"Well, just calm down, it's a reflection"

I just finished crying and rejoicing about the resuscitation of a member all the way through, and Tatsuya cuts it out like that with a serious face.

Nevertheless, Tatsuya, who is seriously going to go on to talk seriously, still has the illumination for being delighted with a flashy cry that she was glad with a true harp and a set to Higashi, who returned to me earlier, and her face is red when she looks closely. Needless to say, the situation around here is the same for Zhenqin.

"Brother Da is illuminating. Pretty."

"That's weird. I'm serious, so don't mix it up."

Tatsuya smashes Mio in the tone of his tone and returns to the conversation.

The element of illumination is probably an action as well, but I'm turning to smashing it pretty relentlessly because I can't get on with it if I keep it that way more than that.

"I mean, I had too much to think about then, and I wasn't that far around, but was it good about your wife?

"Do you hear that now? I mean, to be honest, it's going to be a lot of pathetic talk, so I was hoping you could stay put..."

Spring vegetables with an unconvincing and strange look at Tatsuya's attitude that she didn't really want me to touch. Pity story, it doesn't seem to pin.

Tatsuya decides to tell her honestly how she feels when she sees the look on her face.

"Well, when they asked me if I'd come back to life, I thought about it first. It's also true that I really wanted to go back and hug Shiori right away. Maybe it would have broken your heart and returned to the other side if you had been pushed by your wife on that occasion."

"If so..."

"But. When I got back, I was done in a lot of ways. 'Cause, me and Shiori, Mio and I are real, face-to-face friends, and we hang out with Hiro a lot in the game, right?

Even if I didn't remember, Hiro and Mio would definitely have an attitude about this one, and if I had stayed, I would have stayed. So, which side should I lower to face with you guys?

That's definitely noticed. So I'm not the kind of woman to blame, but I'm probably more unbearable.

At that time, I didn't think that deeply. I mean, I was afraid to think deeply, so I didn't think deeply.

I was scared that it would seem unintentional, so I chose to throw it away willingly. Wouldn't that be pathetic?


I bow one head to Tatsuya's honest and naked inner discharge with regret for the spring vegetables that have made me say so much. It seems pitiful that there is so much misconception that the atmosphere is still going to be grounded.

Tatsuya slaps Pong with such a bitter smile on Spring Vegetable's shoulder, and now this story is over, signaling it to show. Now spring vegetables that read intent and air and drive guilt and pity into the corner of your mind to change your mood.

"Reflections are fine, but first, I hope, Aerys and Alchem will pay their respects"

Laurier waters down when she sees where Spring Vegetables is convinced and then tries to move on. Spring vegetables look serious when they hear about Aeris and Alchem's visit.

Only spring vegetables on this occasion have a real sense of how impossible Aeris and Alchem have been. Therefore, I was very concerned about the current situation between the two of them, but there are various delicate issues involved in the visit. Especially since the other person is a maiden who falls in love with her as much as she is, it's not like she's unlikely to dislike being seen weak.

Sometimes we couldn't say that we were completely depressed in spiritual terms, and we thought about checking it out once it cooled down at a reflection group or something. In fact, I can't even tell you that the judgment is generally flawed because I'm quickly saying and doing what Spring Vegetables feels like they've done to Tatsuya.

Behind that decision, it is only here that there was a delicate decision as to whether to take it as a round throw or as a trust that Laurier would have stabbed the nail in anticipation of the timing if there were as fatal or sudden a problem as now.

However, the most important reason why Spring Vegetables confirmed it was that the defeat of the earlier defeat was stuck in the back of my mind, and I was somewhat distracted by the momentum of Tatsuya.

"Is it okay if I go visit you?

"Instead, I hope you make your way as quickly as possible. Especially the master, we definitely need you on your way."

After receiving confirmation of the spring vegetables, and seeing as I can reveal something else that I have said, Laurier continues to explain the meaning of the visit in a somewhat pale way.

"Good luck with this one, both of you, and you are currently asleep with that recoil. Perhaps if you two hadn't performed all the rituals in this castle, how could you have fled so quickly to this castle where Harna became God?"

In Laurier's words, a spring vegetable with a verse that comes to mind changes its complexion.

Even minus the fact that we had not yet been able to use our powers, the place we transferred after crushing the dungeon had been so disrupted that even divine spring vegetables could not detect a decent space.

It was ceremonial enough to pluck it out and deliver shelter to the spring vegetables. No matter how combined Aeris, who has the best qualities in history, and Alchem, who inherited the wisdom of the world tree in addition to the finest qualities in history, is not a load that physically only a normal human race of witches can do fine.

Besides, the two of them are bringing strength to Alfemina for the resurrection of Tatsuya and Makoto. As for causality, I used the power that was reaching Alfemina for resurrection, which is correct, but in either case, it doesn't change that it is helped a lot.

"Elle and Mr. Alchem, are you okay?

"Yes. There is no separate article in life. However, Master Aeris is very close to Master and Harna's side. Physically, it is very difficult to say that it is reaching its peak, so it will still grow, but it is no longer likely that it will have the same lifespan as a normal elf.

If Alchem continues to be similarly unscrupulous, existence could become homogeneous to the world tree. Even in this case, it will probably be possible to leave descendants with the human race, as they will remain as elves for thousands of years or so. But in that case, if they don't have enough power, they probably won't be able to do anything about it. "


Laurier's outrageous words attract the face of spring vegetables. Because of Aeris, I can throw away my life as a decent human royalty from the start, but still, I honestly get quite sorry for the current situation, which is so deadly that it doesn't go out of style. Even for Alchem, given his life expectancy and experience as an elf, I'm a little over sorry to let him decide his future life here.

Above all, I'm sorry, but it's unlikely that Spring Vegetables can be clearly rewarded by saying this to the two of you who worked so hard. Perhaps the only thing that can do that is the macro, but it is sad to rely somewhat solely on the macro, even sideways, for your own love.

Apparently, the other members feel quite small and similar, and sometimes I never thought the two of them were working that hard until Laurier told me to, which gives me a very pitiful, seemingly sorry look.

"Or Laurier. You seem to want to say something in you, okay?

"Yes, honestly, I feel somewhat dumb to say it now, and besides, I don't think I can read the air to tell the truth..."

"I don't know if that's why kids like you care too much about saying that."

Tatsuya bursts into Laurier with a lot of things that caught on to the flow that was likely to happen even as soon as this happened. I was rather confused on the inside about whether or not to say it, but I decided that it was better to show that I cared for it with some intuition.

In Laurier's case, both the age of the contents looks and the time since the self was actually established is eaten incorrectly and confusing, but still all in all, it's only definitely a range of children yet. I tend to mistake it because it's a cool tone when I talk, and the majority of the conversation's content is systemic, but the emotional part doesn't make that much of a difference from the appearance age.

It's simply a short time since I became Laurier today, and the way I express my emotions is immature.

Most importantly, Laurier's somewhat unsatisfactory reasons, and the fact that he has not fully guessed its roots, would be Tatsuya's still immature, even if it deducts that only Macro can fully grasp Laurier's abilities and role.

"Well, I can imagine if what you're trying to say weren't nagging, and if that's right, I do know you care that it might be a little dumb to say it now."

"If you're guessing, don't tell me"

"No, no, no. Sure, I might have mistimed it a bit, but if you could tell me, I'd still be happy to."

"Makoto. I went all the way in there. What am I supposed to say, but that's not what good adults do, you know?"

Really, you don't say that, do you?

Makoto forced me into bad riding mode, and Laurier was unwittingly horrified that Tatsuya stopped him. Somehow, I didn't like it when people said things like this were going to crash the value of words more than untimely.

Both Hiroshi, who came back in almost like a dead state, and Spring Vegetables, who were clearly before leaving and another being, as well as the three Tatsuya, who showed signs of impossibility here and there, were shocking figures for Laurier. I can't say from there that I'm back on track, but I'm relieved and happy that we're having an unusual conversation.

But to be honest, I'm terribly unhappy that I didn't have any time to talk about it. Isn't this like a machine without a heart?

I appreciate you guessing that feeling, but like I said, it's not what you say when you get screwed. Laurier tries to get things done as usual on the surface and move on, while subtly sparing the mood around it.

A macro of how he noticed something opened his mouth so as to smash Laurier's strange clumsiness that he would fix it even though he didn't have to fix it.

"Let it go. With that said, Laurie, you put a lot of strain on yourself just now?

"... I'm not doing much compared to Harna, Aeris or Alchem"

"No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, no. Spring Vegetables guides me to the recovery of the link between the castle guard and the busted me to follow Elle and Alchem with the usual management of the castle. I didn't want to use it on top of that. I thought we were too busy getting this room ready for us.

I'm sorry you haven't noticed. Thank you, honestly. "

Laurier's face stains bright red with her usual cool faceless expression on the ambition and thanksgiving words of a macro told almost unintentionally.

Regardless of normal business, Laurier was quite busy this time, and there were many situations that required cynical control. Yet what you're doing is too plain for anyone to notice. Such a dissatisfaction with the status quo that I had only a little in a corner of my mind.

Because the other parties involved were pushing themselves into a harder situation than that, the words of the Macro blew brilliantly that dissatisfaction, even if they thought it could not be put on the table.

If this was just a word of form, I wouldn't have appreciated it so much. But because the macro is the side of making things, or he seems to understand the difficulty and importance of the guy who says he has power under the edge, and his tone and expression were so genuine that there was no doubt about it.

"Master... Oh, thank you......"

I wasn't expecting any dissatisfaction, but sincerely the words I wanted from the bottom of my heart. I was told that by a man who would do it or who was a creator and boss and admired it more than anyone else in the world. Sometimes he was in an unexpected mood, and Laurier was unable to react well with joy and surprise.

"... Hey, Tatsuya"

"... I know what you're trying to say, but personally, you just seem to be digging through heavenly and earth-opening level graves."

"... oh, I knew you were too..."

Recently, an elderly group who can sometimes show their tail if it is huge. Even though female phobia is not completely cured, the macro who feeds the fish caught must have forgotten his ability to learn in this regard somewhere.

"Well, Hiro wouldn't be damaged if the relationship was twisted and stabbed, and if the behavior around him went too far, he'd have a seizure and it wouldn't be there, and we could figure it out?

"I don't know about that..."

"I mean, it's the scariest thing that spring vegetables and Mio don't look upset, right?

"Kid, if you were so annoyed that you complimented me, you wouldn't be too human, would you?

"That's true too..."

Only one Tatsuya roars at what an unspeakable stillness.

Like True Harp said, if I told you about this one, you just praised the kid. Laurier was working very hard just because he wasn't actually noticeable, plus the undeniable fact that Hiroshi was helped a lot.

Furthermore, we have already finished praising, thanking, apologizing, and crying among ourselves in this matter. But based on that, is it a little too chocolate for Spring Vegetables and Mio to tolerate the praise of whomever Hiroshi may be? What Tatsuya feels is the poor way in which it feels.

While I understand what Tatsuya is trying to say around there, I wonder what Makoto thinks, if he is choosing a word that can be understood as a story, I don't think that Spring Vegetables and Mio are so stained in the romantic brain as to bake and attack Yakimochi with bees.

"Master and you may not have been safe, but I am very happy to be able to return to the usual. When I came back, I really thought the sage stone would stop functioning."

"Yeah, I'm sorry to bother you. Thanks for everything."

Inside, Laurie tells me the words she thought were out of time, stunned by her too much chorus, but behaving suspiciously without suppressing her joy. Spring vegetables to give a proper thank-you ride to Hong while watching with raw warm eyes.

The relationship between the student group and Laurier, backed by Tatsuya's perceived ill standing, did not leave the realm of parents and children or brothers anywhere.

"... good"

It was one of those words that Aeris, with a blue and white face, first uttered when he saw the Hiroshi visiting him. Alchemist, although consciousness is clear, is not in a very open state.

They both just regained consciousness a few minutes ago. To be honest, I'm not in the kind of physical condition that would otherwise be acceptable such as sympathy. However, only this time, it is not possible to fall asleep without checking the appearance and condition of Honda.

Laurier understood that too, which is why he sent Hiroshi to visit, based on Aerys and Alchem's physical condition. I didn't even dare to say anything about my sympathy until I moved on to the reflection group, saying that it would not make sense if the two of them hadn't happened.

"It's like we're burdened, but are you okay...?

"... Yes. … overnight, … sleep, … calm, …"

With that said, Aeris smiles weakly, but delightfully from the bottom of his heart. He was also prepared for the worst, in which case he was worried about how to deal with a macro that might come back completely broken. Even if it is not the best result, it is an unwanted pleasure for Aerys and for Alchem simply because they are all in a state of five-body satisfaction.

In fact, the image we both saw remained as it unfolded when Honda was hit by Oldia. I never cared because Laurier told me the link was broken because I couldn't convey that image properly. I squeezed my mental strength until I exceeded my limits, and while I used a force different from that of Alfemina, in my heart I could only pray that the Spring Vegetables would return safely.

Compared to that worst imagination, let's just say that the status quo is too much.

The moment spring vegetables came in, I found out that spring vegetables had made a huge sacrifice to settle this result. Perhaps our efforts were of little use.

But whatever it is about spring vegetables, we don't care about our efforts. If the result is not a tragedy, even if it was a wasted effort, it pays off well in the mood.

However, there is a feeling that all the servitude has gone to one spring vegetable as a result, and only in that respect is our helplessness, which is a sorry part.

"Elle, Mr. Alchem. It was very helpful of you to tell me where you were delivering your powers to Master Alfemina. I would have been tougher about Tatsuya and Makoto without that, and I definitely had a hard time coming back here a little longer. 'Cause if I was bad, I might have been attacked another time."

"… helpful, … seems to have been able, … above all"

"I just wanted to thank you, so you don't have to force me to reply or anything. Now I need a proper rest. I mean, please, don't worry about us right now, just rest and get better."

Aeris smiles small at the subtly crying spring vegetable words and gently closes her eyes. Alchemist is dragged by the power to try to degenerate when he sleeps in the detour, so he can only continue to endure even with his guts until a recoil beyond his limits is forced to fall out.

"... Um"

"... what's wrong?

Aeris lowers her voice as she relaxes and perceives that Honda is still here. In response to that voice, spring vegetables listen back.

"... be selfish,... may I?

"I'll do whatever I can, just say anything."

"... Um... thick,... please... Dear Hiroshi,... our... hands."

Aeris mouths that far and restarts his breath like he did everything he could. It's nothing short of life, but she's so debilitated that even this level of conversation is difficult right now.

The selfishness with which such aeris spoke. The expression of Hongda freezes over its content. In this situation, I never thought Aerys would say anything like that again.

It's not surprising that Aeris doesn't know exactly what happened to Higashi when the situation is just the situation. But even though I don't know it, given Aeris' attitude so far, there can't be such a demand in itself.

Aeris, as cautious as Spring Vegetables in this matter, says how fragile he is physically and mentally at this time. I guess it makes some sense, but still, as a line of Japanese, there's a lot of psychological resistance to accepting yes it does.

"… perhaps, … what happened, … the general thing is, … I can imagine, … I'm here"

I'll be honest with you that Aerys is roughly guessing the backdrop of the team devastation earlier, so that we can push them further. Aeris tells me about it, which deepens the confusion of Higashi.

"... I know that,... and I say selfishness,... how shameless,... heavily"

The voice of Aeris, who is not supposed to be able to do so when his body should rest, but is therefore becoming weaker and weaker. A macro who sees it controls Aeris' words with his hands and asks questions.

"What do you need to know and say all the time? Oh, my voice can't answer that. Yeah."

Asked by the macro, Aeris nods powerlessly. As a matter of fact, only this time is the request to hold hands so shameless that it is not just a dimension of wanting to be sweet to a man in love, etc., but I no longer even have that strength to be honest with you about it.

If it was just about Aeris, he would have honestly skipped consciousness like this and just ended up degenerating his body. However, in this regard, it is only necessary for Alchem, who is not allowed to escape like Aeris, but cannot afford to speak of it in person.

Whatever they don't like, Aeris can't pull it here.

"... ok. I just don't know how I can react to my body. You may react very rudely, but give me a break there."

"… of course, …. … sorry, … no"

At last, the Horn decides to be ready for such a crappy look of Aeris.

Aeris listens to Hiroshi's reply and leaks his exhale small as he seems sorry, but relieved. Whoever sees it, it's time for her to be the limit.

Nevertheless, there is no physical strength left to reach Aerys, who told him to hold hands, or Alchem in the form of Aerys caught in his remarks, from inside the futon. Laurier, who knew about it from the beginning, immediately takes Aeris and Alchem's hand and gently pulls them out of the futon.

A macro that takes a deep breath repeatedly so that Laurier can re-prepare herself again while she prepares for the two of them. To be honest, rejection is already beginning to occur in those of you who are physically. If it hadn't been Aeris who asked for it, and if that situation hadn't seemed so true, I would still be saying no.

But if that's how you sweetly escaped and the result is that tragedy, it's too pitiful to escape here without progress or reflection. You seem to be running away from Aeris, who is a friendly opponent and knows that you will never actively hurt yourself, there is no way that you can stand up to the evil gods when they do the same thing again.

That's how I put the drink into my wretched heart that seems to screw me up, gutting my immobile arm as I think inside, and softly holding Aerys and Alchem's hand in a trembling, irresistible motion. The sensation of two feminine soft hands makes me tremble worse, goosebumps all over my body, and nausea strikes me so much that I still want to punch the contents of my stomach.

In an instant, fear fills my head, a macro that reflexively panics. Until now, I would have developed panic symptoms without any resistance. Even before that, if it wasn't for the tragedy of the destruction of the Japanese team, the symptoms would not have appeared so far after holding the hands of Aerys and Alchem.

(about this......, what the heck!!

I look at Aerys looking at me with a worrying sorry glance, gripping back softly with weak force, and a macro that puts another drink in my heart. Unfortunately, the fear never completely disappears, but that's all I realize calms my mind.

In the first place, when I hugged Spring Vegetables and Mio earlier, I just couldn't afford to notice them there, and I still felt a fear of touching the female body at the bottom of my heart. There was a strong feeling of relief from the fact that the two of them lived and apologies for letting them die once, and they didn't notice each other because they were shuddering and weeping over there, but they actually had a much stronger rejection than they do now for having a wider area of contact.

Even hugging a woman after that tragedy turned out okay. Then compared, as much as I hold my hand while being begged and cared for from the other side, that's nothing.


"Don't worry."

Answering the anxious Aeris voice so magnificent, not strong or anything. In fact, given the future, I can't talk about freaking out about this much.

"Still, I see. You know what?"

"... Yes.... I'm sorry"

By calming down, we understand what Aerys was really looking for. Once you understand it, you will also have an eye for nature and how Alchem looks.

"When I saw you calm down, Alchem felt pretty bad."

When I saw Alchem fluttering the boundary between the elves and the plants, the macro blurred with sighs. There's more to the pit than just being blinded by how Aeris is doing and not realizing the state of Alchem, which was a really dangerous situation.

"In the end, what do you mean?

"What Elle really wanted was the energy that I drool over and the information that we usually have on the two of us."

"Ahhh. If you're energy, is it similar to when you were Angelica?

"I don't know. It's not the same as using the excess energy of the ground vein when I say it, but I can't control it without making contact with Elle and Alchem, who are weak now."

Explained by an apparently completely calm macro, Aeris lays her eyes down softly, feeling ashamed. I want you to hold my hand, even though it's a modest story just to say, what I really needed was an energy person, I can't believe, normally, I'm not talking about rudeness.

Regardless, in terms of the psychology of the sick, Aeris wanted the macro to hold his hand. However, given the mood of the majesty, it's a kind of desire that you can put up with as much as you want, even if you can't put up with it or not.

Had it not been for the pre-construction, which prevented the deadly degeneration of Alchem, the desire would have been locked into the depths of the mind without even being aware, as it used to be.

Aeris, in fact, had no idea what he really meant when he received his own calm, easy-to-control energy from Hiroshi and allowed them to copy their information before the degeneration, which calmed down the recoil and allowed them to afford it in many ways.

"So, what's the information?

"This time, it seems like we can make both of us a lot more impotent. Honestly, both definitions at the existential level are suspicious. Especially since Alchem is pretty nasty, and it looks like Laurier took it to a point where he didn't have to."

"... wasn't that a mess?

"I don't know if it sucks. Saya pulled the information out of me and finally used my energy to redefine it forcefully, everywhere. Just like Spring Vegetables and others, I can't do it all the time, but at least I think I'll settle for something that's not a problem at the level of character or soul."

"I see. Honestly, I'm afraid to ask what exactly happened, so let me through, but if it didn't turn out to be fatal, that's fine."

Hiroshi snorts at Tatsuya's words. We have both been doing a lot of amazing things physically, mainly in terms of life expectancy, but there has not been a fatal problem with that hand, such as the inability to make children or the complete cessation of growth and aging at this point.

If this is the developed country of the modern planet, the problem becomes quite troublesome when life expectancy is extended from the racial average. Especially in Japan, one household registration would be very, very difficult.

However, there are many species of long-lived species in this world, including elves, and it is not so rare that the life expectancy of short-lived species increases to an extreme extent. The very fabric of society thus assumes the existence of living for hundreds of years, and life expectancy is not a negative, if any, element of joy.

And when it comes to spiritual aspects, including character, we're both worth our guts squeezed to the limit, and there's hardly any such influence. Not all of them, but if we go through this training ground of hands, no one can remain completely the same. Rather, it is a kind of change that can be said to have grown, so it cannot be fatal.

Therefore, if we deny these and if they are at all perverted, we will deny them until the presence of the Hong or Spring Vegetables. More to the point, it's not physically Tatsuya, Makoto, or Mio that has not deteriorated at all, so if we don't have a mental problem, we become boomerang and stick it in our own heads.

Therefore, it can only be determined that there is no problem in the major muscles.

"You mean, Spring Vegetables didn't work?

"Mr. Haruna herself is still stable, so I think it would have been nice if it wasn't for me. Besides, Spring Vegetables is as energetic outside as I am, even if it's a leak, and if you do it from me, you can get information links to the World Tree of God's Castle and Mori Lo Crystals, so it's highly accurate."

"Ahhh, I'm totally convinced. You're in trouble too..."

"As for this one, it's the end of the problem I made up. If you don't do this, you'll be punished."

"Well, even if it means you're convinced, it sounds like this would have been better."

Tatsuya nods over and over again at the words of Hiroshi. I don't even feel that Hiroshi is in a bit too much of a hurry, but if that convinces you, then Tatsuya and the others can follow up on the later issues.

In the first place, Tatsuya and Makoto came back to follow the parts around here. I'm not going to make that bitter.

"... I think Alchem's completely down, too."

"... I think I've changed my mind a little bit, is it my fault?

"There's no reason for it to completely affect your appearance, so let's definitely change your impression. I don't know, the color of my hair changed a little. Specifically, I fixed it to a color palette on the RGB, and the whole hue dropped on the green side about five or six."

A very subtle change told the macro. Seriously observe and confirm it together.

"... you noticed very quickly, didn't you, Hiroshi, even though there was no comparison?"

"... To be honest, I can't decide this without looking directly at the color palette"

"Alchem's blonde hair is bright in color. I mean, even if the hue changes with a single number, unless you're doing a CG or something, you don't know? Honestly, I can't tell the difference no matter how many observations I make..."

"Well, it's probably a specific number. And oddly accurate, but have you ever touched anything like that?

"As much as I've played with a lot of things when I make avatars, there are. It's just that I remember when I messed with my avatar, and it's pretty much like adding or subtracting burns."

As a result of the observation, Makoto, who was also messing with CG as a peer writer with spring vegetables with excellent observation of this kind, remains eloquently clear, to the extent that Mio with high production skills and sensory values may be so if asked. That's all subtle if I tell you, it's only a change to the extent that when you do poorly, your hair just gets sunburned and you can't tell.

It is not an insult to say that the human ability to recognize because there are people who decide that their impressions have changed even to that extent.

"Well, I'm glad it's done to this extent, really. If I was bad, my skin would become wooden skin, my legs would become rooted, etc., which became quite irrevocable."

Everyone on the spot nods at the words of the macro spoken with a sigh of relief. Around time I agree with Aeris that the thread of tension is breaking and consciousness is about to hang out, I can see very well how dangerous Alchem's condition was.

"Get your hands off me. I know it's okay, but I'll hold it like this for once until we go to bed. Tell me if you don't want to."

"... please,..."

"... me too,... please.... At a time like this... when you can hold your hand like this... you can feel so relieved"

He tells me he wants me to hold on to Aerys as well as Alchem. One nod to that reply, a macro who guts to hold back the fear of still persistently trying to get goosebumps. I can't completely control it until the physical conditional reflexes, but honestly when it comes to fear, I don't have enough pain to endure something I don't like, so there's nothing particularly wrong with being like this for an hour or so.

"Then I'll go back to my room for once. I'm sorry there's so many people sitting in the hospital room, and I'd like to check my body just in case."

"Oh, then everyone except Hong seems better off going back to his room and getting dressed or something."

True harp caught the offer of spring vegetables, and Tatsuya and Mio also nodded and agreed.

"Look, when we're all almost settled, we'll have a reflection."


Seeing that Spring Vegetable's words set an appointment for this aftermath, Hiroshi refers to the reflection. There is no reason to make any particular difference to the proposal of Macho, and Spring Vegetables replies and leaves the room as it stands as it stands.

In the end, it was not until fifteen minutes later that Aeris and the others fell fully asleep and the hosts were freed.

"So, well, now it's time to start a reflection. Honestly, I have too much to reflect on this one. Spring vegetables allowed me to reflect safely, but normally I would have survived just one hero and ended it all in a non-busy way."

"Right. If you think about it calmly later, you can't make too many decisions."

"Not at all. As a result, Hiro is going to break, Spring Vegetables are going to stop being humans, and it feels like what the hell were we doing..."

An hour after the visit of the Aeris and the others. When we finally get into the reflection, we mouth the general flow with momentum, and we realize all the things we can't do. Tatsuya and Makoto snap with Zdon with the momentum as it is. Unlike Mio, who was able to move in response to the crisis for a little while, there is no excuse for the fact that he was stunned to the point of being full.

"When I say that, I will most definitely... Obviously, it's a fake monster, and no matter how I look at it, I don't care if they freak me out about anything but the enemy, and I don't care if they do it like that..."

"No, that's our mistake in itself. To be honest, Hiro knew that from the beginning, and it's something beyond what you can manage with your own efforts and guts alone. It just so happens that the Evil Faith didn't poke us there until now, and we had to think about what to do and what to do when it was supposed to happen."

"Yes, yes. Otherwise, I had Hiroshi cover all my biological defenses, so we had to follow up on the rest."

Tatsuya and Haruyaki deny all about Hiroshi, who is about to be depressed to the bottom again, that the party has been devastated by his uselessness.

The fundamental problem is that no matter how much the division of roles, one human being is dependent on all of his defenses. There are certainly attacks like there's nothing you can do, but this one wasn't even that far.

Neither the first Mio attack that devoured his lower body, nor the Spring Vegetables attack that destroyed his heart, would have been more than he could handle at all. If Spring Vegetables were sober, they wouldn't have eaten in the first place, and Mio's ability to perceive and evade was an attack that wasn't difficult to stretch.

As far as the attack Tatsuya and Makoto ate, they had no means of preventing it in a complete way at that point. But that attack is basic, if you retreat from the rays, you won't take any damage. Therefore, if Mio were alive, perhaps the warning would have been timely, and Tatsuya and the others would not have received a direct hit.

At the end of the day, there is no accumulation of know-how around it, because all the attacks that would normally have been dealt with individually were even crushed by the macro. Instead of not accumulating, if you do poorly, it could even be worse than it was when you were working in Dar.

Though the situation is built on trust, it is no good not considering a minimum of self-defence. It would be a different matter to have full confidence in the Macro and to build self-defense capabilities for the sake of the moment.

"Well, I'm pretty sure it's true that we were caught off guard on the diagram. In the meantime, what do you think about jumping out without asking the commissioner, considering it from the beginning?

"That's a hard part. In the end, it's just like putting your life and the lives of other people on the scale. Anyway, if you don't know where the city is being attacked without edge or itching, at the end of your eyes and nose, even if it's not that deep, people who had interactions will be attacked and sacrificed.

Besides, we were basically the only ones likely to defeat each other. As a matter of fact, we were the only ones who could handle them. I knew it was a trap, but then I said I could get through it. Hey.

And, you know, it's basically out on a tactical level, abandoning the big guy who's ritual where the eye for stopping is. "

"Right. However, if you think about it now, you might have done it. For example, one person, right, is it me or Spring Vegetables reasonable in this case? One of them stays, gets the details of the trust, and then comes out."

"That's what separated us. We're in danger, so there's nothing we can say."

"For example, we're talking about"

Makoto points out the problem with Tatsuya's idea. However, I understand what Tatsuya is trying to say, so I don't seem willing to deny it altogether.

"Either way, it was just a matter of timing, and I'm pretty sure it felt like I had to go into it, even if I knew it was a trap. So, the battle that followed, well, I don't know what to say."

"There's a theory that God was good enough to sail out and open fire, but you don't know what that space was set up for after all. Besides, the ship is brittle than Hiro, so it doesn't necessarily mean they won't shoot it down. If you get shot down with a big hole in it, you can't even land on a flight, according to the case."

"Including that, it's hard to say if that's good or bad. In the first place, we can defeat ourselves intact."

"Well, it's definitely a reflection that's upsetting and distracting on extra topics during the battle,"

Everyone seems indescribable about the combined Lord of Darkness. There has been a better response, and there has been a feeling, but without any damage other than damage to the one box and the submarine, we are tailoring a monster that could devastate the eastern region. Seeking more than that could be a luxury with it.

"The problem is, that's where we're going. Whatever it is, it won't be too expensive to have such a suspicious woman in front of you."

"There's a lot more to it than that. I mean, this is everyone except the traumatized Macro, but I think there was a lot of behavior that wasn't like that back then."

"Right. No matter how much blood was on your head, it's weird to think that spring vegetables go straight from the front without any preparation. Normally, you'll be ready to over-accelerate and hyperligenate with a laminated chant."

"In the case of spring vegetables, it is only when there is blood on your head due to the entanglement of a macro that you tend to use your skills just around it without thinking about it later, in fact. But I didn't do anything about it this time. Isn't that crazy?"

"Right. Even for me, I felt like I hadn't started any magic chants, and both True Harp and Mio reacted subtly strangely."

"You don't have to tell me, I'm aware of that. And now I think it just didn't seem like I was going to turn my head."

"Right. It is true that there was a rush that was clearly attacked on Hiro's weakness, but it didn't feel like he was turning his head too far, minus that. Probably, but that's what Spring Vegetables and Mio looked like, too, huh?

I nod to Tatsuya and Makoto's point, as I remember Spring Vegetables and Mio agree.

All at the same time, and the content is common, then there is only one answer.

"Maybe he was eating a mild confusion system state anomaly, either because of the properties of that space itself or because it was called when that woman came out. The abnormality in the hands is mild, and I don't even realize it's probably on."

"I guess."

Tatsuya agrees with Mio's guess. The troublesome state of the mental system basically makes it difficult to realize what you are eating.

If it still affects you too flashly, someone will feel uncomfortable even if they are all eating at the same time. Until something happened this time, we didn't do anything that we could all see and understand, so we only noticed that we were eating state abnormalities in the form of judgment at a certain time.

"If you think about it, after you defeated the merging boss, you had a terrific time."

"Big Poca? I mean, this time, I think it's all a great big poka.

"I didn't have the level to deal with mistakes. I didn't realize he unlocked all the buffs and stuff, so I took the panacea all over again. I completely forgot."

"... if you ask me, you sure do"

"If you take the panacea again, maybe eat the abnormality."

Everyone is accidentally silent on the point of the Macro. There was absolutely no perception that abnormal resistance to persistent panacea would enter the so-called buff frame.

"I've really taken a detour. I should have experienced the unbuffing attack of that hand, medicine and brass all together and made it chara all at once..."

"It's everyone's fault you didn't notice. You know, when you think about it, you didn't even re-buff us."

"You got hit with a scapedoll or something, but you were totally distracted, and you weren't even distracted that way, actually."

To Hiroshi's words, that also tries to embarrass Tatsuya and Spring Vegetables as a reflection for everyone. In fact, because I was eating a state abnormality just when I was in a hurry like that, there is a strong part of me that got flushed by a bad feeling and made a futile decision without everyone realizing what someone was going to notice.

"Well, I'd like to check it out for the future, but if you can't even get to the intake system, is there a buff that's okay?

"... perhaps Amrita and Soma cannot be disarmed. To be more precise, if you disarm around it, you can't even crush the other buffs. Extra skill bites around there, so you can't put it all together and disarm it. If I say it in the same pattern, I don't know about over-accelerates, ignition souls, and rigid immortality."

To the question of the true harp, tell him what honestly comes to mind. Makoto nods at the words of the Macho and shows convincingly.

In the case of extra skills or resulting enhancements involving products, it is necessary to use extra skills or equivalent means once each time one is released.

Both Amrita and Soma are due to extra skills, so naturally if we are to force them to disarm, we will need only the same means.

In the game age, things around here have not been properly confirmed or verified, but in fact only soma was made, so some hypothesis is made among the craftsmen.

"It's just that, to put it the other way, if you eat multiple debuffs of the same intensity at once, it can take a hell of a lot of work to disarm. Maybe even Perfect Cancelation, if you do it normally as it is, release Kinya Candlestick"

"I see. I mean, there was hardly any extra skill in the game days, so it hasn't been tested at all around there, but how do you know that?

Oh, I kind of anticipated it in a metallic direction, nothing like that. I'm pretty sure it's your mouth. Well, if it's because I'm a god, that's fine. "

"Well, let's be honest. When I played the game, I was able to procure a lot of Soma ingredients. About three of them, including me, did a mass production of soma. All the time, the number that I made was decent, but I collected thousands of pieces for everyone, and so on.

So, I did some Soma performance tests in that stream. I don't know what to do. I'm not checking the perfect cancellation until I normally play it.

After that, the other thing I know is that during the effect time of the soma, the soma comes at the very beginning of the release decision, or all the magic of the unbuff system is played. Unfortunately, the disarming items that could be made with production extras were awkward at the time, so check to see what would happen if they were used. "

"... I should have asked some of that. There's mixed information, but okay. Doesn't that just mean the perfect cancellation failed?

"Oh, my God. The log you showed me showed me was a complete success.

As a result, when I validated it, I kept it out of weird noise, so I did the gear only with regular clothes from the store. I didn't know the whole time Encha was turned off by Perfect Cancellation.

Now that I think about it, the guy who told me to verify it, when I found out about it, I thought I'd let him do it in store equipment. "

"Well, surely that doesn't mean it's a failure. So, have you ever made a soma before, like, God's sake? That skill is growing, isn't it?

"Actually, I'm gonna kanst right before they fly this way"

True harp with a distant eye for a moment to the cumming out of the macro.

Yes. The work that Macro was doing just before he was flown was actually soma making. In my original plans, I was going to show my invited opponent the highest quality soma of the day I made it with my kansted skills and play with it out of their fat liver I didn't think I could even make it like that.

In the subjectivity of the macro, it was a long time ago, and it is a fact that I forgot to be crisp until I was told, but now I think that I am doing evil taste.

"Well, that's not the story of getting involved in unbuffing. Even countermeasures can only be unrealistic enough to consolidate with extra skill-based buffs."

"That's right. That has nothing to do with our ability to resist."

Spring vegetables agree with the conclusion reached by Hon. Technically, it's not completely irrelevant, but the items involved are the rank and proficiency of the skills in the case of skills, and the rank and quality of the items in the case of items, so there's no big difference that it has nothing to do with anything.

So there is no way to put in place any more measures than Hiroshi said, and the discussion is less meaningful than this.

"In the meantime, do we move on to other issues? As it stands, the deadly element is the defense of the opponent's increased firepower, which has caused him to get smashed through even True Harp and Mio, as well as the countermeasure of a panacea-dependent state anomaly."

"Right. Even so, state anomalies have been a regular problem for a long time when it comes to defense."

"That's right. Except for updating your gear even when it comes to countermeasures, you can learn and build active defensive skills like Fortress from one end, or it's just me or Spring Vegetables, which is the only way to make it less effective."

"That's where it's difficult. The last time I got about the same amount of firepower, Fortress was water on the burning stone even for me. Oh, with that said, how was Circle Girder?

"Oh, that one? First of all, with my skill and magic now, I'm powerless to attack like we've been wiped out. Besides, it takes about three seconds of spell chanting at the earliest possible moment, so it's tough for me to give it away, regardless of the spring vegetables that use laminated chanting.

The way I see it, when the boss starts his prep moves and his tame, he starts chanting, a skill that feels like he's going to use to reduce the damage from the big moves. "

To Tatsuya's commentary, so much so that it snorts together. Regardless of the unmastered spring vegetables, mahjong, and mio, it seems like they will be asked how impressed they are with even the one they are supposed to remember, but given the tough things that avant-garde hong uses at a time when chanting is needed, they may not have to grasp it.

"In the meantime, I'm going to make them all out of Shinto steel and other materials around there with connections until I make a protective artifact. That's the only thing that's going to happen."

"It's a very luxurious piece of connecting equipment."

"Sister Chun, I just can't tell you I'm not feeling well."

"I know."

In the end, we come to the conclusion that it's the only place from the beginning. Since the acquisition and training of skills is not possible overnight and, moreover, extremely water on the burning stone, the only option is to change gear as a rapid sneeze.

Regardless, I do not intend to retreat from the acquisition or training of skills. Because I'm pretty sure I'd rather do it than not, and sometimes people save their lives by that degree of piling up.

But I can't expect too much from what I know is water in a baking stone. There is a God of Creation when it comes to new America in the corner. You should use it there.

"Then I'll make all the artifacts that I can make with my hands now. Also, we can automate the enhancement and maintenance of Guardian fields. Maybe Guardian Field alone won't prevent things like this one."

"Who has a condition abnormality?

"If you want to do something with Acce or something, it will be the realm of artifacts, so basically it's a panacea, and the strong opponent is Soma or Amrita. Once confirmed, it seems easy to make both with materials that can be picked in the castle."

"I can make it..."

"Well, from substitute materials, the quality drops even if it's not there, and when it comes to missing materials, it's time to pick them here, just all the time, and see if they're ready to make them."

Eventually, the problem is solved by creating items like this team.

As a matter of reality, I can't afford to imitate what a long time it takes to acquire new moves with special training like cartoons, beyond not knowing when the Oldias will set them up again.

First of all, using new moves in bump production is too scary in terms of reliability. Especially when it comes to moves around the defense in question this time, mistakes caused by unfamiliarity more than the attack system directly lead to fatal injuries.

"Well, we've decided on a policy, and if that mom comes up next, don't make me regret the fight."

"Master, that's the villain's dialogue..."

Mio plunges in subtly as he pulls into a macro that throws up a villain line with a very dirty look.

Once the team was devastated, they were more anxious together than they were when they let the highs strained more than they needed to do all they wanted for a week.