegetable's behavior would not have changed. Later, spring vegetables begin to act.


I am not lost in the behavior of spring vegetables. First of all, there is no way to pull a woman from a macro, and there is nothing we can do without evacuating her.

That's what I think, spring vegetables trying to get a blow into a woman that obviously something on the side of the evil god would be turning into. But...

"Sister Chun, no!!

Mio senses something and hits him from the side of spring vegetables. However, it does not feel that Spring Vegetables interfered with the attempt to attack humans, rather it moved slightly after seeing that Spring Vegetables tried to rush in helplessly.

The fatal weakness of the Japanese team, one of them. When something happens to a macro, it tends to lose its overall calm.

Perhaps if it were regular spring vegetables, I would not have ridden the obvious invitation so far. Pulling a woman off a macro shouldn't have imitated her going through the shortest distance in this situation where the trap is suspected.

Before that, he would have acted better earlier and better, even if he had eaten a state anomaly if he had been calm. At the very least, we don't do unprotected imitations that go in and out without activating overacceleration either.

As a result, it was stunningly caught in the trap.


Something chocolate-colored hits Mio, who bounced the spring vegetables. Though only wearing it all over my body was avoided because of the momentum around my body, I am completely taken in by my lower body and eaten away in an instant.


Spring vegetables scream at the tragedy that struck Mio. But Mio probably shouldn't hear that voice.

Though it was hard and instant death that was avoided, it was because I couldn't stand the pain of eating my lower body off, and I was half-conscious.

Also, the screaming spring vegetables didn't have time to worry about people.

"Spring vegetables! Yes!

True harp warnings are also empty, and something chocolate-colored flying from behind destroys the heart of spring vegetables precisely through.

The true harp and even Tatsuya are naturally not safe.

"Shit! Energy......!

at least a bad scratch, and Energy Ryatt, who chanted shorter with a laminated chant forcefully at the time Mio moved out. At the time it was completed and attempted to activate, it would be swallowed up by the attack magic of so much output that it would overtake the heavenly and earth ripple cannons, flying from the direction of the day after tomorrow, vanishing without a trace.

The fatal weakness of the Honda Japanese team, part two. In front of the firepower of Zarvald and Octum, defenses other than the Macro are thinner than paper, and are vitally brittle than tofu.

None of the attacks that wiped out the Spring Vegetables can do a lot of damage where they hit the Macro directly.

However, as soon as the subject becomes Spring Vegetables, even if there is a Guardian Field, it can even be an imminent death threat depending on where it hits.

Moreover, this time the macro is panicking and freezing, and the effect of Guardian Field is interrupted. The current situation, where all insurance against instant death is crushed, has no help to prevent the spring vegetables.

We couldn't avoid annihilation at a time when we had them set the stage.

"What? Spring vegetables? Mio?"

"I didn't expect it to go so well. That's me, all the time."

"Brother or Mr. Makoto?

"After that, I probably just want to break my heart until I can't get it back on track."

To the tragedy that took place in front of me, an ambition that keeps calling the names of its fellow men as if they were broken. Yoshimura is Oldia, who sees that and lowers her heart's drinks.

It was Oldia who laughed happily after this.